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What do you want in the next game?

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Stop with the machine knights and give me more barefoot Digimon men.

>>517538287More waifus

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>>517538287A little V-pet sidegame thing and all the Pendulum Z digimon.

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I'd like to see a modern take on the World 3 evolution system, but just the evolution system, I don't like 1v1 battles. Then again Survive seems to be going for something similar so I guess you can scratch that one out.For the next Story game I just want non-signature moves to be more restricted. Don't let Tyrannomon use a water move, don't let Seadramon use a kick/punch move, etc. Like World 1. That way there's an actual reason to use something other than the signature moves and to use certain Digimon for certain things.

Fuck, as long as another game actually comes out I'll be happy. Also, broke down and pre-ordered the Nightmare Solider Pendulum Z. Been playing my DM20s, currently have Pagumon, Babydmon, and a Koromon from an American DM20.

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>>517538581What is it about digimon that attracts the footfags? It can't be a coincidence. There's lots of other franchises with monsters.


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Lots of well branched out digivolution trees, the Digimon they've been making for their gachas and vpets to be included, more forgotten/older mons returning, and for it to be fun.

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I'll just leave this here...humulos.com/digimon/partner/

>>517538287Digimon dating simulator

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>>517539686Sure, but lots of other franchises have all sorts of monsters with big paws, right?

>>517540000What else is there besides Pokemon and Digimon? Pokemon is so large, it has every fetish.

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I just want Survive to have a good amount of replayability, so branching story paths DeSu style would be neat

>>517539958hey lil dude

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Can I be in this thread?

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>>517540950Sure kiddo, watch out for the feetfags

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>>517538287I want an action game where you can control your Digimon, like a Dynasty Warriors game

>>517539514Gay furry footfags like dragon men and Digimon has a lot of those

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What's your favorite underutilized 'mon?

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>>517542804Don't know about favorites but it's been a while since I've seen Mammon and SkullMammon in anything at all.

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>>517538287an alignment system so i can side with the demon lords every game.

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>>517539958I would have liked something that could evolve into Stingmon but i like Bancho Lilimon so i'm cool.

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digimonmale = huge mechafemale = human waifushit

>>517544083It'd be nice to have a game that explores the digital world's factions that aren't the Royal Knights

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I like this bird

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>>517538645I want to fuck a phone

>>517544279>mechaMore like 'human in armor/a fancy costume'

1. Cyber Sleuth style game/combat.2. Based 80~90% in the digital world.3. Good characters.4. Cutscene style that isn't retarded (pic related)5. 400+ digimon.6. Fix the sound effects, they sound awful.

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you preordered right Holla Forums?

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>>517548681I don't preorder anything. That does look pretty sick though.

>>517548681Those feet are huge

>>517538287Just anything please. Need that digimon hit.

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>>517549327they are actually smaller than the original

Why are ultimates so shitty? almost all of them are ugly place holders until you get the mega.

>>517538287I was going to say SMT Devil Survivor but Digimon, but isn't that exactly what Digimon Survive is going to be? Fuck, it even has Survive in the name.

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Make a Digimon world game and cut out megas altogether. Only have them be available through jogress

>>517549679You can't have a good ultimate and a good mega. Only one or the other.Also it really does happen too much. How does a badass cyborg pegasus turn into a pink ball.

>>517549702>battles are grid-based map battles where you control your creatures>story branches based on your choices>characters can dieIt's basically Devil Survivor: Digimon Edition, yeah.

>>517549998Fuck, I wasn't very hyped before, but Devil Survivor 1-2 were amazing. Can't wait for them to confirm Sruvive is cancelled now so I can kill myself.

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I want the digidestined experience. You and your rookie partner go on an adventure, digivolving in combat and for mounts. After digivolving to a stronger form, your digi goes back to a weak in training form where you have to avoid fights

>>517550369How does Airdramon do literally anything?

thoughts about the new anime? I can't talk about it in /a/ without waifu posting

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>>517550369Is Airdramon cucked?Seadramon keeps getting new and new shit

>>517539958>my favorite and I got him on the first try2spooky

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>>517547237Nokia was unironically the best character in Cyber SleuthProve me wrong

>>517551013>Prove me wrongSuedou was in the same game.

