People actually like this VN? I thought it was a Holla Forums and /jp/ inside joke

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>>517540638>People actually like this VN?No>I thought it was a Holla Forums and /jp/ inside jokeYes

>>517540638>>517540758Dumb goats

>>517540638It's baby's first deconstruction, only people who never read books like it.>>517540935Dilate

Yes It's a good visual novel.

>>517541079Most books are garbage. The fact you worship them shows you don't read them yourself. You only do so to appear smart.

It did a good job of showing layers to things through a visual metaphor. Also, a good way to transition someone from Phoenix Wright to a novel.

>>517541703>Also, a good way to transition someone from Phoenix Wright to a novel.And then back to DS with 999.

>>517540638I like to think of this game as a prank. You get the idea from hearing about it that it's this ascended, amazing VN that will blow your mind and destroy your penis. Then you actually read it and it's like you've been tricked. It's a mystery novel with like 80 hours of set up and almost zero payoff with some of the shittiest artwork that anyone's charged actual money for. To add insult to injury, the actual prose is repetitive as fuck. Nothing is just stated, it's stated, then restated, then referenced like 2 paragraphs later just for good measure. If the company had a competent editor the game might be 1/3rd the length.At least the OST is good.

>>517540638It has the best OST of all time

Episode 1: 7/10Episode 2: 8/10Episode 3: 10/10Episode 4: 7/10Episode 5: 6/10Episode 6: 3/10Episode 7: 6/10Episode 8: 0/10Higurashi is much better.

>>517542048Everything is stated and restated a million times yet people still miss mayor themes and points from the game.

>>517540638Yes, and yes.

>>517540638I've been seeing it for like 10 years and I've always wanted to try it but the price is fucking ludicrous for a VN. It's like I wait another year and another ye 90 bucks. Are they fucking mad? Each arc should be 10 bucks by now.

>>517542148Is Higurashi really better?I've beat Umineko a couple of days ago and I was... Whelmed by the ending. I didn't think of it as terrible, but I wasn't exactly a fan either.I don't want to invest another 100+ hours only to end up dissapointed.

>>517542048>I like to think of this game as a prank. You get the idea from hearing about it that it's this ascended, amazing VN that will blow your mind and destroy your penis. Then you actually read it and it's like you've been tricked.You had to be there, user. If you started by reading the first 3-4 chapters before the rest came out then you got a truly incredible experience. Reading it now you would unfortunately have to lump the shitty parts in with the good ones which would taint the experience. Personally my advice to anyone with Umineko is to just stop reading after episode 5.

>tfw didn't try to solve any of the mysteries and believed 100% on magic>is still my favourite VN years later

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>>517542192People don't miss the points of the games, they just think they're retarded. But I know, without Ryukishi's cock deep in you mouth, it cannot be seen.

>>517542192Quite the funny paradox, when something is being so forcefully drilled into your head you're predisposed to ignore and dismiss it as white noise.Umineko makes you forget things by constantly telling you about them in unnecessarily long paragraphs so you subconsciously skip that information and then forget about it completely until reminded of it hours later.Not sure if that's clever or retarded

>>517542287>buying VNs

>>517542310Higurashi is much more consistent in quality and tone/theme. Umineko was all over the place. There's speculation that the author's friend was helping ghost write Umineko because he died in the middle and the quality of the story immediately dropped off a cliff, and it almost feels like the author forgot his own themes. Umineko was originally about Battler rejecting the Witch, who represented his denial of the truth. It was a metaphor for Battler coming to terms with the horrible thing that happened. But in the second half of the story it transitioned to Battler accepting the witch, which runs totally contrary to the entire point the story was trying to set up. Instead of accepting the truth and moving on, Battler decided to accept the comfortable lie. What kind of a fucking message is that? What the fuck was the point of the entire story?

George is a fat fuckHe likes a quick quck

>>517542461Based and lovepilled.

>>517541659Idk man I feel like books pushed out by credible publishers have a pretty high bar of quality compared to games

>>517542774Beato such a fucking hoe... I love it

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>>517540638OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH DESIRE!!!!!Never played this shit but I watched that shit anime did we ever find out if magic was real or not?

>He thinks the ending was trying to glorify escapism

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>>517540638unironic masterpiece

>>517542641I thought Higurashi was shit as soon as they started revealing everything.

