>Free online>Gamepass>Xcloud>Backwards compatible games with upgrades>Last gen games with FREE upgrades>Free Xbox Live...

>Free online>Gamepass>Xcloud>Backwards compatible games with upgrades>Last gen games with FREE upgrades>Free Xbox Live Gold>Most powerful console ever cheaper than the PS5>Cheap smaller compact alternative that will STILL play every game and be somewhat powerful>Japanese shit finally coming to Xbox>New studios not getting held back because of Gamepass freedom>Halo second golden age coming upJesus fucking christ, Snoys are scared as fuckXbros, get in here!

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But why the nipples?

>>517543970>no exclusivesxbox loses again

>>517543970>>Free onlinestopped reading there

Kill all wojak posters

>>517544062The Xbox exclusive is getting pussy

>>517543970>Free online

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as a PC bro i am rooting for y'all! you guys seem super pro consumer this time around

>>517544570>y’allDon’t you have a BLM riot to attend?

>>517543970Why's everybody a nigger? Is Switch the only white platform?

>>517543970we did it xbros, we fucking won

>>517544878Anything but PlayStation is white platform.

>>517543970don't care still buying snoy

>>517544752Isn't "y'all" a southerner thing? When did it become a nigger thing?

I kinda want to hunt down the old "they need to charge for online because servers cost money" crowd, see if any of them are still singing that song or backpedalling.

>>517544752no bro i ain't tryna catch no covid

>>517545443ebonics derives a lot from southern dialect, y'know they were slaves in the south for a while and all

>>517545473xbox live is still better than any PC online community


>>517545443BLM is not a nigger thing, it's an upper class white women thing, and they have stolen the term "y'all" to seem more "with it" with the blacks.

>>517544752Every person I know that says ya'll is a racist redneck son'bitch

>>517545612That actually makes sense.

>>517545443Since white liberals abducted it to get closer to their nigger slaves.

>>517545443I live in Southern Ontario, I’ve never heard anyone say y’all in my entire life except for some blacks>>517545967Son bitch?Even the rednecks up north don’t say y’all

>>517545847idk i could turn on a blm rally and see black people rioting

>>517546273He's pretending to be southern, it's sumbitch (son of a bitch) and only we get to say y'all. fuck twitter lefties

>>517543970>Free onlinegib sauce now

>>517546423I live in Southern Ontario nobody speaks like this, if you spoke like this here people would think you’re a retard. Speak English

>>517543970BasedSony.ggers should be put back into the POZZED cu.ck shed

>>517544059>he doesn't like nippleswhat are you a fag?

>>517543970>New studios not getting held back because of Gamepass freedomRemember all the delays crackdown 3 received? Remember who Tim Schaffer is? This is gonna come back and bite them in the ass.

>>517543970Rooting for xbros this gen. I might get gamepass ultimate and check out xcloud on PC. Good shit.

>>517546273>I live in Southern Ontario, I’ve never heard anyone say y’all in my entire life except for some blacksthat's because you never leave the basement

>>517547225Sony.ggers don't live in the basement, they live in a cu.ckshed

>>517543970Wait so multiplayer is going to be free now?

>>517547225I don’t have a car so I’m never in the basement of my building

>>517546774It's a rumour from some literally who’s on twitter, corroborated by the 12 month XBL being removed and xbox going platform agnostic

>>517545443>Isn't "y'all" a southerner thing?no

>>517544878pretty much

>>517543970Few questions:Is all of this confirmed? Cause I think free online is a rumor only.>Backwards compatible games with upgrades>Last gen games with FREE upgradesExplain these upgrades.I'm genuinley interested. Was done with consoles after this last gen that sucked ass but if I can dive headfirst back into Halo/Gears/Forza of old I might just go back to Xbone.

>>517545443Define southern.

>>517547879Those are still in Xbox One? Backwards Compatibilty allows you to play games from even OG Xbox era. Smart Delivery is once you get a game for example AC Valhalla, you can play it in both Xbox One and Xbox SeX.



>>517543970ZERO stars exclusives

>>517543970is the xbox guy white or mexican?

My favourite part about it being free is that I can show off my acheivements for free

>>517546273Toronto here. Only hear it from a few blacks and American tourists.

