Is DrDisrespect dare I say based?

Is DrDisrespect dare I say based?

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Dunno why 4chan can't give in and make an eceleb board. They did with faggots, vg and mlp too.

why do you zoomers keep spamming these threads?it's clear that majority of Holla Forums doesn't care

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who talking about whohow is this videogames



>>514424110more like, why do the threads keep getting deleted

Who the fuck is this dude? Is he a some kind of American pewdiepie or something ?


>>514424162you weren't here during gamergate were you

>>514424162Nobody wants to talk about it you fucking sperg

>>514424110because its the hottest thing in gaming right now and retards mods keep deleting them threads

It can’t be the David Icle shit, he spread a bunch of conspiracy theories before and never got in trouble

Not video games

>>514424184pretending not to know the doc, so edgy

>>514424227loleven the method breaking incel brit is more interesting than some twitch drama

>>514424225That whole era was pure cancer.

>>514424226I'd much rather talk about it than the the last of cucks and console shit.

It looked like something was wrong when he looked at his phone and that was just before he started talking about Icke.

>>514424101retards are just too retarded to use Holla Forums or other board that is fine for "eceleb" shit.

>>514424110Nobody gives a shit about the e-celeb himself.Very many of us give a shit about the workings of twitch.>why do you watch people play video games instead of playing video games?Lmao two monitors

>>514424269so why complain about the mods deleting cancer?

Posting anything related to twitch should be a bannable offense, zoomies are ruining everything.

>>514424291Most of us don't want to deal with the edgy shit on Holla Forums.


>>514424312I'm not the original user your replied to but had a visceral gut reaction remembering that garbage.

>>514424292You are a fucking loser and Im posting on 4chan

>>514424174because your retarded e-celeb faggotry doesnt belong here, so its pretty obvious why they are getting deleted.

He's a little bit edgy and we all know what twitch is like as a company so I wouldn't be suprised if some of the twitch execs got triggered by him

>>514424110>Why do you care about being censored and oppressed?Female hands typed this post

>>514424285So go to Holla Forums you faggot

>>514424353>edgy shit on Holla ForumsWhats the difference between this edgy elceleb drama and the edgy shit on Holla Forums?

Never watched this guy but I'm VERY curious as to what he did. No one has ever had their subscriptions refunded to their subscribers before. That's unprecedented, he must have fucked up big time and I cannot say I don't want to find out what it was.


>>514424291/b/ is literally dumpster trash board

I just learned about this guy offhandedly from that wings of redemption into the rabbithole. I never cared to watch people play cod I just played it myself so I didn't know any of the "personalities". Weird as soon as I learn of him all this shit happens to the guy

>>514424431Nudity. That's it.

>>514424239its some kind of fraud, they figured it out in the last threadsomething to do with him getting tipped off about the mixer shutdown and trying to fleece both twitch and microsoft at the same timenobodys talking about it because nobody wants to put themselves in the middle of some big legal dealif it were something worth gossiping about like him getting #cancelled thered be a media storm about it, thats how that shit works, it being private means the government is involved

not videogames

>>514424226Yet it always reach 500++ posts....

>>514424035On /sp/ , we talk about the popular professionals who play the sports on which the board is based.On Holla Forums , we can't talk about the popular professionals who play the games on which the board is based.Why is this double standard allowed to exist on 4chan.(stop deleting these threads mods)

>ywn convince the mods to mass ban anyone with Twitter cookies>ywn get rid of underage

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>>514424516peak reddit post

>>514424493Kek what an idiot. Twitch is gonna squeeze him dry.

>>514424035Based raping that chick, see you in the police reports.

>>514424362did your game journo friends get harassed or something, snowflake?

>>514424393>not being allowed to mention the name of famous racist antisemites>oppressionTake your meds

>I want to talk about video games so much I'll spend my time posting about how this thread infringes on this desire even though I can go to any of the other 99 threads and talk about video games there, I'm totally not a faggot

Who the fuck is David Iche

>>514424035>Dr. Disrespect>David IckeWho?