Umineko fell into a problem where the author focused too hard on obscuring the mystery and in doing so hurt the actual narrative. Yasu was created as a plot device to explain all the silly mysterious shit and to help hide the truth, because normally you wouldn't assume two different characters you regularly saw together were the same person. But Yasu was a horrible, completely unsympathetic and uninteresting character and the more focus it received, the less interesting the story became. The author should have just given up on hiding the mystery, which had already become entirely obvious, around episode 4 or 5 and started to drop the focus on that character, but instead he doubled down, somehow pretending a single person hadn't figured it out and was still being fooled. Also Umineko was too long. It really only needed 5 or 6 episodes max, and to be honest it probably could have been done successfully in 4. Ange and Erika should have never been introduced and the story should have just ended with Battler defeating the witch and realizing the truth in episode 4 or 5.

>>517540638Any VN's that actually have a good plot? I tried a few and they were really boring anime bullshit. I obvious played Dangan and 999 as was into them cause they actually had some gameplay but besides those?

>>517542148Higurashi is ruined by the last episode too though.

>>517542310>Is Higurashi really better?no, it's generic slice of life with horror elements, umineko has much better setting, chars, music etc

>>517543452Not really, VNs aren't a great medium overall. Visual Novels have kind of been supplanted by Light Novels which serve largely the same purpose. I wouldn't really recommend diving into VNs unless you're bored and have a lot of time to kill.

>>517543885Umineko at its peak is definitely better than Higurashi's peak, but Umineko falls off a lot harder. Higurashi and Umineko both have horrible mysteries that fall apart and the plot gets pretty silly in both but Higurashi has more likeable characters which you really want to root for. No one is rooting for george or rosa or whoever.

>>517544030Battler and Jessica were consistently likeable. Also none of the parents were good people but at times they were based.

>>517544030>Higurashi>Likeable charactersAre you for real?>Super duper uber genius K1>Retard kid that actually make good traps?>Retard kid but not really because in a time loop>Retard mafia girl with an identical twin sister (This was the start of the writers fucking retardation with twins, personalities and one person=multiple people inane bullshit.I guess detective man and photograph man are decent?

>>517543894Thank God for Light Novels, authors are given some restraint when it comes to word/page count and can't go on endless rants and throw exposition dumps around like candy and are actually forced to write an engaging story.

>>517544270>Sexy retard who makes good traps>Sexy retard in a time loop>Sexy retard mafia girl with a sexy identical twin sisterFixed it for you

>>517542641Umineko starts by telling you that the truth is important and encourages you to take theorize, even going so far as to insult people whom lazily read goats.Near the end it goes "psyche, the real goats are the people who over-analyse the shit out of things," and it only does this until after it has conditioned you to analyse things.You cannot convince me that this isn't an absolutely perfect ending.

>>517544260Krauss and Hideyoshi are good peeplz

>>517544514I don't rate trolling as high quality writing personally.

>>517541659Except most of the people that have bothered to finish Umineko act like the most pompous snobs that have life figured out and go through the biggest mental gymnastics to defend any and every part about it with the 2deep4u rethoric to compensate they've wasted 100+ hours on it. Most people that read books for fun arent nearly as autistic. It's the Evangelion of VNs

>>517544557Krauss was not a good person and Hideyoshi wasn't really good or bad, more neutral. Of the adults the only purely good one was Natsuhi, which makes sense since she was the only one forced into that shitty family. You really feel bad for her and all the shit she has to put up with.

>>517544931Umineko is one of those things where you really had to be there and while it can still be fun you can't get the same value out of it today. All the retarded theories, all the original content, all the jokes, etc. There was so much more to reading Umineko than just the VN itself.

Read Rose Guns Days instead It's Ryukishi's magnum opus

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>>517542461i got into reading the vn because of the fighting gameit's better than most vns i've read before that's for damn sure.

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>>517542148Episode 4 is a fucking 4/10 and no more. 0/10 for most of it and 9/10 for the finale. Actually the most boring drivel I ever read until the ending.

>>517545029Shit b8 m8

>>517540638In the time it takes to complete this you could read the entire Dune series and follow the Golden path instead of forever looking for that faggot ass Golden Land.

>>517542148>Episode 2: 8/10yikes

>>517545231newfags will never understand

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Episode 7 is a 10

ciconia chads [email protected]

>>517540638i wasn't really impressed by Umineko, it went on too long for me to really give a shit about the ending. Is Muv Luv worth reading (i know its pretty long) or will it disappoint me like Umineko?

