Monster Hunter

Is he fun?

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>>517535353sex with monsters?

>>517535353Astronomically>>517535353B A S E D

>>517535131Nothing about Iceborne is funit just took Alatreon to throw most of the playerbase off the skinnerbox treadmillOnly no life losers, white otakus and japs enjoy Iceborne

How important are Kulve weapons for someone who just finished Iceborne? I think I'm way off from being capable of farming MR KT gear-wise.

>>517535250Is this israel?

>>517536151Not much just be a RAWchad, if you need element for Alatreon then just farm his weapons with RAW your buds will have to carry you a little to not explode but you'll be alright if they're decent.

>>517535131I stopped playing because Alatreon can't be killed with sticky awful game design

>>517536613>your buds will have to carry you a littleHaha... yeah... my buds... haha...

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swaxe main here decided I'd try out sword and shield by using the ice kjarr sns I got a while agoWhat skills are good for SnS? I've got slots to spare after all the essential elemental Safi skills and even filling out evade window and extender

>>517536650>my one and only way of dealing with everything doesn't work so it's badGo play overwatch

>be me>4-man squad Alatreon>Kjarr IG with heal clouds>Felyne Safeguard>Wide Spread Lv 5>Speed Eating Lv 3>Ancient/Max Potions, Mega Nutrients, Mega Xdrugs, Dash Juices>support the fuck out of them>use Astera Jerkies and Max potions during Judgement>they all fucking cart>not a single Felyne Insurance/Safeguard to be foundWTF?? ARE YOU PEOPLE FUCKING RETARDED? WHY THE FUCK DO STILL HAVE FUCKING BOWGUNS? WHY DON'T YOU TRY TO HEAL YOURSELVES? YOU AREN'T EVEN HITTING THE DAMN THING, AT LEAST DODGE THE MOVES. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BRAINDEAD YOU SHITS ARE.

>>517537882>WHY DON'T YOU TRY TO HEAL YOURSELVES?You're doing it for them

>>517537882dont bother with groups because you will fail 99% of the time, ive beaten him on my second solo attempt and only once in a group after 30+ failed attempts.

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>>517537882Do the special assignment solo, it's impossible with pubs. The event has much higher success rate.

>>517538246They don't even try tho. The Bowgun shitters just stand on the fucking burning ground, losing HP when I'm attacking Ala. Some shits don't even have Blight Res. or even any fucking Nullberries. What am I supposed to do if I run out even though I have Satiated Lv. 2?

>>517537882Best way to play support is to carry the team in dps or ele checkt. lbg

>>517537882>trying to "support" during Alatreon>trying to "support" during any fight other than Behemoth You're only dragging your group down, even if they're trash.

>>517537882It's your own fault for not downing Alatreon enough times or breaking his horns. If you can't just sit through judgment without a single heal then you all need to get good.

>>517538686I do the MAJORITY of damage each time. Whenever I cart (usually to the lightning), they don't pass the check.

>>517537882>WHY THE FUCK DO STILL HAVE FUCKING BOWGUNS?What does that have to do with anything?

>>517538873If you did the majority of the damage then Alatreon wouldn't kill anyone from judgment. Quit being a shitter and do real damage instead of focusing on healing.

Do people hate lavasioth because hes hard or because he's a tank? Just fought him in GL and he was piss easy, just took a ton of time to kill.

>>517538882You can't restock unless you cart. I've had people run out of ammo and just try to bonk it or clutch claw it. And that was on a good run.

>>517539013Womp womp

>>517539067That entire depends on what sort of set you're running. I've been solo gunning this since release and I never need to resupply.

>>517539047Later, he's boring and won't fucking die.

>>517539047He's just an annoying meme fish like all the rest. I wouldn't put it past that fucker Ryozo to create some extremely deadly subspecies of Plesioth to come and molest us in the future updates

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>>517539047Solo'd him yesterday with a six minute time. His only problem is his head clips out of the area and forces you to dismount if you are riding him or trying to wall bang him.