>>517545443y'all didnt've never been heard that before neither, huh

>>517548212As in, it'll be added to your account and you can just play it on any platform at any time?

Check this 5

Seems like your company's making a pretty good comeback after the Xbone bros, I'm legit glad things are looking up for you and the Gamepass shit looks actually greatDon't let Microshit catch you off guard though, stay alertt. nintendobabby

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>>517548380Yeah, and?>>517548585I’m in Toronto too, I’ve only met one American in my life he was some curry nigger that started talking to me on the subway

>>517548574Judging from the light tan and style of tattoo, I’m guessing Mexican. That’s the running joke with Xbox anyway.

unironically i do not give a fuck about exclusives, and the Xbox has a far superior community without any shitters or fuckheads, so as far as I care, Xbox is the superior platform for me.don't care about any sony gamesmy pc is only for mods and hideous destructorswitch is only for hackingsimple as

>>517543970>Japanese shit finally coming to XboxIf by japanese you mean anime I might finally get a microsoft console for the first time in my life.

>>517544420Based wtf I’m an Xbox chad now

>>517544570>you guys seem super pro consumer this time aroundYeah I bet microsoft is totally based and pro consumer now lol we’re u born last night

>>517548585>>517548797>toronto fags.Are you guys even human? What reason is their to live in that shithole? Born and poor are accpetable answers.

>>517543970Playing on pc and pirating everything gives you more than all the shit you listed. Hell, even a hacked switch is better than the xbox

Phil is gonna DOMINATE this July & August when he drops the XBL Gold news, bundled with the games showcase, the superior hardware and design of the console, AND the pricing.There is gonna be a mass exodus from Sony and SeX preorders are gonna be INSANE.

>>517549275The only reason is living in the economic center of the country. Bets and highest paying jobs are here. That's literally it because this city sucks dick. I take it you're from a secondary part of the country that's obsessed with how much better it is there than in Toronto?

>>517544420>The Xbox exclusive is getting pussyglad you got something to do with nogaems

>>517548701Yes. There won't be different game licenses. There will be one game and it will determine your console to adjust it's graphical settings.

>>517543970>Free Online>Backwards compatible with literally every game ever made>All games get free upgrades called mods>Even more most powerful>Let the old studios burn from their greedy practices and woke garbage, you can make your own games here with just as high quality>Has all Halo games.I used literally only a Sonyfag because of Bloodborne and LBP3. Thankfully it will not be missed since the other souls borne titles are on PC as well and I'm gonna go far beyond LBP when I make my own games. JOIN US

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>>517543970>all that shit available or even better on PC

>>517549275Born here, where else would I live? Hamilton? Sarnia? Fuck that shit. The meme about foreigners taking over Toronto isn’t true either they only live in the suburbs because they can’t afford the city unless they’re Filipino nannies with 3 families in one apartment. Just they all go downtown and that’s where all the tourists go so they think Toronto is full of them, when they really aren’t. Your average Torontonian who isn’t living in some suburban ghetto will probably see a black or Chinese like once a week

>>517548797>>517549275>>517549378>>517548380What does the south have to do with Canada? When people say south they're talking about the states that were once part of the confederacy.

>>517549143relative to the other game companies, what microsoft is trying to accomplish right now is relatively pro consumer, yes.

>>517549565Port Dover, most based port town

>>517549719Maybe if you said south of the border people would think of the US, when you say “I live south” the first thing I think of is southern Ontario

>>517549565Alright you're either coping or you really don't live in this city. It's literally over 50% visible minority, the majority of which were not born in Canada. Toronto has been completely taken over.

>>517548701Digitally yes, physically the disc will work on both platforms.


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>>517550042Doesn't this mean people will just be sharing their physical media so they can load up on every game in the catalog?


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>>517550005Ya'll has always been southern USA slang. Do people really not know this? How old are you?

>>517550013I live midtown near Yonge and Eg, it’s only completely taken over because Scarborough and North York got amalgamated with us and these suburban niggers think they live in the “six”

Reminder SeX has AI to introduce HDR in non-HDR older titles.

