I know some stuff. Its is open world, one massive Halo ring rendered to scale. Thrust and clamber are the only returning abilities from H5. Wall running, crawling and dual wielding are in the game. In campaign, Chief gets a grappling hook, a double jump, and some new visor modes. Campaign wise, it's a mix between classic Halo and Metroid. Chief can find permanent upgrades in the world (many of his Spartan abilities are hidden in the world), and there's puzzle elements to solve as well. He has a scan visor, which fills a lore book in the pause menu. You can bring up a world map at any time. There's no fast travel, but there's enough vehicles to let you travel pretty fast, including air vehicles. Weapons are pretty customizable in the campaign, I was able to deck out my assault rifle with a 4x COG scope, a heavy barrel for increased accuracy, and an underbarrel grenade launcher. As for enemies, there's "Normal" Covenant, aka classic style Covies, and there's Banished. Prometheans are very rare, typically only found in hidden Forerunner buildings, and they have been significantly revised to be much more challenging to fight. There's more, but I won't spoil it. The story is . . .not horrible. Don't expect an amazing story from this game, it's fairly simple, does what it needs to fairly well, but it's not Halo 2 tiers of storytelling. Arbiter is involved quite a bit.

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>>517552657What were you playing on? PC, OG Xbone or Series X?Did you play multiplayer at all?Is there a lot of vehicles carried from previous titles? or just the standard amount?And you are confirming sprint is gone?

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fake and gay

>>517553198I can't disclose what system I played on, but I played with a controller. It looks phenomenal, much better than Halo 5. Yes, sprint is gone.There's a shit ton of vehicles, even stuff from Halo Wars, like the Wolverine and Locust. I played a bit of multiplayer, it's pretty fun. There's no loadouts, and all i played was 4v4 and 8v8 Slayer. The grappling hook, visor modes, and double jump are not in Multiplayer, at least not the version I played.

>No Marty>No Staten>RPG elements in Halo>No based story>No info=lukewarm hype>343 don’t own guitars, nor a drumkit>No soulI can pinpoint with AI-developed mathematical precision when video games turned to shit.The day Bungie left Halo.Seethe, zoomers.

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>>517553879Holy fuck user. I really hope you aren't LARPing because this sounds fantastic

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>>517553879>sprint gonei fucking wish

>>517553930When bungie left Halo only marks when bungie died, bungie needs microsoft to make good games.

>>517554643Bungie just needs someone who can kick their asses when they start dragging it. Could be literally anyone.

>>517552657Remember those authentic Holla Forums Halo 5 leaks where the Didact took over Jun's body They were actually more entertaining than the story of the actual game, at least those were just fully insane

>>517554030>>517554165Let me give you an example of how the world feels like Metroid. Its very interconnected. When you finish a mission, sometimes it'll take you somewhere else In a cutscene, and other times, you get to make your own path to tbe next mission. You could get there by traveling underground, climbing over mountains, hijacking a phantom, etc. Near the end of the mission where I found the Forerunner grappling hook, I discovered a Forerunner teleporter. It took me back to one of the beginning areas, behind a door I couldn't enter earlier. I opened it from the inside, and using the grappling hook I was able to access an area I couldnt reach before. I found a dead Marine, a lore entry, and an extended magazine for the Magnum there. The world is very vast, but also east to traverse and interconnected, like Metroid or Dark Souls. There was another fight arena that seemed to be straight out ripped from Metroid Prime. I was in an icy canyon, with Forerunner structures suspended by cables in the center. As I was climbing up them, jetpack elites flew down and started attacking me. The fight music was an oddly beautiful mix between a choir monk chant and synth, the sounds of gunfire and music mixing nicely as the snow fell. Its really a gorgeous and atmospheric game.

>>517555427>plays literally nothing like haloI'd call it all total bullshit but>343

>>517552657What’s the scale of the game?New weapons?Armor customization in multiplayer?You say it’s like metroid, can you scan enemies?Is there cool alien life aside from covenant, brutes, or forerunners?

>>517555427>Monk chants and synth>Implying 343 makes good musicDefinetly larp.>>517553565You were right all along.

>>517552657>>517553879>>517555427It sounds like bullshit but I want to believe.

>>517553879wall running but no sprint huh. Sure user

>Halo ring rendered to scaleThis is impossible without 99% of it being procedurally generated.

>>517552657Anon please. You're only going to make it hurt more.