>>517545963full when they cry chads rejoice

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>>517545963>ciconia is cancelled until a miracle happens and corona is curedwhy live

>>517546409Let's all believe in that miracle. Together.

>>517545923>Episode 7 is a 10The tea party was, but you can't ignore the rest of it.

>>517546097All VNs go on too long. That's kind of the point of the medium.

>>517546768The coolest part was at the end of the main story though

>>517546924Could you refresh my memory? I haven't read episode 7 since it came out.

>>517540638Tranny VN.

>>517547039The earth to earth illusions to illusions part

>>517546861subahibi and steins gate were just the right amount

>>517543290What I hate is how the story is obsessed with "love", but Yasu is a terrible character who deserve no empathy or affection from the audience. >Ange and Erika should have never been introducedFuck no. Erika is amazing and the story wouldn't be nearly as fun without her. She should have been introduced in ep 4 instead of having Ange hijack the plot.

>>517547949it doesnt help that we never get a profile pic of yasu too. the best you get is a shitty manga drawing

>>517547949I think Yasu is legitimately the least likeable character in anything I have ever read. He tried really, really hard to make you pity it but how could you possibly have pity for such a deranged monster? If the author had at least made it a girl then at least you would have had coomers who wanted to fuck the crazy girl.

>>517542461Honestly this is the best way to read it. Don't spend any time thinking since the retarded answer doesn't make sense anyway.

Reminder the manga salvages Yasu as a character and a concept

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>>517549125Probably. I imagine the mangaka is actually a talented person who's good at writing.

>>517549125He's still an asshole who planned to murder his entire family. You can't redeem that.

>>517549297The reason for murdering them is what made me hate Yasu so much. Although it was never stated directly in the text the only logical explanation for why Yasu would want to kill everyone would be to cut all his connections so he could run away with Battler and the money. So it wasn't some emotional decision where you can sympathize with him, he did it in a calm and calculated manner, purely for his own convenience. He could have easily just taken some of the gold and bought a house somewhere to live a normal life but that wasn't good enough.

>>517545894I still believe.

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I just read this the other week and what the FUCK happened? Battler was so based in the first half, it was one of the few instances that the main character in any kind of media was my favorite. The author soid him up so much after episode 5 and basically did a 180 on his character and the themes of the story.

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Episode 5 > Episode 3 > Episode 4 > Episode 2 > Episode 7 > Episode 1 > Episode 8 > Episode 6Lambda best girl.

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>>517550241Based Rosatrice user. It doesn't hold up thematically but it's a much more satisfying explanation of the howdunnit than 'dude trannies lmao'.


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Higurashi > Ciconia > Umineko

Episode 8 = Episode 7 = Episode 6 = Episode 5 = Episode 4 = Episode 3 = Episode 2 = Episode 1.Episode 8 is honestly one of my favorite climaxes to a narrative. It was just really satisfying to me and I understand that's not a popular opinion but I don't care.

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>>517550868In what universe could you possibly say Ciconia is better than Umineko so far. It has great potential, but episode 1 was almost entirely set up. It a few good scenes, and one really fantastic one with the christmas party, but there's just not enough to it yet.

>>517550905basedI disliked it on my first read but on a reread Ange resurrecting her family and shooting Bern down with the 2-winged golden eagle is pure unfiltered kino

>>517550905Episode 8's ending on the boat was my favorite scene in the VN, and it had a lot of highlights, but overall it just doesn't match up to the better episodes.

>>517550905I liked it too broI actually had a blast reading through all of the books. Ep 5 was a personal high point for me, since I stupidly watched the anime before reading

>>517551121Oh, and when I say "ending on the boat", I mean with Battler and Beatrice, not the trick ending.

*ahem*gentleman, I have an announcement to make

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>>517551003I love Ange as a character. To me, the VN changing from the idea of what happened on Rokkenjima to how that mystery affected the only living survivor and them being unable to move on and live their life from it was great. God hearing her cry about wanting to die after finding the truth was so painful, this paired with the idea of Battler doing everything in his power to let her move on and live just made Episode 8 the best for me. I know the change was unwelcomed by a lot but hey I liked it. It shed light on the survivors of a tragedy and how the memories of their family were impacted by it.

