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How would you fix the horror genre? There has to be a way to fix it, right?

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>>517557945Delete jumpscares, Delete blue 'its night hehe' world tint, improve atmospheric effects, multiple solutions to problems.


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Horror games are pretty good in VR.Also I'd say maybe fixed camera/forced perspectives? It worked really well for the original silent hills.

>>517557945It ain't eyeballs, I can tell you that!

>>517557945impossible without decasualizing it, which modern players and now days Holla Forums, sadlyrefuse to accept or chalk off as bad game design

How is Bioshock a horror game? EXPLAIN.

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Add more jumpscares

>>517558195Poster count says otherwise.

She's inGod, writing that sentece dealt quite some white damage

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>>517557945Sometimes I honestly feel like horror has been so thoroughly explored as a genre that it feels impossible to go back to its golden age or back when it first felt fresh in your mind. The only way to make a good horror vidya these days it seems is to have solid writing in the first place heavy on uncomfortable atmosphere that truly sticks with you. So none of that steam greenlight crap where it's more a haunted house simulator than anything. Or go full dead space where the gameplay is solid, that works too

>>517558118>Delete jumpscares, Delete blue 'its night hehe' world tint, improve atmospheric effects, multiple solutions to problems.Wow, this is exactly what I was thinkingGood job user, you're so smart

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>>517558343>impossible without decasualizing itHorror should be pretty much the most casual genre

>>517558375i dont think its bioshock, i just found this image while scrolling Holla Forums a while back and thought it was a decent image for an OP about horror

How about some sort of horror game, but instead of running from the monsters you have to contain them and manage them to prevent escapes and carnage?

>>517558904ppl been posting about this for months. some gook 2d game.

>>517558904how would you make that horror?

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>>517558904When did you break containment?

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>>517559023By making it existential horror, and not the spooky in your face horror of course.

>>517557945I want me a game where you play as zako women an you fight horrible creatures and evil aliens

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>>517559538i see. would it be third person? first person? lay it on me user im interested

>>517559653play lo.bco.rp

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>>517559690As long as the existential horror can be done correct the gameplay shouldn't matter much, 2D "sidescroller" I dont think it describes it accurately though since you can control the camera, and you'd micromanage every aspect of the facility, unlocking more about Abnormalities that are contained within the facility. The higher ranked they are, the more difficult they are to contain, and act as a conduit that propels the story and existential horror that is part of it, forward.

>>517560171thats interesting. would it just be about managing monsters? would there be any other story element to it? i feel like if it was just managing monsters it would get boring quickly. I'm picking up what youre throwing down though.

>>517558118If you have no jumpscares there's no threat. It's necessary.

stop shitting out 10 - 15 minute experiences, markiplier's scary game playlist and it's literally just that shit over and over and over and over

>>517557945Are you happy mods? You sowed the wind and now you reap the whirlwind. This won't end until you kneel.

>>517558375it really isn'tanyone who is scared with a shotgun and electricity hands is a pussy


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>>517557945More jumpscares solves everything.

>>517561121>>517559653what's that from?

>>517560902What did they do to Lobotomy Corp anons?


>>517560482Each monster is segmented in different departments, each department is headed by a different team captain, by doing their tasks they've set out for you, progressively getting more challenging, the further you get to their final tasks gives you background on them, who they are, and who they've become, how the facility has affected them, once you finish all their tasks, you'll learn the truth of who they are, and will need to take care of them as they're having their breakdown, with each team captain having their own twist on making the gameplay harder, such as progressively weakening your workers, or visually fucking with you thus making it hard to see whats what, forcing you to remember the needs, names and warnings of the monsters contained, as you get close to finishing their breakdown. After you've "suppressed" them, you get the final bit of their story, and remain at peace with themselves and the facility they work in.

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It's extremely important that you make the tapestries somber.

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>>517560482Oh boy, it's not just about managing monsters, the story and gameplay mix super well togetherIt's a slow start, but once the story takes off, it really takes off

>>517561264>Library of Ruina, a game that gets weekly updates, constantly has one or two threads up for it and the game before it, Lobotomy Corp>Mod gets absolutely assblasted about it and says it needs to go to /vg/>When someone mentions that Smash gets a shit ton of threads constantly, the mod says that's okay because Smash is a "Cultural Phenomenon"More or less a Smashfag got to be a mod and is running rampant.