>>517555427On the off chance you’re not lying, how does the gunplay feel? Please tell me there is no DMR

>>517556015I've been playing some Titanfall 2, it would work just fine.

>>517556015Really. You run up to a wall, and hold A as you jump towards it. >>517555696Very massive in scale. Lots of new Brute weapons, like a spiker-ized carbine, some new UNSC weapons, and some returning Covenant weapons from Reach, like the needle rifle. In depth customization. Shoulder plates, chest plates, knee pads, helmets, etc, all attach to the same underlying plating, none of the "Entirely different sets of armor" from 5. Its very much like Reach. Yes you can scan enemies, items, animals, vehicles, etc. There's a large variety of air, land, and aquatic animal life. >>517556413Gunplay feels amazing. Very meaty, punchy sounds. I'm sorry to tell you, the DMR is in the game. It had a 12 round capacity and a 5x scope, kinda like a toned down sniper rifle.

>>517555952The music in the Infinite trailer was good though and Curtis Schweizer seems a lot more interesting a choice than the previous composers

>>517552657I think this might be real

>>517553930>>517554643>>517554962Bungie isn't the same company is was when it was making the first three Halo game. I mean this literally, not in an abstract sense, the people responsible for producing those games have largely left the company to pursue other things. Even then, Halo was something of a flash in the pan moment.Even now, if you were you force Bungie back into producing Halo games, they'd still probably fuck it up. The people making it at this point would likely be fans of the series to some degree, and unfortunately a large section of fans almost always misunderstand the thing they love. I mean, Jesus, you have a ton of people who unironically praise Reach as the last great Halo game, despite Reach being the game that introduced the elements that did, and would, undermine the mechanics Halo is based on.It's never coming back. Let it die.

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>>517556685Schweizer‘s original compositions sound like the most vanilla, unremarkable, contemporary shit that’s been in every mediocre movie released in the last 10 years. At least the recreations of Marty’s scores are 1-1. Here’s to hoping his new compositions for infinite can hold a candle

>>517557246I liked his Starbound music, I'm not sure what movie they're reminiscent of

what's with you people saying you're gonna buy it no matter what? this is why the jews control your countries with no trouble at all. youre like a lab rats to a food pellet. subhuman and dumb as fuck - barely deserving of consciousness. consumers need to be sent to gulags immediately - no negotation.

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Alright, OP, I'll play along.I assume the weapon upgrades carry over when you drop one weapon and pick it up again later? Say I got an extended mag for the Assault Rifle, would any and all future Assault Rifles I pick up have extended mags or do I have to keep using the same gun for the rest of the campaign if I want to use the extended mag on it?

>>517557518I'm not missing out on the best halo in decades to "avoid jew control". sorry

>>517557810>isn't out yet>know nothing about it>"the best halo in decades"They got you user, they got you good.

>>517557518i will personally execute everyone who buys halo infinite day 1. if you buy a game without at least opening youtube and watching 1 minute of gameplay you deserve nothing less than anihilation.>>517557810beast of burden. i want to watch you die in flames

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>>517557547Weapon attachments are universal, yes. Customize one assault rifle, you've customized them all.

How good is the AI? Do you think the game will have the replayability of the originals, Open World cliche aside?

>>517557996It's "free"* with Game PassI can't wait to preload it

>>517558342ok goyim

>>517558131That's what I thought. What about vehicles, can those be customized?Do you know if you can use customized weapons in custom games/multiplayer? Things like the grappling hook, double jump, etc, sound like they could make for great custom games. Does the grappling hook just have you zoom towards the point, or can you swing a bit? Can you shoot while using the hook? Can all surfaces be hooked or just specific points and do you fall down after grappling? I want to know because I'd make a "Spiderman" custom game mode day one where you swing from building to building while shooting people.

>>517558557Only certain surfaces can be hooked. You swing a bit using it, you can shoot from the hip. I didn't see any vehicle customization for campaign. I didn't play custom games, so I don't know if those abilities can be toggled.

Are there different visor modes like Thermal vision or something aside from scan mode?

>>517559763Is there still aiming down the sights with all weapons like in 5?

