How the fuck do you play this

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>>517541526Make sequences, pairs, triples and quadruples.Learn the rules behind open and closed hands.

It's 130 iq poker

whenever you see the option to pon, chii or riichi, you press those

stop calling tiles if you don't have yaku dummy

You don't have to understand, just make hands

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>>517541526You don't play itIt plays youit was invented by a demon during the ancient Chinese pastthe tiles when arranged properly, were used for incredibly potent incantations and rituals

>>517541890>ancient Chinese pastThe game's only like 200 years old


>>517541890Mahjong is just a game, it cannot hurt you.

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>>517541969shut up demonyou have no power here

>>517541526Thread Theme:


>>517542246Based, I thought I was the only one who knew this song

>>517541526be the legendary Super Aryan

>>517541526It isn't that bad, read can get started immediately with like, 5 hands in mind and the basic idea that you want to group tiles into sequences of 3, triplets, pairs and quadruples. You need 4 groups of triplets, sequences or quadruples and one pair for most hands. You shouldn't call people's tiles unless you know what you're doing it for. The only safe call you can make everytime as a beginner is ron when somebody plays the last tile you need to win your hand.

guys help I can't find the magic sands

>>517542615more anime when

where the rooms at

>>517545113make one ya dingus

>>517542246Actual thread theme:

>>517548804can you fuck off with that non-anime shit

I like playing it in yakuza but I'm a giant fucking retard when it comes to remembering yaku and often get stuck in furiten staring at what I thought was winning tiles.

>>517548804Me when I queue into FFXIV mahjong; at least I got all the rewards tied to it a long time ago.

>>517541526You need four sets and a pair. You also need a victory condition in your hand.Don't call on tiles unless they bring you closer to tenpai or increase the value of your hand.Incidentally, the AI in Clubhouse sucks even on impossible

>set up elaborate, valuable hands the entire match>keep dealing into literal who 1000 hands and end up last

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>>517550292After you discard seven tiles give or take, you need to decide whether to keep going or dismantle your hand and play safe discards instead. Then again, you also have to pay attention to discards that don't make sense and be careful to not get hit by something like a two-pair wait.

>>517541526Do you guys play Riichi or HongKong? I've been into HK, but I cant find a good website/app to play others on.

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>East 1 second turn>get ron'd by the fucker to my right with a double riichinice "game" you got there

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>>517551690learn to roll with the punches, you fucking

>>517551120I tried HK a couple times and I don't get it, typically it's played with a 3 point minimum but there are barely any hands so it feels like you're pretty much forced to go for clean/pure or all triplets every hand unless you get dealt a good seed for something bigger. Am I missing something or is that just kind of how the game works?Anyways Riichi is my true love but I also enjoy the MCR and ZJ Chinese variants despite not having anywhere to play them online.

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>>517552735wow, someone actually knows about and plays Zung Jung

Rule 1: You must press every shiny button when it appears, ESPECIALLY if that button is KanRule 2: It doesn't matter if your hand is only 1000 points and you are 30000 points behind, it is worth it because of the mental anguish your opponents will suffer when their tryhard hard is crushed by your chad all simples

>>517541526Play it on Mahjong Soul it has a lot more quality of life stuff that makes it easier to play.Focus on a couple easy win conditions at first and just try to get better at identifying how to improve your hand.

>>517552896I like it, it's a good middle point between HKOS and MCRToo bad the guy who invented it wants to "own" it so it's really not widespread and accessible to use for things

open the nine gates of Hell

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>>517551120Riichi. HK puts too much emphasis on going out as fast as fucking possible, whereas the rules of riichi mean you have to play more methodically.

>>517552950Don't listen to this guy. Only Kan if you have a damn fucking good reason, otherwise you're probably just making someone's hand more expensive for no payoff.

>>517552950>Rule 2based. Better 1000 points for you than 8000 for the enemy

>>5175415264 melds and a pair. It’s not that hard, user. It is a baby game compared to Go.

>>517555614that's the joke

>>517555614what, noCalling Kan is a power movelook at this dora 12

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>>517548804Actually this is the thread's theme:

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>>517556178I'm aware but I'm afraid some idiot in this thread will take you seriously

>>517556875If Kan was a bad thing, the game wouldn't pause and ask you to do itstop lying

>>517557195The vast majority of the time calling Kan usually fucks you massively even if you're in tenpai.

