Stop Being Dishonourable

Reminder if you don't >Pick the white horse>Name the horse Nobu>Use stealth as little as possible>Always challenge enemies to a standoff>Walk to the majority of your destinations>Wear robes instead of armourYou aren't playing the game right

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Based and Samurai Jackpilled

That’s how I’m playing except I went edgelord and chose Kage

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Sucker Punch made a better historical fantasy game than ubisoft ever could with their multiple Assassin's Creed game.

a few clips ive seen make it seem like the story tries to make the player feel bad for playing ninja that accurate?

>>517554595yeah good thing they copied the gameplay too

>>517554774no, you're just a dishonorable faggot. that's what the samurai would've told you

>>517554595It helps that there's no shitty syfy channel story and thousand year conspiracy shoved into it.I never understood why Ubisoft thought that history wouldn't be intresting enough to the player so they insisted on maintaining a plotline that almost nobody likes or think adds to the story.

>>517554774Yeah and it's kinda annoying. I played straight samurai and the game was still like "JIHN YOU BROUGHT DISHINOR?

>>517554178Holy shit I've been doing literally doing all of thisGlad to know I've been honorable

Prochads, are you playing on Higher Resolution or Better Frame Rate mode?

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>>517554774I think the inner struggle of Jin going against how he was thought to fight. The Mongols were fighting smarter than the Samurai

>>517555108resolution.gampley/combat is not fast enough to need high framerate.

>>517555108Better frame rate since I'm on 1080p anyways. Would probably still play on better frame rate if I had a 4k TV though. I imagine it still looks great either way.

>>517555108I always go higher framerate I've got a huge 4k telly (I think my eyesight is starting to go so it doesn't matter anymore) but I always choose higher framerate most of the time it's not that noticeable because the PS4 doesn't even do real 4K anyway.

>>517555261>>517555334>>517555382>>517555108What's the difference? Is it 60 FPS?

Do they actually do anything with the whole honor thing? Do your gameplay choices matter in terms of story? How does the theme of honor resolve in terms of story?

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>>517555185This.>>517554774At the start the story shows how the Samurai Way™ is not going to work against this new enemy, so you have to try different tactics. The "canon" way to play is to do both ninja and samurai whenever necessary.

>>517555505No it's just a more solid 30Hopefully it's futureproofed to allow above 30 so the PS5 can play it at a higher framerate like Infamous Second Son is

>>517554178>fighting like a dumbass for a meaningless concept like honour instead of fighting smart

>>517555505It wasn’t when I tried it during the first mission.

>>517554927I heard that originally the modern setting was supposed to be a plot twist that occurs near the end which frames the game. However somewhere along the line they decided to drop that and just made it the main plot instead.

>>517555546This. Why can't I skip Jin big ass in the sauna?

>steal suppliesDISHONOURABLE

Yep, I fucking suffer against big group of enemies though

Fuck your honor. SHINOBI GANG.

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>>517554178>white horse>nobuhow did you know I did this?I also bought the immaculate warrior color set for the clan armor and the snow demons eyes sword kit

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How much should i pay attention to the tales of tsushima?Any worthwhile loot? Feel like ive sunk so more time into them compared to the main line

>>517554774It’s to show his inner turmoil over abandoning the teachings of his Uncle to save him and his people. The best way to play imo is to challenge everyone you can, but go ninja when they have hostages. When they take hostages, honor goes out the window considering they’ll kill them if you’re seen.Games a lot better than I thought it would be. Helps I’m a dumb weeb though.

Does mounted archery appear in this game? Because it would pretty lame to not have in horse archery in a game about Feudal Japan, and with Mongols of all people. Mount & Blade proved it to be a fun and unique mechanic so I don't know why they couldn't pull it off, especially with it being open world.

You guys do bow whenever you can, right?

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>>517554178REMINDER:You'll never be japanese.

Does anyone have any cool webms of this game? I keep trying to look up gameplay from Youtubers but they're only in the first hour of the game. It's nothing but cutscenes.

Does anybody know how to turn off the boss health bar? I’m playing hard with the expert minimal HUD and boss health still shows up. It’s taking away from the atmosphere of the fight for me. I just want to focus on the beautiful duels.

>>517556132Based bro, did the same.

>>517554178>wear robes instead of armourI'm a samurai, not a filthy ronin

>>517556138the legends have some cool shitI am still in the first zone though, I dont know how much more shit will be unlocked after I progress to the next zonesmy assumption is that more Legends will appear there

>>517555735>I prefer red light green light and pressing square over sword fighting.I love a pulling off a perfect fight surrounded by a dozen enemies. Perfect parries and nailing combos feels great. Also, the ninja weapons are too strong.

>>517554178Literally doing none of that

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>>517555108Boosted contrast and higher res settingsWas playing on my brothers ps4 for the first parts of the game and it would be super slow inside golden temple and barely noticeable on the pro.Base ps4 shits itself during the mythic quest with the demon fight where millions of crows are flying around

>>517554178My nigga Kage is a black stallion with a huge big black horse cock.Suck my dick OP.

>>517556305Does bowing at these Buddhist statues do anything?

>>517554178>challenge mongol base>only get one stance point>observe stealthfully the enemy leader then kill him>two pointskind of weird rewarding more points for a combat stance while doing something possible with stealth

>>517556398I wish there were more full armor sets. Seems there are really only 2, three if you include the deluxe armor. How do I get more color choices for the Clan Armor?

>>517556269you can shoot your bow from the back of your horse, if thats what your asking

>>517555505The High Res mode is 1800p, and Frame Rate mode is 1080p but doesn't sound like a jet engine. The graphics are the exact same.

Hope you guys always put the katana back in its sheath using the touch pad after a fight

>>517554774Ninja style is easy mode. You should feel bad for it.

The whole conundrum about honor makes no sense in the game.Muh Bushido code was actually written by the Hojo good 100 years after this game, japs enraged Mongols because as soon as mongols sent them messagers they decapitated them for laughs, and guerrilla warfare was already a thing by the time of the Genji wars.Hell Yoritomo killed HIS BROTHER to become Shogun because he was too popular.

>>517554178is this game the definitive push towards historically inspired and grounded games instead of supernatural stuff? sucker punch went from infamous to this. it would be great

>>517556401Im on the next region now and wanted to go back to finish some quests but i think the ordering is fucked now and kenji's 1/3 quest appeared as locked.R3 to sort by most recent seems wrong as the second region quests are appear too early in the unless someone confirms now

>>517556584>frog statue with a bow icon>bow>sudddenly thousands of frogs out of nowhere

>>517556773Takes way too long before you can move again

Just got to bit where the samurai cunts killed Nobu. How much of game left?

>>517556789the game is not meant to be historically accuratethey'd stated this before

No way, fag. Going full ghost. We are at war dumbass!

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>>517556124In times of war it is important to adapt to new situations. These include using tactics which will surprise and disorient your enemy.SHINOBI GANG FOR LIFE

>>517556773There are subhumans who don't do this?

>>517556132Immaculate is such a nice dye

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>>517554178Dapple horse best horse>>517556269You can use the bow while mounted, idk about enemies, the few enemies riding horses I've encountered so far always jump off the horse when they enter combat.

>>517556820>historicalTsushima looks nothing like this game and it never did you dingus.

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>>517556729I was hoping it would be more than that with actual enemies that are mounted archers. It's very strange to see a whole Mongol force with no mounted archers. Even the Korean soldiers they employed in Japan had a strong culture of mounted archery.