>no sprint but thrustfuck yes fuck yesthis is what I wanted from the day I tried halo 5, I hope this is real

how good are the graphics tho like photorealistic? and did you play on series x at what res and framerate

>>517553879Way to kill the larp with the fact we've already seen Sprint in behind the scene videos.

what material is strong enough to lift the mjolnir armor

this is a larp as you can probably guess from all the extremely detailed info on weapon attachments and shit and also open world but no fast travel on a fucking ringworld, how will that not be annoying?real info:- as recently as a year ago at E3 i was told that 343i had "nothing" and that the trailer they showed was basically made up specifically for E3. development has been a complete dumpster fire for the last five years and it comes down the same problems 343i has always had, which is internal civil wars between halo traditionalists vs. people who want to reinvent halo that paralyze the studio for months and years at a time; these issues go all the way back to the ryan payton days.- the entire dev team has turned over basically three times since 343i started, particularly at the creative leadership level. basically nobody is still at 343i that was around for Halo 4, so getting continuity has been very difficult for them since they've basically had to start over from scratch every time on 4, 5, and infinite. they've also been bleeding personnel for months, even at the senior/lead level, before the game even ships, a bad sign- i've heard they have scrapped most of the open world stuff, they couldn't get it to work well with their engine and there were too many gameplay issues with doing it on a 1-1 scale ringworld, so what they have now is a pretty traditional halo campaign but with more "open" spaces reminiscent of CE that are holdovers from the original open world design- i've been told that they're currently in full on death march mode crunching to get "something" out for the xbox launch. Xbox brass are so worried about the project risk that they've brought in the coalition (gears devs) to help.- at one point late last year they were trying to pitch phil on shipping on a multiplayer beta for the launch this winter for the xbox launch because they were so behind. this is still what i expect to see next week but things could have changed.

Forget all of this, has anything been said if it'll come to PC?

>>517560467We already know they're showing the campaign next week. This post is just as bad as OP's

>>517560467>this is still what i expect to see next week but things could have changedLarp, they confirmed campaign gameplay dumbass

>>517560796i'm not confident that ships day and date no matter what they show.

>>517560467>i've heard they have scrapped most of the open world stuff, they couldn't get it to work well with their engineThey couldn't get their engine they custom built for what they wanted to do with Infinite to work with what they wanted to do? Fucking moron

>>517560978Are you having a seizure?

I just want to pilot a cyclops

>>517560978Halo 5 had the exact same rumors of "They're gonna split up MP and SP into different games!!!!" It's always fucking bullshit.

>>517561045there's a lot of disagreements internally at 343i. not everyone wanted to do open world. the engine wasn't "custom built" for it.

>>517560467>as recently as a year ago at E3 i was told that 343i had "nothing" and that the trailer they showed was basically made up specifically for E3.Nothing... Only a new engine with all that shit from 2018, dumb faggot.

>>517560745It was announced for PC in 2018

>>517561163It's been rumored forever because that's absolutely what 343 has wanted to do for years but xbox brass didn't want them to compromise or split up the product.

>>517561180You don't just build an engine with no idea of what it's going to be used for. What the fuck is wrong with you.

>>517561180>Yeah, let's disagree for 5 yearsStop it dude.

>>517561305It's not gonna be done now for the same reason it wasn't done then. If Halo Infinite isn't ready to go, MS would blame Covid and get good boy points. I mean when Phil Spencer is openly saying that he is okay with people not buying a Series X right away I don't think they're going to rush their most important game since Halo CE

>>517561180Why did they build a new engine then? To do the same shit?Try harder

>>517552657This sounds fake, but if any part were real that would be awesome. Metroid is my favorite game series, and I love classic Halo.

>>517560467>>517561180Absolute retard. Betting your an asshurt Snoyfaggot or salty bungiefag

>>517561516Mostly to update extremely-antiquated proprietary content creation tools from the Bungie Halo days. Up until the "slipspace" engine 343 was still using very similar tools to what was used to ship Reach.

>>517560037youre god damn right there's gonna be ADS. what, you don't like that? - what are you OLD or something? BOOMER! BOOMER DETECTED!!! 5 needs weapon skins, ADS, sprint, enhanced mobility, micro transactions, classes, battle royale mode and kill cams to COMPETTTEEEEE - don't you see? and what does competition mean? nowadays competition means pumping out bad as fuck mediocre games and software - just like every other developer and publisher on the market. produce something good? - that's too risky!!! if you do an outstanding job, well, sony might feel compelled to do even better - and we can't have that, can we?now you understand how tech companies work

>>517553930Bro,this Thursday they already confirmed they're gonna reveal more info at the showcase. Just wait like 4 more days man

>>517561769Calm down fag

>>517552657the real question to me is Niles Rodgers coming back?>basically invents disco>produced the halo sound which influenced a whole generation

>>517561734Then why wouldn't they just use Unreal or some shit. They literally had to have some sort of vision for MS to allow them to create not only a new engine but to then take 5 years to make the next game.

