she's your mother, too.

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Other urls found in this thread:'s't

is this game supposed to be laggy / choppy? The screen panning looks pretty rough at times, I wish it was smoother.playing on bsnes.

You're put in charge of remaking one of the Mother games.Which game do you pick, what artstyle do you pick, and what changes do you make to the game if any?

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>>517556628Lots of enemies on screen can make the game lag, but other than that it shouldn't be lagging all the time.

Attached: earthbound ness party.png (768x768, 888.14K)

>>517556801It isn’t really lag. It’s more like choppy. If you watch the intro for example, those panning shots all look pretty rough for me. Not quite as in lag but jumpy and choppy.

>>517557424Yeah when moving at diagonals the camera gets a little jittery sometimes.

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>>517557771So this is unavoidable? It isn’t like a case of having a bad monitor or bad emulator settings? It’s there on the VC version too?

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-2.jpg (5333x6729, 2.39M)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-3.jpg (5333x6771, 2.71M)

Did this get scanned yet?

Attached: earthbound pollyanna manga.png (470x721, 132.96K)

>>517558081It's just a issue with the game itself.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-5.jpg (5333x6929, 2.81M) case you'd, you know, not wait 3 hours.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-6.jpg (5333x6858, 3.21M)

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>>517558323I definitely see it in videos of it too. But it looks worse on the emulator, or I guess more noticeable. But wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just video encoding making it look smoother than it is.

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>>517556702mother cause fuck it, if i'm not allowed a triology. claymation mimicing the old adverts.nonefuck modern gamers enjoy the games as is.

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I have tried so hard to play this but cant get past reaching the first town, it’s so fucking boring I dont want to talk to 100 npcs juat to progress every hour.

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>>517556425Bitch nag Jeff me fad b roh.

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>>517559554Still one of the best game guides ever made. I love the travel guide theme it has with all the little "facts" and adverts.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-16.jpg (5333x6813, 3.52M)

>>517556702The first one and make it look like Links Awakening remake and play like Mother 3

>>517559724It's high quality, that's for sure.

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Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-19.jpg (5333x6796, 3.65M)

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Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-21.jpg (5333x6846, 3.44M)

There's a lot to do in the first town of an SNES RPG before re-visiting!

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Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-25.jpg (5333x6817, 3.04M)

>>517556628probably screen tearing

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>tfw i had to look up how to defeat giygas>feel like shit afterwards because i didn't find it myselfFuck me, i wish i could go back in time and tell myself to try every attack available rather than looking it up with the earthbound's guide.

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>>517561834It says something when praying didn't really do anything for the entire game before. But it was your only means of defeating the final evil.

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>>517561834That's a shame, it felt great when I figured it out on my own.

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What is your guy's favorite area? For me it's Saturn Valley or Magicant.

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For anyone wondering, there's a good 30 pages missing because they're literally too large and HQ for 4chan to handle. But they do exist. >>517558443

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>>517556702I don't, realistically. They may have had flaws but I won't pretend I could fix them. If forced into an answer though, Earthbound, and less of a remake than an expansion. The game drops into the usual pitfall of RPGs of this general "collect macguffins" structure, where somewhere around the 60-70% mark the devs run out of time or get burned out, and rush things to the conclusion. In EB it'd be when you leave Summers, and everything after that happens whirlwind tour style. So in general, I'd want to see things like the underground expanded and fleshed out a lot. I'd even say that a whole new hub area should be visited after the underground and completing the melody, where you're dealing with an overt Giygas stronghold(i.e. a mothership drops on the White House and you end up having to assault it but it takes some groundwork to set up the final push). Another issue is that bosses become pushovers in the second half of the game(excluding the last boss), especially with Jeff's explosives. Not sure which direction to go in, but the goal should be to have the fights be a bit more dangerous and last longer than they do. Normal enemies are fine as they are. And one last thing, I'd remove the point of no return. Those are always trash annoyances.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-43.jpg (5333x6796, 3.39M)

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>>517556702> Mother 1> Cartoonish Peanuts art style> Mostly same color palette with the same flat colors and little to no detail that strays away from the original> Mostly same synth sound on the music, little to no additional instruments unless originally implied> Couple fixed broken mechanics and QoL stuff (like adding a run button)> All censorship removed, of course> Ability to switch between new / old art and music> Everything else the exact same

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>>517562497Saturn Valley is the only right answerI love those fucking dorky things

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>>517563142Saved image, I've never seen that. I love it.