>>517550126No, because you'd need the disc. Even with OG Xbox and 360 games, it downloads the game on the Xbone but unless you own it digitally it won't launch without the actual disc in it.

>>517549537>can't buy physical media anymore>discs right now are literally just links to stream

>>517543970>Free onlineredeeming what you have brought onto the industry doesn't make you're still the villain.

>>51755025130I don’t know or care about American slang

>>517550140>"For the first time ever we're happy to announce that Persona 3 FES+ is coming to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass on PC as a timed exclusive. We're also working closely with Atlus and Sega on bringing over Persona 4 The Golden and Persona 5 The Royal to Xbox One very soon."Could you imagination the devestation?

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>>517550261I'm at Yonge and Sheppard, moved here from downtown years ago. Toronto has been taken over man, this place is done. They moved from Markham and Scarborough years ago. The Chinese in particular have bought up significant portions of this city. Like I said, it's over 50% minority here.

>>517543970I hope we can revive tf2 on the xbox3.

>>517550140why is he SO FUCKING SMUGhow do you even achieve THAT FUCKING LEVEL OF SMUGNESS

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>>517550565I mean, all of Kingdom Hearts made it to Xbox. I wouldn't dismiss Phil's reach.

>>517550072So? There's like, a billion other games on PC. Why even stop on just steam anyway? There's a bajillion other third party games that are also super fun. Hell, like I said, I can make my own games too with just a little patience in learning from tutorials.Also jokes on you, you can't mock me with a game I never actually cared about>>517550417Fuck u. Consoles are leaning in that direction anyway. It's only a matter of time before they too are all digital (and without the option to upgrade I might add lol)

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>>517550614No wonder you think it’s full of foreigners if you live in a suburban shithole Again it’s only 50% non White because of Scarborough and North York if amalgamation never happened we would be 75% white

>>517550492British and Canadians who come to Florida are all about the slang and the accents, alot of Canadians love to LARP the cowboy look with spurs and throw in the "Ya'll come back now ya hear!" In most Texan bars I've been to. Either you're just being rude out of disrespect right now or you're genuinely uneducated about social factors outside of Canada.

>>517549378>>517549565Actually i am from the other shit city in the country. No actual hate, I just like razzing torontites.>>517549719who fucking cares.

>>517550875Why would I care about some republican shit hole country where one single city has as many murder in a weekend as our entire country does in a year?

>>517550810To reiterate, I moved from downtown which has also been taken over. Toronto gets 1/3 of all immigrants, virtually all of which are non white, and we take in about 300,000 people per year. This is on top of decades of heavy immigration. Toronto is now more minority than white. Yes, I am referring to the entirety of the city and not just the suburbs that were amalgamated in the 90's. This is irrefutable and I hate to be the bringer of bad news for you.

>>517551024You people to come down in droves. You tell me.

>>517550914Snowbirds do.

>>517551183Those are Queerbeckers and Jews they’re not Canadian >>517551138I bet you’re some wop crying about immigrants when your nono can’t even speak english

>>517551465Who's crying? These are literally the facts as they are. No sense in pretending otherwise.

>>517547565They removed the 12 month subscription for xbox live. It suggests theyll replace it with a new service and/or make online free given how they are opening up to PC which has free online. Its not fair to make xbox users pay for online while PC users dont and get the same exclusives.

God when will Alberta, BC and Saskatchwan finally leave the confederation.

>say y'all once>entire thread turns to conversation about canadian cities

>>517545443Remember, if you see someone write "ya'll," they are a phony, probably Canadian.

>>517551848Maybe in your suburban shithole, I can’t even remember seeing a black or Chinese since this lockdown. I’ve seen some wops and Slavs though I’ll admit that and they should go back to their own country

>>517551879Or just merge it with the gamepass. So many people have gamepass now they might feel that gold is irrelevant now.

>>517552097We can keep going in this circle or you can do some actual research into the demographics of the different parts of this city. What you happen to have seen with your eyes during a lockdown really isn't indicative of reality. You must be able to understand that.

>>517543970I have every system this gen and a PC, and the Xbox one is my favorite because it has the best home entertainment center out of all of these.

>>517551947It's crazy. Ya'll has always been all about the south and Xbox is American. Why are so many Canadians here?

