Why are you not playing best game of decade right now?

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I'm waiting for part 3.

>>517530461Medieval 2 and Rome 1 were both better.

>>517530576How delusional you can be m8

I actually picked it back up again last night. Fuck skaven btw

>>517531007>picking it up just after the sales endedthe absolute idiot

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>>517531117i didnt pay for it again, i already had it.

>>517531007>fuck skavenyep

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This is my first time playing any Total War game; I'm really enjoying it, however, I'm starting to get my ass kicked in Mortal Empires.

>>517531117Based poorfag. I bet you collect coupons in the mail too.

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>>517531007it's only gonna get worse.

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>>517530461>best game of the decadeMonster girl paradox part 3 is still being developed.

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>>517531237I'm a retard sorry

Praise Malekith

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>>517531007>he can't beat ai skavenliterally the easiest faction to destroy, auto battle absolutely hates them and the battle ai doesn't know how to use their armies or make effective unit comps. the worst they can do is catch your dumb nigger ass force marching somewhere you shouldn't be.

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>>517531682it's okay someday you will grow a big brain like what i gots

>>517531276git gud you fucking fantasyfag shitter. this is the easiest total war by far.

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>>517531007>Based Lizardmen can wipe out a Skaven Army with a few SaurisboisMust suck to SUCK

>>517530461Only so many times I can take over the world and PvP is shit

>>517531816>spearmen everwasted unit when darkshards are just as effective in melee

>>517532005Thanks.I've been doing generally fine so far, but now several factions all just started shit with me and my Armies are getting strained.

>>517530461too fast, too much micro, magic feels shitty, no tactical thinking required, animations and graphical effects are a downgrade from previous titles. I have no problem with the setting, the game itself is just super shitty. pic related is a much better alternative if you actually like total war.

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>>517532034>hamfisted retard plays the easiest racei can tell you transitioned from tw1 dwarves to lizardmen in tw2 and still think your actually good at the game for spamming sarus and stegos and attack moving to the other side of the map.

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>>517532513Thrid world hands typed this post

>>517532510Yes, it is called total warhammer, not total peacehammer. kill their armies and raise their cities.

>>517530461FTW bros! I've tasted the x10 unit pop scale in the lab and can't go back?!

Game isn't finished. Not gonna spend $300 for the finished game. Waiting for the third one to roll out with the grand campaign, a good sale on all of the older content that's required to play the grand campaign, and some optimization to make the turns not take 2 minutes to pass on the highest-tier processors mankind has made.

>>517531872>battle ai doesn't know how to use their armiesI don't know what shit you're smoking but I've lost half my army to fucking clanratspam just because of the AI's ridiculous ability to perfectly target warp lightning whenever it's off cooldown (every 5 seconds)

>>517532606okay now refute my point

>>517532863>he's so fucking bad at the game that fucking CLANRATS are dabbing on himyour brain is too smooth, please wipe sandpaper on it and then try life a second time.

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>>517532658I'm aware, I've just poorly managed things up until now and now I'm just putting out fires.My economy is strong enough, I'm just trying to unfuck my situation to go on the offensive.

>>517532698Try that and run a scaven slave army. You cput will sound like a V8

>>517532103>darkshards yeah but they have half melee defense

>>517533087>too fast, too much micro, magic feels shittyGet good>no tactical thinking requiredGet good>animations and graphical effects are a downgrade from previous titlesYou're blind, especially if you think that mod looks betterThere, happy now Igor?

Is this the Vampire Coast?

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>the fey enchantress floats>the forest spirit casters float>Alarielle the Everqueen does not floatHeresy.

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>>517530461Because I playing Shogun 2

>>517533205>normal playersinfantry and cavalry are utter dog shit in total warhammer and 2, i say this as an almost exclusive legendary player. Stop thinking infantry are good for any faction besides lizardmen. the damage the darkshards will do with even 2 volleys of arrows is a bigger boon than having darkelf spearmen get 20 kills and break just as fast.

>>517533103your reliability might be too low and you get gangbanged. if you have a high reliability everyone starts asking for peacealso can anyone tell me if I need a super resolution to get the fucking anti aliasing working?

>>517530576Based and history pilled. Warhammer fags ruin every genre they touch, please kys yourselves immediately.

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>>517533454thanks for the tip

>>517533630Don't listen to a legendary player that didn't advice you to spam shades with greatswords.


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>>517530461I am. I really like High Elves, Vampirates and Skaven so far.

>>517533775they are called shades because the only thing they do is die in the shade created by my arrow storm.


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>>517530576>>517533515Laughing at your boring asses, maybe you'll get MORE cavalry and woah... different colored spearmen units.. in the sequels.. that aren't ever being made.

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>>517533926lol I like how they look though.anyway both of you get it together shades or darkshards>>517533775

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>>517533212The mod is a superior total war game. Warhammer completely removes the entire maneuver element of gameplay, the small maps leave almost no room for tactical flexibility, the battles are so short you can't even enjoy them. It all devolves into simply memorizing unit stats and charging and don't even get me started on the siege battles. Also, the explosion and smoke effects in Napoleon were far superior. Warhammer just feels like a causalized Total War game made for consoles.

>>517533506I'll take a look. I seem to be on good terms with everyone but Dark Elves, who started launching attacks on me when Chaos started invading me. I almost have full control of the Southwestern continent of the map.

>>517534442Literally all of these are fixed with mods knuckledragger

>>517534139I'll have you know that Speearmaanidae were the proud backbone of the Medium-North-East-Bohemian empire, you philistine.

>people play on legendaryWhy would you do that to yourself?

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>>517534236>a body built for English hooliganismCan't say I'm not mad jelly.

