>Ace Detective? >...Are you stupid or something?>.....>More like Persona 3 thread

>Ace Detective? >...Are you stupid or something?>.....>More like Persona 3 thread

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Was P3 ahead of its time?

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Best girl

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>>517493275stupid little faggot cocksucker

>>517493275Yukari is made for hate sex

>>517493827P3P brainlets are not welcome in this thread

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>>517493692a bit

I started replaying FES, and I'm gonna try to do everything since it's the only Hashino Persona game I haven't 100% completed yet. I'll probably use a guide for S.Links in NG+, but I wanna try to beat Elizabeth on my own.

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>>517495090Good luck user.

>>517494106Both games have their ups and downs, some of the new SLs in Portable are some the best in the game and FeMC was fun>>517495090Persona 3 is by far the hardest Persona game to 100% due to tight schedule, so definitely use a SL guide. Good luck!

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why does everybody hate yukari?

>>517499106She acts like a real woman, IE an annoying cunt.

I want to talk about this little faggo right heret. Why the fuck is he so early in the game when you barely have any good persona. Had to grind to Lvl 15 to get garu to win

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>>517499226But that's what makes her great!

>>517493827Playing P3P now to get femc's links and the gameplay is too much like P4.

>>517500513I can't even bring myself to play as FeMC because I just know it will be weird and it's all fanfiction. So for me Portable is pointless because male MC got barely any content, and as far as I can remember there are no cutscenes or overworld and the MC has to use a specific weapon type instead of being able to use any weapon which was one of the coolest things about P3 combat, also not a fan of the guard being added with no extra balancing/extra boss weaknesses/retries etc

>>517500739I put it on hard and am making myself only use Orpheus since skill cards+stat cards are a thing and it should be fair, but direct control and guarding were clearly NEVER intended for P3. My main issue is that P3P just doesn't have P3's identity, and I think this is what people really miss when they instantly recommend P3P over FES.

>>517493275youtu.be/trdJY9P9mbgBest scene in the game desu

Did anyone at Fatlus test this game before playing?

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>>517501050P3P is shit, play FES

>>517501050P3P's translation is weirdly scuffed compared to the PS2 version. I remember being called 'he' a few times when playing as the girl, and I found an untranslated line from Theo.

>>517499106She's basically a litmus test to tell who is a incel NEET that doesn't ever interact with real people.

>>517499106>Daddy issues >complaint about everything At least she is not a Mary Sue like Mitsuru

>>517499106most persona fanbase is extremely autistic and retarded

>>517493275Finished it the first time an hour ago on my JRPG binge.Incredible how a depressing story like this could have such bright messages. Akinari's link is kino and I like how the MC's plot is wrapped up in The Answer.Gameplay is tight for its time too, and not being able to control the entire party is a nice dynamic honestly. Could've made it you don't need a guide for fusions or dates though, and it was weird some of the girls didn't actually get mad at the protagonist going out with the other ones near the ending. I'm pretty hopeful for what is changed in 4 and 5.

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>tfw nobody ever wants to talk about 1I'm enjoying it

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>>517507376you DID get Reiji right? I fucked up my first playthrough and didn't get to use him.

>>517507439Yeah, I have Reiji

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>>517507048>and not being able to control the entire party is a nice dynamic honestlySome of the fights are a little overtuned for this but generally I agree. Modern audiences are too casual for it though.

>>517499106Because they're probably the very type of faggot she would shit all over.

>>517504678But I love Yukari

>>517495090>trying to 100% on one run>realized I fucked a day up 10 hours ago >social link has very limited availability so it fucks up the whole rest of the guide>redo the guide myself after studying schedules, accounting for my mistake>keep playing>realize I fucked ANOTHER day up somewhere

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>>517507376It's pretty good, but it's more of a straightforward SMT game compared to the newer ones, so most new fans haven't fooled with it or P2.

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>>517499106She is fine in P3 but is absolutely retarded in The Answer.

>>517508957I think she is kinda a bitch in P3 normally too.

>>517499106memes and people go into it looking for petty reasons to hate her.

>>517509264>shits on someone when their dad dies>Shits on people all of time>Acts like she is better then everyone>Goes into an alley with people who could have weapons taunts and shits on them and tell you to fight themYes, very petty reasons reason to dislike her.

>>517508957i think she's fine in the answer

Why is she always so mean to junpei

>>517511182Sour grapes.

>>517509637>shits on someone when their dad diesMitsuru? It's a part of a larger arc between them and can't be fairly judged out of that context if you're looking at her overall character.>Shits on people all of time>Acts like she is better then everyoneIt's mostly bantz on Junpei for being an absolute idiot, and these progress with time as well.>Goes into an alley with people who could have weapons taunts and shits on them and tell you to fight themThat is the 1 (ONE) thing of what you've said that's 100% legitimate in itself, and that's not enough on its own. The impression you're giving me is that people who hate her haven't even played the entire game.

>>517511707It's always anons shitposting, speedreaders or retards indeed.

>>517511707>Mitsuru? It's a part of a larger arc between them and can't be fairly judged out of that context if you're looking at her overall character.It still makes her kinda shit person for even doing it in the first place.>It's mostly bantz on Junpei for being an absolute idiot, and these progress with time as well.Still this is being a bitch

>>517511182Because they are friends, Junpei quite often tries to get a reaction out of her and she is hardly mean at all in response, if you dont take sides in their arguments like a faggot the group dynamic is cute, why are Holla Forums such pussies?

>>517507530>resolutionvita chad? is that you?

>>517499106A character having a believable personality and flaws is unsettling to someone wanting to play a wish-fulfilment waifu game.

>>517504678this sounds like something yukari would say

I forgot how fucking depressing this game is but damn Mitsuru is fine

>>517512283I was playing it on my Vita, but I kept getting a freeze while talking to Philemon. Decided to emulate it on my PC instead, caught up fast enough and got past the freeze.

>>517512056>It still makes her kinda shit person for even doing it in the first place.>Still this is being a bitchAnd the point isn't about whether she's ever been a shit person, it's whether that's a good enough reason to hate her character as a whole. Again, if you take it out of the context of her arc, you can't use it to judge her overall.

>>517513232>And the point isn't about whether she's ever been a shit person, it's whether that's a good enough reason to hate her character Wow user I didn't know you can't dislike someone for being a terrible human being!

>>517499106Not really likeable. Nothing special about her either.

Is persona 3 hard or am i just shit? The tower bosses have been filtering me

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I want Aigis to put her feet stubs in my mouth

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>>517513483And I didn't know you were retarded enough to use a shitty strawman and overlook the fact that that "dislike" is entirely unjustified unless you literally don't know what happens next. I guess it's my fault for thinking you'd be smart enough to realize that "ever" means at any point in time.

>>517514029I savescummed pretty badly on it, but that's just because I was too lazy to actually try.Try experimenting with fusion and maybe grind a little.

>>517509637You forgot about the "nearly destroys the world just to have a chance at romancing her dead crush" part. Yukari is the most based Persona 3 character and one of the most based in the whole series.

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>>517514091>And I didn't know you were retarded enough to use a shitty strawman and overlook the fact that that "dislike" is entirely unjustified unless you literally don't know what happens nextDo have brain damage or not understand the fact people can dislike people for for bring a shitty person, doing some ok things later does not undo doing shit things first and dislike strawman

>>517514029Remove party members and grind by yourself so you level faster to get better cards. The game has pretty scummy fights at times, but most can be solved through changing your character strategy. I remember one bossfight where I had to go back, get a support card and spam Mediarama all through it instead of relying only on team support. You NEED to shift your main cards and have Personas for many different situations until very late in.I wasn't afraid to savescum in fights because otherwise you have to reload save and go through floors again and so on. If you do so you should know pausing outside battle rerolls RNG, and each action you take in battle has a different outcome as well, but it's fixed before you choose so you can play pretend King Crimson.

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>>517514091>I didn't know you were retarded enough to use a shitty strawman and overlook the fact that that "dislike" is entirely unjustified unless you literally don't know what happens nextOne, he didn't use a strawman and people can dislike people for whatever reason becuase that's how that works for humans. Do you autism?

do people really take the Yukari/Junpei banter that seriously? At least Yukari doesn't straight up beat Junpei up like Chie does to Yosuke

Anyone else hacked the game to have Shinji back in their party? I refuse to use Ken, Aigis, or even Yukari.