>>517552256I did, and all these non whites live in the suburbs

>>517543970why isn’t the Xbox Chad bro black?Most blacks play Nintendo, Xbox or PCThe deli one happened in the PS3Most onions consumers are white

>>517543970>Free onlineIf true, Nintendo needs to drop paid online

>have a top of the line pc and nintendo switch

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>>517552380I take it back. You're not able to understand it.Good luck in your fairy tale version of the city my man.

here's a little more fuel for the firetwitter.com/bdsams/status/1281363026659115009that is brad sams, a microsoft insider, making a vague tweet after a recent earnings call. he knows what is happening "July 23rd preview" and then posts a spicy meme. another microsoft insider, mary jo foley, responds with a curious elmo gif, and then brad responds again with a baby throwing money out the window.these two aren't gaming insiders, just microsoft in general, but they know about what xbox is doing. this all lines up with making gold free. the twitter exchange all sounds a bit ridiculous typed out, but again, these aren't gaming people, they are commenting on microsoft business alone.you can add to this jeff grubb recently going on record to say he has heard xbox gold will be made free and that is almost a sure thing. video with grubb's comments hereyoutu.be/7I9p6lpjL5gthis is all really exciting. i'm pretty fucking sure that mad lad spencer is actually doing it. when you take everything into account, it looks very obvious.

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>>517552592Nintendo will likely keep theirs considering it's price was already lower and just double down on paid emulators for GBA or some lame shit.

>>517550140Please this.

>>517545443I always thought it was a Texan thing at least with how many spaghetti westerns have cowboys saying yall

>>517552745Have fun in your suburb Wop

>>517552758Might explain why they removed the yearly sub which sucks ass for me right now as I was about to resub in order to play fucking fortnite with a friend

Halo Infinite if he free

>>517543970wait, free online? that might actually get me to buy it

>>517545443It is, but soys and liberals (many of which were northerners who moved to the south's cities) hijacked the term and ruined it. Of course, I still use y'all as I am an actual Southerner and not using a word because of low test faggots is beta.

>>517552867Sony will keep theirs too. They make too much money out of their monthly subs

>>517544059But why male models?


>>517553075can still buy a year from third parties, for now. if gold goes free, of course, you will essentially just be buying yourself gamepass at a discount for the future

>>517552758>>517550345>>517549424Is it me or is Xbox finally turning it around?

>>517552932It's a southern state thing. For example, an amusement park called Dollywood in Tennessee uses the popular phrase called "Y'all come back now ya here!" as a slogan. I think only recently young kids in urban areas in the western word have taken a fond liking to ya'll for whatever reason.

>>517553257That’s not a dialect that’s just broken English Stay in Detroit nigger

Youse > Y'all

>>517543970">Free online"There is no fucking way Microsoft is just letting people play online for free, they make billions off of consoles plebs paying their monthly fee.

Attached: Quiet.gif (678x422, 805.98K)

>>517545443It is a southern thing when spoken aloud, but when typed it's usually either a nigger or some roastie who craves nigger cock

>>517553410> I think only recently young kids in urban areas in the western word have taken a fond liking to ya'llYou mean niggers and Filipinos thinking they’re niggers

>>517543970Xchads... I... I kneel...

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>>517552867Nintendo will get backlash for it.

>>517543970Won't ever get any of the followingbloodborne 2god of war 2resistance 4horizon one dawnfinal fantasy 84d dot game heroeskula world 2the last of us part II 2spider-man 2killzone battle royaleinfamous third sonafrika 2unreal engine 5playstation all stars battle royal 2daredevilape escape 4uncharted 5lair 2castlevania (japan studio)bloodborne karteve dust 515heavy rain 2mag 2littlebigplanet 4dreams 2demon's souls 2demon's souls remakeflow 2flower 2uncharted lost legacy 2tearaway unfolded 2big maringtokyo jungle 2ico 2heavenly sword 2syphon filter 7metal gear solid 6jak 4haze 2nioh 3singstar 2modnation racers 2god of war 4motorstorm 4fat princess 2legend of dragoon 2gran turismo 8Socom 5medievil 3tourist trophy 2the order: 1887journey 2speed punks 2siren 4eyetoy 2beyond: 3 soulssports champions 2ratchet and clank 15folklore 2knack 3starhawk 2concrete genie 2parappa the rapper 3locoroco 3agentsuper rub a dub 2the getaway 4until dawn 2white knight chronicles 3croc 3killzone 5days gone 2doki doki universe 2buzz: the big quiz 2persona 6echochrome 3sorcery 2deracine 2everyboy's golf 7death stranding 2driveclub 2p.t 28 dayswipeout 9ghost of tsushima 2mlb the show 2dogs life 2patapon 4littlebigplanet karting 2shadow of the colossus 2godfallsilent hillstwisted metal 8detroit 2sly cooper 5Last Guardian 2Gravity Rush 3RIP xbutts

