What's the dumbest argument you've had about a game, on Holla Forums or otherwise?

What's the dumbest argument you've had about a game, on Holla Forums or otherwise?

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>>5175585465 hour long argument between two friends about whether or not zelda counted as a jrpgIt unironically ended with a broken friendship at the end

Had an argument where games that were on sale were bad

Smash being a cultural phenomenon

>>517558970i mean technically its a jrpg, but realistically its notespecially concidering jrpgs usually play like final fantasy

>>517558546Definitely when my idiotic "friend" tried to argue that DMC 5 and MHW are made on the same engine

>>517558546Whether Zelda should have voice acting. IGN Boards 2007.

>>517559135Rent free bait

>>517558546Violent music isn't really music with violent lyrics

Some retard on reddit said that they refused to play Utawarerumono Mask of Deception/Mask of Truth because, in his words, "every 2010s sequel to a game from the 90s or 2000s is trash and a cash grab".

>>517558546I don't have dumb arguments, I just provide well reasoned arguments that get ignored by retards and then explain to them why they're retarded.

>>517559482inb4 some retard goes "UH BASED?"

>>517558546The retard on the Ice and Fire Holla Forums general who thought Melisandre was Asian. On Holla Forums Ratchet & Clank posters pretending they don't like their shovelware because of only their furry fetish.

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>>517558546Some massive retard like 4 years ago who tried telling me that Winston is actually a dps.

Had an actual fist fight with a friend on whether we should play real football/soccer outside or fucking fifa

>>517559623>argue about whether to play fifa or sports outside>end up playing a fighting game

Some retard claimed that you can’t complain about crappy minigames because “just don’t play the game, then”. He genuinely thought that if you didn’t like every single level from a game, then that means you hate the entire game, and you should be forced to play every segment you don’t like if you want to say you liked a game. I think it stemmed from me saying open-world games are better than linear ones because you can ignore missions that you don’t like or care for.

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>>517559609Fucking lol.

>>517559587Name an exception besides Doom

>>517558546>Ps4 exclusive>Walking simulator>Cutscenes bad

>>517559721Saidaioujou is excellent>>517559698Wonderful 101?

Boy, do I know some STUPID talking points:>Sonyfags laughing at Xboxfags for having Tell Me Why, despite having gay shit in the dozens>Coomers justifying a shallow game by posting their waifusAnd the worst of all:>30fps is fine for shooters and action-games

>>517559147I know but one I remember insisted it should be classified as such with zero distinction based on technicalities. He also argued that avatar was anime (again, true if you only focus on technicalities, but only that). Genuinely thinking looking back he had problems distinguishing things tbqh

>>517559251And which engine is that?

>>517559840MHW uses MT Framework and DMC 5 uses RE Engine

>>517559698I, the Red Prince, demand the origin of this lustful art, NOW!

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>>517559721Killer Instinct

>>517558546yesterday, a guy saying "Clearly the game is actually good now that the review bombs are gone and the rating is going up" in reply to a vid I made about tlou2. I gave him a longer than usual comment to go in depth as why to why I dont like the franchise, the tl;dr point being it's unfortunate to praise the storytelling as the pinnacle of gaming's when it's storytelling is more in line with that of films, and he just kept replying about the review and user score numbers.This went for about 3 hours I think

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>>517559905I meant what engine was he saying both games used

>>517558546>What's the dumbest argument you've had about a game, on Holla Forums or otherwise?Fallout New Vegas threads on Holla Forums where people defend and promote why their faction is the best option period.It's like someone saw the autism dial was at a 4 and decided to turn it all the way up to a 9.CAN NOT even discuss the fucking game when those idiots post as they drown out any other discussion.At this point I'm starting to filter out New Vegas threads just to spare myself from a headache.

>>517559946>a vid I madeArguments invalidated, better luck next time.

