Risk of Rain

Only 1-4 months left to update.Hopes for returning items? The new character?Also, host when?

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>>517505071>2/5so character reveal in 3 days?

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>>517505581The character might be revealed near the time of release? or perhaps they will keep it secret to launch day?I dunno.But the old crew should be added in.

>>517505071Seeing the apperance of the ship, it is clearly not the same kind that was in RoR1.Any ideas what it might be for? Cargo transport? Investigating what happened to the previous ship and the crew?

Modded Starstorm RoR1IP: 11100Modlist:Starstorm (1.8.7-b, extract to ...\steamapps\common\Risk of Rain\ModLoader\mods\starstorm: drive.google.com/file/d/1sv6FYImGI3rP47bSCI9L9BoA5ZR3dj4A/view?usp=sharing)Profile Flags:ss_unlock_allorigin_glitchgup_spite_glitchHow to into mods: pastebin.com/Npca26kpStarstorm Mod Info: pastebin.com/pq1JH0v9

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ror2 is shit. the new character will be as bad as rex and artisharter. our boy Bandit got done dirty, CHEF is never getting in and neither is Miner. fuck hotpoo

>>517506976But user, arti is helpful!And there is always hope for the RoR1 characters to be added in.

>>517506771If my shitty head canon is right, it's a ship sent out to investigate what happened to the original Contact Light crew. All the RoR2 survivors that were previously in RoR1 sans Acrid are new people from the ship in OP's image. Commando, Huntress, Loader, etc. are just job titles and the medkit lore kind of supports that, since there's multiple MUL-T units and Enforcers.

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>>517507370nah. devs are more focused on working on matchmaking to appease friendless losers than bringing back the boys

>>517507514Hmm... i agree with that. It is quite fitting actually.Now the question is who the new boss will be revealed to be.

>>517508102Providence's lunar-corrupted brother. Mom says it's his turn to own the planet.

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>>517508259Meme worthy that stuff.Also, why is there not more unique bosses in the game? Would make for an interesting experience. Sure there is goldie, But i would love to see a Colossus take like 1/4th/5th of the map, or whatever they can think up.

>>517509053They probably had to scale down enemy sizes because of the switch to unity. we're probably never getting og colossus back because he's just a background element easter egg in 2 and it's too xboxhueg to not be a buggy mess.

>>517509554Shame... Well, alteast there is hope for other enemies.

Would think the risky thread would be more active at this time of day since it's saturday.

risky is kill

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Another round of autism spent updating the guide.I think it's nearing completion though.Yadda yadda, gib feedback.

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>>517505071Any tips for getting good? I never had a problem finding the teleporter in ROR1 but I end up getting lost all the fucking time in ROR2. Also the game is fucking punishing. Commando used to be one of my favorite classes but he is jack shit in this game. The second I unlocked Huntress I haven't gone back. Any assistance or thoughts would be appreciated.

They will add the prodigy as the final boss fight. As for the character, might be a returning one. Might be a new one

>>5175075142/20>>517510774bretty gud. needs a bit more shitposty flair. a first and early yellow item that helps out alot is nozzle, since it's like disposable missile launcher except better.

>>517510934How to into commando.Step 1. Play a Drizzle Command Run to unlock shotgunStep 2. You can actually play commando on monsoon now

>>517510934This may seem like stupid advice to some. But I didn't know that the teleporter had particle effects around it. Look for little spark/firefly lookin' things in the air is my best advice, then it becomes much easier to find.

>>517511450>Step 1. Play a Drizzle Command Run to unlock shotgunI've never played drizzle before. Does it make that much of a difference? The only reason I got to the fourth or firth stage was because I got some killer items that actually allowed me to kill enemies. I feel like I'm using a pea shooter the entire.>>517511687I'll actually try giving that a shot. Thanx

>>517510934If you have trouble finding things, then the radar can be quite helpful. but learning the maps and getting mobility items helps well too.Also, Commando is still quite good, he is the lord of the BRRRRRRRT when he gets enough of his good stuff.I use to build Attack speed - Daggers - mobility /defensive items - offensive items and for lunar 2x strides of heresy for that invulerability for 6 seconds +50% max health heal for the emergencies.Brain stalks + Wake of vultures and you will have a ton of fun. Overloading Blazing Glacial Celestine Malachite Commando is stupid fun.And you are playing Monsoon, yes?

Artificier alt Shift WHEN

>>517512342>>517512342>And you are playing Monsoon, yes?I'm only playing on the normal difficulty. Going from ROR1 to ROR2 after more than three hundred hours invested is a culture shock to say the least.>Also where the fuck is the Enforcer?>WHere's the Sniper?THose classes were my jam.

