It was ok but I dont see the big deal

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>>517491302waifus and free

>>517491376And pancakes!


It had Justice

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>>517491302I only ever see coomers talking about it so I kinda figured that's all there was. Your OP pic supports that as well.

>>517491518Get fucked, smashpedo

>>517491302Toenail polish is so hot. Especially black.

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>>517491302It was made by an artist who is friends with other artists so a lot of porn of the characters of the game got made. Basically its just being shilled with porn. The game's music is made by a pretty prominent nsfw animation artist named mittsies.

>>517492268hell yeah bro! stop being horny! stop having sex! just let the human race die out WOOT

>hello, shill department?

>>517491482>shill>free game???

>>517491302Girls in suits



People claiming that people are shilling for a game that's free, is peak Holla Forums insanity.

just because you cant have sex doesnt mean no one should

>>517492537You've never had sex, which is why you're obsessed with it.

>>517491302>Developer wanted to see more cute girls in suits.>Internet agreed and made lots of fanartEven having released it for free, he got what he wanted.

anime girlssame reason people are clamoring over that BOTW bootleg and that dark souls skin. same reason people made a ton of threads for the new ff14 patch because one boss is an anime girl.The bar for games is on the floor

>>517492268So what's not to like if you are a guy and have eyes?

>>517491302nice fucking feet

>>517493168>Developer got cute girls in suits>Everyone else got fun, free rhythm puzzle game>Literally everyone is happyAnd yet still people complain

>>517491610We cant read bat eater runes


>>517491302in short: No, it wasn'tIt was actually very shallow. The music was okay but the entire appeal of the game is in it's characters. Just make visual novel at this point

>>517491302It's just a fun little games with hot demon girls in suits, what's to dislike?Azazel and Pandemonica best girls.

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>>517493605i'm not a guy dumbass

>>517493783Good thing those are fish runes

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>>517494251>implying implicationsEveryone likes snazzy girls in suits, only a complete twat doesn't find the appeal.

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>>517494251So hurry up and become another statistic already. Girls love the Helltaker girls too.

>>517494509WHERES THE D I C K S?

>>517494509so fucking hot

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>that kreov pic with cerberus impregnatio and bite marksyes

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>>517492759>>517493049who said it was yours?

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>>517496865It doesn't matter whose it is, you can't shill something that is free.Or rather, you can, but there is no point.


>>517491302It's not a big deal necessarily. It's not the second coming of puzzle games. But it's an impressively concise package. Good puzzles, great pacing, appealing art style, blatant coomerpandering while still being tasteful with great visual designs, actual good humor, top-tier music, all in a freeware game that takes about 2 hours to beat.

>>517491302it was never meant to be anything specialjust a means for people to create fanart and draw awareness to the lack of sharply dressed demon girls

>>517493734ask yourself who would complain about that kind of exchange and you'll have your answer.

>>517503073fucking jannies discovering new lows

>>517503073Yes for pedos and groomers lol

>>517491302The picture you selected shows that you see perfectly well "the big deal"

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>>517503073I would have agreed with him, if not for "but it's fine when smash do it though".What an absolute retard.

>>517504503apparently it's ok when smash does it or if its a fucking screencap of some literal who from twitter/leddit/etc.

Justice is best girlCerberus fags fuck off

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>>517491302>hell/demon shitYawn

>>517505327wrongall girls are best girls

>>517503073i hope this is fake

>>517504965If you consider the state of Holla Forums it's reasonable to assume that it is actually "it's ok when smash retards do it".They are doing that shit for god-knows-how-many-years already, I've literally stopped browsing Holla Forums for a while just because of them.

>>517505735they're the same people upset they haven't had an hour long ad for a couple of months.

>>517494737Could you be more literally gay?

>>517505328>he doesn't know

>>517503073this got posted in a fire emblem thread and it got deleted lmao

>>517505987If I need to know a plot twist to enjoy a game, then it's not a good game.