>>517552657>one massive halo ring rendered to scale 10,000 Kim’s diameter, 318 Kim’s wide.3,180,000 km 2All playable.You didn’t think this through did you?

>>517561734>Let's build an entirely new engine>Hire new engineers for it>Just to make new deving toolsRetard

>>517562075I didn't notice it said to scale. It's pretty obvious even if it is Open world it'd be a small section of it.

>>517553879>I cant disclose what i played it on but I'll disclose everything else about itI'm so tired of larpers. I do enjoy the idea of Haloid game design being a thing though, not going to lie.

>>517552657FULL OF SHIT!

>>517553930>No statenDon't be so sure about that ;)

>>517553930>No Staten>this is somehow a bad thing

>>517562015Unreal would mean completely starting from scratch with a separate codebase. it's important to know that slipspace still has roots in the omaha/halo engine, it's just a big evolution. moving to unreal would mean losing some of the halo "secret sauce" particularly around the auto-aim/bullet magnetism/thumbstick deadzone and aim acceleration stuff which is decades old now and is pretty poorly understood. they would be taking a gamble on whether or not it could be perfectly recreated in unreal, as well as having to retrain all their engineers and content creators.this is why the destiny tiger engine still has a lot of old halo code in it as well, they don't want to fuck around with gamefeel.

>>517554643>>517554962Bungie's dead>>517560153Insiders already confirmed sprint, he's full of shit.

>>517562574"Insiders" are fake and gay too

>>517552657Is the combat godlike like CE or is it mediocre like 4?

>>517562481>“We promised the team we would do the work on the tools, and pipeline, for Halo 5, so it wasn’t such a challenging environment to develop on,” Ross said. “You know… ‘best-laid plans’… we didn’t do that, and the team, rightfully so, basically called us on it.”> literally calls out them not doing this sort of thing sooner. But hey, you're totally not a larper. They clearly had a goal with Slipspace.

>>517562574Insiders confirmed bloodborne PC.

>>517562647Klobrille's not, so go fuck yourself for lying, you're never getting a classic Halo game again.

I just want 343 to introduce a bit more... adventure, I guess? into their bigger modesIn 5, they just took existing modes, made them bigger, and slapped microtransaction drops into them, and that was insanely boringHalo's bigger modes were always at their best when there was room in the sandbox to actually do shit, plans to make, places to go, anything other than just mashing action figures together

>>517561936big tech companies are deadlocked cowards too afraid to produce anything stand out or good. they know as long as they copy each other and make an effort not to distinguish their products, that their mutual survival is assured. they coast along just fine doing a piss poor job, because they know dumb goyim will keep giving them money no matter what - which is why they're outsourcing to india.>>517562830the later

>>517563008Xbox insiders usually know their shit plus I really don't give a fuck about Sony's fake ass insiders.

>>517562481>particularly around the auto-aim/bullet magnetism/thumbstick deadzone and aim acceleration stuffYou mean things that other FPS games also do?

>>517553879>>517552657Don't bullshit.t. I'm friends with some former and current 343i employees.

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>>517563173Anything about Infinite's campaign?

Sounds cool if true; my only complaint is the fact that it's trying to ignore the plot and shit that was being set up in 5 and that era of media (not that that era was good, just because that was bad to begin with because or 343i trrying to ignore th eshit they set up with 4, 343i needs to stop throwing everyhting they are planning out every time people get mad and instead fucking commit to something to iron the kinks out) The whole Metroid prime-esque approach is really what Halo 4 should have been to begin with, you and an increasingly Rampant cortana along having to explore this massive Forerunner planet and it's widlife and Forerunner stuff with maybe a few Covenant raiding parties here and there.>>517553930We are never getting Staten or Marty on a Halo game again. Staten apparently isn't interested and Marty is too much of a legal risk in the eyes of any major company after he sued Bungie after he got fired.Also us getting a good story again is very unlikely anytime soon since 343i took the wrong lessons from Halo 5's criticism and decided the problem was having characters other then MC or the story being not braindead simple, instead of merely their execution being bad and locke being boring.It's also partially the fanbases fault since they keep repeating the "Halo 4/5 rely too much on the books" meme when they litterally explain more about the shit they have then the Bungie games did; it's just said explanations were poorly written so noboidyt fucking understood them

>>517563173Really I am too!I can play infinite at my home!

