DoA: Deceased or Animated

Do you support sugoi dekai oppai, or sugoi pettanko oppanko?

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I support my Southern Belle.

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DOA girls are best enjoyed in Honey Select or AI Shoujo.

>>517400098Kanna's chest is beautiful but it isn't very sugoi dekai.

>>517400098I support itty bitty titty.

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Rebooblican here.Demoflats are fine too.


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>お前this bitch is rude as fuck

>>517404471She shouldn't stand on the bed, it's dangerous.

Posting best girl.

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>>517406002Not anymore Kanna replaced her as best girl

>>517400098former, link to mod nao

>>517406743Is this standard nursing attire?


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I love kasumi.Also fuck em poorfags in PvPs lmao

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>>517404665You're the rude one here. Kanna's omae sets her apart from the others and the delivery of it is too cute to be considered rude.>>517407225>link to modThat's an official costume.

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>>517400098pettanko, all the wayshame none of those whores is actually flat chested

Please just post pics and stop talking about the "gameplay". Wow! I rolled stones and the big number was higher than the little number! Nobody gives a fuck moron.

>>517407836wow you weren't lying

>>517408076It's the latest collab effort in VV, all the girls got the costume.

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>day 3>Newfag>Pvp event>Still barely at 5 milHow fucked am i bros

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is kanna ever coming to steam version?

>>517408362Depends on what rank you're trying for.

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>>517408362If you're new to the game it's literally impossible to rank high.

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>>517402403if it were just possible to mod DOAs lighting effects into HS2

>>517400098>japan is sugoi pettanko>usa is TRANNY TRANNY TRANNYweebs must die

>>517408362>day 3>Only about net minus 10 bottles used>Already at 15 milYou'll get there user

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>>517409714What's up with HS2? From screenshots I've seen it looks worse than HS1.

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>kanna in SeptemberI can't wait any longer what do

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>>517410041The webm that ended the big nigger ass obsession

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What an odd number to cap the special currency. Will they add even more items after week 1?

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Yo whats the best way to go about auto clicking?

How popular is that manga anyway?

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I love Luna!

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>>517400098I like oni girls.

>>517404471>shoes on the bed

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>>517410660Autohotkey scriptThen get a screen/window viewer to bypass botchecker

>>517410047i dunno i havent tried it but /h/ seems to like it

>>517407986Still better than white women who need niggerdick and entry-level psycology courses to fill the massive space left vacant by their ashamed fathers.

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I love Kasumi!

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>>517411235he posted it last thread and will likely continue to post it in future threadsjust ignore it and move on

>3 SSRs + 1 dupe>275 girls coinsThis was a pretty good haul.

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>>517410546Isn't it exactly enough to buy everything that's on the page? At least I assume it is because there's no RNG element to getting those coins.There's supposed to be an added Owner Room job for goodies later and that's about it from what they mentioned on the livestream. The other probable thing is a Decobromide gacha since the one from the mission has a number in its name.The event matches say 10+ days left so I just hope that doesn't mean there will be no new matches, because that'd mean no stones for the second week.

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>>517400098Fuck seasonals

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>>517413242Are these in game?Maybe I just don't look at their backs.

>>517411462did you make her butt bigger?


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>>517411462>>517413380fucking kekwhat is this

>>517413380>>517413458No, there is a ribbon on that suit that changed her silhouette in that screenshot.

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>>517413356Not him but that's what that suit looks like by default, yes.

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I like how the TV ad not only tells you nothing about the game, but actively misleads you by using that Fiona kiss scene and making you think there's more of those, and even for Fiona it's like a level 70


any modanons know why, after updating 3DMigoto, the game launched with Hunting turned on?I enabled it in the d3dx.ini but it never did this before

>>517416953What value did you set? It should be 2 so you can toggle it off/on.

>>517400098I love Cunna!


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>>517417194Ah, I had it set to 1Didn't fully read it. Thanks

I want to marry and impregnate Ayane

>>517417382No problem. I don't know why there even is an option to have it turned on by default.

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>>517417371only fapworthy one in the whole gamewould be PERFECT with a cute flat chest

>>517419903She does have a flat chest. You just want a boy.


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If only luma has a flat chest. Fuck

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>>517421685They barely even have a chest at all wtf are you on about

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what does Kanna mean when she says だめか

>>517400098dekaipettanko might as well be a dude, shit's mad gay

>>517416274Tomi is good gril.