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>>517563142Absolutely based choices, user. A shame that they'd probably still censor Earthbound if that got remade, but Mother 1 could probably be remade with censorship removed.>>517563358Have a Earthbound version of it.

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>>517562050IKR, by the time i played it i didn't catch those sort of clues god damn it. Also, needless to say, thanks to that final battle and dragon quest 1 and 2 (which i played way after beating earthbound) i've learned to be more careful about paying attention on little details and explore more about the game's surroundings, which is really good because you'll learn to not be stuck by simply thinking and figuring out everything by yourself.>>517562083AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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A strategy guide of this quality would actually be worth a collector's edition.

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>>517563668A shame a lot of strategy guides back then were actually garbage and full of misinformation.

Attached: ness mr saturn hotspring.jpg (2556x2765, 1.33M)

>>517563598>Everdred's first name is Al

>>517563668What I found amazing more than anything is that THIS was included in the STANDARD, opening sale. It wasn't collector's edition at all; this came with the game. Later releases didn't have it.And Nintendo went out of their way to CONTINUE to provide the highest qualities possible. For FREE. MULTIPLE TIMES. OFFICIALLY.Good stuff.>>517558443

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-55.jpg (5333x6858, 3.41M)

>>517556702All of them. The first one needs it the most but I'd prefer a trilogy compilation.Just do it Link's Awakening HD style. Don't change anything, just remake it faithfully in the same sort of plastic children's playset visual style. Claymation if you want to be authentic to the original models, but I don't think it necessarily needs to be.

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I used to remember this game was called "Motherless" and tell people to play it. Hope people didn't google it.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-57.jpg (5333x6904, 2.64M)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-58.jpg (5333x6846, 3.74M)

>>517564157I loved the fact the moles all demanded that you recognize them as the "third strongest"

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>>517564157Weird how they censored knifes and Ness being naked among other things in Earthbound but all of the blood made it in unchanged. Also weird how they went so far to give Ness a completely new clay model just for the US version official art. I do actually prefer the US version of Ness's official art though, mostly for just being a bit more detailed.

Attached: earthbound magicant.png (513x224, 15.21K)

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>>517564459Child pornography is NOT cool in the U.S. Anything remotely associated by it, no matter what, doesn't pass. Blood? Cool. Guns and weapons and killing? Sure. Nudity? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Child nudity? No>>517563858>AlAloha, bro

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-60.jpg (5333x6833, 3.44M)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-61.jpg (5333x6946, 2.81M)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-62.jpg (5333x6858, 3.25M)

>>517564698>nudity is pornographyImagine thinking this. Also, children got naked in cartoons all the time, and the Simpson's got away with showing Bart's dick multiple times. It is interesting how Nintendo's stance on censorship has changed over the years and how they don't do it at all now.

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Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-64.jpg (5333x6788, 3.26M)

>>517565002Fuck this dungeon. It's a neat idea but it's just a fucking waste of time.

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>>517556702Earthbound. Change nothing except configuring controls for the all consoles and pc. Rake in the cash from retards.

>>517565167That reminds me, the Pencil Eraser Machine verses the Octopus Eraser Machine. Obvious language pun issue aside, it's literally a better joke in English this way than in Japanese.

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Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-67.jpg (5333x6896, 3.08M)

>>517565551Changes like that I'd consider actual localization instead of censorship, because it isn't changing it out of fear of backlash, it's being changed because it'd make no fucking sense to someone who doesn't know jap.