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I'm playing games that require some brainpower

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You guys ever get stuck in that weird situation where auto resolve favors you in a really tough manual battle, but the results leave most of your elite units dead. So now I'm about to attempt this fucking battle for the third time since my pride isn't allowing me to let those units get wiped out.

>>517534765it's fun

>>517534725>mods will fix it!Making mods is the only reason why I own the game and sometimes "play" it, but you can't fix multiplayer battles with them. Also, relying on mods to make a game playable is peek laziness and they ultimately can't fix what is at its' core, a shitty dumbed down Total War game made for casuals.

>>517532552>Being this mad at a race with literally 1 gimmick that anyone playing Shitter Elves or even Fedoracore Knights could beatSUCKSTOSUCK

>>517535404Only dumb faggots and spergs care about multiplayer. And in case you couldn't tell because you're evidently one of these dumb faggot spergs, literally every single TW game ever made has been made good or at least improved with mods, even the stand out titles like Shogun 2.

>>517530461Too boring and repetitive.Although to be fair I but like 200 hours in it in a month

>>517535308Just cheese the enemy AI

I love playing as Ikit Claw.There's no better feeling than making firing lines of ratling guns and funneling enemies of overwhelming numbers to killboxes.Gentlemen, I love war.

>>517534765Where's the fun in playing on normal? That said, I find Legendary ends up being more annoying than it's worth in TW games recently - public order just gets hacked up so much that it becomes necessary to turtle to stop rebellions, in which case you end up farming ass-loads of free xp from the rebels and power creeping lords.At least it's not as bad as Atilla though, that was the only TW game where Legendary just made me stop playing because it was too tedius.Warhammer is relatively fun on it and Shogun was a blast.

>>517535760SO play on the difficulty between normal and legendary.


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>>517534765wait lizardmen have a mummified toad?

>>517535963How the fuck are you suppose to survive the constant waves upon waves of orcs as Thorgrim? I have to deal to the north, south and west with fucking orcs.

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>>517535558Sure, but modding should be built on a solid foundation of a good game. Most of the previous Total War titles are good games without the need for any mods whatsoever. The fact that a multitude of mods are required just to make the game decent is an indicator of just how far the franchise has fallen in quality. Also, if you think mod support for Total War titles is here to say, I've got some bad news for you.

>>517536002yeah, their legendary hero, the toad that "noped" chaos twice. One while alive and again when he just said "I'm done being dead for now" and reincarnated to his body and said "NO" to the plot so his lizards could man the lifeboats and try to evacuate the setting. Dudes got the best AOE spell in the game

>>517530461Because even with the latest beta it is STILL FUCKING BROKEN.

>>517536002It's Lord Kroak. You can get him in almost all of the Lizardmen campaigns. He has 3 spells and that's it.>Nuke>Nuke>Nuke for armoured

>>517532513>too much micro>no tactical thinking requiredYup, retard confirmed.

>>517536282its known fact that the Warhammer games are objectivly the worst ones gameplay wise but have the best setting and unitsanybody who argues that has not played a totalwar game thats not warhammerThat being said I think the reason for Totalwar sucking at the moment is that CA is so god damn comfy with their millions of millions.They have no competition.Name a single other game with battles on the scale of Totalwar, you cant.We need some competition for these lazy cucks.

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>>517536480>He has 3 spells and that's it."dude can end the battle. That's it'" "instant win. that's it."What else do you need?

>>517532658FFS IT IS 'RAZE' YOU UTTER, UTTER GRAMMAR-JEW. To 'raise' a city is to build it. To 'raze' it is to utterly destroy it. LEARN WHAT WORDS MEAN BEFORE YOU USE THEM!

>>517536282Modding is modding, some of the best mods ever were literally just copy-pasted code from another game with tacked on assets like the original Team Fortress and Counter-Strike. It's about the ingenuity of the people working on the mods not the games themselvesSecondly not "most" of the older TW games are good on their own without mods. The only ones I would even think about giving that creditt to would be Shogun 2 and maybe, possibly Napoleon. Rome I and Medieval 2 are made good games by the amazing mods that are available for them.And third yeah no shit mod support doesn't last forever, who fucking cares.

>>517536709True, some people have taken cracks at the large scale battle genre of RTS, but until someone actually gets the budget and time to build the technology to effectively compete with or surpass the tools that CA already has, Total War will never be dethroned and will continue it's steady march into casualization and mediocrity.

>>517537292I don't understand what you dumb niggers want from the game. It's been largely the same formula for how many fucking years, 14? Literally not much has changed since Medieval 2 and the only things off the top of my head that they did away with are shit like forts and watchtowers, captains, and more agent types. None of those were even pertinent to the overall game, they were just nice to haves.

>>517536709>its known fact that the Warhammer games are objectivly the worst ones gameplay wisethat's not true, battles in historical total wars suck dick, units get 500 kills in seconds and entities have literally 0 mass, fucking garbage

>>517537504>I don't understand what you dumb niggers want from the gameThey want somwhere they can carry out their own historical wank like "oh I can have this city not be sacked by saracens so THE JEWS DON'T BUILD THEIR FILTHY EMPIRE!" and other really weird crap.

>>517537684Makes sense. I love TW and from my perspective Warhammer is the best the franchise has been since Shogun 2. These idiots are either obsessed histcucks like you describe or just grasping at straws at shit to be butthurt about. They probably weren't even around for the fucking disastrous release of Rome II or Empire.