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>>517544646It's a shame Xros did so much stuff wrong because I kind of like the idea of a war that crippled both the Royal Knights and the Demon Lords, leaving a vacuum of power in the Digiworld that has spurred various factions to try and take control. It's a different angle from the normal approach that could have been pretty cool.>>517547237I just want a game where at least my partner Digimon has a personality and talks. For a concept that such a core concept in the anime and manga it's infuriating how it never is a part of the games. I think one reason I disliked Nokia was because she gets to have story relevant Digimon while mine are basically lobotomized.

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>>517550980He's got Megadramon still

>>517538287does the AI get harder in this game? im only in the first battle arena but its been a breeze so far. also im loving these digimon threads

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>>517552271The AI's cards get better. The AI's...well, AI, not so much.

>>517552371thats disappointing. also a brainlet question i started world 3 earlier but after being dropped off in the town i had no idea where to go or what to do. should i just start with world 1? I was looking at 1 but it didnt seem to have the lines that i wanted. i liked the look of the 3v3 battles in world 2 but people say its bad?

Are their any Digimon that you tend to associate as female that aren't incredibly obvious?

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>>517548681Sorry not genwuner

>>517550497>>517550980How so? it evolve into this badass

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Is there any good resource or database specifcially just for Monster Tamer games in general? This thread really made me wanna crave some

>>517552903it's got no limbs and it's wings probably make it harder to do things the way a snake would.


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>>517552701You have to pay very close attention to what characters say so you know where to go next, you're gonna be doing plenty of backtracking too. I think the first thing you need to do is go to the town southeast of the starting area, but try to farm a little on the first few spots to get some money and experience before setting out.You should at least try World 1 for a bit, it's a unique experience.World 2 is very slow. If you have an emulator and the ability to speed it up, it could be enjoyable, but that won't help with mitigating the slow DNA evolution process that will have you reverting back time after time.

yeah I'm thinking he's based

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>>517553378 in the wild i get fucked up by the mons. Is it best to just hard focus one of the 3 mons in my team to carry me or do i just need to fight battles with each mons and grind a bit? I saw there was a training gym but i had no TP do i get that from leveling up?

>>517550594It's actually really good. Still captures the heart the original had, but removes the mystery by just telling the kids exactly what they gotta do asap.I liked the original being an adventure to go home more but the new anime's animation is really pleasing.

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>>517554051>Is it best to just hard focus one of the 3 mons in my team to carry meFrom what I remember, yes. If you really want to, spread them out, but a hard focus should work well.>I saw there was a training gym but i had no TP do i get that from leveling up?Yes. Keep this in mind though, training reps can fail. I suggest you save before training in case the result is not satisfactory.

I pretty much just want Cyber Sleuth 3. I already really like the format and direction and aeshrtic of those games.The main thing i'd want changed/improved on is - Better move animations. The actual unique skill animations are good, but the generic attacks look even lazier then Pokemon's. At least give each generic move it's own particle effect like Pokemon does where Flamethrower vs Fire blast have different flame shapes vs Digimon reusing the same fire graphics; but reall just slightly more expressive digimon animations to go along with it even if they still just only have a physics vs special animation to go with the particle effects.- More varied envoirments. Actually give the Dungeons totally different visual themes. Jungles, Volcanos, underwater areas; areas influenced by different human civilizations, or totally fantasy stuff etc. Not just slightly different colored cyberspace areas. - Make your partner Digimon an actual character. Survive seems like it's going to do this with having each MC and their digimon be active characters, but I'd like this same thing to be applied to the Story format where your partner digimon and the partner digimon of your allies actually develop and change as characters based on your choices alongside what they evolve into. Have a LOT of potential personality options that changes flavor text for loads of repeat playthroughs as well as a decent amnount of actual changes to the plot with it. Beyond that, something I think would be neat but won't happen is a game which goes all in on the whole edgy 90's punk-horror-rock aeshetic of original Digimon stuff. Give me a game with 2d hand drawn art or stylized 3d moddels influenced by the original official atrt stuff like Greymon, Seadramon, Devimon, Numemon, etc had with the veins and gummy jaaws and shit, maybe even come up with that style of aeshetic for newer digimon to fit into, the whole game could have that 90's grunge asehtic to it, etc. Have no idea how it'd play tho

>>517554051Depends what version you're playing. If it's the USA version them just focus on one monster, if it's the 2003 version then focus on 2 or 3


>>517539958lol I have his digivice too

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>>517550449>>517551667That's basically what Survive probably will be.

