Did Nintendo just imply that Bowser Jr has autism? Also what are your thoughts on Origami King?

Did Nintendo just imply that Bowser Jr has autism? Also what are your thoughts on Origami King?

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You raised him that way paper bowser. Rpg bowser was smart enough to ask the koopalings and kamek to do it unstead

>>517532974youtube.com/watch?v=e9xlld_81voWhy are they trying to make you sympathize with bowser.Why are these games so fucking shallow now.

>>517533303Takes shallow to know shallow, mister shallow.

He's just easily excitable. Most children are like that.

I have zero interest in TOK but they should really just make another game where Mario and Bowser team upThey have a super fun relationship in games like Bowser's Inside Story and Super Paper Mario, and it's even starting to show up in the actual gamesLet Peach go on vacation or something and the two have to team up to fucking kill Tatanga or something

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>>517533547Fair. I'll admit i'm shallow.So this game is incredibly shallow, good to know, now answer my fucking question.

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>>517532974who's junior's mom?

It implies that Bowser Jr. is a trump supporter, so yeah, likely autistic

>>517533303>Why are they trying to make you sympathize with Bowser.Almost every Mario RPG does that.

>>517532974If anything it's implying he has ADHD. Do you just use these terms without understanding what they mean?

Well he is artistic...

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>>517532974based bowser

Cute.Papa Bowser moments are the best.

Thats not exactly a huge stretch...

>>517534078No. You CAN sympathize with him but it doesn't mean they TRY to make you sympathize with him. Barring maybe Inside Story, where Peach sends him that gift at the end, This game is blatantly having him tell you his sob story with his kid.

>>517534143Did they ever explain how a shittily-drawn mustache on a blue bandana was all Bowser Jr need to turn into what was essentially Dark Mario? That was a really goddamn convincing disguise with a simple bandana.

>>517532974>high energy

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>>517534406>but it doesn't mean they TRY to make you sympathize with himRookie is absolutely designed to make you sympathize with Bowser. BiS literally plays on you sympathizing with him.

I think maybe they mean violent or ADHD

>>517532974>what are your thoughts on Origami King?Sticker Star 3.Pirated two days ago. Not good. 6/10

>>517534675How's a vacuum cleaner suck up ghosts?E. Gadd's good.

>>517534675It was the paintbrush.

>>517534675He probably made it with the magic paintbrush. You can literally make whatever you want with that thing.

>>517533303>>517533768>Why are they trying to make you sympathize with bowser.Because you work alongside him. Pretty much most spinoffs and any game where he isn't kidnapping Peach don't really paint Bowser as a bad guy and instead paint him as a stupid musclehead or more of a family man.>Why are these games so fucking shallow now.The gameplay can't decide whether it wants to be a turn based RPG or an action-adventure game and it suffers for it. In addition, the Paper Mario teams claims that they're much more limited in what they can do with the Mario series as a result of Nintendo keeping them on a tight leash.

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he's such a simp in this

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>>517534406>>517534696Not to mention SMRPG, where he's seen crying after having his castle stolen from him and his troops slowly obliterated off-screen. Him needing the gang's help to get his home and his troops back is his entire motivation.


>>517535130>asking for a friendlmao, based

Can't believe the plot is just racism. The main villain is literally butthurt that some Toad scribbled on him. So he's folding up every Toad to make 1000 cranes so he can make a wish. The wish is to turn the Paper Mushroom Kingdom...into Origami.

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>>517532974Who is Bowser Jr's mom?

>>517533736>peach gets kidnapped>mario goes to kick bowser's ass>arrives at his castle finding in the middle of planning to kidnap peach>gets pissed when he hears someone beat him to it>helps mario save peach to he can kidnap her

>>517535402Bowser put on a certain crown and got pregnant. He then gave birth...Or Bowser Jr is just his younger self from the yoshi games that time traveled back with Bowser


>>517535384They're just having a giggle at this point, aren't they?

>>517535165"Any sufficiently advanced enough technology is indistinguishable from magic."