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>>517553434A-user... you realize that Detroit is apart of the midwest, right?

>>517543970>Free onlineThey could did this when the Xbox One 2013 caused all the damaged just to fix everything but they didn't

>>517553457They got game pass subs now. People are subbing to that instead

>>517553573And white Canadian city kids.

>>517549537>>517549551NO ONE CARES ABOUT GAY PC PLATFORM stop injecting your bullshit intro any thread

>>517553347wait for the games show. every other part of the xbox offering right now is perfect, if they have a few good games too, it's easily the best place for a console gamer to be for the next few years at least.

>>517553664It’s nowhere near the west retard >>517553705Yeah pretending to be niggers, but those are all suburban kids from Scarborough

>>517546832>he's pretending to be southern>I live in Southern Ontariosometimes it's hard to tell if you guys are actually this dumb or if you're just pretending

>sup little brother, fighting against the black kiddies again, huh? Well, i will be playing a little on my PC dont bother me

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>>517553663You made up a bunch of those sequels.

>>517553443Ay youse guys c’mere. Having family in both the Northern and Southern US is neat sometimes.

>>517553886No retard, the mid west. As in the middle west. Detroit and Chicago aren't anywhere near Southern.

Attached: file.png (1200x777, 180.91K)

>>517553904>youre not southern you only live in the south of your province!Stop shitposting please

>>517553823This year I finally gave up on consoles and decided to move over to PC only, was really disappointed with this gen. And now this.

>>517554012I don’t know what you’re talking about, but how can Michigan be the west when it’s nowhere near the prairies


Attached: file.png (638x479, 417.92K)

>>517554015ok, sorry

>>517554132>midwest is part of the eastern half of the country

>>517554012>>517554132>midwest region>mostly within the eastern half of the USDo burgers really? Why not just call it midnorth region?

Attached: BANGBANGBANG.png (240x240, 24.11K)

>>517554132They're shitposting. They know what's what. I hope

Attached: 1510553291476.jpg (1200x856, 229.09K)

>>517554338>>517554248>>517554129I'm actually not sure to be honest, it's more of a cultural thing I presume because Ohio doesn't really fit in with either the south or the northeast which is why theyre lumped in. Same for Michigan, Illinios, etc.

>>517554132>almost the entire try of the midwest overlaps with the south east This is retarded >>517554139It’s okay

When did my all-American brand become infested with maple niggers...

If the lockhart is real, cheap, and has free multiplayer, this might be my first xbox.I'll still be an idort of course, but my PC is mostly for autism simulators nowadays.

Attached: 1495470077837.jpg (1920x1080, 221.63K)

>>517554538Canada is the worlds third largest video game market

>>517554423>being retarded is cultural


>>517554338>>517554248>>517554515There is a lot of debate as to why certain states are considered part of certain regions:>As settlers started to head west, they often went through Michigan and Ohio. At that time they were considered west. Obviously, they are no longer west so we're deemed Midwest.>They look more snug identified with the rest of the Midwest states.>Too far west to be considered east, yet to east to be considered full west.>Their association with the Great Lakes.>The bottom line is the US Census Bureau categorized them in the Midwest and what they say goes. Much like many other things in life, it is just a matter of perspective and we will not always agree with it.>>517554702Yes.