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>>517514760>doing some ok things later does not undo doing shit things firstUnless those "ok things" literally amount to her growing as a person by realizing how terrible she was and striving to make amends. The fact that you'd sum it up that way is even more proof that you didn't play the entire game.

>>517493275I wanna cum deep inside of a girl like Yukari.

>>517515305>I refuse to use Ken, Aigis, or even Yukari.Autism

>>517499106Because she almost ended the world for oneitis

>>517515305No because it would ruin the final boss scene. Also based autist, imagine not rotating the party.

>>517515089>he didn't use a strawman>"And the point isn't about whether she's ever been a shit person">"you can't dislike someone for being a terrible human being!">people can dislike people for whatever reason becuase that's how that works for humansSo literally what I said in the first place, memes and pettiness.

>>517515310>Be a shit person for a long time>Stab someone>Ok sorry won't stab you again>No fuck you>What no you can't hate me I wont stab people again>No I still kinda hate youThis a pretty good reason to dislike someone

>>517515639It's not being petty, he literally dislikes someone for being a bitch for the first half of a game. How is that hard to understand? Just going "ya man but she get's less bitchy later" does not make everything she did in the first half go away.

>>517515902And who did she stab? You?

>>517515902>hypothetical this vague and inaccurateArgue against what I actually said or don't reply. Or better yet, play the whole game so you know what you're talking about and don't have to fall back on hypotheticals to begin with.>>517516113>Just going "ya man but she get's less bitchy later">"realizing how terrible she was and striving to make amends"Another strawman. Just stop.

>>517516113She doesn't even do anything bitchy in the first half of the game, aside from her back and forth with Junpei. Everything else she apologizes for immediately after. Your memory is fucked up.

>>517508957Mitsuru teaming up with her is a little reaching. But I think, especially since Yukari was the first to kinda form a bond with you and was genuinely worried about you, it makes sense that if there is the slimmest chance of a better outcome, she'd try and go for it.Unlike everyone else, she did not really gain anything over that year

>>517508957Maybe she played Chrono Trigger as a kid user.

>>517499573yukari has garu, user

>>517499106shits on the best character in the entire game for little reason

>>517518479He intentionally does stupid shit and seeks to get a rise out of her. This isn't a one-way street.

>>517518598he doesn't do it intentionally, he's just retarded

>>517518479Did she really shit on Akihiko that much?

>>517519309I don't even think she care all that much for him. Akihiko is closer to Mitsuru and Shinji so if anyone were to banter with him, it'd be those two.

Nusona trilogy baby here. Trying to get into the older games. I started with P2IS and I have no idea whats going on. Do I have to play P1 first? Or should I just suspend disbelief?

>>517520606>Do I have to play P1 first?Unfortunately, yes. Both routes of P1 are important to 2's story. I highly recommend a guide or just watching 1 online though because of how much of a slog it is to get through.Make sure to go with the PSP versions for accuracy's sake.

>>517515305You sound like a total autist.Shinjiro isn't even that good. Power Charge is pointless in P3 because it only doubles attack. His only real application is hitting things with God Hand, but Junpei pretty much can do the same thing with Brave Blade since God Hand and Brave Blade have more or less identical properties in P3, other than one being Slash and the other being Strike. But since phys kinda sucks in P3 compared to magic, there's not much point to it. Vorpal Blade's an amazing skill so long as you have Great status, so Junpei can do some pretty big damage under the right conditions, but he's never in Great status when you really need him to be.In most respects, Shinjiro's basically a worse Junpei.

>>517514029Some of the tower bosses are hard, use fusion more and you probably want to use support skills yourself. If all else fails, grind.

>>517522269I just beat the boss i was stuck on this guy because i was level 19 and using ghoul and slightly lower defence. Grinded to 20 and got Narcissus and beat him.I have to say though the support skills fucking suck and I'm not even asking to control everyone but let me be more specific than heal/support. I was pissed when i found out that Akihiko could use attack down because he never fucking uses it. A Support skills and a heal skills would have been fucking nice

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>>517523185The support skills do get better but you mostly want to use them yourself because your teammates fucking suck at using them. Half the time I feel like I'm fighting the AI rather than the enemy.

>>517523726this is why you play P3P. if you can go through FES go for it but the AI makes the combat unplayable

>>517521836Junpei Lv99>Weak: Wind>Null: Fire>St: 82 / Ma: 44 / En: 69 / Ag: 56 / Lu: 53>Skills: Spring of Life, Agidyne, Marakukaja, Brave Blade, Vorpal Blade, Gigantic Fist, Torrent Shot, High CounterShinjiro Lv99>Weak: N/A>Null: N/A>St: 84 / Ma: 52 / En: 69 / Ag: 54 / Lu: 45>Skills: Regenerate 2, Evil Smile, Fatal End, God's Hand, Deathbound, Akashic Arts, Power Charge, High CounterThe second-greatest irony of Shinjiro is that he has a higher Magic stat than Junpei despite learning no Magic skills. Incidentally, Aigis has an even higher Magic stat than Shinjiro, but again, she has no skills which benefit from it. Despite being the only one of the three to have a magic skill (Agidyne), Junpei has the lowest Magic stat in the game. This is how you know that the people who decided on party stats and skills really knew what they were doing.The actual greatest irony is that all Phys-specialist party members have mediocre-to-shit luck meaning that they're pretty unlikely to get any crits. This is on top of the overall inferior crit rate of P3.There's no meaningful difference between a St stat of 82 and 84Power Charge only amplifies damage by 2x in P3 despite what some people think. However, Tarukaja/Rakunda have a boosting effect on it, so it's actually useful if you have buffs and debuffs in play.Evil Smile is pointless, especially since Shinjiro is tied with Aigis for the slowest character in the game, meaning he'll never get a chance to use it.Fist Master makes Akihiko to do comparable or even greater damage than skills with just his normal attack. Same with Ken and Spear Master. Incidentally, if you give Akihiko gloves that change his normal attack into an electric attack, it reaps the benefits of Elec Amp, allowing him to outdamage Mitsuru. (Weapon Master skills were severely nerfed in P3P.)Persona 3 is an excellently balanced game.

I started replaying P3 Fes a few weeks ago and I decided to use a different party made up of the three that I never use, Aigis, Ken, and Koromaru. Was real fun when I had to sub out Ken for a ten level lower Mitsuru when he decided to get Shinji killed.

>>517495090You won't beat Elizabeth without looking at some kind of guide. If nothing else, you need to be aware of the hidden restrictions on the personas you field that will make her instakill you

>>517524367>The second-greatest irony of Shinjiro is that he has a higher Magic stat than Junpei despite learning no Magic skillsThey did a similar thing with Chie and Kanji in P4 and it pisses me off. I'm never going to use Chie as a physical attacker when her strength is 30 points lower than Kanji's, but it would REALLY be nice if Kanji wasn't restricted to single-target physical moves.

>>517527258In P4, Chie had Power Charge, so her overall damage was actually superior to Kanji's since P4 rebalanced the charge skills to have a 2.5x modifier rather than 2x. However, in P4G, Kanji also gets Power Charge, so, great.That said, Chie's still a better choice against bosses than other characters because Power Charge + God Hand still outdamages anything Yosuke, Naoto or Teddie could do.Chie's balanced for normal encounters while Kanji's balanced for bosses. That's the point of them. In reality, Kanji's so fucking slow that once you have an optimal setup going on, more often than not his turn will never come up.

>>517527857True, but you have to get her to the high 70's before she learns those, and you're never going to hit those levels in vanilla unless you go out of your way to grind through the endgame.

>>517528258If you're playing P4G, at least, the game gives away levels like candy. And since Chie's generally better against mobs, you're still probably gonna put her in your party anyway.

>>517528510Nah, if it's P4G she's even less relevant because Kanji gets power charge and matarukaja and Naoto starts off with deathbound while Chie still has to make to with heat wave at that level.

>>517524367>Persona 3 is an excellently balanced game.Not really, most people will Take Aigis and Aki just due to them having debuffs and and Buffs.

>>517528757Kanji's so slow that he rarely gets turns when up against mobs.

>>517528837That was sarcasm. All the points prior to that sentence were criticisms of P3's poor balancing.

