>Midnight>Playing FFXIV>Getting my last couple of Jobs to level 80 and doing their class quests>Doing Ninja...

>Midnight>Playing FFXIV>Getting my last couple of Jobs to level 80 and doing their class quests>Doing Ninja quest>Involves going to secluded hot sprig cabin in A Realm Reborn area that hasn't been relevant in 7 years>Sneak into cabin to find the Ninja Scroll for the forbidden jutsu, got i->Two male Au Ra engaging in graphic ERP about "anal vore gape-play">Used Hide because i thought the quest might require it to sneak in>They didnt know i was here>Click on interactable>Hide falls off>One panics and runs into wall hastily dressing his character>Other whispers me: I have a wife in game, please keep this quiet>Get given 50 million Gil>Hide and walk out with my ScrollSay what you want about it in general but this game having a focus of one name and face you stick to is fucking great.

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Other urls found in this thread:

fflogs.com/character/na/mateus/elidibus serpentariushe

>>517529932Jesus Christ.

Attached: 1589744210363.jpg (720x720, 308.92K)

>>517531015Why is it always male characters? Is it just Fujoshi?

>>517531219Fags and fujos seem to gravitate towards male Au Ra and catboys. But I distrust anyone that wears casual attire.

>>517531516If its not combat ready its a thot.

This is probably fake but I want to believe it

Attached: 1566662891853.gif (300x168, 111.01K)


Attached: iyz25ns4voo11.png (1920x1027, 1.97M)

>>517529932cool story bro

Attached: soken.jpg (2560x1440, 516.6K)

Now i see why this game is pulling people away from WoW.

>>517531904Burn the building and salt the earth.

You may not like it but this is peak sam game play

Attached: demonfangdemonfangdemonfangdemonfangdemonfang.jpg (1277x179, 43.02K)

>>517529932the wow-killer everyone! wow look at all these fags... pathetic haha

Attached: 1851324336173.jpg (2000x2000, 1.61M)

>>517533579This shit happened in WoW too long before XIV's debauchery.

That's not how Hide works.

>>517533290He's going for the Majinken (Demon Fang for you dub weebs) strat.

>>517533579But ERP is the sign of a healthy population, Goldshire was a meme back in the day for a reason.

>>517533721Yeah and even now those same ERPing fags back in the old days of WoW now have jobs at Blizzard creating your canon gay lore characters today in retail.FFXIV will never have this problem at least because they don't hire Californian Trannies in Japan.

>>517533893Yoshi cultivates specifically men and women into bare hips, thick thighs, stockings, size difference and rabbit girls.

Attached: the chad FFXIV director.jpg (1280x1920, 380.94K)

>>517533721>>517533790oh no no no brohxs, pretending to be a woman to get fucked online is normal and healthy haha..... u pay 15 bucks a month for this? lmao

Attached: 170508ADL20190119w.jpg (1080x941, 346.95K)


Attached: final chadtasy vs shadowtrans.png (1024x833, 403.99K)

>See obvious ERPers doing their thing in the middle of Limsa, standing close and looking at each other>Go up and stand between them>Every time they adjust so that I'm no longer between them, I simply move with them>All the while I say nothing, don't even have any of them selected, just staring off into space>Get report threats, and general seething reactions

Attached: U88JpNA.jpg (1651x659, 306.51K)

>>517534414I don't get it. Those are clearly two male characters.

miqo'te are made for femroe cunt

Attached: 1591636574822.jpg (3840x2160, 1.62M)

>>517529932i doubt they opened trade 50 times

>>517535034far, far too based for this thread

Attached: 1460760540331.png (1001x1001, 764.96K)


>>517535034Incredibly based

>>517535034lmao I do this shit too. as long as you don't anything they can't report you. in fact, you can report them if they call you names. it's the ultimate bait.

>>517535034Why would anyone erp right in the main plaza on limsa lominsa and not expect people to get in the way?

>>517529932>get given 50 mil gilSo he sat there and traded you 50 times? The story was already sounding like massive bullshit before that even.

>>517536932No one will ever ERP publicly unless it was an accident or they're asking to get banned.

>>517536749They probably weren't even ERPing. Just the usual standing next to each other, cutesy 'couple' bullshit

How proc-heavy is RDM?I absolutely fucking detest procs in MMOs, but the class looks cool so I'm mildly interested

Attached: Hatch.jpg (600x600, 95.75K)

>>517536749Ive exactly that on Ultros im sure it happens everywere else

To all those ranged niggers trying to kill bosses with their shitty Limit Breaks. Fuck you, if you have melee dps in your party you have no right to push that button. Getting fucking sick of that shit getting stolen..t Samurai

Attached: FFXIV_Fordola_02.png (480x480, 363.75K)

>>517537446Somewhat. You have 2 spells that can proc, and you get an ability that guarantees procs for 3 casts. It's mostly about adjusting and casting the right spell relative to which procs you get, so it feels pretty dynamic despite ultimately being pretty simple.

>>517537891press the button faster, retard

>>517537891>mfw limit break every time at the final pull before the boss

Attached: 1594179187674.gif (112x112, 262.05K)

I really wish OP weren't a huge faggot. If they wanted a XIV thread they could just make one.

>>517538075wtf real?

>>517538134To be fair there was already a lot of faggots in that cabin.

>>517537891>WANTING to press itNot losing dps for that shit

Attached: Crr8qoKUsAAZG84.jpg (205x213, 12.08K)

>>517537891I never limit break due to maintaining personal dps.

>>517529932was believable up till 50 million. i'd have believed 5


Attached: 1594347139538.png (1426x1516, 640.98K)

>>517538665i notice you're not in the other threads that have generals on /vg/. why is that?

>>517538894who's this cutie?

>>517539002Enjoy it before the mods nuke it. Generals are not welcome on Holla Forums

>>517535034Lol let's all do this on every server lmao.

>>517538665You seem confused.

>>517535034>not just talking to them normally about inane things like their job skills and glams and interrupting their chat log

>>517539628You seem confused.

>>517539628Generals are defined as recurring threads. As in threads which are reborn into new incarnations upon the end of a previous one. It doesn't mean threads about games that have already been discussed that day/week/month.

>>517539628>online game played by many about to get its largest content update patch this year>WHY PEEBLES TAWK ABOUT DA BIBBEO GEMS???Its a mystery for the ages cabbagemind.

>>517539628Do you advocate bans for Smash threads? Or TLoUII threads? How about Outer Wilds or Skullgirls? Seems like those threads are always in the catalog whenever I hit Holla Forums. Been seeing a lot of Halo threads too. And like people discussing XII these days - best report those as well.

>>517539925You niggers make a new thread as soon as one ends.This is literally a General.What, you wait 10 minutes so you can be cute and go "NUH UH, WE DIDNT MAKE ONE IMMEDIATELY!!"Fuck off.

>>517540114Literally cope.

Attached: hmmm.jpg (979x517, 31.85K)

>>517540114>You niggers make a new thread as soon as one ends.No? Not even sure what niggers you're talking about.>This is literally a General.It's not. See my explanation of the definition here >>517539925>What, you wait 10 minutes so you can be cute and go "NUH UH, WE DIDNT MAKE ONE IMMEDIATELY!!"Honestly no idea what you're talking about.