>>517532974>High-Energy /= AutismNot even close you retard>High-Energy = ADHDMore likely you retard

>>517535384Did Nintendo just make a metaphor to some horrific event? Toads are look the same and you have a dictator that wants to kill them all....hmmm why does this sound familiar?

>>517534675I figured it was some weird E. Gadd tech like the brush.

>>517535402Miyamoto. He confirmed it. I'm not kidding.youtu.be/uu2DnTd3dEo?t=43

>>517535931Hitler? Holly?Mhhhhhhhh, suspicious!


there's no EXP the game is bad

>>517534675Well you see, mario sunshine was what we call a "video game." Video games tend to bend reality a bit for gameplay/storytelling purposes

>>517535384damn they really want to twist the knife into the old fans don't they

>>517535465Isn’t that more or less what happens in the middle of Super Mario RPG?

>>517532974Bowser is a good dad

>>517535165This, magic is for old fashioned brainlets, science has limitless potential.

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>>517535384The past two games were criticized for having most of their toads look pretty identical. This game literally acknowledges the criticism and turns that into a plot device. Damn it's so meta.

>>517535130>asking for a friend

>>517536828and pretty much every other mario RPGsuperstar saga had pretty much the exact same premise, for example

>>517534406What?>In SMRPG Bowser is a dumb brute who's super cocky but its the first ever portrayal of Bowser where we are shown that he's pretty good to his men and despite making fun of him Mario and the others sympathize with losing his home and all of his troops>In Superstar Saga Bowser's a moron with a heart of gold who is initially trying to help you, then loses his memory, gets abused by Popple, and gets run over by Cackletta as well>In Bowser's Inside Story he's on the brink of death multiple times and Mario needs to revive himGranted he's much more outright malicious in PiT and Dream Team, but generally they've always portrayed Bowser as kind of a bumbling musclehead deep down

>>517537353Except Superstar Saga he got amnesia and became a villain again. I think he was a villain in the alien/time travel one.I never bothered with the vore one. He was a villain in TTYD. I never bothered with Super Paper Mario, or anything after that. So those I can’t really comment on.

>>517537693In SPM he's forced into an "enemy of my enemy" sort of situation. In fact that's usually what justifies all of his team-ups with Mario.

>>517535130This shit in non canon. I'm pretty sure bowser just wants the kingdom and doesn't want to have anything to do with peach.

>>517535130>asking for a friend

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>>517535130>asking for a friendKek

>>517537972You are retarded.

>>517535465Super Paper Mario did it

>>517532974>AutismRetard. Autists are the extremely introverted ones. ADHD is what you're thinking of.

>>517532974I'm actually enjoying it, the combat past the prolouge is already needing some effort that's actually fun, forcing mandatory fights and putting more ambushes than random enemies, cementing it as an obstacle. As well its not annoying to participate in fights due to no resource fuckery, so really while not needed, you at least can almost always get profit from battles instead of null/drained resources.Overworld exploring is great, the dialouge is actually mostly enjoyable after the prolouge as well unlike color splash's pun vomit.Nowhere near the old games still, but could be a fine game on its own at least.

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>>517537972t. never played Odyssey

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>>517538358Which one of these do you think has been placed in a jar the most? I think Bowser has probably seen it the most.

>>517535465That was like SMRPG, need something newer>Bowser gets kidnapped and needs Mario’s help (jokes about cake and if Bowser can cook)>rescue him failed early, team up to stop guys who invaded, Mario helps cause Bowser points out Peach would be next>ending twist Bowser started it

>>517534023--> >>517536046


>>517537693You should give Bowsers Inside Story a try. It’s the best M&L game and Bowser is the best in it.

>>517536046No wonder he has autism. Anal birth from an old Japanese salary man.

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>>517536996I want Bowser to be my fat dad!

>>517532974i hope it doesas someone on the spectrum it really feels validating to see fictional characters with a relatable condition

>>517539362It looks fucking stupid. I also don’t like the idea of playing as Bowser for like 90% of the game, only playing as Mario in Bowser’s anus. I also thought that PiT was better than SSS.