>>517537504>>517537684absolute 0 iq retards you areits not about the setting, its about losing mechanics over time, the games are literally getting worse and worse with objectively less mechanics for more money

>>517536898No, I mean the mod tools that CA has had for their games have been consistently declining in both quality and features with every release. Pretty soon their will be nothing left. Also, every TW game before Rome 2 is great on its' own, no mods needed at all.

>>517537912>its not about the settingand yet it's the ahistorical game that made you retards crawl out of the woodpile. fuck off with your bullshit.

>>517537912Warhammer 2 has almost all of the same fucking mechanics as Rome II or Shogun 2 you braindead cunt. Most of them are just rebranded as other shit, like instead of religion it's corruption. >>517537945Well I'm not a modder so I can't speak to that side of things, but the insinuation that Empire without mods is good let alone playable just shows that you're talking out of your ass.

>>517537684I don't even really care about having a historical title if the core game is solid. While being a mod, Third Age is absolutely fantastic and blows Warhammer away on every level except graphics.

>>517538079What the fuck are you on about, don't you renember the massive hateboner for Rome 2?

historical are fun too. I hope Troy is good and after W3 they do a good historical

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>>517538174>Warhammer 2 has almost all of the same fucking mechanics as Rome II or Shogun 2objectivly wrong, go play Shogun 2 right now and see for yourself>>517538079>and yet it's the ahistorical game that made you retards crawl out of the woodpile. fuck off with your bullshitbecause its the worst mechanic wise so far?notice how nobody mentioned setting before you

>>517538291>I don't even really careYou obviously do. So fuck off retard.

>>517538174Vanilla Empire is fun and better than Warhammer 2 imo.

>>517538304The hateboner that died off when patches rolled out and turned into people ignoring the game? While TWW produces so much asspain it can be seen from pluto?

>>517538340>I hope Troy is good

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>>517538340>I hope Troy is goodYou should take a screen cap of this and save it when it is release. It will make the disappointment a lot worst because things aren't looking bright for that project.


>>517538359Name 5 mechanics that Shogun 2 has that WH doesn't. I won't accept Realm Divide as an answer, but I will give you Naval Battles if you mention it (though I never cared for them).>>517538415Well great, that's your opinion. Now go and download it and prepare to have your turn times turn into hours as long as The Ottoman Empire exists. How about that one province France and India too? Great stuff.

>>517538525TWC still seethes daily about rome 2.

>>517538359>notice how nobody mentioned setting before you>He says in a TWW thread. What colour is the sky in your world bro? What planet do you think you're on?

>>517538734so go back, you're not wanted here, you do nothing but vent spleen like a woman

>>517538340>I hope Troy is goodHow can people be so oblivious? You care about this franchise or do you just go around making random posts?

>>517538610Naval BattlesUnits being able to be recruited without a lord.Battle formationsDifferent ammo types for ranged units Proper siegesRoadsNo family treesWorse Diplomacy with less optionsThere is waaay more missing as well and I can go on if you would like me to

>>517539351>Units being able to be recruited without a lord.Subsequent games didn't have that either>Battle formationsThey appear in Warhammer but not for every faction. Bretonnia has a formation and there are mods that add them to every faction as well.>Different ammo types for ranged unitsThis exists in Warhammer as different units, not a unit ability. >Proper siegesOkay. >RoadsYou can build roads in WH as well. It's not in the same vain but it's still technically there.>No family treesNot really relevant in the Warhammer setting.>Worse Diplomacy with less optionsIt's still largely the same aside from one or two options that are basically irrelevant. Region trading is also available in WH as a mod. There really is not that much stuff missing as you think.

>>517539737No food mechanic except skavenNo aging on lordsNo seasonsNo trade routes to raid and get raidedNo religion No mercenaries

>>517539737if you want to believe warhammer is a perfectly fine total war game, with no stripped out features whatsoever, more power to you. Just don't be surprised when CA dumbs it down even further with each new release.

>>517533454>playing on a difficulty that makes 2 entire unit types worthlessWhy would you want that?

>>517533454you sound like you watch a lot of legendoftotalwar and only play elf factions

>>517540079>aging lords>religionHow would you even implement this with half the lords being immortal and the whole game revolving around their legends?And religion is a non-topic in the grand scheme of warhams. You want orks being split between gork n mork?

Can the game keep going forever? Can supernations form? I want the true Warhammer experience.

>>517530576Medieval 3 fucking WHEN

>>517535308No, I dont savescum.

>>517540448>And religion is a non-topic in the grand scheme of warhams. You want orks being split between gork n mork?YesAnd I want humans to be able to turn to chaos or Sigmar.And I want chaos to be able to pick their chosen god.Its not impossible to implement, far from it, its just CA is lazy and knows you will buy any dlc no matter how shit.

>>517533454Have you ever considered that its not the units being shit, but the balance of the game strongly favouring a specific playstyle due to poor balance?

>>517540448>And religion is a non-topic in the grand scheme of warhams. You want orks being split between gork n mork?the fact that they "reworked" empire and completely forgot about the faith part is shit

>>517540079>No food mechanic except skavenHardly even a mechanic since all you do is just build a building for it just like public order. >No aging on lordsAgain not relevant to the setting when you have lords who are literally thousands of years old. >No seasonsI guess that's a mechanic you could count but when you consider the map the only ones who would be subject to it are mainly empire/bretonnia. >No trade routes to raid and get raidedWho cares>No mercenariesThey exist in Warhammer but CA haven't added them yet or aren't planning to, who knows for sure.Again half of these are inconsequential and the other half is stuff that only applies in certain cases to the setting. In a historical title yeah I would expect to see this shit but in Warhammer? Nah. There's no need for half of it. The only mechanics you've mention that really fucking feel left out are Naval Battles and Sieges, and one of those is getting reworked.