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>>517557840you are clearly traumatizedjust get over it

if there was a porn game entirely based on majong i would proably learn how to play it

>>517558492there's lots of them

>>517558492they are rigged dont bother

>>517551120Riichi pretty much exclusively, I find it the most interesting. HK only play to really play is mahjongtime

>>517558918the fuck do you even meannigger all video games are rigged

>>517558492There are literally hundreds if not thousands

>mahjongI was unaware Holla Forums was all 85 year old ojichans

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>>517559261WrongThere are plenty of mahjong games that actually deal the tiles randomly, the porn games will feed the AI one in a million hands every other creditOh no you lost better pop in another 100y, you almost got to see pixelated nipples!!

>>517560496we're not playing in an arcade, grampa


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perfect thread's theme for

>last round, have a 10k lead>"oh I know I'll go into riichi">deal into a mangangod I'm such a faggot

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watching professional mahjong on ytplayers don't yell PON, KAN, RIICHI...why even play like this?

>>517561148mahjong is srs bsns

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>>517561148Doing that shit in IRL setting will get you blacklisted

>>517541526You make hands of 14 tiles that are made up of 4 groups of 3 and a group of 2.Because this is Japanese Mahjong, the hand must also fulfill a "yaku", or hand. This would be the equivelent of something like a full house or a flush in poker. You can fulfill multiple hands at the same time, gaining more points at the end of the round.There are also additional rules/tips and tricks. I'll list the major ones.You may call "pon" if any other player discards a tile that you can use to make a triplet of all the same tiles. All 3s, all dragons, etc. This move does restrict you from higher scoring hands, but can help you win faster.You may call "chi" if the player to your left discards a tile that creates a sequence of numbers going up. 123, 456, etc. The same downsides of pon apply, and using chi to make hands is more difficult.You may call "Kan" if someone discards a tile to make 4 of the same number or dragon OR you get a fourth tile of the same number drawn. This group of four will still be counted as a group of 3, but awards bonus points. Depending on if you called Kan from a discarded tile or from one you drew will change the different Yaku you can make.If the last tile you need to win the round is one you've already discarded, IT WILL NOT COUNT. Keep this is mind as well when building hands.The easiest hand to win is by calling pon/kan constantly and getting tripplets and pairs. Beginners should be working towards this easiest hand to make.You can also win the hand by calling Ron when an opponent discards the last tile you need to make a winning hand.Sorry for the blogpost and reddit spacing, but this will be a good "Holla Forums beginners guide" to mahjong. The mahjong soul crowd will probably lynch me though. Such is life.

>>517561148They do, it's just hard to hear under the casters.

Is it actually true that Mahjong Soul is rigged? My luck playing that is so bad i can't help but to feel those who pay for waifus are more likely to win.

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>>517562504Blog user here. Honestly, idk.Mahjongsoul is great if you wanna get into proper ranked play though.

>>517562504yes, just like Elo hell is 100% true thing in ASSSAGGOTS gamesit's everyone else fault and rigged shit and not my garbage plays

>>517562504>Is it actually true that Mahjong Soul is rigged?No, and anyone who tells you that is a coping shitter

>>517562504just win broalso i got the cursed miko 3 games ago so i was a f2p until thenalso someone make a room already

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Blog user here. Can you guys rate my Holla Forums beginners guide? I wanna know if I've missed anything.

>>517563037post it


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>>517562504No real evidence, doesn't really make much sense either to bother rigging anyway.Most people just don't want to admit they're compete shit at the game

>>517563091Dood. It's right here. >>517562295

>>517563181Blog user.Noice reference.Wish japanese mahjong was popular in the west. Would give me a reason to get one of those auto shuffling tables.

>>517563037>>517562295Its fine, but reminder about the repo from /vg/

>>517563336>Would give me a reason to get one of those auto shuffling tables.I bought one in the westMahjong players are everywhere, you just gotta find them and "hey I have an auto table" is the best way to get mahjong players to come out of the woodwork

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>>517563181>You will never have this much fun with IRL mahjong

>>517563415Neat. I should browse vg more often.>>517563469Would definitely wanna play with ya user. Has there been any vg mahjong meetups before?

>>517563181After finally learning Mahjong, this scene is probably my favorite in the game now. The more you look at it the more you realize just how stupid everyone's playing, being an allegory for just how dumb politics are.

>>517563656>Has there been any vg mahjong meetups before?Yes but in Europe

It's domino's but for retards.