Attached: earthbound pencil statue.png (2149x1637, 499.71K)

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Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-70.jpg (5333x6825, 3.33M)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-71.jpg (5333x6817, 3.87M)

>>517565793The man was brilliant, that's for sure.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-72.jpg (5333x6908, 3.4M)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-73.jpg (5333x6821, 3.41M)

I actually frequently forget about Egypt.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-76.jpg (5333x6904, 3.18M)

>>517566138So what the fuck was Dalaam supposed to be? A mix of China and India?

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Best fucking thread on Holla Forums ever, God save motherfriends

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>>517556702MotherLittle bit of sprite work to make it a bit cleaner and more detailed.Fix up the UI a little bit.Make random encounters less common and leveling quicker.That's all that needs to be done.

>>517566520Honestly you could just make the encounters like Mother 2/3 and that would work too.>>517566505I hope every day that the rom for Mother 64 leaks.

Attached: ninten party.png (600x600, 384.56K)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-77.jpg (5333x6854, 3.03M)

>>517557962hot-take, that design is what should have been used for Ness in Smash Bros.

>>517566496A play on the Arabic gretting of "salaam" and Thailand.

>>517566462It is honestly pretty forgettable apart from dungeonman.>>517566742I completely agree.

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>>517566821forgot my image

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-79.jpg (5333x6942, 3.14M)

>>517566821Ah, that makes sense.

Attached: earthbound party.png (1280x487, 298.26K)

>>517563142i'd play it

>>517566742I can't tell if you're talking about Ness or Starman Deluxe.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-80.jpg (5333x6792, 3.31M)

>>517566970It's kind of a shame that "Siam" isn't used to refer to Thailand anymore. Maybe I'm getting old, but it seems...more "asian."

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-81.jpg (5333x6921, 2.81M)


Turns out 4chan doesn't like that last page...nevermind all the ones you're missing from being stitched together and being "too big" for it.

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Attached: ness jeff mall.jpg (600x450, 268.78K)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-84.jpg (5333x6858, 3.66M)


>>517567461Scalding Cup of Coffee is a p strong enemy, honestly

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-86.jpg (5333x6879, 3.15M)

Attached: 1562810133373.jpg (1070x750, 640.03K)


Attached: ness moonside.jpg (579x828, 427.14K)

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Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-89.jpg (5333x6821, 3.48M)

>>517556628Should get the snez9x core for retroarch and there's the crt royale - kurozumi.Looks amazing plus the shader works on everything up to ps2.Retro also has really good performance.

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Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-91.jpg (5333x6954, 3.24M)

>>517568078It's a shame this never got past the concept stage, I would've loved to see how they would've recreated some areas in that artstyle.

Attached: earthbound flying men.png (744x550, 177.11K)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-92.jpg (5333x7000, 3.3M)

>>517567072Ness. That model does a way better job of conveying the fact that Ness is supposed to be a 13 year old kid, and not a toddler.

>get to the desert area>holy shit this giant joined my team!>last for literally 2 minutes Fuck I got so hype

>>517568237Kraken's theme is the fucking best. Reminder that Ness fights multiples of these things alone and naked (In the jap version), Ness is OP as your favorite battle themes.

Attached: kraken fight.png (1600x1200, 3.06M)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-94.jpg (5333x6804, 2.88M)


>>517558081what emulator are you using?

>>517568364Well he IS 10 years old in the Japanese version, I think. He got aged up in the US version.

Attached: Earthbound Clay Ness US.png (360x490, 158.62K)

>>517568457I forget that Kraken has his own theme. It is fantastic.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-95.jpg (5333x6913, 2.95M)

>>517568621>that ego orb official artFucking terrifying.

