What did you think about Hylics?

What did you think about Hylics?

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We need more unique games like this one for sure.

>>517551516Pretty good. Unique aesthetic and the effort behind the animation is impressive but I can't help but to think there could have been more about it in regard to plot and characters. Second game is much better than the first one at least.

>>517551516The world feels like>pic related

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>>517551516Banger ostGonna pirate soon

>>517551516Pretentious try hard shit

>>517551516It moistens my gland in a most elating manner, one I previously presumed was unattainable.

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Played for about an hour and got bored. I used to be able to enjoy surrealism for its own sake, but I'm no longer impressed by stuff that's weird just for the sake of being weird, it feels contrived. I get bored unless there's a good story or gameplay to latch on to.

>>517552439the game is like the inverse of the meaning of the word "pretentious"so much so that it barely has a narrative or meaning at allit could benefit from being more pretentious even

>>517551516I liked the platformer minigames, wish there were more of them and that there was a boss in one of them.

>>517552439This game doesn't try to appear deeper than it is.. It just kinda is..

>>517553017>it could benefit from being more pretentious evenunironically this, there would probably be more to discuss

>>517551516I want to see how the game was made. The models are so hypnotic to look at.

is this a new meme game that all the let players are currently playing?

>>517551516neat little game that was worth the $3 I paid for it. I've only played about an hour of 2 but I'm a bit mixed on it so far

>>517553394blender i believe

>>517551516trash nocturne is better

I bought it at launch but I've been holding off on getting too into it since Mason seems to be ironing out some of the jank and adding some QoL.

>>517553647aren't they actual clay models that he took pictures of?

>>517551516I kind of want tattoos of the heads of the party, though I feel like that'd be difficult to translate directly to 2D. I recall Mason releasing a clear 3D render of Pongorma's head so fanartists could better understand what he's supposed to look like

>>517551516Looks like some leftist meme crap. I'll pass.

Played the first game recently.The lack of direction in combination with the overwhelming world made me more curious to explore and see what there is to discover, just for the sake of it.Had a nice and short length to it, only the fighting got pretty easy after getting used to the equipment/abilities and finding other party members.

>>517553860initial models were made with clay, then scanned or remade in blender

A fun playable art pieceI just love surrealism and absurdism and it’s a shame very few games don’t go into that direction without it going “haha look how weird this, fellow gamers”

>>517551516Recently heard about Hylics 2 and I'm currently playing it. I love it so far.I'll probably go back and play the first game once I'm done.

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>>517553647no, hylics 2 was blender but hylics 1 was real clay models

>>517553017This. It's 99% style, 1% substance. I honestly wish there was a little more to discuss, but it's a really cool game all things considered.

>>517551516So, is this just an obscenely-grotesque JRPG?

>>517554396Delete this

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LSD-shit is not my cup of tea but whatever I can appreciate the effort behind it.

>>517551516I wish more games had unique art styles like Hylics, the music is also great. Platforming in 2 is fucking cancer though

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>>517554804What's wrong user? Can't handle a little foam?

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>>517554719No, it's just really weird and alien. I can see parts of it grossing someone out, but only if they were a humongous pussy.

I like the first person glove anims

I fucking love this artstyle.It's insane and beautiful and surreal and disturbing.The music is out of this world and unlike anything we've heard in videogames before.

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>>517553017I don't need substance, I just wish the game had a bigger sense of escalation. All I wanted was a roller coaster ride and Hylics 1 didn't give me one.

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>>517551516Only know it exists thanks to watching a speedrun clip of it at random a while back. Thought it was kind of groovy at the time and largely forgot about it since then.

The definition of style over substance. Something like this should have a story or a message to tell. Wackiness for wackiness' sake is boring.

Explain this game to me, reading the posts in this thread makes it seem like it has nothing other it's style going for it

>>517557448the only way I can convince myself that someone would actually believe this, is that they've somehow managed to play videogames exclusively, without any other sort of interaction with any other media (books, film, music etc.)but we all know you're just a loud baiting retard

>>517557035why soms thicc

Do these games ever go on sale? Been meaning to pick it up.

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>>517556560Hylics 2 actually does have that surprisingly enough.


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>>517554396>>517555726Did you draw these?