>>517539654You're beyond saving

>>517535465i got a better one for ya>odyssey 2>peach kidnapped, mario too late to the castle to stop it>immediately heads to bowser's kingdom>finds it in ruins>bowser's depressed and enraged, junior got kidnapped as well>M, L and B join forces to fuck shit up

>>517536996Eh, the Juniors interactions in Paper Jam make you feel sympathy for them and sort of paint the Bowsers as pieces of shit. Paper Bowser might be an alright dad, but normal Bowser certainly isn't.

I want a game where Bowser is kidnapped and Mario and Peach have to go on an adventure to save him

>>517539654you also play as Mario in Bowser'scock if it makes you feel better.

>>517539731That’s rich, coming from a scalie vore faggot.

>>517532974Who's the mother?


>>517539654>I also don’t like the idea of playing as Bowser for like 90% of the gameWhy the fuck would you not want to play as Bowser? Mario and Luigi are cool too, but Bowser's fucking great.What kind of dogshit-ass backwards taste do you have?

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>>517535384>If you've seen one nigger, you've seen them all! They're all the same to me!What did Nintendo mean by this?

Do you ever go inside Bowser's dick for Inside Story or is it just a vore fantasy?

>>517540629across his whole body, off the top of my head you never actually really are in his stomach

>>517532974Pretty good so far, I like the HUD. Makes it feels like Paper Mario on N64

>>517535130>Where's Peach? Is she safe? Is she...alright?

>>517535130>In thisIn TTYD he chases after her and mistakes a poster for her. He's always a simp.youtu.be/NUfvcI-pjgI?t=119

>>517535130Anyone that's playing the japanese version able to confirm that this is an accurate translation?

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>>517540678>he doesn't remember the carrot minigameI don't blame you, but still.

>>517540420not himbut despite being a fucking tank bowser is slower and less built for exploration than M&L. plus, M&L have more flexibility during their turns due to taking two actions instead of just onetheir playstyles are quite different

>>517533736Nah. I prefer him as adversarial such as TTYD

>>517535384The story of a thousand cranes is sad. It ends tragically.

>>517532974can someone post spoilers for this? started playing and don't care for spoilers. cover it with spoilers text i guess

>>517535006>Because you work alongside him. Pretty much most spinoffs and any game where he isn't kidnapping Peach don't really paint Bowser as a bad guy and instead paint him as a stupid musclehead or more of a family man.Even the main games don't paint Bowser as a bad guy anymore. He's just a big dumb oaf.

>>517539654> 90% of the gameWhere did you get this idea? It's divided evenly, and playing with Bowser, despite seeming boring at the beggining, it´s great

>>517540936One of my favorite bits about BiS is that Bowser's enemies are still waaaay tougher than M&L's enemies inside his body, if you venture out into the overworld as M&L for some reason. Bowser's stats are insane compared to the Bros. since he's just the one guy.

>>517536394>HitlerNoblumpfy since nintendo is lefty

>>517535130That's pretty cute and funny

>>517540936I don't disagree with you, but that's not what he was talking about. He's never played the game so he doesn't know the issues that come with Solo Bowser, he just sounds like he hates the idea of ever playing as Bowser at all, which means he has fucking dogshit-tier taste.I would kill for a Disgaea clone with Bowser acting as your main unique unit.

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When is Nintendo gonna make a game where Mario gets kidnapped and you have to play as Bowser to go save him? A bowser game is overdue.

>>517541286right after waluigi's expedition gets released

You see, the thing is, Bowser shouldn't BE a father figure to Junior. He is the dragon of chaos. The dragon of chaos can't be a good father, he can't hang out with Mario, it's - it's absurd! What is Nintendo trying to teach young kids -- that they can BE FRIENDLY with their enemies? Also, Mario being a plumber, it's just plain unrealistic. I applaud Nintendo for having Princess Peach never do anything beyond cook for Mario, but let's face it, a princess would want nothing to do with a plumber. Do you think Mary Queen of Scots went for a fling with the boy who emptied her chamber pot?

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>>517532974That sounds like ADHD.

