FOXHOLE THREAD!!! Too many gains and battles to talk about over the last few days...

FOXHOLE THREAD!!! Too many gains and battles to talk about over the last few days, we are on a massive offensive and the boys just attempted an assualt on westgate, results are still pouring in. THE VERMIN NEED YOUR HELP TO DEFEAT THE COLLIE HORDES!>

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holy shit

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>>517543565>a grand total of 3 threads>generalBig black nigger

Just wanna make this comment quick: Hey Holla Forumsermintide, might help if you made sure some veteran or dude who knew what was going on was on full-time introduction duty at the spawn points so randos and new players had an idea of what was expected of them or where they were going to start.


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>>517543565how are draw threads allowed then? it's literally a general and not even vidya

>Deadlands casualties>430/hr>438/hrw-what's happening there

what happened to the last thread?


>>517544331wow, that thread literally has a general OP.

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Okay. Do you niggers here run Logistics?

>>517543565There's been 100 halo threads and they pull this bullshit. How are we supposed to get a game yo /vg/ levels if these fucks prune the threads before they have traffic

>>517543565>Janny mad edition

>>517544142Like im not asking for bootcamp or tutorial shit, just telling fresh spawns what gear to load up with and what truck/boat to get on.

>>517544331go ask them on Rizon

>>517544142I'll help teach your new guys. Tell me a location and I'll be on.

>>517544662just fucking join the discord or subreddit like a normal person

are we the good guys or the bad guys?

>>517544898>QchatQ predicted this

>>517544912I'm busy rn and can't get back on but I'd definitely be more enthusiastic to play in the future if there was a bit more streamlining for newcomers to figure out how they can contribute.

>>517543528I never heard about this game until now but it looks based as fuck. How good is it? Also, wtf is it?

>>517545042I'm gonna start a smol Bootcamp soon. Maybe teach people how to play basics.I ran a small public group for Logistics a few wars back.


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>>517543528Tell me more about this game, it looks interesting, a MMO where we are all soldiers. How do I join? What color should I pick? What do I do?

>>517545638Okay. Hopping on.

>>517543565abib is the biggest faggot of all time, deserves to get his throat slashed desu

>>517545823buy game, click start or whatever, blue, waste shirts

>>517545823Wardens, color is blue. There will be a sidebar on the right side of the screen listing squads to join. vermin or maybe a vermin2 will be the one you're looking for. It's a big war simulation where every bit of ammo and equipment was made in factories with materials harvested and transported by players.

>>517545972Okay this is kind of what I mean. Tutorials and guides and such aside when the vermintide bros are doing some kinda mission it'd help if someone was standing at the spawn directing new people towards whatever group needs them and then let those group leaders guide them along, yanno?

>>517543565>>517544331You may ask yourselves "well why is ___ allowed?" It's because the faggot jannies like/participate in those things, so they get a pass. There has been endless proof that Consoletan threads have jannies in their community, which is what keeps their shitty threads afloat despite being a general, not vidya and often made outside of the day they're supposed to be made on. Not to mention the dozens of Smash threads you'll see at any given time.It's simply a matter of jannies inflating their pathetic virgin egos, just because they can. They don't know what Foxhole is, they don't care.

>>517544946>bro just use the worst social media sites possible lmaokill yourself you embarrassing little faggot

>>517544946fuck you nigger we want a Holla Forums community. Also this shit ruins 4chan, /vg/ was meant to fix the multiple thread fast bumping threads that took over Holla Forums not small recurring threads

>>517543528thanks fellas i just found out about this game from this thread. do you guys know of any videos or whatever that showcases the controls for the units/vehicles in this game? it looks like it borrows from alien swarm. if it's anything like alien swarm im fucking going all in on this shit

>>517543565What a massive fucking faggot.Foxhole threads would die in less than a day on /vg/.

>>517546673everything controls the same, just WASD to move and Q to get inside things

>>517543528>>517543565>>517544342The reason that hideous faggot Abib deleted it was because it linked to a previous thread, which gives it general vibes. I know it's retarded, childish and pedantic but that's why they do it. Just keep making threads but don't link to the last ones and we'll be fine.

I'm too much of a brainlet for this game sadly. The aiming feels weird, and most things in the game feel too slow to me.

>>517544627I started to mine some shit, saw somebody with a sledgehammer and went to make one. Took me forever to figure it out.

>>517543565>talking about video games on the video game thread is "insidious"This keeps getting betteralso>"I-it's not my fault, they made me do it. I'm the good guy here!"

>>517543565>ABIBGod must truly hate humanity to not give this fuck a heart attack from the endless hot pockets he consumes.

Foxhole threads ALWAYS die on /vg/. Fuck jannies.

>>517546919nicenicenice, i'm just a keystroke away from getting this, currently going through the reviews on steamhows the netcode? actually how do they manage the player regions? for example are players in asia mixed in with NA etc?


>>517547249Anything that doesn't have waifus or 10 million players dies on /vg/.

>>517546146much more organized than the vermin are currently, right now it's more or less join squad and go off the thread for a chance to run into other vermin

>>517547285Everyone is in the same server.

>tfw no Holla Forumsermin is autistic enough for the petrol grind

>>517544331>>517544531>>517546237>how are draw threads allowed then? it's literally a general and not even vidya>Holla ForumsIDYA drawthreadhow retarded can you fucks get

>>517547285everyone is funneled into the same server but it has always ran well for me

>>517546146Just look up youtube tutorials, too much to explain via 4chan posts. The game updates fairly consistently so you'd preferably want something made in the last few months, the more recent the better.