>>517563229There's very little that was even leaked to me. I knew about the MCC PC thing months before the announcement and placed bets. Most of the leaks came through the Banished shit months ago. The employees listened to the NDA on the most part.

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>>517563084The biggest change Bungie ever made was Invasion, and that's literally just one team brute forcing their way into the map. Warzone is literally the only adventurous idea the Halo games ever took

>>517563231>343i needs to stop throwing everyhting they are planning out every time people get mad and instead fucking commit to something to iron the kinks outThisBetween Marathon and Halo, Rogue AI shit was always some of Bungie's most interesting work, the concept isn't bad by any means, 343 just bungled the execution


Holy fucking shit I am shook.

>>517563556I'm telling you that I know the OP is lying because the employees are mostly not breaking the NDA. I only know it's been fully playable for at least a year.

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>>517563658When you say playable do you mean all the content laid out or just prototypes?

>>517563448Warzone was just some shit out of Titanfall or Battlefield, but worse, and not fun at allInvasion was simple, but effective in giving interesting structure to an otherwise normal BTB setup

Will the Flood make an appearance?

>>517563737In between.That's kind of surprising, considering ones such as H2 were finished last minute.

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>>517563824Warzone was neither of those things, the fuck

>>517563891What exactly is the state you think the game is in now?

>>517552657>One massive Halo ring rendered to scaleFake as fuck

>>517564053It's prolly nearly done at this point. They have to go gold in a few months.

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>>517563173>>517563365>>517563658>>517563891>>517564225Fuck off you obnoxious faggot. You know nothing, I legit hope you get banned

>>517563123Yes. But not as good as Halo.

>>517563973>PvEvP>3 points on the map that the teams fight overI know there are more details to it than that, but that's what I think of

>>517552657So it this actually a MP4 leak but you're covering your ass by pretending it is Halo?

>>517564304I know only a tiny bit. You haven't been reading, seeing that I said they actually follow their NDAs.

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>>517563486Rogue AI should be something that feels creepy, surreal, and mythical, not gay space opera like Halo 5The vomit inducing art direction is as much at fault as the writing

Attached: NFd3GQMY12nVu9NNHYsg2-NuPzsGUypz-Xmy2-CxqRMzVl9v-rhEFCN5s2ZikjuupMu3S_1Q5w40paNT0JIhpk7HEkDgL4X15FJ4G2P3DDbop1eFqBfACf3U9UdJdnxJgpuZpHm--w=s1600[1].jpg (1041x1600, 608.13K)

>>517564304Not him but I wish you fake fucking leakers get banned, if you're going to fucking leak Halo Infinite or Metroid 5 is it hard for you dumb fuckers can at least try to make it sound realistic, god damn.

>>517564747>those eyesAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>517564798They just want to make elaborate shitposts.

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>>517564925Why are you posting elite porn while saying all of this

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>>517565106I just post this kind of stuff with Halo discussions. I keep it relatively safe for viewing.

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>>517564747Warden Eternal wants to be Cortana to sit on him.

>>517563231>343i took the wrong lessons from Halo 5's criticism and decided the problem was having characters other then MC or the story being not braindead simple, instead of merely their execution being bad and locke being boring.They're rebooting the series. They got to draw people back in.

>>517565189But why? I am genuinely confused

>>517565434I like the reactions.

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>>517565106He's one of the many Halo autists on this board who's been at this since before Bungie.Net killed itself and this is his thing. All things considered he's one of the more harmless ones compared to some of the tumors out there like the essay writing Reachtard or the deranged GSfag.He'll never figure out who I am but I used to know him in The Flood

>>517565490Fair enough. Good day to you

>>517565106elite bro is harmless and bumps threads, leave him be.

Ill bite and ask a few questions:1. Are elites playable in any form, either in MP or in campaign as Arbiter etc?2. Do you think Halo fans will hate on this direction they have taken?3. Is this screenshot real or fake?