>>517535595So he's a hermaphrodite?

>>517541463>but let's face it, a princess would want nothing to do with a plumberWho knows, a prince of Britain married some random nigger.

>>517532974i think ADD/ADHD would fit better

>>517540858youtube.com/watch?v=ouPAqYEoYagI took the clip directly from here. I believe he says it around like 2-3 minutes in.

>>517541679ahem. Please avoid such hateful language. We call our brothers Dark Spawns here.

>>517541463fucking kek

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>>517541863 why doesn't mario ever talk? does giving mario something resembling a personality scare these people

Peach doesn't deserve Bowser's love. Really hope he eventually gets his own love interest who actually appreciates him.... And then Mario and his friends kidnap Bowser's new queen because they think she might be brainwashed or something, and Bowser has to go on his own adventure to rescue her."Bowser Story: Legend of the Koopa Queen"

>>517539848The M&L games in general kinda imply that Bowser's neglectful due to the whole "evil overlord" thing.At the very least, BJJ showed that he still cares at the end of the day.

>>517542051>t. Didn’t Play Luigi’s Mansion 3

>>517542051In Mario Odyssey he cries out "Peach" Mario Toadstool Tour he gets small amounts of dialogue in the blooper endings and intro with LuigiI believe he still says "Imma tired " when he falls asleep. He gets small dialogue but never like a paragraph's worth of dialogue...except in that Mario Typing game then you get full dialogue. I think people found it jarring in the typing game so that's why he doesn't speak as much.

>>517541221>spoilerthat would be pretty cool, the mario RPGs are kind of scraping the bottom of the traditional RPG mechanics barrel, and it's not like action commands in an SRPG context are totally unprecedented.

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>>517542218>the very end where Mario is recklessly wall-jumping and parkouring his ass to the roof being all "Luigi hurry the fuck up" and you just have to slowly walk up the stairs.

>>517542051I think Miyamoto implied in an interview that it was a fear of Mario looking childish or something.Games like M&L do well with giving him a hot-blooded/cheerful manchild personality in spite of that

>>517541221well mario does have top billing sobut the thing is bowser doesn't even know that the bros are the ones helping him on the inside, so the entire story ends up being more about bowser crossing the continent in order to get his kingdom back instead of the pair doing anything about the princess

>>517541575Super Crown that is all

>>517532974Toad Hide-and-Seek Simulator 2020Mediocre. Still better than CS or SS.

>>517534137Dude, its all autism, because its easier to diagnose it as a catch all net term!Also, take your ritalin!

>>517542420>when you first get there and the first thing he goes for is the piles of food>when you visit his empty room and theres like 5 empty pizza boxes

>>517534406Mario RPGs basically flip between>BOWSER'S A DICK (but isn't he lovable?)and>POOR BOWSERSince the 90s dude.

>>517541575No, I think Bowser reproduces through mitosis.

>>517532974>>517533190this. Kamek literally raised bowser. Why the fuck wouldnt he also raise bowser JR.Hell, doesnt he do that in some of the yoshi games? bowser aint raising shit

>>517539654So you DON'T want to play in Bowser's anus, user?

>>517542051Mario pantomimed and had exaggerated physical reactions to everything in SMRPG and he was actually hilariousIn SS and BiS he did tend to actually react to things and he and Luigi could speak gibberish to each other but the days of this expressive Mario seem to be long gone. That being said he was fairly expressive in Odyssey.

>>517541221>>517542401>mushroom kingdom tactics>can set different species as different classes (with some species being locked into/out of certain classes, i.e. magikoopas only being able to be mage/wizard sorts)>every species has unique special abilities (i.e. koopas can be shellkicked by adjacent teammates, dealing damage to anything between them and a wall)Fund it.

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>>517543651He does so in the RPGs, but Junior's never been in a Yoshi game: It's always Baby Bowser (most of the time reusing Junior's assets).

>>517543850thats weird, i actually thought 2 and wooly/crafted it was Jr, not baby. The reused look explains the confusion at least

>>517543963Nah, Nintendo's been lazy with using Junior's design/voice clips (though sped up in at least one case) for Baby Bowser.Though I feel like Woolly World looked closer to Baby Bowser's original design especially after he turns giant.