>>517558375It has horror elements and a unsettling atmosphere at times. But I wouldn't say it's a horror games.

>>517561264we have updates every friday so we have thread about content spread most of the week the abib decided to keep deleting the threads and when we complained about smash getting preferencial treatment he said that was a culture phenomenon and proceded to also kill multiple threads of other games

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>>517561496Dont forget he is currently fucking up Foxhole threads and Touhou threads too.

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>>517560902what do you mean user? I just found a cool looking spooky image for my horror thread, simple as.>>517561351oh interesting interesting. So it fleshes out your work environment and adds depth to those around you so you'd care more about them as the game progresses so theyre not just one off characters that happens to be the captain. I see. That WOULD be an interesting game, how could you really add to the horror though? would you go full in one some monsters to seem innocent but become deadly to the entire place?

>>517561351lol and what if like, the intial fear of dealing with what you dont know about.. like.. lol, what if that fear, okay... what if it turned into dread of having to grind and waste hours upon hours to get the true ending. lol wouldnt that be funny if it made you log every single randomly given to you abno, lol and you had to reet several times to truly see everything? Wouldn't that be great game design?

>>517561789>Mariel thinks his opinions are valued at all

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>>517561264Here's a quick rundown>LoR was about to get a new update in a few hours last Friday>thread made in anticipation>discussion about various things, from gameplay, lore to figuring out how we'd thank PM at the end of all this>ends up getting banished to /vg/, even though in the past LC has been sent there and died off>this isn't even mentioning the fact that most single-player or newly growing multiplayer games get absolutely fucked if they get sent to /vg/ due to mobage>this also isn't even mentioning the fact that at the time there were at least 8 off-topic threads, all of which weren't even trying to hide they were non-vidya>porn threads, furry threads, /fit/ threads, Holla Forums-bait, Holla Forums thread, etc>queue >>517561853>up until then threads were getting 404'd by a singular rogue janny/mod based off times>that post confirmed suspicions>everyone goes ballistic>this catches on to various other threads>mass targeted 404's/board shifts>this just fuels the fireNow we're here

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>>517560714I don't think that's necessarily the case. You can have a sort of lurking terror stalking you throughout the game. You know it's there, but you don't know how close it is to you at the time.

>>517562312Might as well be the same shit.Fuck off.

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>>517562367Was this the true seed of light all along?

>>517561859Monsters will have variety, the horror aspect is not knowing how deadly they are and how they affect the facility and it's workers, you'll need to do research on them, so a monster that seemingly looks cute and innocent, can turn into your biggest nightmare if their conditions are not met, under certain conditions some would even come out to help you of their own volition, but if conditions after helping out are met, they could easily turn against you. Such as passing by a monster they hate, or too many of your workers dying while another has breached. Other monsters would actually be fully beneficial to your workers and facility, or do not breach at all, although can still be harmful with passive effects they make, The story is the existential horror, the gameplay fills you with pure dread as you have to manager an increasing roster of monsters with different needs and conditions, particularly if you don't know what they are.

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>>517562667yknow, im really starting to like what you're suggesting here. Sometimes even the ones who look scary could be helpful, while the cute ones could be extremely deadly. thats a good way to keep you on your toes while you play. Wouldn't one issue be that after a while it gets hard to remember the conditions for everything? Though i guess that would be part of the game to overcome that. Quite an interesting one you've coined user.

remember we still have a /vg/ threadwith an exxcellent suggestion in it

>>517562925What is vidya at this point? Porn, smash speculation that's always the same 20-30 images posted in cult-like fashion, ecelebs, barely related political drama, and AAA shilling?

>>517557945Rely less on jump scares, get rid of that stupid violin shit dead space and the like.

>>517562985You'll have a file of each mosnter, the more you work with it, the more research points you get for it, which allows you to unlock the varying conditions and needs for them, you'll also be allowed to pause the game to allow it to be more manageable, but a single mistake could still have the possibility of causing a domino effect, maybe a combination of monsters that turn into a boss-like monster are in your facility and two of them escape, forcing the 3rd one to escape no matter what, maybe a worker was with a monster that another monster hates, and they enter the room of the monster that hates the other one, causing it and eventually the other one to breach.

>>517562985Surprisingly even with a decently large pool of Abnormalities, remembering their conditions and what shit they do is pretty easy. Probably because their design correlates with their mechanic and even then their designs are all distinctly unique in some way or another that it's pretty hard to mix up any of them with one another. Also you can check Abnormalities that you've already researched to get a refresher anyways.