>>517506035hopefully someone develops an AI filter for wojacks/frogs/-oomers/twitter screenshots

>>517503073every thread that actually discusses video games belongs on /vg/ because the only qualification is that it discusses a video games and upsets anyone which is every game

>>517506035>put every Holla Forums word on filter>bliss

>>517506257but they keep coming up with new, even stupider buzzwords every day

>>517506365They never stop using the classics, though. But yes, it is an evolving battle.

>>517506042its more of a branching path and not that hard to get

>>517491610She's the best

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>unf Doomguy is way better helltaker than te previous one.

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>>517491302>It was okdebatable, i think it didn't even reach that low mark

>>517503073The more i hear about this Abib fella the less I care for him

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>>517498909You’re either a zoomer or a complete retard. Sorry, I guess you could be both, too. Either way, if you think you can’t shill for a free product, you are definitely in the lower end of the IQ scale.

>>517506592>>517503073Looks like this Abib feller needs some JUSTICE

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>>517505327There's enough room in here for everyone

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>>517492268>complains about coomerbait>posts monogatari

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>>517508269i promise it was intentionally ironic

>>517509589Good enough for me

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>no abyssal mommy to take care of you and give you back rubswhy live

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>>517492268>male gaze memehey shlohmo whatcha doin ?

>>517491302Its a waifu game, that's the appeal. But the gameplay is actually a decent puzzle solver with a bitchin' soundtrack. But the main appeal is indeed just the cute Demon (and Angel) Girls the game has. The game even makes fun of this by stating the MCs just woke up one day wanting a harem of cute demon girls.Makes me wonder how long the Dev took to make it, with this Keystone cartoon it nearly took a year to make the second episode. Let's hope he's interested in a sequel. I'd gladly pay for one if it had more visual novel segments.

>>517498909>you can't shill something that is freeWow, so it isn't shilling when somebody advertises a giveaway promotion? Like there's no such thing as brand awareness or developing a consumer base for the other things your company does charge money for? You're a fucking idiot.

>>517492452I haven't heard the name Mittsies in aeons

>>517510606Its not a give away. Its a short free game you loose nothing from playing. The only way you actually can give this any money is just buying that art book and pan cake recipe.

>>517510538there's no way in hell he's not making a sequel or something related given the popularity of it and not cashing in

>>517492268Please man/woman/tranny, your yuri thread is just the bext corner. Yes, we already said yuri is trash in that thread. It doesn't matter because hetero is as big in escapism as homo, we know. You're welcomed to make a yuri post here anyway

Best girl is here, no need to worry anons.

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>>517510414forgot to post pic lmao but here gentsWatch at your own risk

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>>517492268That comment stop being based after the 4th word.

>>517491302all these girls look the same

>>517491302How hairy is her pussy?

>>517511420Don't make me say it again.

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>>517491302Why isn’t this game on GOG?


>>517514334>>517510157Looks too much like a boy.

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>>517491302>Everyonem‘s talking about tits and devil waifu>And I‘m just here for the disco beats

>>517503443i want her to abuse me.

>>517491376I don't think you know what waifu means

>>517516710reminder that basically any hot anime girl is someone's waifu so it's fine to call them waifus

>>517492268>>517494251why dont you go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich

>>517491302are demon girl feet soft?

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>>517491439What are these chocolate pancakes and how are they different than crepes? I've never really liked pancakes but the way you euros make them seems like they'd be tastier.


i want to kiss beelzebub

>>517491610I will denounce the lack of Justice in this world in my suicide note. I hope it will not be misunderstood.


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>>517520725>user will go down in history as a martyr for justiceA shame the people will never know he really meant Justice

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>>517494509god i love them


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>>517491302I like herand also Lucifer

>>517491439and reddit you faggot

the demons are cool and allbut will we ever get a game with the angels because that military aesthetic is my fetish

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More daemon feet

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>>517503073no wonder this board is so shit

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>>517523530>that pandemonica spreadwew lad

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>>517523324Heaventaker soon

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>>517491302all the fanart is the nice but how is the dev supposed to profit from this?will people pay for the sequel?