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>>517426261I like to think they chose this collab specifically because they knew how exploitable the shirt would be.

Everyone gone off to sleep...

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>>517429894>SleepingOthers are ded

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>>517430404I can't believe Michael Jackson is fricking dead.

Marie is here to help save the thread.

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I'm not gay or a pedophile, so sugoi dekai oppai.


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>>517433326where are her pants

>>517434629That outfit doesn't come with pants

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>>517434751now her top is missing toothere's a maniac stealing clothes somebody stop him

>>517400098I wanna see Honoka with that shirt please.

>>517437173She's in the Event episode wearing it.

>>517421685W-what kind of game was Kanna in, since she is promoting for Lilith Soft?

post luna's tunas

>>517430404>kill momoji

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is there a way to stop the potentials from unequipping when changing outfit item?

>ded threadded tamaki

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Miji pornstar when?

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>>517402403>see DOA girl cards in illusion games>download game and card>looks nothing like any of the girls>download 2847231756109835 mods>still looks off

>>517439843Just a little pull and those beautiful breasts are free.

>missed one momiji fag...>gotta take care of it real quick

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How can one shrine maiden be this slutty?

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When are we getting a VR DoA game?

>>517440652How many swimsuits and bikinis does Tina have in Beach Paradise?

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>no evidences

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Miji was a virgin before her run-in with Rachel and Nyo. Now she is a used girltoy.

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>>517404665That's what makes her cute, though. She's looking down on you as a lesser race, but she's so bad at it that it's obviously just a learned response with no malice behind it.I've encountered my fair share of rude anime girls who do weird shit like give you a nickname within 2 minutes or drop honorifics despite you being older than them, but Kanna isn't rude, she's just clueless. DEKAI

>>517442706Sukoshi dekai needed a bonus version just for Kanna that made her tits as big as Uzakis.

Lisa in DOAVV when?

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>>517444178Hopefully never, Patty is bad enough.

>>517444557But DOAVV needs an actual slut!

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>>517444724This.KT needs to add more of the i can skip their events and save stones. Fuck these ugly ass oldfags. Fuck all of them. They were a mistake just like helena.

how do I know when I should stop grinding to take pictures?

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>>517445112Most of the new girls are just as terrible, except with new girls you occasionally get a cute one every half a year or so.I have too many stones banked already, give me shit to spend them on.

>3 minutes into ryona and she gives you this look, wyd?

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>Kanna and 3 other favorites in the same banner>Desire sensor gives me the two I dislike the most insteadI want Kanna's outfit to max skill it with the freebies, but I'm stuck with Sayuri and Tamaki>>517445112Based.But they need to stop whatever stupidity they've been doing that created Monica and Sayuri. Be it face scanning or just lazy ass animators.

>>517445726I'm guessing you're playing in dmm?Dmm has like what, 19 girls already? Only 5 girls remaining till they make another verison or probably vv2 or some shit. So that's around 15-20months reamaining. I don't think it would be any better to save stones if you're just aiming to get girls lmao

>>517446231I'm saving stones for cute SSRs. More cute girls means more cute SSRs.

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>>517442706Is sugoi dekai just an official mega milk?

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>>517421212How do I get this game in vr?

>>517449875You buy a PS4.What. You do realise modders haven't even bothered putting fucking Time Crisis in VR yet, right? And you expected them to work on niche shit like this?

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Post Tamaki, I need to cum!

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endless sex with Lei Fang

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I can't work out what the hell this goblin wants.

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Kanna's breasts have finally grown.

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>>517454625I can't waste the SSR on it, especially when you get 4 free gems anyway. Only a few more days until free titty goblin.

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>>517454802oh god wow

>>517400098Extra large for me, chestlets aren't real women.

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>>517448630Take off Helena's towel

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>>517400098I hate uzaki.

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>>517456279more in this trend

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>>517458009Kokoro Sandwich > Ayane Sandwich > Leifang Sandwich > Tamaki Sandwich > Misaki Sandwich

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>>517450892That bounce! Thank god for gravity!

I have 5000 of the current event currency. The fuck do I do with that much?

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>>517460198Did you buy everything?

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No matter which DOA girl I have sex with I always go back to my mom-wife Helena's bed and sleep beside her.