>>517542048Dunno, I loved the message it was trying to convey, even if the novel was redundant at times, I also loved the dumb shenanigans that happen in Chiru

>>517540638my hate for seagulls prevents me from ever playing this VNperhaps this is for the best

>>517549584Well one of the reasons is that she lost her faith in humanity after realizing what piece of shits each and every single ushiromiya was, the servants besides Genji just happened to be there at the wrong time.

>>517545283is the fighting game 100% dead

>>517551857The joke is that seagulls are gone for like 99% of the VN

It's baby's first visual novel. Get past the cringey art and it's decent. Better if you play the one with nicer looking ps3 sprites and voice acting for a better effect.It can get annoying how they'll go into detail on unnecessary details. Like I remember reading about 3-5 pages worth on garbage content about someone just trying to sit down. Or the metaphors will be long and exasperated.

>>517540638People swore by Ever 17, played it, thought it was the most dumb shit I've ever played in my life. Don't take too much stock in the so-called 'unanimous' opinions of this board.

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>>517552608>babby's first VNThat's Fate tho

>>517552404it's on pc and 360, it's deader than a dodo


>>517543885Umineko has higher highs and lower lows, but Higurashi is more more focused and consistent. It’s been said that a mystery is only as good as its solution and when both solutions are very outlandish I find Higurashi eeks SeaCats in that regard

Erika best girlMagical chef Gohda did everything

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>>517552608>Better if you play the one with nicer looking ps3 spritesit has some nice few cgs but no

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>>517553106until we reach the golden land

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>>517553139Battler does indeed fuck trannies


>>517552624Ever17 is pretty shit tho, that's unanimously agreed upon in this board

>>517545825you're right it's 9/10 or 10/10

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>>517553228At least use the voicesYou don't want to miss out on Erika's


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>>517553351Hmm I guess the general opinion must've shifted since then. I will admit it was many years ago that the circlejerk was a thing.

>>517552608>It's baby's first visual novel.That would be Steins;Gate.

Will there be a new Umineko anime if the Higurashi one is success?

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>>517552608I definitely wouldn't have finished a 140 hour VN if it was only decentits good at the very least


>Other umineko thread got deletedLotta dedication for someone who's doing it for free

>>517540638how can a VN be so good yet so shit at the same time?

>>517540638Fuck modsFuck janniesfuck niggersfuck cunny

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>>517553818Hopefully, but I'd rather have a good one then another shit one.

>>517553818>>517553818probably not its too longmaybe a Higanbana one or maybe they'll decide to animate the 1st chapter of Ciconia

>>517553986Not a cultural phenomenon please understand


>>517544030>implying Krauss wasn't the biggest basedboy in WTC history

why was George such a virgin?

>>517545963Here, here. Phase 2 when?

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>>517553818Does this have a release date in the west yet?

>>517554658the anime?it releases the same time it does in japanwhich is october

>>517554658It airs in October.

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>>517544931Most people who have finished umineko say the first four episodes are good and the rest are a massive dip in quality, I don't know where you're getting that form.Frankly I thought the 'magic' ending being canon was stupid and disingenuous, while the 'magic isn't real' ending somehow instantly makes Ange a psychopath because it didn't match with the writer's point of view and he couldn't give it a fair showing.

When you think about it, Ange ruined the story. Imagine how much better it would have been just by removing her. What was even the point of her character?

>>517542192The reason this happens is because Umineko's signal to noise ratio is absolutely fucked. I understand that a certain amount of noise is necessary in order to set up the mystery or help flesh out the characters, but, as the other user said, you could easily edit Umineko to be a much shorter length without losing too much.

>>517554929She's there to be a kind of reader self insert who is removed entirely from the events of the island and is examining them after the fact. The problem is that concept and role is the story is fundamentally not interesting at all.

>>517554929We got to see her becoming a burger 3 times tho so it was worth it

>>517554929doujin bait

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I read Umineko for the cool laser sword fights and the soundtrack.Which is why episode 5 is my favorite.

>>517554909>psychopathshe was 100% right about Amakusa's plan

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>>517553818>Will there be a new Umineko anime if the Higurashi one is success?Probably not since it fell off so fucking hard that no one would want to watch the second half and I don't think they'd just animate the first half of the story (although they did the first time).

>>517552608>It's baby's first visual novel.I really disagree. The pacing is slow, the art is unappealing and it is long. All of which are bad things for a baby's first. Nothing even really happens in Umineko for several hours and you are reading about inheritances and stuff.

>>517542148I'm currently reading episode 4 but 3 was amazing. Now I'm feeling burned out unfortunately, and that coming from someone who read all of Muv-Luv in a month....