Attached: file.png (1280x720, 451.85K)

>>517553663Enjoy your cinematic walking simulator #999999 you snoy fanboy

Attached: 21C48EBA-5222-4530-881A-DF3F640FA576.gif (500x267, 999.48K)

>>517545612true, most black slaves came from the south and most of them learnt how to speak from their slave owners, old western movies are full of slangs that are assossiated ith ebonics today

>>517543970>+ 157 posts and 18 image replies omitted.is this board THAT retarded to keep the shitposting alive??

Attached: 1587598217102.jpg (321x352, 59.32K)

>>517554761The Great Lakes are in the east though

>>517554923but at the time it was settled it was considered the west


>>517554132Wtf how is Alaska so cold if it's next to Mexico?

>>517553663basedimagine being an xbox fan after this gen.

Attached: spencer.jpg (990x917, 142.69K)

>>517554875Can you speak up user? The sound of Phil Spencer's balls slapping against your wife's ass is to loud for me to hear your post.

>>517543970>free onlineNo chance.I recall reading that Microsoft makes over a billion a year in Xbox live subscriptions alone.

>>517543970>flagrant fanboy thread still up

>>517555296Likely lost a lot more after a disaster of a gen. If this gen is like last, they're finished. Getting desperate

>>517544420snoys obliterated

>>517550072How can you call them sloppy seconds if they have higher FPS, higher resolution, free mods, and more controller options?

Attached: 1590000196762.jpg (340x340, 16.02K)

>>517549719I think that's the joke.I live in southern Virginia and people say y'all here all the time.

>>517555007No it wasn’t, Ruperts Land stretched further west

Attached: 694A0856-6DCC-4CB4-8C4E-ACC2A33C590D.jpg (1536x1241, 1.2M)

>>517555336>it's ok when Sony does it

>>517555134>>517555007>>517554923 >>517554743>>517554702 >>517554638>>517554515 >>517554015>>517553936 >>517553886 >>517553705 >>517553434 >>517553443 >>517553573 >>517552380>>517551947 >>517551898 >>517551465>>517551138>>517551024 >>517550914 >>517550492 >>517550013 >>517550005 >>517549565>>517549275 >>517548797>>517548739 >>517548380 >>517546273 >>517554338 >>517554248

Attached: canada.jpg (563x522, 56.68K)

>>517552219They should just make online free at this point rebranding xbox onto PC where its free.

>>517556134Stop shitposting

>>517549537Can’t play halo 5 can’t i? Even though it’s bad I wanna play the campaign

>>517556134all me

>>517552758Phil absolute mad man

>>517543970Holy fuck wojak is the new rage comic.

Attached: 1437238032727.jpg (1000x1000, 567.57K)

>>517550072The absolute state of PCkeks

>>517543970Sadly, according that pic, you end up being a spic surrounded by negroes.

>>517543970Online will be free? They fucking started the subscription based shit and Sony followed suit. Now they’re going free? That’s some 4D chess right there. I’m switching to MS. Clever bastards.

>>517553959nope they have been confirmed yesterday


Attached: 2B7A50F7-0431-418C-BBD4-3A9F30767EA7.jpg (1536x612, 772.87K)

>PS5 isn't even true RDNA2Sony got dabbed on pretty hard this gen

>>517556647It's just speculation at the moment, they've made no official statement that paying for online is going away.

>>517556612you are, no matter what you do, may as well fuck them

Jay 2cents already confirmed. The new Xbox SEX console GPU will be the equivalent of a 2080Ti. Xbox live to be FREE. Expect PC gaymers mass selloff and Steam going out of business.youtube.com/watch?v=WebInZUvcGA

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (476x357, 20.16K)

>>517543970What's up with the chick on the left? She looks ill.

>>517557109I'm not a stupid American though.

>>517557104I hope it’s real though coz my body is definitely ready.

>>517557104It going free is the only plausible option. Other scenarios would be bad PR.

>>517550072>None of these titles would appear on the front pageNice try console pleb

>>517553457Game Pass pretty much gives them the perfect opening for a power play like that, you underestimate just how many folks sub to it.>Online becomes free to use>Instead of Games With Gold, Game Pass Ultimate users will get two games every month to keep even if their subs expire>Those two games can be from any generation's catalogs due to BCThat's pretty much them admitting having Xbox players need to pay would be ridiculous especially now with PC cross-integration, and making a move to make Game Pass Ultimate even more appealing to compensate for the loss of Gold.