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Tina and Lisa for VV

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I'm on rank 3000 something right now. That's not gonna be enough to stay above 5k until reset, right?


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>>517466070In my experience at DMM people really go crazy grinding on the last day. Better burn a dozen more FP bottles if you want that SSR accessory.

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>>517466210I went from 5100 to 3100 today, I'll do more tomorrow.

>>517466070nah these guy grind like crazy until the last moment

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>>517466070Yep, try 2k

>>517465987More beach paradise Lisa!

worst girl?

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Don't really play this game, but thank you bros for existing, your threads are the best in Holla Forums, thanks to you I can never stop coomin.

>>517467046That's Nagisa.>Chestlet>terrible personality>steals from the Casino

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>>517468739Yeah fuck that bitch and monica

>>517467046Kokoro, Helena, Monica

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>>517467046Not when Luna, Monica, Fiona, Patty, and Nagisa exists.

>>517468739Buttslut Nagisa is nowhere near worse girl.

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>>517444178When Black Lives Matter

>>517400548based.please post more stuff of the new mod, it looks fantastic holder has really outdone himself

>>517471438So now?

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Attached: DOAX_VV 2020-05-30 23-32-14.png (1920x1080, 3.91M)

Attached: DOAX_VV 2020-07-16 21-23-28.png (1920x1080, 3.32M)

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>want to take pictures>eternally stuck grinding in potato settings to grind score/coinsWhat a dilemma.

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>>517477980All DOAfus are special you big BAKA.

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>>517400548oh my god first post! don't need to search through thread to coOOm. aghhhh i love Tina!

>>517471664uh you've done it. But don't you think the tits are just TOO BIG! Or the assess just TOO ROUND? The sanctity of my DOA girls is ruined. Nevermind the fact the proportions of the girls change constantly every release, that's totally different.

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For taking screens with BP I'd highly recommend disabling the in game DOF and using the one in Reshade. The Reshade DOF is much better

>>517440728older versions of BP gave the girls the same 10+ new swimsuits. The newest gives each of the girls their own unique one and is only i think 3 or 4.

>>517439843>>517465987Fapping to Tina and Lisa!


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Costume designer stuck.Wtd?

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>>517482863Pull down pantsu but leave the stockings on.

>>517454440This oni is cute. CUTE!

>>517481771welcome to the club

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>>517483786Post some Lisa stuff

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>>517484252Is tan Tina close enough? I need more lisa stuff too.

Attached: 65465.png (1885x1060, 1.96M)

>>517486127No, i need my balance of coffee with my cream. Tina is posted a lot which is great but i need Lisa too.

>>517486312You sound spoiled.

You can just pirate the fucking game and download the mod whats your guys excuses for just leaching images

>>517475170>In the top 3000>Go to bed>Come back one day later down 2000 placesJesus this event is gonna kill me.

>>517400098Didn't see much of a difference with Nagisa.

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>>517488136not them but maybe its because pics made by others feel different to you than the one you made yourself.

Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200711_131943.jpg (1080x1920, 453.79K)

>>517488136X3 has better lighting and tans, as well as outfits that aren't in VV.

Attached: 1505075193428.png (1080x1920, 2.68M)

Attached: Suoi Deai.jpg (1920x1080, 548.15K)

This might honestly be the stupidest and most worthless malfunction in the entire game. If there's any other difference to it apart from this I cannot for my life spot it.

Attached: guess which is which.jpg (1920x2160, 1.45M)

>>517491501>tfw when ur tiddy is so powerful it's able to change ur name

Attached: meet a:ne.jpg (2160x3840, 926.57K)

>no sfm porn of the oninice

Attached: 1573102731687.jpg (3840x2160, 948.79K)

Attached: OniWave.jpg (1080x1920, 495.26K)

>>517492385>that "thinly" veiled request for demon pornno


Attached: kino.jpg (1280x720, 284.57K)

Are the steam VV servers running like ass for anyone else or just me?

Attached: u dun it nao arry porrer.jpg (2160x3840, 1.4M)

>>517400098Steam will never get, unless some bootleg random event swimsuit

>>517408362>day 3bots are already at 50mil at this point

>>517495252>serversprobebly it's one mac mini

>>517495252Hug Ayane!Kiss Ayane!Love Ayane!

>>517495252Not just you.