>>517547375oh yeah guess i should wait for the free weekend to try it out, thanks that said tho, i havent been this excited for a game in forever

>>517547548They're generals. They have 1-2 threads all day every day. They are, objectively, less "vidya" than these threads that are based on an actual video game and full of actual video game discussion instead of "unghh im a braindead coomer pls pls draw this for me drawfags pls". Yet they stay up anyway, because jannies partake. Don't be retarded.

Basically we're getting to the point that we would probably either need a discord or to break up the vermin squad into like 4 channels for specific things. It's impossible to manage a 50 person voice channel with 8 guys doing logi and 20 guys on an assault and two guys in an AC somewhere etc



>>517547548Drawing vidya related stuff isn't, vidya. If it was, then streamer and other e-celeb threads should be allowed because they're playing vidya

>>517547030nope, now that's he's got it in his sights Foxhole is going to have to fight for its place herethe good news is that he's honestly fucked up this time I think, because he's pissed off LoR posters too so he might end up fighting a war on two fronts with two combined fanbases BTFOing him

>>517547606What I'm saying is rather than a tutorial or whatever, Holla Forumsermintide needs a way to give you guidance when you spawn in and don't know what the mission is.

Have bmat wat do and where to

>>517547548drawthreads get to exist because they are for coomers. duh.

Post some screenshots of the game niggers

>>517546673Ill try to link a logi video later

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>>517547781Holly shit

>>517547529>>517547561jesus that sounds like a nightmare for the devs in terms of netcode developmentguess i really should wait for the free weekend or something then, because the area im in is kinda remote so theres no telling what kinda latency im gonna get


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>>517547905ok so get on, jump in the squad, and ask what we’re doing

I'm new and I just always grab a rifle and a spare clip. I'll leave nades and things to you guys.

>>517548162Only one way to learn user.

>>517543528Fuck you Warden scum, get ready for another loss bby

>>517548108I'm sure if the ruskies manage to play the game without drowning themselves in vodka fueled despair then you'll be fine.

>>517548108At the very least, you can still do scrapping/logi if you're autistic.

>>517548108I'm in the middle of nowhere, AR and it works fine.

I wasn't planning on playing tonight but if the war effort needs me, I will answer the call.


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>>517547090it's pretty simple man, worst case run the training course or get someone to teach you. I find a lot of people are good to help

>>517548280Fuck you, this is merely a setback.

>>517545063Its called foxhole, its fun, has some problems but we are making it better.

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>>517544627I would like to but just can't bring myself to learn, seems too boring

Is this one of those games where it's unplayable if you don't clan up with people and VC?

>>517548483New raid?

>>517547687this, just make a discord already, I know ppl hate discord and I agree with most of the points but we need somewhere to gather

>FoxholeI remember buying this game ages ago and never playing it. Does it have Ausfag servers? And if not is it playable with lag?

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>>517545063Like Planetside with a consistent world space, except now every single bullet, bandage, and vehicle is built by autists who would legitimately enjoy studying logistics in military school. The only weapons you start with are a pistol, a hammer, and your two fists, everything else has to be made.

>>517548736That would also help split lines of communication to smaller groups can voice chat properly while working with a larger whole.

>>517548581Do you have a 4chan guild or faction i can join?


Man I just want more dead harvest, as long as the wardens stop being no fun and using zombies to help actually win the war. I miss the collie/warden alliance during endless nights. It's better than most actual zombie survival games

>>517548757theres only 1 server since its like planetside 2 in that the entire war and all its soldiers are on one giant map my aussie friend said he plays it well without much lag

>>517546083>warden is blue

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>>517548736you gather in the fucking squad. there’s a squad chat how hard is this to understand

>>517548317>>517548327>>517548365cool>>517548581>>517543528you know at first glance i thought this was some random browser based text game or some shit, esp when you have an OP with a link to a site that shows nothing of the game itself. you guys should really post more screenshots


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>>517548581>dead collie doing the meme hand gesturebased

>>517548736If the retard devs didn't remove operations, multiple squads would be able to coordinate.

>>517548757people from all over the world play on on map, seems to run good for everyone, haven't heard any complaints. If it lags for you then chances are it's lagging for everyone

>>517548895Bruh the squadchat is basically unintelligible at a point.

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full squad?

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Where's the main frontline line?


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>>517549632Ah, warms my heart to see the car still kicking Collie ass.

>>517549946Alt+f1 takes an image if youve got geforce spyware installed fyi

>>517549032Why would they remove a function like that?

>>517543565there's been, what 5 threads? They're not even that fast.

It sucks not really knowing what to make and when I do people are already making and shipping it much faster than I can or using it for better uses. Do we still need to bring upgrade parts down to Jade and Macha and whatall?

>>517550804Honestly, you can never have too much of the general-purpose stuff like grenades, rifles, and medical stuff.

Dab on the tranny janny.

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If you fags are serious about playing this properly, I can teach you the basics and run an impromptu Logistics group or a basic boot campIt's boring as fuck but atleast there are ways to make it more bearable if you do it as a group with banter.Retards running around wont accomplish anything.

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>>517550992Give us a location or what? Lot of us are busy in Callahan

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>>517550992If we can take the Gallows then I am with you

>>517548736>just kill your momentum before you even get itFuck off faggot, discord is the worst thing to ever happen to gaming

>>517543565Maybe we should really start making /vg/ threads by now, and use Holla Forums threads to recruit people while coordination is made on /vg/General threads have a way higher bump limit for posts too, and the traffic there is lower than on Holla Forums, a thread could last days before its archivedI mean, we could at least try and see, because so far, it seems that at least 100 anons have joined the war effort so far (and there are generals that sustain with barely 30 posters)

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are shotguns good in this?

