Persona loves human women but for me it's demon girls

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First for pixie a cute.

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>>517548378If the shit that goes down in smt ever happened in real life and I didn't die immediately, I would do nothing but attemp to fuck demon girls until I got killed.

I want to fuck this "demon"

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>>517551578May you have better success than Anthony.

Sons of man, you are beyond redemption

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>>517552749No one cares, betatron, you'll always be second fiddle to Satan.

>>517548378Nigga that is too much ass

>>517548378Nice feet but wrong series. Every demon canonically has horrid feet and it's be design, it's an integral element of the series.

>>517551578I'm kind of surprised by how rare naturally born demon half breeds are in the series. IVA and possibly SJR confirmed that it's possible so you'd think there'd be more than just a few running around considering how sex-crazed some demons are and how desperate humans can get. There's no way an Oni hasn't raped someone before.

I wanna fuck a demon so bad, bros.

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imagine getting a blowie from the lord

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Why did they make Pixie so fuckable, bros?

>>517553780>Mermaid fin starts above the knees so she can have fuckable holesNice.

>>517553245Factually incorrect.

>>517553245Ireland pls go and stay go

>>517552749Based and Lawpilled

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>>517553576I know, right? I bet those fucking Law assholes cockblock.

God I wish I were Oberon

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>the way she casually waves her hand to castdiamonds

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>>517549951I like pixie for her personalityalso her thighs

Imagine being eating by a beautiful demon.

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>>517556180I would fugg dat

>>517556180god I wish she would sit on my face

Coolest chaos daemon?

>>517556180Giant demon mommy

>tfw no heroine gf

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>>517548378is there any game be it smt, persona, or spin off where you get to dick down the demons?

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>>517553895through Him anything is possible

>>517557820Nothing as far as I know allows that. I'd say (yet) but like, it'll probably never happen considering individual demons are rarely important enough gameplaywise to stick around for longer than like 10 levels.

>>517548378You should get to social link with the demons, while you just actually hang out with party members. That way, party members can have real development again, you keep the dating sim portions, and you get to fuck a Pixie. This solves every problem at once.

>>517557820Mot dicks you down in Nocturne


>>517556163I remember I started to like her when I first played that mmo and refused to tear off her wings.

Scathach makes me coom to this day

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>>517548378Imagine if Pixie shrunk you. Wouldn't that be funny? Haha...

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Is Strange Journey worth it?Should I play the original DS version or 3DS?

>>517559201>shrinking instead of fucking her at her default size

For me it's ganguro goddess.

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>>517559201But how small?

>>517548378those look like humans to me.

>>517559580No you fool, think smaller.>>517559761She could just be a head taller then you or full on role reversal.

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What can you say about every main timeline SMT game?

>>517559964imagine her brapping in the wine

>>517560067fizzy bubblescarbonated

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>>517559964Nah man, if she can't wrap her whole body around my dick, why bother? I've got other demons I can fuck in the pussy.

>>517551578would this thing kick my ass if I attempted to fug it?

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>>517556180I want to spend eternity being crushed by every part of her body

>>517560632Even her teeth?

Would put so many babies in Lilim.

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>>517562382>deformed legseverytime

>>517560431Cu would rape your prostate with his lance. And I ain't talking about Gae Bolg.

>>517561453Of course even her teeth.

>>517559046best demon, both in strength and visuals

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>>517563254I'll just give him some dog meat.

>>517559542Strange Journey has some of the best boss fights of any rpg I’ve ever played

This demon slaps you on the ass and calls you pookums; what do you do?

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>>517562382those feet have likely never touched the ground and must be unimaginably clean and soft


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>>517552749This. Humans should only be with humans just as The Lord commanded years ago. Anything else is filth.

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I'm playing Soul Hackers on the 3DS on the standard difficulty I hear this is one of the easier SMT games, Is it true? Soul hacker is my first SMT I'm at the VR art mueseum how long do I have to go?

>>517565592>It's okay when YHVH does it

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fuck the heroine's dream in smt 1 holy shit, literally everything binds you and thank god I had a soma for the boss fight or I would have literally no way to beat it FUCK

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>>517551849cute feet

Why do people dislike the gasha?

alice is cute

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>>517553576They're just not the focus, besides Hallelujah, Alex and Dante the whole Demikids franchise is about them.

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>>517567561It's easier than most games in that it lacks any memorable bullshit, like Mot in Nocturne, or Sector E in Strange Journey, or the difficulty spikes of SMT4/Apocalypse. The Magnetite management is kind of tough at first, but by the late game it becomes free money alongside the Macca/Magnetite stock market. VR Art museum is a little way before the halfway point of the game.

>>517567561Yes, Soul Hackers is a fairly easy game and you can beat it without even having a full party, Nemissa is incredibly broken and can obliterate enemies even with tier 1 spells. I'd say you are %40 through the game, it's not very long. >>517572140Bear with it user, eventually you will have charm bullets and the game will become a breeze, good luck with the final dungeon if you don't have Estoma though.

>>517555507You should read the Lamía poem by John Keats. It's not lustful, but it's great and cute.

>>517567561It's not particularly hard but has some old game design.Have a protip: when you get to 30-something level, fuse Fury Tonatiuh (use randomized result app, it's one of the rarer races) and trade it at pet shop.

I want Pixie to grind on my member