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>>517561496I'm not saying it's Abib, but Friday Night threads have also been getting absolutely fucked for some reason, which is pretty unusual.

>>517558375It’s not, system shock 2 is though. System shock 1 is surprisingly tense for a non horror game and a dos game

>>517563354Huh, ive never thought of these kinds of mechanics before. That could definitely be an interesting way to go about it. Would defeating these monsters give some kind of special reward? or because of how badly you fucked up the game just wouldnt give you anything, since it was your fault.>>517563379what do you mean user? We're just tossing ideas around for how to make a good horror game.

>>517563805Research points can be redeemed in getting outfits and weapons that help make your workers have a higher chance of survival, working with them also allows them to give your workers gifts that affect their stats, some are combat related, others work related, some are all positive, while others have downsides in other stats. boss monsters, and specific monsters would have weapons that can only be attained by defeating them after they've breached.

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>>517557945I'd go for a melancholy feel. Like an action horror game where you can get 1-2 shot but so can every single enemy and it takes place during the day but you're stuck in an abandoned factory/sewer system. Every now and again you'll come across a crack of sunlight and it'll give you hope that you can get out of whatever mess you found yourself in.

>>517564148That makes sense, that would incentivise intentionally fucking up to shake things up at times and get good items. What happens if you get rid of that monster later down the line though? Would that remove your item for taking it out? It feels a bit unfair to give a super good item to someone and let them keep it if theyre going to play the rest on easy mode. Maybe make it so the item gets weaker if they get rid of that boss monster? I've also been thinking about it, but you mentioned pausing. Wouldn't it really fill you with dread if you were forced to not be able to pause at times? now that, that would be scary.

Good horror games are not horror games. The subtle terrifying details and enviromnmetal storytelling is what makes a good horror game. Also sillent jumpscares.

So abnormalities give you cards now?

>>517564780in LoR yes

>>517558118>WAAH STOP SCARING MEJump scares are fine and a valid part of horror games. Seeing unexpected things and having tension and possibility of the danger.

Is this the new Go Nagai thread?

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>>517564920jump scares are usually lazy, if done right they're fine but they usually aren't done right

Fear of the unknown.You don't need jumpscares, you don't need to portray scary monsters, or any of that shit.What you do need is world building and atmosphere. Take Morrowind for example, beloved by so many, but certainly not for the combat. For the world, the unique culture, the atmosphere, and frankly because it's fun to eventually become an unkillable god. I would like a game to have that level of world-building and atmosphere, but directed towards making you feel uneasy and scared of implications of something. Things are always scarier in your mind, I've never been actually scared of a monster in a videogame, but certain concepts and ideas, and implications were much more terrifying.So, in short, atmosphere and world-building. Clumsy controls not needed to make you feel helpless or like you're struggling against the danger (tank controls apologists are wrong).The real issue is making gameplay work in a horror game. I don't like the idea of weapons being a focus. Should be severely limited, if at all, and possibly only effective against insane NPCs, cultists, w/e, basically enemies tangential to the core horror of the game. It's would be difficult, at least in my mind, to incorporate enemy NPCs without making them seem like just obstacles to get out of the way as you pursue the core horror, since, at least in my opinion, monsters and the like aren't scary. They would have to be incredibly unsettling and designed in a way that alludes to the core horror. Silent Hill 2 did this well, I think.In any case, horror games simply don't have the writers. I wouldn't give the best writers working on triple A titles right now a pot to piss in, let alone trust them to write a compelling horror narrative that works in the context of a videogame. SOMA was kind of close, but it would have worked better as a novel, since the videogame aspect was simple puzzle solving and avoiding NPCs.

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>>517565000i like mechs and LC so yeah sure

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>>517564702Outfits and Weapons are kept, as well as all reserach done on the monster, however gifts are reset, but that's a good idea of making it weaker if the boss monster is gone. Yeah, players would be used to pausing, so one of the team captains could change the gameplay by punishing you for using pausing the game during their suppression/meltdown. That would really spice things up, and ramp up the difficulty

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Jump scares can be very cheap and are often done cheap.I can recall 2 great jumpscares in video games.1. Silent Hill 3You walk into a room full of mannequin parts, however, only one mannequin has a head. You move deeper into this room and hear a scream. Nothing jumps out, no enemies appear, it's just a scream. You go back to seem the mannequin headless and bloodied.2. Fatal Frame 1 To be fair this game has a mixture of great jumpscares and cheap ones. My favorite one is when you are walking up some stairs only for a child ghost to crawl out from underneath the building's foundation and look directly at the character then disappear, no screaming or loud sounds.