>>517540950yes, and his evolution secondwavemon

I want a digimon game kind of like Adventure 02 where it's based in the real world and then you go into the digital world on short adventures before returning. I know cyber sleuth is kind of this but that game has the most boring version of the digital world I've ever seen in any digimon media ever

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>>517554237>>517554678I am running the PAL version ill keep going thanks for the tips.

>>517555574When I was a kid I used to train my monsters to level 5 in that first area with the kunemon/tapirmon before moving on

>>517538287Great characters and story like the first and third TV series. To me the Digimon story was more "epic" in the classical sense than Pokemon ever was, other than the Pokemon movies, but the games kind of ape Pokemon's TV tone rather than going for the Digimon-type TV series greatness.

>>517555780Those two fucked up all 3 of my mons. Bearmon couldnt land a hit, guilmon was low HP and patamon got one shot

>>517555885Go to the inn and heal thenThere's a bunch of money in the basement there too if you haven't found it already

>>517555434>pokemon>guns are bad. The police will just use growlithes instead>Digimon>this digimon has a gatling gun hand, this one has nukes in its chest and this digimon is entirely made out of guns

>>517555123Even if Survive comes out, I'm a little worried your partner will be sidelined in favor of your allies and their partners (in terms of character).

Make a game based around these niggers already. Doesn't even have to have the frontier spirits I just love the idea of ancient elementals every monster is descended fromSo much cooler than the royal knights or the olympus 12 or demon lords or whatever other group gets shilled to death every game

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>>517556103Weapons in Pokemon were mostly censored in the West.

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>>517556850I seem to recall besides the Safari episode most guns got through (since they weren't really used). Like the poacher in Hoenn (when Arbok and Wheezing leave) has some sort of SMG. Squirtle Squad episode has plenty of guns in english.

>>517557110Huh. I guess my local network may have pulled them back then or fucked something up. Probably the latter.

>>517557648Oh yeah, I guess I neglected edits by the networks. I can at least vouch 4kids left those in.

any new info on the z era vpets set?

Are people actually excited for Digimon Survive? Don't get my wrong, I'm hoping it'll deny my expectations, but the first time I saw it I thought it looked like a shitty mobile game with it's graphics and gameplay.

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>>517558259What else are people supposed to be excited for in terms of digimon games?

>>517558259Yeah it's weird people are actually excited for it but whatever, I hope it's good.

>>517558259The graphic/artstyle choice reminded me more of Octopath than anything. I think it looks pleasant and TRPGs are way more engaging than the typical digimon JRPG stuff.

>>517558259I keep seeing this "mobile game" claim and I don't see it. Environments look great and I love that it's actually using spritework instead of 3D models. The only thing I can find fault in is the animation itself has been lackluster so far but we haven't really gotten to see much action, MetalGreymon firing the cannons looked neat at least.

>>517558259my interest basically dropped to zero when I noticed it was a tactics game.

>>517558259there is no other digimon SRPG that i know of so yeah its pretty exciting

>>517558756Tactics games are fucking rad as long as it's not like Disgaea where the gameplay is literally nothing and 100% of the content is NUMBER GRINDAN.

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make this a proper game

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>>517556850Doesn't matter, the anime went almost all western-ized after Hoenn, The charm that it used to have is gone, same with the games.

>>517558985I think Anode and Cathode Tamer are SRPGs as well but those are kinda old and I think untranslated.

>>517558989it's just all the same shit every time, but with a different coat of paint.


To the anons who gave me the world 3 tips thanks my enjoyment went from 0-100 really fast. Cant wait to get into this.

>>517559423The Veedramon version for the wonderswan color got one.mega.nz/file/AQ8gHLYQ#XmLysqD-vn0cLasD1SrN-jeiqbZTr3eaqkOitTHvOe4

>>517559802can retroarch run wonderswan games?