>>517525215>how is the dev supposed to profit from this?He wanted art of girls in suits, he got art of girls in suits. Lots of it.

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>>517491302Post Zdrada RIGHT fucking now

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>>517491302what even is this game?

>>517525450an easier and shorter baba is you with demon waifus

Its called a crepe you dumb fuck americans god damn it I hate americans so fucking much

>>517525450Push rocks to get the key to get the girl

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>>517494509>>517491302>>517495948>>517505327>>517513440>>517518128>>517522442>>517525597Ass WAY too large

>>517525536>>517525597sounds alright

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>>517491302What do you mean?

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>>517525748The best part is the music and the girls. The best stages are the final one and the joke one before it desu.

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>>517503073This guy is pretty much like saying that Holla Forums shouldn't exist as every game should have its /vg/... until that smash pandering.Guys like these need to be gassed before they make Holla Forums a home for /e-celeb/ and /smash/ exclusive content.

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>>517491302creator just wanted people to make fanart of sharply dressed demon girls because there's not enoughThat's literally it

>>517526551Too late.

>>517518454Pancakes are fucking awful and can't hold a candle to crêpes. You can put whatever the fuck you want in them and they're delicious.

>>517526603mission accomplishedpower move desu

>>517526619inb4 it is already /veddit/

Wonder how many poor fucks missed out on the hint scenes because they didnt want help on the puzzles. The hint scenes make the game.

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>>517526994that would add /s4s/-esque and Holla Forums to the mix

>>517527108They make up at least 50% of the dialogue in the game, and it's all great.

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>>517527108>he didn't solve everything solo then replay to get all the hint scenes anyway

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The recipe for those crepes was fucking delicious. Best part of the entire game

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>>517527293>ask bitch demon for a clue>she tells you to kill yourself >you can oblige for a joke game overIt's the little things that AAA are missing nowadays.

>>517503073I seriously hope ABIB as well as every single smashfag die of testicular cancer


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>>517527549I didnt need hints but I was curious what they would say on the 2nd stage. The hints themselves are useless anyway, just lots of stating the obvious or outright nothing.

I don´t trust Holla Forumsfags to keep this thread alive during euronight and im tired and want to go to sleep so I will take this thread as dead. Good night fellow justicechads. I hope im wrong and that the thread will survive.

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>>517527761Anon no, you're gonna go the way of totalbiscuit if you carry on like that

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>>517527930Who know. It wouldn´t be weird for a janny to nuke the thread....

>>517492268good job making Holla Forums seethe. coomers will always start screeching when somebody call them out.

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>>517506035>>517505735Anyone remember when the latest smash game or whatever it was for 3DS/switch was revealed? The entire board was out of commission, 99,5% of the entire catalog was no joke nothing but smashfags spamming new threads at a breakneck speed and mods did literally NOTHING, not even a sticky to contain the cancer unlike what they do with everything else. This is why i disagree with anyone saying stuff like "lmao just ignore it/filter it", over half the catalog disappears then.>inb4 banned for this postdon't worry, i have my phone ready to call out this post if baleeted for dissenting opinion.

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>>517492268I will now buy your (free) game

>>517526320Ok, whose cock do I have to suck to get a PVC of this?

>>517528002I'm willing to sacrifice my balls for the sake of humanity (4chan in this case)

>>517527930>Justice in a skirtThe world is trully full of wonders...

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>>517492268>seething coomer repliesWell done, user. Take my boat.

>>517492268>for the male gazewhat is pic related

>>517505996It also happened in a Monster Hunter thread yesterday.This autist is going places.


Leave it to Holla Forums to try and make something negative or deep out of a game with a plot that can be summed up as "man wants to make a harem, so he does."