>>514424216does anyone know which documentary hes talking about

>>514424285This. The whole site is already cluttered with shills from corporations and alphabet organizations but the jannies don't want to let us talk about something that we really wanted. It's really weird.

>>514424569yes :(

>>514424162>Maybe if I use a homophobic slur they won't know I'm shilling for an e-celeb board so Amazon can make more money off 4channers>>514424174

>>514424239did he mention icke before though, cause conspiracies are one thing but connecting an entire new gen of twitch zoomers to the zionist global control system is another thing. it's obvious this was why he was banned

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>>514424452Yep thats where eceleb threads should be, in the dumpsterPerfect place

>>514424493>they figured it out in the last threadimagine being this naive because one guy posted a somewhat plausible theory

>>514424524>cookiesNigga what year is this?

He got an erection with his dick peeking into the facecam and streamed that way for 8 hours without noticing because his chat moves too fast for him to actually see people trying to warn him.


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he was watching a fucking Roblox let's play lmao something big is up. he gets a notification on his phone, his wife comes in and says something that sounds like "it's time to go" and then he says that life is weird. stream ends abruptly. pure speculation but based off that, there was a raid on his house. they obviously knocked due to his "celebrity"probably a rape charge or tax evasion I would say


>>514424514How many of those posts are people complaining about eceleb trash, about 80 percent at least?

>the call that cancelled Dr Disrespectwhy didn't he just answer it bros? this whole mess could have been avoided

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Absolutely FUCK yourselves mods you TOTAL FUCKING CORNHOLING FAGGOTS deleting these threads left and right, and to the nigger readying up a reply to this, slash your fucking wrists, you monkey

>>514424616Quick rundown on Icke?

I understand people don't give a fuck about this guy but imagine a streamer who is god awful annoying but has a following and just gets BTFO off a streaming service with no infoIdk maybe he didn't pay taxes, shit he prolly talked to young girls and didn't know their age....its fucking weird that he just got shit canned, There is no word about it nobody fuckin knows

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We can all agree that the Royal family is actually lizard people right? Why else would they fear being called lizards so much?

>>514424587>wrongthink good>censorship good>feed me that corporate cock twitch mm yes pls slurp slurp that jew dick so tasty

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>>514424589>>514424514>>514424256Are you this guy or something? Why can't you accept that some people just don't care about some streamer?

>>514424667>he was watching a fucking Roblox let's playbecause someone in chat asked if he was joining in on the event>his wife comes in and says something that sounds like "it's time to go"this did not happen

>>514424493can't be fraud like literally find a good lawyer, that shit slides in america

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>>514424110I'm going to anally rape and murder your whore mother and then shove your dead skull up her bleeding asshole

>>514424610>homophobic slurthis board is full fucking reddit now, jesusdilate

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>>514424545>On /sp/ , we talk about the popular professionals who play the sports on which the board is based.>On Holla Forums , we can't talk about the popular professionals who play the games on which the board is based.>Why is this double standard allowed to exist on 4chan.>(stop deleting these threads mods)

>>514424660the icke bit came after the checks his phone, mood shifts completely and starts talking about icke. whatever it was, he knew the jig was up before name dropping.

>>514424493>media storm>about a literal nobodyYou eceleb faggots are funny

>>514424035who talked about who? and who posted it on twitter?

>>514424162BBC threads up until archived yet mods on red alert for this

>noooo my favorite e celeb got banned!!!>FUCKING JEWS ARE BEHIND THIS I SWEARkino drama