>>517543841i was thinking something like pikmin, controlling different koopa soldiers and defeating enemies around a map, etc

I've never really seen Jr. as autism-coded. He's just a little bratty prince.

>>517545986I could see it in Bowser Jr.'s Journey, if only with how little he cared about anything aside from getting the cure (mainly, the part where Bowser's Castle disappears and he cares for 5 seconds before going back to focusing on the cure).

wish i had as close a family as his

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>>517532974Narrator: He says with no self awareness

>>517540819Based prequel poster

>>517535130>asking for a friendThat's actually funny.

>>517539396>filenamehearty kek

>>517535384The worst part is that it isn't even that a random Toad was a dick and scribbled all over him. It was a heartfelt message from the Toad who gave him life wishing him good luck. He just never read it.

>>517542051For some reason Paper Mario has been completely mute since Sticker Star. No small voice clips like in TTYD or Super, not even a yelp when something goes wrong. Even Luigi and the Toads have voice clips now, while Mario himself is a soulless husk like the games he now inhabits.

>>517548568This sounds like a motive from a bad Detective Conan episode.

>>517541012Main story is pretty eh, the stuff in between is more entertaining>Green Toad origami master uses forbidden technique to bring his creation to life>Said creation goes ballistic for some reason and wants to convert everyone to his soulless origami slaves>Just kidding, he actually hates toads because his creator scribbled something on him and he got so triggered he immediately decided genocide was the only possible solution>Plans to use the 1000 paper crane myth to wish all the Toads out of existence, has already folded 999 and wants to make Mario the 1000th because he's a stereotypical supervillain diva>You defeat him and find out that the "scribble" was actually a message wishing Olly well and hoping that he would be a good and wise king>To atone he asks his sister to fold his body into the 1000th crane and use the wish to undo the damage he's caused>Instead of something reasonable, Olivia wishes for all of Olly's origami to be undone, which results in her death since she herself was folded by Olly before he went on his rampage

>>517537972That's only the original Super Mario Bros. It's been established ever since that Bowser does actually desire Peach as well. Galaxy especially makes this clear with him wanting to rule from the Center of the Universe and with Peach by his side.

>>517532974Pretty sure it's just implying a way modern parents explain their shitty kid. A kid isn't a trouble maker he's "high energy". He isn't a brat he's "empowered". He isn't a back talker he's "spirited". That kind of shit.

inflation dragon had no right to be that sexy

>>517550156so basically he's Hitler

>>517551534less hitler, more borg if you ask meit isn't genocide, it's brainwashing

>>517551846not him but didn't Olly say he wanted to make the Toads all "blank"? That's effectively genocide

>>517551846The folded soldiers were just a means to an end, his true goal was 100% genociding the toads

>>517535130>in thisWe're just pretending the first Paper Mario didn't have him writing about his crush on Peach in a fucking diary?

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>>517535130what the fuck Holla Forums, you told me nu-PM isn't funny. you faggots.

>>517540819It seems.. In your anger... You killed her.

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>>517542420>Mario pops out from behind a corner and Luigi jumps in frightI really thought it was King Boo in disguise.

>>517552165>>517552081So the Toads are a metaphor for Jews then?

>>517542420>Luigi just sighs>Mario wailing in front of the portrait of Peach

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>>517552773no I think they're a metaphor for you being a fucking faggot

>>517532974I thought “high energy” just implied ADHD which is normal for 90% of kids.

guys bobby is ok right? hes gonna come back right?

>>517539773Honestly what I want from Odyssey 2 is Sassaland and Daisy, not as a playable character but being intractable like Pauline was in New Donk

>>517550156thats fucking retardedthanks i hate it, glad i didnt buy it

>>517554530>can only blow up onceThese bob-ombs are a disgrace to their race

>>517535130>...Asking for a friendcutealso bowser was ALWAYS a simp for peach, he just tries to hide it behind tyranny

>>517554530Anon, I...