>>517557801Hylics 2 is on sale:mega.nz/file/aQYjCCrb#K7Qe-xx4Px2jdEH-wO7LOzywYkqqoFaLBp03QPve0xE

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>>517557801Yeah, original is in the usual sales, and the newest one had a slight discount on release.I loved the first one, but I'll wait until the next sale and hopefully patches/updates if they're needed, as I do with anything I'm interested in on release.

I adore Pongorma out of the four party members and wish he got more fanart.

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I've only played the first one.Finding the jam house in the end was fucking sick. I wish more of the game revolved around that.

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>>517558751holy shit, belly laughed

What's your favorite song Holla Forums?Mine's youtube.com/watch?v=lL6C3AQ9Fc4

>>517559041obviously that one

i really love the bizarre art styleand i love somsnosa, she's sexy

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>>517559041good pick, after repeated listens this one grew on me the mostyoutu.be/PREuczpwrzE

>>517558274Yeah. imgur.com/a/zx5LB0w


>>517552628Based. I fucking hate Poolman.

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>>517559286Not bad, draw wayne larva

I enjoyed it. Legitimately made me feel like I was on mushrooms. Not much to say about the gameplay though. Will play the sequel eventually.

>>517559041youtube.com/watch?v=XkA95Gmpg0kvery comfy

>>517558481Is there any more high-res, un-filtered pics of the rest of the squad?

>>517551516Why is she so cute though?

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>>517560221idk, why do you think she is cute?

>>517560221I like her hats.

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>>517560221The poncho. It's /fa/ as fuck.

Dont you have a charity event going on? What are you doing here?

>>517560221The boots

>>517560221The absolute territory

>>517558751calling it Pneumatics instead of Hylics 2 would have been pretty cool tho

>>517551516Needs more porn

>>517551516I've played about 5 hrs of Hylics 2 and its the most unique, creative, visually and audibly pleasing game I've played in years. I rank it up with the Halo 3 menu music.

>>517561708Make it yourself.Preferably of the silamvog please

>>517557448it's about as abstract as vidya getsfor better or for worse, playing Hylics 1 or 2 is a very convincing argument for vidya being a proper art-form. "If it makes you think or feel, then it's art".Sometimes experiencing things doesn't make sense and sometimes they do, but if they made you feel, then it was something worth experiencing.Remember anons, your life is shaped by experiences that were created by those around you. Maybe Hylics was something that made you feel alive in some way.

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I think it's a lovely looking game but I don't find it fun.

>>517551516it's fun

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>>517559041I really liked this areas music youtube.com/watch?v=9izPWGsKg24

The art style would honestly be great for a horror game too some of the enemies are kind of nightmare fuel if put in a different context

>>517563442that's too obviouswhat would be a 'mason lindroth horror game' would be one where you run away from humans. or he probably wouldn't do that.

>>517552439Someone doesn't know what pretentious means. Something being surreal or having violins in the music doesn't make something pretentious user. This game doesn't pretend to be anything more than a nonsensical trip, and that's exactly what it delivers. How the fuck is that pretentious to you, retard?

What's the next step for Hylics? First Person, Third Person? Is Chuck going to keep working with Mason?

Why is dedusmuln so cool?

>>517563795It feels like "pretentious" is slowly getting to overused territory, just as another way of saying "it looks/is different and I don't like it"

>>517564307Second Person

anyone got a mega for the soundtracks to both games? they're not my kinda game but the music is godly

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I mean its intentionally nonsense, so I'll regard it as it wants, as nonsense.

>>517557448This is how i feel about it too. All the writing is just random words so your just walking through environments doing shitty rpg maker turn based battles

>>517564723good? Do you want a pat on the back?Here's a (You), maybe some dopamine will get you doing something more constructive with your time

>>517563442i could picture something like this, but made of clay and animated being pretty cool. a surreal setting could actually be pretty good for a horror game cause you could get away with some really bizarre / interesting designs.

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>>517563009please, you all say these indie/meme games are fun/interesting/whatever then you go silent about them after a month or so

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>>517559334:^)>>517559378Thanks, and here ya go. These guys are kinda cute.

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>>517565327Thank you, I didn't actually expect you to do it.

>>517565186speak for yourself faggot. i've been looking forward to release since at least winter 2018, when the second to last trailer came out.

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>>517565509>waiting that long for a meme gameexactly who is the faggot?

>>517551516Shouldn't this shit should be moved to /vg/ by now? You've been having these threads nearly every day now.