>>517563958Damn... ;_;Know any locations in Japan that welcome Gaijins? I'm planning to go there next year if the olympics go through with 2021>>517564056Nah.

>>517563181What did Suda mean by this?The guy seems surprised, like he didn't know what a furiten is, but any beginner could see that he already discarded his winning hand. It would be easy to change that wait, too, why didn't he do it? He is also revealing his hand way too much, but assuming he is one of the japanese, it makes sense he is desperate to win anything.

Majsoul Friends Room 33931(4-Player East):´mon i need to lose on friendlies so i can win on ranked

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>>517564115There are a few locations that are open to westerners, especially if you have someone guiding you around Kind of doubt you'll be able to travel within the next few years though.

>>517564115>Know any locations in Japan that welcome Gaijins? I'm planning to go there next year if the olympics go through with 2021There is one dojo that's very westerner friendly, but I forget the name. Maybe someone in /vg/ knows? I think that's where I heard about it. I'll link this post in there

>>517562295>easiest hand to win is by calling pon/kan constantlyWrong, pinfu is the easiest hand to make. Pon palace is just more satisfying.Ultimately depends on what tiles you're dealt, though.

>>517564337I'm somewhat hopeful for this same time next year. This situation just blew up because China didn't stop its citizens from traveling back in January.This is H1N1 2.0. Plain and simple.>>517564371Thanks my guy. I'll have my thread watcher active here. Hopefully people will keep this thread bumped.

>>517548804english adaptation of the ending of Ten

>>5175643162 more

>>517564484True, but I haven't played for long enough and never heard of pinfu before. Mind explaining it to me quick and dirty?

>>517564116The idea is that they're all idiots and don't actually know how to play mahjong. Hell, after the guy does his first pon, the Americans get so flustered in their arguing that the jap just takes his turn. While everyone is arguing over ideals and shit, the actual game of mahjong is just being essentially ignored up until someone declares they won, and only after someone's caught fucking up does a war begin.

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>>517564649please join... ;_;

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>>517541526Don't pon.Never chi.Riichi is bait.

>>517541526Haha, right? I've been able to pick up and play every other game in Clubhouse Games with next to no issue, sure it took a quick minute to properly understand Shogi and Hanafuda, but I picked them up in no time. Mahjong is like staring at another language that I have no idea where to start to decipher it. I'm sure I'll figure it out soon when I give it another try, but for now it just baffles me.

>>517564316>>5175643161 MORE GOGOOG

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>Play Ranked>Guy pummels the shit out of the two other players with sanbaimans and shit whatnot>I just do my best to not play into his hand whilst fucking my hand up>I end up with the intial 25000 points and gain EloGuess not getting shit was not bad for once.

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>>517557840>TFW every time I call a closed Kan I either get another Kan or tsumo off it.

>>517556384Calling Kan is like waving your balls in your opponent's face. Sure it might break your opponent, but more than likely you're gonna get slugged in 'em.

>>517565458Blog user here. You're welcome for me joining.

>>517565458full, if i knew it was gonna take this long to fill i would had made it a south round

>>517564749It's a metaphor for international politics, no one knows what the fuck they're doing, but if someone fucks up suddenly everyone has hell to pay.

>>517565741Some random user here. You don't need to sign your posts, it's making you a bigger faggot than usual.

>>517565829sasuga suda sama

>>517565909Blog user here. I don't give a fuck. I'll be the biggest homo here.

>>517566260Blog user here.This is literally what trip codes are for.

>>517565132not calling riichi is playing to lose in the long run, extra han + ura are worth it

>shit happens where devs give asian players free summon scrolls>western players only get gifts and bronze coinsWhy the bias?

>>517565478That's how mahjong is. The best strat is to aim not to lose points. It's not really about building a hand at all, the game is avoiding dealing into someone else's hand.

>>517567487That doesn't work as well when you play too defensive and end up losing because you keep getting hit by tsumos

>>517566765There are times when riichi is appropriate and times when it is not. Same with calling kans, pons, and chi. Personally my favorite yaku are mangan or better open hands, usually with all of one suit. I'll usually get one big win and then play super defensively the rest of the rounds.

is the reason I can't call ron on the 6-man cause of the 3-man in my pile?