>>517565669I didn't mean any offense, I was just curious. I don't frequent these threads

>>517565783And I cant post the screenshot, ignore the 3rd question

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>>517552657343 Halo will never be Bungie Halo

>>517565783>1. Are elites playable in any form, either in MP or in campaign as Arbiter etc?Nobody knows yet about MP. Xbox twitter hinted about the Arbiter being in campaign.>2. Do you think Halo fans will hate on this direction they have taken?They're Halo fans, so yes.>3. Is this screenshot real or fake?That's just art.

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>>517565957Turns out I can lmao; is this screenshot real?

>>517566065>is this screenshot real?Another from the set had an environment that turned out to be from CEA. So no.

>>517565957That's clearly not Infinite, when has a blurry photo claiming to be a leak ever been true?

>>517566223You seen the Halo 4 barn leak?

>>517565957That's straight up a Breakout map right there

>>517566348Holy shit, you're right. That video is a fucking enigma

>>517552657>upgrades>on fucking halodead on arrival

>>517566348That was a video with unique assets and shit you can't fake.

Are the flood returning? Do you know why we haven't seen any gameplay yet?Is smart-scope still a thing?

>>517566794There's no way the Flood don't return. They set them and the Banish up in Halo Wars 2, it's why the whole "Hur dur they have no direction" is fucking stupid

>> those who havent seen the weirdest leak ever

>>517552657>Thrust and clamber are the only returning abilities from H5. Wall running, crawling>>517552657>Chief gets a grappling hook, a double jump, and some new visor modes.>Campaign wise, it's a mix between classic Halo and Metroid. Chief can find permanent upgrades in the world (many of his Spartan abilities are hidden in the world), and there's puzzle elements to solve as well. He has a scan visor, which fills a lore book in the pause menu.>>517552657>I was able to deck out my assault rifle with a 4x COG scope, a heavy barrel for increased accuracy, and an underbarrel grenade launcher.This sounds unbelievably shit.

>>517567135Because it's fake. These exact same "leaks" happen every once in awhile with only slightly different info depending on what new info is out. We've been hearing about the grapple for the last year

>>517558534okay alpha male aryan posting on the same video game message board on a saturday night just like all the "degenerates" you supposedly hate and are better than


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>>517552657Halo rings are the circumference of earth and you think they will let us explore an entire one let alone no fast travel?

>>517552657Whats this image from?

>>517568363The ring in the Infinite trailer looks considerably smaller than that, thoughYou can practically see the entire width of it in the bit with the warthog


Attached: .jpg (3558x2000, 891.35K)

>>517568787> Chief

>>517568751Grim said the trailer was like a mini ARG of sorts. In said trailer, it kept hinting at Zeta Halo, which shrank in size.

Attached: .png (846x571, 510.22K)

Aside from Arby, what other characters return?

>>517569628Denning is making a new book, and he might know whether or not Blue team is present in Infinite.

Attached: .png (2048x887, 1.67M)

>>517569970I hope they show up for a mission or two and have some banter with Chief. Chief could use some friends.Also I hope Locke's death is shown, and a Grunt takes his boots as a reference to Halo 2.

>>517570145>Also I hope Locke's death is shownSke7ch specifically said don't look into current toy designs for story spoilers. The only thing that came out of that was the Banished.

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>>517562075>>517562186maplets BTFO

Attached: daggerfall map.jpg (768x457, 160.14K)

When THE FUCK are Microshit going to bring Halo Wars 2 to Steam??? I want to play it so bad but I refuse to use the Wangblows 10 Store after the ABSOLUTE DISASTER that was PSO2.

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>>517569628>he thinks Arbiter is in the game

>>517569970Hope they're not

Will there be soul?

>>517562186Honestly, I'm expecting something like Xenoblade in terms of "Open World." Massive, segmented areas that you can explore and find tons of secrets but the areas have a clear linear path. Like there's an area where the ring's control room is that's really massive, but if you want to go to where a large UNSC base is, you have to go to another "zone" that might require a teleporter.


Attached: .png (2346x1746, 3.05M)

>>517570881MCC is missing many things, but I miss these the most

>>517562075>10,000 x 318>not 10,000 x Pi x 318Try almost 10 million square km

>>517567092That's. . .What the fuck? That shit's real. Like that Halo footage is actually super real. Why the fuck is he playing it in a barn? and why did he have that picture of a fucking bear and what the fuck is that rap music. Also is he playing on a CRT? What the fuck is happening in this video?

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>>517571008I mean that could be a joke.