>>517553249based and gohdatricepilled

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>>517554884I play a mountain and Goblin Guide, swing two.

>>517553646Ever17 has a few good twists hidden by mountains of shit. The author's later games improved the presentation a ton. People only remember it fondly due to nostalgia, it doesn't hold up at all.

>>517552608>Better if you play the one with nicer looking ps3 sprites and voice acting for a better effect.

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>>517555330I will tell you - 100% do not bother reading episode 8. Episode 7 is a completely satisfying ending and the story does not need another chapter after it. Whether you want to go past episode 5 depends on if you're willing to put up with the dogshit that is episode 6 to get to episode 7.

Loveless fantasy or loveful mystery?

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>>517551840What's the message?

>>517555418>NanjotriceCan someone give me the rundown on this one?

>>517555610I am pretty confident that the killer was Battler but I am not going to go into the massive wall of text for me to justify it

>>517555438Jokes on you, Lambda plays Death's Shadow

>>517554749>>517554773Thanks. I didn’t know if it was simultaneous

>>5175553304 is hated by a ton of people due to an excess of Ange scenes. Good news is that 5 is great. Bad news is the quality keeps going down afterwards, with 7 and 8 being utter garbage.

Reminder Ange not wearing panties is canon.

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>>517553818It's always weird the one thing he wrote which is objectively the most ideal for an anime adaption (RGD) will basically never get one.

>>517555605The one thing I actually liked about 8 (I think) was that it actually had gameplay for a brief period and presented a mystery for you to actually solve yourself. It is a shame the whole thing didn't have stuff like that.

>>517555886it isn't like all anime that isn't netlfix'd its week by week

>>517555605I'm still interested in it, I love higurashi when I read it years ago and the OST of umineko is fucking great. However I feel like if I continue I'd be too curious to to go all the way to the end of episode 8

>>517555901theres nothing wrong with 7 and 8 thoughand missing Erika wearing a pirate hat is a crime

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>>517555626Some shit about moving on from the past. It's so generic and meaningless that it just goes through one ear and into another.

>>517545231>Umineko is one of those things where you really had to be thereUmineko practically inherited the Trashfire torch from Code Geass

>>517555418>no "Rokkenjima was on the moon the whole time"

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>>5175561177 is pointless filler sidestories until you get to the tea party. 8 is literally nothing but filler fight scenes, with the only interesting part being Bern's interactive game. Umineko doesn't exactly value your time, but 7 and 8 take it to a whole new universe.

>>517556383Everything went to shit after BT died.

Just finished RGD season 2 and started season 3The downfall of Caleb was fucking amazing but the wandering dogs part was pretty boring desu, I understand it's probably mostly for buildup but does it get better?

>>5175563837 is fine for people who haven't figured it out yetand 8 was ehneither are long enough for it to make a difference

>>517556213It's offscreen, above the iceberg.On the moon.

>>517556213M O O NT O U R I S M

>>5175553304 is a slump in pacing after 3, you'll be glad you powered through it when you get to the end though

I recently played Birth ME Code and loved it, second favorite VN.2236 A.D. focused too much on romance, dragged it out a bit too long, and HAS AN UNEXPLAINED ALICE CLIFFHANGER ENDING FUCKI'm reading 428 Shibuya Scramble right now.

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>>517545231I remember that cringe roleplayers that was so cancerous that the mods had to intervene


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>>517556383I think 7's teaparty is important to the story because it answers the mystery, even if it was obvious already a mystery should come with an answer.

>>517542461Absolutely based, my man

>>517556746It's a golden opportunity.

>>517540638Threadly reminder that episode 8 is the best episode. Epic finale to an absolute masterpiece of a story.

so did Krauss, Natsuhi, and Jessica die or did they just go to the moon?

The Ushiromiya family has to be one of the worst families in history. Almost every single one of them is a piece of shit.

>>517557131they weren't real

7 > 3 > 5 > 1 > 8 > 4 > 6 > 2

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>the answer doesn't make sense>Umineko's easily mystery falls apartWho are these people?Sure, the solution was kinda dumb, but it perfectly fits Umineko's theme of having unreliable narration. Nothing falls apart, it makes perfect sense.

>>517557118Based. I thought it was a great finale

>>517557349It makes sense in terms of it being physically possible but doesn't make sense in terms of character motivations and realism. Of course the big thing people would always bring up is that somehow Krauss and his family never noticed two of their servants were the same person wearing a wig and breast pads.