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>>517565327Cute.Now draw him getting his larval dick sucked

everything derivative of earthbound is shit.

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>>517565509>4th panelI smiled

Why did they make Dedusmuln sexy

>>517566529i'll bite, what comparison are you making here exactly

>>517566529oh well it's good that this is derivative of toejam and earl

>>517566529>implying this is derivative of earthbound>implying LISA: The Painful is shitEverything you say is a lie.

>>517554396>>517559286Can an user get some Pongorma Porngorma? I like your style

>>517565327I love wayne larve

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>>517552765>I get bored unless there's a good storyBut there is a story, it's right in the name user. The hylics are soulless people, according to gnostics, who are incapable of grasping spirituality and therefore, incapable of achieving gnosis. They are characterized as being bound to flesh, matter, and other materialistic things.See the gnostics believed that this world was a sort of prison of flesh/dream that we were all trapped in. The hylics basically lived inside of this flesh prison with no curiosity at all. >The material world, that is, the universe we perceive through our senses, is not the true manifestation of existence. Instead, it is a prison, a trap, a dream, an illusion or even a torture chamber made of gross matter that is meant either intentionally or unintentionally to keep us here. tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/UsefulNotes/GnosticismI'm almost certain based on the name and the themes that he's drawing from this.

How the fuck are all the enemies in Hylics 2 so memorable? Even the shitty mooks have really fun designs

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>>517568152Okay but what does that have to do with what happens in the game?

>>517568632Everything is clay and clay-like materials, user, it's a visual metaphor

>>517568739Well a visual metaphor isn't really a story in and of itself

>>517568632Everything in that world is made of flesh and looks dream-like. When your health is restored, you see "flesh restored". The final boss of Hylics 2 talks about making and unmaking the world, implying he's basically a demiurge.My guess is that your party is comprised of psychics/pneumatics trapped in a world full of hylics (aka somatics). They are among the few capable of grasping reality beyond the flesh, hence why they're capable of casting magic.

>>517552347only 3 bucks user

>>517568603I really like silamvogs but theres barely any art of them yetThe only one I found couldn't even be assed to do their faces

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>>517568960there's also hints that everything is post apocalyptic (a paper cup and water cooler are strange, alien artifacts)

>>517568603Tyros are great, love them little BASTARDS CALLING IN REINFORCEMENTS

>>517568960Thats very interesting. But why does wayne have a crescent moon head?

>>517551516It had an enjoyable atmosphere. The randomly generated sentences were sometimes cute but mostly dumb. I've heard there was a lore reason for it though.I'm playing through the second one now and I'm enjoying it a lot. It's definitely what a sequel should be.

I wish they could implement gpt 2 or 3 for random text, but that would be too resource intensive. It'll happen someday though.

>>517569312wayne = waning moongibby = gibbous moondecres from the early versions of hylics 2 = crescent moon

>>517569430>early versions of hylics 2Excuse me? Early builds leaked?

>>517560748Seriously though, why does Dedusmuln have a set of armor and a sword? Why does Pongorma have a fuzzy blue body? It's like the bodies they were meant to have were swapped. Pongorma is a knight, and Dedusmuln is just an archaeologist. Hell, Dedusmuln's sibling has a similarly fuzzy body. So what the fuck?

>>517568152>>517568960Nigger despite the inspiration from gnoticism, 2’s plot was basically>villain and his cohorts hatch plan to resurrect the big bad guy from 1>big bad guy revived, world thrown into chaos because everyone gets transformed and has the randomized speech similar to 1>party has to stop big bad guy from completely reshaping the worldIt’s standard JRPG shit. The game is all about its style, which isn’t a bad thing, but the actual story isn’t anything groundbreaking.

Nice webms lads

>>517569532there's an video of a much earlier version youtube.com/watch?v=7Fpbkpsx3cM

>>517569881Wow, theres a lot of very interesting things in that preview.Wayne could dance?

>>517569589Even that is interesting though. The hylics speak in randomized speech because they're incapable of achieving gnosis. I think the allusions to television/computers as magic spells is due to its mind controlling effects on people. Maybe this game is a loose metaphor for the modern world. I agree the plot beats are basically minimal/non-existent. But that's not the entirety of storytelling, esp in video games. For example, most of Bloodborne's storytelling is in the form of lore and setting. Hylics is basically doing that.