>>517512484We could have had Enforcer next update but many people have extremely bad taste

>>517512484>what happened to Enforcer/Snipersteamcommunity.com/games/632360/announcements/detail/2098055393562282872https://steamcommunity.com/games/632360/announcements/detail/2212898452318426354They had a vote on the next survivor. Sniper was 2nd on the pool though.


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steamcommunity.com/games/632360/announcements/detail/2520276100969901364Merc getting buffed.

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Any Vanilla RoR1 host?


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What is it with people designing melee character challenges deserving to be jacked in the jaw? First Ethereal, and now the Miner's challenge for his alternate R.

>>517506434No they should not. They could, but it is by no means a necessity. Discard the archaic, embrace the fresh. >t. voted for new character

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>>517512484>>517512983There's a 10/10 mod that adds Sniper. Custom model and everything, highly viable without being stupid. Though if you liked his scanner drone from RoR1, it's been replaced with the option to go invisible and leave a decoy that attracts enemy aggro and can be remotely detonated.Example: youtube.com/watch?v=Au6AzQewzQgPage: thunderstore.io/package/Rein/Sniper/

>>517520196I voted for new because the fans are going to mod in all of the original survivors sooner or later anyways. Might as well let Hopoo trailblaze fresh stuff while the classics are maintained by interested parties.

>game crashed without warning just before we were about to go to finalAHHHHHHHHH HOST HELP ME

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>>517519142still open? game was crashing until i managed to get it fixd.


>>517519320fuck we crashed. Disabling blighted enemies for now. OPEN>>517506834

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I hope the new character has a FAT ASS and WIDE HIPS.

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does anyone have the scavenger mod


>>517506834how many in?


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I'm terrified they're going to make some dumbass shit like >>517521623 (we already have coomer mods) or pic related.please tell me i'm wrong

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>>517511367>needs a bit more shitposty flairHow about you suck my cock?>NozzleKind of hard to suggest any equipment when watch is blatantly the best equipment (and lets you glitch Origin imps).Lamp is pretty high tier, but I'm not sure I want to list it under General since it's only good on M1 heavy chars.

>>517510774Frenzied elites also attack faster.>>517522598>Kind of hard to suggest any equipment when watch is blatantly the best equipment (and lets you glitch Origin imps).Nah he means the boss/legendary crates. Nozzle saves runs, full stop.

>>517522598>How about you suck my cock?CLEAN RIGHT NOW>watch is blatantly the best equipmentnozzle is in the yellow tier items, so in the case that first chest from the boss happens to be yellow instead of an orange, it's a good early item.

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>>517522837>Frenzied elites also attack faster.Added>Nah he means the boss/legendary crates. Nozzle saves runs, full stop.Still counts as equipment though.>>517523198It's definitely good early, but that's kind of a specific situation and boss chests aren't that common. I'd rather not suggest something that doesnt have a lasting impact on the run. Every other yellow is a permanent bonus, but you'd generally ditch nozzle for watch as soon as the rest of the players have one.

>>517524931Quit being a faggot. It's saved more runs than you ever could.

host for 2?

>>517525067You wanna go buddy?1v1 me merc mirrors, I'll show you who's boss.

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>>517526219Probably around the point where you surrendered your autonomy as a sentient individual in order to be subservient to a tyrant who has forcibly enslaved your brethren through devices that dominate the mind and corrupt the soul. All for what? The promise of a few bananas?Let me ask you this, what do you think Specter will do to you when he has achieved his goals? Do you think he'll fulfill his promises to you, or will you be disposed of once your usefullness to him has run dry?


>>517525412>you can unironically do this in starstorm's pvp modedo it or not real

>>517526789i just grabbed the first image in my folder dickhead now im sad were not getting an ape escape 4 fuck you

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>>517526789Well said profess- I mean fellow ape

>>5175191422 people in, Vanilla RoR1 folks.

>>517506834open wen i wanna bug

I swear to God if the new character is another fucking melee im gonna kill hotpoop

>>517529410This. I never thought I'd be chafing this much for a character using a fucking firearm but here we are

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>>517520284That mods is cool but I think the model looks shit, it just doesn’t fit in at all. We’ll probably get a real sniper eventually anyway.

>>517529749If they add paladin and he just uses a sword and shield or something like that I’ll be disappointed. Give him a rocket launcher or something.

This is the 2/5 image, same thing but with commando now. No new items or elites present seemingly.

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>>517535810fug. popped up late on my end, i'll try again some other time

>>517536824wiped, open once more>>517506834

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>>517534059so day 3 items day 4 survivor then day 5 boss hint and date announcement

>>517534059I really miss Risky 1's art style/Risky 2's VERY early style. Look at this shit. Bona fide kino.

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Fix arti give him an actual utility skill holy shit

>>517521995???? why would they make this

Very early ten man Risky 2 soon.