>>517559926Absolutely based. KI is one of, if not the best fighting game out right now>>517559985Oh he said RE Engine was the same as MT Framework, they just changed the name. He offered no proof of course

>>517559819i mean that seems reasonable, too bad you lost a friend over something literally irrelevant. But if he gets so touchy over stupid stuff then fuckem.reminds me when i rented from a friend before i bought a house. I moved in with both of us understanding im buying a house and am only going to be there a max of 3 months, I was only there for a month and a half and he in the end charged me 3 months of rent, and when i shorted him 50 dollars because i just put 8k on a house he started talking shit behind my back and lies to our other friends in the group. When i clearned things up with them they started dodging him and then he blocked EVERYONE associated with me, co workers, friends, family, etc. Weed will fuck you up man, he spent 40 dollars every day once it was legalized in FL

>>517559721DMC 5

>>517560281Not him but killing Joel was the ultimate sin. He was too good to die. Maybe if Ellie died I would understand.

>>517560093It was something I made for Holla Forums actually but the youtube algorithm picked it up, unfortunately.

>>517558546That adding content a few months earlier than the original source was a good thing.Faggot went on about how he lost several MONTHS OF TIME because the game got the content early when I was saying all the content involved is permanent and not being removed.Literally the faggot was going"WTF devs why did you give us this permanent content NOW instead of in 7 MONTHS YOU STOLE 7 MONTHS OF TIME FROM ME."it was for a fucking gacha game and the new content is considered shit and not worth the hassle

>>517560180It was more straw that broke the camel's back but yeah its dumb. Especially since he refused to even play jrpgs/watch anime cause lol weebshit, but he suddenly then acts like an authority on either. also sorry to hear about your situation lad, that sounds fuckin lame

>>517558546>dumbest argumentgacha being video gamesits not

>>517558546>Souls games don't have simplistic gameplay, they have sophisticated gameplay

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>>517560451and it would have made more sense why Joel would lose it cause Ellie was his last hope for living and losing 2 "daughters" would snap him. Him going on a killing spree would make more sense.

>>517560698Man you play Souls for something larger than the sum of its parts, why don't get people get that

>>517560697Gacha is irredeemable trash but by the definition of the term "video game," you are wrong. You're free to claim otherwise, but you are wrong by definition.

>>517559805Talking about FPS at all is mega brainlet unless it's laughing at 10~15fps.

>>517559819I would say avatar is the other way around. Technically, no it's not anime cause its not made in japan, but realistically it is cause the very similar styles and themes.

>>517560618yea man he was close friend, and we were in a friend group of 6 people, and he blocked the only friends he had because i turned them on him. He wonders why he keeps getting kicked out of friend groups lol. sucks its over 50 dollars but i can do without a shit talking druggy

>>517558546I've argued with multiple people about the title of Animal Crossing's English release. Some people claim that the official title of the game is "Animal Crossing - Population:Growing", even though the spine of the case, the printing on the disc, and the start menu just say "Animal Crossing" with no subtitle.They claim this because the front of the game case has a little sign hanging off of the title that says "Population: Growing!", but by that logic, the game's title is actually "Welcome to Animal Crossing, Population:Growing, Special Present on Card, Memory Card 59 Included!" which is fucking retarded. Nintendo themselves even refer to the English GC release as simply "Animal Crossing" or "Animal Crossing (GCN)"Every time I debunk this stupid shit, they start claiming that "Oh, it's useful to say ACPG to differentiate between it and later games in the series, like ACWW, ACCF, ACNL, and ACNH when discussing it on forums." But that argument falls apart as well when you realize that people were just calling it "ACGC" before the "ACPG" name started getting use. If anything, "ACPG" just results in unnecessary discussions explaining the mental gymnastics required to believe that the first game is referred to as anything other than just "Animal Crossing."This is probably the dumbest vidya related thing I've ever argued with anybody about.

>>517559147>i mean technically its a jrpg,No it isn't.

>>517560756I'm not shaking my fist at the story personally, I'm shaking my fist at the praise the franchise gets as "gaming's pinnacle of storytelling". It just frustrates me given both TLOU games have majority of their storytelling communicated via cutscenes as opposed to gameplay and that makes it THE BEST for storytelling in all of gaming? When it's just being more like a film?I just find it disappointing to see.

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My blood boils whenever someone say they like double jump and hovering/gliding mechanics

>>517560068ThisArguments about factions in video games inevitably boil down to "I like this one better than the others!" and are absolutely mind numbingly useless

>>517561085You're an idiot. The tile is "Animal Crossing - Population:Growing."

