Party Van

It's Saturday, Holla Forums! We're only two days away from the collective storm of cope Nitnendo fans will have when their fabled Direct doesn't happen, but more importantly, we're 0 days away from playin some TF2. Hop on! IP: the usualMaps (As of 5/15/20): to host the next Variety Night? Check this out: Sunday, we'll be playing Garry's Mod. It'll have multiple gamemodes such as classic minigame maps, TTT, Deathrun, and more.Download the collection here:

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>>517533452Watch this, I'm going to ruin your thread with a single word.

>>517533763Pretty based, not gonna lie

>>517533763shut up nigger faggot

>>517533815stay seething, tf2 is a dead game

>>517533452fuck fatties and fuck vore fags

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>>517534176fuck foot fuckers

It's time

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>>517533452The password isn't working

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>>517535537yes it is

>>517535537Nah, it's right.

How did that map have working shadows?

password is SNEED

>>517536908>password isn't listed in op>password also isn't any variation of the word "rage"Fuck off.

>>517537060Its the usual


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Fuck you.

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>>517533763how did you ruin it bro

>>517537664A shame user

>>517533763threads already ruined by fatfags footfags and vorefags so what you just did does nothing faggot

Bump, playing something right now, is the server full?

>>517538261Just about, but it should open up between maps.

>>517537664Nah, fuck YOU.

>>517534176Azazelfags want one thing and it's fucking disgusting

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>>517533452>Party van is not tf2cWhy even bother.

we have a spot for a second!

>>517539580more like poop fortress cummsic lol

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>>517539580Why would we want to mainly play on a game with those horrid cusotm weapons

>>517533452>playing with the nu-Holla Forums tranny party van that doxxed a kidyeah fuck off

>>517534176>>517539321Helltaker makes me want to genocide anything north of Germany

>>517539760tf2c feels smoother, no cosmetics and setting server settings to default weapons on meme maps is based

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>>517539959what the fuck did Denmarkians ever do to you?


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>>517541054This van is made and sponsored by Tao-bros



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>>517543245bump 2

>play undertale DR (lol)>sans beats the shit out of runnersIt really feels like we're playing undertale!

Tao is God's gift to man

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b-bros its kinda silent in here

who's more based feetfags or fatfags?

where are the obese



>>517544597cute and funny

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>>517545883>loveboxfThat guy is cool, I've talked to him a few times

>>517545025didnt work :/


Need some help, can any vanon rap for a bit and post a vocaroo? Its for a music project

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>>517547836Just rap for 1-2 mins and post a vocaroo



Sure is a warm summer day, eh lads?

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>>517549050go away foot fag

>>517549596no, you come here

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>Thought I had all the maps>Vote for Nippletwister>Don't have Nippletwister downloadedFuck.

the password is rage

>>517550491>>517533763You know the password is just there for the fuck of it.Nobody is trying to hide it or cares if its posted.

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>>517539580original PV group members are trying to launch a TF2C server, should be up sometime soon.

Trannyvan. fuck you and your shitty discord full of cucks. you will never pass as a woman.

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>>517551368why are you obsessed

You faggots better have Cyberpunk on map rotation.

>>517551087>>517551368Grape is still seething lol

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>>517551463>>517551504take you and your tranny ass back to /vg/. attention whoring disgusting fucks

>>517533452whens tf2 classic party van

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>>517551575Already happened, now fuck off, tf2c trannydev

>>517551702cute feet!!!!!!

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>>517551865>tfw missed the TF2C vanHow was it? Especially the 4 teams stuff.

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>>517547116>>517547960any particular song in mind user

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>>517552234It sucked because tf2c sucks

>>517551702>>517552167>>517552273>>517553053>>517553402God i wish that were me

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>>517553592It can be if you go for it properly.

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>>517553465I don't think it's that bad. Some of the weapons definitely feel stronger than others but I like how smooth it plays compared to base TF2.

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What happened to chug?

>>517553960Chug.....he had a hard life.

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>>517553660what do you mean by that?

>2019 crates are still dropping

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>>517555563learn to trap up you faggot

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Anons, I need advice. How do I infiltrate the Cyberpunk DJ area and take it over.

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>>517556446Go engie and hope you roll godmode.

Sweet French Cunny!

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>>517534176did i hear fatties?

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>>517545212aint that more a dollfucker thing than a cunny thing

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>>517559518hello? based department?

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>OP wants discussion about shit like GMOD and stuff>turns into a coomer threadThe fuck happened?

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>>517561527A lot of us are just playing.

>>517561527Well what's there to discuss about gmod?

>>517561527we discuss the game in the game niggaim just bumping

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>>517562363>what are you gay?no i have standards

>Disconnected due to buffer overflow in net message>Can't rejoin because server is fullGuess that's it for me for tonight, then. Fun times as usual, lads.

>>517562886yeah standards for men faggot

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Remove Bat Swarm

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>>517563452aquire skill

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this map is dangerously based

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>>517563690yeah, its why the mystery box is so goodwe would have never played on this if it wasn't for the box

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>>517563690>That introduction in the final round

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>10 retards mic spamming over each other

This version of balloonrace is insanely old, update it.

Who are these drawfagsPost work

What happened to the Team Fortress Classic deathmatch mode?

>Disabling jetpack on ballon race because its "broken"is this a fucking comp server?

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>>517533452>TF2 updates>now can't get a single match without freezing/rollback every 10 seconds or so>no info on this problem online>no other game has this problem>got a new modem>upgraded my PC>still happens>been years now and I still can't play TF2

>>517566040sorry for your loss user

stop being gay and bump

>>517566736hard to not be gay when youre in this thread

fatties go squish

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>>517567624nah im not into that fag shit

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>>517567820they look like that mcdonald guy


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>>517568231Fuck they kinda do look like him

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get fucked red

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>stuck on a party game map and not an actual TF2 mapfor what purpose

>>517570045rtv if you dont like it

>>517570045because it's fun?

>>517570531>praying to rnjesus is funSorry I'm not catholic.


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buffer overflow what the fuck?


good mapquality team fortress 2 gameplay

>proceeds to kill Holla Forumsan with shit maps every morning, yes its yknown


I come here for the silly maps you can't get elsewhere, if I wanted to play this shit I'd go to a dedicated tfdb server.

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dave bro why did you mute me, i thought we were friends

rickz0r bro what i do bro