>>517550973Yeah I was just bringing grenades down for a while. Though I seemed to have fucked up by dumping 5 crates of them into the relic base at tomb of the first and went to later move some down to market road once people said collies had cleared out of the roads, but they weren't in crates anymore so I feel extra dumbThink I'm just gonna try some frontline fighting tomorrow

>>517543887>3 threads that reached bump limit in a rowits not that far fetched to think about making a general now i think

>>517548694No but fighting sucks solo

>>517544142>>517544735if we start making a general thread, we could literally dump a small tutorial with links and stuff on the first posts of each thread


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>>517551798unless you go full partisan behind enemy lines and force enemy logis into ragequitting

>>517551924We won't survive /vg/ and the jannies won't even let us link the old threads

>>517551579i thought about this but jannies will prune our recruitment threads

>>517544962we are the rats turning the tide of war, thats all that matter

>>517551924>t. Abib

Haven't played since the idiots managed to nuke THEMSELVES. Whats new?

>>517551924People have tried to make foxhole generals multiple times and they never last more than a week.

>>517544962We are the VERMIN we are our own side.

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>>517547441make foxhole waifus then lmao

>>517553018No small game can survive on /vg/ because they need room for fifty fucking gatcha generals.

>>517547542but the petrol grind is the easiest, since it takes so long to gather, you can just leave it charging while making other stuff

>>517553164also doesn't help people don't really talk about the game in the foxhole thread and just bitch about how it won't last long on /vg/


>>517553107I mean this is what Ace of Spades did long ago.

>>517553335They're probably busy playing the game.


>>517553335Because it's a smaller thread about a game people are actually playing where people are fucking pissed at the endless cycle of>Holla Forums finds FOTM>has fun>starts playing it, small community starts to grow in the thread>exiled to /vg/ before it could vaguely survive there>FOTM dies in less than a week

>>517548801>my first naval experience >happened a year ago

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As far as I can tell ABIB has been fucking over touhou threads, umineko threads, lobotomy corporation threads, and us.How much longer will his faggotry continue?

>>517554498It's literally just an attempt to stop people actually talking about videogames on Holla Forums. Never.

Sorry lads only smash/nintendo threads or e-celeb/twitter screencap threads allowed

>>517554498This is a twitter screencap board now.

>>517543528The push on Deadlands is good but why the fuck you people keep letting a bunch of collie partisans fuck our garrisons on Farranac?Upgrade the garrison camps at Victa and Macha already!

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>>517554498You may not discuss video games, only the culture surrounding them.

I don't want to buy a game in early access. Will there be a full release soon?

>>517554837right now almost everyone is pushing hard for the victory point at deadlands, not many around farranac

>>517554930it will launch with the Berserk manga finale

>>517555004Farranac doesnt even need that much people, just 5 autists at most to upgrade the garrisonsand the people trying to take The Gallows should chill the fuck out for now since the main force is at Deadlands

>>517554568>can't talk about video games on the video game boardthe meme is real

>>517554930It will launch as a bundle with half life 3.

>>517543565God dammit they derailed us so hard

>>517543565>ABIBWorst trannyjanny

>>5175549301.0 in 6-12 months is the current plan. They need to fix A LOT in that timeframe.

>>517555250You can, you just have to adapt.

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>>517551675A little late, but yes. Movement doesn't really affect you like a rifle does, so you can do sick serpentine movements and oneshot people.

>>517551675>>517555504Absolutely not. Shotguns got mega nerfed recently and do fucking crap damage. You need 2-3 shots POINT BLANK to kill a guy. You're better off using an smg, or actually even better, a fucking bayonet on your rifle since most people can't shoot for shit.

>>517555498So we need to find foxhole related twitter screencaps so the thread blends in.

>>517555623It did? Damn. I haven't played this game in a year. I used to use shotguns almost exclusively.

Just post screencaps of collies getting mad on discord/leddit

>>517555646What went wrong

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>>517554819big brain play: Hijack Twitter and other off topic threadsIf he deletes the vidya posts but keeps the shitpost thread up he's actively defending rule-breaking posts over actual vidya and shows what a huge faggot he isIf he deletes the entire thread but only after people come in and try to turn it into vidya he's still a faggot because he only deleted it since people started talking about the games he hates in itEither way it gives this problem a visibility boost and cleans up the board of offtopic threads, because I'm almost certain Abib is petty enough to delete off topic threads that are being turned into LoR discussion just to target us and not the people posting off-topic garbage

Are there any operations going on right now? Where can I join the squad? I used to play this game quite a bit. One of my favorite things to do was artillery squads. There was the trigonometry calculator you could use for pinpoint bombings.

>>517556104That calc still exists. I'm trying to get people to move across the western plaza bridge to push across deadlands.

>Tfw you don't even need to pull from your own stockpile when you respawn because the moment you reach the frontline a warden rusher will materialize and provide free gear within ten seconds every time.

>>517543565Anons he are acting like the Floyd mob

Reminder that battlefield scavengers are unsung heroes.


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>>517556256Me, personally. I say we need to defund the jannies....Wait what do you mean they don't get any funds?

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>>517555708this, they are seriously seething


>>517556256He apologized and yet he's still doing his faggoty deletionsNO JUSTICE NO PEACE

>>517556104Operations were removed. They said they're going to replace them with an improved feature. But until then there's nothing. Very smart.