>>517528965I thought the point was everyone was badly deigned for the role they do that you were making the point it was balanced, my bad.

I love Aigis

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>>517529141Being badly designed for their role IS poor balancing. For fuck's sake Junpei still has Torrent Shot at the end of the game. He can't get rid of it. It's there forever.

>>517530061Persona 3 also doesn't give out Mediarama till about the mid 40s for both your party and any personas you fuse. You also keep the first level spells way too long.

>>517530061I really wish Aigis got power charge. Power charge plus orgasm and then god hand could be funny.

This guy has been carrying me for a while. I've pumped him some stats in the arcade games too.A shame he doesn't learn anything else.

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>>517524367>>517530061>>517530386Do you actually like Persona 3 or did you just come into a good thread to shit on it?

>>517493275Why is that line so memorable to the P3 fanbase

>>517531093I prefer the system of having to move onto better personas because they stop learning skills. Skill cards have been broken in every Persona game and make the difficulty of the game trivial.

>>517531041Metis has it

>>517531153It's hilarious and happens right near the start of the game.

>>517499106Fucking cunt.

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>>517531103I like it, but it clearly has flaws. It's not above criticism. Only a total faggot would ignore its bullshit just because they like it.

>>517531281>I wish Aigis had>Metis has itYou're a funny guy, I see what you did there

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>>517531153Basically a Holla Forums meme at this pointyoutube.com/watch?v=c8_5XOHla7k


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>>517531220I agree but I can't avoid getting a bit sad for leaving a nice persona behind


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>>517524367youtube.com/watch?v=CQbkrISqPVkStill more balanced then other games due not giving out skill cards. Also Jesus fucking Christ what were they thinking with Aigis's skill set in PQ.

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>>517531957I'd argue that Judgment Card is worse.

>>517531784I feel like breaking the game in SMT games/Persona is the norm. P3P really let's to do retarded shit.

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>>517531093>>517531784Yeah, Surt and Thor and their weapons carried me hard until I got Cybele too.Then I managed to cheese Reaper with Myriad Arrows and ez grind to 90 in Monad with Die for Me.I thought for a while they would remain relevant but other persona with better stats just do better. Not worth grinding them.

>>517532060That's a terrible skillset.

>>517532050>Judgment CardIt's broken, but the real problem with Aigis is on top of damage she is immortal due her being a tank and getting don't take damage skills,no idea how someone who can do the most damage is a tank though.

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>>517503173>I remember being called 'he' a few times when playing as the girlCry more tranny


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>>517532060based alicechad

>>517532060>level 61>62-97-75-99-99 stats>Spell master AND Victory cryAyyyyy

>>517532205You're not wrong, more just cause and don't really need anything besides Morning star

>>517531359But that's WHY she's best, god that was hot as fuck.

I want to stick my dick inside this robot.

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>>517532060Kinda of a waste, honestly.Isn't Alice the persona with "Die for me". That's a very op skill

>>517532361>level 61>62-97-75-99-99 statsGems is P3 are one hell of a drug.

>>517532397I don't comprehend why you'd get rid of Die For Me. It even insta-kills enemies resistant to Mudo with high accuracy.

>>517531359uhh source?


>>517493275just downloaded p3p. What am I in for?

>>517532554Still doesn't insta kill things that are immure to it, so just better morning star everything for the same effect with no chance of not killing

>>517532694The worst way to play P3.

>>517532712There's no point in using Alice specifically for that. Almost nothing in Harabah is immune to Mudo. You can easily clear the whole thing from start to finish just by using Die For Me!. It makes everything go insanely fast.

In P3d why does jumpei only talk about baseball and does baseball like moves when dancing its not arena yet and he only mentioned it once during the base game

>There are people who actually got sad because of thatFuck this faggot ass dog

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>>517532356I make a meme broken Alice every SMT and Persona game >>517532932>There's no point in using Alice specifically for thatI just use her every game, wish dark pierce was a thing and it did damage like in other games.

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>>517533113Die For Me! is intensely broken regardless. I think you're severely underplaying how good it is just because a few enemies are immune to it.

>>517533079Because his ideal dream was to be a star baseball player. But he didn't have the drive to accomplish this dream, so he did his best to get as close as he could as a little league coach.

>>517532694You're in for another 20 minute wait while you download FES and set up a PS2 emulator to play it the only proper way.

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>>517533213Well I mean it for what is faster me using a skill that has a chance not kill or me using a skill that will always kill? It's more bring me lazy.

I've never beaten her, Holla Forumsros.>P3F on PS2>did a whole playthrough with max social links to be able to make Telos>spent like 2 hours in the the fusion screen to make Telos with the skillset you need to beat her.>for some stupid reason I decided to face her on the last day of the game, 31/01>my only save of this playthough (and access to Telos) was already on the Dark Hour of 31/01>forgot to bring homunculi and she kills me on the dark spells phase every time>have no way to buy more homonculi cause it's the last day

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>>517533313For the love of god someone please shop a Holla Forums thread onto the monitor for shitposting purposes.I would but I am phone posting from work.

>>517533403In P3P, even Morning Star with 99 Ma won't insta-kill everything in the final areas. You'd need Messiah's Magic Skill Up for that.

>>517533313>>517533464Shop an image of MC fucking Aigs instead

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Do characters get fucked in term of personality on the fighting games, I've heard a lot about akihiko being a homeless autismo and misturu being a dominatrix

Labrys > Aigis


>>517533796Never play any Persona game outside mainline.

>>517533796It's more or less akihiko that get's fucked and Chie. Everyone else seem ok.


>>517514029It's definately harder than both p4 and p5. But if you clear every floor of all enemies, and then go to next, then you should have no problem defeating anything.

>>517533921I mean yeah chie is fucked in every game at this point i only like her design, i really liked akihiko tho

>>517533974It's really only Akihiko unless you play Ultamax, don't play Ultamax and only player Arena

everyone in this thread reversed Chihiro the first time.

>>517533796>dominatrix Mitsurostop, I can only get so hard

>>517534217I didn't i wasn't that horny like to kiss her on the first chance i got

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>>517534217More like Yukari

Is the white part of Aigis soft?

>>517531784I only ever get sad in the beginning when you dump your actual persona. I wish fatlus made that one worth keeping around longer than a few levels

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>>517532629Anywhere it'll get warm.

what do?

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>>517532694>>517533261kekand fucking correct, also super easy to find an undub

>>517534991Liz is the only dub voice I remember positively.

>>517534991Why wouldn't you accept

>>517535078Same. She's good, overdid it a bit in PQ though

>>517534991Gently declineBitches need to stop trying to steal my life energy

I love Fuuka!

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>>517528848He gets one turn every rotation in my games, maybe you're not building him right.

>>517534991Don't stick your dick in stupidity

I started playing persona 3 like 7 years ago, got about two hours in, dropped it for some reason or another. Should I restart or just continue? I have vague memories of the plot so far but I also vaguely remember being told the real game doesn't start for like 15 hours.

>>517534991Fuck herIt's the only way to retcon your death

>>517499106She's a 6 at best with a terrible personality in a game full of 7+'s who DON'T constantly whinge about their daddy issues

>>517535397The fuck do you mean "not building him right"? This is an issue of stats. Kanji has a low Agility stat and there's nothing you can do about that, short of maybe giving him an Agility-boosting accessory. If you're playing optimally, you'll wipe out the enemy before he even gets a turn. This problem only gets worse the longer you play as eventually, SP conservation completely stops being an issue.


Attached: yukari_watches_tv.png (419x393, 165.55K)

>>517535524already ditched Fuuka, what does this have to do with anything?

>>517493275Best girl.

Attached: TheOneAndOnlyUniversallyAndObjectivelyPerfectGirl.png (1085x2305, 1.7M)

>>517532060Is this a hack? Pretty sure you can't cheese unique moves onto other personas.

>>517535815based lizchad


Attached: 451286b2457a53b3e48c744b5bc1baa98b4f70d4.jpg (600x999, 112.83K)

>>517533796Akihiko my turn into a homeless autismo but he's also really fucking fun to play as

>>517535849You can in P3P for some reason

>>517535675>in a game full of 7+'s who DON'T constantly whinge about their daddy issuesyou mean like>mitsuru, miss daddy complex #2>fuuka, whose parents dont like that shes not going into medicine>junpei, whose father is a raging alcoholic?????