>>517537891I'd rather let the RDM blind everyone and keep doing my big dick dps

>>517540212Imagine being so fucking pathetic you don't even have the backbone to admit to what you're doing..SURE BUDDY. SURE. Your last thread ended not long ago and now someone else totally not related to your little cabal of trannies made a new thread ;)I know your style too now!>Redpill me on this game>Hi guys I am new to this game! What to expect?(Except you aren't new)>Find a flaw>Stealth threads like these that are meant to seem like a random occurence with the excuse to have a FF14 threadYou think you're being clever, but I am on to you. I am fucking on to you trannies! I can see that this is clearly coordinated from a Discord to keep FF14 threads up constantly. You can't fucking hide from ME.

>>517540690Literally, actually cope.

Attached: 1594586075127.png (403x402, 62.58K)

>>517538665>>517539628This. I've noticed in the past few weeks there have been more and more Tranny Fantasy threads up than usual, oftentimes with two going at once. Every time one dies there's another one and it's getting very old, very fast. Especially since the shit that gets posted here like OP's made up story is the kind of drivel that belongs in their erp general. Go back to your cesspit home and circlejerk over your fucking joke of a so called """mmorpg""" with your own kind.

Attached: 1341750002063.png (640x448, 238.36K)

>>517540690You seem confused.

>>517540690>>517540816Powerful, but stupid, autism.

>>517540690Actual literal schizo. Holy shit.

Attached: images (5).jpg (259x194, 7.63K)

>>517540690And who appointed you Judge Jury, the Executioner?

Attached: varis.jpg (454x340, 31.42K)

>>517540690awwww widdle bibby baby need to change his diapey wipey??

>>517540956You've been called out, cultist. Everyone knows it. No amount of circlejerking with your discord trannies is going to change exactly what the majority of this board thinks of you. You have to go back.

Attached: Lelouch.jpg (640x480, 108.81K)

>>517540816Fucking based, someone with a funtioning brain on Holla Forums

>>517540690based ff14 trannies making schizos foam at the mouth

Attached: 1579055455817.jpg (500x504, 63.91K)

>>517529932this sounds hilarious, might get this game if i can just sneak around and take screenies and AMBUSH people doing ERP.

Attached: 1592643811665.png (1266x688, 492.79K)

Will patch tease new jobs? Or maybe hint at them

>>517540991>>517541215>HURR DURR SCHIZOSFuck off. Everyone can see this and we are fucking tired of seeing your threads up 24/7. Go back.

>>517541438You seem confused.

>>517541438dont want to get in the way of Last of Us 2 thread #13859

>>517541438>we You and your tulpa?


>On Japanese server>Guy in red is a Japanese YouTuber doing a glamour macro show in Limsa>I'm the catboy with the Slime hat>People are gathered around him because they're fans>Start mimicking every pose he does>He's clearly flustered and doesn't know how to react in this situation (probably because this isn't common on Japanese servers)>Start getting whispers from Japanese players saying they'll report me and that I'm breaking the rules>Continue ruining his show until other western players join in and follow what I'm doing>He ends up cutting the show short and walking off

Attached: ffxiv_31032019_232320_106.png (1920x1080, 2.3M)


Attached: 1577646291361.png (600x800, 50.3K)

>>517536749I've spawned in on Jenova and had people role playing blow jobs right next to the Limsa Aetheryte



Attached: EXrn9XZU8AAeBRh.jpg (1080x1080, 284.42K)

>>517542081paranoid schizophrenic (PRS)

>>517541586TLOU2 is an extremely recent, currently ongoing and ever developing saga. It also does not have a general. FFXIV has no recent major news deserving of a thread on Holla Forums. It does however have a general over on /vg/ which is tailored for this kind of thread! Alongside very commonly asked questions this past month such as "What can I expect?"I hope this is enlightening, helps you understand why we are taking grievance with these constantly spammed threads and makes you see why your post was rather silly!

Attached: 1454444791304.png (200x200, 105.86K)

>>517541891Based photobombing cat.

>>517537446Nowhere near as much as brd/dncYou get 3 guaranteed procs on a pretty low cd which lets you fill out your gauge quickly

>Like RP because it's fun>Don't want to ERP though>Don't play on B*lmungDamn.

>>517542176You seem confused.

>>517537891>doing such shit dps that you WANT to use melee lb

>>517542081I'd like another ranged gun class, maybe one with a cast like SAM. I doubt we're getting one, though.


Attached: Ffta-cid.jpg (306x533, 33.55K)

>>517541891Japanese men

Attached: The End Of Evangelion.m4v_snapshot_01.04.24_[2015.01.21_14.46.36].jpg (704x480, 27.05K)

>>517542681I agree, juggler would be great.

Attached: file.png (419x461, 154.41K)


>>517542607People will say we already got MCH for guns, but are perfectly fine when it comes to new sword based jobs


Attached: 14598335.jpg (680x900, 94.98K)

>>517529932Chat or never happened.

>>517541838Did it for him

>>517542834>>517542607You could have another gun class using some kind of heavy cannon/grenade launcher. It would work well for Chemist.


>>517542834I mean something like Cannoneer wouldn't be that out of place or clash with MCH I think. They definitely could make it work.>>517542945Chemist with a big fuckoff cannon would actually get me to play healer.

>>517542834We should ideally have a gunpowder themed job in each role, gun mage was just BLU in X-2 and gunblade (dps) seem less realistic than giving us a healer with a ranged autoattack (chemist)

>/xivg/ is such a tranny town these fucks have to constantly spam Holla Forums Why

i want a real gunblade job

Attached: kdca8ma.png (580x453, 203.54K)

>>517533290>that single yatenDAMN, I MUST BE A GENIUS

>>517543618Just wait for the Heirsbane glamour in Gold Saucer.

Attached: 1581131882560.jpg (675x810, 202.66K)

>>517543618>someone made art for the literal who prelate that shows up for 3 seconds

>>517543809That's concept art, tard. Also go do the fucking Warring Triad quests.

>>517543709>Heirsbane glamour in Gold Saucer.Is this something confirmed to be in 5.3?

>>517543939Nah but it'll show up eventually it fucking better

>>517542081Is this official art? I like it but it's kind of lewd

>>517544007Sorry, only furrynigger overdesigned nonsense for you

>>517544138The starter gunblade is close enough and still kino in its own right.

>>517543809Based retard.

>>517544106It is. There's an Estinien one, too.

Attached: 1589743558210.png (523x458, 53.68K)


>>517544106>Is this official art?Yes

Attached: 1561958934354.png (1920x1080, 2.11M)

>>517542081>This bitch is constantly tripping over herself due to her crush on my WoL>My WoL knows this, but decides not the act on it at all.What a fucking homo the WoL is

>>517544106>Is this official art? I like it but it's kind of lewd

Attached: 1577431296312.jpg (1920x1080, 483.57K)


Attached: 1589668009301.png (492x504, 437.78K)

>>517544425yes, she has small but perky ones


>>517544425Upgrade when?

>>517542081I know it's never ever going to happen but I want old school geomancer, coolest caster job in FF and using bells as weapons is based as fuck.

>>517544521The English script of this game makes no fucking sense.>The boy's just not buoyant.What? Boyant? What the fuck does that even mean? He's not boyish because he looks like a girl? What? I shouldn't have to constantly google these archaic bullshit words.>Meanwhile, pic relatedClear, concise, and honestly... pretty hilarious. Alphinaud can't swim! Everyone from all walks of life, including those without an English major, can understand it. Beautiful. How dare Koji continue to fuck with the masterpiece that is the JP script?

