Why is PS5 shat on for 4k30 but Switch is praised for 720p30?

Why is PS5 shat on for 4k30 but Switch is praised for 720p30?

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>>517552294One is a home console, the other is a handheld

because ps5 was hoped for by hard working adults and managers while the switch was begged for by manchildren and their imuotos

>>517552294Because it's a fucking handheld, you fucking retard snoy

>>517552294Nobody bases a strong point for the Switch being framerate or graphics, two things the PS5 does and doesn't live up to.

>>517552294Nobody praises it for having lower power, people consider it an acceptable loss for its other strongpoints.

>taking your ghosts of tsushima device with you on the busshiggy

>>517553068>an acceptable loss for its other strongpoints.Such as? It has portability, which nobody over the age of twelve gives a shit about. What else does it have?

Why does the Switch cause so much Snoy seethe? Your system is more powerful right, you like its games, right, so what's there to be insecure about?

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>>517553521>It has portability, which nobody over the age of twelve gives a shit about.10/10 strawman consider me baited

Weren't they saying that they can display up to 8K? If they can't even get 4K at 30FPS, then that's a bad sign

>>517553521This desu. The cult of Nintendo doesn't give a shit about quality, if playing AAA games on the go was a big deal they'd have all bought nvidia shields, but they didn't because nobody gives a shit about portability. They care because it's their new Nintendo toy


>>517552294It isn't really praised. Its more of a "Wow they actually bothered".

>>517552294switch is now a 5 fps console due to dp2


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>>517552294Nintendo never advertised the Switch as some graphical powerhouse, they showed off the portability and good Nintendo games

>>517553521i bought a lite specifically for portability, except now covid happened and im working from home since. MFW

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>>517554706>>517553521But playing it in bed is still peak comfy

>>517555238but i also have a 43" tv wall mounted at the foot of my bed

>>517552294>PS5>4kSomeone tell him

>>517553521why the fuck would i get games that i can play on pc

no one expects high performance from the switch

Nintendo never made grand claims about performance on Switch. Sony and their shills have relentlessly done so for the PS5, especially leaning on their stupid goddamn LE EPIC SPECIAL MAGIC SSD and claiming that it'll not only make up for the 3 tflop disparity with the Xbox Series X, but will actually make the PS5 TOO fast and powerful.

>>517552294The expectations for a home console should be higher.The Switch is factually a handheld. Just because n*ntendo markets it as a "hybrid" in order to scam kids by selling them pokemon at full price doesn't mean it's a full-fledged home console. For a handheld, Switch has more than enough power.

>>517554116the Shield didn't have Nintendo games on it outside of China

>>517552294The Switch is a handheld from 2017, the hardware is about what anyone who isn't a tech illiterate baboon would expect for the form factor. The PS5 is a next gen home console with the usual claims of "muh supercharged PC with the power of Cell", now with a magic SSD and totally more powerful than a 2080 Ti, despite being unable of doing 4K 60fps. Sonygroids are just reaping what they sowed.

>>517552294It's really only yanks and equally braindead fanboys that give Nintendo a pass for being the Apple of video games, desu.

The PS5 and Sony's behavior with it are a perfect metaphor for its average fanboy: a big fat loud vagina that gets heated too easily and tries desperately to compensate for poor performance.

>>517553521>Such as?Mario and Zelda, basically.

>>517559227>nooooooo ill never forgive Nintendo after Guru Larry told me that Miyamoto literally oppressed England and stole Super Mario 64 from us

>>517553521>It has portability, which nobody over the age of twelve gives a shit aboutthat portability is why anyone over the age of 12 WOULD care about it, it lets you play non-mobile games during your downtime and during commute

>>517558714>>517559271no self awarenesshow many McAmiibos have you hotglued?>>517559657>if you aren't american you must be englishthe dumb american stereotype is a lot kinder than reality

>>517559809>during your downtime and during commuteBuzzwords that have been shat out for years now on /int/ by literal teenagers and autistic unemployed manchildren. It was pathetic damage control before the Switch was released and hasn't improved with age.

>>517559973Did you really write that smug bit about assumption RIGHT after getting blatantly assmad and assuming that anyone making fun of the PS5 must be a tendie?

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>>517560210t. NEET

>>517552294Negative IQ detectedComparing the Switch to the PS5 is the same as comparing the 3DS to the PS4

>>517552294>4k30Yeah you fucking wish my dude. People are rightfully shitting on the PS5 because they spent all their time getting a SSD for super fast loading that maybe 10 games total will truly utilize throughout the PS5's lifecycle and skimped on the GPU, and boy fucking howdy is it showing.

