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Go here >>>/vg/299918537

because its a niche single player rpgit doesn't need a damn generalalso reminder the Dude knows the whole plot of the game

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>>517550172was funny seeing how accurate his desc of the faceless was when I first played.



Goddamn Styg, you hack, when will we finally be able to pick a hair model and color. I can't play with portraits that don't match the fucking model.

>>517550628this actually annoys my tism to no end. I hope he'll add in more customization tidbits in the new game.

>>517550000You need mount and blade warband tier autism to keep a general for a game lime this.If you attempt it I know of a place that may have just the right combination of shit taste and autism you need to pull it off.Try the RPG Codex and best of luck.Now stay the fuck out of v.

>>517550172Generals are for circlejerking anyway.Holla Forums threads about the game are the way to go, and having threads on Holla Forums about a video game is such an established tradition you could even call it a cultural phenomenon.

disappointed he doesn't walk faster

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>>517551134You should get a cheevo for cleaning out Al Fabet's inventory.

>>517551234yeah or at least some dialogue from the poor sap

What happened to the other thread ?

>>517551390it fell off page 10


Doing a crossbow run right now, is it worth getting a bit of psi even though I'm a conlet with 3 will?

>>517550965>"heh.. got em" opens up anime thread

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>>517552095i am fully of the opinion that the most powerful skill in the entire game is the lv 25 psychokinesis ability psi wallnothing else lets you manipulate the environment like that

>>517550000Who fucking cares about this bitch just get her quest off me

>>517551390reached bump limit

>>517552510tbhdesu, this was the only bit of the story + the injured faceless guy that hit me in the feels

Are containers safe? Or some random nigga will burglarize my shit?

>>517553043you're good bro. I leave piles of loot at vendors for ez access when I need money

>>517553043just carry it all bro. cheers!

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>>517553225just realized how stupid I am for not doing this, for some reason I've only ever done it with black gun seller in core city


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>>517553656>tight tunnelsholy kekthis isn't too bad

>>517553656>top comment is from styg himselfwell this is certainly something

>>517550000uuuuh this isn't a cultural phenomenon I'm afraid I'm gonna have to call my buddy abib

>>517554649what is this cultural phenomenon meme? did I miss something on Holla Forums

>>517552640Man I didn't even get the option to talk to facelessGuess they remembered the core city genocide

>>517554780A braindead Holla Forums mod deletes threads that he perceives as being generals even if it's just generic discussion but doesn't care about Smash Rosterfaggotry shitting up the board because Smash is "a cultural phenomenon"


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>>517554780some janny IRC channel leak where a janny called abib or ahab or some shit admitted to refusing to cull smash threads for the same reason that every other ""Holla Forums general" gets culled, because smash is a "cultural phenomenon"

>>517554979>>517554974>>517554947oh for the love of god, aahahahathanks guys


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>>517554974post the foxhole one

>>517555163>>517554974so why isn't this fag getting the boot


>>517555298hiro doesn't give a fuck. neither did joot so he wouldn't give a fuck if he was still around either so don't start that shit. hiro lets the mods do whatever they want. he only cares about advertiser money and as long as no one fucks with that he doesn't care about the day to day operations of 4chan. mods run 4chan now

>>517553656I laughed at the dislike ratioI hate weeb shit but making any mods like this would be worth it for the amount of people it'd piss off

>>517555298He's untouchable, he's one of the few 'oldfag' mods left but he's just as bad if not worse than the perma-newfag post GG Redditor/NeoGAF faggots who make up the bulk of the mod teamOnly Hiro can do anything about this at this point and since it's not a money problem it doesn't register on his radar

>>517550118>Letting Abib shit on Holla Forums and get away with it (again)Fuck nofight to the bitter end until every ip range and proxy is exhaustedHe will keep doing this to every game that isn't Smash if you keep letting him

>>517554938If you kill, i think, more than 10 faceless (or kill the mindreader guy at buzzer's shop) they'll fucking hate you forever. you have to help them at foundry and comply with the mindreader/convince him to not kill buzzer, as well as help out the caged guy at the dropzone in order for them to be friendly. You'll be able to talk to the faceless you saved when the tchortists ask you to investigate the rumbling-- and a final time later in DC


>>517555860i'm just going to assume he's the guy behind that, as well as the ffxiv thread nukes

I tried to play this game and it gave me like 100 skill points to allocate so I got overwhelmed and stopped

>tfw no AegisCorp state>tfw no endings where you continue work for them and tell six and tanner to fuck off


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>>517555951samebut then i tried again a few months later and it clicked

>>517550000>LoR setting + Underrail gameplayStay strong bros. I should really get back into playing some Underrail, playing an unga bunga sledger was fun

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What should I do with my final 5 specialization points after maxing critical power for my xbow/crit/tinkerer?Core build:OpportunistMarksmanQuick TinkererAmbushBowyerDeadly snareElemental BoltsCritical powerStill deciding what other feats to pick. No psi allowed.