Why did Tyrion betray me when I became too powerful?He remained defiant until the end, never asked for mercy.

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>>517540657There's mods up on the workshop that let you do exactly this.

When they add Ogres would it be possible that you couldn't just easily wipe them away with Ungrim's Slayers?1v1 these things wreak Trolls in seconds and in the tabletop Ogres were weaker than Trolls so I feel like the Ogre Kingdoms won't be able to do anything about it.

>>517540769did you just take a picture of your monitor

>>517540926Yes again having to turn to mods for features that should have been in the game.The fact I have to play with 35 mods currently to make the game really enjoyable speaks volumes about this game.What will you do once the modding support dies?


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>>517541072>Well animated units? Interesting factions and gameplay mechanics? Who fucking cares. They didn't have this insignificant detail in the game! That's what really matters! Nigger you are perhaps the least intelligent lifeform I have had the displeasure of talking to today. I'm pretty sure the bacteria on my arm has a higher IQ than you do at this present moment.

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>>517539351I miss roads. It was nice seeing those little trade carts move about and there was more and more traffic in the busier routes. Also having armies move faster on well made roads made them feel even better.Still, weren't roads only in Rome and Medieval 2?

>>517541365Look how you managed to not answer my question and bring up a strawman you poor little thing.The meme frog makes it even better.

>>517540938Just shoot them lmao

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>>517541606You are such a pedantic autist, replying to you earnestly is a patented waste of time. No matter how many times you get BTFO you always find some niggling non-issue to freak out about and pretend that it's bigger than it really is. Modding support isn't dead, won't be for at least until WH3 comes out. Hell WH1 still gets mods even today, nothing too big of course. You're just a fucking retard.

I liked this game but I can't bring myself to play it more

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Horde factions unfucking when?

>>517530461why would you say it's the best total war game? don't mean to be antagonistic, just curious why because i like total war but never bothered with the warhammer stuff

>>517530461tips on beating lizardmen as vampire coast? getting wrecked on the first turns

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>>517541824You seem mad because your little game is objectively missing features.Why are you so mad? Do you work for CA? Why would anyone be this mad about a videogame?You do not base your self worth around your taste and opinions of videogames do you?

>>517541781But the slayers won't start taking casualties till half health and they're spread out so splash attacks aren't a third as effective.Seems the ogres won't stand a chance since their only small units are gnoblars.

>>517541893Warhammer does what the older games fail to do and that's have interesting factions that are actually distinct from one another.


>>517541824>pepe.jpg>shitpost name calling reply that doesn't address any points>just insults and says his opinion is the bestoh yes very earnest reply dudeEARNESTLY RETARDED LMAO!!!!>!2

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>>517536282>Most of the previous Total War titles are good games without the need for any mods whatsoeverNo, theyre not.

>>517541976I'm not a pro so take all of this with a grain of salt.Don't expand via capturing provinces, your economy can stand on trade and pirate coves alone. Stay small but well defended. Attack targets of opportunity against enemy settlements, otherwise rattle off treasure islands to boost economy and gain experience.

>>517541893For me it's faction variety. My favorite total wars are the ones where the factions are different (Rome, Medieval) and the ones I only have a few hours in have little variety (Shogun, Empire).

I really wanted to but I don't have a PC anymore. Been thinking of getting a new one since there's nothing to do during lockdown. Maybe this fall when second wave hits and everything closes again.I miss playing weird PC games.


>>517536246Stay put and wreck their armies/cities for cash and build up your province until you can get stacks of guns and artillery. Rapidly expanding in Grombrindal/Thorgrim campaigns is a beginner mistake. It doesn't get you shit other than a lot of enemies with boring armies to fight.


>>517543379so you are telling me to let grimgor pretty much own the badlands and eventually come at me with 4 army stacks?

>>517543587It shouldn't matter. Either of those LL's should be able to wipe two greenskin stacks with ease with a single stack. A few longbeards to create killzones, your LL, one or two heroes, and the rest are thunderers and artillery. Two of these armies working south should be enough to beat orctide. They're harder to beat since the greenskin update, but orcs are a pretty braindead faction to fight, especially with stunties.

>>517530461i hate flying units and magic units and the character models are all ugly

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>>517544313fair enough

how do I stop playing as high elves? Also why do the skaven AI suck I don't see them much after early game so I don't have a lot of rats to burn as Imrik

>>517530461Of all the races there are so few that actually have interesting mechanics and playstyles. Got bored of it.

>>517530576This is objectively correct.

>>517530461I do. Managed to get high elves in the war. Now the entire continent fighting damn rats. There's a new problem though. The high elves.

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>>517546047You have to stop being gay to stop playing High Elves... Looks like you're out of luck pal.

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>>517546047>how do I stop playing as high elves?Develop some taste>why do the skaven AI suckThey don't pick units that play to their factions strength but in the beta patch they seem to do alright on the campaign map. Ikit has no enemies and always does alright, Eshin is a coinflip whether or not he takes most of Khemribowl (unless you also start in Nehekara and they have to fight you first) and I've even seen Tretch ally with Naggarond and get big

>>517530461Vamp campaign is priority next as soon as it's patched and I finish what I'm playing, haven't played them since warham 1 so I'm looking forward to the new mechanics

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>>517542612Two options1. Give ogres their massive charge damage as more than just a big charge bonus but as actual AoE shockwaves to represent how earthshaking they are2. Split it into bonus vsCav and bonus vsMonster

>>517533515both of those games had horrendously obvious historical inaccuracies.

>>517548474Clan Mors always seems to get fucking massive, just like Manletfred.Which sucks because I hate fighting Skaven.