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>>517560571That's actually pretty bad if it can't even do 4K on a launch title that's also going to run on PS4/Xbone. I don't really care and I'm still buying a PS5 like 2-3 years down the line but if M$ keeps going for Game Pass they might win out this generation

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why the fuck are sony fanboys always attacking nintendo anyway? xbox is your main competitor, shouldn't you go after that instead? nintendo doesn't really play in the same ballpark as the other two

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>>517561357Because they know they objectively cannot compete from a technical standpoint with xbone, and don't understand subjectivity, so they attack the console they see as being worse because it is less powerful.

if you really wanna shit on switch then just wait until Apex Legends releases on it with crossplaybase PS4 gets to 10FPS sometimes when smokes are on, imagine on the switch

>>517561357Because the Switch is actually selling well, and if there's one thing Sony fanboys desperately want is for Nintendo to go third party so they can finally have something to play.

Because it’s checkerboard 4k

>>51755229430 is downright generous for switch games.

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>>517561357other way around. nintendo cultists have been utterly obsessed with sony since the n64's failure, even though nintendo themselves stopped competing with sony ages ago.

>>517561357>>517562592Both are petulant manchildren getting angry over toys

>>517555408But you bought a lite, retard, it doesn't matter if you own a TV, that downgraded piece of shit can't be used to play on it.

>>517552294PS5 is more than 30x the power of the Switch.

>>517552294i dont know why anybody shits on the switchive never had a nintendo console but i GENINELY dont understand how people compare a portable console to a tv plug and play consoleits not even close in terms of expectationsthats why when people were shitting on it last week for getting like 13 fps in some game i was still like, yeah its not powerful we already know that

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>>517562305better than checkerboard 480p on shitch.

>>517560959Remember when M$ forced Ubishit to make Division look less on ps4 so that it didn't make the xbone look bad? Seems like they're doing it again.

>>517562592i don't think so. it didn't use to be like this. it was always ps3 vs 360 while nintendo did something else, then it was ps4 vs xbone while nintendo did something else. but now it's ps5 vs switch for some reason

>>517562592yeah because everyone thought the wii was competing with xbox and playstationfuck outta here you sped

>>517563268nintendo cultists obsess over framerates, bathroom textures and puddle placement in sony games, but then retreat to "i-it's a handheld! graphics don't matter!" when people point out the abysmal performance and resolution of switch games. you can't have it both ways.nintendo cultists also bring the mockery on themselves by begging for downgraded ports of console/pc games instead of begging for new games that work within the switch's limitations.

>>517563361That "something else" is what's called WINNING and they will continue to win long into the future. Has Nintendo ever even lost a financial quarter in sales vs. Sony's game division or xbox?

>>517563546No one but Snoys care about Snoy.

>>517563546i didnt say anything about playstation

>>517563716the simple fact that "snoy" is the most forced buzzword on this site proves otherwise.

>>517552294>hurr durr why is the PS4 able to do 1080p @ 30 fps while the 3DS does lower than that???>grug no understand! grug big mad!

>>517552294Because the Switch knows its limits and doesn't try to fly too close to the sun that is the PC.

>It's a handheldIs such a cop out

>>517563763>forcedlolWhat does it prove? That Snoys have a sick obsession over companies? That they believe you need to defend them?

Why is PS1 shat on for 480p25 but Gameboy is praised for 144p10

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>>517563827>Because the Switch knows its limitsthen why can't it even do 30fps in 2020?

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>>517563901>What does it prove?that a corporation lives so deeply in your head rent free that you can't even bear to spell their name correctly.

>i-it's a handheld!I love how the Switch being a handheld or a full-on console changes depending on the argument fanboys are trying to make.Like they demand that AAA games be ported to it, when they would have never done that for the 3DS.

>>517563827>Because the Switch knows its limitsBullshit. It's one of the most poorly optimized consoles ever outside of the N64. The Wii U knew its limits.

>>517563882Oh yeah, totally, vs. the typical consoles that literally hold back gaming for being underpowered pieces of shit that developers HAVE to cater to. The PS5 is being a detriment to gaming development for being the baseline of next-gen games, while the Switch still has it's own major benefits and won't be holding back anyone. COPE snoyfag.

>>517564048>making fun of consumerists>yyyyou let my god live rent ffffffreeLMAO

>>517564048>he doesn't get the wordplayShouldn't be surprised, you guys don't get to play anything

>>517564048>SAY IT! SAY SONY'S NAME!!!!

>>517563971Why can't Playstation and Xbox?youtube.com/watch?v=L6JXeX9sYYEHuh, it's not like incompetent devs exist... it's not like playable framerates have been done since video games began... no... it must be the fault of the hardware...

>>517564074but it's literally a handheld with a docked mode that nobody cares about

>>517564271stop deflecting. if the switch knows its limitations, why can't it guarantee 30fps?>i-it's just incompetent devs!so you're admitting that nintendo is incompetent?

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>>517564074>I love how the Switch being a handheld or a full-on console changes depending on the argument fanboys are trying to make....how would it ever not be a handheld...?