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>>517557539>he thinks shannon literally dressed up like kanon for every kanon scene

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>>517557539What's worse is Jessica not noticing that her boyfriend was just her best friend wearing drag. It's ludicrous.

Am I the only one that loved the whole thing? My only BIG complaint is that the reveal in episode 7 was vague as fuck and I had to talk with my friend that convinced me to play the game about it to confirm what exactly happened and who Beatrice exactly was and how all that went down. Apparently the manga does the reveals better because it actually gives you the visual explanation everything. Either way, I'm really glad I read this and feel like it honestly is a 10/10 story and experience.

>>517557852No, same here. Some episodes were better than others, but I liked them all.

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>>517557852Nah I'm the same. I thought Episode 7 was a bit dull since it was just one long info dump, but it's still good.

>>517557349>>517557539What is the answer? And why is it dumb?

>>517558124Dude it's a mystery. No matter WHAT the solution would be there will always be people that disliked it and that's fine. But the answer is read the VN and don't spoiler yourself if you have some interest.


>>517557292why 2 so low faggot?

>>517553491God, this is the first time that I hear the voice acting, but it seems god-like.

>>517558818Dude the voice acting is top fucking tier. Especially Beatrice, Eva, and Rosa. Everyone does fantastic work

>>517543175Hol up. She didn't say "theres absolutely no need to doubt it" in red as well. So would that mean there would be a reason to doubt it?

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>>517559341yes, because almost every red statement is meant to mislead you despite being "technically" true

>>517555782Do it you fucking faggot. Just the outline.

>>517559341Well, obviously.You can still deceive by only saying the truth. It's possible to turn true statements into one big lie by manipulating the narrative and the reader's expectations. That was what the whole game was trying to do to you.

>>517555418>only george and eva can see hideyoshirofl

>>517553818only if atonement and massacre arc are as good as the mangas

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>>517555418>The characters can hear the OSTThis one made me crack up for some reason

>>517557349And Umineko is loosely based on "and then there were none" so there's that connection.

>>517559817But "And then there were none" had a good proper explicit answer. Agatha Christie was a master, especially in the first half of her career.

>>517559341Almost all the red truths are "technically this is true but it doesnt mean what you think it does" type statements meant to misguide you, so there's plenty of reason to doubt them. They are still true.

>>517559921Ten little niggers sucked.Agatha is a hack.

I really want to play Umineko, but I already know that at the end magic is real, and I think that there's no point in playing it if the discussion between magic and logic isn't genuine. What do you think bros, should I play it anyway, is there more to it?

>>517560335>Magic is realOH NONONONONONONNO

>>517560335Your spoiler doesn't matter at all and what you think is wrong, read it anyway

>>517560335This has to be bait.


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>>517560335Based. You've figured it out, don't read it user.

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>>517560335There is more to it.It may be true that the game ultimately concludes that "Magic" is real, but what if I told you the game went through great lengths to show that the definition of "magic" it is using isn't likely the same as the definition you are thinking of?

>>517560335The magic is real only if you believe in it.

>>517560387>>517560395>>517560494>>517560497Well, now I'm not sure if all of you are baiting me so I can be genuinely surprised at the twist or actually magic isn't real, which gives room to real discussion and let's me theorize, thanks anyway based anons

>>517560198Holy plebbolaAdmittedly, she generally got way too contrived (Reminiscent of 07th Studios, although not nearly as bad) in the later half of her career, due to all the people going in getting ready to predict the twist. It was the 1900s equivalent of M. Night Shyamalan, but assuming you are lucky enough to read the books without having been spoiled on them, these are all classics that still hold up and kick the shit out of 99% of mystery visual novels, including 07th's stuff:>The Murder of Roger Ackroyd>Peril at End House>Murder on the Orient Express>And Then There Were None>Five Little Pigs>Lord Edgware Dies (Read this one second to last)>Curtain (Read this one last)

>>517560779They're fucking baiting you, you brainless fuck.It's a fucking fantasy VN, and even if it wasn't, it's not like a retard like you can figure it out.

>>517555330Don't listen to those fags, episode's 8 ending on the boat is kino af

>>517540638Any other VN which helps reinforce logical thinking? I learnt a lot of things from this VN like devils proof, spinning the chessboard and other meme concepts for different ways of tackling issues. Any other VN focusing on this aspect?