>>517566723Literally assface

Somsnosa looks more like a dude to me than a girl, just look at how masculine looking the character portrait is

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I haven't touched the second one yet but I really enjoyed the first one. It took a bit for me to get into because of the text and feeling of a fever dream but once it clicked I was addicted.I'm looking forward to playing the sequel eventually but after just finishing the first one recently I need some time between them

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>>517560748the stride and the sabre is /fa/ as fuck

>>517552439it's not pretentious just for trying something new. the games don't actually take themselves too seriously, they just have a cool aesthetic and weird sense of humor.

I been listening to some of the songs on YouTube and it's great but I haven't played it. Should I give it a try? Is the gameplay fun?

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>>517560221she's a tomgirl. if you play hylics you're a patrician and as such probably like tomgirls

>>517570748>tomgirl>sheanon that word only applies to boys

>>517570271your mind has been warped by hyper-neotenous chinese cartoons. that is very obviously a woman

>>517570119Alright, what was the ending then? Is there anything in gnoticism about the band shit, the hands grabbing wayne, him being turned into flesh paste, soms playing golf, des releasing worms from his head, and the wayne plane?Because all that shit seems to be absurdity for the sake of absurdity.

>>517570271Literally how

>>517570872you're thinking of femboys. a tomgirl is specifically a girl who acts like a dude

Silamvog extricates an unusual sensation from my glands.

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>>517571048you mean tomboys?

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>>517551516My only gripe is the gloves for each gesture aren't unique. Shit sucks.

>>517571062Yeah, the sensation is "kill it before it makes half your party vulnerable and puts stem cells on its own."

>>517571076yes, yes I did. I need to go to bed


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>>517570498damn right

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>>517571340>dildo behind maskI think I have acquired a new fetish

>>517571484Dont sexualize somsnonsosnsa

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>>517570119I find Wayne and Gibby's contrasting ideals to be interesting. While Gibby wants nothing to have a concrete identity in order to achieve commonality in the world, Wayne achieves his own commonality through being a unique individual. Gibby believes if nothing matters, then everything is equal in value. Wayne believes in individual value, but since everyone else does, everyone else achieves a commonality amongst themselves of being able to discern value in everything.

>>517571595Why would you when Dedusmuln is the new hotness?

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>>517571595I want to foam her so bad bros

>>517571009You're right that most of it is just surreal imagery, but like most surreal art, it's not meaningless. There's something clearly there, it's just a matter of interpretation (compare this with absurdist art which literally has no interpretation).I think the toothpaste scene is about the dissolution of Wayne's flesh as he achieves gnosis. It's implied that the hands are not their own, but the hands of God (the Monad), and the ending is Wayne being embraced by and being remade by God. The band shit is just for fun I think. Soms playing golf and des releasing worms from his head, I have no idea.

>>517554083please go back

>>517551516A straightforward romp through a uniquely alien world. Visuals and music definitely the best part, and they're top-notch. Although the game part of it is a little bit shallow it's at least different enough from the usual JRPG formula to keep me engaged. I'm glad that the gameplay actually had some thought put into it, though, usually it's just an afterthought for projects like this where the aesthetic is the draw.My main complaint is that the platforming, both 2d and 3d, was sometimes wonky as hell and not in a good way. The 3D could've really used a better indicator for depth.

Maybe Ded is wearing the armor cause he's an archaeologist and a history nerd.

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So has Wayne become his own species due to the events of Hylics 1? If so, is Old Wayne Hylics 1's Wayne, and the current Wayne you play as his successor? Do the two share memories and are a hivemind with eachother since they both remember Dedusmuln , Pong, and Som? Or is it just a funny gag

Anyone got a webm of Pongorma dancing in the ending?

Which has the better ost?

>>517572013The answer is quite simple, user


>>517571881I don't know why he wears it but I do know his new look exudes big Dorohedoro energy

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>>5175720562, hands down.

>>517559041groovy, babyyoutu.be/enjekGHpE_4

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>>517551516Only played 2, but it was strangely comfy


>>517571881That's what I figured. Armor looks like something straight out of a museum.

>>517572025just this gif

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>>517572201Finally, a cultured nigga such as myself.

>>517571654>>517572180>everybody interpreting his seasonally occurring lamellular structure as sexy lady hairJust wrong, man.

where can I get a complete collection of all the animations for the enemies?