>>517536246>>517543379Most of what user replied with is true with one exception, take black crag. You can occupy it or blow it up but do not let greenskins have it. Their whole economy is based on them owning black crag. So fuck their economy by taking it

Is there any reason not to just focus the lords in the undead factions armies?

>>517554187Defending Black Crag is also incredibly easy if you camp the square. One stack of Dwarfs should be able to fight off 2+ Greenskin stacks no problem. Just forget about the fucking walls.

>>517553560This. In like every recent campaign greentide has gotten fucked by morstide eventually.

did they remove denuvo yet?

>>517554691The game got cracked years ago

>>517554383Why would you spend 2000 a turn defending with an army when you could pay 2500 once to defend it forever? It's not like that 1 building slot was going to pay for the army.Unless we're talking legendary here.

>>517554347you play vampire counts by getting free skeletons, balling everything up, and using wind of death. i'd rather fucking play beastmemes.

>>517554993Because you need 10+ turns to get those walls maxed and in the early game Dwarf campaign with Grimgor on your ass that's an eternity. Naturally once the walls are sufficient you can carry on.

>>517555173I mean fighting against them, doesn't killing their lords make the army start crumbling immediately

>>517538340troy will be the same garbage 3 kingdoms was. but even more watered down and boring

>>517555286On lower difficulties. Still a good idea tho. Varghulfs are as high priority however.

>tfw Total Warhammer 3 never

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>>517530461the fact that I have to pay 10dollars to get free company militia bothers me

I want Medieval 3 but I don't see it happening very soon after Warhammer 2 or 3. Plus the faction and unit variety will go down which will be too bad.

>>517530461>flyers go in>cav goes around the flank>everything else mosh pits Campaign is dull but I can’t be bothered to buy the game fore onlineI’d rather just buy some warhammer for the price their asking

>>517536002Yes, that is Lord Kroak. During one of the first Chaos invasion, he protected Itza with an energy field for decades. . When chaos went through, Lord Kroak started nuking the shit out of them. Khorn got fed up and started sending daemons imuned to magic, yet, Lord Kroak still nuked them. Afterward, khorn sent bloodthirsters and they ended up killing Lord Kroak. >Kroak proceeded to pull his sleeves up and bring out the titanic apocalypse magic that should really have been reserved for the Old Ones themselves. The army book describes it as goddamn time stopping as reality itself struggled to accommodate the tide of bullshit emitting from Kroak's mind, the world around his city folding in on itself to stem the tide of daemons.>They penetrated his defences regardless, and Kroak was ripped to shreds by no less than a dozen Bloodthirsters. Doesn't matter though, as at this point he's too goddamn powerful to give a shit about being dead, and his unstoppable spirit continues to defy them. He basically becomes the singularity at this point, as the world turns blindingly bright and the daemonic horde pretty much just stops existing altogether. Lord Kroak is fucking metal

>>517556336>>517556336>>517536427Kroak is so fucking great. There are entire factions based on the concept of trying to beat mortality, and Kroak just goes rippity jibbity and hops back to life because he feels like it

>>517555173you can also play vamps by herostacking leadership debuffs, very easy for isabella. the Trait is called Dread Incarnate. Works just like Nurgles Foul Stink and Pompous spam.

>>517553560>dude remember to put something next to your arty so they don't instantly get fucked over>dude remember to not let infantry in their caster's sight so they won't eat 10 warp lightning that they can cast even when getting beat down by heavy cav lmao>dude that clanrats which rout 3s into combat? They just retreat THROUGH your formation and come back to masterfully flank you lmao


>>517557050literally just opt into the beta, the only bug in it is lords t-posing on campaign map sometimes.

>>517533346Malagor doesn't even fucking fly like wtf

>>517555739We need a couple of factions for tw2.

need more

Attached: 222.png (472x386, 402.87K)

>>517557563I want to get off this ride but I can't leave

Attached: AAAAAAAAA.jpg (250x204, 25.22K)

reminder sfo makes beastmen fun

Attached: 20200702125313_1.jpg (2560x1440, 1.01M)

>>517557228Neither does Kemmler it's BS. I want my infantry size flying lords who are impossible to shoot at.

>>517557760beastmen are never fun

If you don't play dark elves you are bad.

Attached: 20200718222550_1.jpg (2560x1440, 549.92K)

This game takes a long time to load things for me. I'll alt-tab while waiting for a battle to load, jack off a billion times, and then forget I was playing.

>>517557798Sigvald is the one that gets me the most.He just floats slightly above the ground, he still walks around all normal like.All they needed to do was make his model just be up a few inches,

>>517557916SSd is a must have for this game.

>>517530576>>517530461I'm waiting for Fire Emblem: Total War.

Attached: 1594267637967m.jpg (725x1024, 87.69K)

>>517557978Another really annoying one is Arkhan. His Chariot is supposed to fly but instead it floats at head height.

>>517558208>pc exclusive series>nintendo exclusive seriesDon't think it will work.

>>517557884dark elves are one of the easiest factions in the game. They get shitloads of cash and have Missile Melee hybrid infantry that can be recruited from minor fucking settlements. Literally only the high elves are easier and that's because they get global recruitment and their public order facility doubles as a cash facility.

After finishing a grombrindal very hard campaign I'm burned out. Waiting for part 3 so I can have a go with chaos dorfs and ogres

>>517557884>shove all your slaves in one province for infinite money>a 50/50 army of dreadspears and darkshards will last you most of a campaignI'd play them more if the units weren't so fucking boring. Corsairs aren't very good so you might as well skip them and not waste time upgrading until you get black guard or executioners.