>>517554178There are no story or gameplay concequences for picking one of the styles

so whens the PC release?

>>517557072Is it possible to reclaim Azamo Bay or does it consistently stay "overwhelming"?

>>517557159Soon :)

>>517557072This happened to me in the Kappa mission, exit to title and load the save file again. Make sure you save beforehand

>>517557049are you a retard? i said historically inspired and grounded. which it definitely is compared to infamous, asscreed, god of war, etc

How do you unlock sword kits instead of buying?I forgot how i unlocked this white "furry" one

>>517554595Frankly loved AC Odyssey for like 100 hours before losing interest, but been watching my roommate play a couple days worth of Tsushima. Better game in basically every way, especially the sidequests and writing. Odyssey had its moments but this game is on a whole other level. 83 on metacritic feels fucking criminal compared to overrated dogshit like tlou2

>>517557049This game isn't exactly realistic. It's closer to realism than Sekiro, but it's not realistic

>>517554178Reminder if you are>Attempting to dictate or enforce your will onto othersYou are an incel and nobody gives a shit about your opinion

>>517554178this is the same kind of faggotry for honor players where trying to force on players before they were dabbed and nea nead all over by based brosso go fuck yourself I'll play how I want

>>517556132good to see men of taste around herewhite horse - nobu, immaculate armor and snow demon sword.

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Can your horse die?

>>517557049That shot absolutely resembles the game. Sorry they didn't lay out some asphalt for you.

>>517557343You find pillars of honor.

>>517556312imagine wanting to be japanese lol

>>517557315You follow magic animals to shrines and a guy got struck by lightning during a quest about lightning demons. I love the setting, but it's not really historical. It's the same level of fantasy as most asscreed games.

>>517554178Is it me or is this game kinda... boring. The island is very pretty and the cutscenes are pretty cool but the missions feel like they’re from an open world game from 2014. It’s pretty mediocre overall.

>>517557386Shut up, incel.

>>517557642...boring*Why do you do this? You are not speaking in real life, you are typing on the internet. Why do you deliberately type out stutters and pauses? It's cringey as fuck. Stop doing that.

Guys should I get this, P5R (never played P5), or FF7R. can't decide...

>>517557641The animals aren't magic you fool.

>>517557714You mad bro?

>>517557714fuck off retard

>>517557714nice try suckerpunch studios, your game will be used for people with trouble sleeping in 3 weeks

>>517557642go back to fornite you adhd riddled zoomer or kys w/e comes first.

>>517557714>thinks it's somehow less "cringey" to dictate how others should typeWhat's really funny is the way of typing you're taking issue with, was much much more predominant when the internet was younger and used by more intelligent and more qualified peopledumbfuck.

>>517557642The movement is really sluggish in combat. Kindof rdr2 style walking but you kinda need to be able to turn and face enemies to parryStory is boring imo and the haikus got stale. Wouldn't care if the combat was more fun but beggars can't be choosers

>>517557806What word would you prefer? Mystical? Sorry to break it to you but Shinto is not 100% real.

Just got my thunder god sword swing that makes the wind blow my direction.Combat is surprisingly hard and fun. Sekiro was more of a "just learn to parry bro" while this game feels a bit more chaotic.

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>>517554178You ARE playing with the Japanese dubs, right Holla Forums?

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>>517557770This game is great, and I honestly love ff7r to death. But if you haven't played p5 then probably p5r, it's going to be the most bang for your buck unless you're thirsting for an open world.

>>517557714oh he seething

Is it just me or are the cuts to a black screen every time you hit R2 to speak really infuriating after a while, it breaks a lot of the tension that builds up?I don't remember modern games like RDR2 having it happen this much and GOW it didn't happen at all

>>517556081parry and move around until you can get at least one on one with enemies. Use R2 to slow down time to see your surroundings. Also styles are important against different types of enemies

My horse's name is Digital Deluxe and that's final

>>517555630>No it's just a more solid 30As a person who has ignored consoles mostly for almost 20 years and bought a PS4 just to play death stranding...Jesus fuck they are bad at selling games"more stable 30 fps" in performance mode. jfc.

>be honorable with mongolian savagesuhh no.

>>517554595Big true

>>517558021Hell yeah. Kazuya Nakai's iconic voice as the MC is too good to pass up. Wish he'd get more leading roles in video games.

>>517557835>>517557850>>517557908>>517557941>>517558039Do you unironically uwu too?

>>517557954The camera angle is really annoying when rolling out of the way as well. Really needs a lock on button

>>517556568The horse’s dick is actually rather small now that you mention it

>>517558021>They didn't do lip sync for japanese voices>In a game about japan that takes place fully in japan with almost entirely japanese peopleconsole games suck dick

>>517557642It's pretty generic. At least it looks good.

Look what hat I found

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>>517558021I would but random peasant conversations don't have subtitles.

>>517557219Do quests. To answer your question, yes.

>>517557954I have hundreds of hrs playtime in red dead and it’s a huge exaggeration to compare it to that>but you kinda need to be able to turn and face enemies to parryActually you kinda don’t since you can parry in any direction

>nooooooo you cant shit on my cinematic masterpiece

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>>517558305No lock on was one of the best decisions they made for the combat, just like how guiding wind and no minimap was a good choice for exploration

>>517554178>You aren't playing the game rightThis only applies if you're playing with English voice overs, Kurosawa mode is for a second playthrough though

>>517555108Whichever setting doesn't make my PS4 Pro fans roar at me. I remember having to play KH3 at 30 fps because of that.

There's a Cole reference somewhere right?

>>517557956They're literally just foxes and birds you dumb cunt. Just because it's presented with a sense of wonder doesn't mean it's magic you boring fuck.

>>517554178I also fight straight up because its super fun and satisfying, also GHOST STANCE is super rewarding if you earn it head on.

>>517558325Well, its not exactly erect. Horses are all growers.

>>517558021I did and I'm somewhat regretting it since the lips don't sync.

Water stance is so fucking fluid and coolI wish Niohs 1kat was like these stances

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>>517559048How do you get ghost stance? Part of the story? Is the cover art armor also from a story mission?

>>517559157>so fluid>sub 30fps gamereally, i want to buy this game and like it, but 30 fps come on man...30 fps PERFORMANCE MODE? shit ought to be illegal to advertise

>>517557350I can guarantee it would have gotten in the high 90's if the protagonist was a lesbian or a tranny. Game critics aren't just pretentious, they're predictable too.

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>>517557502No it is immortal. Even if you jump it off a cliff it will just fall down for a couple of seconds and then get right back up

>>517558613Got that as well, looks really nice with the travelers armor

>>517558708It really isn't an exaggeration. The movement is terrible which affects the combat tremendously and slows it down>>517558305Why is no lock on good? You roll away and have to take your thumb off the attack/evade buttons to readjust the camera because the angle gets messed up and you can no longer see the enemies. Makes dealing archers really annoying

>>517559427If this game came out years ago it would be much higher, instead its the last Sony open world game and just comes off as iterative.

>annihilate the mongols, including leader, at inn near start but don't get the reward for reclaiming it>crawl under building but instead of going into first person view like normal, I stand up and clip through the ground and have my legs going through the ground>during the title drop while riding horse through the field, he holds his hand out to feel the wind. I accidentally attack during that animation and sword flies into his hand from nowhereThe game's really cool but man is it buggy.

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>>517554476Is the buckethat in the game?

>>517558721Those jewish japs.