>>517467046Marie probably. Very closely followed by Nagisa.I hate Marie because she acts and speaks like a fucking retard and her fanbase isn't helping her.I hate Nagisa because she's just a fucking bitch.

>>517469889Man, all the good genes went to Misaki.

>>517496275Misaki was always meant to be your 'personal assistant'

>>517495252Yea sorry, I accidentally the wrong plug.

>>517495873Extremely based.

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>>517488563DMM is even more suffering, especially if you have other responsibilities than grinding matches all day. I've missed so many accessories at this point I just don't give a shit anymore.

Slow day.

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>>517400548>>517483786Oh mama

all 4.5 inches

>>517488136It can't run on my toaster.

I got curious how many unique SSRs I had after almost a year across both DMM and Steam. Kokoro being on the top is nice at least.

Attached: SSR.jpg (286x585, 46.45K)

>>517491836is the bottom one the malfunction because it's a bit thinner?

>>517495579>No boring ass shirt and skort comboOh no!

>>517501150Yeah. The thong just gets ridden up the crack the most miniscule amount and that's the entire extent of it as far as I can tell. The only redeeming factor is it's a venus suit so it just happens eventually whether you want it or not so it's not like you lose anything over it.

>>517502485I find it pretty cute.

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>>517502996That's just because the girl it's on is very cute

Is the inbox to this game unlimited?I don't know if I should grind and then collect everything at the end, or if I will get fucked doing that.

>>517503884I usually stop at 50 items in the maildon't wanna risk it, you know?

>>517503884999 is allowed for sure. More - idk.

>>517503884Don't grind too much in one go because once you reach 9999 event currency, it also starts going straight into your post and you have to manually accept it from there later.

>>517503884Nope. Large crystals are now going into my mailbox and I don't have an SR/SSR that needs leveling up.

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>>517505087how the fuck do you have so many crystals?I'm always struggling to level up what ever trendy suits I happen to get

>finally got Tamaki's bracelet to level 90>it only adds 120 points>someone said it was gonna be 200This is pretty disappointing, especially with how much it costs to actually get from 80 to 90.

>>517496526Extremely comf ninja

>>517504407I had to accept through 300 earlier, I can't imagine how much of a pain in the ass 999 is.

>>517505263You get a retarded amount of L crystals from watermelon events where you can buy watermelons for event currency. Just have a trendy and farm. Then buy the unlimited supply of the melons and gift them. You will swim in hundreds upon hundreds of materials from just 1 event like this.

>>517505087You should be able to sell the crystals in the items menu to prevent them going to the mailbox.>>517505263Just grind it out once during a Watermelon festival. You'll get tons of crystals from that and then you don't have to worry about that. Pic related is 100 watermelons.

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>>517505087>>517506060Is there a way to completely skip watermelon scene and batch open them?Holy shit, it feels like a grind just clicking skip.

Every fucking day. Every single fucking day when I come home this little goblin just sits there and gives me this stupid look.

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>>517505526Did you use swimsuits to level it up?

>>517506438Just hit the all-skip button like in volleyball

>>517506438There's a toggle in the options.

Attached: file.png (733x485, 352.18K)

>>517506438It's in the options. You still have to wait for the 10 items to load anyway so it doesn't go super fast, but it's not the end of the world.Although I am talking about DMM here, maybe Steam didn't get the patch yet?

>>517506643yeah but that still means loading up and pressing all-skip, takes like 20 secs for 1 melon

>>517489292I tend to like my own photos a lot more compared to ones posted here. Too many of you go straight to using what should be post processing tools and mods, without really doing anything about photo composition. VV's garbage photo mode doesn't help either.In contrast, I save a lot from JP VV threads.>>517491836>>517501150It's just a wedgie. It's why I used to always immediately sell her venus outfit when I needed skill stones, without ever bothering to break it. Even now I haven't bothered, despite having excess skill stones.

>>517506570No. I just use the free ones you get from lessons. The double wings took a long time to collect though. Maybe not as long now since they're guaranteed from SSS rank, but still took long for the first 7.

>>517506760If you're on Steam you can select 10 or 100 melons at a time from the item screen

>>517507115Show us their masterful pictures.

>>517507115Joke's on you, it actually has a great awakening TEC skill to max up with rock climbing.

