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NuTifa is an abomination.

>>517520667Are there no artists that do her right as in make her appear European?

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>>517520667keep seething

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>>517520927ugly asf

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>>517520667Lol keep seething cowtitfag

Tifa is still cute as fuck and thats all that really matters.

>>517521468this guy went from edgy and retarded at the start to edgy and alpha as fuck

>>517520487Poor Aerith

>FF7 Doujin>NTR>its Tifa and Areith tied down forced to watch Jessie take Cloud


>>517520667I donno, shes alright

>>517520667Find me somethng more beautiful I'll let you fuck me in the ass

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i want milkies

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>>517523412>>517524285Those look like IRL double Ds, I don't see the problem. I mean if it was a cel-shaded anime style game they could probably make them as big as they wanted, but since they're going for the 'uncanny valley' realism, G cups would look hilarious.

>>517520849tifas asian u fucking coont

>>517525424>Those look like IRL double DsConfirmed never to have touched actual large breasts.

>>517525801Yes, they're shapely and well proportioned unlike the hideous cow udders on fat chicks we call DDs


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>>517521636>cowtitfagbut cow tits are literally her defining attribute.

>>517522759>what is P.H.S.?



>>517525801Well I won't argue with you there, I never dated a woman with huge boobs. I'm down with Bs. Besides, with different types of clothing and bras, its so hard to tell. Also game models will always have the most ideal and perfectly shaped breasts, so I don't know how you could be so confident anyways.

>>517526924Newfags are insufferable

tifa tifaa mmm...*strokes cock*tifa...tifa....

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>>517520487I want to put my face in between Aerith's white girl buttcheeks!

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Imagine trying to fight with those huge estrogen balloons hanging around, it can't be easy. Hate it or not but the sports bra makes sense

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>>517529823I just started eating, fuck off.

>>517525641>name is tifa lockhart>Asian

>>517525641>Tifa Lockhart>aznJust stop lying bro

>>517529976Bruh don't be like that, you know how Japanese games are. They look aryan as all hell and they're 'half Japanese' or simply Japanese. Then you have the puppy-dog sidekick of the main character that has some random fantasy name but looks like your typical Yamato-Nadeshiko archetype.

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>>517530819take your small white penis back to Holla Forums

>>517530819Don't try to reason with tifautist.


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>>517531142You some triggered little chink? Why are you so triggered that Tifa looks Asian and her looks were modeled that way?

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>>517531441The face doesn't look like Tifa's.

>>517525641Barret is Mister T.Tifa is Jennifer Connelly. youtube.com/watch?v=eFtiwNUDIcs

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>>517531758>fatNo, this is not tifa, just look at her arms

>>517520927looks shit

>>517520487Tifa looks so cute with her girlfriend!

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>>517529679What did they mean by this

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>>5175206676/10 it needs a better approach to get more (You)s but you're onto something.

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Tifa threads are finally dying outTo be honest, her role in Midgar is lackluster. She didn't do anything to cement her GOAT waifu status in the original until Cloud was in a wheelchair.The ressurgence in Tifaposting is mostly due to her appearence, which is shallow and wouldn't last long.Anyway, it was fun while it lasted, Tifabros.See you in 2024 or so when part 2 is released.

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>>517533151Because most of them and this one included, are not Tifa threads

>>517533151>To be honest, her role in Midgar is lacklusterNo she isnt

>>517520487Remake Tifa made me stop to waver between those two.

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>>517533352What does she do, exactly, other than following Barret around?

>>517533390>Cloud is posting on Holla ForumsYou are a fucking fraud

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>>517531728>n-no not to my liking>>517531862>h-her arms though the state of this cope

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>>517533838The state of your not-tifa posting.

>That one fag who is still butthurt over remake Tifa

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>>517533878Keep coping bro. Euro Tifa >>> anime hapa corporate sludge tifa

>>517520487Tidus Tidus Tidus Tidus Tidus Tidus

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>>517520667>NuTifaEvery single official 3D model of Tifa outside of the original FFVII is nuTifa. And indeed, they're all shit.

>>517534123Not tifa, cope

>>517529976Maybe she's half

>>517534101She looks so happy

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>>517534216>responding to yourself

>>517520487Meanwhile XIV is getting a hot sexy lady. Thank you Naoki yoshida

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For me, it's LaTifa.