>>517532712If you're not going to use Die For Me there's no point in using Alice in the first place

>>517499106She's kind of broken and not in the usual moe way. You see it all the time when trying to max out her social link. Also, she's a little too mean to Junpei sometimes. I actually ended up liking her anyway, but I didn't play FES.

>>517535849Persona 3 let you do that, fusion is very broken in P3 compared to other games.

>>517535949I want to kiss Elizabeth

Attached: 1508099126901.jpg (732x1142, 96.42K)

>>517535980Yeah i got to play as him on bbtag he's really fun to use

>>517533796The actual writing is fine, it's PQ which fucks that up, people just get hung up because they gave them fighting game designs.

>>517535849In the original P3 and P3FES, all skills were inheritable. Some Personas couldn't inherit skills of certain elements, but no skill was truly impossible to pass down. P3P added a limitation with four non-inheritable skills, those being: Die For Me! (Alice), Samsara (Daisoujou), Heaven's Blade (Michael) and Magic Skill Up (Messiah).Hard skill inheritance restrictions only started being a thing in P4.

>>517495090There's a lot of excellent mods if you are running on emulator. I forgot the name of the site but google "shrinefox" and you'll find it. Since it's a replay, I'd recommend the mods that replace the OG in-game cutscenes with clips from the animated film, since they are much higher quality, and the mod to be able to control characters is a given. I'd recommend hard at least since the game is a fair bit easier when the AI isn't braindeading you into free losses

>>517536015Mitsuru gets over it, Fuuka's is brought up offhand in one of her social links and then never mentioned again, and Junpei isn't a girl. Try harder next time.

>>517535078Aigis, Akihiko, and Junpei were good

Which was the tippity top kino in this game user-kun?

>>517534991>no forcefully decline option 3/10 wouldn't play again


Attached: wink.jpg (695x900, 79.06K)

>>517536356the bad endingyoutube.com/watch?v=vQGIGq2-deo

>>517500739>I just know it will be weird and it's all fanfictionregular MC already feels like a weird self insert noncharacter. persona is at its worst when it focuses on the MC>>517514029it's not hard if you've played any megaten before, but understandable if it's your very first. some of the tower bosses require a small amount of preparation

>>517499106because she's the character that comes the closest to act like a real woman and Holla Forums only likes made-for-cock waifusthat's why P4 so more popular here, it's basically a harem game that pretends it's scooby doo

>>517534991Imagine declining this and not asking her out one last time on Velvet Room


Attached: D1ORBFNUYAAh2dS.png (611x899, 877.51K)

Why yes I do love all my three non demon wives Aigis, Yukari and Liz equally and only pity fucked Fuuka to get my demonwife Scathach

>>517536705>because she's the character that comes the closest to act like a real woman and Holla Forums only likes made-for-cock waifusI really have to wonder and hope people are shitposting when they say this. I really hope Holla Forums doesn't really think this and have actually talked to real women instead of only knowing about them through 4chan memes


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Attached: 73706622_p0.jpg (5044x8681, 1.45M)

Do keep arguing, my dick doesn't play favorites.

Attached: 1574943586193.jpg (1016x1016, 75.02K)

>>517536248>Mitsuru gets over itSo does Yukari. Both of their Persona evolutions involve resolution from their daddy issues. Play the game.>Fuuka's is brought up offhand in one of her social links and then never mentioned againShe mentions this as the reason why she prefers to stay at the dorms instead of live at home, because her home is nearby Iwatodai and it's not far from the school. Play the game. >and Junpei isn't a girlEven excluding Junpei, the remaining girls aaaaare>Chihiro, who is extremely jealous and gets slighted easily>Yuko, the resident Strength of will individualMitsuru's Persona even awoke to protect her father, and she admits that was the reason she went through with SEES. Not to eliminate the Dark Hour, but to protect Takeharu. Play the game.


Attached: 1595091786286.jpg (764x1053, 45.94K)

>>517537269>>517537031You are both Incorrect

Attached: 1477093274655.png (389x1000, 494.36K)

>>517537029Deflection. Simps think that putting up with unnecessary abuse is something that you have to do in order to get a relationship because they think "tsundere" is an actual thing. The concept of pride is so alien to them and they're so used to not meeting a thot's standards that they don't even realize it's possible for guys to have standards as well.


Attached: 1577325418890.jpg (600x600, 215.49K)

Since Yukari makes you a chocolate cake, is she the only Persona girl that isn't shit at cooking?

Attached: personagirls.jpg (3988x3988, 1.75M)

>>517537269>>517537031>>517537585Always feel out of all of the these are the 3 people want to fuck the most.

>>517537510>play the game play the game hey look at me I'm having a argumament like a big boy

Attached: 1438352675307.png (978x683, 725.25K)

>>517537696Aigis might be good if she tried.

>>517537696you can get Kawakami to make you curry

>>517537696Yukari can cook.Fuuka eventually learns how to cook.Naoto can cook. Ann can cookMakoto can cook.Haru can cook.

>>517537696isnt FeMC by definition of being an MC a god of cooking?

>>517537696Naoto is an excellent cook

>>517537780>I have no arguments therefore I win

Attached: 1582489597423.gif (400x221, 513.2K)

>>517537707Funny, before I played 3 I absolutely thought Mitsuru was it because it was the girl I saw the most online, even not knowing who she was.

>>517537696Im sure at least femc haru the star from 5 Kawakami and naoto can cook

>>517537916Door's cooking skills are never shown. Though I'd imagine if P3 were made in more recent times, he'd probably be good at it.

>>517537956No she's not. She can follow instructions is all.

>>517537780Next time don't get your arguments out of a video game wiki

>>517537696Man, replaying P4G, i just realised what a fantastic job Mary Elizabeth McGlynn did as Kashiwagi

>>517538128I want to fuck kashiwagi

>>517538014And weirdly enough she is most forgotten girl in P3.

>>517495090Wait, beat Elizabeth? Huh....? What?

>>517538501Elizabeth is a super boss fight user, one of the hardest bosses in the entirety of SMT, too.

Attached: 1524878210339.jpg (672x1024, 355.48K)

>>517538501Did you hide that memory from not being able to beat her or do you really not know? You can submit her with both your dick and your Personas in 3.

Attached: t9KbwmP.png (525x291, 215.8K)

Does anyone play with the dubs? Could explain why people see yukari differently. I just listen to her Japanese voice and she's pretty chill desu. The translations occasionally take liberties. A lot of the things you're quoting, she never said. Although, her character is assassinated in The Answer.

>>517537624You just have to talk back to them if they try to go with the Ace Defective shit on you. Just laugh it off and throw something along the same lines back at them without crossing the line of teasing. They love that shit up, they want you to keep it going and to show your confidence.

>>517538790How would she do against Demi-Fiend?

>>517523185Anyone instantly pop a boner?

Attached: Elegant_Mother.jpg (640x448, 39.04K)

>P3 will never be topped.youtube.com/watch?v=I-CSZDbKuL4&t=137s

Attached: 1576542951760.gif (308x236, 313.74K)

>>517539170>Although, her character is assassinated in The Answer.You'd have to be a dumbass to think this.

>>517539432Demi-fiend is a rigid meme fight. The Raidou & Raido fight is harder desu.

>>517531345It's literally not, Holla Forums is just full of autists

>>517493275Why does Yukari wear a choker?

>>517539608/v/ has somehow came up with this meme and then people say it every time becuase no one actually plays it and just knows about it through memes.

>>517539648>Thing is funny>Nuh uh ur all just stoopidCould it not be the case that you're the autistic one here?

>>517539170>Although, her character is assassinated in The Answer.Confirmed autismo.

>>517536225I have never forgiven 4 and 5 for being more restrictive on skills.

>>517539203No, simp. You don't engage with a basic bitch. What the thot desires above all is attention. If she can't charm you to get attention, she'll act bitchy. Don't reinforce her poor behavior by giving her the attention she seeks, ignore her until she learns how to properly address you.

>>517537780Go back

>playing The Answer for the first timeah shit here we go again with BABYBABYBABYBABY for another 30+ hours>youtube.com/watch?v=xZizrjvUpLk plays instead>those fuckin doots at the start

Attached: doin it all night.gif (300x218, 1.86M)

>>5175401595 arguably isn't that bad. 5R mitigates the issue a lot with traits. Like you can't pass on Unshaken Will, but you CAN pass on Immunity which is Unshaken Will but better.