Does anyone else feel like they're not having fun with Monster hunter but can't stop playing it

>>517539540Is that what fucking causes the dismount? Feels like it happens at random, keep thinking I pressed A by accident or some shit.

>>517539604You're approaching stage 5, acceptance.

I was about to turn off damage numbers but I thought of something.Do the numbers reflect total damage per strike (raw + element) or is just raw?

How much do you love your main Holla Forums?

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>>517539604It's nice to fuck around with after getting pissed at more competitive shit.


>>517539870Not enough to be a total fag about it like what you just posted.

>>517539902I dunno, man. Alatreon gets me more pissed than anything else. At least Behemoth was fun

>>517539870They made it too easy to play. I don't get much satisfaction playing it now.

>>517539870this board never ceases to amaze me. It really is like little reddit.

>>517535131Holy shit this thing was a nightmare

>>517539604>Stuck on the monsters I have left to do>Don't wanna grinding lands for nothingI did all the photograph requests the other day, I've run out of things to do but cant stop playing

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>>517535250About time!

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>>517540230Namielle is easily the best monster they added in World desu

>>517539870I want pic related on my butt.

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>>517540029Can't vouch for him, I'm not really up to scratch to fight him yet. I've just been genociding grinding lands till I get to MR 100.

>>517540310Namielle is the only monster they added

>>517539870On a good day, glaive plays like a dream.On a normal day, it's a clunky mess of shitty controls and missing essences.

>kitties can tame a Pukei>humans can'tWhy can't we have an area where we can have pet monsters like endemic wildlife?

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>>517540323>Wanting a tramp stamp like a womanI knew Hammerfags were secret bum bashing gaybois>noooo don't hit the headddddd>the head belongs to meeeee>stop hitting ittttt nooooI cut off the tail, now the head belongs to the GS chad

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>>517541068>secretThere was no secretThey are very open with their faggotry

>>517540037Are you talking about lances? If so i understand, being able to counter thrust after the 3rd poke, and being able to power guard during a counter is indeed too strong.

>>517541068>>517541214What's the matter fuckboys? Not bullied enough?

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Finally got the Kjarr Strongarm Ice from Kulve. Alatreon toppled 3 times before Eschaton I was having more trouble breaking the horn.

>>517541269LBG more than anything, but I dabbled in Lance too.

>>517541327*Flips you over the monster*Pssh, nothing personal

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>>517539047>armor gimmick makes hits unsatisfying and causes the fight to drag out>boring as fuck>only stays in areas that make your eyes bleed>can and will go out of bounds>has time wasting attacks during which you can't attack him>other attacks consist of flopping around and turning his entire body into a hitbox

>>517541580>Charge in mid-air>mounts the monsterThanks for the help, mate.


>>517536980standard blademaster shit. Personally I go earplugs so I can just perfect rush whenever the fuck I want.

Do your friends make fun of you for being a min-maxed sweaty try hard?It's not my fault their sets are SO FUCKING HORRIBLE JESUS CHRIST

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>Alatreon quest is up (360 days remaining)What kind of fucked up timer is this? What will happen next year? Was Alatreon rented by chance?

>>517543247Jokes on you I don't have friends.

>>517543346It means it's forever in, except for piratefags.

>>517536980Any other comfort skill or blademaster skill you want will do fine, Coalescence is good, since you're using Safi set then you probably already have Blight Res 2, so getting Coalescence to proc is gonna be easy.Also the Ice Kjarr SnS has decent sharpness, but the others don't, so if you wanna use them i recommend getting the Razor Sharp charm.

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>>517543247I'm the one wearing full sets and dabbing on monsters while also being their punchbags so no.

Monster Hunter: World: Spicebraps

>Artian>Swaxe, CB>Ancient hi tech weaponsHow long until someone uncovers a mobile suit or a wyverian cooks up another mobile parts nightmare weapon? What kind of weapon is really missing in MH and could benefit from the phial treatment like the axes?