>>517503073>thread not deletedJustice is fucking in bros

>>517529595I always trusted in her

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>>517523530>pandemonica is the only demon who shows off her legsWhat did vanripper mean by this?

>>517530510It means he is a man of taste

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>>517523324Angel general is best girl

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>>517527930We'll keep it alive for Justice

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>>517492537no matter how many loads that sock takes it isn't going to have a baby

>Wants us to go to /vg/>When /vg/ has rangebanned with imageban to many people who coincidentely are part of /htg/>Due to the event mentioned above the threads are on life support constantly

>>517531185Muchas gracias doctor

what pathetic excuses for demon girls

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>>517531297waifuthreads don't belong on /vg/ anyway, it's supposed to be for constant, round the clock discussion of a game.

>>517498909>Shill Helltaker>More people play it>A lot of them buy the soundtrack to "support the dev"You are dumb.

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>>517491302>pink skinFUCK. Almost as good as purple, and just above blue

>>517491302cute girls, catchy music, short.

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>>517531627I only like smt girls because i feel many of them would be very tall

>>517531627Justice is life, Asherah is hometown

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>>517515520Are you blind?

>>517531627Agreed, those things you posted are nasty. SMT really needs to fire their artist.

>>517531723I hope he paints them

>>517531627And you post some of the most boring in MegaTen.

>>517531671>her tail becomes erect

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>>517531671>Buying the soundtrack when all but one of the songs are free to download off the artist's website

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>>517531627Where is Scatach you nigger?

>>517532249They're not buying it to have it they're buying it to give the dev money.

>>517532387Which is completely optional, so crying shill is ultimately meaningless.

>>517503073I hate this bitch autist so goddamn much, he is almost single handedly responsible for ruining /a/. Abib if you are reading this know that you live a worthless fucking existence and probably get a boner for every ban you hand out you power tripping virgin.

Is there an actual solution to the puzzle on chapter 9?

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>>517532773Every puzzle has a solution, and three of them have certain routes you have to take to get the optional rune

>>517531627I like the stripey one

>>517531643Have you been to /vg/? The former is all it is, anyway.

>>517533104Asherah is big!BIG!

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>>517532973Seems like I'm just stupid then

>>517491302It tried to do too much and failed at all of them. It's a static puzzle game so once you learn the optimal strategy you autowin every time. Has very little replayability and no build variety. There's a VN element which would make you think there's a branching storyline but you quickly realize that there's one main story path and deviating from it just gives you one of the many bad ends. Good pancake recipe though.

>>517533331Hope she's nice

>>517531643Generals are anything but the round the clock discussion of the game. If generals were actually video games /vg/ would have never been made in the first place. The problem was all the game fanculture (waifufaggotry, kpopfaggotry, ecelebwanking) that was actually happening in those threads so the concentration camp had to be created.And now it's pointless anyway

>>517533320That's because the wrong threads get sent there, its original purpose was quickly replaced with that of being a containment zone for ritual posts. Shit like /tesg/ and /ksg/ are prime examples.

twitter.com/eoskam789/status/1281892649981472768>tfw she will never be real

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>>517531185Thanks, doc.

>>517533583It's been months since /fog/ has been even readable

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>>517510808Same. I still remember many faps to that dickgirl catgirl on /f/.

>>517492452damn mittsies worked on this?

>>517534213yeah but then how do you get to the chest and then the door? I always run out of spaces right at the door.

>>517491302Those are fucking perfect legs.

Attached: Yep, that one is going in my Cute Feet compilation.png (800x800, 822.17K)

>>5175019724chan contrarians.

>>517491302ok so i just finished this game, its really cool and the final boss kicked my ass a bit, all and all it was funjustice is justice

Attached: Justice1Idle.png (580x684, 174.3K)

>>517535403We are brothers now

Attached: 1565163054250.png (1000x1250, 833.67K)

>>517491302>Feet>Black nail polish

Attached: FA9C516B-A41E-43A3-9EB9-2BD2ED8D5BBA.png (480x360, 173.13K)

>>517535070Could you be doing something like this?>>512093060>>512093191>>512093495 (this is how it should look)


Attached: vergil thumbs up.png (900x900, 78.64K)

>>517535690>deadFuck I'll need to get my screenshot, sorry.