>>517539612Rise Kujikawa canonically beats Elizabeth with Thanatos

>>517540226Lotus Juice's lyrics are totally different too

>>517540226>playing The Answer for the first timegood fucking luck with that breh

>>517538790>>517538983Are you memeing? How the fuck do you fight her? I also want to know why but please don't tell me that. I still have some saves during the final night of FES but idk if that goes back far enough to fight her, fuckIs this in the answer or something? I just couldn't get through it for now

>>517540226The Answer Mass Destruction is great tho. But>>playing The Answer for the first timeNot worth it.

>>517540373Liz and Margaret are both optional superbosses you access right before the end of the game by completing all of their requests

>>517539608>>517539960I mean I only played for 2 hours but she seemed arbitrarily angry, dismissive, and uncooperativeAgain maybe a dub/sub thing but just in reverse this time

>>517540209You never talked to a woman back in school, didn't you?

>>517540373iirc, do liz's request to defeat the reaper, get the new request to fight the foe, go through Monad and find liz at the end, get your ass kicked

>>517540373You need to be in NG+, it's definitely missable.

>>517540454Only on NG+You can fight Elizabeth early in P3 in NG+ though, and if Mitsuru is still your navigator at the time it'll automatically switch to Fuuka arbitrarily.

>>517540343>not a mafioso but i hustle like mikefucking based lotus juice does it again

>>517540525She's grieving you dumbass.

>>517540226The final battles of Answer were fun enough that I was glad I played through it.

>>517537624>>517540209>simpthotsimpthotsimpthotJesus fucking Christ, do you ever stop and read what you're typing?

Attached: 1590042381109.gif (294x233, 1.86M)

>>517539846No, I have 130 IQ so I'm pretty sure it's you that's stupid. Seriously, you think it's unironically funny? It's just some stupid joke that she says on the spur of the moment. More of a friendly insult than a joke really.

>>517540525>I mean I only played for 2 hours>but she seemed arbitrarily angry, dismissive, and uncooperativeShe's going through all five stages of grief there. Tell me, what's the first two stages, since you only played for two fucking hours?

>>517493998Gets me hard everytime

>>517540525>I mean I only played for 2 hours but she seemed arbitrarily angry, dismissive, and uncooperativeshe's always been like that dude

>If Mitsuru and MC had children they wouldn’t be able to see through their hair

Attached: 6DDDD85E-6FAB-4351-A0E7-139C16BC3E0C.jpg (210x476, 42.46K)

>>517539735No, I'm that user and I played 2 hours and she really did seem like a hollow version of her actual character for that duration

>>517540428never said the original version of MD was bad >>517540428>>517540345i'm digging the metis robutt

>>517540650>More deflectionProsecution rests.


Attached: 8568685_p3.jpg (1175x800, 1005.45K)

>>517540660>he has never found stupid banter between friends funnyI'm thinking the other user was right.

>>517540729This is blatantly false. She is almost never angry in the actual game. She does get frustrated with junpei but not legitimately angry.

>>517540984It's not funny. It's enjoyable banter but it's more like cringe humor. I enjoyed it but it wasn't very funny. Like c'mon man we left all that "Jacob? More like gaycob lol" stuff back in grade 5 right? I mean it can still be funny but not when you just say it with no context or buildup.

>>517536224>they gave them fighting game designsTo be fair, Mitsuru looks fantastic as does Ken, Junpei looks good, and Yukari's decent the only SEES member with the shit redesign is Akihiko

>>517540660>I have 130 IQAnd my head of dorm had me get tested, and I got a 143. I say the Ace Defective line is funny, and here's my evidence: humour doesn't correlate with intelligence.Rowan Atkinson's an intelligent man, and his comedy revolves around doing silly voices and making funny faces.

Attached: 1582317606759.jpg (500x508, 26.69K)

>>517540756So you played for a superficial amount of time and figured you could understand why what happens there happens without understanding everything.Good to know!

Attached: 1593287849388.png (500x500, 238.81K)

>>517540762Nor did I, any MD gets me bopping.And yeah, Metis is hot and the implications to why she is hotter than Aigis are pretty hot themselves.

>>517535395*GASP* A HOMOSEXUAL

>>517524367>>517521836To be fair, Shinji ended up being more useful than Junpei because he non-stop critting bosses with deathbound, even endgame bosses.But Junpei had his uses by using def buffs.

Attached: 1595092423268.jpg (480x347, 19.28K)


Attached: 008.jpg (1122x1600, 381.91K)


>>517540642>>517540715Again it felt arbitrary. I'll say why I think so, and I honestly want to hear your thoughts on the matter.We already saw how she grieved the death of her father - albeit the later stages. But we also saw her grief process upon learning that her father had done bad things, etc. And during that time, she was mostly still down to be with her friends, her team, at least functionally.The whole theme of P3 is death, overcoming, accepting, death. Yukari was supposed to grow from accepting her father's death. But when MC died she seems to go 180 degrees in the other direction.This is going into personal preferences, but I would have preferred it if she were very depressed, but still determined, and with a mental clarity that shit happens but you have do keep moving forwards, like what MC taught her. Instead she immaturely lashes out at all her friends that have fought together for the past year.It seems like poor writing to me

>>517541282Tanaka gets younger for every yen he gets

>>517538305Literally impossible while the tan sports girl and that one shy bitch exists, and even just considering SEES alone Fuuka's more forgettable

>>517541593I am proud of myself that I could read that

>>517541784Congratulations, you have the reading comprehension of a kindergartner.

Attached: 1435168273398.png (758x758, 225.97K)

>>517542091I NEVER FELT LIKE

>>517542091serial killer glare

>Make fun of Mothman looks first time I see the thing>After I fuse it it carries me for a long fucking timeShould've seen it coming.

Attached: 1519022663299.png (1244x886, 1.2M)


>>517542371mothman is a good boy

>>517541585Haven't thought about this doujin since I was in middle school

>>517542371best boy

Attached: 1575733689237.png (720x823, 324.72K)

How can people defend jewey atlus for Persona 5 Royal?

Mitsuru is the best girl

Attached: gsdx_20200625162316.png (640x448, 200.76K)


Attached: awfuljoke.webm (640x480, 2.24M)

>>517541273Rowan Atkinson is funny because his jokes aren't arbitrary, they are built up and the context is slowly building over time. The banter thing Yukari likes to do is enjoyable but not really funny. She basically just refuted what someone says and calls them stupid. I personally dislike when normally enjoyable things are turned into silly memes, that's all.>>517541282How is "time" "superficial"? All I can say is, the yukari that I know would never act like that in those first two hours. Anyone with critical thinking would agree - and "but the author decides how characters act" is a fallacy-ridden take. Of course if she acted exactly as you felt was right, all the more power to you.What is the understanding that I do not have? Explain it if you actually aren't bullshitting.> Inb4 "the other 28 hours of the game"

>>517541619>Yukari was supposed to grow from accepting her father's death. But when MC died she seems to go 180 degrees in the other direction.Yeah no shit. Because she was six when her father died and her heart hardened by her mom becoming a whore shortly after. Now she's sixteen with a much stronger grasp on the world. During her social link she mentions after her mother calls to apologize that she was too young to comprehend her mother's grief upon losing a lover, and can't imagine how she would act if the same happened to her.She didn't understand anything about how the protagonist died. To her, the main character flew up to the moon, Nyx was sealed, then he came back fine. A month later, she remembered her promise and rushed to the roof, but by then the protagonist had already passed away. The hospital couldn't find a cause of death, and the only thing she could do to thank him or say goodbye was to clutch his cold, dead hand and make a promise no one would hear, that she didn't know how to fulfill.