>>517557945Stop using VHS Filters

>>517565041I think most people are just too much of pussies to accept them and wish their horror was devoid of anything that scares them. But muh existential dread, they say like some sort of a cunt wanting to have the safety and comfort of non threatening horror game.

>>517565091I don't think Fear of the Unknown works in every game. A lot of people cite early-midgame Subnautica as doing this and to be honest, it's just not scary, or even unsetlling. Sure there's inky darkness, drowning, and eerie wails at every cliff or hole, but people really oversell atmosphere as something that can work with little support. I think it only really works like that if you're the kind of person to get lost in thought during gameplay, since it tends to generate the "horror" from implications.

>>517565236Speaking of difficulty, i think there should be some real spikes in it. Not so much so that it feels unfair, or it continuously gets harder, but maybe have it so it gets harder, but gets a tad easier again. Then it gets really hard but eases up just a tad, then goes all in on the player. That I feel would be a good way to make the player really feel helpless to their situation, but make overcoming it feel that much sweeter.

One jump scare or two is fine but the best kind of horror game is one that depends on atmosphere and a general unsettling feeling.

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>>517564904I'm at the circus battle. Do I have to start over to get them?

>>517565602By cards he means the ones you choose whenever you emotion up

>>517557945I recently started Darkwood and I’m pretty blown away by it. I usually don’t find horror games scary at all, but this one really does it for me.

>>517561164artist name is beastanime

>>517565661Ah, I thought the update added cards to use. My bad.

>>517557945Release it on PS2. Lay off the shiny smooth textures.

>>517565465some horror games use VHS filter correctly and even has an option to disable them like PDMeffects and filters should be used moderately because too much kills the game's atmosphere and immersion

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>>517565091I don't think it necessarily needs to show the monster, but without knowledge of a tangible threat that could negatively impact me in gameplay, I feel no sense of tension or fear.

>>517565572I like that idea of yours quite a lot, helps keep everything fresh too, and overcoming it would indeed feel good.

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>>517562528but there will be no consequences aside from a game over, at which point it just becomes another normal game

>>517565919I agree, In fact that one september 1991 game or something was amazing. But devs like puppet combo really ruin it

>>517565664me too.>hiding in base at night>mfw i hear knocking on the door>it doesn't stop

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>>517565578Huh, I remember making this. Thanks for saving it.And yeah, I think having a couple would work well with the atmosphere

>>517565549I think the artstyle in subnautica lends to your feeling that it's not scary. I don't think it's scary, more mysterious.I'm talking about a directed experience. Atmosphere cannot work with little support, otherwise you would have an unsettling atmosphere perhaps, with no direction for your character player to move along. Storytelling is just as important, hence my talking about world-building, since I think having random notes explain the entirety of your situation isn't a good method of storytelling in a videogame. They're fine as a method of connecting the dots, but this is a visual medium. Show, don't tell. Besides, I think the uncertainty that goes without a rock-solid storyline lends to horror in a big way. If you're left wondering what the hell is going on with enough information to guide you to certain conclusions along the way, that to me is infinitely better than a note that explains why x happened or who y is.And the horror absolutely is the implication. I've said before that things are scarier when left to our own imagination, for the most part. But you have to have the atmosphere and world in place to LEAD you to those implications. Your example of Subnautica doesn't do that.

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>>517565991thats quite the game we thought up. i know id certainly play it, and it really sounds like a good casual filter while still being a core videogame that gets discussed on a videogame board. What about a sequel? Would you wait a few years to make the whole thing? Or would you do an early access kinda deal. Hell knows with such a great existential horror game like the first people would have faith and look forward to each EA patch.

>>517558118Use jumpscares, but very carefully and sparingly. Only enough to stoke the fire of your paranoia so you never feel completely safe

>>517564708I don't mind jumpscares with sound, just don't blow out my eardrums and make the fucking screech louder then what the master sound setting is set to fucking evil within and that crawling cunt

>>517557945Loss.Literally why Tarkov, a MILITARY SHOOTER is scary to play.