Finally got my Kanna to level 60 today, I don't fucking know how anyone gets to level 80 in this shit. Do you just spend all day every day grinding? SS+ gives me 144xp, so I need 200 fucking runs just to level up once.

>>517508085>rock climbing.Yes well, where is that rock climbing?

>>517507924A lot of them are not advertiser-friendly

Attached: DOAX_VV_20.jpg (2160x3840, 1.51M)

>>517508153GJ, I have my eyes on level 80 with nyotengu right now.Its simply setting up auto farm, and use up 1k bottles.I am doing it in this event thanks to the trendies, I can clear SSS+ 237 exp on auto about 9/10 times.


>>517505526Are you referring to that one SSR stamina accessory?If yes then you done fucked up.

>>517508191There was one like a couple weeks before free Fiona. Even by itself it's a pretty decent skill for TEC purposes, miles better than the usual 1 or 2% baloney the default skills have.

>>517468092>>517469274>all this kokoro hateBut why tho?

Attached: 20200717202533_1.jpg (1920x1080, 391.67K)


>>517510319You should be used to coming across people with bad opinions on the internet by now.

Attached: 1588832868379.jpg (1080x1919, 215.49K)

>>517440075>looks nothing like themmaybe you just have bad cards or are autistically picky

Attached: HS Tina2_VP8.webm (1280x720, 1.22M)

>>517508153>Finally got my Kanna to level 60 todayEnjoy the sad cutscene.Mine is at 69, with 10k XP left to go. The main thing is just using her as much as you can, giving her all the XP gifts, and just playing for a long time.Unless I had two trendies, I've always used Kanna for events. My next highest level is Nyo at level 56.>>517509294To me it sounded like that user was expecting the accessory to give 680 to the stat, but 600 is the max at level 90.>Are you referring to that one SSR stamina accessory? If yes then you done fucked up.What do you mean by this?

Attached: Oni-Piece.jpg (1080x1920, 454.6K)

>>517508241I would advertise on any site that would allow nude Marie Rose.


Attached: 1564566143103.jpg (2160x3840, 795.94K)

>>517511865Who sleeps with their eyes open?

>>517511523>>517511796just compare the quality between these two games

>>517511523Post more wet naked Kokoro

>>517511941Useless fat ninjas!

>>517511941She was awakened by user's love

Attached: Desktop Screenshot 2020.06.26 - (1920x1080, 3.62M)

>>51751219147kg still isn't fat.

>>517507924I haven't found threads recently and their imageboards use the same number generator for file names as here, so I'm not sure which are from here or there anymore.I don't think anyone here can get better duo pics at least.>>517508085I've got plenty of other girls with abilities I want to work on.Abilities from Venus swimsuits are some of the least efficient for using keys on

Attached: 1554549140801.jpg (3840x2160, 1.24M)

>>517512338She's 5'2" though

>>517512680That's literally considered underweight.

>>517512445>Abilities from Venus swimsuits are some of the least efficient for using keys onAll 12PP skills have the same efficiency, which at full upgrades is 24%, in other words 2% for every PP of cost. The only skills that are better than that for efficiency are 13PP ones.

>>517512947Do you really think that thing weights 47 kilos? Ofc she lied to the owner-san when giving her profile and bio. And owner-san is too much of a supreme gentleman to argue.

>>517512445My wife on the right.

Attached: excited annibunny.jpg (2160x3840, 1.35M)

Attached: Sayuri 21.webm (546x720, 2.99M)

Attached: Annotation 2020-07-07 224844.png (1014x554, 744.86K)

>>517511983like i thought, autism. You're deluded if you think a character creator can make models as good as what professional artists and modelers can hand craft in house. The "illusion", heh heh, is pretty close though. That looks like Tina to me.

>>517440075the girls faces and hair is literally extracted from the official DoA5 game and placed into Honey Select as a the fuck do they not look like them?

Attached: 67265183f7600c420e6056834e603c35.jpg (2160x3840, 3.95M)

>>517514907That's literally Tina's head from her DoA model ported into the game.

>>517515363Because HS's engine fucking sucks

Attached: Annotation 2020-03-29 170038.png (1025x894, 1.09M)

Attached: Desktop Screenshot 2020.07.19 - (2560x1440, 1.11M)


>>517516118>It's HS's fault its engine isn't 1:1 with DOA's, thus making the characters look slightly different(but not really) under extraneous lighting conditions Get help.