>>517535070>>517535812It should look something like this.

Attached: 1289310_20200612162508_1.png (1280x720, 351.4K)

>>517491376All PC games are free

>>517535987right, thanks.


>>517536375But not yourself.

Attached: 1552065236361.png (738x669, 235.31K)

>>517516793Reminder that you should go back.

>>517492537have sex incel

Ab*bnormaly mod has breached, be aware bros. Stay safe, stay strong.

>>517535807>>517536375>>517536712>>517537612I don't get this meme; if anyone, it should be Beel, the one who actually looks like a boy.

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>>517538120>He thinks the spammer played the game

>>517538120just trannies being weird and thinking they pass

someone get the suicidal tranny out of here

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>>517532773You wouldn't worship Satan, would you?

Attached: EZfvtwSWAAIiG00.png (1837x2197, 327.38K)

>>517538120/pol/fags gonna Holla Forums, but everyone knows the real hot new shit is libraryposting

Attached: too cool for library.png (718x582, 692.98K)

>>517538314Choked on my drink a little bit, that's good shit

Attached: 1588342726493.jpg (1356x1764, 95.25K)

>>517505327Patrician taste

>>517538392god i love red

Cerberus is literally the worst fucking girl holy shit.How could ANYONE like them.>Pet play>They're three>Mindlessly loyalIt's like the coomerest option for straight up sociopaths.Extremely creepy.

>>517491302>>517532773cute feet

>tfw no zdrada gf

>>517532773try various combinations of getting out the initial box and pushing around the rocks in the lower right, eventually you are bound to get it right

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>>517524528>Heaventaker soonOnly as a fan game , and you better hope there is someone willing to put in the work to make a decent fangame

>>517538841Yes, and?

>>517523324idk, demons are kind of fair game, but poland is still poland with actual religious stuff

>>517492268>just another coomer baitThis but unironically.


>>517539158I'll keep trying that thanks. I don't think I'm far off, just needed to take a break.

hmmm all those deleted posts

what's up with the tranny smap?


>tfw Malina got me into Heroes IIIAs a guy who was born in 1995 and I grow around old PC games l have no idea how I missed this gem, me and my father used to play a lot of old PC games and we never heard of the HoMM series.

Attached: 106219-heroes-of-might-and-magic-iii-the-restoration-of-erathia-windows-front-cover.jpg (800x972, 185.25K)

>>517492268>Just another coomer baitBased>for the male gazeNever understood this. Don't lesbians find the female form more attractive?

>>517540630Finding women attractive is oppression, stay woke


>>517540598do you not live in east europe?my entire first decade was spent playing heroes 4

>>517516710fuck off back to /a/

>>517540630I imagine plenty of straight women can still recognise other women as attractive, just like men can admit another man is handsome.

517540772You're not worth the (you)Can an actual lesbian clarify this tomfoolery for me?

>>517540630YesI shared this game with my friends and a bisexual girl was most pleased

>>517540630bros like 70% of the artists making the fanart are girls people don't know what they want

>>517492268You know, yeah it is. My question is if your female/tranny/gay what “cooker” game would YOU want?If you’re going to invade my board with your inside jokes and your “muh she” crap every day you might as well tell us why you don’t like getting off.

>>517540598If you're interested in the series, HOMM5 is also great and quite different, and all of the improvements are executed well. Some people put it over HOMM3 in a ranking.HOMM4 is also okay but quite unbalanced and.. weird. It's still fun for a few playthroughs. HOMM2 is just a worse and older version of 3 and homm 6 is just awful, don't bother.

Character art is kind of strange. It obviously westernized anime but doesn't have that putrid look most western "artists" draw. Maybe it's the coloring or something.

