The great debate

When did Mario Party peak?

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>>5175563792 and fuck you

>>517556379Mario Party 6 was the last good one, everything after was lazy.


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>inb4 some retard unironically suggest MP4

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>>517556379I really think Super Mario Party had potential to be the best if they just had more maps. The dice-block mechanics were probably the finest part of the series.I'm not saying it IS the best, but the mechanics it brought are probably the strongest.

>>5175563792costumes were great

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>>5175563792 for N64, 6 for GC

sorry but this thread has to be anti-fun

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>>5175563797 was ok

>>517556807I'm that retardFuck you I like it

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I hope you didn't get filtered by the last great MP

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>>5175563792.>Great variety of minigames>Great single player minigame coaster>Costumes>Fun ending cutscenes>Peak design of boards

I'll never forgive Nintendo for making Dong a NPC

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Ah yes, it's Saturday

>2020>We got a shitty 'Top 100' game that was missing some seriously great games such as the Mech game from 5>We still don't have a Mario Party with a broad selection of characters and a ton of boards from all over the series and online multiplayerShit's fucking easy money.

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>>517557865I imagine it was a symptom of the DK series' overall situation at the time. Nintendo had no fucking idea what to do with him after Rare left.

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3 in my opinion

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>>517558043>We still don't have a Mario Party with a broad selection of characterswell not a GOOD one

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>>517557701>be game making professional>get paid to make games>all of life is game making>made plenty of games>make a disc with no game in it

>>517557865Yeah what the bull fucking hell was that about?? Inexcusable.

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>>517558421>a fucking monty mole

>>5175563794 and 5 were legit good games, 5 had the fun kart battling minigame as well. Never played much of 6 but wasn't a fan of the day/night system. Mario Party at that point turned to shit until Super Mario party on Switch, but even then it wasn't a full return to form with barebones minigames and maps.

>>517557527to be fair that did have a lot of soul.>>517557594>the MP that burned its sidebars into my old TV>>517558421The dice mechanics were good! The best Mario Party would be a mix of most of the games anyway. Not 9/10


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>>517556379Why do people seem to hit on 7 so much? It had great boards, a solid line-up of minigames, a solid roster, pretty good music, a good set-up with the vacation idea, etc. Yeah, the production values took a hit, but what was actually bad about the game itself? I see so many people say it went bad after 6 in particular.

He's gonna win you know it

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>>517562885>not big

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I played 1 till 7. 3 was my favorite, 5 and 2 are great fun, had a lot of memories with friends. 5 is great for a drunk MP. 4, 7, 6, 1 in that order for me.

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On the Dreamcast baby.

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1 is borderline unplayable2 is still great, one of the best3 is broken as fuck with the Reverse Shroom but but a broken game can be fun in its own way.4 sucks, the Mini/Mega gimmick is boring5 is okay.6 is great.Haven't played 7 or beyond

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better than Mario Party

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>>517564810i love playing this with my dad, i just wish i could play more of this.

damn chao looks like THIS

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>>517557701Mario Party 1

Since people keep asking here's the specials for shuffle.Sonic>When Sonic selects the same Card two times in a row, on the second turn he will move Double the Spaces of the number on the Card.Tails>Tails can move across Propellar Tails Spaces. These Spaces allow him to skip over certain areas with Bad Spaces, or obstacles that would normally be a hindrance to his progress.Knuckles>Knuckles can climb up Climbing Knuckles Spaces. These Spaces allow Knuckles to climb up walls that allow shortcuts to an area that would normally have to be gotten to by normal means.Amy>Amy can cross over Hammer Jump Amy Spaces. These Spaces allow Amy to Hammer Jump over large gaps or get herself up raised Platforms which allows shortcuts to areas that would normally have to be gotten to by normal means.Gamma>When Gamma selects a 4, 5, or 6 card he will go into Hover Mode. He activates his Hover Booster and will float over to the Space that was selected, if this Space was a Minus Ring Space he will not lose rings.Big>If Big selects a 6, he can select any Space between those 6 Spaces.Super>Super Sonic will move Double the Spaces if the Same Card is selected again. Super Sonic, however will move Double the Spaces for a second and third time in a row instead of just once like Sonic, if that Same Card is selected for a Third and Fourth time in a row.

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>>5175563793's Battle Mode is extremely fun and I hate that it never came back. Piranha Plant best mate.

>>517565018Shortstacks are truly wonderful

>>517565101what about chao?

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>>517565018do not lewd the chao

>>517556379Peaked at 2, was serviceable until after 7.


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"super" sonic

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the absolute of """""super"""" snoic

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post yfw this happens

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>>517562885CALLED IT


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>>517558421>Pom Pom but no Boom Boom>Toad and Toadette are the MCs so they aren't playable eitherOdd choices but oh well

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haha funny egg sun

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>>517557594>Mario Party 8 came out almost 2 months after Super Paper Mario, meaning it was developed before the homogenization autism>Mario Party 9 is completely soulless, original people like MC Ballyhoo are goneI feel like I'm getting closer to seeing the exact moment where everything was getting drained of originality


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>>517557860Also great songs, new mini games plus brought back mini-games from MP1 but made em better.

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>>517556379Mario Party 2 had costumes and the Bowser bomb. Only way to improve the game is to have more items/item slots.


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>>517556379I liked 5 more than 6