>Not playing PUNISHED samurai with a Kage black horse who walks into the enemy strong hold playing a flute to make it rain and walks out covered in blood

>>517559336just keep playing user, it will come when you least expect it and its based as fuck

I wish this game was a mission based action game but instead it's another generic open world game with reused enemies, assets and reused everything.

game needs a lock on mechanic, the camera is jank as fuck in combat

Can you actually 100% upgrade everything? Probably don't care if not since a lot of it seems like win-more shit I don't really need.

does "yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" happen at any point?


This game is pure kino

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>>517559413speaking more of how he swings the swordon console I agree, its almost criminal that this game is so fucking kneecapped by being a console exclusiveI can only imagine how great this scenery would look on my PC, even though a port would still be gimped

>>517558613Those hats are dope

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>>517554595Not only that but the combat is better, the performance is better, the graphics are better and the load times are way better.How is Sucker Punch so based?

>>517560204Can I get fire sword on the first map?


Post Jins

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Why dont gun samurais exist irl?

>>517559027Go outside for once. Trust me when I say that animals don't do that. I love not looking at my minimap all the time so I'm not complaining, but it's a fantasy game and there is nothing wrong with that.

>>517559862I don't have enough singing crickets to make it rain user.

>>517560204Combat is excellent, but a treat i didn't expect is a genuinely endearing cast of side characters, revisiting home is super heartwarming

>>517559963reused assets from what?


Why did sucker punch thought BOTW world design was a good idea?


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>>517560367They do but not until 16th century


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>>517560539>>517560504I mean like modern nerds who dress up and use a code of honor and walk around strapped up

So how the fuck did they do it to make the loading times so short?>>517560330I'm in love with this armor

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>>517554178Can we keep Jin's ruined armor you get during the tutorial of do you have to switch at some point. I wanna beat the game as Punished Jin

>>517560635You mean cowboys?

>>517559963>le Holla Forums hatred of open world games>DURR DO I FIT IN YET GUYS

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>>517560507Hmm, maybe something to do with it being one of the best games ever made? Just a guess user

>>517554178>walk around for three hours and all i know is "mongolians mongolians mongolians">why the fuck am I tailing this guy?>gets standoff>hold triangle>release triangle and kill enemy>japanese man move really slow and locks onto far away enemy, tip toeing>sprint toward mongolian man>attack and kill mongolian man>attack next mongolian man and another molgolian man appears next to him>second mongolian man must be dodged while attacking the first mongolian man>hit dodge>doesn't dodge>get hit by both mongolian man>get propelled ten feet into the air>switches stance five times>turns off game

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>>517560307No idea. I only got heavenly strike and explosive arrow so far.

>>517554178Is this game actually good? From everything I've seen it just looks like another generic open world meme game

>>517554178is it motion blur that all these console exclusives have? idk why it turns me off so much

>>517559974my primary complaint on the combateven if there wasnt a lock on, I still wish it would zoom itself out some moremore then half the time I die its because the camera is stuck behind a bush or tree and its 3 feet away from the fight so I cant see jack shit

>>517560725You can keep it the whole time, but it doesn't do anything for you stat-wise.

>>517559579There is no pick on because if there were, you would lock on to enemy A, get attacked and parry enemy B, and then not be able to attack the now exposed enemy B. The combat is not dark souls, you can't focus one enemy. You need get hits in on whoever you can, whenever you can.

If anything I'm glad people itt can distinguish who wants to talk about the game and who's here just to shitpost

>>517560725I'm in act 2 and it's still in my armour section, you just won't get any armour buffs.

What's a good way to learn Japanese history? I've played the Niohs, Devil Summoner, Sengoku Basra, and read Blade of the Immortal, the Maeda Keiji manga, among other games and manga set in the Japanese past, and I always get confused when stuff and figures take place.

>>517558302Are you unironically a virgin or are you only saving it ironically?

Still have yet to boot the game up. How is the performance on PS4 base? I am fine with dips every now and then, but not every other second. Basically is it like Bloodborne's shitty framepacing, or no?

>>517560786>>hit dodge>>doesn't dodgeYou don't have dodge unlocked yet, retard. You think actual samurais roll around on the battlefield like something out of Dark Souls?

>>517555735>meaningless concept like honourt.roastie

>>517561145read a book retarded gamer

>>517561040Interesting take in theory but in practise the later works better. You're not ignoring other enemies in dark souls and easily swap to focus on different enemies using the controller stick. This game you have a static camera that you need to constantly adjust throughout the fight or you become practically blind and can't see the other enemiesAlso foliage isn't able to be blocked out in combat so trees, leaves, boulders, change in incline whatever are constantly blocking your view. Super annoying

>>517561145Maybe read a fucking book instead of indulging in lowbrow weeb shit

>>517561460books have bad gameplay

>>517554178>Stop Being DishonourableWasn't samurai honour based mostly on absolute loyalty, duty and facing death unflinchingly? Being sneaky may give the appearance of being cowardly, but it would be the duty of a samurai to swallow his own feelings about that and serve his lord in the best way possible. The point was loyalty and duty to master over self.

I got the digital deluxe because I wanted a gold mask. The horse is shit and the mask isn’t even that cool I feel ripped off

>>517560725You can wear it at all times Also when customizing an armor set, you can press triangle to wear all it’s different versions (for instance you can wear the base traveller’s set while having the bonus of lvl 4)

>>517561460>>517561509>READ NIGGA READNah, I wanna watch some history lessons while I fap.

>>517561392Rolling is kind of useless. Unless there's a sweeping attack side stepping is superior to rolling 95% of the time.

>>517561604Then you don't really want to learn do you

moon stance is pure kino

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I can't handle this pain.I've been waiting for a samurai game for years with Way of The Samurai being my only escape and now the game that finally ticks all of the boxes comes out and it's a Playstation exclusive.I don't want to buy a fucking Playstation but what fucking choice do I have? My arm is being completely bent. Not to mention that the game looks and runs like shit on the base Playstation so that means I have to shill out for a pro. I'm having a crisis right now. I don't know what to do but I must play this fucking game.

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>>517561658i found that attacking is always the best choice for engaging enemies

>>517561680Reading is obviously not the only to learn things, moron.

>>517554178>game about discarding your honor to fight the mongols>YOU AREN'T PLAYING IT RIGHT IF YOU'RE NOT AN HONORABU SAMURAICope.

>>517561715It'll be on PC in 6 months to a year, just chill the shit out

>>517561707Spin to win, baby.

>>517561239Way better than I was expecting. It's far from perfect, but it beats the living shit out of Bloodborne. There's isolated instances of big framedrops, but I only noticed that early on during setpieces. Less so as I've played more.

>>517561715if you watch some 5 minute youtube video, i guarantee you. its the full experience.

>>517561715Playing on the base ps4. Its runs fine and load fast as fuck when you fast travel and die.

>>517561826Parry, and spin combo, or kunai stagger and spin combo, it's a lot of fun.

>>517561815>It'll be on PC in 6 months to a year, just chill the shit outHow are you so sure? Isn't the company that made the game owned by Sony?

>>517561715time2idort, bub

>>517561604Well then look up some podcasts man

>>517561476There is not enough time after a parry to switch your lock on to the parried target.

Should I avoid using Kurosawa mode?

>>517561590>you can wear the base traveller’s set while having the bonus of lvl 4Now this is what I'm talking about, more games need this shit especially with how later versions on armor are almost always shittier than the first forms (looking at you Grandmaster Bear)

>>517558021I've been switching between them occasionally and neither completely satisfies me. I can understand nipgo well enough and the performances are plainly better, but the script doesn't match the subtitles completely and the lack of (still bad for the English track) lipsync is a killer.