>>517540835Nope, I'm not European, I did realize that this game as a big fanbase composed of Russians and Polish.>>517541405Thanks for the info, I'll surely check the other games, HoMM 5 must be great.

>>517541845I've seen similar styles in manga and doujinshi, the linework in Helltaker is just harsher. I like it.

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Modeus is for holding hands and kissing.

I'm surprised how little mashups are made from the songsyoutube.com/watch?v=85VQEzwzAvE

>>517531627>none of the harpy demons>no inanna>no moh shuvuu>not even fucking lilithApply yourself

>>517543912>>no inannaShit, I wonder why.

Attached: 1563770511076.png (471x387, 199.66K)

>>517544605You fight tiddy with tiddy>>517531723Wait are these 3d printed? Where's the model I want one too


Attached: __modeus_cerberus_malina_and_azazel_helltaker_drawn_by_antiomer__1923c973b7356ab379b21ec17c7fcc0b.png (1200x960, 89.52K)

>>517541361>>517540630>>517539558>>517528843>>517528814>>517528553>>517528296>>517517624>>517515520>>517513656>>517511961>>517510527>>517508269>>517493605>>517492537thanks for the replies incels, my brain is flooding with dopamine right now

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>>517541961HoMM5 is only good with expansions.Vanilla game is mediocre, especially if you just play the campaign - it has some of the blandest mission design in the series.

>>517491302took me almost 3 hours to beat the last phase of Judgment holy shit

>>517547551show tits

>>517492268yeah we should remove all women from games, that would be better right? can't risk that any male anywhere might be aroused by a fictional woman

>>517540630it's mentally ill doublethink don't try to understand it. they change the rules of their culture every fucking day like socks

>>517510606you are an absolutely joyless cunt

>>517548117I'm sad to hear that, user. If it's any consolation, I hear research of treatments for MS is advancing steadily.

avatar fagging means you want a vacation

>>517548731lol half the steam reviews seem to indicate they couldn't even beat it at all. it's difficult. not everyone can be a leet gamer fag like you.

>>517547551Dopamine? The convenience store was selling it, for $2.98

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>>517492268Lurk at least three months, then post.

>>517549010honestly the chapter 9 puzzle was harder and I didn't beat it until after I got the secret ending

>>517549151I'll take threeAlso gimme one of those digital cocaine chips while you're at it, my navi could also use a high

The doggirls are hot.

Attached: smugdong.jpg (285x327, 9.37K)

>>517511806The dev has said hes making another.Has not confirmed if its Helltaker2 or Heaventaker.

>>517547551Based snail vampire.

Attached: D44513BE-EC82-4E8C-8227-AE44D9717E5E.jpg (800x950, 128.95K)


>>517520532i like the image of bzb with a cock inside her glove but he gloves is half on so its between the leather glove and her soft palm.Haha

Guess who’s about to bust a fat nut to this Here’s a hint: it’s me ;)

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>>517527551lovely post


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>developers pandering more and more to the footchad audienceis this going to become a much more mainstream form of sex appeal in future games?

>>517531627Is the one on the right a balding old chinese tranny?

>>517550675belzeboo is my caananite goddess

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>>517533483> no replay ability Yes, it is a puzzle game.....

>>517551367Until the jihad comes, brother, yes.

Is this the designated footchad thread?

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>>517523530>That Pandemonica

Attached: 1585556707740.gif (600x600, 230.16K)

>>517542553>>517541845Hungarian artist

big tittiesboobbig tittiesboob


Attached: page13.png (1920x1080, 903.8K)

>>517505996>>517528945he posted it in a foxhole thread and that one actually got deleted

>>517526320I'm actually impressed, very nicely done.

