Be completely honest Holla Forums (this is an anonymous image board after all) will you buy it when it finally releases?

Be completely honest Holla Forums (this is an anonymous image board after all) will you buy it when it finally releases?

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>>514417907No, I haven't played a game in years (4.5)

>>514418005why not?

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>>514417907I'll wait until it gets cracked.

>>514417907I'm buying it.

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>>514418139day 0, its a gog game

>>514417907I'll watch gameplay first. Then decide.

after they release the 2nd DLC

>>514417907no, i don't see the appeal of the cyberpunk genre.i honestly don't understand why people enjoy bright neon purple/colored lights everywhere

>>514417907yup, release day, just like every other cdpr game, can't wait


I will be preordering itif there is a season pass I will be preordering it too

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fuck yes. this title is number 1 to buy for me.

No. Maybe I'll buy it on sale later.

Fuck no. Not until I see gameplay and the character creator in thorough detail. Can't wait to see Holla Forums either collectively shit or shill it.

its already in my library

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>>514417907I've yet to see literally anything that seems even remotely close to its intention being to persuade me into buying it.I like cyberpunk visuals and all, but the gameplay I've seen just looks like your standard AAA action shooter with a priority toward cinematic gameplay rather than fun gameplay, and the only info I ever hear about the game is the devs gushing about how accepting they are and how in-depth the character creator will be.

Fool me once ( April 16 ) - Covid19 gives you 1 extra chanceFool me twice ( September ) - I cancell pre-orderFool me third time and I wil pirate this game day 1

already pre ordered

>>514417907no i hate video games

>>514417907Pre-ordered back in 2019.

>>514417907I'll pirate it in case it runs poorly on my PC.I have the money to upgrade my PC but I don't want to move to wangblows 10 and some hardware has a hissyfit if you use it with 7 nowdays.

>>514417907If it looks good by the time it releases then yesBut its not really meeting my expectations so far

>>514417907No. I will wait for reviews and patches.

>>514417907i dont buy video games made by non-japanese people

>>514417907Why did they make her uglier and darker?

I'll have to get a better pc first, after that idk, the bullezsponge enemies are putting me off a lot, everything else seems too good to be true

No. lol

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>>514419431GOG master race. I'm curious is Steam will force them to use some shitty Denuvo for that platform's release.

>>514417907yup, gotta support local business.

>>514418187>I'm buying itMe too

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>>514417907Probably. I just think it'll be a hopefully decent to good cyberpunk kind of game though. I generally have a rather low opinion of CDPR and I struggle to enjoy the Witcher games at all. I do however genuinely enjoy the Cyberpunk roleplaying game, even though I've always been biased towards Shadowrun and favoured it over it. And I am kind of biased towards cyberpunk and science fiction games in general. And I am not above a janky game, so I just hope it'll be a good cyberpunk game. I've got no delusions beyond that. People seem to be dead set on vilifying the game as irredeemable garbage though. Showing clips of jank and whatnot. And I don't really see the point. I never, ever expected the game to look any better than that to begin with. I've got plenty of other issues with and worries about the game though outside of how it looks. But otherwise it looks about as what I was expected. Which to be fair wasn't that much.

buy it ? i preordered it months ago

>>514417907not buying, day one pirate

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Party rockers in the house tonight

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>>514417907I have the rule when a game gets too long to be cracked (for 1+ month) i buy the game like 90% of Denuvo games out there.No DRM ?? Day 1 PirateIts the cold hard truth. No DRM means no reason to buy because its so easy to pirate.

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seeing the gameplay is basically a reskinned fallout4,city looks like utopia rather than a dystopia(isn't even big enough to support 5million people lol),texture pop ins similar to f4,cars feels like your driving about 10mph and everything feel scripted as fuck,oh don't forget about the downgrades.

>>514417907depends on how well a 1070 6600k combo runs it at 1440pif not, then i'll just get it cheaper sometime in future when i have better hardware

>>514417907I unironically lie about everything here despite this being a anonymous image board. Is it because I'm a schizo?

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Of course, unless something extremely shitty happen like what happened with the last of us 2.I know it may seem like a stretch, but i believe that the last of us 2 set the bar too low this year for big games that any game with substantial gameplay would well.