>>517561590>Also when customizing an armor set, you can press triangle to wear all it’s different versionsI only see the option to switch colors

I want the collector's/dd edition armor set and horse but I got a simple edition. Fags on ebay all insist on only mailing you the code leaflet with shipping costs being higher than the lot itself. Are there any other marketplaces for this sort of stuff?

>>517561863As long as it beats BB, it's fine by me. Digital Foundry's video showed drops, but the pacing wasn't as erratic as BB, so I was worried. Thanks user.

>>517561997I'm saving it for a second playthrough, monochrome film-grain seems like I'd be too distracting if I don't already know the game, plus I don't want to miss out on the details

>>517561997The colors are very pretty so it's kind of a shame to only play it that way but it is cool

>>517555108like 2-3 FPS dips difference with frame rate, so if you have a 4k tv use resolution

>>517561996There's a lot of time in combat to switch. Movement in general in this game is really slow. Also locking on doesn't mean you can only attack in one direction or attack one person it is for a better and dynamic camera angle

>>517562148You have to level up the armor. They have different looks every level.

>>517554476My favorite Manga of all time.

>>517562297A parried target is only exposed for a brief moment, not long enough to switch lock on.

>>517560868Combat is somewhat satisfying, scenery is nice but otherwise it's 100% accurate to that Witcher pasta.

so the perfect parry/dodge timing is incredibly small or am I doing something wrong?

>>517561863>walking sim beats Bloodborne

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>>517556789Didn't the Mongols essentially assrape Japan and the Samurai to the point of nearly breaking them, only for a freak storm to win the war for the Japs and get them all hopped up on JAPAN NUMBAH WAN?

>>517561815It won't. Sucker Punch is a first-party Sony studio. Horizon is the only exception thus far and it'll be closer to 4 years since the original release when it's released on PC. Don't hold your breath.

>>517562310Mines at level 3

>>517562491just attack with square

>>517555108Watch the digital foundry video and make your own decision. TLDR is that there's no huge difference between the 2 outside of resolution. Even they were confused by its inclusion. High res mode is locked 30fps 99% of the time.

>>517562491I think it's incredibly small.I find parry timing in general weird in this, you have to 'parry' long before their sword would actually connect, somewhere in the middle of their swing.

>>517561239Better than bloodborne but PS4 is much more louder

>>517554178Based and honorable samuraipilled

>>517562523It should have that option. On bottom right says click Triangle when your changing armor.

>>517562430It literally freezes time for you to react when you parry dude shut up lmaoAnd for blocking you easily have time to swap to a different target and typically the same person is the only one attacking you anyways

>>517562604>more louder

>>517562491It's pretty tight. I don't try to go for it cuz I just get whacked most times. Just go for normal dodge and Perry. Let it be a bonus when you do get one.

>>517561715Maybe hold out for a PS5 if you can spare the extra cashI'm gonna buy a Xbox Sex for the 360 and xbox original backwards compatibility alone so you could do something similar even if you hate sony exclusives.

>>517562487>100% accurate to that Witcher pastaFirst thing that sprang to mind as I regretted not waiting for it to go on sale

Attached: 1589492579294.gif (245x184, 1.32M)

>>517562648>It literally freezes time for you to react when you parry dude shut up lmao

>>517562332what is it?

>>517562670How is that English degree treating you?

>>517554178does based ghost stance count as dishonorable?

>>5175551081080p 144fps > 1440p 60fps

Attached: 1595092521862.jpg (300x300, 69.38K)

>>517561815More like 4 years

>>517562648Only on a perfect parry num nutts. If the lock on system only works for perfect parties and nothing else, then it would be fucking busted. The game is better without it.

>>517562494Do you read much? I'm talking explicitly about performance on a base ps4. I agree that Bloodborne is an all-time classic, but shit like your dumbass response reminds me how overrated it can be.

>>517562753So you haven't even played the game..

>>517561997Kurosawa mode only on stand offs and boss battle

ooo baby

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>>517563004Holy shit I'm gonna nut

>>517562332My nigga, only Lone Wolf and Cub beats in Samurai kino Vagabond would too but it's unfinished

Attached: 0001-001.jpg (749x1113, 152.47K)

>>517562670Eh I'm a filthy ESL, what do you know

is there red robe like rurouni kenshin?

>>517562239Kurosawa mode also uses mono sound which is kinda annoying

>>517555108Better framerate always, fucking god of war was the worst on resolution mode and the difference wasn't noticable at all from across the room

Attached: 1595106245486.png (600x629, 429.34K)

>>517562891All I need is for them to let me swap X and O, my muscle memory from Nioh is fucking me up

>>517561715Exactly my thoughts! Same happened with me when Bloodborne came out. Refused to buy a console tho but tried it at a friends place.At first framerate really screwed with me but I powered thru just because I liked the game too much. I really hate that its 2020 and exclusive games are still thing...

>>517562891Didn't address the other part of the post More than enough time to react and locking on doesn't mean you can only attack that locked enemy. Just provides an infinitely better camera angle so you don't have to adjust it constantly in the middle of fightsHow you can defend such an obvious mistake is beyond me lol. They don't even let you swap controls around so you can move the camera while attacking

Attached: wow.jpg (678x960, 74.68K)

Im amazed by how simple and fun the standoff mechanic is

Attached: ghost-of-tsushima-review.jpg (1920x1080, 380.24K)

>>517563004looks like a fucking gay nightclub glowstickI want it

>>517563295Makes sense though, it is the meme mode

not really sure why there isn't a lock on in this game or at least some system to make bushes and shit invisible when they are near the front of the camera

I get what they were going for with the wind mechanic but I wish they just had an option to turn on a minimap. Half the time I cant tell where the wind is blowing and having to stop every minute to use the fucking touch pad to activate the wind slows the game down, makes navigating the world a chore for me.

>>517554178How's this thing run on base ps4


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post your jin right now

Attached: Ghost of Tsushima_20200719002427.jpg (3840x2160, 1.52M)

>>517563494Isn't it just get a free kill: the button? you just hold triangle and release unless it gets harder later? so far its just a quick cheap shot to start a fight and kill a mook

>>517563408You do know theres a setting to change the button in the ps4 settings.

Playing hard mode with no DISHONOBURU shit is really fucking hard clearing out some of the camps. Legit like 10 dudes will surround you taking turns hacking at your back and shit when you try to pull any sort of offensive. Having no way to CC things without tools means you're basically just trying to perfect parry or perfect dodge shit to even get a chance to attack without eating shit for it.

Really wish I could edit is hair and facial hair. I want a pretty samurai goddamnit

>>517563563They start to feint and while it is still really easy, for people like me who have twitchy trigger fingers, sometimes I pull too early and take a buncha damage for it.

Just got to the second iland and the Ronin are fucking hard, much harder to time than the Mongols

Based. Only a fag would play stealth when you already do that in 99% of Western open world games

>a lot of people in this thread advocating for a lock on or a mini mapHow does it feel to be a brainlet that needs hand holding in a video game?

>>517554178>m-m-muh HONOR!!!!Dumb Nips think they slick. We all know the samurai were just government sanctioned bullies who rape and murder wherever they went, cheated when they could, and prefer ranged weapons.