>>517556954I only know crit sniper builds but I'd dump into Critical Power.

>>517556442>>LoR setting + Underrail gameplay>Stay strong brosbe pretty based, I'm waiting 12 years from now when they release a fantasy rpg

>>517557985I'd love to see Stygg's take on something like Dark Sun.

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>>517553043never trust ANYONE with your loot, those fabric scraps could be worth a FORTUNE

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How do I stealth? It never really seems to help me in fights and I always die as soon as an enemy can take a turn.

>>517559634not every build is automatically improved with stealth, but having the ability to get the drop on enemies is pretty fucking huge. the only way to do that otherwise is to stack the fuck out of initiative.it also allows you to outright avoid fights that are just annoying (hello, room full of psi beetles) and wont reward you significantlyalso also allows you to steal things better

>over 300 dodge/evasion>get hit by every attackgod fucking damn it

>>517553656wait is this real?

>>517560149worked on my machine since 150 dodge

>>517560412is it possible to dodge non thought control psi attacks? I'm getting hit by all the ice and fire ones goddamn it lol

>>517560149>he fell for the evasion memeEither don't get hit (by insane battlefield tacticool control), or become FUCKING INVINCIBLE.

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>>517560925im getting raped by these lunatics :(>3 doppelgangers>mental breakdown>turned into ice cube>tk punched stunI'm just a nigga with a sword

>>517553043They areI do so near any merchant. I leave it in a dump instead of on the floor for that sweet roleplay

Anyone else here FUCKING INVINCIBLE?(for those who don't know how underrail damage reduction works, the % in the brackets is the amount of damage you take from a hit of that type)

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>>517561297my previous build ran dodge/evasion, it's useful as a backup when you're lacking options but it is far from a primary means of defensethis guy gets it >>517560925if you're already flimsy, taking a level or two to dump some skill points into PSI/traps/grenades will at least give you some more reliable defensive options

>>517561297>>517561746This. Currently playing a warcrimes build with no hp/armor/stealth/evasion/dodge or anything like that. The two turns you get from flashgrenading is huge; I recommend sprinting in and slicing as many weak but dangerous enemies as you can and incapacitating the others. If the enemies are too spread out to get them all with one nade then I recommend considering if a group of them are possibly innocuous enough deal with normally or if not then first lead the group into a chokepoint and start the fight from there. This is where traps/caltrops come in handy because they let the enemies further away catch up with the closer ones, letting you easily get big group nades off. Hope this helps.

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>>517562668>>517561746>>517560925thenk. I decided to grab some flashbangs and molotovs. fucking psionicsthings are going smootherish. bit more breathing room and ability to funnel in enemies to my sword

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Music and atmosphere is top notch, but why the fuck is the sound design so shit? A .50 cal sniper feels like a BB gun for Christ's sake.

I love this game bros.

>always forget where everything is in depot a>spend hours hunting for keys every time

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>>517564927same, BUT I WANT MORE

>>517565447for now, we wait...

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How situational is Execute?

>>517566728not situational at all>tase>executeis my basic 1v1 combo

>Burrower steps into my bear trap>Its no longer a threat Swords are the best melee weapon

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is there any good gameplay videos or let's play of this game?

where can i find up to date builds?I look on the forum but they are all from 2014.I kind of want to do a stealth pistol build any recommended stats and perks?

>>517570654The perk that lets you keep your movement points in stealth is a must.


>>517570654watch out pistols are not very good, energy pistols are good though

>>517571005damn, wish someone on here would do one I just want to watch right now

>>517570654I search exact feat names on the forum, and 4chin, and I usually get some basic level of autistic discussion about it. Sometimes you can find an endgame build killing the final boss on Jewtube, but I'm pretty sure they're all just example videos posted on guides on the forum.

what's with that abandonned biocorp facility 2-3 screens down from the core city entrance (but you actually have to go right, down twice, and left from core city entrance) it's def not the one from the jkk quest, and there doesn't seem to be an entrance anywhere

>>517572064the one full of electro spiders? pretty sure thats for a quest for the institute

>>517572693nah not that one. I'll take a screenshot later if I can't figure it out

*unsheathes katana*hmm.. not bad... kid...but this is how a REAL pipe-dweller fights

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lol I like how there's no consequences for slaughtering the talloski family. just fucking butchered this man and his two children, meanwhile twitch is watching the fucking arena

>>517573363Northerner weeb.