Attached: 1593351414114.png (1517x849, 2.3M)

>>517544590damn, you got that ready as a macro or something?

>>517539628>unironic use of "whataboutisms"oof

>>517542081I used to hate her and her brother in ARR but they've become my favorite characters in the game by now. Weird how that happened.

>>517544726You gained taste.For me, it's Alisaie, old Yda, and Hilde.

Attached: 74884678_p4.jpg (625x800, 282.51K)

>>517544590>replied the whole pasta in under a minuteThat's scary, user.

Attached: 1590967538935.png (462x450, 189.25K)

>>517544424Wish this picture didnt have that hrothgay in it, would use it as a wallpaper otherwise.

why does he do this?

Attached: AQ8YF8AsBg.png (598x247, 81.42K)

>>517544726Alphinaud is one of the most developed characters in Final Fantasy. He was a spoiled, arrogant little shit who failed miserably and grew from it into an absolute chad.

Attached: 1590056081146.png (1920x1080, 2.42M)

I just filter XIV threads and I'm planning on quitting.The community has turn into a cesspool and the content is complete ass. I can either deal with one or the other but XIV just fails in both now.

>>517544825>being so insecure about being in the closet that you can't have a male on your wallpaperIt's OK user. Just be honest with yourself.

>>517544915its too bad hes constantly bullied by his sister.

>>517544825dumb tranny

>>517543618>>517543709>nobody playing tank because it's a cuck job>end up making GNB a tank instead of DPSI will forever seethe. Even when my existence ends, I will seethe.

Why did you segway into a bitchfit about the translation out of fucking nowhere as a reply to someone?

I'm about to get laid off from my IRL job and will need a new timesink for a while. Is it too late to get invested in FF14?

>>517544932Thanks for stopping by to post! Here's your free participation (you)!

>>517544786You seem knowledged in the waifus of ffxiv, do you remember the name of the brown catgirl with white hair? Been looking for that semen demon for a while.

>>517544835Soul vs soulless

>>517544996I like to bully him too sometimes.The artist Alphinaud and his assistants!

>>517545123Nah, come join the fun!

Attached: 1595037335929.png (1920x1008, 2.94M)

>>517545064All MC jobs are tanks so small dicks can pretend to be the main character

>>517545123Honest opinion: try to pick up a real hobby where you produce something. It'll do wonders for your emotional health. Finding an MMO to dump your time into will only leave you more depressed and worse off in the end.


>>517545123You have to play for 50 hours before the game gets decent, another 100 before it gets fun, but if you are ready for rhat it's really good.

>>517544996The guy has a huge sister-complex. I don't know if it's the translation and it's not there at all in the Japanese version but there's multiple times when you can talk to him inbetween quests and he says some weird shit in regards to his sister. Like dreamily saying how he loves watching her sleep or something.


Attached: Mango Pineapple1.jpg (1920x1080, 634.36K)

>>517529932What other things didnt happen to you?

>>517545303YesThank you

Attached: 4c3.png (234x347, 28.84K)

>>517545123Not at all. The latest expansion has an incredibly good story, I'd still play it while it's somewhat relevant.They're consolidating a few story quests next patch so the start of the game is less grueling. Wait until august 11th.

>>517537891>unga bunga me want lbthat's a melee dps alright

>when you're the last one alive and finish the boss off with the limit breakIs there any better feeling than watching that last bit of HP get chunked and clutching victory?

>>517545123I just started playing using the Free Trial and I'm really enjoying it. I think I'm gonna take a break though between now and August 11th since the early game stuff is getting changed quite a bit then

I've been playing this game for a couple days and the fact 80% of the population is cat girls is pretty off putting. Not even kidding.

>>517545389Twins are fucking wierd. Especially male/female ones.

>>517545584Yeah, not fucking being at risk to lose the fight in the first place by knowing how to play the game.

>>517545123>replacing a job you get paid to do with a job that you pay a monthly fee to do


Attached: Screenshot_1.png (1001x1079, 1.75M)

>>517534414i cant believe pepe is fucking dead

>>517545694Nigga the western world is ending as we speak, might as well find something to do before shit really hits the fan

>>517545636Go play on a JP server. Potatoes rule there.

Attached: 1595037143473.png (1920x1080, 3.28M)


>>517545250Spending a few months on an MMO between jobs isn't that bad. It helped me keep my sanity last winter. I agree with the productive hobby suggestion though.

>>517545389This is from that April Fools joke about the romcom mech manga.

Attached: 1586885022473.png (357x213, 100.61K)

>>517545849>choosing this over literally anything else before you cease existingNo wonder the West is ending if its filled with worthless chucklefucks like you.

Attached: 1594087946223.jpg (250x250, 114.62K)

>fell for the "making my character a generic human" memeCan't wait to get one of those things that lets you change your appearance

Attached: 1535042375500.jpg (685x671, 94.68K)

>>517545906Holy based. Loved throwing potions and bullets in Ivalice.

>>517545942What do you want me to do about it retard? I live in a small rural town in the middle of nowhere. My existence has literally no effect on reality at large. I am about as insigificant as a grain of sand on a vast beach next to a great ocean, and I am just fine with that.

Attached: 1526307524759.png (582x482, 386.34K)

>>517545952There's appeal in being the only normal one around freaks

Attached: EX0A09rU4AEXord.jpg (895x1187, 335.22K)

>>517545926>Teledji's top half>Teledji's bottom half

Attached: 1577867098095.jpg (1280x723, 728.35K)

>>517544590>doesnt know what Buoyant means.Being annoyed by localization is one thing, being a fucking retard is another.

>come back, get returner status and decide to give the NN a try since I'm not a BK crown>within the first hour see sprout keep hitting on people and saying that "white women are hot" in broken english. apparently he's been banned from the NN multiple times but he keeps making new sprout accounts to get back in until people get tired of him and kick him back out>multiple people start freaking out about how they feel unsafe and harassed by this quasi-pajeet asking if they wanna listen to music with him and saying they smell niceI've been missing out on the novice network autism all this time

Attached: 1564428095571.png (414x424, 168.48K)

>>517545636Yeah it's pretty disappointing especially when theyre all in either bikinis or casual wears. It takes you away from the game.

>>517529932Even if this is fake, it got a good laugh out of me.

Attached: 1594763883218.png (1100x618, 163.65K)

>>517546116Are you American? You sound like one, so fucking sure that your self is the the only worthwhile thing in the world. You have no responsibility or capability of impacting anything outside of you. What is it like living a life completely unmoored from purpose, from history, and from your fellow man?

>>517544996Alphinaud's a wimp who acts like he has to ask for my permission before doing shit about the Eulmorans

>>517545636If it makes you feel better my cat walks around in full armor most of the time.


Attached: 1588861067348.jpg (1280x853, 1.13M)

>>517546340But it makes me feel special playing a race combo that's uncommon.

are you in a static Holla Forums?

Attached: XIV autism (81).png (1380x1995, 492.95K)

>>517546408Alphi looks up to WoL like a big bro/sis. The journey trough HW with WoL and Estinien really matured the lad.

>>517535034>69 partiescan this man BE more based?