>>517552294You don't need graphics when you have fun

>>517564445in the case of botw optimizing open world games is notoriously difficult and the switch is a pretty weak console as it is

>>517564445>>517564557in addition several switch games run at 60

>>517564074lol sony cant even run the games they're designed to run

>>517564445look man...you do know games have been running at playable framerates since... forever?you can get an NES right now and play games on it just fineUsing Deadly Premonition 2, a game notorious for how shite the framerate is, as an example of why the Switch is bad is the same as me using Lichdom Battlemage to show why the PS4 is bad. Simple as

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>>517552294Because Switch uses the word fun.

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>>517564557it was nintendo's choice to make an outdated toy tablet instead of a normal console with modern hardware. it was also nintendo's choice to make a game that was impossible to optimize for the toy tablet. they are incompetent, simple as.

>>517562406>four frames per secondand I thought N64 the frame rate on n64 games was abysmal

>>517552294Big improvement from WiiU. Nintendo is doing there own thing and selling more than Xbox Ones

>>517565107>and I thought N64 the frame rate on n64 games was abysmal*and I thought the frame rate on n64 games was abysmal

>>517564936This. Now, watch him not reply and instead post more framerates like this place is his own personal echochamber.

>>517565065not only is it cheaper, it's portable and has a pretty convenient mode where you prop the screen up and separate the controllersit's objectively a good console for playing games, bad framerates depend on the game in question and several run at 60

>>517565065>being this ass hurt over a toy tabletLMAO

>>517552294Switch isnt praised for its performance. Ever. Its praised for its portability retard. PS5 is laughable because sony markets their console as a powerhouse but fails to be actually be one. The switch markets itself as a portable console that you can also hook up to a TV, and does damn fine job doing so.

The resolution doesn't matter you fucking retard. What matters is the framerate and most Switch games are 60 fps. If you're referring to trash third party ports, most switch owners don't buy those.

>>517565907>Its praised for its portability retard.it's not good at that either.

>>517566059>"...most games are 60fps..."Holy fucking shit.Maybe 10% of Switch games are 60FPS (with frame drops) and the rest struggle to hit 30 without shit frame pacing and screen tearing.Jesus fucking Christ.

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>>517566236Doesnt matter, thats not OPs point. OP said switch is praised for performance when its not. OP is a retard regardless of whether or not it succeeds at being portable.

>>517566236???Been travelling around with it for almost 4 years and it was never an annoyance. Even if you carry the dock it still takes a small amount of space.

>>517566401the ergonomics and build quality are shit, the battery life is shit, it isn't pocket-sized, and you get even worse performance and resolution on most games as a "bonus." my switch rarely ever leaves the dock. unless you're so addicted that you can't spend any time away from your bing bing wahoo, it's not worth it.

>>517566059>and most Switch games are 60 fps

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>>517566328nintendo cultists are pathological liars, what else is new?

>>517566678>It's not portable>yes it is>BUT I DO NOT LIKE IT REEEEEEE STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH VIDEOGAMES WAAAAAAHlol what the fuck is wrong with you

>>517552294>720p30?Its actually 540p25


>>517552294handheld released in 2017 vs home console released in 2020

>>517566887Cherrypicking is finidng games that runs stable 60fps on switch.

>>517552294Looks fine as a handheld. On a tv screen that’s unacceptable.

>>517552459>>517552579This isn't even the actual reason.Nintendo didn't go"YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK! WE ARE UBER DUBER OMEGA POWERFULLLLLLLLLLLLL YOOOOOOOOOOOO" for the switch.They promoted it as a modestly powered mix of home and handheld. Nintendo kept expectations realistic so less are upset by its minor faults.Sony on the other hand is trying to pass the ps5 off as gaming's jesus to bring out a revolution in tech...but it barely beats out the series x, if even that.Promotion/expectations vs reality makes a fucking difference.

>>517568370>Sony on the other hand is trying to pass the ps5 off as gaming's jesus to bring out a revolution in technot really. sony's spent way more time and energy hyping the ssd and the new controller than muh grafix or framerates. it's microsoft who's actually been obsessed with THE POWAH OF THE TERAFLOPS.

>>517568898>not really

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720p is 1/8 of 4k and the Switch is like 1/36 the size of a PS5

>>517570572A PS5 is like 6 Wii U's stacked together, 2 Wii Us wide and 3 Wii Us tall, and a Wii U is bigger than the Switch. The PS5 is just a really retarded device design wise, I don't know how is it that big, you might as well get a PC at that point.

>>517566724Why does the right look so different?

>>517562274Indeed. And they go so far as to demand Sword and Shield of all things be there.They're not just retarded, they have IQs under 10.

>>517573423I think it was recorded off screen.

>>517568898The SSD and I/O stuff is still Sony trying to sell their console as faster/better than the Xbox. They know it loses in raw power so they're trying to go the "blast processing" route.