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>>517556256He didn’t apologise for anything, he just doubled down on his stance>linking previous threads makes them a generals>Not linking previous threads makes them a stealth general>generals are any vidya thread that I dont like

>>517556192Kys collie!

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>>517556256Post a singular iota of proof. And then tell us why we should care when he isn't showing improvement despite acknowledging the problem. Oh wait there is no proof abib.

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how do i build a sign


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>>517556581I really hope communication/clan tools is the focus for the December update.

>>517556329how is The Pits right now in defense? Abandoned Ward is obviously full of collies but is The Pits too? if we make a quick push to take it, we could literally cut off the Abandoned Ward and make a pincer move on them to finally cap it

I miss skirmishes

>>517557018great idea, announce your plan on 4chan

>>517557208There's been a battle going at the pits for ages

>>517556321Remember to live up to your vermin name and loot to make it easier on logi! Corpses aren't using their equipment!

Reminder that you can return critically wounded enemies to your ambulance for shirts


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>>517557018Pits has AI, but last I checked there's only T1 Foxholes on South End. However, there is a player there called Moorep8. He leads alot of QRF ops. I tried sneaking in and he brought 8 with him.

>>517557430Damn, he's actually good at QRF.

We need urgent reparations on The PlazaAnd can someone check if crossing to The Pits is possible? if we cap that relic building, we can easily attack the rear on the Abandoned Ward

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>>517543565Although the foxhole thread wasn't one, Holla Forums has been nothing but generals in the past month or so, he's somewhat right but he needs to get his criteria straight. For example>smash threads bitching about muh fighter packsGeneral>lobocorp with a thread up at all timesGeneral>helltaker waifu dumpGeneral>FF7 where people don't even talk about the game and just dump tifa/aeris picsGeneral>drawthread GENERALGeneral>third thread of a silly game that is still catching steam on Holla ForumsNot a general and shouldn't have been 404'd.

>>517557818t. abib

>>517557818>>lobocorp with a thread up at all timesUp until yesterday, it would be maybe one or two threads a day at most, then the mods went nuclear and started deleting everything so it made people just make more threads.

>>517557430yeah if moorep is there nothing is gonna get through

>>517543565>>517557818Apologies for not being a cultural phenomenon

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>>517557208spies are everywhere, even in-gamethe game is not exactly suited for cover ops

>>517557818The issue with /vg/ is how hard it is for new generals to arrive without getting pushed out by the longterm ones. There used to be two hentai generals AND a mongirl general. They should consider moving some genres to their own board, like an /rpg/ board, but other things like Smash that aren’t big enough for a whole board should just get a general. Lobotomy has been mega active lately, but it would MELT in /vg/.

>>517557818>lobocorp with a thread up at all timesthey generally went a few days without any threads between updates until he started being a shithead and deleting them on sight even if they were already 10 posts from bump limitalso this thread is around 200 posts and he sorts by reply count so if we have anything to coordinate we should make it quick

>>517557368really? how does that work? you pick up enemies?

>>517557818To be fair, abib can't make boards so he doesn't have the power to fix the /vg/ problem.

>>517558312if the body looks kind of like it's in the fetal position you can pick them up and carry them to an ambulance or hospital. You can pick up enemies too

>>517558038I call that a challengeone little collie faggot is not gonna stop the vermin tide, we just need to setup a really good push with halftracks and mortar support

if browniemeister runs over us again im going to teamkill that faggot

>>517558193no we aren't...shit

>>517558170Okay he lost my sympathy, that's some full retard shit he's spewing right there.>>517558247You're right, gacha generals alone can push all other threads to page 10 unless you have people constantly spamming meaningless posts to bump stuff, they should just create a mobage board and fix this.

>>517558736just report

>>517558548do you just have to pick them up before the timer runs out or do you have to deliver them before it does

>>517558170>same thread every dayis he fucking retarded this has only been a thing for a few daysOf course he is retarded only retards would be jannies for FREE

>>517558805Yeah, a mobage board would make sense. Not sure if there’s THAT many mobages, but there’s a lot of Flavor of the Month shit that pops up that could filter there. Fate as it stands now is like Smash, too autistic to contain on Holla Forums, but not big enough for its own board, so /vg/ is the perfect place for it so far. /mob/ could banish FGO though, would free up a slot on /vg/.

>>517558805an experimental MMO board where people just talk and coordinate MMO games would actually be neat, but not sure how many people would jump there right nowPeople need to suggest that to Hiro tho, he is the only one that can make boards I think

>>517558805>>517559132continuing to be fags not talking about the game is only going to get this thread deleted faster retard

>>517543565Someone needs to unironically murder that Jannie faggot

>>517557818>LobcorpLC/LOR doesn’t even come close to general status

>>517559239not much to say so far tho, I already suggested an attack on The Pits to make a pincer move on Abandoned Ward, but people inside the game need to coordinate that better, otherwise they will just keep ramming the bridges at The Plaza and die like faggots

Have some propaganda boys. you earned it.

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>>517559416This, also i lost count on many counts i told people to reinforce Victa and Macha, but they just dont give a fuck and waste shit on Deadlands

>>517559231/mmo/ would actually be based for coordinating, that would be very legit.>>517559239Suck my dick, faget. Let’s not act like the thread didn’t go to shit literally one post in.

>>517557972Nah, Smash threads are never generals, they're cultural phenomenons.

>>517559416attacking the pits is dumb while AW is still up. it's a single bridge that'll be defended and easily cut off it any progress is even made. Pits is also a relic base so without assloads of HE/howi shells or satchels (which aren't unlocked) it's gonna be near impossible to kill.