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Question: why does she look so ugly in her menu portrait? Or on that Shinra Building FMV?Her fucking in-game model is the best rendition of her

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Choose wisely Holla Forumsirgins

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Is the remake worth it?

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>>517534402Because they tried to hard and made everyone look weird in the fmv videos

>>517534402>FMV?They are cursed that's why

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>>517534490The real thing

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>>517520487Aerith is for Tifa's sexual pleasure.

>>517534275>being so insecure about your shit opinionThat retard was obviously talking about remake Tifa, and you're not making sense.

>>517534402Her ingame renditions is one of the most beautiful models I ever saw

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>>517534402I also noticed her abs only appear when you tilt the camera to a low angle.Weird design choice.

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>>517534785Cope, no on cares about YOUR shit opinion, most people love remake Tifa and there's nothing you can do about it except cry on 4channel, faggot.

>>517534834>they didn't make tifa a muscle womanBased, I love square enix!

>>517534347>this autist againI admire your persistence, but why do you only show up FF7R threads?Isn't there a FFXIV general on /vg/?

>>517534626Clouds high res model will always be the worst of them all

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la creatura...

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>>517534626>>517534953>>517535024Dios fucking mio

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>>517520487aerith has some bad posture

>>517534882>remake TifaBut I don't have a particular issue with that. Most people who hate remake Tifa also have shit taste since they like pre-remake compilation Tifa. They're all shit though.

>>517535024Cloud looks so bad in these, it's almost painful

>>517535141>They're all shit though.And the award for the least objective post of this thread goes to

>>517534402Her full body render is so goddamn ugly.They really fucked up badly.Her OG art was far superior.

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>>517520487Why did Squenix bait us so hard with the first trailers and teasers?These tits are fucking huge. A WHOLE other level to what was shown us first. Did we make a difference?

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>>517534952fuck off. you only love trannies.

>>517535265This one. Looks so much better than the garbage they gave is.

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>>517535276>Why did Squenix bait us so hard with the first trailers and teasers?My guess is they didn't want any backlash so they played it safe

>>517535223This is some heavy cope.

>>517535391>is>ant tier image

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>>517535276It was just overreaction from retards. You still have some that won't let it go.

>>517535265She looks beautiful on the left though, I agree that her portrait on the right is weird though>>517535454From you? Yeah

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>>517534490second row number 4

>>517535529>It was just overreaction from retardsNah, they were definitely smaller and Tifa looked like a fucking asian sticc

>>517535573Some people like the CGI models to me they all look off in them, except Barret maybe

>>517535573>no uThe absolute state.

>>517535659and here we have one of them.


>>517534490>wh*te Tifa

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>>517535113She lacks the big tits to autocorrec it.

>>517534490only real answer

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>>517535265>>517535391trying this hard

The tifautist spamming faggot will go down in history as the most pathetic samefag of all time.

>>517534490honestly? blasian tifa

>>517536003See, this is BTFO of the Tifa is Asian deniers. She is popular because she is basically depicted as Asian, names be damned. It's no surprise, weebs like Asian girls and she looks Asian, and a perfected one (thanks to digital technology) at that.

>>517535882She looks like og Lara

>>517534170Not gonna lie; I'd love to get a legit Dissidia RPG.

>>517536003looks chinese

>>517536362But FF characters look kinda cartoony that's why the look so off when they become hyper realistic>>517535024

>>517536141Barry and 7r-kun (called like this because he hates 7r by the way) are worse.

>>517536003yikes chinks

>>517536713No because they disappear when ignored, tifautist on the other hand won't stop responding to everyone's post about how anything that isn't og Tifa is shit and how compilation is trash too

Tifa is literally young Jennifer Connelly

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>>517534490Where’s redhead?

>Tifa JenCon poster is back

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>>517520667>>517520849Whats with these autists who want Tifa to be european so bad? What are there peoples malfunction?

>>517537225Tifa is a hapa

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>>517537339Makes sense to me. It seems like these people can't enjoy tifa knowing she has any asian blood in her though. Why is that? Poltards who grew up with the game and are ashamed they fapped to a nonwhite perhaps?


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>>517537225In the original game, there was a character clearly meant to be Asian. She looked Asian, was a ninja, was from an Asian themes country and had an Asian last name.Tifa was clearly not meant to be Asian like that.

