CP 2077 custom cars CANCELLED

NO CAR CUSTOMIZATION. Wardrobe is cancelled too, you change clothes onli in UI-menu, no wardrobe with clothes hanging. Playing as robot Spider(shown in 2018) is cut out as well

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I work at IGN


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>>514419378Just use your brain. Literally all important people left CDPR and the game is a huge mess where most employees are more concerned about the right pronoun than actually making a fucking game. Also the new headquarter is in California...


>>514418729>>514419639can you please learn to speak English before posting here again?

>>514419639Fuck you’re a retard. Nice thread dipshit.

>>514418729>onlinice try thirdie

>>514419639>ask for source>spew diarrhea all over yourselfbased sunposter

>>514419639Why are flyover state hicks eternally seething over California? Is it because you have shitty weather or something?

>>514419639>Literally all important people left CDPRsource?

>>514419616I thought he looked weird in the role, he was just a more jewish jimmy fallon, looked like a complete retard in that buff suit.

>>514419693>Picking on grammar because have no argumentThanks for conceding, idiot.

>>514419616ADD IT

>>514419378>Source?His ass probably

huh, you don't need car customization!

As long as Judy is in the game a lot and I can make her my girlfriend I’m a happy man

>>514419378Dude trust me my father is a tranny dilating at CDP office.This game WILL be shit tho

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>>514418729ok and? You faggots literally complain about to much realism in games like Kingdom Come and and Arma , saying how its not fun and its just busy work

>>514419787This, anal sex with judy

>>514419639That's not a source, you fucking retard.

>>514419616Plastic Man

I see you op, I hear you, I believe you. Stay strong.

>>514419713Well for one the creative lead (who'd headed all their games since Witcher 1) left to work at Blizzard of all places

>>514418729So we lost nothing that mattered? That's great news! Thanks OP!

>>514419616Great movie for real though

>>514419918I’m not really into Anal but she does seem like a total buttslut


>>514418729I can lie too! OP is straight

Why was this teaser kino? youtu.be/P99qJGrPNLs

>>514420297Just google cdprojekt red blizzard

>>514418729>>514419378>>514419598>>514419616>>514419639>>514419670>>514419693>>514419695>>514419703>>514419706>>514419710>>514419713>>514419741>>514419750>>514419752>>514419756>>514419775>>514419787>>514419807>>514419881>>514419884>>514419918>"female" romance options>game locks you in to a cutscene when you engage in sex with him and includes a penis reveal that you can't interrupt or turn downMark my words, at least 80% of women in this game will be trannies and there will be no way to kill or even harm them, Skyrim essential NPC style.Cyberpunk shills are literally fags for wanting to play a game where it's obvious that even the main playable "female" character has a dick. TLOU2 was just a warm up, this time """they're""" going to show full frontal freak nudity.

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>>514420454>guy obsessed with dicks making 5 posts a day about them calls others fagspottery

>>514420454this unhappily is going to happens in a way or other, that's why I am gonna get the drm free version and if for some miracle the game has not that amount of shit, I maybe will buy that shit

>>514420454Stop projecting your transsexual fantasies onto my girlfriend

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>>514419378>>514419756>>514419957>>514420353THIS IS NOT A FAKE altchar.com/game-news/cyberpunk-2077-wont-have-vehicle-customisation-aonab8e3yY6b/amp?__twitter_impression=true

>*whistles for magic car*>autodrives through desert to quest marker>*cybervision activates*>"Mhmm....giant bullet holes all over the victim....a Street Kid™, gotta be">"Come on, R.O.A.C.H">*follows cybernetically enhanced nose*>guys in Street Kid™ costumes appear>"AW HELL NAH NIGGA FUCKING SHIT FUCK, IT'S A FUCKIN' NOMAD CUZ! GET 'EM">"shit you stink" WUBWUBWUBWUB *shoots guys in the head and they stumble and recover immediately, does a cinematic reload and shoots a guy in half">"Mhmm....Corporates™ pretending to be Street Kids™......better tell the boss about this">"Come on, R.O.A.C.H">*autodrives on road back to city*>"YO ROOKIE, WHAT ABOUT THE CONTRACT WE PAID YOU FOR YOU FUCKING CRACKA?">"Just some bastards posing as Street Kids™, here's proof *shows cargo pants with flame pattern*">"YA DID GOOD KID, HERE'S YA REWARD, THERE'S MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM IF YOU KEEP IT UP">"Cadaver in Corporate" Complete EDM AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH>10 credits