I want to snuggle the cat bat

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>>517535250this cant be real

>>517543247>Do your friendsMy what

>>517535131Got disconnected, again, halfway through Alatreon, broken busted fight never happened before and my conexion is 10/10 fuck you dumb japs

>>517545119A whip maybe a whip sword?

>>517545119I just want oils back

>>517545119uuhhhh caestus..steel boxing gloves...loaded with phials that explode with every punch..

Does anybody actually use Lances?

>>517546367>my conexion is 10/10It obviously isn't Paco

>>517546815If by Lance you mean Gunlance then yes.

>>517546886No I mean Lance

>>517546815I'm a Lance main since MHFU, currently playing MHGU. Counter Thrust and Joust are just so much fun.

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>>517546815its fun

>>517547941The camera guy should have been the guy in the rear.

>>517548728I like it this way, because when you see it for the first time you think it's just one guy and then BAM SHADOW CLONE NO JUTSU

can anyone on console post a picture of the base game alloy armor, hzd bow and palico doing the weapon pose? please?

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>>517546863It is, fuck you! I was doing too much damage for the game to compute so they kicked me out i swear!

>>517543247If anything they like that I can carry them easily and that I can give okay advice on builds.

I really want the Kjaar Fire and Ice hammers to get faster times on Alatreon. But Kulve is such a shit fight and melding is trash.

>>517549457>guitar hero clubIt's the little details

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>>517541419I only enjoy Spread LBG because at least I'm still in danger being in melee range all the time. More prone to be one-shot compared to blademasters as well because gunners take so much more physical damage.

>Zinogre HH songs now have a gay jap flute along with the sickass guitar riffsfucking ruined the zin horn for methanks capcom, fucking bastards

>>517537882>not a single Felyne Insurance/Safeguard to be foundYou can't stack it on different players idiot. Could you imagine a hunt with 10 allowable carts? As soon as your Safeguard is used by someone, Safeguard is spent for that hunt Also if they're carting during EJ then it's because your team didn't do enough elemental damage, probably because they have a support player

>>517549457>>517549948>tfw no Fatalis's bass FOR NOW...

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Are there any rooms going?

If Jho and jang can be safely captured and are still powerhouses why don't the guild grab a bunch of them and sic at the nearest elder dragon causing problems? Imagine Safi's face when he wakes up to a bunch of rajang shitting up his place lol

>>517552071thank you very much, it doesn't display any other efx than the 3 blue lines from the palico? do you have any screens of the palico efx when not posing?

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>>517535131he's fast


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>>517546815Yeah. Its great in World as they added even more maneuverability. But you need to get a guard up gem and use flinch free in multiplayer


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>>517553585>>517552447alright, thank you very much

>>517552424because you shouldn't expect logic in monster hunterevery single problem must be solved by 4 hunters at the maximum


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>>517552071Will PC get this once HZD releases in August?

>>517553825not likely but the recent ps4 exploit gave us the opportunity to mod all the content in

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>>517553825i am just trying to figure out the palico efx files

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>>517554508>recent ps4 exploit gave us the opportunity to mod all the content inElaborate

>>517552275Make one and I'll join.


>>517535131He's okay, took me some tries but it's because I play Lance and I feel like he fuck this weapon hard.Easier than rajang and super brachy at least.

>>517543247>Be the only guy in my irl group to actually farm relics in mh4u >Have a perfect set with minmaxed skills that looks great>Friends and randoms keep lusting over my huntressIt was okay, but then I stopped going out

>>517552639do you actually need guard up?been using guard 3 + offensive guard no problems

HH seems like it would be fun but also too hard for a brainlet like me

>>517557345Certain match ups need it

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should i be running raw or element for dual blades

>>517558238ElementalRaw dual blades suck dick

Are KT weapons a meme or what? Everyone says they suck except very few of them and even then they're just gimmicks.