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>>514424606kill yourself

I've been watching Slasher's twitter for over 12 hours now and he still hasn't gone to public like he said he was.This is what happened:>Shroud and Ninja(Maybe some others?) gets an email on June 1st from Microsoft saying Mixer is shutting down in 3 weeks and going to FB. They get an offer for going to FB plus a $$$ deal to buy out the rest of their contract. >Can't say who went to FB or chose to back out.>Anyways DOC had a 8 digit offer from Mixer before June 1st but didn't want to take it yet but the offer was still there.>On June 1st he was "anonymously" told Mixer was going to close so you should take their offer to "get dat free money." [not sic] Doc then tried to take Mixer's deal but was denied.>The next day June 2nd, DOC then tried to leverage this deal against Twitch to get a better deal on the ratio $$$ he gets per SUB.>Now this is just my speculation but I'm guessing on/after June 22nd when Mixer announced they were shutting down, Twitch messaged Mixer on their take.>I do know however On June 25th Twitch learned that DOC knew Mixer was shutting down and the fake "deal" he gave them.>No it's not view botting, sexual assault, not CP, not cheating, not evading taxes. Just a fraud.

>>514424739thank you

>>514424225What happened during gamergate. I'm a zoomer and I know what it was all about but what happened on the board specifically?>>514424226Keep telling yourself that faggot, your parents are going to put your real name on your tombstone when you kill yourself

>>514424839Make me big boy~

welp time to spam David Icke see what happens

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>>514424110Because it's political which triggers loads of Holla Forumscels and r/politics trannies who start getting more active as we're getting closer to 2020 American elections. Which consequently invites shitposters who play both sides for easy (You)s. Also streaming is bigger than YouTube itself among zoomers, especially on a board which spends more time complaining about games than playing them.

>say thing>get deplatformed>”haha freedum of speech not freedum of concequence (except when its my views / libtard views)

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>>514424808but why mention a reptilian conspiracy theorist? reptilians aren't real... are they?

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>>514424623it's not plausible that his discord was deleted for playing hardball with twitch

>>514424162Fucking zoomers

>>514424773At 4:22 you can see him dismiss someone who tries to talk to him off camera, likely his wide. He shoos them away presumably to finish the

Probably diddling, or he said the n-word.

I wish I was a literal millionaire for playing FPS games all day

>>514424807Just go back already

>>514424770you can not care about someone without living under a rock. there is no way you can be an avid gamer (enough of one to post on an anonymouse gaymin' forum) and not be familiar with twitch

>>514424852that's not how fraud works. are you 12?>>514424928but you can't hear anything and that's where you started making up the story

>>514424691Then if you stop complaining, it will die by itself

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>>514424587>not even allowed to say someone's name>not oppression

>>514424035zoom zoom

>>514424852That's it? It's fucking nothing.

>permabanned from Twitch >discord partnership cancelled >subs refunded >everyone who knows is too afraid to talk about itIt must be some serious legal shit

>>514424876sleep with zoe quinnshe'll make you kill yourself

He got banned because he mentioned Icke and because twitch wants to scare Ninja and Shroud.

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>>514424353Wow based mods instead of moving the threads there they just delete them so autists create 10 more.

>>514424448>>514424493His subs all got refunded and apparently his discord got nuked as well. There's basically no trace of him left on either platform, not any clips, not any channels, nothing at all. Could it be anything other than him getting arrested for some shit?

>>514424976you can be familiar with twitch without knowing about popular streamers. unless you read gaming gossip sites, reddit or actively watch twitch, then you have no reason to know who any of those guys are

>>514424719icke has been around since the 90s, he has written a bunch of books and has done a bunch of ~10 hour lectures throughout the years covering all kinds of topics from the global paedophile ring connected to the royals (now mainstream), the zionist rothschild control system of bankers and moneymen, multidimensional beings, energy vampires, saturn worship, ancient illuminati bloodlines, there's many hours of content to check's been on alex jones infowars multiple times too


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>>514424493Doesnt match at all what's happeningTwitch would be spilling the bean to absolve themselvesThey're not saying anything, nobody is talking at all actuallyThis is some serious shit involving law enforcement

>>514424226There's five threads about this on every board right now, everybody cares, just make a fucking sticky jesus

>>514424928literally a bit. take your 9mm autism medication.

>>514424909>go to work>curse out boss>get fired>b..but muh freeze peachget CANCELLED

>>514424379>your retarded e-celeb faggotry doesnt belong hereAn e-celeb was literally stickied here for days. Why was my retarded e-celeb faggotry acceptable then? Because he played nintendo games?