OP is a fag but janny bootlickers get the rope

Attached: 3.0 NIN.jpg (539x690, 92.28K)


Attached: 1563963444569.jpg (1280x853, 916.34K)

>>517546182But if I'm not a freak then no one will ERP with me

Attached: 1525967196377.png (1024x1024, 786.64K)

>>517546490Thats true. I definitely look twice when I come across a more uncommon race.


Attached: 1567644092097.jpg (1280x853, 981.75K)

>>517546642Midlanders are race mixing baits

So are Hrothgar based or gay bara furries?

Attached: oxido3s0flr21.png (1281x728, 1.28M)

>>517546392She's an obese hambeast.

>>517529932Too bad this game gets stale fast after each expansion, and never holds me long after.

>>517546879I'm a Highlander though. I made my character with the express thought of being a chad wizard.

>>517531516>Fags and fujos seem to gravitate towards male Au RaI, just like dragon/demon people. And I like being HUGE!


Attached: oh no no nono.png (38x37, 3.45K)

>>517546963Then you aren't for erp

Attached: I'll ruin bears.jpg (363x399, 27.03K)

>>517546990How are they still alive?


Attached: 1568492969246.gif (499x285, 704.27K)


Attached: 1594512210829.jpg (1008x691, 261.44K)


Will it be Kino?

Attached: 1582882217898.jpg (1447x2048, 430.55K)

>>517547062I'll show you! Just wait until I finish ARR

Attached: 1556801084352.jpg (1300x1500, 480.07K)

>>517547205Only if the cat finally kills himself

>>517547205Yes. It will be the pinnacle of Final Fantasy and then it's all downhill.

>>517546984>male au ra>hugeNot with that slender waist and child bearing hips.

>>517546517this shit is super toxic, back in the day you'd just grab whoever was willing to raid and work through it. XIV deserves its community


>>517544106The typical career path for artists in the anime/vidya sphere in Japan is to first do porn then do non porn once they're well known.

>>517547307>back in the day we took months to clear coil

>>517547275I have a particular set of fetishes. Don't judge me.

Attached: 1549474898151.png (2048x1775, 2.68M)

I love FFXIV but I don't understand how every year they brag about record players/revenue but every expansion they cut more and more corners. If they're making all this fucking money from expansion sales+mogstation shop then where the fuck is all that money going if not back into the game?

Attached: Final fantasy reactions.jpg (400x400, 30.18K)

>>517547427Im judging you.


Attached: 1593140432837.png (527x470, 207.48K)

>my Fem'ra gets hit on by lazy "futa" doms all the time>ignore them and instead dote and gently dominate a qt male lalashota instead>he messages me constantly asking for headpats and nursing handjobsthis is the life Holla Forums, you [email protected] and longnecks will never know the joy of being a dragonmommy

Attached: grinberd2.jpg (1000x916, 334.72K)

>>517547505It's all being leeched into other projectsFFXIV is quite literally the only thing keeping SE afloat and funding projects

>>517547543Judge me harder then. I'm not getting anything out of this.

>>517547505anon where do you think ffviir part 2's budget is coming from? nomura's basically the god in that godforsaken company

Attached: become mystery nigga.jpg (1920x1080, 510.3K)

>>517547427They must be good fetishes

Attached: EKCwZJ7VAAAtFtR.jpg (1100x1022, 171.78K)

>>517547505Because they keep getting away with it.

>>517547683More like Fire Based.

>>517547403AND WE LIKED IT


Attached: away.png (1920x1080, 2.61M)

>>5175374462 of your most used spells are about procs, but you get a skill to offset that.It's certainly nowhere near bard or dancer level of procs.

>>517535269>ywn get a faceful of bear-woman pussy>ywn knead a clitoris the size of your thumb and get a kick that knocks the wind out of you for not letting up>ywn kiss her bigass forehead

Attached: 1581629422682.jpg (306x228, 18.04K)

>>517529932>tanking the twinning>ask scholar if its okay if I pull big>no reply but his gear is good so i go for it>scholar does nothing but spam art of war so we wipe at trash>tell the healer to start healing and and if he couldnt handle two little packs he should have said so.>at the first boss he positions the aoes near the cages and stands in the fire so he dies>wipe again>vote kick, doesnt pass>he does the exact same thing and we wipe a third time>vote kick passes this time>comment that we might’ve saved time if we kicked him the first try>dps goes nuclear “HOW DEMANDING YOU ARE. DEMANDING SOMEONE TELLS YOU HOW MUCH TO PULL. DEMANDING WE KICK SOMEONE. YOU MUST BE AMERICAN”>he leaves>get new healer and dps near instantly>ask if big pulls are okay>”yeah go wild :)”>run the dungeon swiftly and no further issuesThis game makes me lose brain cells.

Attached: D312A30C-83DF-4B4D-B084-44997EE746A6.jpg (480x588, 78.23K)

>>517547851I'm trying to eat here you sick fucking freak

Can hyper ugly dudes just kill themselves instead of ruining every single MMO. Jesus Christ just take a shower.

>>517544721ABIB is a retard and Holla Forums and /a/ both being shitholes can be traced directly back to him. Mysteriously he clams up whenever another mod contradicts his opinion or takes a question/complaint before he does but he'll gladly run his mouth up to that point and act like he's in charge.

>>517547973If something here bothers you while you're eating you clearly haven't been here long enough.

Attached: 1553019282425.jpg (958x707, 74.18K)

>>517547859I never cared about casuals before playing XIV. I always thought Holla Forums was overly obsessed with them.I still kinda do desu, but this game has opened my eyes to how bad some people are at videogames. My sanity is saved by the fact that I generally never have to deal with them ever again after 30 minutes, but god damn

>>517547851>>ywn kiss her bigass foreheadlmao u homo

>>517535269I love towering over like 90% of players and having the only people ever taller than me being max height male roes.

>>517548075I've been here since 2006 and can look at gore while I eat just fine. Just don't talk about nasty shit like giant clits

>>517547973Good, get the fuck out, this thread is for people that enjoy the finer things in life. Like rough sex with a woman that has two feet and eighty pounds on you.

Attached: 1587417417188.jpg (288x288, 13.97K)

>>517548075I wonder if we'll ever get a conclusion between Magnai and Sadu.

>>517548145Fine user. No more Giant Clits in your face.

Attached: 51657439195469765.jpg (731x470, 26.03K)

How ugly do you have to be to get that far down the animal rape fantasy rabbit hole

So from what I can gather from the quests and how even the scions seem terrified whenever she's involved. Is this character the richest/most powerful character in the game or am I misunderstanding?

Attached: Rowena_2-5.png (720x900, 647.75K)

>>517548138Same but I'm a max-height male roe. I'm giddy like a schoolgirl whenever I get a party of three lalafells or a party of eight with a lalafell majority because of the size difference.

>>517548264sauce me bitch

>>517548345I think the richest SoB is that fucking Lala with the Mustache.

>>517548345She's not the richest, but she's up there. She's just a capitalist plague who infiltrates every market possible with her shit. Rowena hunts for young girls in debt and then purchases the debt so the girls are forced to work for her. Then instead of paying them in gil, she only pays them in company scrips, essentially making them slaves.

>>517548345One of the richest and a huge loan shark

>>517548345She effectively has a nut-hold on the Allagan tomestone market because she's the biggest supplier by trading tomestones for gear to adventurers. Tomestones are extremely valuable and in high demand, so while not wealthy enough to be a Syndicate member she is extremely wealthy and has considerable pull in places she shouldn't.Also, she only has a business at all because her ex-husband took her debts as his own, but she seems to think that he's the one at fault for the debts.