>>517563547Pretty good unless you're a specs autist

>>517563618I thought it was intentional for them to make you eventually have to resort to ninja tactics due to difficulty spikes. Jin wants to be honorable but he's out of his league.

>>517560204>Jews fear the Samurai.jpg

Played 60 minutes of it and it feels worse than last of us 2Why is Holla Forums so wrong?

Where do i get pic related outfit?

Attached: 20200718_021008.jpg (3840x2160, 517.22K)

>>517563982Probably but ninja shit is TOO powerful, even just the base kunai makes the mongols shit their pants

The collectibles are actually fun to read

Attached: PS_Messages_20200719_003154.jpg (1920x1080, 968.55K)

>>517563608Where cuz I'm in the options menu and Gameplay and accessibility sub menus don't have anything resembling "controller configuration" or is this a "play the tutorial the way we want, then you can fuck around with the controls" game

>>517564050straw hat missions


holy shit the final area is extremely hard. entire packs of commander-tier enemies gangbanging you with spears from all ends with no stop.

Fox petting is based


Attached: PS_Messages_20200718_210544.jpg (1920x1080, 310.61K)

>>517554178I do all this but I chose Sora instead

>>517564050Keep playing story missions.

>>517564050blood on the grass missionit's the ronin outfit with the river prowler dye

>>517556312*Wipes brow, takes bite of McDouble. Pulls back flesh, ejaculates on own garments. Enjoys moment

>>517563951That's exactly why bushido was invented. In times of peace you need to give all these professional murderers something to do that isn't murdering, so you browbeat them into doing poetry and codified duels and shit.Europe did the same thing with knights and chivalry.

>>517564230Its not ingame. Its in the setting in the ps4 menu. under accessibility I think.

>game is about going against your code to save your homeJin's gonna sudoku after he kills the goddamn Mongorians, isn't he?


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>>517564290>tfw no finnegan

Attached: hd-mediaitemid72616-9542.png.jpg (700x479, 210.66K)

>>517564050My exact Jin.

>>517564485>>517564478fox mind


>>517559679I don't think it's so much that it comes off as iterative but that we're entering an age where far less people are interested in Japanese foreign culture. I agree that it would have done better years ago but only because consumers were generally better cultured then.

>>517564478>the double jump the fox does when you pet itmax cute

>>517564397I'd rather not mess up my other games every time I play Ghost just to avoid unlearning my Niho muscle memory whelp time to git gud

Attached: 1554046312559.png (750x730, 559.79K)

>>517559773Yeah, or one similar, it's near the lake at the very top of the map

did anyone even playtest this shit? why are there constantly objects obstructing the camera in combat?


Attached: 216-2162363_pepe-meme-rarepepe-samurai-shogun-samurai-pepe-hd.png (860x901, 250.44K)


Attached: EdQw6HqWsAECZnW.jpg (3840x2160, 576.17K)

>>517564478>>517564485I will never understand why foxes haven't been turned into domesticated pets

So if Jin is the prince of the island and grew up there why is he just now making discoveries on the map?

Attached: dc567y2-c5236632-994d-471b-9436-754e288f1f13.jpg (400x400, 28.86K)

So was it impossible to beat the fat guy on the bridge at the start? I legit just died in one combo but I was overwhelmed and didn't think at all Besides blocking once

>>517564691You can turn if off and on. I don't get what your saying. I use it everytime a shooter doesn't allow me to use R1/L1 as shoot buttons.

>>517564809You can literally buy a fox for around 4-5k assuming you have the proper license for your state to own one, if your state allows

>>517564816probably lived a sheltered life? do you think nobles let their kids run around the whole freakin island at will?

>>517564816He stoopid

>>517564809they smell

>>517561239performance has been great for me but the PS4 sounds like its melting

>>517563557Mine is still wearing the broken armor i haven't advanced that much just did the Ishikawa and mission still need to find time to play, i think im going to quit my job i miss being a NEET a

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>>517564574That's a fair point. All anyone seems to want now is endless retreads of the walking dead with as much shock value as possible

>>517565218Doesnt help that we already got 2 other samurai themed games so close together.

>>517564886I dont believe he never explored the shrines next to his house, unless there’s some spiritual Shinto reasons for why his prayers and meditation are working now. I know this is a nitpick but the unbluring doesnt make sense.

Just downloadedSamurai trilogyRanYojimboSeven SamuraiThe sword of doomI'll be watching tomorrow after i play some ghost of comfyshima am i missing something here Holla Forums?

Attached: plano-critico-harakiri-1962-plano-critico.jpg (600x400, 65.83K)

>>517563919I am okay with no minimap, but god damnit do I want a fucking compass

>>517564949Sacrifices must be made

>>517564830You can survive for a while but eventually it just times you out and goes into the cutscene.

Why are the dye options so limited?


>>517564574I dont think thats it at all, japanese culture is so mainstream now with anime culture. If PS4 didnt have so many other open world games it would have had more hype though I admit hype for this game was softer. If this had launched in 2018 there would have been more hype, it reminds me of how Beyond Two Souls and Gran Turismo 6 were soft because of the PS4.

>>517564949I literally had to relocate my PS4 unit in the direct line of a fan just so it can have additional cooling. It sounded like it was catching fire.This game is running my poor old PS4 ragged, but moving it to a better cooling spot seems to have helped

>>517564574>far less people are interested in Japanese foreign cultureBullshit Japanese shit is more popular than ever, it's just that the normal-est normalfags like their taste of Japan safe, like a California roll. Ghost should have be that game since it's made by Westerners and is very westerner friendly but I think Sekiro and Niho already tired normalfags out. Funny enough Ghost was supposed to be the normalfag game of the three but it ended up appealing to everyone who wanted more Feudal Japan

>>517565470Jin was never spiritual before, now that his entire life is facing destruction he has faith, this is entirely normal.

>>517565473May as well toss Throne of Blood and Rashomon while you're at it.

>>517565473Dont forget Sanjuro, its the sequel to Yojimbo and often gets overlooked.

>rushed through the story to get the ghost armor>now locked in the final area>final area has no fucking iron and my upgrades are bottlenecked aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

Attached: 1594794454490.png (448x562, 290.59K)

>>517564719I was going to say something along the lines of "works on my machine ;^)" but I just experienced a bug where a wild boar knocked me under the map for a second and then I somehow slingshotted 70 feet into the air and died when I hit the ground, so, I'm gonna go with no.

I'm so bored I might just buy this game even though I dont really even want it

>>517564050Straw hat ronin

>>517565773>>517565806>modern anime "culture">normalfag "culture"None of the kids into anime these days give a fuck about Japan and certainly aren't cultured. I stand by my original post.

>>517564865>proper license for your state to own one, if your state allowsTheres the kicker

>>517560262>They made loadings super fast without SSDWTF bros is Sony lying to us about PS5?

>>517554178I can't be the only one who has this song stuck in their head literally any time the killing

>>517566023what, the license? or the allows?I took a peek a while back and noticed most states will allow it, just varying degrees of how to get a license.In my state it's literally a free license just have to apply for it. But I'm in no position to afford or accommodate a foxxo, wish I could though

>>517565473Play Way of the Samurai 1-3 and Bushido Blade 1/2

>>517565801If your PS4 is running very hot and sounds like a jet engine the thermal paste might need to be replaced. You can find tutorials on how to do it. Seems like a manufacturing error because my ps4 is quiet as a mouse but I've heard other peoples PS4's sounding like they are about to explode.

when is the pc release

>>517565768>>517565837>>517565880hell yea thanks for the recommendations anons

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Is this game actually good or is it just a meme?