>>517517230>It's HS's fault its engine isn't 1:1 with DOA'sWell, yes.It's not just the lighting but the bodies, too. They just don't look right.

>>517517632>complains about bodies when Team Ninja can't even decide if Ayane got double Ds or has the smallest breasts in every game.

>>517517852>This shit againFuck off, nobody but you cares.

>>517517852You're fucking obsessed dude. The size is consistent within the games. In doax everyone has bigger boobs, in mainline games, everyone has slightly smaller boobs. It's a literal non-issue.

>>517517632what do you mean "ahem, well yes.lsfjsususmsusmg" And edit the bodies yourself. That's what I do.>nobody but you cares.i care. If people can sperg out about BP making assess 2% bigger, you can't not equally get angry when someone's tits are always changing size.

>another SSR for this stupid brat

Attached: Desktop Screenshot 2020.07.19 - (2560x1440, 1.32M)

>>517518340Get help, you appear to be having a stroke.

>>517456334I love Uzaki.

Shush, less autism and more DOAs. Give the shitposting a rest.

Attached: 1569317644139.jpg (1080x1920, 359.9K)

What's with all the gantz shit lately?

Attached: gantz.png (1080x1920, 2.03M)

>>517519124shitposting cannot end but that should not stop DOA posting

Attached: CEOsukoshiH.jpg (1080x1920, 999.98K)

>>517519124Post more Helena

>>517511796Post THE FUCKING CARD

I looked everywhere in LL for zoom out mods, and nothing.Is it that hard?

>>517520069Not him but I have this one from some you can't upload cards through 4chan

so for the best possible rewards from the melons, is it>have 2 girls use the suit in a match>have partner be a 3rd girl wearing the suit>give the melons to a 4th girl

>>517520651Thanks man

Attached: 95008cc6aef9c43d62b89d33ade0f4b9.gif (500x280, 978.55K)

>>517520612yes, you need the pose changer trainer thing but that only works for DMM and the guy who makes it is an asshat about it and makes you agree to some weird license stuff


>>517520704Yes, that's correct. The 4th girl having the trendy will raise the bonus as well. Venus Coins will always be for the girl who breaks the melon. Also, whether you have the melon cutscenes turned off or not doesn't matter at all for the bonus.

This is supposed to be Kasumi?

Attached: Clipboard01.jpg (402x972, 65.55K)

>>517521156>Bland expression>No describable personality whatsoever sure looks like kasumi to me

>>517521398You gotta work on your bait.

Attached: tamaki 2.webm (1600x900, 2.97M)

Attached: Oni about to become even stronger.jpg (1920x1080, 354.36K)

>>517522971I hope for your sake 70 isn't another depressing cutscene.

Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200711_032815.jpg (3840x2160, 1.17M)

>>517524118How is Tomi so cute?

>>517525650Perfect blend of Axis of Evil genetics

There we go. Now it's only 590k XP to the next scene.>>517523976She talks about her past in relation to that level 60 scene, so there is some sad stuff, but it's not that breakdown that the scene before was. Still makes you want to hug her tho.

Attached: Strong Oni.jpg (1920x1080, 343.15K)

>>517525650It's a mystery.

Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200711_031716.jpg (3840x2160, 1.05M)

>>517515363Not him but it's the lighting.

>>517521156Too big


Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200707_220802.jpg (3840x2160, 585.44K)

VV needs more OL outfits.

Attached: 社長の秘密_Screenshot_2020.07.19_00.49.42.jpg (538x969, 59.16K)

>>517526423That's just the outfit, looks better without clothes


>>517526220>>517526562>tfw no cute kraut gf

Attached: 1567273327781.jpg (2160x3840, 1.27M)

>>517527541Well what?


Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200707_221319.jpg (3840x2160, 547.1K)

>>517528617Would set up camp in those pits.

>>517528082is she sleeping or is she dead?


Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200707_221155.jpg (3840x2160, 411.31K)

>>517530372I don't like that flustered look.

>tfw no Nurse gf.