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>>517558974what? they're the best elemental option pretty much across the board right now. Kjarr not Kulve

>>517535131When are they going to show me the active duration for my fucking Hunting Horn songs already? I don't want to use mods to just to see them but I'm sick of having my runs lengthened because I cannot estimate the arbitrary faggot magical time this shit lasts for, they can add useless shit like having the songlists on the screen for people with double digit IQ who cannot remember such simple shit but cannot give us real QOL like seeing how much longer our songs last for? It's stupid to require us to remember this during a hunt for the 2-4 different things we want to keep up constantly when we were never even given any indication as to how long they last in the first place, or how long each encore increases the duration by. It's absolutely ridiculous that for LS which has one simple fucking mechanic they can visually reflect the duration of it but the weapon that has to juggle multiple is not graced with any such help whatsoever.

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>>517559159>best elemental optionlol [x] doubt

>>517559338can't tell if you're shitposting or really retarded

Still waiting for the nerf

Who's gonna be the next monster boys?

>>517560691A turtle monsterI want to see a big turtle

>>517559687>getting filtered by anything in a series made for japanese casuals on their morning commute >series became even more casual for western audiencesThis game is too hardcore for youTry fortniteIt might be more your speedYou can also find a group to carry you there too

>>517560931Monster Hunter was never hardAlatreon is artificial difficulty though, it should not be encouraged.

>>517560861Was that not Zorah Magdaros?


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>>517561216Zorah is a really fat and slow godzilla

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>>517536151You can do all the endgame stuff effectively without Kulve or Safi weapons, they’re just there for people who wanna minmax pretty much. Just use what you want and take your time building a set.

>>517536980hey bro, whats your standar swaxe loadout?

>>517536070Damn right I do

>>517561000To be frank, most of the “difficult” hunts in the Monster Hunter series as a whole featured artificial difficulty to some degree. The dev team really seems to struggle when it comes to striking the balance between “fun” and “challenging”.

>>517560691Realistically, the big contenders are Chameleos, Valstrax and Fatalis since they’re very popular, endgame level and also have some animations and such already in the game used by other monsters. More variants, subspecies and rare species are a safe bet too. Nargacuga is the only returning monster in Iceborne to not get an alternate form or be an alternate form of an existing monster, so thats a safe bet. Rusted Kushala is highly likely as well, given Iceborne’s focus on variants and the shed Kushala skin in the secret part of Hoarfrost Reach.

>>517560691MORE SNAKES

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>>517560691>>517562142*inhales cocaine*

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>>517562142>Yian Garuga got Scarred>Tigrex got Brute>Barioth got Frostfang>Zinogre got Stygian>Brachydios got Raging>Glavenus got AcidicWHERE THE FUCK IS MY NARGACUGA VARIANT CAPCOM? Lucent would be cool, but IIRC they’ve never included a rare species without also including the subspecies and most of Green’s unique behaviours have been given to regular Nargacuga. They could do something similar to Barioth and give it a brand new variant though.Also, who else finds it strange that the first monster in mainline to get both a subspecies AND a variant was Barioth? Not that I’m complaining, Barioth is fun enough, but it just seems like an odd choice.

>tfw no friends

>>517562930Honestly he’s got a decent chance. He uses the Leviathan skeleton but he’s not counted as a Leviathan, a lot like Kulve Taroth, and it’s coming up on the 10th anniversary of his debut game which also happened to be the best selling and most well known (in the only market that mattered back then, at least) game in the series before World. I’m not expecting him but I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the cut.

>>517563160Post a lobby?

>>517559687>>517561000Why the fuck does artificial difficulty matter when the end result is not even difficult anyway? Everyone is soloing him left and right, and most don't even have kulve shit.

Whos bright idea was it to have ATTACKING on the ANALOG STICK

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>>517563521Experimental ps2 inputs was a wild time

>>517563270Speaking of Kulve and Amatsu both using the Leviathan skeleton, what if Amatsu is the male version of Kulve? Kulve Taroth, the mother of earth and Amatsu, the father of sky meet up every once in a while to fuck before going their separate ways, like Gaia and Oranos. Kulve was coming to surface looking for her mate, and now that we’ve killed her Amatsu will be supremely pissed off when he finally descends from the sky and realised his wife was cut up and turned into bling.