>>517566638This. When the game focuses too hard on jumpscares they become predictable and make the game LESS scary. But a game that uses them sparingly keeps you guessing and paranoid

Predict Abnormality pages for each flooras a note here's ones that are outdated/unimplemented>Keter: Snow Queen, Silent Girl, Mirror of Adjustment>Malkuth: Beauty and the Beast, Dreaming Current, Shelter from the 27th of March>Yesod: 1.76 MHz, Schadenfreude, Behavior Adjustment, You Must be Happy, We Can Change Anything, Dimensional Refraction Variant>Hod: Old Lady, Meat Lantern>Netzach: The Little Prince, Rudolta, Alriune, TheresiaWhy does Yesod have so many

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>>517565976That's where creativity has to come in. Remember Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem? The sanity effects in that game were really good, but were kind of a gimmick that didn't affect gameplay. I think having an intangible thing or presence affecting your gameplay in perhaps more subtle ways could be well-implemented. Like friendly NPCs that you return to having something off about them, whether its their looks, the way they walk, their mannerisms, whatever it might be. Maybe up until the point they're gibbering incoherently while looking at you with inhuman eyes, but maintaining cordial disposition? Is it them, or are you seeing things? Do you kill them? Stuff like that I think would be interesting, as long as it served towards the core theme and not just thrown in for shits and giggles like the sanity effects in eternal darkness, as cool as they were.

>>517567050>Silent Girli just want Hammer and Nail back

>>517566870There was this one game designer who said something like, "A zombie in every closet isn't as scary as a zombie in a quarter of the closets."

>>517558375Horror is definitely the theme. There are plenty of horror stories that wouldn't necessarily make you jump in fright reading them, but you can still acknowledge the horror of the setting. No it's not very frightening as an fps, but if you were dropped into into a setting like that irl odds are you'd shit yourself.

>>517558118>Delete blue 'its night hehe' world tintit's called day for night

>>517567073One of the best things is having a room that was previously a safe room no longer be safe

>>517558375Anon that picture is Big Bird from Lobotomy Corp

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>>517561853>meanwhile your thread is the same thread every dayand somehow smash isn't the same thread every day?

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>>517567738God, Touka is so fucking hot

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>>517566451I see what you mean, I'd agree with that about Subnautica.But I still disagree that "implication is horror." Perhaps it's a personal issue, but I find that style of horror is not really scary, more just vaguely uncomfortable. For example, let's use a nonspecific game instead.It begins with some cliche stuff, like a car crash. You're off on your little journey now and environmental cues hint at horrible things. You find the severed fingers of a child arranged on a treestump in the shape of a face. Now cheesy as this is, it implies that >a child was gruesomely injured here>there is some sort of antagonist>something bad may happen>there is now a mystery for the player to solveBut to me, this isn't scary. I understand the concept of immersing oneself in a game, but again, this does not invoke "fear." It invokes a feeling of discomfort, which is not what I consider scary. I really cannot support the notion of purely atmospheric horror (which also tends to lead to "walking simulators" but I digress). I need some sort of negative influence in the game that demonstrates I have a reason to feel fear. The game doesn't even need to have a VISIBLE enemy, but there needs to be an active (or at least semi-known) force rather than an ultimately passive motivation for continuing for it to be "horror" I think. Fear of the unknown can't really carry everything, and the fear generated in one's mind over "what could the threat be? What did this? Am I in danger" is heavily overstated unless you're just a naturally nervous person.

>>517567073That's a pretty good idea. I like the idea of a subtle "wrong" in the surroundings that gets progressively worse in degrees as you play through the game, especially communicated through NPCs or other moving things. I don't think it should explain it though, it's better if there's nothing that explicitly implies it's only your mind showing you these things.

Silent Hills PT was the last good horror game, and it wasn't even finished. The age of horror is over. :(

>>517568107There's another type of horror... pink and noizy one.

>>517558060>>517557945On my first playthrough I didn't get enough Alephs, meaning I was fucked since I couldn't get the true ending so I stopped.I'm going to start a new game at one point, but damn the game is stressful and I don't need that now. FUCKING TRAIN.

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>>517561901you are a miserable faggot.

>>517568107Why it was good user? My friend lend me his ps4 he didnt updated to play PT and it was pretty crappy and nowhere close to a real Silent Hill game but more Toro and Kojimbo wank

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>>517567738No user you don't get it, the rosterfags beg for different characters it's fine

>>517568232you can get the true ending as soon as you 100% the encyclopedia if you've already finished the game before


>>517568516He probably didn't get enough to complete Gebura's last missions.