About to be on, anyone doing anything?

>>517558851if nobody uses a trauma kit on someone bleeding out on the ground there's a chance their body can be picked up when the timer runs out or if they just end themselves to try and respawn faster. It's super easy to tell

>>517543528cant believe we got the whole population in this thread

>>517559810We're making a major push on the west side of plaza, trying to get across the bridge. We really need some more logi though. We need mortars and howis and shirts bad.


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>>517559449where did the tide part come from? I like VERMIN better, its simpler

how 2 logiFactories are always full of faggots producing useless shit, or in the middle of nowhere.

Started playing this game again yesterday after not touching it in like 3 years, having a blast goofin with the boys.Genuinely surprised at all the new content added, buses and mortar flares etc.

>>517559715We have taken relic bases before with the tech we had some days ago, and we now even have halftracksThe dumb thing is to just keep attacking AW through 2 single bridges instead of trying to take TP while the collies are bussy mowing vermins on those bridgesits true that access to TP right now is just through one bridge, but we can totally pull it off if the collies keep distracted on AWif the change focus and go to TP, its their loss too, because then people would be able to break AW line easierthe only problem i could see on this plan, is lack of manpower to attack both fronts

>>517559923I just thought it sounded funny.


>>517560178would it be too much of a stretch to make a long flank from fort duncan, following the river and attacking AW from behind?

>>517559923the vermin tide is the name given to the effort the vermins are doing, if you check the progress we have done since we started joining, it certainly look like a swarm overruning many places, specially Farranac Coast, that place fell really bad to thanks to the vermins

>>517560178You warden fucks better stay away from my relic base, if I see you on my property I will kill you and fuck your corpse

>>517559978>useless shitcare to expand? what are they producing exactly? because hardly any thing in this game could be called useless

>>517560475Westmarch and Liberation point are in the way for a clear push from Duncan, we would have to take those points first if we start attacking from there

>>517560517you will get assfucked hard, collieand then you will be seething at reddit calling your failure an internal job lmao

>>517558170>You can't have generals>well, except for Smash

>>517558759Dogfucker! Get him!

>>517560880kek what ever you say blueberry

>>517560517>>517560880speaking of internal jobive seen quite some collie fags infiltrated in the warden faction taking out shirts of the outposts and doing friendly firethat's how cheap those collies are, they turn to cheating to try to win

>>517561142wardens do it too, like a lot

>>517561142yeah, when I first joined yesterday I found a truck and went to a slavage field not really knowing too much of what to do and one guy followed me a long ways to explain he was making sure I wasn't a collie alt trying to buttfuck us.

>>517561319I remember reading the devs pointing out that collies cheat way more than wardens thoand that collies mocked wardens for playing too cleanfaggots

>>517561429got a link or something? Literally never heard that before

>>517561429Oh fuck it's just like my mid 90's highschool sports movies.

>>517561319Not nearly as much

>>517561391the devs should hard lock accounts to the first faction the choose in each war, letting people change after the war endsthat way, cheater alts would reduce a lot, since people would have to make multiple accounts to cheat that way and it would require wasting money multiple times for the same gamethere might still be some people decide to play an alt cheater all war, but those could be easily detected and banned with the hard locked accounts

>tfw browniemeister got banned FUCKIN KEK

>>517561843>imagine wasting money to cheat on game and get banned from playing itLMAO collies on suicide watch

>>517561832>the devs should hard lock accounts to the first faction the choose in each war, letting people change after the war endswhat? thats literally what they do you idiot. Alts ARE second accounts they bought.

>>517561943He was also like 11 judging from his voice.

>>517561832>the devs should hard lock accounts to the first faction the choose in each war, letting people change after the war endsthey do

>>517561612Trust me; my dad works for uhhh... Clapfoot. I didn't look that up.

>>517562010oh, i didnt knew, guess there are more people willing to waste money than i thoughjokes on them anyways

looks like a cool game, like a better Running with Rifles. Will join you guys when it installs.

Attached: 1408043260737.gif (300x300, 649.39K)

hey, Farranac literally went cold now and people havent reinforced the defenses yet just in casefucking retarded logis

>>517543565>>517558170I fucking hate Smashniggers

>>517562110oh ok

>>517559874Ill be on in 15 and can supply that

>>517562420then do it yourself bitch

>>517562396welcome to the vermin Brother

Attached: 20200714_231043.jpg (1080x1763, 306.71K)

>>517562626i've been playing nothing but vermintide lately life works in mysterious ways

Attached: 1576313445466.png (779x755, 586.7K)

>>517562420Why aren't you running logi to it then? Do you think this shit just happens by itself?

Attached: 1523242407_Logi Propaganda.png (703x872, 346.08K)

I forgot how many Warden queers are on these threads. This is why the devs show our vehicles first, blueberries.

>>517562827I would if I could play right now

>>517558247Either quarantine gachabrains off on a new board or just increase the amount of possible active threads on /vg/, infinitychan had boards with what feels like a million active threads at a time.

I've never played any games with Holla Forums beforeare y'all in a big squad called Vermin? Vermintide?