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>>514420454dude, I agree with you, but your fucking spamming makes me fucking hate you my man

2 MONTH AGO THEY CONFIRM CUSTOM CAR NOW IT CANCEL >>514420704reddit.com/r/cyberpunkgame/comments/g62kyx/miles_tost_confirms_vehicle_customization/


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>>514420734I'll do what I want my man, 90% of this board is just shithead retards anyway. I'll stop when I'm banned.

>>514420704>>514420867Who needs car customization? This isn't need for speed lmao.

>>514419710Dude have you done any research on California? It's degenerate hell on earth! Peak pollution, homelessness, diseases, high costs of living, shit bags on the street, hobos & junkies everywhere! Patient zero of the commie wokefag culture and laws. Toxic women accusing you of mind raping them if you look at them funny. Too many mexicans coming from the border. Outbreak of STDs and

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I can't believe they work on this for 8 fucking years.We could have had 2 or 3 Witcher 3 for this.Why?


>>514421104>the cope is already here

Haaahahaaaaa haaa at least you get customized dicks

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>>514418729cut out to come back as DLC

>>514421074aight, fair enough

>>5144212768 years boy.

>>514421131You literally just described New York though?


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The more I see of this game the more it looks amazing.Holla Forums just wants to hate.

>>514421620>The more I see of this game the more it looks amazing.>Removed vehicle customization>Removed Spider robot>Removed wardrobe, clothes only in menu nowHaaahahahahaha

>>514421612enormous oof

>>514421131and where do you live user

>>514421620I agree, we don't really need all those unnecessary features.

>>514421775>Dont care about vehical customization>dont know what a spider robot is>do we select clothes from a menu rather than a visual wardrobe? So?Try harder.

>>514421612>implying americans can customize their foreskin

>>514422080lolI'm going to roleplay as someone who's genitals were mutilated to appease a god I dont believe in. Aka American.

>>514422005>>dont know what a spider robot isThis thing. You can't control it in game, it was a motherfucking lie

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>>514422353>dude tachikoma lmao

>>514419741hes actually a huge christfag, but uses his kike looks to get ahead in the industry. pretty based


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>>514421104>the shills are already defending iti fucking knew it!

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>>514420603>girlfriendI'll settle for a rough quickie with the bouncer.

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>>514420435he left in 2018


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*Sips drink*>it doesn't have to be at night>it doesn't have to be in a large city>it doesn't need to be 3rd person>it doesn't need to have the different classes>it doesn't need the player to be able to use flying cars>It doesn't need accessible interiors for buildings>It doesn't need to be free of liberal bullshit>It doesn't need to have good customisation options>it doesn't need to have real dialogue choices>it doesn't need you to be able to join different factions>it doesn't need to have killable NPCs>it doesn't need to have Trauma Team as a gameplay element the player can use>it doesn't need to have destructible environments>it doesn't need to have good graphics>it doesn't matter that CD Projekt Red is staffed by Americans now>it doesn't need mod support>it doesn't need to have good box art>It doesn't need to not blow all its budget on b list actors>it doesn't need to be an RPG>it doesn't need you to be able to purchase new apartments>it doesn't need you to be able to choose different childhood heroes>it doesn't need you to be able to customise your cars or apartment>it doesn't need Cyberpsychosis to be part of the game>it doesn't need VR support>it doesn't matter that it's cinematic garbage>it doesn't need good AI>it doesn't need good vehicle handling>it doesn't matter that it has a shit visual style>it doesn't need to have genders>it doesn't need to not be downgraded>it doesn't matter that there's less customisation options than in the e3 demo>it doesn't matter that you can't see your character in cutscenes>it doesn't matter that customisation is useless>it doesn't need to not be GTA 2077>it doesn't matter that it has tacked on multiplayer>it doesn't matter that npc's don't refer to you as "he/she" anymore>it doesn't matter that it's smaller than Witcher 3>it doesn't matter that it's shorter than Witcher 3Part 1/2 LMAO FUCKING CDPRSHILLS

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>>514422706Is this going to be another case of "random throwaway character looks more attractive than legit romance options in other RPGs"?

