What do you hope to see during the campaign reveal? I personally want to see no sprint and a grappling hook...

What do you hope to see during the campaign reveal? I personally want to see no sprint and a grappling hook, I think it would be cool if it were a weapon and took up a weapon slot.

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>>517549602I really have no hope to be honest.

I really have no hope to be honest.

I personally want to see no sprint and a device that shoots small entities that run around and attack like the snarks from Half Life. I think it would be cool if it were a weapon and took up a weapon slot.

>>517549602I hope you can peepee on dead brutes

I just hope they back down on the bastardization they made of covies in Halo 5.

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>>517549602no hope left anymore, gonna be shit, still going to buy it, will be my last thofuck 343i

>>517549602No you don't, user. You hope to get your paycheck for this shill post.

I like having gay sex while saying the N word

>>517549602A lot of cool awesome shit.

Super honest question, how would you feel if it was announced that spring and ads aiming was removed? Could it really stand up in this era of shooters?

343i has not released a single good Halo game in their run with the series and Microsoft has not published a single AAA game without any bullshit since 2012The problems with modern Halo run far, far deeper than sprint and advanced movement, those can work if they make a good game to put those elements in, but 343i just has not made any good gamesI have to imagine the venn diagram of the people expecting anything from Infinite and the people who expected anything from a Star Wars trilogy made by Disney is just a circle

>>517549602I hope it continues more of the stuff they delivered on with H3 kinda crazy after the success of Halo 3 they waited 13 years to make another game though.

>>517549602Microsoft declaring an exit from the console market

A hub based micro openworld, you can drive vehicles around and drop covenant like in the second mission of CE. Also make the magnum great again.

>>517553441magnum is great in 5

>>517549602I hope its so awful that 343 is blindsided by the hate they get for it because they genuinly thouht we would like it.

>>517549602I haven't played console halo in a few years, the newest one to me is still Reach. I stopped playing 360 once GTA V was tiring after the first month and went back to PC only. What have I missed? I got on el dewrito right before some big update like a year and half ago. however. I didn't even know there was a halo 5 until I saw screenshots on here of people mocking tid-bits some time ago.

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what's with you people saying you're gonna buy it no matter what? this is why the jews control your countries with no trouble at all. youre like a lab rats to a food pellet. subhuman and dumb as fuck - barely deserving of consciousness.

>>517549602If I have to play as anyone other than Master Chief I'm not getting it.

I want to see an apology for 5

>>517557557We're never playing anyone other than Master Chief in a mainline game again.

>>517549602Why do they need grappling hooks if they have jetpacks?

>>517549602No hope. I want it to be good, but I don't have any hope that it will be. Maybe the multiplayer will be fun, I liked Halo 5's despite the horrendous art style.

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I want to see the release date.

>>517549602They're never going to go back to the kind of freeform janky fun that the original Halo games were all about, so don't get your hopes up.

I want big fucking battles with lots of marines running around and getting ragdoll'd by explosions

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I honestly don't give a shit about Sprint. It's a meme issue that people are placing way too much weight on and most of the arguements both for and against it don't hold up to deep inspection.>>517553441The Halo 5 pistol was amazing, though? It's basically just a balanced version of the CE magnum and after the TU it was almost as dominant as the CE pistol was>>517555601Halo 4 and 5 both have visual redesigns for factions people dislike; UNSC stuff is less angular and more hyperdetailed; Covenant stuff is super hyper-organic, etc. Halo 4's campaign was alright but not great, sort of like a less tedious but also blander version of CE's campain. In terms of story, it tries to have a more fleshed out emotional connection between MC and an increasingly corrupted Cortana, but people are split on if that was good or awful (I say awful because the dialog had me constantly cringing).; and the execution of it introducing Forerunner-novel-era-lore in game was really poorly done even if that lore in those novels was god tier. In terms of MP 4 was heavily Call-of-Duty-ized with loadouts, perks, even somehting akin to killstreaks, etc. As it's own thing it's sort of fun I guess but it really doesn't fit Halo.5's campaign is just a boring bland mess. It's not even worth playing, aside from mission 2 (which was amazing), seeing the Elite homeworld, and Exuberant Witness (a qt female monitor); and the story basically throws out everything 4 was doing in the trash (in a bad way) and doesn't even resolve it's own shit. MP wise the CoD stuff is mostly gone and replaced by new movement systems like thrusters and sliding, which the community is split on, but even the people who don't really think it fits Halo admit it's good; the movement, shooting, etc is easily the tightest and most responsive and fastest it's ever been. Best weapon balance too (at least pre TU; even the AR, SMG, etc were good), and easily the best Forge, which is almost a dev tool by now, see webm

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>>517558584Unfortunately it seems that way, which means the franchise is doomed in the long run. >>517561468>>517555601fuck it, dumping H5 forge stuff

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>>517561682Forge has progressed that far? Is Halo 5 on PC?

i think it would be cool if a week or so after the reveal they do a demo and show halo running on a pc, an xbox one s, and an xbox series x so we can see the difference in quality.i think we might have to wait for digital foundry to do that at launch though. but i am curious what a current gen version of the game is like compared to next gen.