>>517565473lone wolf and cub is essential viewing

It's been a while since i had so much fun with a video game I think the last time i had a blast was while i played new vegas years ago for the first time


Attached: target.webm (640x360, 2.67M)

>>517566286It's good.

>>517554178kek tachipilled and based

>>51756547313 AssassinsTwilight Seibei

>>517565473Some manga bro get>Lone Wolf and Cub>Blade of the Immortal>Vagabond>Suguri>Ichigeki>Reiri>Hyouge Mono (especially if you played the Niho games)

Attached: 000 (1).jpg (1913x1200, 889.74K)

>>517566475not the heckin birdie boi

>>517566475Is the standoff kill animation always the same? Kinda wanna see different variations.

How do you get more poison darts?

Redpill me on this game.Is it really just an assassins creed clone? So theres towers? Useless collectibles?Is stealth reduced to just crouching in waist high grass?is it true that the enemies are basically blind?is the combat system bamham?

>>517565801>>517566258I replaced the thermal paste in mine and it didn't fix anything whatsoever, I'm not convinced it works

>>517562491if you press another button while parrying it wont work, the game heavily punishes button mashing and you're intended to use guerilla warfare so that you only really have to beat down one or two skilled opponents. Basically you're not supposed to just slap down the veteran warriors of the greatest military nation in pre-industrial history without some kind of plan, because this isn't Way of the Samurai and you're just some inexperienced kid not motherfucking miyamoto musashi

Is there something you obtain sticking to a single playstyle?

>>517566725yes to all of themi really wanted to like it and i was dying for a cool samurai game but its just so generic and boring

>>517566597Add Shigurui to that

>>517565773>If PS4 didnt have so many other open world gamesYeah but from what I've played so far Ghost is the most polished and well made open world time waster since Witcher 3. It's a gourmet burger to Asscreeds McDonalds

>>517566764nopeI think this game could've actually benefited from different outcomes based on playstyle, like dishonored

>>517566725it's more like a breath of the wild or RDR clone


>>517563295>Like Kurosawa I make mad films, kay I don't make films, but if I did they'd have a samurai.

>>517562191The horse is the only redeeming part of the 'better' digital items set anyway.

>>517554178>Not picking the legendary digital deluxe Nobu

Attached: nobu.png (177x164, 76K)

>>517554178You forgot always sheathing your sword manually after battles.

>>517566725No, no, and no. Exploration is heavily rewarded, there are no towers the only way to discover locations and activities is to go find them or hear rumors that mark an area on the map. The only way to reveal the map is traverse it.Yes, more or less. Stealth is about what you expect.No, they see you pretty quickly actually.Not at all, combat is great.

>>517567064How is it like BOTW? Is there manual platforming or is it the same "KEEP THE STICK HELD FORWARD TO DO 5 CARTWHEELS" shit?I've also heard it being an "RDR Clone" but how does that work? RDR is already close enough to Asscreed in gameplay except RDR has guns, so it seems more fitting to call it an asscreed clone.

>>517567169what about bowing when your vassals greet you?

>>517566725It's Spider-man with a genuinely well done Kurosawa-inspired Feudal Japanese aesthetic.

>>517559521yeah I do this if I have to get off a medium ish cliff, I just drive my horse off and jump off before I hit the ground.


>>517566725>Is it really just an assassins creed clone? So theres towers? Useless collectibles?No, no, yes>Is stealth reduced to just crouching in waist high grass?The only time you should be stealthing is when the game forces you to>is it true that the enemies are basically blind?No>is the combat system bamham?No

>>517556457>Makes fun of moralfag with supreme moralfag admiral cuckI can't tell with you kids anymore when you're being serious or not

>>517567224>RDR is already close enough to Asscreed in gameplayIs Holla Forums really this retarded? Is any third person game now an Asscreed clone?

>>517566354>lone wolf and cub is essential viewing>Viewing>Not readingIt's drags like a motherfucker during the final arc but the first half where Itto is putting in work is the best shit

>>517566725What I'm feeling is that it's close to Assassin's Creed but it blows the shit out of Assassin's Creed in every conceivable way. At a certain point it's just a matter of genre, and I think if you're going to make a game of the style Ghost does it way better than its contemporaries.

>>517560367like Ghost Dog?

>>517566725>>517567064I also really want to know how the combat is. The only thing that is keeping me from buying the game is knowing if the combat is bamham or not. Some people say "its not bamham" but they said the same shit about Spiderman and that game was absolutely bamham, so now I have trust issues. I also watched one of those "Experts Swordsmen react to the game" videos and the combat animations look atrocious, there's barely any sword clashes and yet there's still sparks everywhere. Games with bad combat animations are boring

>>517562737Same brother, I nearly lost it when I saw that first>examine tracks

The game gives the impression that going stealthy is bad because muh Uncle. But isn't the point that the samurai have to adapt to this new enemy? I am assuming being a sneaky breaky nip doesn't actually change anything story wise.

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>>517567528define bamham combat

>>517566843I did, just misspelled it like a dumbass

>>517567406/v/ doesnt actually play these games


>>517567406List the gameplay differences between Asscreed and RDR2 asides from the fact that in asscreed you fight mostly with with melee weapons.

>>517567224I'm not far but after the prologue it kind of just drops you out there and the world is filled with all this shit that you just collect and conquer to earn upgrades and at some point you're supposed to do plot related story shit. Except instead of a puzzle shrine you have a village or fort with mongolians or bandits or traitors or something and you have to kill the boss to get that skill point. There's also tons of "secret locations" like hot springs or bamboo sword training stands to increase individual stats without leveling.You also gotta collect tons of materials and basically klepto everything to improve your gear and increase arrow capacity or whatever.

>>517567618Oh shit you did, my bad. Should've known that's what that was.

I like the photo mode.

Attached: Ghost of Tsushima_20200718190742.jpg (3840x2160, 732.3K)

>>517567443>blows the shit out of Assassin's Creed in every conceivable waySo how soon do you think Ubisoft will shit out a Feudal Japan Asscreed after Ragnorok, that's always been their final ace in the hole if/when shit goes south for the series but I think Ghost has forced their hand

>>517566475Eagle takes flightLife on the windCut down like grass in autumn

Attached: 1590888195574.png (821x809, 1.33M)

>>517567594if you're on easy mode you can play fantasy mode folded over 2000 times nothing personal kidhard mode is guerilla warfare cause they swarm and use warning signals and bait you into deflecting and just getting stabbed by some spear fucker when you think you're bein slick


>>517567612>character is "glued" to enemies, the game takes care of positioning the player for striking.>theres a very generous time window to parry, which results in an instant counter that cancels whatever you were doing, even if you were in the middle of an attack.>enemy selection is directional>no actual block button, you can only use the OP counter move>hits ALWAYS have to connect, the game cannot deal with missed hits, if you press the attack button, your character WILL automatically target an enemy and fly towards him to attack him

>>517567169Is it honorable to play the flute over my enemies dead corpses?

Is it historically factual that samurai men have big ass like Jin?

>>517567878Yeah on hard I honestly don't see how you can do some missions without stealth. You get that cutscene randomly when you assassinate a guy and it made the impresison that doing assassinations ruins some kind of hidden Bushido meter that if you assassinate to many people other japs will start to dislike you. Or my head canon is all retarded.