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>>517567828I agree, for the most part. It could be because I've read a lot of Lovecraft that I have the biases that I do, which is a whole 'nother can of worms when it comes to adapting HIS work to videogames, of which I've played or seen none that do it justice and usually miss the point entirely.Your example is good, and that's more or less what I'm talking about. You're right about the pitfalls of a narrative-driven horror game becoming a walking sim, which is what I don't want. I guess an example would be Dark Souls, how the story is pieced together through clues, whether it be item descriptions or dialogue with characters, ect. That's how I would want a horror game to tell its story. The hard part is making the actual videogame part incorporate that without turning into a puzzle-fest or a slaughter-fest. I really don't know how, the best example of it done well is Silent Hill 2 imo, but I don't want a rehashing of the same concept.

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>>517568516I'll start a new game at some point.>>517568642Ye, only had 2 Alephs because I played it blind, couldn't get the third.


you add some form of permadeath like in Senua's Sacrifice

Replace jumpscares with Earrape

>>517560714Not true. Nothing is scarier than forcing a player to walk towards something that makes them shit their pants. It's all about the psychological aspect and atmosphere. You can still have game overs or take damage.

>>517558375It has a few horror like segments but I wouldn't call it a horror game

>>517557945Make more Zero games. Make clones of it with all the different Asian ghosts.

>>517565091So, Fatal Frame?

>>517561853I really do wonder why mods/jannies have to be power tripping retards

ABiB is a massive faggot and this isn't the first time I've seen him pull shit that has pissed off Holla Forums. Though I'm okay with it this time around because lobotomy corp seems like one of the most uninteresting games on the planet from the youtube videos I've watched of it.

>>517569298Anon, your prudence...

>>517569298its a multitude of things besides LC, LC is just the one pushing back this much. The gameplay isnt for everyone but its got good lore and the sequel has a completely different type of gameplay to it

>>517569490I've seen gameplay of library of runia as well and it also seems really uninteresting. I'm going back to playing a true patrician game like rainworld, enjoy your thread I guess.

Nothing in a game made me shit my pants more than these fuckers, worse than the alien. How did they do it?

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>>517569607No need to be so condescending, user

Have you blind played subnautica? That does a pretty good job with minimal/no jump scares.It's about the fear of the unknown yet being curious about it - and valuing your life/safety.

>>517569690They preyed on your shit taste.

>>517568814I would agree on that, I'm not sure how they'd successfully implement it without it just rehashing a previously done concept or missing it entirely.Although to be fair to rehashes, that's not always necessarily a bad thing in every genre, I've enjoyed a great deal of indie "rehashes" of Contra. In the horror market I think there's a general limitation in selection, so a rehash would be less obvious if done for a game outside of current trends (e.g. no FNAF clones, no RER clones, etc.). It would be less than ideal but learning from what prior games did right and trying to build off of that could be of benefit for a new game in a similar vein.

>>517558118despite everyone hating jumpscares they were in every classic horror game. it's not the tool that is bad, it is how it's used.

>>517560992You're the horror

STALKER was probably the best horror game as it's just got this feeling of dead that comes with the atmosphere. The buggy AI lends to it as it makes interactions somewhat unpredictable. Like, a mob might wander off into the darkness and flank you because the pathfinding fucked up and it took a long route to reach you, and if you don't realize what happened you'd credit the devs with designing that amazing experience.

>>517557945there are great horror games out there, but 0 of them are AAA titles. you really need to look for smaller devs

>>517560714I don't think that's completely true, but jumpscares work fine as a failure state punishment in a game.If you didn't want to use jumpscares though, there's plenty of different ways to bring the threat closer to the player, like having claws/teeth near the edge of the screen that slowly close the nearer one gets to a the main threat, if there is one. Or having them do that if one screws up in the game, if the threat is not an evade-able enemy.

>>517569298>It is ok because I don't like the gameliterally as much of a faggot as ABIB

>>517569781Subnautica and Outer Wilds are both great at triggering a bunch of phobias. They just need spiders.

>>517565485Little babies who can't tell the difference between being startled and being afraid should stay out of conversations about horror.

>>517570173I like using creepy noises the most when suggesting the threat is near. Not necessarily loud, but something like quickening footsteps are always great.