>>517547782based>>517547713im mad tooits like none of the money gets funneled back into xiv, just subsidies dogshit like their other somehow worse games

>>517548345its just a joke since tomestone farming

>>517548446Yeah Lolorito's personal wealth was described as "effectively infinite". The Ul'dahn throne only managed to assert power over the Syndicate through Lolorito giving half of his wealth to the throne as a consolidation of their power (he's a patriot at heart and didn't want Ul'dah being run by Syndicates), plus Teledji Adeledji's estate and funds post-mortem.

>>517548345>marry cute girl who wants to run a shop>she goes into insane amounts of debt trying to start her shop, and the loan sharks start gunning for her>take all the debt into your name and then divorce her to save her>years later her shop not only became a success, but she's one of the most powerful people in the world>she repays your sacrifice by forcing you into debt slavery>every night as you drink yourself to sleep you only wish you could hold her in your arms againGerolt had a hard life.

Attached: 1569558401769.png (420x420, 439.19K)

>>517547205>the end of SHBIt's going to be the most kino thing to ever come out of FF

Reminder to say no to Nanamo's blood money

>>517548376I had that happen once fighting Brute Justice, it was hilarious.

Fuck I just want 5.3 already.


>>517548770>Bozja Citadel's look into his mind and almost everything he thinks about her is so heavily layered-over with affection that anything shown is unreliable

Attached: 1565171510861.gif (500x384, 490.72K)

>>517547205I really hope so.3 patches are usually pretty great, so here's hoping

>>517548770Dumbass should've at least talked things out with her first, rather than immediately jumping into divorce without telling her beforehandAlso he's the one drinking himself into debt as seen in the Anima questline

>>517548345Probably some reference to something that happened in 1.0. Game is full of shit like that

>>517548770Women ain't shit but hoes and tricks

>>517549087Pretty sure it just dates back to 2.0, when Mor Dhona was just a couple of tents

>>517547505>then where the fuck is all that money going if not back into the game?

Attached: FFXVI.png (1245x921, 1.4M)

>>517549087She was a smalltime merchant in 1.0. Her real climb to power began in ARR when she set up shop in Mor Dhona.

>>517548345"We" are all tired of doing shit for her, because of how awful zodiac/anima wep grind use to be>>517548446Based teledji adaledji. Or shit I mean the one who owns the ruby bazaar.

>>517548770>>517548345>>517548580Wait, when did this happen? I mean, when did we learn about this? What quests?

>>517549367>Based teledji adaledji. Or shit I mean the one who owns the ruby bazaar.Teledji is the dumb shitter who ran his own business into the ground and got sliced in half. Lolorito is the based one.

Attached: 1592047132367.png (1920x1080, 1.97M)

>>517549432Combination of relic-weapon quests (all of them feature Gerolt) and talking to Rowena NPCs.

>>517549432The first lore book and Bozja quests.

>>517549094Lick on these nuts and suck the dick

>>517548963thanks user, you're a champ

>>517549432Literally any relic weapon chain.>>517549462Yes, LORD Lolorito, how could I forget. The "Yes, use refugees to make MORE money~!" one. Gotta love him.

>>517531864It's 100% fake, you can't receive more than 1mil in a person-to-person trade.

>>517547085Usually tanks

>>517549462If lalafells can have facial hair, they got crotch hair too right

>>517549695More like refugees do nothing but commit crimes, send them back home and force them to work for us

5.3 is bad, but remember it could be so much worse

Attached: SIX FUCKING MONTHS.png (1024x811, 660.18K)

>>517535034Be careful. I got banned from Balmung for switching to BLU and spamming Bad Breath on them. Just make sure to keep doing nothing.

>>517541967Yeah I hate this shit especially when it's two lalafells one on the dick one one the ass spamming /agree or /yes or whatever that head-bobbing head nod up and down thing is.

>>517549695>The "Yes, use refugees to make MORE money~! oneLolorito initially supported the refugees by offering them work, and then found that they were lazy, violent shitters who only cost him money and then wanted them gone. Teledji kept offering them easy work as bodyguards and loan sharks for his casino (which is also what the PGL guild is) and destroyed his business because their presence drove his high-end customers away.

>>517544581Geomancer will get rolled into AST or be a limited job :/>>517544726This is by design. They are introduced as annoying holier-than-thou shits, especially alphy. Growth happens over time.

Why doesn't he try to use this tactic more often?

Attached: ffxiv_01212020_174028_739.png (1920x1080, 2.35M)

>>517550020You were probably following them around to have gotten any kind of admin repercussions, which catapults you from "based" to "sperg". I lob Bomb Tosses at obvious ERPers when I see them and have no issue on the same data-center, more often than not on Balmung, but I just throw a bomb and be done with it.

>>517550510He's a good husband and doesn't actually like putting one over on her.

Attached: 1587459278887.png (288x273, 202.13K)

>>517550510Because she might say yes.

Attached: ffxiv_04072020_230115_751.png (1920x1080, 1.71M)

>>517546517I mean he kind of has a point. A couple bullshit mixed runs with randoms in PF isn't really representative of how you do in a consistent raid group without other people fucking up.

What's the best method for getting allied seals? Just hunts? Doing the weekly carnivale stuff kinda sucks

>>517546262My server has the worst NN I think.

>>517550731yeah, you can do hunts for them. i dunno, blu carnival takes like 15 minutes to do, it's not so bad really.

I heard in 5.3 they're going to cut out some of ARR. I'm about half way through it, should I stop now?

>>517545952You get one at teh end of ARR for free, or you can buy one off mogstation

>>517550684He has no point and he's a screeching autist>i'm good at all jobs but I can't get 80+ on any of them without massive paddingI've fucking DIED and gotten 80s on both Titan and Shiva. This dude's a chimp.

>>517550684Regardless he's a sperg and trying to brow-beat his way into the static means he'd be an immediate source of friction if he actually got in, see "you are not joining my static no matter how many Jimmy Neutron brain blasts you have"

>>517550847Nah. Chances are it'll mostly be from the patches, not base ARR.And if somehow you are on a quest that gets cut, you'll just be told to abandon it in your quest log

>>517550847It's still a month away. You can finish before then.

>>517550684You don't need a static to get an 80, especially in Shadowbringers. If you can follow the meta rotation for your job and not die, you can very easily get 85+. It's only an extreme requirement when they start asking for 95s and shit, you definitely need to have a group you're comfortable with to start fishing for perfect runs.It sounds like the blacked-out name is a hyper-sperg who's high out of his mind on the dunning-krueger effect.

>>517546517I can't tell if he's trolling or just autistic. What the hell

>>517551329>I play all bladed jobs with equal proficiencyPure autism. It's way too natural, trolls wish they could spontaneously come up with this shit.

>>517546517no, im too casual for that

>>517549989Is this picture from 3.1? I can’t believe we’ve been spamming Wojak for so long

>>517551565Wojak has been here since before XIV existed bro.

Attached: 1564971419757.gif (260x187, 1006.1K)

>>517551639Yeah but it used to be just feels guy. it devolved into pure cancer.

>>517549890yeah my lala has a massive unshaven bush

>>517551639It’s crazy how it barely evolved. Pepe evolved into shit like Apu but people still spam this same picture of Wojak or the Basedjak variant.