>>517523324Heaventaker WHEN


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>>517491302>Charming and fuckable characters>Hits a good, unoffensive but still surprisingly sparse niche of sexy girls wearing suits (seriously why the fuck don't more games do this)>Nice art style>Sleek looking UI>Memorable music>Intuitive puzzle mechanics that are used in a challenging way>Casual waifufags can skip them>Short and sweet; doesn't overstay it's welcome (The game itself, not the fanbase/popularity obviously)>FreeIt's not a big surprise that it hit so well. I doubt it'll last more than a couple months but it's definitely easy to see why it's so popular

>>517525870That's the ultimate punishment.

How do you say "please step on me" in japanese.

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Attached: 1594731395_sample_d378b7f57c09b4db5da2b0f64421b62a.jpg (850x791, 168.17K)

>>517553693the game isn't even japanese


>>517553789Not him, but how do you say "please step on me" in Polish?

>>517553693A thing i noticed:When sleepy drinks her coffee and because sadistic, her horns grow like 3 times the size.

>>517491302All the girls look like the exact same body and face but with different hair and clothes. I imagine someone else has said this.

>>517491302I have no idea what the fuck this is but I saw some threads calling it popular, is it popular?

>>517547551fuckin based


>>517553982pzšlu sżttepn onjhy mïy

>>517491302Literal ironic weebshit on the same level as DDLC

>>517503073Delete it all you want faggot, anyone using 4chanx can still see his post.

BUG-TAKER GAME WHEN?youtube.com/watch?v=7bGh-3EdUog

Just got in, what's with all those deleted posts?


>>517554704hardcore cp

>>517525215If he make sequel. God, we doom

wtf so the thread got deleted but brought back from the dead? And then when it returns half the posts are censored? What if I'm ne....


>>517554448gib qt spider gf

>>517532252took this long for a post of best girl

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>>517547838Not to mention the AI is a cheating son of a bitch. I hate it.


>>517553693Domo arigato, mister robato

>>517553734Come on, man.

Attached: __lucifer_and_azazel_helltaker_drawn_by_yohan1754__d378b7f57c09b4db5da2b0f64421b62a.jpg (4096x3814, 862.76K)

>>517525215Clearly get a show for it. If Indivisible can get one why can't this!?

>>517491302It's free and people are just horny for the monster girls they'll never have.

>>517525215From what I understand, the dev made it literally because he wanted R18 fanart of demon girls in suits.So in other words, he's making huge profits because profit is measured in lewds, not dollars

>>517536896Get aids loser.

>>517550575Arrest yourself.

>>517550807>legfagbeyond based

>>517550807legs, feet and thighs all at once.

>>517550807God I wish that stool was my dick.

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>>517562093good fucking god.I'll uh...I'll be right back...

>>517515924and that's a good thing, here's why


>>517550807based fellow legchad

why are feet so nice

>>517532252Finally someone posted the best girl

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>>517563304I have no idea but they are simply divine

Attached: B20E80EA-538A-49B3-B8FA-99A6EC7573A9.jpg (837x1024, 99.45K)

Attached: 60466a6e80219802cc52a54b409fb443.jpg (1032x1457, 526.11K)


Attached: 037129A6-44DE-4CBB-85D8-E34A20CA1668.jpg (608x686, 70.12K)


Attached: 2C9C05EE-054A-4FB7-9B16-F2A498B9A55D.jpg (600x907, 107.11K)

Attached: illust_82218181_20200719_072638.png (2162x2275, 3.67M)

anyone saved that one azazel image where helltaker is holding her mouth open and she has the hentai tongue? i think she says something like "ah u hue this will heew my weseash? (are you sure this will help my research)" but she cant speak properly since helltaker is holding her

>>517540598U are probably from west. Homm3 was a lot more popular in slavic countries.For example in Poland there was an old comedy show called "foster family" and when there was scene of boys plaing on PC, they allways played Homm3.


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>>517562093I like Cerberus because she is three.

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>>517531671>CBT MORE

>>517562093>>517565672problem is that she is also a dog


>>517565882I don't understand

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>>517491610Justice is cuole.