Attached: earthbound town.png (1024x640, 518.09K)

>>517556702All three, though the graphics can stay the same, I'll rewrite the plot so that all three games connect to each other Alongside big connections to the world of GI Joe.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-96.jpg (5333x6888, 3.13M)

>>517568252With 2 cancelled mother games and the clay models Mother 1 and 2 had it makes want to see how they would do a modern 3D take on the mother games

Attached: 1518068454802.jpg (1792x2032, 1.22M)

>>517568745Narcissism is indeed horrifying

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-97.jpg (5333x6871, 3.49M)

>>517568775My favorite area, just such a amazing mindfuck to explore. Shame it got censored in the US version and they didn't even bother making a unique sprite for it. I mean fuck one of the areas is called "the Sea of Eden", it makes sense for Ness to be naked there.

Attached: earthbound magicant ness.png (880x880, 258.42K)

>>517568807That'd be rough. Realism or cartoon? Where does the horror start? Where does it end? Is it still funny?

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-98.jpg (5333x6863, 2.67M)

>>517568923Fun fact: The flying men were supposed to have their own song in Mother 1 but it never got put into the game. A vocal version of this song is in the Mother 1 promotional

Attached: ness flying man.png (1200x1336, 370.42K)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-99.jpg (5333x6929, 3.11M)

>>517562497Happy Happy Village was the perfect mix of silly and unnerving.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-100.jpg (5333x6758, 3.4M)

>> far my favorite

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-101.jpg (5333x6867, 3.25M)

>>517569218Yeah, that part is creepy as fuck. People always seem to remember the more quirky parts of Earthbound and forget some of the more unnerving parts, except for the final boss of course.

Attached: earthbound ness blue.jpg (298x579, 143.77K)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-102.jpg (5333x6958, 3.64M)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-103.jpg (5333x6917, 3.24M)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-104.jpg (5333x6883, 2.89M)

Reminder that the girl who sang these was 14. She'd be over 40 years old

Attached: earthbound beginnings party.jpg (1280x732, 286.51K)

Golden Final Starman Deluxe Super

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-105.jpg (5333x6867, 4M)

Guide poster you're already doing alot but could you make a zip file and post link?

Attached: 1568928337260.gif (1000x500, 122.6K)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-106.jpg (5333x6850, 3.96M)

>>517569918The zip file would be something like 450MB.Instead, how about the PDF file?>>'s a "stitched together" version (which I'm posting), but I can't post the stitched pages because they're all over 4 MB in size.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-107.jpg (5333x6904, 3.69M)

>>517570034>riding a bike through the swampHuh, I wonder if doing that makes it so you don't take damage from the deep part.

Attached: ness pajamas3.jpg (625x492, 220.59K)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-108.jpg (5333x6825, 2.82M)

>>517570260That's a secretly famous little Fun Fact about Earthbound. It's a sound included, and you can hear, but something basically no one who's never been told it exists even knows it can be hear.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-109.jpg (5333x6879, 2.85M)

I have an honest legit US SNES copy of EarthBound, + the official player's guide with all scratch+sniff cards included! The only thing I don't have sadly, is the large box to contain it all - at least I don't think I do. I see the cartridge alone go for $250+, and cart+guide+box go for $1000-2000. So perhaps $750 is reasonable for the game cart + the guide (with all cards included and otherwise in used but good condition). Earthbound was really an excellent game and there was a lot of crazy shit within it. Its unfortunate that most in the West didn't get to play the original Mother beforehand, and that Mother 3 didn't get an official translation much less when it was actually timely to its release.

>>517570310Shame yoyos suck because of their shit hit rates.

Attached: ness yoyo.jpg (500x400, 54.14K)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-110.jpg (5333x6929, 3.15M)

>>517569918Guide poster already gave you a link, but you can also find both versions

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-111.jpg (5333x6958, 3.07M)


Attached: 1595133028949.jpg (1159x837, 197.61K)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-112.jpg (5333x6833, 2.97M)

I still own the Earthbound copy I stole from Blockbuster when I was 10 ama

By the way, for any of you wanting to replay Earthbound, consider playing with this the game, re-translates it to be more accurate, but keeps the better localization changes like the eraser eraser. Also adds some small touches like more unique overworld enemy sprites and a optional run button.