Attached: Desktop Screenshot 2020.06.23 - (1920x1080, 654.62K)

Thee is not nearly enough Marie in this thread

Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=5xI4DzotkWUXUyng)original_633869301.jpg (575x600, 136.19K)

Attached: 93795999_102002784789689_237695196345915077_n.jpg (640x640, 43.6K)


Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200711_032515.jpg (3840x2160, 1009.05K)

>>517532871Too much of my Marie stuff isn't advertiser-friendly

Attached: 1541331099130.jpg (2153x3503, 767.45K)

Attached: Desktop Screenshot 2020.07.10 - (1080x1920, 2.78M)

>>517533619Dump it on the /e/ thread

Attached: 35f1eca05f817762a0caa17ce50ae.jpg (547x1142, 123.33K)

>>517533436It just doesn't suit her. She's a cute peppy girl made for cute smiles.


Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_190812_185713.jpg (3840x2160, 500.08K)

Don't think I've seen a Sugoi Dekai German yet so here's one.

Attached: Sugoi Dekai German Edition.jpg (1920x1080, 453.52K)


Attached: 1576759150648.jpg (2160x3840, 999K)


Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200719_014725.jpg (1920x1080, 537.2K)

>>517537068how to acquire german gfpls respond

>>517538209>go to german>just b urself>???>profit

Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200416_203452.jpg (3840x2160, 879.79K)

>>517538209Getting to Germany would be a good start I think.

Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200719_014407.jpg (1920x1080, 506.14K)

>>517538696>>517539049but will I find a beautiful girl like hitomi?


I wonder what the next event will be.

Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200205_020655.jpg (2160x3840, 1.11M)

>>517539634Maybe in some deep corner of the countryside. Don't even think about going near an urban center. Nothing there but Mohammads and Fatimas

>>517540751Maybe Kanna will finally show up

Attached: give Tamaki a hug.jpg (2560x1440, 382.04K)

>>517540751>>517541249Nagisa still doesn't have her SSR earrings, right? I think they'll do that first before letting her go free. Nagisa going free should be the second week of Kanna showing up. The first week would be a Nyo/Momiji banner which would fix the fact that Nyo's last smaller banner was in March but I don't think they'll do that just yet.Other than that, seeing as how they've already done things from when Kanna was supposed to be around but not part of the event itself, they could do the foam suits by cutting Nagisa out of the banner. That's a two week event and week two would be a Kasumi/Luna banner.Or maybe they could do the Misaki/Tamaki Appetizer Shrimp banner. The rest is either directly featuring either Nagisa or Kanna or it's a Pool Hopping event and it's way too soon for another one of those.

>>517543139>all girl banner followed by a Kasumi bannerplease no...

Attached: Profound Sadness.jpg (3840x2160, 1.68M)

Attached: chunky nurse.jpg (2560x1440, 1018.08K)

>>517543720At least you should have a slightly better chance of fishing Kasumi out if they drop Nagisa from the banner. On DMM it's a 15-girl step up banner, 1.1% chance.

Attached: 179.png (1920x1080, 3.29M)

Attached: Desktop Screenshot 2020.03.02 - (1920x1080, 3.15M)

Attached: nyo.jpg (1920x1080, 520.86K)


>>517545472I really started to fall in love with Kasumi's beauty. Especially since DoA6 when got bigger tits than Ayane!Her body is perfection

Attached: Dead-or-Aive-6-Pirates-DLC-2-7.jpg (1000x563, 55.15K)

>>517543139>foam suits>followed by my bunny's native-themed suitOh no my V-stones.

Attached: victory bun.webm (1356x1080, 2.07M)

This game is not available in my country :(

>>517548396Then pirate it?

>>517540751On steam its probably lotion or melon

>>517548396Gotta pretend to be asian, user. Or learn to moon and get the jap one on DMM

edging to Tamaki!


Woops shit. I meant to say Misaki

Attached: 1584225786866.jpg (1920x1080, 277.82K)

>>517549476very much so

>>517549398You WHAT to WHOM?

Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_200519_192806.jpg (2160x3840, 1.29M)

>>517549694I’m doing THAT to HER!

will we ever get a PC vr doa game? I don't wanna buy psvr for the dances

>>517550358Not until VV's whale sales begin to drop on a regular basis. They're holding the big ticket items like that and pole dancing back to reel people back in.

>>517549986What the HECK stop that!!!!!

Attached: 1595124839163.webm (1374x1080, 2.07M)

>>517550490Not yet! I’m still having fun with these Tamakis! Post more!