>>517563521It wasn’t really until Call of Duty got super popular and everyone wanted to copy it that the “standard” control schemes of today became a thing. Go back to the PS2 era and earlier and you’ll see far more variety in control schemes than you will today, some good and some laughably bad. Analog stick for attacking sounds neat on paper, but in practice doesn’t work so good in conjunction with the rest of the game’s mechanics.

>>517545119just put in the fucking boomerang Ryozo

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>>517545119A big ass hypodermic needle. You load up a phial, attack to power it up, and then inject its contents into the monster to debuff them or inflict blights. Its normal attacks are spear based, and I imagine the injection process to latch you onto the monster for the duration like ZSD or the claw. You could maybe even extract samples from a monster into a phial then jab yourself or an ally with it to buff them.

>>517562142>Realistically, the big contenders are Chameleos, Valstrax and FatalisYeah, I'd say that's about right, through i believe they will save up Fatalis for the last update to make it more of a "grand finale">>517562693Next game probably, it would be interesting to see how they fix Najarala>>517563002I really really hope they add Lucent, i can see them having an update with Molten and Lucent just like how they had Raging Brachy and Furious George before Alatreon, Narga is the only flagship without R12 weapons too, right?>Also, who else finds it strange that the first monster in mainline to get both a subspecies AND a variant was Barioth?I noticed that Barioth has gotten a lot of love in IB, probably due to the ice theme and all.

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>>517561662here you go user hope it serves you will 3

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>>517565256Serves you well I mean pardon my phoneposting

>>517545119i want a fucking flail

thousands of armor spheres and millions of zennyim gonna make a bunch of armor and never wear them

>>517565256Interesting, do you use Whetfish Fin+ for the sharpness?And yeah, the alatreon alpha arms are crazy good for swaxe.

>>517565028We haven’t had a new rare species at all in 5th gen either, so I expect one in an update some time soon. Zinogre seems the safest bet, but they could do anything really.

>>517545119Add fist weapons come on i want to deck monsters in their dumb face

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>>517565852Nope because I can't be bothered to farm that event quest but my Safi axe with a sharpness V awakening has a fuckload of white sharpness so I don't have to sharpen very oftenI do have a protective polish deco I use for the kjarr weapons with shitty sharpness though

>>517566620This is all I'm asking for in the next MH

I don't think we're getting another "new" monster besides maybe fatalis as the finale. everything else is going to be variants and AT

>>517536973me too buddy

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>>517564096>It wasn’t really until Call of Duty got super popular and everyone wanted to copy it that the “standard” control schemes of today became a thing.You mean Halo CE, which came out a few years before CoD

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Post you favorite Elder, sub species are allowed.

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>>517547941How did people play lance in FU? How did you solo Shen Gaoren with it?


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>>517571914mein negger

>>517571914all these great elders to choose from and you choose this garbage?


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>>517572545Frontier White Fatalis is actually fun

>>517569797It's Shaggy, Chameleos and Amatsu are really close tho.

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is there an alatreon butt wiggle gif

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>join full alatreon lobby>there are only two parties hunting alatreon>everybody else is either afk, doing random sos, or GLWhy the fuck are you here?!>find two people to fight evening star Alatreon>one is using Velk HH>the other is a Chinaman using a fire Kulve LS>i don’t know why he chose a fire weapon for fire Alatreon, but can’t tell him to switch because chink>chink and hornbro cart twice each and lose it for us after breaking both horns>chink only switched to lbg after his second cart

>>517574267alatreon with randos is suffering, we succeeded the dps check and one of the fuckers still died to escaton

>>517574267Just join event sos's. I never have a problem with them. Winrate is about 50% and higher if using alatreon's lbg.