Skaven should have another 5 unit slots in their armies that can only hold slaves.


Attached: 20200713230143_1.jpg (1920x1080, 408.98K)

>>517531117Picked back up implies he already owned and played it. ESL's go home.

>>517558340Im still hoping. That or any weeb series will do.

Attached: a1938a5adf56a505a15f7ced287b0444.jpg (752x1062, 872.33K)

rats are fun

Attached: 20200528131607_1.jpg (2560x1440, 490.32K)

>>517560090>there should be even less reason for Skaven not to take 18 units of heavy firepower

Attached: 1371181707241.jpg (347x316, 19.47K)

>>517560464mow post the screenshot 10 mins later when you failed the assault

>>517530461Because it's easiest as fuck specially end game.


Why do people not like horde factions? I've been playing as Nakai and it's been pretty alright so far

Attached: 1564389956229.jpg (1024x701, 38.05K)

>>517530461The sieges are fucking terrible as far as AI goes.Total war with competent Ai would be so much better.

>>517560706>2 plagueclaw units>what looks like 6 warpcannon unitsm8 I don't think he even needed to assault

>>517530461Does it have waifus?

>>517560464Imagine if the AI was smart and just left the walls and forced you into an actual fight

>>517561306>imagine if the AI all slowly piled out of the narrow door, clumping together and getting stuck in front of your weapons teams and artyYeah imagine

Do I need to know anything about the warhammer universe to get into this game?

Attached: 1491190932076.gif (280x280, 1.21M)

>>517560232>anime girls getting slaughtered in horrific ways

Attached: I know exactly why I have this boner.gif (300x168, 181.02K)

>>517561525>leaving the walls means running at you like lemmings>not just standing behind the walls and giving you nothing to target and avoiding any openings created by artillery forcing you to come to themmoron

>>517560005Maybe GamesconProbably not

>>517561732Standing behind walls isn't going to do shi when the cannons would just knock them down in 20 seconds

>>517561620Not really, if anything you'll spend more time getting a hold of the Total War half of the game than the Warhammer aspects. It's a pretty good entry into Warhammer though, just pick whatever looks coolest to you.

>>517561620All you need to know is to kill r*ts on sight

Finally found out a way to have fun as Lokhir bros>take the settlement you start right outside of>build a full stack>fuck off out of Lustria and sail straight for Karond Kar>take random port settlements along the way to prevent no settlement attrition>arrive in naggaroth and take the provinceTurn 44 and I have a tier 4 main settlement with all slots filled, a tier 5 black ark with multiple recruitment buildings, and 7200 gold to spend as I please. The only problem now is fighting that shithead tretch

Attached: 14ADCF95-16F0-4D4B-BC61-54E911F50446.jpg (603x449, 57.03K)

>>517530461campaign screen is ugly messy clutter, game runs like ass and too much DLC to make it worth buying legit (so everyone pirates it)Shogun 2 was the best TW game and everyone knows it.

Waiting for a 75% off discount. Poorfags gonna poor

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>>517530461>>517530461WHEN are the wood elves and Beastmen get an upgrade!!! they need new legendary lords, heroes and units.... also wood elves need a new mechanic because they are absolute shit. you need ember and the second I leave the forest I get raped to death. i can't even upgrade the giant ass treefuck

Attached: warhammer elf tit smash.jpg (2480x3508, 1.53M)

>>517533309this PISSES me off so much, Mousillon units are supposed to look like Brettonian units just vampires but CA are lazy and cheap fuckers so they just copy paste the Vampire units. I hate this shit

Attached: warhammer elf bbabes.jpg (928x1200, 193.09K)

>>517562875>sale for the steam summer sale>sale for the GW franchise sale ~2 weeks before thatSee you after new years user

Attached: 1565896709546.png (645x466, 237.49K)

>>517530576Based. Warhammerfags are the worst

Attached: 1595025154236.gif (498x359, 407.54K)

>>517560948Have you tried beastmemes or WoC? Nakai works because he has shit to do beyond >unga bunga me smashHe can cultivate a civilization while still wandering.

>>517563061It wasn't 75% off both of those times, dumbdumb

>>517562890Beastmen would most logically be reworked in TWW3 given the focus on Chaos for that game. WEs may get done as part of one of the last TWW2 DLCs since they actually have a start pos on the Vortex map. Throt the Unclean of Clan Moulder seems like a given to be DLC so his abominations versus a pro-nature faction like WEs makes sense.Based on the steam entries there are 3 DLC slots left for TWW2. One would be another Lord pack, one would be the FLC Lord alongside that DLC. And last spot will hopefully be another faction to push TWW3 pre-orders like they did with Norsca, and most logical thing to do with that would be Dogs of War.

>>517563041Just play with Mixu's Mousillon mod. It is good shit and does exactly what you described. Fun to play with using the faction unlocker too.

>>517563392is it lore friendly??? or some made up shit?

>>517563559Pretty lore friendly. He mostly just reskinned the existing units with bret stuff, gave them men-at-arms, and a bunch of equivalent cav/arty options. He also replaced the Blood Knight bloodline stuff with Black Knight which are fallen Bret Knights, and they are also an equivalent Paladin hero. Give it a go, it is good shit. Would also recommend his Lords and Heroes mods as they really help spice up the world and are lore friendly.

>>517560464Can somebody explain how rats work? I've set up an ambush against them with 100% chance of success. Then the rats come, my ambush fails and then I get ambushed by two armies. What the fuck?

>>517564102Armies can also have an ambush reduction factor from their Lord's upgrade tree. So even if your Lord has a 100% chance that is before their reduction factor. Rats are also geared towards ambush so if they detect you chances are you can get ambushed pretty easily.