>>517560779It's literally not as simple as that user. There are so many layers to this and that answer does not matter at all. I can't even properly explain why it's not cut and dry because it's submerged in so much theming and plot around it, it's not so much of an answer as it is symbolic.

>>517560779Without saying much, the ending definitely leaves room for interpretation depending on what you want to believe in. It is not, and never will be, one definite answer.>>517560871Stop telling lies dumbass.

>>517555418>Higurashi was a story Battler wroteI believe this one, also >anime = true episode 9What happened? I didn't watch it

>>517560871First of all, fuck you. Second, I'll play that shit and reach a conclusion by myself

>>517555418>Battler aunt harem theorynice

>>517561401didn't one of the extra higurashi arcs connect higurashi and umineko somehowI think they're in the same universe

>>517561404Well shame I won't be able to have a look at you trying and failing. Try not to shit yourself while you read.

>>517561010Ace attorney

>>517561561This user is serious the game has jumpscares

>>517555610>Black BattlerI'd read an entire scenario out of this.

>>517561690Battler can't be black, Rosa ain't his mama.

>>517561657I only remember one at the end of a chapter, is there more?

>>517558937>BeatriceMan, her acting was perfect for the kind of woman Battler exactly said he wanted.

>>517561690>>517561848Which ones? I don't really remember, other than creepy Maria faces

>>517561848Not saying where in case that user is actually looking through these spoilers, thus ruining his apprehension with this knowledge now.


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>>517561556>they're in the same universeWell, at least Oknogi is

>>517562049I don't remember which episode, 2 or 3? The end which eva points a gun at batora and her eyes turn pitch black . Also, I don't remember about maria's faces being creepy or anything, since I played with the original sprites.

>>517562439Beatrice cackles and pops-out after a silent pause in the text near the start of episode 3

>>517562180So they really go into detail about all the events/"another universe" shtick that Higurashi has? I know that only up to the 8th chapter is translated, so would I just do up to the 8th one alongside the PS3 exclusive/extra arcs?Wish I could find a guide explaining it...Oh wait, just found'll go check that out.

>>517562560>Battler gropes the witch and then exclaims he hasn't lost yetbest start for an episode

>>517562560Oh, yes. I do remember it. Been so long since I played it, gonna replay it again when I have time.

>>517542461Based lovebro

it's a magical mystery

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>>517561657Not too spooky once you realize what is going on, the ending of chapter 3 did catch me off guard pretty hard though.Higurashi was much spookier to me in general, though that might be because I played it first.

>>517560335that is some top notch bait

>>517564408>spoilerNot gonna lie, seeing Beato doing the creepy face was one thing, but when Virgillia did it too, I shat my pants.

>>517545728>entire Dune seriesI thought it went to shit after the author died and his son took over?

>>517564838That's what made it truly creepy for me too.

>>517542148>Episode 1: 7/10>Episode 2: 8/10wat

>>517564885>his son took over?Huh? What are you talking about? Dune ended on an eternal cliffhanger after Chapterhouse. Sure it's fun to speculate but for that reason most recommend just finishing the series at God Emperor.

>>517542048>To add insult to injury, the actual prose is repetitive as fuck. Nothing is just stated, it's stated, then restated, then referenced like 2 paragraphs later just for good measure. If the company had a competent editor the game might be 1/3rd the length.Is there a visual novel this doesn't apply to?

>>517564963>>517564838I haven't played a game that tricked me so hard like episode 3.

>>517566006Ep 2 of Higurashi did the same thing. Masterful troll.

>>517565269Umineko is on a special level. It feels very intentional in many cases, because a paragraph will be written such that it wants you to come to a certain conclusion, and it's reasonable for the reader to make that conclusion. But then the next paragraph exists only to outright state what was earlier implied. Then the next paragraph after repeats this, and gives a full explanation of why what was just revealed was important. It ends up seeming like it was written for a special needs readership, despite demanding a lot of critical thinking, patience, and philosophical thought.That said I remember Saya no Uta being pretty snappy in it's narration. It helps that it's such a short game too.

>>517566524Nah I get you. Out of the VNs I read though F/SN still takes the cake with this though. Holy shit is it bad.

>>517556383Fuck off kinzo's flashback is great, Will and lion are great, and it as one of the best atmosphere in the series, mostly because of the god tier xaki ostAlso the tea party wouldn't have the same effect without the whole episode beforehand

>>517566524Most VNs are too wordy. It's a staple of the medium. There are like 2 full length VNs which aren't slow as shit.