>>517543382>the yukari that I knowloldude her most likely lover considering she is 95% the canon choice is fucking dead, of course she's going to act differentshe gets better as The Answer goes on but honestly I can understand why you wouldn't want to play it. I enjoyed it for what it was but it's not everyone's cup of tea


Attached: gsdx_20200627192859.png (640x448, 327.98K)

>>517543647Throughout the Answer she goes through:1. Denial: Focusing on cram school at the cost of recreational activities and friends to distract herself from her own grief. "It's fine, nothing is wrong, keep moving forward."2. Anger: Jealousy at Aigis for inheriting the Wild Card, leader position, and getting to hear the protagonist's last words and thank him, plus rage at being forced back into another situation fighting Shadows3. Bargaining: Choosing to try and go back and change the past to save the protagonist, to the point of domination of wills, even trying to steal the True Key after it was forged4. Depression: Finally allowing herself to grieve after all those fail, revealing how empty she felt and how much it hurt and how nothing else seemed to matter aside from seeing the person she loved so much again, crying out her grief in Mitsuru's arms after Mitsuru revealed she stood with Yukari so Yukari wouldn't have to grieve alone5. Acceptance: Learning the answer behind the protagonist's death and making peace with what she learned and what she can do now. She apologizes to everyone, especially Aigis, for the way she's been acting, and invites Aigis to be her roommate as third-years at Gekkoukan.Spoilered because there's actually someone playing through the Answer in this thread. Aigis herself is in the Depression phase for most of the Answer and completely apathetic, and only comes out of it at the end too as a result of what happened. Yukari's experiences in losing a lover finally mirrored her mother's situation ten years ago, and found that having her heart torn in half like that after finally opening it was too painful to continue on. Her own relentless determination to protect those she cared deeply about drove her to a conclusion she probably wouldn't have made in any other situation.

>>517543754really solid write-up user. I agree with just about everything you said here

>>517543754They weren't lovers. :-)

>>517514029bro wtf I played this as a kid and never found any issues with it.Maybe modern gaming softened you.

>>517544315>Maybe modern gaming softened you.christ this is off topic but I played some GC games with friends the other night and I swear if I hadn't grown up with them I'd be convinced they're zoomies. Fuckers could barely get through a 15 turn game of Mario Party 4 without bitching about how the new one is so much better. Couldn't land a hit on each other in Melee, kept SDing. Really made me question our friendship when they have such completely shit attention spans to keep at things they're bad at

>>517544297she still wanted his d

>>517544695Everyone wanted his D. The dog even followed him to his room once.

anons what is "the answer" and should i play it after finishing the journey?

>>517544864>what is "the answer"the thing that separates your room from the hallway

>>517544864It's a sequel story that happens after the original game. Think DLC. The game tells you that as well and that you should play it after The Journey

>>517544864first came the question then came the answer


>>517533796Yes, but compare to the PQ games it's nothing.

>>517544864it's a criminaly boring 30h epilogue dungeon with some cool character stuff that is maybe just better watched on youtube.

>>517493275I’ve nearly finished 4 Golden and these threads are making me more excited for playing 3, keep it up anons

>>517544297Doesn't really matter. She was deeply in love with him, so whether it was reciprocated or not is largely inconsequential, cause the game doesn't indicate who his lover was, if any. Same thing with Aigis here.

>>517544864Nobody's actually telling you what it actually is.The Answer is an epilogue focused entirely on the dungeon crawling gameplay with absolutely none of the life sim social link side. Imagine Tartarus except harder, and that's pretty much all there is to it. If the idea of spending an entire game doing nothing but Tartarus grinding doesn't appeal to you, you can just watch the cutscenes on YouTube. If you liked the Tartarus gameplay, it's worth a play. It was designed primarily to throw a bone to the existing Megaten and older Persona fanbase, since P3 was the first of the Hashino Persona games.

>>517545891This. I unironically love The Answer, for both it's story and gameplay. Had a blast going through it. It opened my eyes up to how enjoyable the older SMT formula is, and makes me want to play the mainline games that came out prior to Nocturne(which I've already played years ago)

>We'll never get another Persona like this

Attached: Yamaoka.jpg (903x1388, 136.28K)

>>517545891Also, for changes to the formula:>Game is locked at "hard" mode difficulty>You get no Persona Compendium, the only Personas you can use are the ones you find in the field and the ones you fuse on hand>You are restricted to simple 2-card fusion. In exchange, all possible Personas are unlocked by default>All Personas learn their skillsets LIGHTNING fast>Enemy Shadows can now summon reinforcements>Enemy Shadows can have Evasion skills, meaning use Sukukaja and Sukukunda>Aigis loses access to Palladion and Athena but can use any of the MC's Personas>Aigis loses access to Orgia Mode>Enemy Shadows are often resistant to Almighty>You gain one new party member that has Orgia Mode, wind, ice, and physical skillsIt is not easy. You've actually gotta be halfway decent to get through it, and there's no way to change that.

>>517493275stupei worked but moronji sucksbakanji is way better

Are you forced into intimate relationships with the guys on the FeMC route? Might switch to P3P just to avoid the haremshit.

>>517545891>>517546948Thanks user.

>>517545891>>517546551except smt has actual level design and not this procedural generation garbage

>>517547245No, you can friendzone all of them if you want unlike that mansult Door

>>517547245No, FeMC gets the option to friendzone and Junpei friendzones you if you confess to him

>>517547245Not only do you have the option to stay friends with all of them, but three of the guys insist on staying friends with you even if you confess to them, and most of the actual romance options require you to go out of your way to romance them after you've already hit rank 10.

>>517547245some don't plain work at all, like junpei, but you can optionally romance shinji and even ken, doing it to shinji lets him live longer iirc

>>517547245I was joking btw I'm going to stick with FES.

>>517547598>>517547581Between all the guys who turn you down and all the guys that fucking die, the closest thing FeMC gets to a harem is a third year varsity boxing captain getting into a fight with a 10 year old. It is legitimately one of the funniest things in the world to me.

>>517547245Junpei outright rejects you

>>517547889Don't forget that she can fuck Nyx's Avatar too.

i want to fuck akihiko

does the dog turn femc down? :^)

>>517536356>Alright, let's do this

Attached: b76139b9a771a56eef5d28d0cc5bd01e8ce1352bd877ddd41d3ef06c9dba4035.gif (500x300, 489.35K)


Attached: 1593544371373.png (837x469, 301.55K)

>>517536624Movie 4 in general just nailed it.

will we ever see the protag again brosi know it would shit all over the theme but dammit why the fuck does joker and bowlcut fuckface get a happy ending while he remains a door for eternity

>>517550825I wish they made a Shadow Doppelganger of him in P4AU

Why were the Persona 3 movies (while flawed) SOOO much better and clearly higher priority than the Persona 4 and 5 animes?

>>517551152Because they're movies.How is this even a question?

Am I right in saying that Persona 3 is Japans fan favourite? I know P4+Golden sold better but it seems like at all the Persona concerts/events Persona 3 related songs/singers and material always seems to evoke the biggest cheers/crowd reaction

>>517551152Higher budget. Better art and animation direction.

>>517551267Because they were made by the same animation company for the same company for the same video game series. Being movies doesn't explain it as they weren't released in cinema so they only sell as well as the tv show surely.

How the p5 anime became such a shitshow is a better question. I know it was A1 but jesus christ it was bad, especially for something that really brought persona to the spotlight and deserved a good adaptation

>>517551459>>517551267I mean they even seemed to nail the story and characterization better. In my opinion the P4 and P5 animes are dogshit because of characters acting weird and the story being told poorly. I didn't mean production value.

>>517551597I think the anime was made alongside the game or atleast before western release I don't think they anticipated how successful it would be

>>517551326It's not so much that it's a fan favorite, but it's sort of an unexpected event when it gets things. Whenever P4 got a new thing, people cheered but they also expected it to happen. But when P3 gets a thing, it always comes out of the blue, so there's a greater response.If you know a surprise is coming, you're probably not gonna have as big a reaction as if you didn't know, right?

>stupid faggot little cocksuckerBet the VA regrets that line. Anyone got the name of the hentai that she voiced in?

>>517551601I just watched the first one again recently and I really like the lighting they use. Also like the MC's characterization and how well it fits the story.

>>517551601I found Yuki to be completely irritating. His character development is a constant cycle of progress and regression.First he starts at a low point, then he progresses throughout the first film. Second film has him at a high point, but then he regresses again at the end.Third film has him at a low point, but then he finally moves forward once more, only to have him regress.Fourth film has him at a low point and then he moves forward once more.It's completely fucking obnoxious. Making him start out emo and completely apathetic to his surroundings was a complete mistake, and I don't really give two fucks what you people who keep insisting that he's "SUPPOSED to be apathetic" have to say. I'm sick of arguing that shit with you guys.Plus he never even twirls his evoker once. That's a crime if I've ever seen one.