>>517532513>too much microi couldnt make it more than 3 hours into this game. because there is very little micro during battles. the game was not for me either, i much prefer rts over anything turn based.

>>517530576incredibly based

Attached: 1582854897958.jpg (334x506, 29.4K)

Attached: 1592479629940.png (2480x3508, 1.76M)

>>517564321Yeah. I understand. But how the fuck they ambush me on their turn? I though you have to walk into an ambush. Is it a new mechanic in warhammer?

>>517565012Can't rats move while in ambush stance?

>>517565205Yes, Ambush replaces their default stance completely which is why you should always be the aggressor in ratland.

>>517565353 >be new to total war series with 20+ hours into this game > made literally spent 100+ turns dealing with skaven fuckers >right after I eradicated those cunts I lost the campaign I legitimately hate rats more than ever now

Attached: 870D295C-FF3D-4C39-B86C-FAB2D6E61CA5.gif (220x258, 194.77K)

>>517565805>100+ turnsHaha this was turn 7

Attached: Skaven fucking shits.png (504x245, 167.36K)

>>517539351The units without a lord thing was incredibly stupid and made the game really annoying. They took it out because people would siege spam.

>>517530461I've only got like 60 hours between 1 and 2. I can't bring myself to play it anymore than than. I just don't care for the setting and I'm not a fan of OP Hero units.

>samefagging historicucksit would be funny if it weren't so sad

>>517565353Is that the only way to deal with this shit? It's super fucking annoying.

>beat belegar's campaign on legendary>mfw

Attached: 1563650699598.png (838x910, 897.03K)

>>517566197I feel bad. Imagine what its like with Shogun 2 being the last decent game in the series you played because you couldn't get over your autism. Between Thrones, Three Kingdoms, and now Troy it must hurt to wake up in the morning.

>>517566181I'd rather put another 100hours into Rome 2 than Warhammer.

Can I talk about how much I hate the wood elves? I really fucking hate the wood elves. They do absolutely nothing except get pissed off and declare war on everyone, EVERYONE, at the worst possible times. Empire being invaded by vampires? BETTER ATTACK ALTDORF. Fighting Chaos during the fucking End Times? Better declare war on the Bretonnians. Busy fighting Goblins and Skaven as Belegar? Better invade the Vault. They do nothing but piss me off every fucking playthrough. I HATE ELVES.

Attached: [screaming intensifies].png (968x399, 334.5K)

>>517566692I have never seen wood elves expand or attack territories, they might as well not be in the game.

>>517566930Play on Very Hard or Legendary. They do nothing but piss me off.

>>517567065Oh, that explains it since I play on Hard and too much of a pussy to go higher.

>It's another 'One model in your unit is engaged in melee with a goblin so the entire thing won't shoot' episode.

>>517567307meanwhile you can land an entire unit of vargheists on an enemy artillery piece and they'll keep shooting a few more volleys as they're torn to pieces just to spite you

>>517567307Guard mode

mortal empires feels so boring compared to vortex. I feel like i have zero goals if i don't play vortex. Dark Elf niggers are so OP

>>517530461>Look it up>Need to buy two game in order to get a non-watered down experience>Has a billion DLCs as well in good CA fashion>Look up on pirate sites>It's way behind in content and apparently stuck in an unstable version that is extremely prone to crashing as wellI guess that's why, it look fun but I suppose I'll stick with S2 and M2.

Attached: abomb.jpg (603x393, 26.77K)

>>517563061It was also on sale on humble bundle for a week between those two sales

>>517567809THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS!I tried so many fixes for this game but the pirated version is just a sack of shit that crashes every 15 minutes. Any anons know a link for a cheap bundle or does it have a definitive edition or something? Paying like 200 dorra for individual parts seems too much

>you will never be welcomed to estalia as a gentleman

>>517568864Just buy the main games for 60 bucks and pirate the dlc.

>>517569015does it really works or is that a meme?

>>517562539Tretch! Craventail!Mighty! Am I! Aye!

>>517530461>>517530554>>517530576>>517530768>>517531007>>517531117>DLC out the ass to make the game reasonably complete when just ten years ago Holla Forums would not have supported any sort of multiple DLC shit like this>blobbing>Creative Assembly is an SJW company who censors their mainline titles to a ridiculous extent (going so far as to even remove user mods that put female generals in bikinis in Three Kingdoms) and I don't want to give them money as a result>sieges are clearly total assThose are my reasons.

>>517530461Because my pirated version keeps crashing

Attached: 1493947733067.jpg (478x463, 157.98K)

>>517569015Didn't steam fixed that .dll stuff?

>>517561686>>517560232Can you imagine how satisfying it'll be to bully a potato faction?

Attached: 1593909103150.jpg (1000x435, 317.25K)

>>517569484creamapi works in paradox games so I assume it still works for TWW

>>517530461I recently finished an exhausting session of jumping between Wulfrik and Repanse on legendary difficulty, and the extreme discrepancy between the difficulty of their campaigns has left my with a gigantic void inside that I have to wait to heal before I boot up the game again.

>>517530461Buy it for me

>>517530461My computer can only run it okay. Also I need to play on easy because I suck. Chaos is boring.

Every game the Clan Eshin-Karaz a Karak alliance of doom fucks me over and it drives me insane.

Attached: 54556677676.jpg (638x635, 35.25K)

>>517569390Shut up chink.

>>517548126>necromany?Why are there so many underage ESLs in this fanbase?


>>517566692Tree Hitler and Mel Gibson did nothing wrong.