>>517543848that's not art style thats just a promo image

How's the playerbase in Holla Forums, you guys do give items you don't need, right? You don't hog items?

>>517546430We used to rangeban Mexico for jewery. You're in good company.

Early ten man Risky 2. 109775240985895659>Bigger Bazaar>Sacrifice>Vengeance>Press E to pick up items>Players can join at any time>BanditReloadedthunderstore.io/package/Moffein/BanditReloaded/This is the non-nuts version I've hosted with the last few times since it's pretty well received. You will need mediafire.com/file/czw31tjialuvjl6/BepInEx.zip/fileif you haven't already. Extract contents to steamapps/common/Risk of Rain 2

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>>517547586where are the 10-mans that don't require mods reeeeeee

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>>517547748You don't need BanditReloaded, you only need TooManyFriends. Literal drag and drop a retard could do.

>>517547748There's another host that did his own fix regarding IP hosting, but he never gave it out, or at least I never saw. Dedicated servers apparently work, but the mods I have loaded will not work properly with dedicated server hosting.

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I just want my boy back

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>>517547586has it started? trying to check if its an error on my part

>>517549414Yeah but you can join whenever.


>>517547586Can't join. Nothing happens and the button gets stuck.

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>>517550049You installed it wrong somehow.

>>517550384Your bepinex link's bad. Doesn't have the .dll or config.

>>517550969Just checked, it does.

>>517551730No, there should be a .ini and .dll alongside the folder.

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>>517512336You get bonus armor and regen on drizzle. The game should tell you all the benefits when you hover over the difficulty

>>517551976Oh, fuck me. Fixed.

>>517551730where i went wrong is i put the whole bepin folder inside the steamapps folder. when i put the contents of it instead, it worked

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>>517547586Host is gone, testing my setup for 2.

is risky kill?

>>517554769shhh risky is sleeping

ded host

>>517505071>1-4 monthsHasn't 1.0 been confirmed for August 31?

Artificer is still fat

I was kind of interested in Spearman but no one seems to give a shit. Oh well.

Game needs more variety of enemies that do more shit.Or bosses with different attacks. All bosses have 1 or 2 attacks.

>>517554920It says fall on the console forecast so retards who can't read are confused.

>play a game of ROR2 quickplay >Everyone is doing super well >Kill the second stage boss>Guy runs in a circle collecting all four of the drops >Call him out"Sorry I thought there 8 of them"Why the fuck does this game draw in the absolute greediest fuckers on earth. Literally every game I'll have someone sprint from across the map cause they've heard me open a box. Is there a way to avoid these people?

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>>517556082So you can find people with quickplay?I just match with chinese people with bad ping, they leave 2 seconds into the game or they just suck

sniper and miner mod are funi like the fact that the modders are adding the old peeps back

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>>517505581>2/5What's this now? Are we getting 5 update pictures or something? How do we know the dates?

>>517558670check the risk of rain 2 twitter

>>517553170>>517554769>>517554823ahhhhhhhh how do I blacklist specific items since some items can break this >>517547586 type of lobby

>>517558913trust your players and kick retards

what are the helpful commands for 10 man risky hosting?

>>517559891whatever lets you turn players into beetl. also the command for spawning blue portals

>>517559891all here:thunderstore.io/package/Harb/DebugToolkit/

Risky 2 ten man 109775240986042536>bigger bazaar>sacrifice>Dropinmultiplayer>banditreloadedFirst time hosting hopefully all goes well. Need:mediafire.com/file/czw31tjialuvjl6/BepInEx.zip/fileextract to steamapps/common/riskofrain2

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>>517558785Oh, I see. OH BOY


>>517561578Join retards


>>517561578we're doing a glass run while we wait for more people to join, come on lets have some saturday fun

live risky

>>517505071I just want Miner back. Was I really the only peraon who fucking loved Miner?

>>517565643No people post about miner all the timeThey never play him in lobbies tho

>>517566167I also wish they would bring back some of the old items. I know Rusty Jetpack would be a little too OP in a 3D space bit I still want it back.

>>517566459isn't that the red item that makes you jump higher?

>>517567203Thats Photon Jetpackaka the best red

>>517566459One can only hope, but there is this mod though:thunderstore.io/package/ThinkInvis/ClassicItems/Doesn’t have stopwatch sadly

>>517561578Rehostan 109775240986113439>bigger bazaar>dropinmp>banditreloaded>sacrifice

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>>517567590JOIN bitches! If you don't join you are either:-BLM supporter-Discord tranny-BLM Discord Tranny supporter-you hate good animes like Fate Zero-you suck dicks

>>517567590Reminder if you don't join you are fighting for JLM (Janny lives matter)

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Sleep tight risky.

>>517571390NOT SO FAST

Risk of Sleep


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>>517573714we are +áyp,g


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>>517573714open, drop in mp