>>517561085>that guy on /vr/ who claimed mori didn't mean forest

While playing Kingdom Hearts 2, I made the opinion that Auron's comment about "Being born is my crime" was emo as fuck. My roommate got very defensive about it and tried to force me into taking it back by trying to argue that Auron was under Hades' control the entire time he was summoned and was forced to say that. I argued back that Auron wasn't under Hades' control until he made that Auron puppet. He simply refused to accept it and just got really pissed off and confrontational about it. I only dropped it because he was being an asshole and didn't want to deal with something as petty as an opinion on KH2 lore.

>>517558546That plebiscites with more than 1 copy of P4 need the rope.You know im right about this.

>>517561280>The tile

>>517561085>which is fucking retardedDon't talk shit about WtACPGSPoCMC59I, faggot.

>>517561294KHfags cannot be reasoned with.

>>517558546Around the time Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Games, my clique came into the whole Mario vs Sonic fanboy war.

>>517559918As you wishpixiv.net/en/artworks/82972030

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>>517561642I'm going to start exclusively calling it that from now on.

>>517558546>you can't criticize the game because you didn't even finish it*finished it*>why did you play and finished it if you don't like the game?Always the argument of every Fatefaggot, specially the f/sn VN elitists. These autists believe it's literally impossible to dislike their shitty VN if you read it.

>>517562246/m/fags do this too, it's infuriating

>>517558546I think the threads still up right now actually. But I just came out of a thread where some anons were arguing over what panties and vagina smells like, what they think it smells like, what they thought it would smell like and what they discovered. It was pretty funny. There was also the other thread on where people were arguing over this image of a dead Waluigi and arguing whether or not Waluigi comitted suicide, or if he was murdered. And also what kind of weapon killed him.

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>>517561664It got worse. One day he said something about his lesbian mother and her partner wanting to move to Texas or California and I responded, "If that's what they want to do then more power to them." in a nonchalant kind of way. He took that as me being passive-aggressive about it. When I told him that I wasn't, he refused to accept that and began to ignore me. This has been going on for 4 months straight. He's going to act this way all because I don't care what his lesbo mother does.

>>517559698>He genuinely thought that if you didn’t like every single level from a game, then that means you hate the entire gameYou didn't say that this was on Holla Forums, but you can just tell.

>>517559482Based redditor.Wtf I love Reddit now?

>>517558546my wife and I argued about whether it was reasonable to buy two Xboxes for her own use because she wanted to play in the living room and the bedroom. I was looking into options for remote playing, forced onto a business trip, and she bought an Xbone + a whole suite of games when I was out of town for work.>>517561821this is... not what was expected. thank you anyway.

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another argument about edelgard

>>517562863>she bought an Xbone + a whole suite of games when I was out of town for work.Sounds like she doesn't respect you at all. Imagine what else she does when you're gone.

>>517559482To be fair despite it being a decent sequel, them splitting it over two disks was a cash grab.If it was released as one game then you'd be right. Reddit was ironically right in it being a cashgrab this time.

In Cuphead, you can only parry pink objects after you've reached the peak of your jump and are going back down.

Talking with pals on discord and one said “you’re not a persona fan if you’ve only played persona 5” textbook gatekeeping and elitism

>>517558546Someone I knew was arguing for games to become more cinematic because he wanted them to be taken more seriously as an art form. After that we ended up not talking again

>>517563625i don't get how people struggle with the parry. did they never go to the mausoleums?

That anything about pic related was good besides the porn

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>>517561085I just remembered another argument I've had about Animal Crossing, again with multiple people.Selecting skin color wasn't an option in the older games, you were white by default but could become tanned by visiting an island. Most people don't know it, but this feature is present in the Gamecube version as well. Don't believe me? Boot up ACGC, plug in a GBA, and visit the island for an hour or two. Your character's skin will darken over time. There's barely anything to do on the island in the original game, so most people don't spend much time there, so it would make sense that this feature is mostly unknown.I bring this up any time someone says the original game is racist for only having one skin color, but they just say that I'm full of shit and that I'm a racist myself somehow.