>>517551941Sextra credityoutube.com/watch?v=nLmsVBgZiak

>>517551941I wish Yukari would call me that.

>>517551941Is it really her? Sounds like her, but what do i know.

>>517552290Yes it is her

>>517551802The Persona concerts always tell you who is gonna be performing. If you see Yumi and Lotus Juice then you are getting some P3 music. I watched that Persona Live event to see the first P5R trailer and you could tell the crowd was getting hype for the P3 music. They even got the whole crowd to join to sing the credits theme.

>>517552536Oh, that. That's because people fucking love Memories of You. Hands down the most popular Persona song.

To this day this is still the best non-final boss theme in Persona.youtube.com/watch?v=Vgxs785sqjw

Persona is so popular in Japan that you can find some vocal tracks from 3 in karaoke machines, like Mass Destruction or Memories of You. Pretty cool.

>>517552094It seemed consistent to me.>have no fear of death and don't care about anything>make friends and have something to care about now>hey this is pretty cool>friend dies>wait no this sucks why make friends when they can die>bro Ryoji comes out and becomes good friends with Yuki (something that the game lacked imo)>gets fucked AGAIN with the Ryoji reveal>oh you are all gonna die btw>everybody is at their lowest lows but each have their "moment">in the end Yuki cares about his friends so much that he dies for themPretty good arc to me.

>>517553162It's no ONE MORE GOD REJECTED but it's alright

>>517553430That's because you have no standards. Going through the same development four fucking times is obnoxious writing.

>>517499106mostly because she is a bit too realistic. She doesn't make a perfect 2d waifu because she comes across as a bit too authentic of a girl. Furthermore her faults aren't particularly quirky or endearing, she has legit scars that are ugly and messy. Unlike Agnus or Mitsuru or even the tomboy runner girl she doesn't easily fall into a "perfect waifu" mold. Finally she is a bit too hard on Junpei, who is a legit bro, even if he is a bit of a fool. Overall she's the only girl in P3 who I always wanted to see more of, so she's a top tier girl, but in the grand scheme of things, she pales next to the choices in P4.

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>>517552094Yeah it doesn't feel like the gradual build up from complete emo loser to Giga Jesus that the game presents at all. P3MC is supposed to learn more about death and how it affects people + how to move past it and accept it with every S. link he pursues, and through it obtain "the meaning of life" that forms the foundation of his ability to reject Nyx. That's the problem with all the Persona anime and films, they always cut the S. links which means there's no time to provide the actual meat and potatoes of the main character's growth. The P3 movies heavily over-dramatized P3MC's personality and expressed it in all the wrong ways. In the games he's never someone who was deeply affected by Shinji's death, that was the rest of the gang who got it as a wake-up call to be better people. The P3MC instead was already growing without that incident, and Shinji's death wasn't the major inciting incident for him to become Emo Jesus. But the movies needed some kind of incitement for him not to have a completely empty character arc like the P4MC had in the P4 anime, so the writers just fell back on that. It's just hack writing, honestly.

>>517553885To be fair this was stretched across 4 two hour long movies. That already sounds like a nightmare to pace properly. If anything it's a miracle it didn't turn out that bad like the P4 and P5 anime.

>>517535849>Pretty sure you can't cheese unique moves onto other personas.in P3 all skills on the forming cards are inheritable, it's random, so what you'd do, is save the game, merge the cards, if you get the skills you want, keep the result, if you don't reboot, and try again, rince/repeat until you have ported some of the most broken skills forward into your super merger. There are whole merge guides explaining the EASIEST way to carry ideal skills into the strongest cards.As a result, yes, you can make some obscenely broken cards.

>>517545891Do the megaten games not have a compendium?

>>517555271Mainline games have had demon compendiums since Nocturne, so basically it's only the PS2 games and onwards that have it.

>>517553885People don't get over trauma and personality traits so easily user. Maybe you're even more autistic than door-kun.

>>517555439I see. I really dont care for the lack of compendium in The Answer. It doesnt exactly make the game more challenging, just more tedious.

>>517554814The problem was the protagonist himself. He's actually supposed to be reasonably charismatic and good at making friends; that's the reason so many different characters are drawn to him, ask him for advice and rely on him. But look at him in the films. He starts out not caring about anyone or anything, has no intention to make friends and makes no efforts to actually hold onto the ones he has. All because they wanted to turn him into an apathetic sadsack because apparently, that's the popular image of him.As a result, he starts out low, rises up to a high, gets brought down to another low, rises up to another high, then gets brought down to another fucking low. Watching Yuki is like watching Endless Eight from season 2 of Haruhi, it's fucking infuriating. I mean, look, I can understand not turning him into a charismatic turbo-chad like Narukami, because let's be real, he almost never said or did anything of any real substance for the greater bulk of his show. Wanting to give the silent protagonist an actual, real character arc is something I can sympathize with and even encourage. But this is not the fucking way to go about doing it. Instead of a protagonist who never says or does anything particularly meaningful, you have a protagonist who's just fucking chasing his own tail around in circles for four films straight.I mean, look at Junpei. For the purpose of brevity, they cut his character arc regarding his jealousy towards the protagonist to a single film. He doesn't lash out at Yuki after the events of the love hotel because these films simply don't have enough time to go through the same song and dance twice. So tell me what fucking sense it makes to reduce one character's cyclical character development only to expand another's?>>517555453I don't give a fuck. I want a story that doesn't cannibalize itself over and over like a broken record.

>>517555818No it's because he carried the weight of death inside him, he was always supposed to be somewhat reserved/quiet

>>517555991Being reserved and quiet doesn't mean having to constantly go through the same routine over and over for four films straight. And, again, I want to point out that in the game, this guy's practically hanging out with a different person every day.He's comparatively reserved in PQ as well, but he's not constantly stumbling over himself over and over. You gonna tell me that PQ's interpretation of his character is somehow less "accurate" than the film's?


>>517556227Why did Atlus wank P3MC as being basically the most overpowered of all the MCs in PQ, anyway?

>>517557260They didn't. It's just a balance oversight as usual.In PQ, they gave him Debilitate and Narukami Heat Riser because apparently they still believe those two skills are equal.In PQ2, they gave him Fool/Judgment Card because they thought that magic still wouldn't be considered good in PQ2 and that would balance things out.

>>517557379>Debilitate vs. Heat RiserI mean, to be fair on paper they are equally good effects, percentage wise. It's just that the actual usefulness of debuffs is greater than buffs when it comes to bosses due to the scale of their stats.

>>517557871Also the fact that for most bosses Debilitate targets 100% of the enemies while Heat Riser targets 25% or 20% of the allies depending on the game. It's also why buffs in Persona are generally useless until you get the party versions.

>>517557871That's not the main issue. Debilitate helps everyone. Everyone benefits if the enemy is debuffed.But Heat Riser only helps a single character. Only that character alone can receive the benefit of the buffs.In order for Heat Riser to have the same benefits as Debilitate, it needs to be used on the entire party, one at a time. Obviously not only is that a waste of turns and SP, but it's also impossible in PQ because it only lasts three turns and parties consist of up to five characters.

>>517501050Put you in the right club, don't see the problem.

>>517515305>doesn't mention Mitsuru or dogePlayed yourself

Any cool cut/unused stuff? Only things i could find was a YouTube Playlist with little to no views


>>517555818>So tell me what fucking sense it makes to reduce one character's cyclical character development only to expand another's?Because nips fucking hate Junpei meanwhile MC is literally the most popular Persona character ever. I do agree that some characters did get shafted in favor of MC/Aigis/Ryoji screentime, which was a shame.

>>517561526japs hate any male character that doesn't look like a cute little girl

>>517561636Junpei's not entirely hated. But I also think he has more male fans than female ones. Fujos don't go for him in the slightest, so that's a huge minus for him. Persona has a huge fujo fanbase.

Hypothetically, how would third-tier Personas be handled if P3 had 'em?

>>517563109Assuming you don't just gut P3 and put in social links for every male team member, the obvious answer is to have optional dungeons and bosses for each team member that can only be accessed in the final month of the game. Each one would address some issue that the party member has with short but sporadic conversations throughout the dungeon at set floors, and beating the boss in that dungeon would allow the team member to evolve to their third and final stage.