>>517551009STOP IT

Attached: 1595125709213.jpg (3840x2160, 963.12K)

>>517551958Cute! Fine, fine.. I’ll finish things off.. Just one more Tamaki to go please!

>>517551958Creampie Tamaki!

Attached: Lei Fang & Tamaki - Maracas.webm (1280x720, 2.9M)

>>517552925This is NOT a restaurant, pal.

Attached: 1595127155264.jpg (3840x2160, 984.21K)

Attached: Sayuri - Gravure 10a.webm (960x540, 2.86M)

Attached: Sayuri - Gravure 10b.webm (960x540, 2.82M)

>>517554509Now THAT is some good fucking food! ty user

What the fuck happened to all the ost on YouTube?

Attached: 1011235925209.png (499x559, 284.38K)


help I can't stop grinding

Attached: ibento.png (343x138, 25.52K)

>can't stop grinding>Only at 5 mil

Attached: 1566923581363.jpg (1477x1657, 367.37K)

>>517557436Someone had uploaded the soundtrack for Xtreme 3 and Venus Vacation on YouTube, but the videos disappeared.

>>517558107I don't care about placementsI just want event currency for poses and shit

Rachel is smokin hot. This is a real woman.

Attached: 45465465.png (1920x1080, 1.16M)

>>517558384There's no ranking on DMM right now, they're saying that your score is really low for someone that can't stop grinding. Most players should be around 10mil+ by now without any heavy grinding due to the boosted SSR rate.

>>517559557ohFair point, but I only started seriously grinding today

Attached: mm.jpg (1920x1080, 455.33K)

>>517550358The VR is so fucking amazing on the ps4. I just hope to god that PC eventually gets it.


why is Fiona so fucking pissed?

Attached: fiona.png (256x409, 121.87K)

>>517563743She has to compete with 17 another bachelorette goddesses for Owner-san's pants pretty much every minute she's on the island.

>>517563743because Shrek is her husband

>>517563743She can't get close to ownah-sama thanks to her huge 5head and Tamaki.

Attached: 1594028782985.jpg (2560x1440, 580.99K)

>>517566182Dear lord in heaven

Whose stronger, Tina or Rachel?

Attached: 564654654.webm (1440x1080, 3M)

>>517567882Tina is stronger against my heart.

>>517414173T H I C C

>>517566182Caboose way too engorged.Hiney way too bloated.Glutes way too enormous.

>>517568709anon way too gay

Attached: DOAX_VV 2020-07-19 13-17-10.png (1920x1080, 2.26M)

but seriously what the fuck is up with that constantly revolving camera when you're in the bedroom?!

>>517567882Tina is more beautiful, for strength i'd say its around even.

>>517569379What's wrong with it? If you want to take pictures there you can just go into photo mode for that.

>>517570585i just find it distracting i mean i'm trying to give the bitch a gift or read some shit and the whole room is spinning

>>517570850Oh, it never bothered me.

Attached: miji.jpg (1920x1080, 442.45K)

Attached: game 2020-07-18 22-46-09.jpg (2560x1440, 748.75K)

Attached: Kokoro.jpg (1920x1080, 555.62K)

>>517570996Hnggghhhh Vigoorian women. I can't keep going aghhhhhhh

Attached: 132132.webm (1440x1080, 2.96M)

>>517571359Tying up and gently tickling Kokoro!

>>517570971yeah but you could get that angle yourself, you really need an auto revolving camera to do it for you?

>>517571523Who said anything about that?

Attached: Kokoro 2.jpg (1920x1080, 262.62K)

Attached: Kokoro 3.jpg (1920x1080, 345.27K)

>>517571359>>517571779>>517571875why does she have such a stupid down syndrome face?

>>517571779scroll up a tad and you'll see. just passed the gook.

Attached: Kokoro 4.jpg (1920x1080, 321.27K)

>>517571981it's a bit better with the nightmask on

>>517410720Do nipponjin really? How is that not ultra cringe?

>>517571503When you can see big titties from the back. oh god. What's that called?

>>517572234Because nobody cares.

Attached: nyo.jpg (1920x1080, 355.87K)

Attached: nyo 2.jpg (1920x1080, 488.44K)

Attached: nyo 3.jpg (1920x1080, 461.69K)

Attached: nyo 4.jpg (1920x1080, 596.04K)

Attached: miji 2.jpg (1920x1080, 361K)