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>>517537820arent they all aisan?

>>517537820Dunno. I wouldnt be surprised if tifa endd up being white or jap or hapa or whatever, she always had a little of everything.

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They all look somewhat asian and turbo asian in cg cutscenes

>>517537820I think you got it opposite. A lot appreciate her because of her Asian looks. Not that its a problem or anything, obviously.

>>517537820if she was asian, she would be from Wutai.

>>517538439Her mother is 100% from wutai and her dad looks kinda asian too so he might have a relative from there as well.

>>517536141I wonder Where is that tifa shill that keeps on saying "I accept criticisms of the remake. I love Tifa so much that that I spend every single day on Holla Forums defending it for hours while posting Tifa pics"?

>>517520487Tifa is my waifu

>>517539206He's not a Tifa shill, he's a falseflagger, got pretty mad too when I called him out for it once.

Does it really matter what race Tifa is?

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>>517537723made to be covered in coom

>>517539804Everyone points out he’s a falseflagger every time he posts

>>517539824No because she always looks beautiful at the end of the day

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Tifa is for Barret

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>>517539824It doesn't 'matter' per se, but its worth noting, because its her Asian looks that makes her popular. Kinda like Ada Wong.

>>517540436Not really, she was popular because of her tits, and they nerfed that to hell

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>>517540597>she was popular because of her tits, and they nerfed that to hellMaybe you should stop going to rule34.

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>>517539206remember the "tifa shill shill thread" poster?remember that poster you just mentioned?and now do you remember that tidus poster and muh theory and so on?Its the same guy.Huh? how do i know?have you ever seen them together, ever?Oh and one time when mister tidus poster tried defending himself from falseflagging, he said "go back to your tifa threads". So yeah. 7r-kun is a sick man.

>>517520667i think the new tifa model look perfectly proportionedcoomer opinions need not apply

>>517534490Column 4, third row

>>517541108Add to that the clerith poster and you get the mysterious individual that conveniently disappears once another one of her persona shows up.

>>517536434>DissidiaYou are part of the modern Squeenix problem

Where can I find a girl like this IRL?There a cutie girl at work I want to ask out, but her office is in another floor and I rarely get to talk to her.

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>>517537820>asianThey are from a fictional world where Asia doesn't exist retard. She's from Midgar and literally not one person is a slant-eyed gook.

>>517542097She’s from Nibelheim


>>517535067>>517535067Completely forgot about this manga thanks to MS getting DDoS'd by Japan, wonder what this crazy bitch is up to now


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AC Tifa hasn’t aged very well

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>>517539824It's a dumb autistic question to sperg about online so yes.

>>517543454The movie hasn't aged very well overall but she's still a cutie

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You guys are so fucking thirsty for a fictional video game character, jesus christ, you are the kind of people that dont belong in our community, hell even coomers are alright because they help to keep the balance, but you are the same as the fetishists.

>>517543730>you are the kind of people that dont belong in our community,You're not the authority to say that, get out.

>>517543730>video game image board>”REEEE why are you posting pictures of video game characters?”

>>517543916I am. You are a mere lost child who thinks he fits in here with us.

>>517544000No, that's you. I've been here since 2008 and you are not welcomed here.

>>517544052Sure you are, faggot, sure you are.

>>517543730>hell even coomers are alright Completely retarded statement. Coomers like everything that has tits and ass non videogames related.Right now we are just appreciating a VIDEOGAME character in a VIDEOGAME board.

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>>517520487Tifa looks perfect with a hime cut

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youtu.be/DwK__zbXlUk?t=57I like true strike's animation


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>>517520667Yeah she is unbelievably hot.

>>517545209Is Starshower the only ability that wipes out the entire mob?

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>>517520487Any good hentai rpgs where i can fuck girls

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>>517547751It's the only ability where she's run circles around her enemies like a pro.

>>517531862Hollywood telling Connelly that she's too fat is a fucking disgrace. She was juuuuust right.


>>517548086download tinder

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Tifa cannot compete

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>>517549527Gross animu bug eyes.Not sure why japs love these retarded faces.This is what a cute jap actually looks like.