>>517562945I guess that now that the collie redditors found out Holla Forums is the responsible for their ass raping of the past few days, the now are monitoring these threadsfucking collie faggots, go back

>>517563015yeah, join the wardens and look for squads with the name verminthere are more than 1 now

alright, i just reinstalled this shit. someone get me a run down>what faction>what server>what to do once im in

Attached: 1579293005862.png (1351x1879, 1.6M)

>>517563145Thanks friend

>>517563028teamkilled a bunch of guys by driving a truck across a bridge, being a fag, and generally being unhelpfulhe got reported several times and was restricted from using weapons, then ultimately got banned lmao


>>517556256He destroyed our momentum because of his bullshit preferences. Fuck him he should be removed

Why the fuck are harvesters so expensive, why do they hate logis so much

>>517563176join wardensonly 1 server is activeask in-game chat for instructions once you join in (preferably spawn on Deadlands region to join the combat fast)

>>517563413the momentum kinda fell before he even started deleted the previous thread, since wardens are just ramming AW like retards instead of trying to flank it

>>517563483we need upgrade parts a lot now, and using the hammers works better for getting thosegather about 50 and then use them to upgrade bases please

>want to play but I'm a wagie now with no free time

Attached: 1569930469931.jpg (474x533, 18.83K)

>>517563051Lmfao only raping being done is raping your backlines of rmats with how you retards play halftracks. Callahan is under new management, blueberry. Learn to speak chinese quick, warden dog.


>>517563672I was wondering if this was the case.I'll farm for upgrade parts in the morning.Where exactly should I take them? I've noticed people up north in Stonecradle are leaving them in the refinery, I guess no one knows to take them.

>>517563720like if a single retarded partisan cuck would make any differencesupplies keep flowing and vermins keep gaining ground, fag

Veli ain't free. The Caovian lands and river mercy gotta be red with blood of the wardens. Callahan aka 'Big C' is not my ruler of the velian heartlands. He is snobby monarch and probably northern barbarian as well :DD. Mesea and Veli, not Caovia ok. Praise Maro.

Attached: unknown-3.png (853x543, 71.99K)

>>517543565>>517558170>janniesnot even onceI only came in here to check out Foxhole because I heard it was neat and holy fuck

Attached: 1569321968694.jpg (200x219, 10.08K)

>>517563872???these noob logis I sweartake those parts to Victa and Macha and upgrade those bases alreadyyou need to make small garrison upgrade first before making those bases tier 2then you make the large garrison update and turn the bases to tier 3

>spent like 9 hours doing gathering/logi today>show up to deadlands for a minute and realize how wasteful everyone has beenshould I have been supplying the west side of the map instead

I bought this game like a year ago and haven't played it. Is it fun?

>>517563885Cope harder, blueberry. All wardens who joined the game past 2017 can do is roleplay warhammer races. You got assblasted last war, you're gonna get FUCKED again.

>>517564069We can't, we have so many bases and keep taking ground so quickly that our upgrade efficiency is constantly fucked.

>>517563872We need to upgrade the garrison at The Spine in Deadlands, that would be useful too

are these trenches with underground bases all player made? had a fight inside that place on dead lands and it was lit afalso, why the right maps grayed out?

>>517564156you literally just need to upgrade them in order to make them more resistant to partisan cucksonly if you make defenses around them you then need to constantly put garrison supplies to keep them up

>>517564101we took a lot of ground yesterday, not giving it back today is pretty big so the fight is worthwhile. they’re obviously trying hard to take it back from us

>>517564127watch the map, chink, you literally are just going full schizo now

>>517564069Yes, noobs need to learn how to play. That's why we're here.

>>517563703it's an alright pick up for an hour and drop game. Lately that's how I've been playing and still having a good time mostly. Bridge battles are the worst things ever

>>517564379go home GI

>>517564206>are these trenches with underground bases all player made?yeah, every defense building is player made, but its kinda costly to mantain since it has a decay system>also, why the right maps grayed out?devs saw low pop and decided to not include those maps in current war i think

>>517564418>Bridge battles are the worst things everno shit, but wardens seem to love being mowed down on those, they get attracted tho bridges like flies to shitI have been constantly trying to make people use flanks instead of just ramming the bridges to no avail

>>517564506you are, quite literally, the gi collie

>>517564418unfortunately it is a terrible pick up game if you play logi because it takes half an hour to drive across the map

>>517560178In the past thats exactly what 2 fronts usually gets you: pushed back on the main front and ineffective with the flank. Flank should be max 15 ppl and focused in cutting logi and let their meatgrinder run out of ss. What you'd need is HT or Apcs raiding their logi lines in southern deadlands... or 6 howis with 40 shells each to barrage wards TH and out damage any repairs to brute force it

>>517564506so many collie scum on this thread, why dont they go back to their subreddit and discord, and leave the vermins alone?

>>517564751then don't play logi if you don't have the time. Fighting is more fun anyway

>>517564778>or 6 howis with 40 shells each to barrage wards TH and out damage any repairs to brute force itI would love to see that, but the amount of noobs just taking rifles and dying on the bridges is way too much, nobody seems to know how to make artillery barrage now

>>517558170>smash is a cultural phenomenon what an absolute faggot

>>517564836They're only here because of how badly they're being beaten in game that they can't bear to play any more.

>>517564836because I dont have discord and can't be arsed to learn how to navigate reddit

>>517561391Nukkar is that you? sorry buddy, u been a real logi hero.

>>517544946>>517547687>>517548736>just go to another form of social media! don't discus video games on the video game boardthis is why everything is going to shit.

Reinstalling because of this thread, is there a thing to join to play with Holla Forumstards?

>>517565062>collie>pretending he doesnt use discord or navigate reddityou will never fit here, fag

>>517565137Join wardens, look for squads with the name vermin on it, and ask for instructionscurrent main push is on Deadlands region

>>517564690Gotta keep our numbers up.

>>517565148t. warden ssgt noob.