Reminder that Survive will be total garbage because it's made by noname studio and you can see in the trailer that it has shit animation


>>517559898nah fuck you


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>>517544646dragon ball xenoverse would be the perfect template for a digimon game, even more so than dragon ball. i don't get how bamco doesn't see it.

>>517559879Probably, go find out

>>517538287A fighting game like Marvel or DBFZ. No digivolution gimmicky though.

>>517545516I do too it's very cool

i love omegamon

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>>517539958>muchomonay carumba

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Playing next order on ps4.Had to look up guides on youtube cause I kept getting destroyed by anything I fought

>>517556715I actually liked Frontier but even I think these guys are wasted potentialWe never see what they were like or even them in action aside from floating PNGs

>>517560125How? Like the combat system or customizing your Digimon?

>>517539958Interesting.They keep track of ip addresses then.

>>517561236the whole apprentice system could be done in reverse to capture the tamer/partner relationship.

>>517561743Ohhh I see that could work

Playing through Cyber Sleuth right now. Is there any point to raising ABI above 100?

>>517563793Nothing special happens at 100 ABI so yes. It just means higher bonus stat threshold.


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>>517538581You're getting them though

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>>517538287real time combat

>>517564032This thing made me ragequit next order

>>517539958I thought for sure it was Candlemon. Candmon is clunky; good old Japan. In any case it's time for me to get spooky. Pretty happy about this one really.wikimon.net/Candmonhttps://wikimon.net/Bakemonhttps://wikimon.net/Pumpmonhttps://wikimon.net/Noble_Pumpmon / wikimon.net/PinochimonI can evenget access to some of my favorites too with Bakemon, Pumpkimon, and Puppetmon with a cool bonus of Noble Pumpmon that I didn't even know existed. It's all relatively within theme too and I'm really into classic gothic horror schlock like that. He's perfect.

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>>517565648wish he'd draw her more


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>>517566518>leader of the royal knights is a cross dresserWill they ever recover?

>>517566994More like a reverse trap


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>>517566994>genders existing in digimon

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>>517567832gender existed in the human he was wearing

>>517566518>>517567769I'm all for Alphamon being the Samus Aran of digimon

>>517567953>heI’m fucking with you but what are you talking about

I kinda forgot, but Stingmon has no main ultimate form, right?


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>>517566518I will never stop thinking of Alphamon as female due to CS

>>517568353No, but there is BanchoStingmon

>>517568353He has Banchostingmon and Grandiskuwagamon

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>>517568285Play Cyber Sleuth.

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>>517570629I want to, but I don't want to pay more than $20 for it.

>>517570936Why's that?

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>>517568285basically a human woman gets her mind erased in the digital world so alphamon possesses her human body so he can interact with shit in the real world. Also he dresses like a slut.

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>>517571152Because I'm stressed for cash at the moment and I've got a surplus budget of only $100 at the end of each month for expenses which I save away for emergencies or savings. Things are looking to get better for me within the next few months, but it's a shit sandwich right now is all. That and I lack the time needed to really dig into and enjoy an RPG.

>>517545867The female Mc does too anonJust look at that hand placement

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>>517570936>>517571872>buying games

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>>517540331>What else is there besides Pokemon and Digimon?

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>>517571997My town only has two ISPs and I already got disconnected from one last year for torrenting.


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>>517559253Needs a lovecraftian mega


>>517572193fucking hell that sucks

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>>517572737That would be coolAs is it only option for a mega is Leviamon Who is cool as shit but doesn't have that lovecraft feel

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>>517572827Yeah it's pretty shitty. I didn't even think they could do something like that or detect it, but I guess they can. The internet and the world have gotten very small these past 10 years.>>517572919I don't know, that's still disturbingly large for an aquatic animal which is scary in and of itself.

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Magical research is a goCandlemon, Wizardmon, Wisemon, Ancient Wisemon

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>>51757325280 percent sure that's fan artBut lore wise it can eat everything so I like the idea that it's big

>>517568713grandiskuwagamon is basically GranKuwagamon Fighter Mode. I don't know why they decided to make it a different Digimon

>>517568449I'm glad they made Crusadermon a girl too. She was a man in Japan back in Savers, so it's nice that she's a girl in something on both sides

>>517574038Crusadermon is really one of those digimon I could see going either way Could be a guy, could be a girl I'd believe it either way