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>>517567610Tsumos happen and there's nothing you can do about them except for play like a nyagger and rush trash hands for 500 points. Playing defensively is still the best strategy because it's better to pay 500 points along with everyone else on a Tsumo than it is to pay 1500 yourself because you dealt into someone else's hand.

>>517541729>Three and a half hours

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>>517567791No, it's because you have no yaku. If your hand was closed you would have had a yaku for that, but you opened your hand when you called the 9-man.At that point I don't even know what to tell you except your hand is shit. There's no easy way to save it. I'd say your best bet is to dump your pins and bamboo and go for an all word tile hand, but I don't even know if there's enough turns left in the game for you to manage that.

>>517568150He has yaku though user, ittsu can be open.It's literallt just furiten due to the 3m discard.

>>517568150>>517568056I thought I just wouldn't be able to call for 3-man for winning, but still could call 6-man for straight

>>517567791Yes, in that case you could have won with with 3-man or 6-man, but since you already discarded a 3-man before, both are furiten.You didn't have any yaku anyway.

>>517568150Fuck off retard, don't talk like you know shit. He has yaku, he's in furiten.

>>517568382Huh, I must be rusty on the rules for furiten then. I haven't played since the first few months when Mahjongsoul came out.

>>517564115>M-League Stadium in Takedanobaba, a No Rate parlor that charges ¥500 for games. This parlor has a constant influx of guest pros, including active M-League players! Best of all, a member of the Pacific Mahjong League who now lives in Tokyo named Ayako, translated the entire rules and manners for the staff. Any time a foreign player comes in, they have a sheet explaining all the rules and manners in English!Some user said there are indeed pros there but they only play with regulars or something so dont get your hope up too much.

>>517568150I love mahjong just for how badly it can expose retards at times.

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>>517567732in like 90% of ready hands you call riichi, big yaku hands are a meme

>>517568734>The hand in tenpai is furiten if any of that player's winning tiles are present in one's own discard pile which includes called tiles.From the wiki. If you have discarded any of your waits at any point your hand is in furiten.

>>517568916Yeah, I forgot ittsu was a yaku.


>>517564316ggs. I'm sure I'm paying for past luckshittery. Dancer 2 stronk

>>517564316ggs, if only I could play like that in ranked.

>>517564316>c´mon i need to lose on friendlies so i can win on rankedliterally got what i wanted

You can only been good at mahjong if you have the right approach. Never play defensively, no matter what anyone says. Your calls and discards should be baffling, almost nihilistic at times. It's the only way the demons of mahjong will grant you "flow", which is the ability to draw whatever you need whenever you need it and always pass risky tiles. Flow is actually more important than fundamentals, and anyone who says otherwise is a coward who deserves bad draws.

>>517568932But moooom my friends won't think I'm cool unless I make kokushi musou

>>517541526watch not kaiji do

>>517570329Akagi isn't realistic bro, Fukumoto just makes up bullshit to make exciting scenarios.

>>517570541tfw no girl to tease you while playingwhy live

>>517571193t. brainlet

>>517570329this is a good shitpost

>>517570541How do they make all those inferences so fast. The most I can do is watch discards and use furiten

>>517571193Sounds like a fucking coward that doesn't wanna die

>>517571193Shut the fuck up Washizu

>>517541854Based Akagi bro. If only it had a decent ending. The way it is just makes me want to rewatch kaiji.


>>517571956It does, the anime just caught up to the manga and had nothing to go off of. It took the manga 20 years to finish Washizu mahjong.


>>517571956Manga has a great ending nigger.

>>517572540I would have prefered if Washizu actually died, the way he ended chasing Akagi forever felt pathetic and humillating. But i guess that's better for him than actually winning and killing Akagi, because then his life would be truly meaningless.


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>>517572978why are fkmt girls so cute bros

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>>517573442they just look okay in contrast to the men and intentionally ugly women

>>517572978didn't even know it existedwhat is it about?

Super Zugan subs DOKO

>>517574052It's obviously about Yahtzee

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>>517574402ngl I'd read a yahtzee manga

make a room faggits, time to dab on you hagst.nyagger

>>517574587do it yourself ya doof

>>517574587its sleeping time on the part of the wolrd that matters

>>517567981do you want to LEARN or do you want to just win once and never touch it again

btw any tenhou chads here?im about to get to the 10 dandoes promotion here on need another requirement ie points you earn from matches, other rank points?

Attached: d16.png (600x539, 457.29K), It's done you lazy bums.

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