>>517565148>you will never fit hereoh no I can't be a part of your sekret club!!!! Fuck off nerd, next post I make you won't even know it was me. Eat balls

>>517565438Somehow I think it won't be hard to tell it's you.

>>517564690good luck. Gome of those bridges fights, especially tomb, lasts like all war

>>517565380if you gonna keep ramming those bridges, at least start using artillery barrages firstif anyone knows how to in-game right now, coordinate the making of thatalso, can someone explain to me why the safehouses at The Plaza are still down?

>>517565550Tomb actually fell quite fast after the vermins started ramming it with APCs too

Still at it?>>>/vg/

>>517565710fuck off abib bootlicker

>>517564690because you want other people TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU. I promise you if you bring a boat people will go with you

im only seeing one vermin squad in global and it's full what do

>>517565710thanks for the bump smash faggot

Why you no attack Brine Glen?

>>517566119Whats the intel? Fill us in? Screenshots?

>>517564101Frontliners are always gonna be wasteful. Thats why we love our scavenger bros.Frontline GOLD that you should pick up: weapons that cost rmats: hmgs, lmgs, binos, mortar tubes, rpg tubes, sniper rifles. Taking 30 seconds to slowwalk it back to the fob could be the difference of letting a mortar guy counter a howi shelling your base just because you saved those binosBasics that fobs should have, aim to supply as logi: ss, small arms + ammo, bmats. Luxury weapons to be able to dps buildings faster: HE, Hmgs + Ammo


Attached: 1595111103035.png (849x579, 1.04M)

>>517565939basically make this post. someone will kick the people out that aren’t online and then you can join or someone will make a vermin2. you need a rank to make a squad I think

>>517564991We didnt have the mats for it, but thats how we pushed across to fort duncan


>>517566284The game doesn't auto-remove you from squads when you log out?

>>517566716>and still btfoing collie FMs

>>517566897no, or else squad storage wouldn't work.

>>517565925FORGOT PIC

Attached: BOATS N HOES.jpg (1104x719, 168.5K)

>>517543565Now, I don't often say thisI definitely don't say it as much as I shouldBut holy shitFUCK JANNIES

mother fucker just delete a random and promote me to squad lead ill keep up with it

okay where do I take this logi?

>>517568052to the river and then you suck my dick lmao

>>517568052we need logis to supply more shirts to Deadlands frontline and also to repair the safehouses at The Plaza in order to have a better position there

>>517568075Fuck off collie nigger

Attached: 1594875183339.jpg (866x900, 78.65K)

>>517543565what a faggot

Attached: 1592932281755.gif (200x109, 1.96M)

kojima is the squad lead. tell that nigger to fucking delete the inactives

>>517568509he's too busy inventing the wheel

>>517568615fucking 11 active and 39 inactive

>>517568509go fuck yourself some fucking nigger made me SL

>500 players 24 peakUm get more players first fag

Attached: Capture27.png (737x380, 101.56K)

>picked up the game on a whim>had a great time spotting for mortars and doing medic stuff between gunning down dudesCheers, bros, see you tomorrow

Attached: glt dance.webm (1084x996, 681.28K)



>>517568786what do you think we are doing in these threads?

Friendly reminder that anyone telling you not to use a primary weapon as a medic is a shitter who doesn't know what they're talking about. The rare revive you fail due to time spent swapping to your trauma kit is massively outweighed by the lives saved by having killing power in your hands at a moments notice. One aggro flanker can kill your whole squad and the medic almost always spots them first.

Attached: 1348616380997.jpg (475x479, 20.07K)

>>517568786no shit dummy, why do you think there's threads up

>>517569002If you ever have to shoot someone as a medic your squad is hot garbage and deserves to die. If you're just healing randoms as you sprint around, sure.

>>517568707were you inactive?

Live free in the NC?

>>517569002This. Now that revolver is practically useless I just use rifle at day, smg at night and storm rifle always when it's unlocked.

>>517569002Also, it's okay even for a conscientious objector, because Collies aren't human.


>>517569059Even the most tacticool squads get caught with their pants down by the surprise suicide flanker.

>>517569392If your surprise suicide flanker somehow kills three men and then sees your medic it doesn't matter if he has a fucking gun. Your squad is already dead.

>>517569451not always true. There was a few times as a medic I killed like 3 enemies and managed to pick up my downed boys. It's rare but you can recover from a surprise


Attached: 1595011600638.png (203x237, 101.49K)

>>517554498ForeverMoot hated the website towards the end because he fell in with a bad lefty crowd and deliberately made sure moderation was shit before he left and Hiro doesn't care enough to fix itIt should have been Notch, sure he probably would have restricted political freedom of speech but the current moderation already does that in the other direction, they are just less honest about it by claiming it's off topic, in any other area notch would manage the place far better

>>517569451Unless you're in an open field, the surprise flank usually kills a good 2-3 people on average if someone doesn't gun them down instantly. Also I'm guessing you don't play medic much because it's hard to not trip over all the transfusions that are always littering the frontlines.

>>517552023In last war, I remember dealing with a single colonial commando in the rear line. Fucker was running around back and forth between the Moor and viper pit being a huge pain in the ass to logi. At one point we have the entire regional chat fill with people getting into a high speed chase hunting this dude down. We have people stare at the map with radio to track where he is like police helicopter, but he keep avoid patrol with his utility vehicle and driving off road.