>>517540420>>517541221Will Bowser ever get his own game bros? Literally every other secondary Mario character has had their own little game entries where they're the star except for the one who probably deserves it the most.

>>517534683This would be hilarious if not for who it is basically being cwc 2

>>517555750In Galaxy 2 when he finally get's defeated one of his last words is that he cries how he didn't even get a bite out of Peach's cakeI'd say since Super Mario RPG the Mario series in general have leaned in hard about how much Bowser actually likes Peach

>>517549164Maybe the white outlines are the soles of the characters escaping from their bodies

>>517556662If you count secondary material, then the concept of Bowser being in love with Peach goes as far back as the anime movie,

>>517555165i hope odyssey 2 uses kingdoms from previous mario games that were only visited once and then forgotten>beanbean kingdom>sarasaland>dinosaur land>isle delfinotell me if i'm missing any important locations

>>517536046Imagine the tags for a bowser x miyamoto doujin>Bara, dirty old man, anal, impregnation, yaoi

>>517535931The most famous 1000 cranes story is about a young girl who was poisoned by nuclear fallout at the end of WW2.

>>517557828I suppose Sprixie, but I'm not sure how distinct it is from the Mushroom Kingdom.Same with Jewelry Land.

>>517557828>dinosaur landDidn't this just get retconned to Yoshi's island proper?

>>517558984I think it always had a distinct name in Japan (Y'oshter Island, a play on "Easter Island)

>>517557828I would guess most of those are impossible. Nintendo doesn't like to "cross the streams" of core games and spinoffs. This is why you'll never see Fawful in Mario Kart.

I want Bowser to just be Tony Soprano but a turtle

>>517532974>all those posts with legit complaints about the awful combat are deleted by some reasonPaper Mario had a lot of potential but his devs cannot learn of their recent mistakes.

I keep seeing posts about the OST being good, somebody wanna link me some good tracks to listen to then? I don't feel like sifting through a million shit tracks to find a good one.

>>517560926Origami Castle is probably one of the best tracksyoutu.be/ukOa643Ohv4

>>517560926seconding this, and also adding if sticker star/color splash have any good tunes that you link them too

>>517561605Sticker Star probably has my second favorite ost after the original, as much as I hate it.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8IytZ-_VAchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ3nAJrhxh8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BDOYf2CQYMThese are three songs I remember really fondly, but I liked pretty much the whole ost.

>>517561605>Sticker Star and Color SplashAll of the boss tracks apply, but here's a few I can think of off hand.youtu.be/-BDOYf2CQYMhttps://youtu.be/dwFjM5i1-Zkhttps://youtu.be/0klEeK7lhw0https://youtu.be/0YzYptkCrwU (YMMV on this one, as you may find it weak, for a final boss theme at least. I personally dig it.)youtu.be/OmBgAa3S3voAs a bonus:youtu.be/Z8IytZ-_VAchttps://youtu.be/weSqGpljRbgColor Splash (I haven't played this one, so I really only know the boss themes)youtu.be/rx1gXNQyackhttps://youtu.be/DboEzTLR6GEhttps://youtu.be/3fAe6aSSHgUhttps://youtu.be/7ur6jOoCK5ohttps://youtu.be/O6kY5dWbD_8https://youtu.be/PWSNbqR2iCcAgain, I recommend listening to the entire soundtrack (or at least, all of the boss themes) and not just the ones I posted.>>517562073I honestly think Snow Rise is one of, if not the best ice level theme'd music tracks in the entire Mario series. It's just so jolly.

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>>517562413>Pokey Tower Power Did Minus8 ruin that song for you?

>>517557828Odyssey 1's kingdoms weren't all references, it's unlikely they'd do that now.

>>517548568>>517535384>the moral: don't write things on people, they'll misconstrue it and bear a genocidal grudge on your kind

>>517554530Wait what happened to him

>>517546370Bowser Jr. is his only kid. The Koopalings are closer to lieutenants.