Attached: 1414101592877.jpg (1280x1440, 1.02M)

>>517557278don't worry, they'll come to your country and take over eventually

>Free onlineThey're moving it to Game Pass instead to simplify their subscription structure.

>>517558474No, the speculation is to completely eliminate paid online (multiplayer) and sell you the $15 a month subscription (which is still dope and worth it) you literally get to play these games day1 and save money if you end up not liking them. (If console)

>>517558816Nope, that's fanwank. The reality is they're gonna chuck paid online, GP and cloud into the same sub service and go MUH VALUUUUUUUUUUUUUE. XBL is literally the only reliable revenue stream Xbox is capable of.

>>517557158who cares what this faggot thinks?

>>517558474No way they're gonna hit online play with a 200% price hike mere months before launch. That would be 2013 blunder all over again.

>>517559418Except they already announced Xcloud and Game Pass were together, Gold already comes with Ultimate and it's counterintuitive towards selling game copies to REQUIRE Game Pass. I'd say it's a hell of a lot more likely for Gold to be abolished with Game Pass showing to be a success, a new generation coming and a new emphasis on Xbox and PC co-integration. It'd be a massive power play against Sony too in case the stronger console hardware and the inevitably cheaper price point won't already convince people.

>>517555296The xbox division has literally never turned a profit. It has always been a money sink and a desperate gambit like free online + the competition dropping the ball hard is the only way microshit could ever win a console gen

>>517560529I hope Xbox never goes under. It's the whole reason a PS5 will not cost 600+ dollars.

>>517559814This is Uncle Phil we're talking about here.

>>517553663>literally who games and fake sequelsdays coping: 9999

I'm about to buy an Xbox One X in order to play RDR1 and Skate3 at 4k.I also wanted to try out Ninja Gaiden.Are there any amazing Xbox-exclusives that are NOT already on PC?

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>>517565625Unfortunately, not really.Rare replay, and Master Chief Collection's Local Multiplayer. Maybe a Forza game also. There's also Halo 5 Guardians which did get the forge mode and a multiplayer custom games browser on PC but IDK if its dead or not by now. Everything is either on the Windows 10 Store or on Steam.

>>517543970Every game you have is on pc. Why the fuck would I buy your console?

>>517543970Did they improve the load time in morrowind goty edition?

>>517556912>(You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You)

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>>517550140You fucking xbots still didn’t get to play Persona 5 to this day? I pity youLmao Nincels has more higher chances of getting Persona

>>517545443Bless his heart

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>>517543970Just get a PS5 and PC and you wont miss anything next gen

>>517544420>420Based! BASED!

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>>517545443It's a twitter thing now

>>517571972Nah, Xbox has way more overlap with Playstation than Switch. Switch gets fuck all these days.


>>517572326Lmao persona 5 sequel(Persona 5 scramble) is already available on Nincel Switch and I wont be surprised if Atlus released P5r on Switch

>>517556912So he was spot on finding the Canadian shitposter then.

>>517572767I never shitpost

>>517572895>that reply speed

>>517544420Based and Philpilled

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>>517572470Scramble is just a dumb musou.

>>517572942What else am I supposed to do? This is a message board

>>517573042>What else am I supposed to do?Go to bed

>>517544420B-But I thought that was multiplat!

>>517572982Doesn’t matter it’s still a persona game

>>517573108It’s only 2am

>>517544420Based holy shit snoys destroyed, wtf I love xbox

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>>517544420Snoys did not recover

>>517555810Rupert’s land wasn’t part of the areas where the settlers moving into the modern Midwest were coming from, or an area that mattered to them. For settlers in the US in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, what is now Ohio and the rest of the Great Lakes states was the western frontier.

>>517543970Can't wait for another generation of EA Sports, Call of Duty, and pissing on Halo's grave

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>>517574471Lmao even Call of Duty is sucking Sony’s dick now a days

>>517572958What am I looking at here?


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>>517574424The Great Lakes aren’t the western frontier, that doesn’t make sense. Ruperts Land literally extends further west