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>Tifa has big tits and is a beta female.>Aerith has smaller tits and acts like a stacy.Wtf this isn't what Holla Forums and MOGGED pics told me.

>>517550015One could argue she always looked like one and was supposed to. Names doesn't really mean anything, its a fantasy world. Yes the concept of Asia doesn't exist in FF7's universe, but the phenotype and arguably the culture does. So her looks is modeled off of that.


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What up?

Attached: 1594154121517.png (762x1200, 1.14M)

>>517550569nm, u?

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Attached: 1000059874810.jpg (821x1000, 129.85K)

>>517550830I wish her tits were still huge

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>>517550015She looks like a cute Japanese woman.

>>517550569reserved for WHITES ONLY!!

>>517551030They are, you just don't get to see them

>>517542983In prison, turns out she also tries to kill her son when he was young.

>>517551119You wish

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>>517551480ugly, only east Asian female can cos a beautiful Tifa

>>517551648>no one can cosplay Tifa ftfy

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>>517551805This. Fuck 3DPD attention whores trying to capitalize on geek culture

Attached: 640C160C-540D-41B5-BD32-C2BE3FD8B7CC.jpg (627x885, 182.22K)

>>517551030>stillthey never were.



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>>517552340OH NO NO NO

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Attached: BD795FF2-0881-4925-964F-4870F1295673.jpg (900x600, 456.34K)

>>517551182What did she do to him? the last chapter I read the son was just about to remember what his psycho mum did to him

>>517552604Thank you

Attached: 96D1CB83-B6C2-4490-A11A-BAFE39E3A835.jpg (721x1024, 105.18K)

>>517552604ok now post the battle model

>>517548885>Carpet muncher>competition

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Attached: 1245784512001.jpg (300x240, 25.45K)

>>517552861I see, you lost

>>517552604Back when the proportions didn't make sense.


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>We probably get a new trailer this or the next monthBROS

Attached: 1592648399961.png>We get a new trailer this or .png (509x423, 50.45K)

>>517553119Doubt it but it would be nice

>>517552782That's like saying the characters from the 2D Final Fantasy's should look like the sprites. They were limited by technology. The FMVs are the closest they could get to their artistic vision.

Attached: 1005987984087.jpg (1020x1500, 1.44M)

>>517553267SE said they were gonna drop some new infos about their titles around July and August so the chances are high


Attached: 1589820867841.jpg (3840x2160, 563.54K)

>>517552805Do you have any evidence she’s a lesbian?

Attached: 91C55A40-539E-4AA8-9916-05D49605634F.jpg (850x956, 287.3K)

>>517553606Maybe that's why Cloud and Tifa's moved actors have been working together again a few weeks ago

Attached: 1595126813176.jpg (3840x2160, 477.74K)

>>517553801She said it in one of her BotW lets play streams before she went into hiatus

Attached: 75262819_p0.jpg (900x1200, 733.71K)

>>517554146That’s quite specific. I searched it and haven’t found anything. Did she say she was lesbian or bisexual?

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I will single handedly love Tifa. Just watch, I'll soon have the monopoly on the matter

>>517528957>panty lines

Attached: 1425530816880.png (506x295, 64.38K)

>>517525424They are also restricted due to Tifa wearing a sports bra so they could even look bigger.

>>517554572I don't really remember somebody clipped it, she said something about her being a lesbian something something

Attached: 1586466489227.gif (480x480, 2.56M)

>>517554981It was from a video about the best lesbian scenes in gaming or something. Stop talking about this untalented thot now for the love of God...

*strokes cock*yes...tifa....mmm....tifa tifa tifa....

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Tifa stronk

Attached: F227558F-3E95-4DA7-900E-D5BCAE4E3E06.jpg (587x1469, 228.28K)

>>517555219>>517553587Tifas blue dress is pretty hot


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>>517555404>Tifa has higher natural attack stats than Cloudis this true? If so than that's beyond shameful

>>517520487>No porn of Don knocking them both upLiterally one job


>Tifas Play arts figure is out of stock

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>>517555569It really depends on which weapon you’re using. The weapon core system is confusing.