>>517538340>Troy good.>Beta shows hector beating achilles every time in a one on one fight

>>517569751I'm not a chink, but on the other hand a good quarter of this thread appears to barely speak English. Says a lot about the fanbase for these games.

Does Holla Forums like my "custom" units?

Attached: statetroops.jpg (1920x1080, 548.84K)

>>517549195Vamps are next rework? Please tell me they're speeding up corruption.

>>517570290No, they should be cute girls.

>>517569390Just play Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it's better anyway

>>517570512>Add random fucking who Assassin princessHa. Also playing anything with Chinamen in it in current year.

>>517570512Not him but I dunno, the unit rooster doesn't seems to hold much variety.

>>517570512The only mention of 3Kingdoms in my post was negative, user. I don't want to financially support CA's pants on head retarded mentality that supposedly women wearing bikinis in video games (in user made mods!) somehow causes sexual assault in real life, while simeltaneously producing games about mass murder.CA has caught the retarded SJW bug.

>>517571189>>517570153>>517569390Thats one way to kill a supposedly comfy thread.

Attached: 1594700500059.png (600x800, 315.61K)

>>517570756Everyone in ROtTK is japanese and has anime powers.>>517570898Units are meaningless, it's all about the commanders.>>517571189The mod still exists, doesn't it? Just download it, goddamn.

>>517570414Vamps are absolutely not next rework.If next DLC isn't Skaven vs Dwarfs I will eat my hat.Which I hate, because Skaven are already OP as shit and super annoying to fight against.

>>517571760Chaos and Beastmen need a rework for being DLC and I hate the idea of having to wait till WH3 just to fix them.


>>517571760>skaven get 3 DLCsNot happening. Even if it did it'd be hilarious because Ratfags would literally have to pay more for the same total lords as Liggers.

>>517571589Well sorry for answering the OP question.>>517571727>The mod still exists, doesn't it?No. CA removes the mods every time they're reuploaded.This is the shocking content CA doesn't want you to be able to see, which definitely doesn't look anything like what you'd see in, say, your average Ariana Grande music video. Make sure any children or those who are faint of heart are out of the room before

Attached: tj14RQT.png (827x735, 654.43K)

>>517530461>Summer sale over>Still no GOTY edition>Standard edition alone is 90 Dollarydoos (+$5 blood tax)

Attached: nani.jpg (420x370, 26.23K)

>>517569390> Implying that histocucks are mainlineLmao get fucked.

>>517562875Keep watch on r/gamedeals, specifically gamesbillet and allyoucanplay. Randomly, they have the games SUPER cheap (Like you blink and it's gone.).Snagged Warhammer 2 for $5 during one, and it's happened at least 3 times.There's also CDkey. i think the TWW Savage Edition contains all the first game DLC and that comes out at less than 20 bucks. You can also definitely find TWW2 for sub 20, so less than 40 with the first two games and a good cut of the DLC is pretty good.

>>517570414Patched meaning the bugs that the whole game has been having recently, vamps actually got their rework a bit ago and I'm looking forward to playing it.

Attached: 1508450551036.jpg (397x530, 34.55K)

>>517562875Im drunk so if you post your steam name and which Lord specifically you want to play and why I might be generous. Quickly though I'm boutta take some melatonin and crash.

>>517573686Im terrible and dont know where to expand as vamps. They are completely surrounded. And corruption takes forever.

>>517570414>>517573686Why does no one seem to care that your special generic lords have random traits? That bugs the fuck out of me. Tomb kings already had this problem fixed in their base game. Why no one seems to be bothered about their special vamp lord getting shit traits?

>>517571760>>517573156>best lords>best dlc>best units>best campaignsLook at my bulk, I am the fatter rat! You obey me me!

Attached: ABFECE78-983A-4AEA-8CFE-590A9731DFEE.jpg (1000x1000, 314.96K)

>>517530461I have a shitty laptop that has trouble running DoW II even.

>>517573813Download something to negate climate penalties and secure the mountains. There's no fucking reason for a bunchof cotpses to be bothered by the cold of the snow to begin with and region penalties are fucking gay. Secure the mountain and then take the empire and then batten down the hatches for the chaos invasion. Once that's done tidy up the north, and then start spreading south until you've got everything. Only then do you attack lustria and naggaroth. Should take you about 200 turns to take the entire map. Protip leave the moot to power level heros.

>>517573624I'll keep an eye on it, thanks>>517573774That's very generous of you user, but it's okay. I'm a patient lad.To answer your question though, Lizardmen, Tomb kangs and Pirate vampires all look hella cool

>>517556708>>517556336wait so how did he become immortal? is it his spirit constantly returning?

>>517573168Found it. It's on a gook site.

>>517573813Expand north either as Stone cold steve Mannfred or Vonny. That way you can take over Kislev and the ports up north. Fucking over the elector counts up north will give you positive diplomacy with the Norscan and have little to worry about them.Oh! Dont forget to declare war with the orcs messing with clan Zulfbar and clan Ironfist, fightng them even occasionally so the dwarves will be a bit happy to you to get a non-aggression pact with them. That way you can slowly take over the empire counts or go south and fuck with southern prince and fight more orcs too.

Attached: 1595060563916.jpg (415x560, 156.26K)

>>517574165lizardmen look awesome until you get done with playing grug. really the only tool they have in their kit is grug. Granted it's glorious to see grugplay work, but still, it can get old. Tomb Kings are cool. Vampirates eh..... idk man. It's ok i guess.

i like the game but i honestly don't know what i am doing half the time when i playi've managed to put in 30 hours of co-op with a pal and i still don't fully understand the combat, or what buildings/upgrades i should be building at the start and how to proceed lateralso the dlc is fuckin expensive, even on sale