>>517567594No. I'm pretty sure there was originally supposed to be some kind of "morality" system like inFamous where going samurai or ninja was a choice that affected your build and the story but they must have scrapped it at some point. The writing certainly still implies it at spots but nothing actually changes.

Can I be ninja turtle in this game? It will determine my buy

Attached: tmnt3.jpg (2048x1359, 334.57K)

Can I be a Based archerchad? Swords are cool but I really fucking love bows.

Attached: 17db2ec7f0ac1e7bc3793bf0215defa2.jpg (473x461, 23.08K)

>tfw finally beat heavenly sword boss after dying about 40 times on hardBeen starting to get good at groupfighting now too. Fuck kunai and fuck assasinating people though

>>517568159Yes but there are fights where you are forced to use melee.

>>517568159Bows are insanely good.There's a famous archer armor that gives you more slow down, faster nocking, etc, plus your bow can be upgraded.

>>517566725>Is it really just an assassins creed clone? So theres towers? Useless collectibles?No Towers, there are good collectables and then there are basic ones that are just a model in the menu with a lore/history explanation. The good collectables are cosmetic customizations for your character. Points on the map are only revealed by getting close enough to them, or by talking to NPCs in town who will tell you a story about a weird thing they saw that corresponds to the map point, and it will be marked on your map as a ? until you get close to it.>stealth reduced to crouching in waist high grassBasically. You get a lot of fun gadgets and toys, but it boils down to crouch and stab. >enemies blind?The game is balanced in a way to incentivize you into using both stealth and combat instead of relying on one over the other. The story is also about how the main character is using both and struggling with how that clashes with his traditional beliefs. So the way it works, is enemies are blind as fuck and easy to stealth for the first few enemies, but the more enemies you stealth kill in a group, the more aware they become, until it basically becomes impossible to stealth anymore and they spot you or hear you from absolutely bullshit ranges, or turn around suddenly for no reason just to spot you. On the flip side, combat can be pretty challenging but also satisfying, in larger enemy camps, the number of enemies can be very overwhelming- so you are incentivized to use stealth to even the odds and because it is brain dead OP, until it stops becoming a valid tactic at about your 10th stealth kill or so. Then you fight your way through the rest.>combat bamhamNot at all, the only thing even remotely bamham about it is the lack of a hard lock on and how targeting is based on analogue stick direction at the time of the attack.

I picked the black horse and named it Sora. In tomes of war you must adapt... SCUUUUM GAAANG

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How is there not a single decent samurai movie on shitty netflix?

>>517568178I only use kunai when i'm fighting one guy and turn around and there's somehow 10-20 running at me.Also HOW THE FUCK can the ps4 run all of that.Mines is a year one 400g model and it doesn't even make a sound after playing the game for 10 hours.

>>517567528I'll explain combat. I'm just exploring area 1 to its fullest and havent unlocked later stuff.L1 to block. This blocks sword attacks, just hold it and youll block all sword attacks. Press L1 around the time as they are about to hit and youll parry, you can then counter hit.Press L1 perfectly timed and you perfect parry, this lets you counter for big damage and bonuses such as when you equip a charm that lets you heal for perfect parries.Some shieldmen attacks and all spear attacks are non blockable and unparrying by default. Press O to dodge these then counter attack.Square for light attack.Triangle for heavy. Holding heavy does a different attack than tapping. Unlock different things like Holding Triangle and then tapping after for an extra attack.Then theres a bow, and some throwables. That's the basic jist of it. It's not super complex, you unlock more stuff later but it's not gonna blow your mind. At least from what i've played so far. It's fairly simple and about timing. The enemy attack patterns vary so you dodge, block, parry, counter, in different orders for every fight, but that's all it is. It's entertaining but again, it's not gonna blow your mind with complexity.

>>517554774Not at all, it goes against his teachings but many "good" characters argue its necessary to abandon your code of honor if it means you can save lives. And despite that Jin still struggles with it immensely pondering the philosophy of both his uncle and other mastersModern westerners literally write pre-WW2 Japs better than they write themselves lmao we bombed these niggas autistic

games good and real pretty, my only complaint is the horrible lip syncing and okay story. Combat's fun on hard

>>517567805Naw man this is all on me, Shigurui is to good to get dishonored like that. Best thing the mangaka has ever made (even if it is an adaption of a much larger work) and should be required reading for everyone playing Ghost since it completely shits on Busido and the entire Samurai class just skip the Frogboy/Futa girl chapters they're pointless and fuck up the pacing

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>>517568414>game is lyp synched to fucking English I will never not be mad.

>any concerns or criticisms itt are met with ass hurt or canned repliesI know it's a Sony game, but can you guys calm your fucking tits and not be insufferable for a fucking second.>inb4 no uIt's the same way with every Sony exclusive here and I can never tell if any game is worth the price because of the constant fellation of Sony.

Attached: 1594987761570.jpg (310x326, 39.2K)

>>517567920There is no lock on, I agree that is annoying. Parry timing is kinda of strict. There is a block button, dodging, and unblockable attacks. You can wiff attacks. Enemies have posture, you have to break there guard with heavy attacks. I'd say the combat is hybrid of bamham and sekiro.

>>517557350I've played about ten hours of Tsushima and I think it deserves higher than 83. Really having fun with it. Don't sleep on TLOU2, though. Despite some people having a problem with the story the gameplay is really fun.

>>517558613What armor is that, user?

I really like this game but holy shit is the camera horrible

>>517568458Oh god those chapters take me by surprise every reread. Talk about out of left field.

>>517567846I really think they're just going to embarrass themselves if they put one out, especially if it's released too close to this. They best hope this doesn't become a recurring franchise.

>>517568287>2020>netflixget amazon or hbo max


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>>517568287netflix sucks dick

>>517568706Or a goddamn vpn! Motherfuckers gotta stop paying for this shitty streaming slop

I love the scenery and lighting in this game so much, they make for some really great kino screenshots.

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>>517568287there's a lot on Criterion

>>517568482damn this is off a base? nice

>>517554774Khotan Khans scene in the intro literally explains this. The Samurai challenges the Mongols to Duer of Honoru and Kohtan just splashes the guy with booze and lights him on fire. Khotan mocks the Samurais adherence to tradition "sharpening the blade" while he learned their history and culture to use against him. The whole Point like the other user says is the Mongols are fighting smarter than the Gooks and they have to adapt.

>>517567920>character is "glued" to enemies, the game takes care of positioning the player for striking.To a point. If you are within a few steps from an opponent it will take care of positioning. At the same time, I have had several occasions where I just swing in the air right in front of an enemy because I was too far away.>theres a very generous time window to parry, which results in an instant counter that cancels whatever you were doing, even if you were in the middle of an attack.I'm not sure if you can parry mid attack animation, but the parry can be strict, and there are different levels of "parry". A well timed one will open up the opponent for an attack or two, while a frame perfect parry opens them up for a full combo, and with some upgrades, an instant kill on weaker enemies.>enemy selection is directionalThis game is 100% guilty of that, yes>no actual block buttonYou can block normally by holding down the button. Timing the press of the button is how you parry.>hits always have to connectNo, the game will correct your positioning slightly- if you are a step or two away from an enemy, the game will handle that for you. But I've still missed hitting foes plenty of times, even when relatively close.

>>517567920Stop lying user>no actual block button, you can only use the OP counter moveBlock/parry works like an easier version of Sekiro, hell they even borrowed the perilous red glow>hits ALWAYS have to connect, the game cannot deal with missed hits, if you press the attack button, your character WILL automatically target an enemy and fly towards him to attack himMore falsehoods Jin barely steps forward when you attack, I've whiffed more swings assuming he'd lunge

>>517568287You can watch terrace house and see what Japan has become

>>517568482Where do you get that hat, user?