Attached: Untitled.png (1024x576, 519.09K)

>>517569242>>517569948well, we first have to build a shipyard lmaothe only one we had got destroyed, but there is so many places we can put shityards, just look for the anchor icon on the map

Please tell me someone screams on the mic "SQUAD BROKEN" every time there`s a rout

Attached: hfhdh.png (488x457, 136.69K)

>>517570598no, but you can be the first autist to do it

>It's a bridge fight>The Colonials have endless gas reserves>Constantly zeroed by howitzers and mortars>Random bayonet kamikaze attacksWe lost a foothold only to get it back a few hours later, having made zero progress but trading hundreds of lives.

Attached: Colonial witnesses the BT update.jpg (1000x1288, 415.64K)

>>517570841war is hell

>>517570841again, we should start flanking, either with boats or through The Pits, preferablyif not, coordinate people to build more artillery and halftracks to cover the infantry advancealso, start using masks if collies just shower you with gas, that shit is useless with gas mask on

>>517559923Its a Skaven term for the way they wage war

Attached: dem rats.jpg (1920x1080, 1.66M)

>>517570353If he has an LUV the best option is another LUV or two. If you're on foot you wont catch him and he can keep moving once he sees your dots get close. One fag named Rustard uses a laptop or something with his warden alt to see you coming and the best way to hunt him is to hide off of your own radio tower range.

>>517571238its fitting for the vermins since they just ramm the bridges headfirst without any regard for their livesthats why wardens have the biggest amount of casualties

>>517571331if you know about that Rustard fag cheating, just report him and have him banned

What side do I join?

Attached: 1592351421613.jpg (728x971, 60.38K)


where the FUCK are you guys

>>517571612Bruh we've said it like 12 times in game.

>>517571451"we dont have absolute proof yada yada" mods are useless and are jannies, they dont even actively patrol around looking for cheatersAnd the discord is even worse

>>517571737Suck my dick you partizan retard.

>>517571919post ur howi's andi ll show you mine :^)

>>517571357Yup its pretty fitting

Vermin to The Plaza!

>>517571357I've been playing for like a year and a half, most times I see collies with about 10k more deaths by the end of the war

>>517571518colonials, be the bad guys

>>517572586>most times I see collies with about 10k more deaths by the end of the warBut how long has the vermintide proper been going on? I remember seeing Foxhole threads a good while back, but they never generated this much interest.


Attached: colliesseething.png (636x318, 43.31K)


>>517572853FUCKING KEK

Attached: 1595047739900.jpg (700x356, 63.16K)

>>517572946who cares? that island is a meme that wardens cap in every war early just to piss collies offit was never intended to have a bigger strategic use, since we dont have enough people for that it seems

Fisherman's Row has an ammo factory. I recommend striking there next time the Clanfleet sails again, as taking that would cuck the Collies out of tank munitions when tanks become a thing.

Gotta go grocery shoppng and get some liquor so good luck lads.

>>517569242>>517570465TIME TO SAIL THE COAST

Attached: 154184663.jpg (1417x1829, 424.18K)

>>517569242>>517569948>>517570465>>517573329those interested in a navy attack, organize a squad to build a shipyard first and then start making those ships


>>517573501Alright, see you at sea boys

Attached: Skabrus.jpg (500x268, 59.36K)


Attached: wheze haha.png (500x364, 67.26K)

so who are the factions and what are their motives?

>>517573845wardens were the original owners of the disputed land, and collies are a bunch of chink invaders that wanna spread reddit culture all over the place

>>517573845There's the Warden's whose motives are to protect their homeland.And then there's the Collies whose motives are the guzzle cum.

>>517573845wanders are the byzantines and colonials are ottomans

>>517573979>wanna spread reddit culture all over the placewhat?

>>517574026universal basic income thats only allowed to be spent on snoylent and funko pops

>>517574109never heard anyone on either side talk about either of those things. Where are you getting this from? Is it just a dumb meme?

>>517574235>Is it just a dumb meme?obviously

>>517574235oh boy, are you a summerfag?

>>517574235you never checked a dead collies inventory and find they dont even have ammo just lego star wars sets?

how many vermins are on right now? can we organize an attack on The Pits while the main force keep rushing AW?

>>517574349I just don't hang around people who go on about reddit, memes, and other dumb shit so where would I have heard it? Only place would be on Holla Forums and this is my first foxhole thread in like a year

>>517574235This pseudo-general already has a handful of mentally ill people. Ignore them, go play something else cause this has no future now.

>Check dead soldier's pack>7 (Seven) spare clips of rifle ammo

Attached: feesh.jpg (944x609, 71.61K)

>>517574627>proceed to die with it>>517574594>t. seething collie

>>517573845collies are the invaders but you don't have to deal with salty fags like this like you do the wardens>>517573979>>517573984Don't give in to their propaganda, think of them like the jews (hence the vermin nickname they gave themselves) they need to be eradicated before they spread their cancer

>>517574627I think those were mine, I found them on the front lines and was trying to bring them back when I died to mortar fire

>>517574553Collies are universally from reddit

>>517573802Yeah, but why.There's literally nothing on that island worth taking or defending.Why is anyone even fighting over it.

>>517574748kys incel collie

>>517574627not going to lie, I pick up shit on the battlefield. I take like 2-3 clips from fob then gather the rest. But some people are dumb noobs and nobody told them to not be dumb

>>517574826to piss collies off

>>517574830the cancer is growing

Can someone tell me why we havent captured the safehouses, ammo factory and hospital in The Plaza? are collies entrenched there or are people just retarded?

Attached: 12312.jpg (699x450, 19.83K)

>>517574748>>517573845The wardens are the only faction for the Holla Forumsermin

Attached: 1595030097586.png (1280x768, 117.63K)

Can you change faction in this game?