>>517558546Some idiot argued with me that I can't review a game negatively if I gave the developer money. The same idiot proceeded to argue that I can't review a game if I haven't played it.So back-ass-wards.

say literally anything negative about this and you'll get a ton of them, OP

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>>517564284"Persona 5 was fine and Royal was completely unnecessary and a huge cash grab"

>>517562498doesn't sound like someone you should dwell on

>>517564370what was changed in royal? i don't follow the series.

>>517564171>ACGCdid you mean ACPG?

>>517564560No, I meant WtACPGSPoCMC59I.

>>517563840Apparently not. God help them when they face Dice King.

>>517564497It's a $60 rerelease of a game that frequently goes on sale for $10 on the same console. Nearly everything of value that it adds is right at the end of the game and the game is about 90% unchanged. There's no save transfer either, so if you already beat P5 you have to beat it all over again to get to the bulk of the new content. It's the equivalent of a $15 DLC and P5fags are so fucking braindead they'll defend it to their graves.

>>517562246The game has hard pacing issues and the death flags really slow it down, disliking it is normal, you will only like it for the lore

>>517564438It just amazes me at how petty he is. A week before that, I drove him to and from work for a week since his car was busted. Not to mention I've helped him out many times before. I've given up on him.

>>517563676Liking one thing from a franchise doesn't make you a fan of the franchise. It's not a big deal but it's common sense

>>517562445Thats just regular nighttime Holla Forums, when the americans and discord troons go to sleep you get to see a lot of the good ol euroautism

>talking about a feature I wish was in a game>some user says that it actually was in the game then starts insulting me>ask him why he would lie>just starts insulting me more>instead of letting it go it just makes me mad and I keep responding like an idiot

>>517563676Persona is one of those franchises that unironically needs to be gatekept

>>517558970It is, but it's not what people typically think of as a jrpg, or even just rpg.

>>517563676>you aren't a fan of a series you've only played 1 game in>especially considering two of the games are drastically different and the other two are moderately differentsounds normal to me

>Me: I didn't like X event happening in "game", it felt like an asspull. Lazy writing. >some retard: Well the characters weren't mad about it so there's no reason for you to be mad. Are you retarded for not understanding why it happened?>Me: That's not the point. I believe it's bad writing.>Retard: Not an argument

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>games should be designed with easy mode in mind so that it isn’t ableistIt’s one of the many comments from a friend of a friend who generally has some of the worst opinions I’ve heard, video games or otherwise.

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>>517566819>using the term asspullRetard

>>517567098Not an argument.

>"Dark Souls is a platformer">Fucking what? How?>"It's open world"His reasoning was that Jak and Daxter was open world, so since Dark Souls is also fairly open, it must be a platformer.He wasn't joking or anything either, he got legitimately mad when we tried arguing with him/calling him a retard

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Probably something involving a specific game of League of Legends with my friends. A couple of us thought it would be fun to try and do ranked teams, some took it more seriously than others. This was during Season 3, most of us were mid silver shitters while our DPS was high diamond and would smurf with us. Sometimes he would do wacky shit that could arguably cost the game and the people that took it seriously didn't like it at all. It basically caused a huge falling out between everyone, and that's what convinced me that ASSFAGGOTS are the worst games of all.


>>517561821>see the tags in the tabWelp. there goes $10 a month and billions of my sperm

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Arguing with some friends that this was terrible pokemon designs and literally having to deal with "it's just muh opinion, let people like things"

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>>517568196he cute though

>>517559147>i mean technically its a jrpgNo it's not, are you retarded?


>go into thread about dumb reasons you dropped a game>post an incredibly petty reason I dropped a game>user: Why would you drop it for THAT? What's wrong with you?>mfw

>>517564171Holy shit I had no idea about the tanning user

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>>517559698This shit is why Spyro 3 was my least favorite. Some of the mini games are good, but for every good one you have a few that just are average at best or garbage at worst. People just need to know that sometimes, you just want to play the game for its core gameplay, not to suddenly be thrust into some other game mode. It's even worse if you need to do it in order to fully complete a game/get a better ending.

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>>517568953Like I said, that's completely understandable since the island has almost nothing to do on it. But any time I bring it up, people just say I'm defending a racist game with made up bullshit.