>>517557945Alright. Let me think.Good question. Been thinking about this one for a while now:>Play as an operator >Some cult has been going around doing bad cult things>You and your buddies are sent in to stop that>SURPRISE, the cultists are a fucking militia and quickly kill off your buddies, then toss you down a pit.>Your radio is broken and you’re stuck behind enemy lines.Now, the big twist here is this: Our MC starts killing through hordes of the cultists and their creations with extreme prejudice. Basically, take the NuDoom concept of “The demons fear you” and push it to truly horrifying levels. >As our MC makes his way through the horror of the cult, they grow increasingly panicked as to how he’s killing everything they send at him.>Our protagonist grows increasingly psychotic and more determined to wipe the cult out with everything they do. And not in a cool way. He starts going into a legitimately unsettling murderous fury>Manhunt tier executions.>Play up the implacable aspects of the MCThe cult still does horrifying shit to people. They deserve this, but making you feel uncomfortable with our protagonists rampage is the main focus

>>517570340That's a good one too, as long as it doesn't get ear-piercing.

>>517557945Make the monster totally silent. You actually have to look at it to judge where it is

>>517558375It isn't. It's more a bizarre wonderland setting. Lots of mad crazy people in a strange foreign setting.

>>517570440I think sound design is one of the most important aspects of a proper horror game. Really helps immerse you in the experience.

>>517570395sorry but that sounds totally fucking rad

>>517558118>Delete jumpscaresNo.Even Silent Hill, a series that's almost 100% atmosphere, knew that shit was just as important as the atmosphere itself. You simply have to use them sparingly like other anons have said already. Without jumpscares, the game would quickly become boring over time. The way I see them, they're meant to check just how immersed you are in the game.

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>>517570746Agreed, it's a key feature. It's also key in some non-horror games.

>>517570395id play it

>>517569893I think pulling good ideas from previous games is fine. Novels and movies have been doing it since forever. One thing I thought would be good for a horror game is something like the aforementioned Eternal Darkness. If you're not familiar, you play as several people in Eternal Darkness as a storytelling mechanic to show just how the tome of eternal darkness got into the main characters' hands. All the characters in this history die a gruesome death at the end of their section. I think something like that would do well, and kind of wished a game had taken advantage of that style of storytelling in a way that really soaks the player in dread at the end of whatever chapter their current character plays as the "main" character.


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>>517557945A combination of DOOM 3, Outlast, and RE7.You play as a guy who, while just returning home to get some sleep, hears a loud noise in his kitchen. Then a weird-ass leper looking fuckhead tries to kill him, but he’s able to get a knife and fleeAnd now he has to run across the town and figure out what’s going on. With nothing more than a knife, his phone, and whatever else he can find, he’s got a lot ahead of him.The movement mechanics are similar to Outlast. The shooting is similar to RE7 in a sense. And the environments are maze like and pretty interactive, like Doom 3. But be careful. Unlike Doom, some enemies are actually faster than you.

>>517570776It’s an endurance test, also. Guns are extremely loud, you’re being ambushed a lot, etc

>>517565664that game is a hidden diamond.

>>517570395>by the end of the game you become a psychopath>game ends with MC killing the friendly evac team because he's fucking lost it completely

>>517571115That sounds decent.Right now nothing comes to mind for me, but I would like another game with a similar setting to Illbleed, where you send characters through sections of an amusement park, each with a different story to it. For example, one is a stereotypical haunted house made by a man with a grudge, another's a murder mystery, another has people turned into wood puppets in a place populated by lumberjacks, etc. Ultimately the game was pretty janky but it was still interesting as a concept.

>>517569781Subnautica is more comfy than scary. You get spooked once by a Reaper near the Aurora and that's pretty much it, since everything else glows and you can see it from a mile away.

>>517570395so the protagonist from Imprisoned with the Pharoahs if they were doomguy instead of houdini

>>517571790yeah I remember playing Illbleed at a friends house on his dreamcast. It would have been creepy if it weren't so campy.That would be interesting, having episodic content for a horror game.

>>517571936It hits a lot of my phobias so I was half panicking the entire time I played. I couldn't really finish it because the darker sections made me actually panic

>>517568942If you already know about some stuff now then, the easiest to suppress are Melting Love, The Mountain of Smiling Bodies, and you can just pick one of Silent Orchestra or Blue Star for the last one, SO's forgiving if you can't finish him and BS doesn't actually fight back, his main threat is collateral since any panic he inflicts instantly kills the agent/clerk.Or the bird, which counts as 3 in one go.