>>517563374So like an extra dungeon that opens up just for December and January?

>>517562092He gets even less fanart than Ken and Fuuka. He may not be the best written character, but at least he's way more interesting than those two.

1 > EP > 3 > IS > 5 > 4Daily reminder

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>>517563109Party would get them throughout the Answer as you reach their respective doors into the past.

>>517563689Silly robot, you have the > and < signs mixed up

>>517563823Nah, they should be completely optional. Answer doesn't have room for optional things.

>>517564003Their existing ultimates weren't optional either, and optional upgrades are fucking stupid. Get them through the actual plot instead of using social links as an excuse for half-assed character development.

>>517495090>but I wanna try to beat Elizabeth on my own.Literally impossible. You can use the most optimal strategy with perfect max stat personas with the best skills for the job, have her pattern memorized, and execute the plan perfectly and STILL lose out of pure chance. It's kinda bullshit.

>>517564178Subsequent stories have the original ultimates. All making them mandatory would do is cause contradictions.

>>517515305I considered it. He has a fun skillset even though it is weaker and I'm actually wondering if Mettis can be hacked into your party in Journey in FES. Might be interesting to run both her and Shinji.

>>5175636891 is by far the worst in every category

>>517564602Literally factually the best combat system in the series unless you're a straight up brainlet who needs free turns handed to you for the extremely simple task of hitting weaknesses2's combat is hot garbage and everyone knows it3's is fine but can get fucked by bad AI4's is a watered down version of 3's with direct control5's is just 4's again except even easier

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>>517564750bad bait honestly

I've never felt likeSo miserable

>>517537696There was always something weird about Rise's regular face sprite.

>>517564750>liking P1 but having serious issue with P2It's always surreal seeing anons whose opinion is this.

>>517565356Even the staunchest P2 fan knows the combat system is fucking bad. Even by average, normie JRPG standards, that game is mechanically barebones and bad. The dungeons are just rooms and hallways, the combat borderline plays itself, and IS can be beaten without fusing a single time because the difficulty curve is so fucked. You'd have to be in extreme denial to think it has anything above mediocre gameplay.1 by comparison at least has like, mechanics. It has shit going on. You can exploit things like megido spells but you at least have to consider team comp and spell positioning.

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>>517563109Trismegistus > Hermes TrismegistusDesign-wise, it'd be largely the same, except perhaps with more golden accents and some sort of reference to Medea. It should be made clear from the design that it's not an all new Persona, but rather a reinforced Trismegistus. It's vital that it stays as Trismegistus due to it being something of a fusion with Chidori.Isis > MyrionymosMaybe make her a fusion of Io and Isis. Like, possibly make it almost look as though Isis is embracing Io somehow, replacing the chains that once bound her hands.Artemisia > ???Juno > ???Caesar > RomulusThe Castor sitting in the center should remain completely identical. Also, maybe have Romulus riding a horse. I dunno.Athena > Pallas AthenaSomething something Athena except shinier, I guess.Kala-Nemi > ???Cerberus > ???

>>517565652Nah. I didn't have issue with the opinion despite how much I like P2 regardless of flaws, but I still figured that P2's system was closer to P1 and that's why it strikes me as odd when a P1fag has odd placements like 3 or (sometimes YHVH forbid) 5 as being closer in their list.

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>>517493275will Holla Forums ever let this game go? not that I'm complaining

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>>517567026not unless my wife becomes real

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>>517493275holy fuck go back to /pg/ and stop spamming these threads every day

>>517554996inheritance rules exist, and u dont need to reboot a save to refresh what skills are passed down. try playing p3 sometime

>>517567026>will Holla Forums ever let this game go?Never felt like thinking this will last foreverBaby stay with me

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>>517500739Some boss fights in Tartarus are designed around switching weapons because they are immune to sword attacks and you have to use a bow and also bring the two ranged girls with you.I don't understand the decision to lock weapon types without rebalancing the game.

>>517567609I never felt likeso miserable

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>>517512390Having to deal with an annoying party member is not ideal.She should be a good little soldier and stop talking while we fight monsters.

>>517500739Persona's always fanfiction if you do anything other than the mandatory social links for the true ending.

>>517568530Well, you can just use Pierce and Strike skills. It's a little annoying, though, sure.

>>517531093What did you expect, he's an end game persona. Doesn't get any better than this.

>>517531093I mean, that's about as good as you can make him. Mudoon and Agidyne are kinda pointless. I suggest re-fusing him sometime to have better skills. Though, since you're probably playing FES, that'd probably be more of a pain than it's worth.


>>517568557Makoto should always be feeling miserable.

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>You can fight Yuki as DLC for P5R>His combat stance is completely different. Instead of a slouched stance with his sword behind him, he now stands straight with a hand in his pocket>His idle pose is hims yawning into his hand>His normal attack is now a lightning-quick double-slashI wonder if this is how he would have been if he'd been playable in the Arena games.

>>517539678To hide the marks from the failed suicide attempts.

>>517570280Blame Atlus giving in to fanon again instead of sticking with how the characters are actually portrayed in their origin games. Which, come to think of it, is exactly what the Arena games are. So yes.

>>517570459Eh. It looks cooler. It's like how Joker has a cooler normal pose than Narukami or Yuki did.

>>517540949Good but make the hair rgb.

>>517542968If they release it for pc, everything will be forgiven.

>>517570716They'll release it.Next year.The vanilla version.

>>517570569I hope with the P6 protag they double down on some more defined personality. Joker was nearly there, which just made it all the more jarring when he went back to idle animation player character in conversations.

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>>517571053There's not much point in giving a silent protagonist a "defined personality". At that point you're really just asking for a talking protagonist.

>>517558652The dog is an excellent companion. Fire and curse, also immunity to curse granted him a permanent position in my party.I'd always take him for walks, he even gives you items.Such a good boy.

>>517532586Persona H

Yukari is exclusively for hatefucking

why is mitsuru so hot

>>517569003They take health and because of this the boss can 1 hit kill you. So I tend to avoid them unless I'm fighting against mere shadows.A couple of boss fights had me being the only alive member thanks to Kali's immunity and rushing the giants with the occasional stop for an hp refill.

>>517571740What, seriously? Unless you have a Weapon Master skill, physical skills are still gonna do a lot more damage than normal attacks you know. Vorpal Blade in particular's pretty powerful so long as you're in Great status.

>>517548196Not in some of the better fanfiction

>>517571863It was very inconsistent for me, some times physical skills would deal damage equal to a normal attack.I never bothered to understand the particularities of it all and just rushed everyone to death.It's unconventional but it works and that's why I like Persona 3. There isn't only one way of progressing.


>>517572243Actual results are gonna be mixed. The damage calculations the game uses make it so that the total damage amplification of charges isn't fixed. Charge is actually more effective the lower the enemy's endurance. High endurance will mitigate the effects of Charge. What this means is that if you use Charges against a Cowardly Maya on block 1 of Tartarus, the numbers may round up to about 2.3x to 2.5x depending on RNG. But if you did the same thing to the level 90s enemies in Monad, effectiveness will round down to 2x or possibly 2.1x with RNG.The multiplier added by charge only takes effect BEFORE damage mitigation calculations. Thus, the higher the enemy's endurance, the lower the effects of charge.This was fixed starting from P4 so that enemy endurance has no effect on charge's effectiveness, but all versions of Persona 3 including Portable have this issue. tl;dr, charge is worthless because its effectiveness is only maximized on enemies that are much weaker than you.This shit's been heavily studied, man. Charge just sucks in P3, that's all there is to it.

Why doesn't Chidori have any art? Is it because she doesn't give a fuck about the MC so self inserting losers don't like her?

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>>517573556It's because she's a minor character with minimal scenes.

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>>517573556the non sees girls don't really get art outside of liz

>>517573634>chidori>minorliterally the entire reason junpei has his arc, and also proof that we're all gonna make it once we get our goth gfs

>>517507376>>517507530>>517531783NOW IM SUPER GUIDO

>>517573760That's true.But you can also count the number of significant Chidori scenes on one hand.It's basically the same reason S.Links don't get much fanart either. Only SEES and Ryoji get much of anything.

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>>517493275Why is there so many Persona threads now?

>>517574531I'd imagine because now is when a lot of people who were playing P5R or P4G's PC port with a more relaxed timetable finished them.