>>517558546I once got into a 2 hour argument with some Sonic fan on whether or not Sonic 06 had a good story Motherfucker defended every single thing in the game and thought that Elise and Sonic relationship was “progressive”Sonic fans have no fucking standards, it’s embarrassing.

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>>517563676He's right.

>>517566873I pray that someone makes a game with an achievement called "What are you, a journalist?" if the person plays on easy mode.

>Devil May Cry is a third person shooter because it's third person and you can shoot guns

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>>517570575That's true for DMC2.

>Smash is just another mario game

>>517570575I laugh when idiots call it "character-action game"It's fucking hack'n'slash

>>517558546My friend prefers Lufia 1 to Lufia 2 despite 2 improving on the original in every respect.Except for one, according to him: "The guy walks funny." I was never able to talk him down from this.

Random crits in tf2 have to be the single most annoying ass argument from both sides. You cannot argue with someone and not have someone bring up a youtuber and it all comes down to "this youtuber said this!" and "well this other youtuber said this!" god this people are annoying and are killing this already rapidly decaying game they trying so desperately to prove it isnt

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>>517570816I'm of the opinion that random crits are good when they help me kill people but bad when they help people kill me

>>517559698To be fair, a game being an ADHD minigame collection does inherently make it fit into a certain general "aesthetic" which you can either agree or disagree with. Liking the minigames individually is not the same as liking a collection of minigames as a whole. Like, WarioWare's inane minigames work because of the framework put around them, it's a game about inane minigames. Individually, there's not much to them and they would've felt painfully contrived put into most other things. Same thing applies to RPGs and their tons of little inane quests that together form a bigger picture of the game's world.

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Some maxed out guy on a /vg/ runescape private server followed me around for half an hour ranting at me about how inefficient I was for doing hunter at spot X and not spot Y

>>517563676well you would be a "persona 5 fan" but not a "persona franchise fan". You've only played one of the games, that's hardly a tell if you would like the rest of them, at least to a similair degree that you might like 5

>>517558546 >list some QoL features I would like for a game that I otherwise greatly enjoyed >said features would be things that cut out down time of doing nothing other than staring at loading screens before you can get back to the actual gameplay >a bunch of idiots chime in saying that the down time and loading screens are part of the *hardcore gamer experience* and if you don't like that you're a filthy casual

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>>517558546>But user! I used MST on your Monster Reborn, you don't get to bring a monster backEarly Yugioh with kids a grade below me back then was suffering.

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>>517571937What game? I've never experienced this

>>517559819>He also argued that avatar was anime (again, true if you only focus on technicalities, but only that).What?

>>517559721human revolution

>>517572215a bunch of morons in an Underrail thread staunchly opposed to fast travel after you clear a way between cities, even though without it your just clicking between empty areas for minutes at a time before you get were you want to go. It's not a huge problem but it would save time and there's literally no reason to retread those areas when most of the time enemies don't respawn.

>>517572437I enjoyed it but I see why others might disagree. That "augment your preorder" shit with mankind divided was pretty gross, thankfully most people realized that and they changed it

>>517570816random crits are fun

>>517570721hack n slashes are Diablo style games retard

>>517572584I agree, MD has a shitload of flaws but the good parts are really fucking good

>>517572645it refers to both for some reason.

>smash is a cultural phenomenon

>>517572645If there's an emphasis on swords and other weapons, it's hack and slash, dipshit

>>517558546I said Putt-Putt was a robot in a discord server and one guy got so fucking mad he rage quit right there when I refused to take it back. To this day he's still raging about it and got his friends to try and remove me over it.

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Some retard from here wanted to convince me that people actually thought Fallout 3 would be a survival shooter.Some retards still to this day deny that in the release version of New Vegas you couldn't even leave Goodsprings due to crashing. Those were the same people that insisted Bethesda paid money to video game journalists to give New Vegas a lower score so Zenimax won't have to pay Obsidian a bonus. As proof they'll always present posts from random reddit accounts.

When LGPE got revealed and was shown to not have abilities or held items in the E3 demo I argued with poketards trying to say that because it was a demo those features wouldn't be added yet. Nu-pokemon and the people who buy it are genuinely the most braindead individuals on earth.