>>517552298We have the soijaks and schizojaks now, which is something at least.

Attached: 1579894539124.jpg (1454x1520, 190.64K)

>>517551639feel old yet?

Attached: 1315615342002[1].jpg (676x673, 58.67K)

>>517552648I've been here since I was 15 and I'll be turning 30 soon. It feels fucking disgusting, but I also can't imagine life without this website. I've been playing FFXIV for 10 years. Don't forget you're here forever.

Man, how the fuck do I get an Airship pass? I started a character with the intention of picking up the Rogue Class ASAP, but it turns out you can only train that in Limna Lomsa, and the only way you can get there is by Airship. I google it and people are saying you've got to continue the main story quest, which I've done and I'm nearly level 20 already and still no fucking airship pass.

>>517552768>>517552648shit anons you're making me remember wottergateand angry marines over at /tg/

>>517552835Continue the main story until you become the emissary of your nation, which is a level 15 MSQ. You're just leveled far ahead.

>>517552267>99% of lalafell porn have no pubesMight as well be jerking to children at that point


>>517552916I don't understand how I could be because I've literally been doing only main story quests, and the boss fight ones are scaling me up levels.

>>517553034Look at the level of the quests you are in.You know it's time when you meet whoever is in charge of the town you start in and get sent to meet the other leaders.

>>517553034Because you level extremely fast in the early game nowadays. You can't miss the airship pass, they make a big deal out of it.

>>517529932Hide doesn't actually hide you from other people

Is it a dumb idea to do Duty Roulette: Leveling after you get the bonus?

>>517553641You don't get the bonus and there's no guarantee you'll be in the dungeon that'll get you good exp otherwise.Only reason to do it would be if you are looking for the "needed role" bonus for clusters

>>517544835Probably referencing this

Attached: p62ed2ncftmv7fpddoxq.jpg (800x450, 58.79K)

>>517544835Because it's amusing

>>517544835>English description of aloe:"A thick spiny-leaved cactus indigenous to the southern continent of Meracydia. The Miqo'te are known to treat severe burns with the cool gel-like substance found inside the leaves.">JP description of aloe:"This is aloe."

where do i get lala mods

>>517554369On the internet

>>517554317I wish they wrote flavour text for spells/abilities etc. Reading the Blue Mage log for spell lore was pretty fun.

>>517554435There's some in the lore book, but only for a handful of abilities.

>>517546882Both to excessive degrees. There are no heterosexual people who play Hroth.

>>517554435There's lore on blu spells? I gotta check them out

>>517554550There's a whole spellbook and each spell has a description. I think it's interesting that Koji managed to think up a plausible explanation for the mechanics of spells that rely on levels or deal damage based on HP percentage.

>>517554685>Doom>you very firmly suggest to someone that they're going to die soon and it causes a placebo effect that actually does it

Attached: 1589907000757.gif (480x360, 2.18M)

>>517546517Nope. Didnt in 4.0 and for that I couldn't get into a 5.0 one it seemed.

>>517555009heh, thats kinda funny

You cna only give 1m at a time, I doubt he would've traded you 50 times.

>>517535034I used to do this shit, the amount of cope and seethe you generate is astronomical compared to anything else in a video game. People get so fucking pissed. Pissing off RP autists is a fun passtime in these games.



Attached: 1569966274613.jpg (379x375, 12.8K)

>get to the crystarium for the first time like 6 months ago>thancred cosplayer dancing at the entrance>log in for the first time in a while>he's still there, dancingGlad some people are doing okay still


Attached: 1579710011195.jpg (746x541, 44.78K)

>>517529932I thought Hide didn't actually stealth you to other players.

>>517537891>not killing the party with your RDM lb3 right as a mechanic is happening

Attached: 1586640906862.png (1920x1080, 1.71M)

>>517560837It doesn't. It makes you somewhat transparent, but still visible, and your name is still above your head, etc.

>>517561276some people turn off names though, and legit its hard to spot people in dark lit areas if they have hide on, and no name

>>517561396>some people turn off names thoughNobody does that stupid shit

>>517561276A theoretical situation it could happen in is if both the other players play with names off (I know some people who do) and just were too focused on what they were doing to notice someone sneaking in.Not that the story happened in reality.

>>517542081Gambler, everyone else is a dumb retard.>oh I want BLM but MORE DARKER>oh I want CNJ but ASIAN>oh I want MCH but HEALINGJDG bros are based though.

Attached: 253546445.gif (498x280, 1.84M)

>>517561984Gambler was already AST and that aspect failed.

>>517562057I still dunno why they can't just have the damage buff plus random buffs like it used to be, unless that would be too broken

>>517544590You're an idiot.

>>517561137>nooooo not the LBerino

Attached: 1591149286200.jpg (600x600, 25.23K)

>>517562795its pasta btw

why do people defend this game's fetch quests?

Attached: 1595035777237.jpg (632x484, 98.47K)

>>517563096no one on the planet likes mmo fetch quests

>>517562057AST isn't Gambler at all though. Yeah they draw cards but it's a tarot deck, and GMB could use dice or coins for that sort of random mechanic instead.Not to mention people bitch for Time Mage or Geomancer when AST way more completely covers that base.

what do they eat

Attached: ishgard.jpg (1600x900, 236.36K)

>>517563572Coerthas had a huge farming community before the Calamity froze it over. Afterwards they've stuck mostly to a meat and dairy based diet, growing what they can in the Sea of Clouds and especially relying on things like popotoes.

Attached: 1572342525852.jpg (1440x900, 764.53K)

>>517563572The farms are in the central and eastern lowlands.

Attached: 1595017978176.png (3328x2560, 900.37K)

>>517563852Not anymore, bro. Eastern Lowlands is the PvP map.

Is there a 1.0 story recap with cutscenes anywhere?

>>517563962Start with the Waning of the Sixth Sun on youtube, then look up 1.0 MSQ cutscenes to get a more in depth look.

>>517547139Is not a FF class, you turbo-potato.

>>517564446It's in FFV and shows up in Ul'dah lore.

Why does everyone hates post-ARR? I've gotten up to Ramuh and so far it's way more interesting than the main story

>>517564496thats like saying Gilgamesh showed up in FF6

>>517564446It was in GBA release of 5 and also in tactics ogre which is FF adjacent

>>517564745because they didn't like the 'sniff the chocobo' part and the 'yshtola is a miner' part. that means the entire set of 2.0 to 2.55 is bad

>>517564745It's just full of stupid quests like putting perfume on chocobos. Most people who came into the game later were told the story gets good in HW so they just lazily skip through and only half pay attention so they're eager to just get to HW already. In reality it's all extremely important.

>>517564745Theres a shit ton of fetch quests, many of which don't accomplish anything. Like the one where you serve the scions tea. Or the quest where you help Tataru pursue her dream of being a miner, only for her to realize that she doesn't care much for it, making the whole trek pointles.

>chud with Perfect Legend title is doing piss poor rotation and generally getting hit by shit>say "so who'd you buy your clear from?">he calls me jellywho was in the wrong here

Attached: Griff-tannen-back-to-the-future-ii.jpg (340x340, 30.35K)

>>517564898I actually liked that part, the cutscene where doman kids ask you questions about adventure life was very cute

>>517565050>Doman Adventurers' Guild questline never got a sequel because the devs just sat on it so long that they went back home to Doma

Attached: 1576580588061.png (380x380, 188.04K)

>>517563572They've got farms in the Sea of Clouds and they probably have magic greenhouses or some shit in the massive areas of the city we can't visit

>>517531904Why are their minions out...?