>>517561682>>517561468>>517555601>>517562018>Is Halo 5 on PC?Not entirely, but there's a free W10 port for Forge and custom games speffically + a custom games browser (though from what I hear it's pretty dead)

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>>517561682>Unfortunately it seems that way, which means the franchise is doomed in the long run.Franchise is saved now since the focus is on gameplay and not story again, Arbiter, Reach, and Locke almost killed this franchise.


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>>517562661Really anything that isn't steam based is instantly dead on PC.


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>>517549602No weird romantic relationship with Cortona and Master Cheif,that shit was awkward afNo gameplay mechanics people have complained about,like sprint and spartan charge.Hope the leaks are true and that the maps are slightly bigger or open world,either way that idea sounds neat.I know it'll never happen but I want them to have a tease to end Cheifs story,he's probably like 40 or some shit by now. I also want brutes and for the halo to be bigger than Halo 3s Halo.

>>517563584this actually looks pretty cool. is there any other good H5 forge stuff?


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>>517563584Holy shit.

>>517549602Ride-able Wars vehicles, especially the CyclopsActual good writingA version of Firefight with objectives that aren't trash like in 5, give me shit like 4 dudes needing to drive an elephant across a giant map while being assailed by waves of enemiesIf they absolutely need to throw in a battle royale mode, I just hope they combine it with the PvE and objectives and shit from warzone, so it's more than just killing dudes

>>517549602>i personally want to see no sprint and a grappling hookyou were inside a cave since 2012 weren't you? it will have both, it's extremely obvious.

>>517564006forge is probably the only thing everyone agrees was good about 5. It's full of cool shit.

>>517565593>If they absolutely need to throw in a battle royale modenever post again.

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>>517566669They're gonna do it, you know they will5 already had microtransactions, they're not just suddenly going to stop being microsoft's money puppets

>>517549602Open World

>>517565593>they absolutely need to throw in a battle royale mode,

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>>517569621>>517564801>>517564006>>517563584>>517563410>>517562661>>517561682>>517562018>>517561468>>517555601>>517562808You're wrong, but even if you weren't, i'd rather the franchise be dead then be bastardized and come up with contrived excuses to keep MC around for all time as if he's Mario or Link. MC is a specific character with a finite lifespan in a franchise where the timeline matters. They can't just keep him around forever.

>>517549602A day one PC release in its proper form. Not some watered down console.

>>517561468>It's a meme issue that people are placing way too much weight onMust be hard being a retard.

>>517569621>>517564801>>517564006>>517563584>>517563410>>517562661>>517561682>>517562018>>517561468>>517555601whoops forgot my file

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>>517569824Shut up, timeline never mattered in Halo>cryosleep>Chief having increase lifespan from genetic enhancement from both the UNSC and Librarian>CryptumGo back to Star Wars or some Sony movie, Halo is a video games series made in the late 90s and has some fantacy elements in there.

Campaign and MP hopes:> Forge at the start and not months later when everyones done> Splitscreen> A non-shit campaign> Memorable maps> Make multiplayer more like H3> Non shit multiplayer matchfinding> Non shit unlock system> Really big team team battles (100+)> Open world campaign> Campaign with large battlesI say "non shit" cus it doesn't really have to bedazzle every expectation, it's just gotta ensure to me that Halo will never be like 4/5 again.

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>>517550203They weren't even that bad in the lore, it's just that they refused to separate them from the Covenant in the games despite very much not being anywhere close.

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>>517571079>constantly undermined by glow in the dark ONI spooks.The more familiar with Halo lore I get, the more I come to fucking loathe ONI for shitting things up on purpose all the time. Halsey not exempt.

It's going to have sprint, if I see a single one of you faggots crying on Thursday about sprint after knowing damn well it's going to have sprint I'll personally suplex you on to a bed of nails

Sprint isnt bad but armor abilities and those jet pack thrust things are and mantling

>>517571079>Missing the flood>The only faction that will always persist, singing glory everlasting

>>517571853That's the opposite of true, CoDfag

>>517549602sprint is completely retarded to begin withjust make everyone run at 125% speed, everyone wins

>>517549602>no sprintWhy, is this a meme? All players I see sprinting in Halo 5 are fucking jobbers. There are penalties for sprinting you know. I feel like I'm being meme'd by nostalgia-fags.

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>>517565593>battle royale Shit opinion

>>517572656>fucks with map design because players have faster maximum movement speed>slows down base player speed to compensate>makes the game play more like CoD>faggots just run around in circles all day instead of committing to engagementsIt's shit! Things like thruster are far more suited to Halo's core gameplay loop, if anything.

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>>517573084It's not an opinion, you know they're going to do it, just like it's going to have sprint

>>517549602>grappling hookWhat retarded nigger bullshit are you on?

Why has there never been a faction that worships the flood?It seems like a no-brainer, the Gravemind offers a way better argument and promise of an afterlife than the Prophets ever could, and it clearly isn't opposed to working with other lifeforms for its own benefit