Attached: 419462E1-7F3B-4431-906B-401953A01B67.jpg (900x855, 144.71K)

>>517555569No but she does more damage with powersoul while being low in hp, it's true in the remake though thanks to her metal knuckles

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Attached: 4131DD1F-F12F-4EF4-A8D2-7B570546C325.jpg (705x420, 119.24K)

Attached: 14FC1240-D102-43FC-80D6-CD69F572484E.jpg (625x1024, 80.45K)

This thread is an example why 7R fags are pathetic virgins. Still slaves to k!ke Enix hahaha

>>517556173>play artsThere are so much better ones out there user

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>>517557252>500 dollar statueHow am I suppose to buy my chicken tendies

>>517557252>chink shit

>>517529730Yeah, nu-Tifa actually looks like she's dressed for a fight

>>517557252>xz studioso it's a cast off with fully modeled labia and nipples?

What would it take for you to like Aerith more than Tifa?For me, if their fighting styles were reversed (staffs chicks are lame, female monks are cool)If their hair style and color were reversed (I’m a sucker for very long beautiful dark hair)If their cup sizes were reversed (a given)If their role in the stories were reversed (Aerith is pretty much a goddess, especially in the ending where even after death she can guide the lifestream to save the planet which give me a Mary Sue vibe, meanwhile I love childhood crush stories and Tifa taking care of Cloud was really sweet)What I’m trying to say here is that Tifa is superior in every way.

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>>517557238>having sex amidst a health crisisUnless you’re one of those beta males with one fixed girlfriend you shouldn’t be fucking around

>>517557736nothing i love both

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I just want Aerith to scissor Tifa and live out all her lesbian fantasies before settling down in their own little cabin just outside midgar with her

>>517550569The sky.

>>517520487>ctrl+f>"prost">No ResultsReminder that Aeris is a prostitute.

>>517557736Honestly, nothing would make like aerith more than tifa. I've been a tifa fag for so long and I love every aspect of her


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>>517520487Aerith is terrifying in this image, its an uncanny valley effect, it looks like an impostor dressed like her waiting for you to get closer to her

>>517560273Build for hugs with me

>>517520487Cute lesbians.


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>>517523412The symphonic suite to Final Fantasy II and the ending to Final Fantasy VIII.youtube.com/watch?v=iTHUKixKfZEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siP0syXBde4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucSKdCbteMQ

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FF7 it's going to feel so wrong on Xbox

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>>517520667check your gay o meter user


>>517561402My man. FF2 symphonies are great.

>>517562330>kochi, kochi!

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>>517557960Thanks god I'm straight man who refuses to blinded by imaginary tits.

>>517561534Tifa belongs on PC, my PC actually. It's waiting for her, ready to render her beautiful pixels at the highest quality>>517562330Kuraudo

>>517520487Virgin vs. Stacy

>>517563502You're a straight faggot.

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>>517563729hahahahaha Aerith is definitely not a virgin.

>>517564514I don't think Aerith is used goods but Tifa doesn't act like a Stacy in the slightest...

>>517563729>>517564878Fuck off with this retarded meme.



>>517564226says who? look at the majority of trannies in this dull thread.

>>517528957She has no ass

>>517564948Why did you respond to me though?

>>517543627The movie was bad when it came out

>>517565692You're so obsessed with trannies that you see them everywhere, says a lot about your mental health.

>>517566362The budget was too low but yes, it didn't look good even for the time when you compare it to other stuff

>>517564312Too bad she doesn't have those jiggle physics in the damn game

Night tifabros

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>>517566404This is funny coming from 7R loser. better take your own advice.

>>517568168>7r loserWhere have I heard that before... Ah right, you're him. Obviously not a coincidence that a 7r hate thread just popped up at the same time.


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>>517564312Should've been paizuri

>>517570768I'll never forgive you


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>>517553587Sugoi Dekai

Are you big enough?

>>517520927why is all tifa fanart ooc? Is it really just a design people love? She's always a confident badass or a pinup girl

It it criminal for a game to have two of the hottest characters to ever exist. Insane


>>517520849Trust me, you really don't want Tifa looking European. Japanese game developers avoid making their female characters look that way for a reason. Even when the character is supposed to look "western" they never go all the way, like with Aerith.

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>>517572880Rename the image to not_tifa.

>>517520487>Virgin Aerith vs Chad Tifa.jpg

>>517571652I dont see how that fanart is so out of character.

>>517520927Seems pretty fitting to me, Tifa has an upbeat side and we see it a lot

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