Why does Persona 5 have so many fake fans?

Why does Persona 5 have so many fake fans?

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>sports metaphor

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>>517558769possibly even worse than food analogies

When you were 14 you probably said something stupid. Same thing here, except these retards post it online for everyone to see.

>>517558769Care to disprove it?

so like if i've played on game in the resident evil series but like the whole series thats not okay?

>>517560017Okay sure. Videogames aren’t sports. You’re move, faggotron

>>517557847Because kids are stupid and get xbox or switch to play with friends and then realize every good game is on PS4 so they watch walkthroughs instead.

>>517557847reset era

>>517557847waifus. it one of the big reasons to get into the game series.


Because anime. Just see Nier automata, Danganronpa, etc. They don't play the games

>>517560138we are talking about the newfans that never played persona.If you ask them why not play P4 or P3 on an emulator. They say eww that's too old.But then they also can't afford P5 and a PS4.Coincidentally these people all hang out in the autistic side of twitter.>>517561926>GOD I LOVED GAME X, I AM SUCH A BIG FAN!>Did you play game X?>No lol i just looked it up on youtube

I still find it hilarious how p5 newfags treated p4 and p3 the same as they did with the original persona trilogy. the rage in those threads was amazing. persona is a shit series btw

anyone up to date with ps5 news know if the ps5 runs ps4 games at a higher res, or resolution or performance in general, or will it be "capped"? thinking about buying p5r and hope that it'll be more of a definitive experience if I ever get a ps5, if not, then I'll wait forever for a pc port

>>517557847This can only be true if it's a couch co-op style situation where you're with the person playing through the game

It's just that all personfags are retardedtwitter.com/PhantomThief411/status/1279920311010562048


Heres's a good take for you all: Gatekeeping is NOT a bad thing

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>>517566151DELETE THIS

Don’t sports fans support their teams financially? How have these people done that by watching a playthrough? These people aren’t fans at all.

>>517557847I got a friend that loves persona, was most excited when joker got revealed in smash, watched the anime for it and changed his profile pic to it but still hasn’t touched a persona game even though i offered to let him borrow my ps3 with 5 or vita with 4golden on it but didn’t want to

>>517557847It's extremely fucking weird zoomer culture to even consider watching a game instead of playing it. You're almost doing the same thing except you're robbing yourself of the key distinction between interactive and non-interactive media, which means good design which takes advantage of that bandwidth in a personal way is going to be largely lost on you.However to be fair 95% of Persona is the game playing itself so who cares in this case

>>517567116>95% of Persona is the game playing itselflmao, true

>"Dat Discord Boy"this is the P5 audience

The game is reading simulator, you can read it on Youtube video. So its valid take, because its not a videogame.

why are weeaboos always wigger faggots also?

>>517560017Sports are meant to be watchedVideo Games are meant to be playedWhat’s so hard about that?

>>517567116Hey, I had fun pushing the Cross button!I got wiped several times on Hard Mode. Am I a fake fan?

>>517557847It makes me mad. I put in over 200 hours in persona 3-5 and these little fucking zoomers pretend that they know anything about the experience. Everything I like about the games is about your own experience in the life sim and how that factors into YOUR battling. fuck this man

>>517557847I don't have a problem with persona "fans" not playing the games and just watching them because they are pretty much an anime/vn, the ones i have a problem with are "fans" of things like dmc or souls


>>517557847That smash profile pic says it all

Seeing how persona 4 golden immediately went from "inferior to vanilla" to "omg this is the best game ever" as soon as it released on PC I assume they are just jealous PC fags who are hoping for a PC port.

Tbf, persoyna 5 is a turdbased game where you spend majority of the time in cutscenes. If it were an actual game like nioh or something, then of course you have to play. However with games like persoyna you can watch it and not lose out on anything.

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>>517567014Sounds like a total loser

>>517567014Sounds like a piece of shit, you need better friends.See you at the next /smtg/ user. We'll keep a vanilla coke cold for you.

>>517557847>Dat Discord BoyThe only saving grace here is boy having a y. P.S. Dat autocorrected to fat.

>>517557847What is this meme of consuming media without actually using/watching it?

I absolutely hate sports and the rabid people around it; however, you have to pay for the tickets if you want to watch a sports game. Or you buy the t-shirts and merch to support that shit financially.The fake fags here just watch a random shmuck play the game without ever paying for the original game nor buying the merch.

>>517567014Why did he refuse though?

>>517557847I harshly disagree with op's picture, you should play a game in order to be a fan. However I have one game I consider myself a fan of but have barely played, Team Fortress 2. Grew up watching gmod/sfm animations, a lot of tf2 animations. Generally a lot of source 2008-2014 youtube stuff, but barely played the game itself or watch gameplay of it.

>>517557847You can be a fan of a game if you have seen gameplay, but cannot really claim to experience it. E.g. Watching csgo shillsports doesn't give me the experience of a Global Elite turbo smurfer. And if you watch someone play persona, you can be a fan of the game but you're only watching the decisions of others so you haven't experienced it. This would only work if the game has very few distinctions from a movie such as the last of us or death stranding where gameplay doesn't work

>>517566151Very true

>>517572138It's piracy with none of the benefits of actually pirating; A high seas voyage aboard the S.S. Cuck.

>>517572138it's a growing issue for games since a lot of high profile releases have instead of growing gameplay opportunities have instead double downed on cutscenes.

>>517566151This, I have to play fuck you, not telling Reddit what game to run with faggots crying all day to get the skill ceiling demolished to the ground(todlers iq) or being too ""problematic"" then, in that case, they can fuck off for what I can care.

>>517560017people watch sports that are played at a professional world class level, something not everyone can do. video games however, especially non-esports games like persona 5 can be played by anyone.

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>>517557847because of smash

>>517557847Because they're retarded weebs/ironic weebs. They're too stupid to even know why the game is good, they just see cool stylish thing and likable characters they can ship and draw poorly while completely misrepresenting them. These faggots are too stupid to understand the game relies on the player being invested in their own choices and growing attatched the characters and story on a personal level. Some faggot LP'er that mumbles over the entire game won't give anyone the same experience as playing it themselves, ever.

I genuinely don’t understand why you’d call yourself a fan of a game if you don’t even give enough of a shit to actually play it yourself. I don’t get it.

>>517573453To "fit in" game culture.

>>517557847>I just can't afford it!>he says while posting a tweet, from his smartphone connected to the internet

>>517557847Because kotaku and dunkey told them that P5 is a transcedental game in a sea of jrpg ugh yikes problematic garbage.I don't think any of these people played the game, they just like looking at the menus.

>>517570217>no argument

>>517568747>Sports are meant to be watchedFucking fatass.

>>517573829Why do these retards say shit like that when you can buy a used ps3 for like 50 bucks and persona 5 for cheap.

>>517573453Why play a boring long game that has tons of pathetic grinding and dungeon crawling when I can just watch the best bits on youtube and stan futaba? She's just like me, you know. Trans.

>>517557847I've played games for ~25 years now and I can tell you last of us 1/2 are total garbage after playing them for 30 minutes at friends house and getting 2 big bugs one right after another

>>517567686This. Guess you can't judge the jrpg side of it, but it's not like there is something there.