>>517572056Both have their good sides. 1’s music was largely experimental as was the whole game since lindroth was trying to find a consistent style. 2’s music had the benefit of an actual musician who knows alt/psych rock composition. The final battle for 2 was pretty kino though.

>>517551516narwhal bacon monkey cheese xD random reddit humor trash with garbage gameplay.

>>517572353Was the pongorma dance animation originally going to be used for a battle against him? Would have made sense since you fought him in 1 before he joins your side.

>>517572507I don't see you complaining about the pic of him in a sweater

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Fellas, I waited for this game for so long. It still feels kinda surreal that it's finally out.Now I really don't know what to look forward to, especially when it comes to weird indie stuff. rip barkley 2

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>>5175726382's Gibby Boss Battle music was an absolute banger. I kinda had to take a break for a second during the fight to just really enjoy the fucking song, it goes really hard.

>>517572729Get a load of this guy who thinks surrealism is lol random.

>>517551516Kinda disappointed thinking that Wayne in the sequel is not the Wayne from the first game but somehow everyone else is the same unless they’ve got islands of their own clones hanging out somewhere we don’t get to see

>>517572791What's wrong with the sweater?He's a damn GI Joe covered in clay in the first game, any interpretation is fine by me. Endearing as the lumpy look of everything in the first game is, the fanart generally makes Pongorma and Dedusmuln look a lot better by way of having actual outfits and not having colossal heads.

>>517572260You definitely should give the first one a shot as well. It is just as comfy.

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>>517572729I also forgot to mention I am a huge fag and I don't know what I am talking about

The shop in new muldul and the waynehouse is otherworldly comfy, I'd really enjoy a place that had more houses like those

>>517565186Because not every game needs to have endless threads that just get worse and worse in quality. Back when LISA came out we had a bunch of great threads the first few weeks after it came out and then just stopped because people had discussed everything there was to discuss

>>517572771I wonder too. I hope we get an art book or something that details all the stuff that was cut/repurposed over the development of the game. Motor Hunter is probably the most obvious example of something that was made early as part of something larger that got cut.

>>517572881its shit.

>>517565186Do you talk about every game you've ever played every day?

call me when mason fixes hylics 2

>>517573306what do you want fixed

>>517573389the shitty controls

>>517573449you can change the controls

>>517572913they're probably a hivemind or something

>>517573475Can you assign menu movement to a d pad yet?

>>517573449Controls perfectly fine on keyboard and controller already.

>>517573475but i want to play it with a controller and you can't even do that

>>517573389the platforming collision is so fucking bad, rest of the game's awkward controls i can tolerate but i hate those 2d segments

>>517569587Dedus Smuldunde and Pongorma are probably the same species that grow the 'Lamellar Structure' fuzzy hair. Also Dedusmulns armor is pink and very ornate, which i think makes sense to mez he's just a larping archeologist, while pongo doesnt need that shit since he has his trained his natural fuzzy armor to be strong enough

Imagine living in a world where your always armed just by watching TV, Paper cups are archeological treasures and Sex has been forgotten along with the understanding of Other stuff like paper cups

>>517570119Youre reading too much into it, too much headcanons and not enough understanding of in-game lore

>>517565427No problem.>>517566292Sorry user, Wayne larva are not for lewd. Head pats and cuddles only.

>>517573734Yes you can

>>517574046last i played you couldn't assign any inputs to the buttons, the only shit that worked was the analog stick for some bizarre reason

what are the Japanese thought's on Hylics?

>>517571643Where are you getting this from? Sounds like retarded Holla Forums bullshit to me

>>517574245Do the Japanese even know about this game and/or like surf rock?

>>517574401>surf rockits more shoegaze than anything

>>517574245whats with you people's obsession with what the Japanese think?

>>517574181Either you weren't using an X-input controller or it got fixed in an update because it worked for me.

>>517574245They like it. Theres a westaboo hylics fandom

>>517574245Hopefully it gets a translation so we get more art.

>>517574245More popular than you'd expect, but still fairly small. I suspect the gibberish english has made the language barrier more of a meme than anything else

I just started playing it and I literally cannot defeat any enemy. The fuck is going on.

I kinda miss how casually some of the non-gibberish speaking characters spoke in the first game. Everyone's so formal and poetic now.

It’s an artsy game. It looks really boring. I’m sure other people love it and was fun to make, just looks boring to me.Kinda gives me 60s or 70s art feel. I’m sure some Beatles fan would like it