Attached: Justice arrives.png (800x600, 109.86K)

>>517525215does he not have a patreon or somethingleaving money on the table imo

zdrada but wearing a sundress

>>517539063>>517525357My bretheren.>>517538392>Lucy>Not ZdradaActually accurate. Now>Malina>Not ZdradaDisappointing but understandable.

Attached: Look at Me, Brother.png (406x488, 160.01K)

>>517531671>DiivesAt least this one does have his signature 4 frame animation

Riddle me this Master, if you are so great, why hasn't anyone come up with any harem doujins of you yet?

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Justice and Zdrada are fucking ugly and boring and there's zero art of their feet so I can't coom to them

>>517567139Game came out like 2 months ago and comiket is dead.Give it time.

>>517493794>>517492087Only if completely coated. Lazy coatings are worse than no coating.


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...tranny game?

>>517565596>pretending to be tough

>>517568028Nope, just the one non-smash game on the board to not get purged by abib's fucking crusade against all things vidyaCongratulations on not getting purged by abib, by the way.

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>>517531185Danke schön Doktor

>>517531671>ESLevery fucking time.

I like Pandemonica but I'm abhorrent to torture or masochism. Why

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>>517568652her less attractive characteristics make her more desirable mayhaps?

Attached: EcZojzRWkAAHxbG.jpg (2160x2160, 405.95K)

>>517569414Its moreso the curls man. I wanna burry my face in them under a warm cover

>>517564891pretty popular in Scandinavia too

>>517569597oh yeah, those are very poofy

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>>517491302Why do you keep making these threads?

Attached: 1580950522202.png (850x1500, 1.63M)

>>517569414>less attractive characteristicsPandemonica is absolutely perfect and beautiful and if you disagree then you should swiftly kill yourself.

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>>517568652She was a real contender for best girl when she was just the Tired Demon. I don't completely hate her Sadistic version, but it definitely knocks her down a couple pegs.

Attached: 521c61698aac75d6325f7c189ef31d0ec17de5c5.jpg (1200x849, 118.45K)

>>517569934anon i like her too i'm just saying the fact she's not a perfect waifu is what makes her likeable.

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>>517570475She's absolutely a perfect waifu user I swear to god I will slap you silly if you continue this blasphemy.

Attached: 22360220fea117c877895c97c8306561.jpg (811x1147, 139.14K)

>>517570475Ah, the Boswellian school of character

>>517526320How did you make the model? by hand or did you 3d print?

>>517571113So she has 20/20 vision and isn't addicted to caffeine?

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>>517491302sexy feet

>>517523530im gonna cumalso>never heard of this game>google it>a few breaths short of an 8-bit puzzle game>looks nothing like the linked image>soniamdisappoint.jpgi was hoping for a demon-girl dating harem vn

I want to have hot steamy sex while holding hands in missionary position with Malina.After which I watch her play games~

>>517572107It's both of those things.

>>517572218you can date them?

>>517572107just play it, coomer, it's like an hour long

>>517572284That's the entire premise. You solve puzzles to get to demon girls then flirt with them to add them to your harem.

objective tierlist coming in>S(exy) TierJustice>(w)A(ifu) TierMalina, Azazel, Modeus>B(itch) TierZdrada>C(razy) TierPandemonica, Judgement, Beelzebub, Lucifer>Normie reDDit TierCerberus

>>517567889I can't stop laughing at this Cerberus

>>517493783>are you looking for the glass?>thanks>while you're at it, can you get me some ice and a straw?>you sure have a lot of requests

>>517540598I love HoMM, it reminds me when I was young and mom returned from work, she turned the game on and talked to PC, like "what the fuck you did to my unicorn" "of course, shooty bitches, I don't want your gold". Sometimes she let me watch her play. It was nice because she didn't yell at me and didn't beat me for not doing the dishes she just beat the keyboard sometime. Later she switched to Warcraft 3 and WoW, but when I was a kid she always played HoMM or Diablo 2.

roll for your waifudubs = you live the rest of your life with her

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