Attached: earthbound.png (1875x1875, 1.27M)


Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-113.jpg (5333x6929, 3.1M)

>>517570861Also, saved

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-114.jpg (5333x6963, 3.02M)

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-115.jpg (5333x6721, 3.49M)

>>517570861Fucking saved.>>517570914Was it just the cart or the box will the guide?

Attached: earthbound beds.png (693x1645, 426.74K)

Uh, oops.Can't post the back page cover art.Too big.

Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-117.jpg (6925x5333, 2.62M)

>>517571257>Was it just the cart or the box will the guide?I have the guide somewhere, but not the box.l Shame.

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Attached: Earthbound Player's Guide (Wide Page)-118.jpg (6892x5333, 2.08M)

>>517571385What did you name your favorite thing and food, anons?I'm a generic fuck so I just went for the default answer of Rockin' but I made my favorite food bacon.

Attached: ness food.jpg (850x700, 105.95K)

>>517571385What were they thinking with the “This game stinks” tagline?

Well. That's it for the Player's Guide.Which is a lie, that's NOT "it" because you're all missing about 30+ pages which can't be posted, sorry about that. I still recommend going here, here like >>517570652 get those missing pages or download it nice-and-easy.To end it, here's a soundless webm AND a sound webm link of every PSI Attack in the game.Try clicking the related image before the link: I bet you'll hear the sounds without them ever needing to't worry about any (You)s. I just posted it because.

Attached: Earthbound All PSI Attacks.webm (1280x720, 3M)

>>517571862Absolutely based user. You make me want to dump the official Earthbound manga for the next earthbound thread.I really, REALLY hope this book gets scanned sometime soon, I'm pretty sure it's out already.>>517558205

Attached: earthbound wiiu.jpg (950x672, 329.91K)

>>517571553I named Ness all kinds of names, and Paula usually after the girl I had a HUGE crush on in elementary hi Laura Shoening and .My specials I can't remember, and I'm too lazy to walk 10 feet to my left to turn on my already-plugged-in-and-functioning SNES with my EB cartridge in a drawer nearby to tell you, sorry.Favorite food was pizza, nuggets or curry, though. Had to be.

Attached: 1475870525263.jpg (300x220, 39.39K)

>>517563926Nintendo did some neat stuff in the past. In fact, Dragon Quest (warrior) 1 was given to all subscribers of Nintendo Power magazine . The full game, in box, with a little mini-instruction book size guide... free! At a time when NES games were fairly expensive it was unusual to get one especially one with a battery for saving your game - a rarity overall and only used in more advanced titles. Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy 1, Dragon Warrior 1 had batteries, but a lot of games including some RPG and adventure titles did not and instead depended on a password system.

>>517569903>blowing a multi bottle rocket on a jobber with 800 HP


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>>517571862>tfw can hear most of these

>>517572216Nintendo in general have promoted Dragon Quest better in the west than Enix or Square ever have. Also another small fun fact: King has unused climbing sprites in the game's files, implying that at one point he was either supposed to become a party member, or they just made these in case you ever had to go up a ladder with him.

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>>517572472King was so cute. I didn't have these pixels sprites seen before, so thanks!Saved.

>>517563926Admittedly, the game was very expensive between its rarity and the guide included+box. I have to wonder why specifically Nintendo included it in this particular game, not that I'm complaining. There were other SNES era titles where you got extra stuff in the box. For instance, Mario Paint came with a large box too because it included an actual 2-button ball mouse (of comparable quality to any you'd find for a PC at the time, perahps better). Its also worth remembering that SNES titles could very considerably in price. Earthbound was more expensive, and of course there were some titles that had collector's editions (ie the "Gold Cartridge" versions of Legend of Zelda titles), but even some just regular games cost way more than the standard. For instance, Final Fantasy IV (sold as FF2 in the US for SNES and sadly censored and made easier and less complex because they figured the gaijin mind was not up to advanced JRPGs etc) cost $100 at launch! Some games would be around $50-60 but other carts would be way higher just as a standard price. It wasn't until later on in the Playstation 1 era when prices seemed to stabilize around $50 thanks in part to the new disc-based media, but before that and on some cartridges could vary wildly.