>>514421425No youre just getting the hang of being /v faggot. Also lurk more

>>514417907>>514418005>>514418041>>514418072>>514418139>>514418187>>514418272>>514418319>>514418443>>514418665>>514418743>>514419115>>514419187>>514419190>>514419353>>514419356>>514419431>>514419452>>514419541>>514419947>"female" romance options>game locks you in to a cutscene when you engage in sex with him and includes a penis reveal that you can't interrupt or turn downMark my words, at least 80% of women in this game will be trannies and there will be no way to kill or even harm them, Skyrim essential NPC style.Cyberpunk shills are literally fags for wanting to play a game where it's obvious that even the main playable "female" character has a dick. TLOU2 was just a warm up, this time """they're""" going to show full frontal freak nudity.

>>514417907Gonna give it a go since it's GOG drm free. Either will buy and refund it if it's bad or will try it and buy it if it's good.

>>514421627I hope you're right just so I can see you seethe some more

>>>game locks you in to a cutscene when you engage in sex with him and includes a penis/

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>>514421627Seek help

>>514417907Yup, day 1.I'm not some mindless shill and I acknowledge its flaws like melee, gunplay or driving mechanic. Maybe it'll be improved before release, I don't know. After all, what I love the most in CDPR's games is storytelling and their characters.

>>514417907I don't preorder games. But I will preorder this, get a vacation from work, and play the fucking shit out of it the moment it comes out. Holla Forums's contrarian little snowflake bitches can go fuck themselves as they always have. I'm here for gamechat and wasting time on trashtalking, not because I give a flying fuck about what this herd of lemmings thinks or does.

>>514421328you don't need top of the line hardware to run this pos game tho,just see witcher 3 trailer and compare it to the final game,cdpr are bunch of hacks.

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>>514421851>>514421627is it the same guy who kept spamming "faggot V, they haven't shown straight V for 2 years, etc.?

>>514421996this, ill admit watching the mentally ill schizos be in complete shambles over a video game is quite entertaining but i highly doubt anyone actually seriously cares about what this board says>>514422079i assume its the same few people from some dedicated discord shitposting group or something

>>514417907Would watch playtrough, if its ok I will buy it during a sale.

>>514417907I'll buy it from rutracker

>>514422204>actually believing people gang up to shitpost rather than Holla Forums just being gullible fragile retards who will bite any baitTake your meds, user

>>514421804>>514421851>>514421627>>514421871>giving (you)'s to mass repliershere's a tip : don't

Absolutely.One of the few games I'm still genuinely looking forward to.

>>514421627>Forced gay sex schizoid has moved on to forced futa sexKek.

>>514417907Yeah, definitely. Only the biggest possible newfags listen to salty retards on Holla Forums shouting "tortanic!" at every game. It seems to have attracted the attention of the anti-SJW retards as well, which just means there's even more autistic whining than usual on this topic.

>>514423119It's also been posted in every Cyberpunk thread already

>>514421627Absolutely fucking OBSESSED

>>514422076TW3 was visually so good, and so well optimized that the 970/980 high end gamers of the time used to run it, would be able to run no other game nearly as good looking for the following 2-3 years after TW3 was released. This is universally known, and it was lauded for this fact by media, several gaming sites, and literally all of my friends who played it for years after.With TW3 CDPR not only proved that they can make a goddamn superstar world class looking game. But also that they can optimize it better than 99% of their competitors.So you, you fucking nonce, are either stupid beyond belief, or lying out of your teeth. Both of which are about what I expect from you Holla Forums nerd shills.

>>514421627>only trad thots can be romance options in an over-the-top cyberpunk gamekysyou are the cancer killing vidya

>>514417907It's never going to release as Yellowstone is going to erupt between July to September in conjunction with a Second Wave of coroavirus which will kill 60+ million

>>514417907No, I won't. I won't buy it or play it. But I will go on Holla Forums and pretend that I played it and call it a piece of shit game and the worst thing that happened to gaming.

>>514417907I was gifted a pre-order without asking for it whatsoever, so I guess I'm playing it anyways.

>>514423016>actually believing people gang up to shitpost they do actually, i would know since me and a bunch of friends shitposted one of the generals like crazy on /m/ a few years ago, there's still copycats to this day lol

No. I was going to buy the console version just to have the disks and then pirate it on PC, bit all the drama surrounding it really turned me off so I cancelled my pre-order.I'm going to pirate it to sate my curiosity / make fun of it on Holla Forums on release week, but I'm sure as hell not buying it.

Only if there isnt anything else to play at the moment