>>517556527You're going into god tier territory, second half of Season 3 is where shit really happens

>>517556383If you genuinely think 7 and 8 were filler you're retarded.>Yasu's backstory>Kinzo's backstory>Finishing Ange's story which started in Episode 3>Bern finally getting beaten

>>5175675158 was good, but 7 was absolutely filler. Most of it was just going over what we already knew in excruciating detail.

Why is it that Umineko is so much more popular than Higurashi in the West, but Higurashi is so much more popular than Umineko in Japan? Is it just when they happened to come out, and the cultural climes at the time? Or is there something indelible in them that makes each side seemingly prefer one over the other?

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>>517567856And why RGD is overlooked everywhere when it's the best rk07?

>>517567778It's better to call it an exposition dump rather than a filler. Filler provides absolutely nothing and is just there to take up space, Episode 7 gave us more in depth information about the characters and their relationships.

>>517567856Higu has cute girls and high school setting in comfy Japan. Umineko is heavily western inspired with no annoying clingy girls like Rena which the Japanese seem to love

>>517567971Doesn't have his meme artstyle and isn't called "When They Cry"

>>517568104I do think the more adult cast in Umineko probably has something to do with it.

>>517550868Is way to soon to place Ciconia, there's still at least 3 more Phases.Phase 1 was good but became a bit boring towards the middle part due to all the walls of peace talks, still it set up the plot rather nicely.

Umineko really falls for me on the last two episodes, even if they have some of my fav (especially on the 8 episode) when you add all the parts the result is not consistent at all. I remember feeling a bit frustrated after I completed E8, still I loved the rest and even if It ended on a sour note its still worth reading if you're a fan of Visual Novels.Now, with Higurashi that didn't happened, the lowest point for me on Higurashi was on the 4th arc and maybe a little bit of the 7th arc (with all the child service talk) but it never dipped into experience breaking territory.

>>517567971>>517568127Is RGD really that good. All I know about it is Gabriel being male Erika apparently and having a dope theme

>>517540638the real joke is how a fucking ching chong novel has such a great ost wtf how is this possible I'm listening to umineko's music almost everyday since I first read it 7 years fuck this

>>517545259I was depressed for like six months after I finished reading this miserable shit.But yes, it's phenomenal, and tonally surprisingly similar to Ciconia. Really hanging out for a torrent of the live action stage play.

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>>517569541A lot of talented people made music for it, also the VN does a good job using the music.

>>517569428Clearly different vibes than the wtc series even if it has some shades of it first half is mostly cowboy bebop with mafia shenanigans and post-WWII politics, second half is basically Muv Luv alternative without mechsIt also have really cool action sequences and the ost is almost umineko tier

>>517552624>frog retard has shit opinionclockwork

>>517569641Higurashi started with stock musics, how did Ryukishi amass such a wide range of great composers? I can't name one other vn or game with this amount of quality tracks

>>517569590>>517569981Have you read the manga? Is it good?

>>517567403For me it was 2 > 3 > 1 > 4I see a lot of people complain about Onions Sauce War but I really liked it.>>517556527Wandering Dogs are a pretty important addition to the cast for events in Season 3

>>517568104Umineko has Maria though who is 10x more annoying than any higurashi character.

>>517569981Sounds pretty Baccano to me, I'll have to check it out.

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>>517570441His story with doujin music artists basically started with him releasing the first 4 chapters, dai sending him an email that basically said "your sound mixing and music is absolute garbage, let me get some dudes and help you" and the rest is history

>>517560871without logic it can be seen

>>517568930>4th arc

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>>517570523Don't know, last time I checked the manga wasn't completed and there was no translation but it was years ago

>>517544260>JessicaYou fucking serious? The kids sans Battler were the worst characters of Umineko, especially Jessica. Also, the other guy is right when he says that the Higurashi characters are more likeable. I can't think of any other anime/vn/manga in which pretty much the entire cast is likeable like in Higurashi.

>>517572490I guess the Higurashi characters are more likeable cause 99% don't have any ulterior or harmful motives behind their actions, like the whole Houjou isolation situation was harmful but the reasons behind it weren't actively evil.Only non-likable characters that I can think off atm are Teppei, Rina and the shadow tokyo people which obviously they are made to be disliked.

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me off to assassinate my daughter for saying uu~uu one too many times

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