Be honest Holla Forums, do you think there's any hope for any sort of official Mother/Earthbound content that isn't Itoi's official merch or references in Smash?

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>>517571862I guarantee anyone who's played this game could see the PSI FREEZE attacks and Ness' SPECIAL and heard it instantly.

>>517572753Have the entire Earthbound spritesheet for overworld sprites.>>517572758Probably because JRPGs weren't extremely popular in the west yet. It wasn't until FF7 that they became mainstream. Including a guide was probably one of the ways they thought they could get people into RPGs.

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Hot take: Mt. Itoi isn't that bad because of the existence of 4th d-slip and people greatly overrate how much grinding is required in Mother 1.

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>>517572758True, and the different cartridges would frequently have different (more expensive) chips, too. I don't remember Earthbound being anything more than $60-75, though, 150+page magazine Player's Guide included.Hell, back in a time where ALL games came with a "User's Manual" that contained more information and a small guide for the game. And lore.

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>>517572935This is true, however there were lots of JRPGs that were released before and or had a higher profile than Earthbound. I'd totally have gotten them putting a guide for Final Fantasy IV in the box as it was one of the SNES near-launch titles for instance, but there had already been quite a few adventure (Crystalis, Faxanadu..why the fuck am I remembering these) and JRPG (Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy 1 - the US never got 2 and 3 sadly..I know there are a few others I'm forgetting for the NES). By the Super NES era there were a lot of JRPGs by comparison and I'm not sure which arrived prior to Earthbound's US release anyway .

Only slightly related, but holy fuck, apparently the Dad from My Neighbour Totoro is voiced by Shigesato Itoi.

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>>517569793The fact that we still don't know who the fuck she is gets me.

>>517572472Well he doesn't have lost underworld sprites so don't get to excited. Chances are Onett's hills were gonna have ladders at one point.Boney becoming a full party member did finally push your dog to playable character status though. Funny how the dogs in EB changed>Mother 1just an npc carrying a key item who tells you how to use your telepathy psi and remember to check and talk to things>Mother 2optional guest star party member, shown to have been in the family longer than Ness>Mother 3full party member slot.

>>517573552You only just found that out? I thought that was pretty well known. >>517573772I think some people at tracked her down and found out that she now works as a piano instructor.

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>>517572793No because nintendo has a stick up their ass and gave fire emblem 10000 chances to be successful but F-Zero and EB are dead in the water.


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>>517573238Ninten just needs to learn psi shield for every party member and his group heal and nothing is really a threat in EBB after that.

>>517574091To be fair, EB relies on Itoi because Itoi owns part of the IP. That's why he gets to make so much merch, like these day planners.

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>>517574081>she now works as a piano instructorHuh, neat. That's really pleasant to hear, thank you. I hope she has some knowledge of what happiness she has brought.

>>517574341That just tells me that if EB wasn't owned by him it wouldn't have jack shit. Look at what merch is made by nintendo alone.

>>517574327Buffs are also broken as fuck too since they double the stat they buff. Defense up basically makes you invincible to all non-PSI attacks.>>517574428Weird how she never pursued a career in music, her singing voice is angelic.

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>>517574491Fair, but you have to keep in mind the respect most people in Japan have for Itoi. He said the series is done, and I don't think anyone is going to try and convince him to make another game.

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>>517574491I think Itoi also loves the sites Tomato made and that's why there's so much merchandise available through them, too.

>>517574779Any good merch there?

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