>>517570881>that drop

>>517552657>one massive Halo ring rendered to scale.yfw

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>>517556683>dolphin gun returnsToo good to be true, this is LARP bait

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>>517571829Reminder that's what Bungie ORIGINALLY wanted to do for Halo CE.

>>517570881343 even took the soul out of Bungie's halo games with MCC. You finish each of the games and you don't even get credits. Fuck them.

>>517562475Is that you joe?

>>517571984>Anniversary editions based on fucking Gearbox ports>PC gets ports of portsIt ain't fair, chief.

play as one of 6 classes of "spartan super soldier", and upgrade your weapons and abilities in the hot new battle royale "HALO" INFINITE.>>517570881FUCK NO

>>517571870The Needle Rifle and the Spartan Laser are easily my favorite guns in the entire series. Hopefully they bring back and rework the Focus Rifle, it's a great concept and is far more unique than the Beam Rifle, it just fucking sucks at what it's supposed to do (and everything else).

>>517570881>Bungie loved that guitar line so fucking much they put it in their title clip. >didn't change literally anything else about it, they just overlayed it over the originalbunch of fucking nerds. i miss this

>>517552657Will Story mode be crossplay between Xbox and PC? I would love to play Halo with my girlfriend.

>>517562475joe, i saw you in a destiny interview a few years back and you looked like you wanted to kill yourself. if you want i can kill you and make it look like a home invasion, just send an email to [email protected] and we can make an arrangement. i can say something like "CASUALTY" or "FIRST STRIKE" after i do it. the choice is yours joe. nobody will judge you if you ""commit suicide"". ok, peace

>>517571984>yfw pic related is completely thrown outOne of the things I strongly resent about 343 is that they actively try to deconstruct old Bungie and try to pass it off like it was them all along. It belongs to them no so you should forget about old Bungie. I swear to fucking god, if they would remake H3 on the lowest fucking budget possible, replace all the music, replace the textures, and replace the eastereggs I'm sure they'd do it. 343 has shown itself to be nothing but a leech. MCC was only made so they could drum up hype for H5. They're basically doing the same thing with MCC PC again specifically for Infinite. The only things they ever did good on MCC was making H2A look fucking great and getting Steve Vai to come back for some songs and also putting ODST on it.

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>>517572438oh wait, i was thinking of jason jones. never mind joe. ignore this post

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Do you think UNSC takes prisoners? Realistically only Grunts would be an option, but even then once they’re done crying and begging they go back to shooting ingame

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>>517572868>tfw most of the original people don't work at bungie anymore>tfw most the original people involved with Halo don't work at 343 anymore>tfw Marty works for no one anymore>tfw Mike Salvatori is the only one left from the old days that does his job right and doesn't just blow smoke out his assIt's like seeing a devore and then watching both parent become completely different people that all the child isn't familiar with.

>>517573445They took prisoners in The Fall of Reach

>>517573445>Do you think UNSC takes prisoners? Mona Lisa

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>>517552657If the game sounds like a good single player game: it’s faker than a livestreamer’s reaction vid.

>>517573504Sorry, I mean The Flood

>>517572868I miss reading the messages the people at bungie gave during the credits. These versions are going to be what people play 40+ years from now and all that is going to get lost. It's like they never even worked on the game. It also really robs the suspense at the end of Halo 3 when you're wondering if Chief made it or not. But now it just cuts to black and..oh there's Chief!

>>517552657If real. Is it just holding onto two weapons at a time, or can hold more than two?

>>517573709I mean I get why they did it. I personally wish they had left the credits intact. I wouldn't have minded if they added credits for the people that worked on anniversary and then showed the old credits if you flipped back to the original. Halo 2's Epilogue track is forever lost not on anything but the Xbox and Vista versions of the game.

>>517552657>assault rifle with a 4x COG scopeSo every weapon has aim down sights. DROPPED

>>517572868Who cares, Reach is shit.

>Director of Halo 5 is gone, as is his second in command >Art Director of Halo 4 and 5 is gone, the old style is back >Halo 5 lead writer is gone, Infinite is being written by the guy who was the lead writer for the Batman Arkham games.Is it bad for me to be a little hopeful about Infinite?

>>517574317We will know in a few days.

>>517555427tl;dr it's shit

>>517574317Yes, there's no confirmation that it'll actually be goodHold on to any ounce of skepticism you have left until you have the game, it's the only way to not be disappointed