>>517565323Alpha and the fox kit are in on it obviously

All bars and clubs are closed so this will do

Attached: 1595040767472.jpg (2560x1440, 807.96K)

>>517565797>mancatsNothing makes me lose interest faster. God damn catboys are fucking disgusting.

Attached: 1580217481761.jpg (137x182, 6.22K)

>>517565797>going to a "club" in XIV

Attached: 1592936548269.png (472x319, 121.21K)

>>517542176>currently ongoing and ever developing saga.That's exactly what FFXIV is, it is an MMO which means it is constantly being developed. There was recently, finally, information about the upcoming big patch so yes it also has stuff to talk about. Keep seething, spergy.

>>517565797me the potato looking at sluts panties in first person

>>517565797easily the gayest shit I've ever seen posted in one of these threads and there was an user dumping hardcore gay alphinaud porn during SB patch downtime

This is my story.>pyros>don't want to lead for once>give party lead to miquote>"no thanks">"leadeeerrr">give lead again>"no, this is very rude">"lead us to victory :D">give lead again>"message me again and i'll report you for harassment"The fun dies.

Attached: 1375580482529.png (360x363, 114.39K)

>>517566131don't see any lalafells


>5.3 trailer in 3 dayscan't wait for the kino music

Attached: chad.jpg (912x1024, 71.21K)

>>517566213i need to see proof of this for research


Attached: literally me.png (332x550, 180.69K)

>>517547403Yeah and we had fun doing it. What's your point?

>>517566264Kek. Reminds me of my time in eureka. It was like playing an entirely different game. I had to talk to people, follow leaders, ask people for help, become good strong enough to help others, dodge being the leader because fuck that, meet people I saw constantly and become friends with, meet people I thought were assholes, and so much more. Ive been hearing some pretty damning things about Nu-eureka and I hope its wrong.

>>517547307We know a lot more about the game now than we did when Coils was new, and 90% of Eden has just been reused shit from Coils/Alex.Asking for a level of proficiency when absolutely isn't wrong, as evidenced by this absolute retard who completely sunk his chances by sperging the fuck out. He could have 99s across the board and I'd kick him on day one the moment he came out acting like that.


Attached: 1594321858882.png (1920x1080, 1.75M)

>>517565797I always miss these.

>>517545952I exclusively play human in every MMO

Attached: ffxiv_05272020_210044_140.png (1920x1080, 2.92M)

where do I get the buster sword

Attached: sprout.jpg (346x541, 46.39K)

>>517559696>tfw someone in your idling area is always there and then one day they aren't and you kinda regret never talking to them at all

Attached: Regret.png (481x468, 267.19K)

>>517548770He doesn't even talk to her about it, he's double retarded. I don't blame her one bit, at least not for this.

>>517548264giant clits are disgusting. You're better off sucking a dick at that point

>>517567234The level 75 dungeon.

is DRG still kiddie/meme-tier or are they actually fun to play now?

>>517567268>t. femoid

>>517567371TBN feels better than an orgasm

>Few months ago on Aether there would be a lone Brothel advertisement in PF late at night>It became two>Then it became three and four.. and now an entire tab is filled with themSo it's over I guess. Full mask off degeneracy is now a part of Aether. Balmung is old news.

>>517566949YoshiP said it will not require partying. People hate partying.Leading is great, you should do it more but don't make mistakes.


>>517567457Trannoids starting moving to Aether around the start of ShB. They're everywhere on my home server Sarg. I fucking hate it so god damn much.

>>517546517>Think Shiva Rune is awful and put off E8S>finally go for a clear a few weeks ago>party is pretty good, fucks up a few things a few times>clear run has a free deaths, SAM eats a damage down>he somehow still gets a 97 on his parseOne of the few times I've been truly impressed.

>Play a catboy for face marks and fluffy tail>Everyone is mean to me on contactWhat should I play to stop being bullied

>>517567509>will not require partyingSo just like 90% of the content in the game?!) Why even make a mmo if damn near everything can be soloed or party findered with minimal comunication?! I know people shitpost about this being a singleplayer game, but every fucking patch that seems to ring truer and truer. Fuck this game.

>>517567941Second Life

I just picked this up for PC so I can transfer over from PS4, are there any good mods to use?Also, is it worth switching from controller to KB+M? I have a shitton of muscle memory that I'd have to rewire,and I don't feel gimped by using controller at all

>>517568041Controller is just fine. Use what's comfortable for you. Or go the chad route and use controller + keyboard with your pinkies.

>>517567251>fanta'd to lalafell>sit down by this lamp in uldah every day between roulettes>hrothgar also starts sitting down one day while i'm offline>load in sitting on his lap>not going to let him bully me out of my spot>don't move>he also doesn't move>never move from that one spot, run back after doing anything else to log out>never say a word to this guy>he never says a word to me>one day catch him running back as I'm returning from being afk>he sits on top of me, then moves two inches back and does the crossed-leg sit again so I have a better position>some randos notice after a few days, say shit like "who's your friend? :)" and "are you seriously doing that in public?" and "degenerate">tell them all I have never spoken with this man in my life>keep sitting in our spot despite the harassment>one day after 5.1 he stops logging in>feel a brief tinge of sadness thinking about it now

Attached: 1452332065320.png (408x387, 5.69K)

>>517567972>Party findered with minimal communicationDo harder content then, faggot

We're never gonna get a better villain, are we? FFXIV has finally peaked...

Attached: file.png (1247x711, 1.65M)

Do you ever stop and think about the friends we've lost along the way?

Attached: d78d3d47d899263c186365b6b0684f23.jpg (750x1330, 250.26K)

>>517568259Emet-Selch is easily the best villain in the series and will never be topped. Just accept it, be happy that he happened, and find something else to get excited about.

>>517567972The feedback from eureka was clear. They are here too in this thread and on this board, the people who detest playing together.Through their words they ask the devs to forgo multiplayer elements.

Attached: 1336832281021.jpg (512x384, 147.23K)

>>517568294>I wonder.. what will it cost you this time?Keep thinking about that line bros.

>>517568361Hopefully we get rid of Y'shtola or Lyse.


>>517567206>I exclusively play human in every MMObased

Attached: Hero speech.jpg (1000x820, 309.66K)

>>517568542I hate you.

>>517568319yea you're probably right. Hell, they brought Zenos back, so I wouldn't be surprised if he makes a reappearance.>>517568546 tried to be non-spoilery, I found myself firmly on his side at the end of ShB, aside from the whole mass genocide thing


>>517568582Oh sorry, I should have said and not or. Get rid of the potatoes while we're at it too.

>>517568294>minfilia, papwheelie, YdaHonestly not that much. We got mini-filia so really just paps. I fucking miss Yda.Also thancred should hqve died.

>>517568782It's not even proper genocide. He knows they'll eventually be reborn in a whole state to live in a world without senseless death or pain.

>>517568294there are two things that I'm really sad about losing

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>>517568896Louisoix, Moenbryda, all those NPC scions in the Waking Sands...