>>517572645diablo style games are called "arpgs" or lootfest arpgs dumbarse. hacknslashes use different mechanics.

>>517559819>avatar was animeNo. He is a retard, as well as you.

>>517563676your friend is based and you need to go the fuck back. never use the term "gatekeeping" again

>>517573136How the fuck is Putt Putt a robot, she's a sentient being in the form of a car

>talking about meta in a game>there's a thing that's been meta for a long ass time>but it's fair so it gets to keep being meta while everything is slaughtered around it>Anons start coping so hard they misinterpret my statements and making up strawmen and calling me a shill/vg/ is a cesspit

>>517558546Anything with ACfag

>>517573775what's he done lately?

Nintendo games are not casual and aimed at kids.Call of Duty is more casual than Nintendo games


>>517573861seriously though i haven't noticed him involved in any recent threads i've been too.

>>517558546In Pokémon, the static sprites before the Gen 5 animated sprites were better because their stillness and ambiguity left more to your imagination when you make a move than watching the close-up+short animation in that game I’m sure he’d agree that the 3D models are actually boring across the board though

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>>517573821Like last week he was in a thread doing his usual bullshit

Argued with this one girl and her orbiters online because she said genuinely believed fortnite and overwatch were better than some more obscure games because popular = good.

whether or not Link is dead in Majora's Mask. he's not. don't fucking argue with me.

>>517558546some retard thought this guy was the sould of cinder and it took like 10 posts of evidence for him to be convinced.

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>>517558546My friend thinking CSGO on linux doesn't get you VAC banned. We argued for an hour straight before I told him to download teamgamerfood's cheats (don't use it, it's intentionally shitty and has viruses). Not 30 thirty seconds in a deathmatch game, he gets banned.

>>517574214What if you lose all your health, user?

>>517568196I still can't figure out the design for this. It's got a nut for a head, liquid metal body and a wire for a tail? Fucking why?

>>517574084pokemon died with x/y

>>517574337fuck you.

>>517573136I remember getting into an extensive argument with some anons a while ago about if Jill Stingray would ever get dicked again. She straight up says that she's Bi and has had previous experiences with men, but other anons were saying that she's gone full lesbo now because she laughs at penises and only shows attraction to her boss.She may be leaning towards girls, but nothing indicates that Jill is strictly going for the tacos now.

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>>517573668The actual issue was he had a robot fetish and would spam deviant art porn constantly (literally over 1000 posts a day) so I was taking the piss. 8 months now and he's still at war over it, anything he had access too he deleted and yet people still white knight him.That's around the time I stopped being a NEET because I can't believe people this fragile exist and get enabled.

>>517573136Whoops, obviously didn't mean to reply to you with >>517574461But Putt-Putt isn't a robot, how the fuck did you come to that conclusion?

>>517574238... It's not?

>>517574461>user defined tags>LGBTtranny games should stop existing

>>517574689it's the player character wearing one of the base sets

>>517561821>see the tags in the tab>immediately close tabappreciate the sauce regardless, user.

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>>517558546Once had an argument with some cunt dev that was fully convinced his annotation tool outlines on Blender was "making huge progress" (for those that don't know, it's no different than drawing a sketch on a piece of paper when you're modelling). Tried talking him into progressing a little further so as he doesn't call it quits on day 1, got called a nodev crab who was against progress. There's no fucking winning against these people, i swear.

>>517561821>死後泌乳hard pass on that one chief

>>517574626>>517573668>a sentient beingOh my bad, he's a car with consciousness not a machine with consciousness.

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>>517574689nope, its meant to represent the player character.the best proof of this is shown in the concept art for SoC's arena. where you can see the boss as a separate entity.they were usining this armor to portray the player. much like the elite knight set.

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>>517574250Actually a while ago, yeah, you couldn't really get VAC banned and thats why shit like Cathook still runs rampant in TF2, but Valve has put a lot of effort into VAC for CSGO now. You'd be retarded to continue hacking in that game. Also, what a shit game that it only becomes fun when you cheat.

I once had a full blown argument with my 'best friend' when I was a kid. He was insistent that Spyro:Year of the Dragon was actually called Spyro:And the Dragons.