>>514424035>boomer with too much freetime believes in psychic energies, reptilemen and illuminatiClassic

>>514424162Best part of all this? They are doing it for ZERO financial compensation

He diddled an underage girl. Trust me my brother works for Twitch

>>514424875Zoe's ex accused her of sleeping around to get good coverage, lots of nepotism. Instead of letting the story run its fucking course which would have burned out and been forgotten about in a week, 4chan, Reddit and the entire gaming journalism circle pretty much made it a bannable offence to talk about it. So the whole thing went Barbara Streisand effect. Gamergate was spawned to basically ask for better integrity in journalism, but because a few loud Holla Forumsacks shouted "niggers and sluts" a few times, the whole thing got painted as an incel hate group.

>>514424852Too much plausable deniability, so I doubt it

My guess? Child rape dungeon

My bet is on viewbotting

>>514425063Wtf is that vampire shit?

friend was showing me this stream, idk if related. theres a countdown on the bottomtwitch. tv/pepecam

My name is herschel beahm better known as dr.disrespect listen please listen someone save this quick before the mods take down the thread or they get me. I need you guys to know it’s based on

>>514425150ok dud

>the only competitor twitch has shuts down>twitch starts banning wrong thinkWow how could this possibly happen??? It's almost as if monopolies are bad????

>>514425025Place your bets. Is it drug- or gun trafficking, cp-related? Did he go full Tiger King and hire an assassin?

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>>514425126Actually he murdered someone

What's going on redditors? Talking about it gets you banned on your shithole? Now give me some redditspacing (yous) or i will spam this thread with cunny.

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>>514425025pedo ring on twitch?

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Could somebody explain 5G conspiracy theories to me? An infographic or something? Is the problem Chinese contracts, or something else?

>>514425093epic totally unrelated scenario bro. its more like saying something in your private home but some peeping tom records you without permission and leaks it to your boss. but you already knew that. kill yourself twitter faggot.

>>514424508The faggot said, as he readied up his gaping asshole for another round of autistic report spamming in order to protect his board from the scourge of anything that wasn't fapbait coomerrshit

Why are (((user)))s making shit up about le law enforcement? it has to do with Icke.

>>514424852Wrong on all accords.He diddled an underage LSD’d thot at a Twitch con and there is CCTV footage of him dragging her passed out body to hotel room.

>>514424110I generally don't care about e-celb shit but I'm still curious as to why this dude got cancelled so hard and no one knows what he did. Apparently everyone knows(twitch execs, sponsors) but the public which is weird.

>>514425087lmao, I don't even follow this dude, its just been some fun drama to speculate on. Its either all a LARP for attention or the dude seriously fucked up. The fact that he's lost all his sponsors and shit has to mean he fucked up something.


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>>514425150Ummm it's not illegal to have a dungeon, bigot.

what kind of a job can you go and get after a multi years gap where you where not employed at all and pretty much living off donations? what employer in their right mind would trust giving you a living wage?

Can we have the /incel/ board already Hiro?

>>514425054getting owned by multiple companies simultaneously is some "disturbed the old gods" shit

>>514424987I posted the original comment you replied to but he is correct. and I clearly said it was speculation...?

>>514424493Yeah I don't buy it being about his mixer gambit if that's even real, he got pretty much completely deplatformed in the dead of night and EVERYBODY is picking up a weird weird vibe from the whole situation

>>514425216oh no not cunny

>>514424587>we need to fight white supremacy and Nazism because the Western World is white supremacist and white privilege is everywhere and Jews and blacks and fags are BEING KILLED FOR JUST EXISTING>btw don't mention a single thing we consider white supremacist because we will destroy your life, deplatform your entire career, kick you out of your bank, and doxx and fire every person in your immediate familyKill yourself, faggot

>>514424110Hey, you know what? The majority of Holla Forums doesn't care about any of the threads.But you had to come here and post like a retard instead of ignoring the thread, or, god forbid, use the fucking hide feature.

>>514425087>bitexplain this >>514425025