>>517568896>Also thancred should hqve diedThancred should've died a half-dozen times by this point. I'm convinced he's just Yoshi-P's favorite character. He can't even fucking use aether, in a universe where EVERYTHING runs on the stuff. There's no reason he should be alive, let alone BTFOing people

>>517568896Agreed about Thancred, it was perfect for him to die there.

>>517569092>He can't even fucking use aether, in a universe where EVERYTHING runs on the stuff. There's no reason he should be alive, let alone BTFOing peopleGarleans can't use aether either. It's not like the aether has left him. He just can't intentionally manipulate it.

>>517529932and then you woke up

>>517567972it's not like the option to be social isn't there user, you just aren't obligated to use it if you don't want to. I for one like the fact that it can be played mostly on your own, because the main story actually holds it's own (ARR excluded)

>>517569175>Garleans can't use aether either

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>finally try out Tsukuyomi Extreme>those motherfucking meteorsWell thenI must say it's nice that I still got to see most if not all of the mechanics in that fight though as opposed to Suzaku where most of it is gone

>>517569086I forgot the non-scions like Tsuyu and Ysayle.

>>517569138I was actually expecting it too, really felt that anyone could've reasonably been killed during the 5.0 story, except the twins

>>517569419He can't either. Or couldn't until he had the Resonant. He used a crystal embedded in his armor to activate certain abilities, which is no different than Thancred using bullets he had Ryne infuse with aether.

>>517568294I still miss Minfilia, and kind of wish Lyse could've stuck around

>>517569321not him but playing old MMOs where you needed a team feels fucking good. Doing 10k quest in tibia was always a rush with randoms. End of the quest just becomes a mexican standoff with party members

>>517567582I noticed this too, fellow Sargbro. It's like a slow leak of fags and trannies onto our once clean server.

>>517569549oh I totally agree with you. I miss the first time playing FFXI and getting absolutely destroyed by basic mobs in the overworld, and realizing pretty damn quickly you need to work together to get anything done.Shame they don't make games like that anymore. They had their time in the sun though, so at least I got to experience it while it happened

any people from Leviathan? I was thinking about moving to a more populated server, but I've only had nice experiences with people here

>>517552391Yeah, something worse. They're painfully unfunny man. The whole wojack/pepe family of images are just groteque and usually convey some kind of butthurt. There's no irony in it and no self-depreciation. It sucks.

>>517569707more games need non sanctioned pvp areas. No risk in the overworld gets dull real fast, especially when there is no real consequence to dying. I liked XIV for a while but I'm having a hard time finding a reason to go back. Would play XI private server if everyone on it didn't know everything already

is there only the one Nier alliance raid up to this point?

>>517570035The next one comes out on the 11th.

>>517570035hopefully it's better than the first one, god damn did that drag on. After doing it like 2 times I never want to see it again

>>517570149>hopefully it's better than the first one, god damn did that drag on. After doing it like 2 times I never want to see it againsame. Only reason I keep sloughing through it is for the Orchestron songs and the pod minion

holy shit dwarves are so much better than lala's it's not even funny

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>>517542081Alchemist healer. Ranged physical instead of caster.Would try to play like a "crafter" in that you have to generate resources and accomplish steps before you can use certain stuff.Instead of spamming Glare/Broil/Malefic every filler GCD, you're spamming "Cook" which does nothing but generate resources - and then you use those resources to do high potency attacks.So it'd play something like:>Cook>Cook>Cook>Synthesize>Bomb (1,500 AOE attack)Primary weapon be a grenade/potion launcher, and a portable combat Alembic or something.

>Starts solo fc cause no will take me and don't want to be in those collectables fcsWish i wasn't such a spaz and be more friendly

>>517547973>he doesn't have a cast iron stomach

>>517570286"your mother was a hobo goblin"I fucking laughed

>>517550679NEVER EVER

>>517546517here's the guy trying to get in to the staticfflogs.com/character/na/mateus/elidibus serpentariushe is a nototorious shitter even amongst crystal's shitter filled party finder

>>517570351>implying they'd make a complex job>implying they'd make a complex HEALER jobthey have to cater to the lowest common denominator user. That's why tanks lost their OT stances, buffs got ridiculously easy to maintain, and healers have several insta-heals ready to go at all times. There's no way they'd add a job that raised the skill floor

>>517570415just walk around until you get invited to a large FC. It's super common and you can get the experience/food buffs

>>517570415is your fc tag MONEY?

>>517570741I think a physical ranged healer has room for a little more complexity than the others since free movement is a huge bonus.

>>517570741in addition, the last 4 jobs they've added to the game have been much, much simpler to play than other jobs

>>517570817I'm a catboi should i just slut glam in the hib cities?

I miss having Flash on Warrior. Using that worthless mp on gathering mobs was a neat idea. Vengeance with Bloodbath meant you were invincible.


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>>517571723I miss having TP period, they just took out everything that took skill to maintain and optimize

>>517541891/Gpose /Hide other characterYeah this is another fake story.



>>517571867>missing TPgo away shitposter

>>517571867yeah. only being able to aoe 8 times was a real measure of skill

>>517545584I'll never forget the days of me playing ARR on PS3, and a based NIN finishing off Odin with an LB as the screen was almost done fading black.

>>517572503True, but I do miss being being able to pop refreshes as a ranged. Gave me that "im being useful" feeling.

>>517545584>be MNK>team is wiped on last boss>has 1%>I have about 100hp>decide to say fuck it and not dodge aoe but just got for an attack>die>really disappointed until everyone started freaking out>turns out I went tradesies with the boss>got all the commsfelt good

>>517569523>>517569138I'm convinced he was intended to die there but SE's higher ups made them change it because of marketing or some shit

>>517573185>>517569523>>517569138I fucking cried at that scene because I'd been playing since 1.0 and started in Ul'dah so Thancred was my bro for so fucking long. It was a perfect end for him, but I wasn't ready. And then he was just back there like nothing happened.

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>>517573309>And then he was just back there like nothing happenedto be fair he did have a few cuts and scrapes and a little bit of blood, so it was kinda like he died

>>517573309bro he just used superbolidethat shit drops your health to 1, need a healer to top you off afterwards

>>517573417In hindsight I think it was a very touching scene of him coming to terms with Minfilia's death, but I'm still mad.

I hope they have more quests where you play as other characters, the one with Estinian was fun as fuck

>>517574002probably not. estinien's was too hard

>>517574002some braindead retard got stonewalled on it and bitched on the official forums

>>517574206>some braindead retard got stonewalled on it and bitched on the official forumsno way. I refuse to believe this happened


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>>517529932Good one OP! Makes me kek

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>>517574292>retard can't find the limit break buttonplease tell me they don't listen to brain dead dullards like this?


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>>517574384Of course not

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>>517568041Controller is fucking comfy as hell, I can't go back to M+KB. The way they did it is superb, and it feels so fluid to switch between hotbar sets and you have the double tap mini bars on the triggers, it's just too good.

>>517529932fake and gay. but neo-Holla Forums loves retarded stories like this. thanks 2016 for all the faggots

My old name was Hateful-White Woman. After a few months I got put in jail and they made me change my name. I just resubbed as "Call-me Daddy." Any chance I'll get to keep this name?

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>>517574292Jesus it's even worse than I thought...

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>>517574552Why did you post that? Are you trying to hurt me?

>>517573047Those are always hype


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>>517574824The guy said he was like 70 years old

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