>>517560926Haven't listened to all of Origami King yet, but I think Toad Town is already shaping up to be one of the best in the seriesToad Town [Main Theme] and variantsyoutube.com/watch?v=uCofBqYPMw4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQsj5GfxRC0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRBYeeF5yfghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0X5sos3HVIhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODyypARcFhkSo far I like world 3 [Holepuncher] & 4 [Tape] Boss Themesyoutube.com/watch?v=4ria0oy3Mjohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkMU_nZ4vRkOrigami Castle and his First Boss Phaseyoutube.com/watch?v=ukOa643Ohv4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTQhINd6IO0

>>517561605Not the biggest fan of Sticker Star's OST compared to CS but it has some good tunes:Tower of Murals / Drybake Stadium [Good Desert Dungeon Theme]youtube.com/watch?v=ZNO3_rKNtRYThe Enigmansion [Haunted Theme, though I prefer Color Splash's]youtube.com/watch?v=T2OkdUfZpAMMizzter Blizzard Fightyoutube.com/watch?v=X71D6zU9pZw&list=PLz5gUls4mkX_AIvtxqyjr07K9IW3YWQ7BShy Guy Jungle [Jazzy Jungle Theme]youtube.com/watch?v=OY_HcPwk0CgBowser First Phaseyoutube.com/watch?v=MKzHFDgVjRYColor Splash is when shit get's good. I think it's one of the best Mario OSTsPort Prisma and variants [Comfy Town theme]youtube.com/watch?v=pSZJtMdyqYghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgVWKrZYJwwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laOQiRYyWI0Cherry Lake [Great early level music]youtube.com/watch?v=zlbSZLx2l50World Map Medleyyoutube.com/watch?v=kEFpQqjocz0Golden Coliseumyoutube.com/watch?v=FUdwrlvkos0Haunted Themeyoutube.com/watch?v=OvYsONQdNawhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWKMglgft2cPlum park [If you like violins and strings]youtube.com/watch?v=wbuiZmJ_q3gFortune island [Fantastic Pirate feel]youtube.com/watch?v=ylTfZUA_bFoTangerino Grill [Harmonicas galore]youtube.com/watch?v=Dn7IxgWzQiUEmerald Circusyoutube.com/watch?v=hTLU50TMO8sAll the boss themes are fantastic. Standouts are Iggy's, Wendy's and Roy'syoutube.com/watch?v=PPWTyAesLdMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI4zBMGqKu0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqK4hacrJhYBlack Bowser's Castle [Violins and Guitars]youtube.com/watch?v=0WYwC0vRLtUFinal Bowser Fightyoutube.com/watch?v=NSFlgIXqD00https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-HZz2RhKFsPrisma Splash [Probably my favorite Mario Credits theme, even if it's just a medley, it nails it]youtube.com/watch?v=wvls_xrms3Q

>>517562073Sticker Star is ass, and the battle itself is proof positive why these games are irredeemable trash, but god damn that gooper blooper track is a bop and a half.

>>517566869shroom city is probably the best chill track

>>517567043>>517566869>>517562413>>517562073>>517561263thanks for the tunes lads, I'll give them all a chance.

>>517532974Sounds more like ADHD than autism

>>517532974You wouldn’t want a low energy son like Jeb

>>517566869>that toad town theme

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>>517532974ADHD. Bowser himself has it. Just look at Yoshi's Island

imagine making such a heaping pile of shit that the only redeeming quality is the music

>>517563315Not that or the rhythm song from 3D World.

>>517567043>>517566869>>517562413>>517562073>>517561605>>517561263A+ shit, thanks again for posting these anons, made my night a lot better.

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>>517543237the man runs and jumps so much that hes gotta eat like a king

>nintendo will never release official OSTs for their gamesfucking kill me man, I'd love to have the CDs for this shit. imagine having a full four disc set with the source quality of these songs, complete with a composer breakdown for who did what and original album art.

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Post funny screenshots so I can show my wife some good examples of Paper Mario humor.