>>517568483Its unacceptable considering the budget. Even FF7Remake had lip syncing for both dubs.

What's the most satisfying thing to pull off? And why is it kicking spearfags into the ocean?

>>517568414>>517568483The Jap dub is so much better its unbelievable. It's like the Jap dub director took the Kurosawa meme seriously and actually had the male actors sound masculine while the English dub sounds like fucking interns

>>517568978I literally expected this from the game without even thinking about it, and I was incredibly unhappy when I started watching that awful lip movement.>>517569024I literally have never heard the english voices and I probably won't until I see someone else playing it in English or something.

>>517569018A perfect parry stagger followed by either a stab or a heavenly strike. Pure kino.

>>517568840Yea, PS4 Slim.>>517568939You find that hat in the farm in the screenshot.Kuta Farmstead

>>517568669>They best hope this doesn't become a recurring franchise.>Spiritual sequel set in the Edo period>All about dress up, duels, sword collecting, school busting and fucking around with your sword school brosBasically just Vagabond: the Game

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>>517569109>I literally have never heard the english voices and I probably won't until I see someone else playing it in English or something.Its funny because you can tell they were all directed to do a really subtle japanese accent but not enough to get in trouble. Its awkward and terrible

Archers are definitely my favorite part of this game.

>>517569206Neato, thanks.

>>517567920>lock onNigga point your analog stick at the enemies lmao brainlets literally getting filtered because it's not enough like dark souls

>having fun>giant bush covers entire screen>dieI feel like camera issues in games like this were solved a long time ago and yet this one seems to have fucked up

>>517567920>no actual block buttonWhat a bizarre lie

>>517569206Where in Kuta Farmstead? I did it recently but I don't have that hat.

The archers can actually shoot from very far away and the sounds of the arrow getting closer are 10/10

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>>517569583Gold bird should lead you to it.

>>517569426>>517568860>>517569476He is answering the question of what Banham combat is, not what ghost of sushi is.

>>517568860>>517569426>>517569476not OP but im pretty sure he's describing what a "bahman" combat system includes, not Ghost Of Tsushima

>>517568860He's not lying you retard he's defining what bamham combat is.

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just start act 2 and >you have to defend the places you took from the mongolsoh nowhy suckerpunch WHYYYYYY

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>>517567718By your logic Assassin's Creed is just a GTA clone then?

>>517567718>list the gameplay differences between asscreed and rdr2 asides from the fact that the gameplay is different

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>>517569583On a stand in the fields

What does dramatic contrast do? I don't see a difference with it on and off.

Is it worth $60 or should I get Battle for Bikini Bottom for half that price?

>>517569794GTA is centered 50% around vehicle-based gameplay, not just traversal, and 50% around shootouts.Also, I still fail to see how GoS is an RDR2 clone but not an Asscreed clone.

>>517569775You dont its just unlocks the farmsteads that act as bases to be conquered

Just got this and played for about 4 hours. Fully unlocked the parry tree, watching the mongolian mooks run away in fear when I perfect counter their buddy is fucking hilarious.

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>>517569775>forced stealth because hostages>and just after being scolded by your uncle for acting like a thief

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Does this game contain any dishonorobu people like pic related?

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I love the ronin outfit but the bow kills it. I wish you could hide the bow

>>517569956>forced stealth because hostagesthe fuck are you talking about? defending a hostage without stealth is extremely easy, just hit the dude with the "im finna kill the hostage" above his head

>>517569914>value gameplay over story Yes>value story over gameplayNo

>>517569956>Not just running over to the hostage and defending them while you cut down MongolsWhere is your honor!?

>>517561715play nioh on PC if you want some chanbara shit to playIt has a more mythological focus but its still fun as fuck

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>>517566063I am really impressed by how short the load times are when you fast travel / load into the game, but when you're browsing a 'store' it sometimes takes upwards of 10 seconds to display the model of the item you're looking at.

>>517570062>boat raid to rescue peasant>two different boats but they are next to each other>get into first boat and only one guy around>he makes a beeline to the next boat, through all dozen or more enemies and straight for the hostageK.

>>517567920The game's combat is incredibly hard. It's not a good hard either. It's trial and error hard. Basically after you do the initial hold triangle thing you're bombarded by multiple enemies. Some require you to press circle button to dodge their attacks. You have to attack quick attacking enemies all at the same time, while also dodging bow attacks. Attacks take away an insane amount of health also. I'm sure someone could git gud at it, but it's too much trial and error. Every combat encounter ends up with you trying to back up from some guy till you get cornered and ganked by four guys. There is no certainty that you won't get hit at any time.

>>517570231just throw a kunai LMAO

>>517569647>>517569828Cheers lads, it really completes the getup.

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>>517570267I forgot to mention. At the same time as all this, you have to maneuver the camera so you can actually see things.

>>517569915Have you played GoT?

Y'know I'm really appreciating the minimal UI in Ghost, too many games are utterly clogged with shit on the screens

>>517570631The use of wind, animals and colors to signify collectible spots is a stellar choiceBy far one of the best integrations of world immersion with gameplay

look at this dude

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Does anyone else think the day/night cycle is waaaay to fast in this game?

>>517570920Time in Tsushima is convoluted

>>517554178Why do you care about this ubishit clone

>>517570347nice. Ive been using the same mask now that I have it

wow what a bitch

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>>517571137Actually its rdr2+witcher3, the only ubisoft complaint is clearing enemy camps

>>517564485I really want to have sex with the girl who makes those videos

I like how everyone in the game is either average looking or down right ugly, just like how the unwashed masses would be back on a remote island in 13th century Japan

>>517570631I wish they would let me turn off the shine on collectibles because they are already recognizable enough, the shine on stuff like bamboo ruins my immersion

>>517569289Would be kino

Why does ghost armor have a sword on the back?

>>517572178When do you get ghost armor?

>>517572345End of act II

>>517572178lmao 3 kat

Is the game fun enough to offset how utterly boring the characters and story is?

>>517572178It's for monsters

Really hoping that if we get a sequel to this it'll be a similar step up from Sly 1 to 2 and inFAMOUS 1 to 2.Suckerpunch were both really good at taking the original games from both series and really expanding on them well in the 2nd from a gameplay and character perspective especially inFAMOUS 2 which took characters like Zeke and actually made you give a shit about them.

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Having to find shit in towns is annoying. Anybody know where the reeds are for the blow dart mission? It keeps directing me underneath the bridge and theres nothing there.

>>517572608Nevermind fuck me I'm tired of looking for shit like banners

>>517556305What PS3 game is this?

Can I come back to the first island after act 2? Is there ng+?

>showdown fucks up and guy isnt holding his sword>go to repress triangle>die>respawn and all 10 guys that were there are gone

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>when you find the black dye merchantEverything must be black now. It's just too sexy.

>>517567854575 bro

>>517571929I love finnegan too.>>517571527Is that the rice chick?

>>517573194where u find that, i need more dyes


>>517567854>447based retard

>>517573194Based /fa/ggotWhere they at tho

>finally finish act 1 after 3 days>act 2 is even more beautiful and kinoholy based

>>517558376Your mum sucks dick

Yagata Forest is spooky

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>>517573509>>517573801North North West of Yarikawa stronghold 250mDirectly east of Kawamata Villiage 60m