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>>514423047*SLURRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP*>it doesn't matter that it has microtransactions despite being a $60 game>it doesn't matter that the protagonist is always a smug Josh Whedon quipfag>it doesn't matter that the map is tiny>it doesn't matter that you can travel across the map in 3 and a half minutes>It doesn't need to have good music>it doesn't matter that all the artists on the soundtrack are Zoomercore garbage>it doesn't need to not have degenerate anti-white american zoomer pandering artists>it doesnt matter that the music has shitty mumble rap in it>it doesn't matter that it gets delayed again after being in development for 7 years>it doesn't need to have massive crowds of people>it doesn't matter that the devs aren't even at their offices anymore to work on the fucking game>It doesn't matter that FemV is even uglier now>IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT IT WAS DELAYED AGAIN LMAO>It doesn't matter if they ban their community for expressing concern on political bias' influences>it doesn't matter that the city is almost completely empty>it doesn't matter that the map is 1/4th made of solar panels>it doesn't matter that you can't swim>it doesn't matter there are no boats to traverse water meaning the map is EVEN SMALLER than it appears>it doesn't matter that you can't customise vehicles >it doesn't matter that you can't control the spiderbots >it doesn't matter that the melee combat is dogshit>it doesn't matter that they removed wardrobes WE ARE NOW HERE>it doesn't need dynamic weather systems>it doesn't need to have a branching story>it doesn't need to have substanceCYBERTRANNIES 2077 FEATURES REMOVEDI'M GONNA HAVE TO DO A PART 3 SOON WITH ALL THESE FEATURES REMOVED LMAO

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>>514419693stfu retard

>>514422706Good taste, she really is the hottest girl we have seen in all the promo material.

>>514420454(you)This copypasta is so boring. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK, user.

>>514420454You ain't locked with the penis shit you stupid fuck, I do 3rd party QA for this game and it just aint there. Please kill yourself.

>>514423047>>514423135aw yeah that's the stuff

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>>514420435>Just google cdprojekt red blizzardmy eyes

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>>514423176She's a former prostitute ("dirtgirl"). She's a member of the Moxies gang, prostitutes and former prostitutes who banded together for protection.

>>514423135Unfathomably based

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>>514423223Know he's right, we are sick of the marxist subversion kike shit

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>>514423264Anything you can reveal without giving yourself away?

Here, some music that actually fits cyberpunk, not jogger "music".

>>514420719I liked the first draft better

>>514423463I also think that sound of silence is the most cyberpunk song of them all.

>>514423429If you have that many classes in a game, the differences between them would be so minor you wouldn't tell the differencei n gameplay. See: skyrim

>>514423135>>514423047I'm sorry that I used to ridicule you Shazam. You were right all along

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>>514423292>NA head of coms = working on cpHow or is this b8?

>>514423047the very first item in your list has been disproven a million times overand so has over half of your fucking listCHANGE IT ALREADY RETARDIT COMPLETELY UNDERMINES THE REST

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>>514423656Keep your mouth shut, clever buy or I'm gonna suck your dick til you cum.youtube.com/watch?v=vAzIuxldPhE


>>514418729If they can actually get the gameplay right and good, it will be a game that will last well into the next decade. I could care less about some stupid customization they could easily add into a DLC. Get the skill system and gameplay right first.


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>>514421612Yes, and? OP still slurps cum by the gallon.

>>514422212Actually Americans are even more retarded than that. They were fooled into cutting their foreskins by a retard that told them it'd make their kids less likely to masturbate.

>>514423047>>514423135Doing gods work

>>514422706You don't actually see the sex in this game

>>514423047>>514423135Yet this faggot will buy it and enjoy the other 100000 things not removed. I called it.

>>514423135>>514423047Based, keep exposing them