>>517562413spectacular finale is ultra based

>>517556381>except for the one who probably deserves it the mostTrue

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>>517552545It is, but this line here isn't. You see the 'asking for a friend' joke a million times on the Internet

>>517566779Fuck that retcon

I rikuh da owigami kingu becausah dere no koopah troopahs widu bandaid on dere facesBestuh mario aw p g

>>517536685wow thanks wannabe smartass

>>517532974I was originally excited for this but I think I'm being filtered by the combat. Should I just deal with it? I really enjoyed TTYD and the one with the gay italian clown.

>>517569745>Unironic waluigifagyikes

>>517535402Bowser, Mario is the dad

>>517565492he blew up and became a ghost to save olivia

>>517570532like having trouble with it? go back to the battle lab and use the puzzle solver then

>>517556381I really want a cartoonish beat em' up with Bowser and the Koopalings. Nintendo hasn't really tackled that genre and Bowser's personality and aesthetic are perfect for it.

>>517566779they're still adopted siblings in all but name

>>517533303>Why are they trying to make you sympathize with bowserSo you haven't played a Mario RPG since SNES? Got it.

>>517533190There weren't any Koopalings in Super Mario RPG

>>517566869>Pointless and boring gameplay>Uninspired and poorly put together story>Soundtrack is always very good thoughWhat's the deal with this

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>>517573121I think he means M&L Bowser

>>517535130>These repliesnu-Holla Forums really is awful. Literally the same "asking for a friend" joke we've seen one thousand times, not even used correctly. But it's in a videogame's now it's extra funny because... ?

>>517573163I think people have lower standards when it comes to vidya music. You hear complaints about soundtracks far, far less often than people whine about gameplay or story or most other aspects of a game. It's either that or good vidya music is harder to mess up, which I'm not sure I believe.

>>517573531Prepare to see a lot of it from these fucking zoomers. 80% of this games """humor""" is literally just memes copy-pasted into the game. There is pretty much the most obvious way to tell the game has lost all of it's soul at this point. There's nothing left

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>>517574103I recognize that meme!This is the besta game evear!!!

>>517532974No? If anything it's implying ADHD.

>>517573531This is every day shit. This is like the easiest way to pass off your game as funny to the youngsters. Just put memes in it and wait for someone to post it to reddit for exposure.This game in particular is really fucking obvious with it. It does it too much, imo

>>517573609you hear less complaints about soundtracks because soundtracks are usually shit, so the only time people point out a soundtrack is when its good.

>>517532974cool he's just like me

>>517533303>Why are they trying to make you sympathize with bowser.Bowser has literally been the most likable Mario character since the fucking SNES era since he's one of the few with an actual personality. Not to mention around gamecube they started showing him as loving father and nintendo uses him as the default parent for all their parental control stuff.Bowser being likable and Nintendo showing him doing cute shit is not new at all, retard.

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>>517566869>Nintendo finally discovered guitars outside of Xenoblade

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>>517574454You typed a lot but all I read was "I'm gay and Bowser fulfills my deep daddy issues"

>>517574601>three sentences is a lotSo this is the power of retarded newfags...

>>517574454It really is Bowser and Luigi who carry the personality charisma of Mario games huh?

>>517574702Outside of side-characters that are now forbidden because muh toads? Yeah, basically.

>>517535130When did Bowser begin to officially have the hots for Peach? Is this the result of all those cuckoldry fanmade comics and shit about Peaching cheating on Mario with Bowser?Cause I hate that shit.

>>517541107Hes always been a dumbass though, just look at the mario 1 mangas from the 80s-90s

>>517574751He was crushing hardcore since at least the SNES RPG. See the part where he wants to kiss her instead of Mario or the mole guy. That was also the first Mario game with any sort of story (though it wasn't make by Nintendo) so I guess basically from as soon as there was a narrative to the series.

>>517574702Mario doesn't talk, so no shit.

>>517574891he's the straight man

>>517532974based if true

>>517574891Kek none of them talk

>>517535130>>517574103The internet was a mistake. The reality that I'm going to see every fleeting regurgitated garbage joke already long dead in every mainstream product media now for as long as I live already makes me want to preemptively suicide, and I've never been suicidal.

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