>>517571936>reapers are the only scary thing in game????????????????

>>517571708Worse:>MC gets dragged back to sanity.>By a warrior goddess raping him because he unknowingly passed her test. And the rape scene is depicted as absolutely horrifying[\spoiler]

The Resident Evil series does jumpscares well. >something jumps out at you>you can fight it or run>very rarely fighting does nothing or very little so you have to run>even Nemesis can be taken out temporarilyWhat makes jumpscares bad is when they are there for the sake of being a jumpscare.>something jumps out at you>game overOr worse>something jumps out at you>it's nothing

>>517572170Fair enough but I think that's more of a personal thing than the game itself. The devs pretty much made it as friendly as possible, most aggressive creatures are dumb as fuck or can't do shit to things like the Prawn.>>517572334I didn't say that, Reapers aren't even particularly scary. But they sneak up on you pretty well and are likely to be the first large aggressive creature you encounter. Ghost Leviathans are a joke since they scream like banshees whenever they see you and glow, and the Sea Dragon's barely aggressive at all (and looks more cute than scary).

>>517570328That's big talk for somebody who shit themselves when jump scares happen and cry when horror actually scares them. You stupid faggots want to neuter the whole genre because you think jumpscares mean creepy pasta inspired LE SCARY FACE dogshit exclusively. All the great horror games have had jump scares and you're just a little pussy who can't handle being scared or shocked. Stick to walking simulators about le epib existential dread. Faggot.

>>517572542It's scary until you realize they can't do shit to you, though.

>>517572256I had Blue Star and Nothing There. Sadly never got the third.

>>517572148It's a little heavy on the comedic elements, yeah. Still, it's very memorable.>>517573118Yeah I let Holla Forums pick my abnos and I ended up with every single aleph before day 35.

>>517572858Even before that you typically don't encounter them that often and they just function as a "don't go here" sign. Then after that they're just irritating.

>>517573270>I let Holla Forums pick my abnos.Lel. I tried to spoil myself as less as possible, but I guess i was the fool in the end.

>>517572551Sure is a whole lotta projection in this post.

>>517569287Consider what kind of personality is required to want to moderate 4chan.

Speaking of atmosphere any games recently that just kind of creep you out without actually being horror? Been looking for something slightly unsettling to play but I dont want to actually play a horror game

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>>517574268or to posti gotta admit if it werent for the pedos id consider nobleta interesting. instead its just "cute and funny" bait

>>517574037>no clue what they're talking about>"I'll just say some buzzwords and call it a day"You got me.

>>517557945I don't know, but I'll post Cry of Fear's sound design. When a game sounds so overwhelmingly opressive you dread to even boot it up, it's done something right. Haven't even finished the game. youtube.com/watch?v=bvGGlySZymE&list=PL658B6B37EB224197

Been having fun with Golden Light

>>517574448Being a moderator would be way worse then just posting here

>>517557945stop giving the player weapons, or at least make them borderline useless.stop making the scariest parts early and trying to 'up the ante' later. normalize the player at the beginning, then subvert the normalcy with increasingly scary things. you have to take them Out of their comfort zone, which you can't do if you start them in a blood-filled jumpscare mansion.

>>517574021No, you played it the best way. I posted the Abno's descriptions from their boxes, I didn't look up what they actually were.


>>517558118No, just don't make a game based on them like Fnaf

>>517574419Just read some guro giantess X mini person comics for that feeling. That shit creeps me out far more and sticks with me far longer than any horror content I've ever seen.

>>517574532plus the character designs gives you the real feeling of an "abomination" / human-like monstersand a real spooky one at that.

>>517574617>stop giving the player weapons, or at least make them borderline useless.Extremely gay. That's what they did in Amnesia and the game stopped being scary to me because I knew there isn't much I can do anyways if I'm caught. Big deal I'll go back to checkpoint. As opposed to Resident Evil where having limited supplies gave much more tension and fear of running out of means to deter your enemies. Having limited saves only reinforces this. Fuck this trend of not being able to do shit.

>>517574617I don't think you need to make weapons useless, but you need to place limitations on them. I think they can contribute to the horror aspect if done right - if your weapons are useless against the monster you're just scared of the monster, but if your weapons are a useful deterrent without being a permanent solution (limited by scarce ammo or difficult use circumstances), you're still scared of the monster AND of losing your ability to fight back against it.