You still suporting chinkendo?

you still suporting chinkendo?

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Ok but seriously where does this money actually go to?

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yeah im a rice man so literally none of this affects me negatively

>>514417564to fund terrorist groups like the black panthers.

>>514417564penthouses in new york

>>514417502>Company that makes games about enslaved animals donates money to organizations that support enslaved animals

They could probably stand to donate a fuckton more given how little they spend on quality development.>>514417564Democratic presential campaign funds, in the case of BLM. Not sure about NAACP, hopefully for something actually constructive instead.

>>514417502The pokemon company donating 100,000 is like me donating 10 cents


>>514417564george soros


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>the pokemon company>100 000This is nothing but a publicity stuntGod I fucking hate companies

>>514417564The jews that run BLM.

>>514417831I don’t get their response here.

>>514417767>Democratic presential campaign fundsSource?

Goddamn, I fucking hate Pokémon now.

>>514417502>he believes TPC and Nintendo are one and the sameKinda shitty the NoA branch's social feed joined the brand(TM) support brigade tho

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>>514417564>>514417603>>514417767>>514418189it literally goes to promote the democratic party presidential campaign.If you go BLM's website and click the donate link, you will see an "ActBlue" domain - they directly fund the DNC. This shit is all politically motivated and has nothing to do with black lives.

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>>514417502Pokemon Company is not Nintendo. As a matter of fact, I believe Nintendo no longer wishes to even collaborate with them at all, but continue to do so for the sake of the "games" only.

>>514417502>Even the PokemonWhat the fuck is the Pokemon's stake in this?

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>>514417502>gamefreak do something retarded>BUT NINTENDO!I fucking hate your ill, shit like this give the pokemon company free pass for any retarded shit they do because retard blame Nintendo for shit they don't have any says

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I'm gonna start a movement that called "don't hurt kids" that directly funds republicans, and anyone that doesn't support and donate will be labeled a child abuser and cancelled

>>514418294It's an edit

>>514417564>>514417603>>514417653>>514417767>>514417818>>514418189>>514418870>Holla Forums conspiracy theoriesDie mad.


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>>514419214Your white fragility is showing. Nothing wrong wrong with supporting Black Lives.

>>514417502>Donate money to BLM>Nignogs are still getting murderedI feel that charity don't really work at all desu

>>514419569>Nothing wrong wrong with supporting Black Lives.agreed, but you conveniently ignored the part where BLM is a political organisation

>>514419475Imagine getting dick sucked by them lips

>>514419724Doesn't matter. They are on the right side of history.

>>514417564The DNC

>>514419758according to what authority? I know you're baiting but I just wanna see your response

>>514419919>baitingtake your meds schizo

>>514419569>White fragilityI'm both black and white, shut your stupid ass up, and I'm proud of being both.

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>>514420028You're black. And I don't understand why you would ever be proud of your white part.

>>514419969come on dude, humor me and give an actual response

>>514420148I don't humor CHUDs. Kill yourself.


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>"we're all in this together">donate money to only black people

>>514420109I guess the simple answer would be, I don't hate myself, and I accept the thing I never had control of. Quite honestly, I feel kinda good being me.

>>514420209>cannibalistic human underground dweller sick

>>514417564Short answer: jews

>>514420209Congratulations, you played yourself.

>>514420695by triggering right-wing snowflakes? wow i totally got owned /s

What the fuck is the Pokemon Company?

>>514420209lol shut up tranny

>>514417502The pokemon company is different than nintendo you retard


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>>514417502How much is the Pokemon company worth?

>>514420851Holy shit, did Nintendo actually lose the Pokemon's IP?How cucked can they be?

>The Pokemon Company>Nintendo

>>514420958Well, what the fuck is it?

>>514417502holy shit sugimoris art is so fucking soulful

>>514420857Yes, they are snowflakes who can't cope with black and trans folk existing. Cope.

>>514420913The never had it, dumb nigger. Gamefreak belongs to The Pokemon Company. Nintendo has a large share in them, so they develop exclusively for Nintendo.

>>514421019A branding and marketing company that doesn't touch game development.

>>514420749Deep down, you know you're a man. You'll never be a woman.

>>514421019Nintendo owns just 32% of pokemon

>>514421343I know, I'm a trans man. Thank you for the compliment :)

>>514421234>>514421253>>514421359My fucking god, nintendo got cucked out of their biggest selling IP.Next time I will bring this up every times people bring up Poke sales.This is like Square Enix selling FF to a "Final Fantasy Company".

>>514421474show proof, troll

>>514421359They own 32% of TPC. Nintendo holds the copyright (yeah yeah GF and Creatures do too) and trademark of the IP.

>>514421537Die mad, incel.

>>514421502>Square Enix> a "Final Fantasy Company"

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>>514420749When you start talking like that, nobody takes you seriously. That's just how it is, retard. LGBTQLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ fags are insufferable, even people from your own community have started showing a distaste for your behavior. You're just as obsessive as those who you claim to hate. You dont pass.

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>>514421502What in the goddamn hell are you talking about>This is like Square Enix selling FF to a "Final Fantasy Company".

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>>514421770I'm talking about Nintendo not actually owning the Pokemon IP.

>>514421502They never owned the ip in the first place, they just have a big share of it. Its more that the ip got big enough to spawn its own fucking marketing company. Don't let this make you think nintendo doesn't make a metric fuckton of money off of pokemon either.

>>514421502TPC was intentionally founded by Nintendo, Creatures (which owns the Pokémon designs) and GF to manage the Pokémon brand, aka marketing and practically anything that isn’t the mainline games. All 3 companies have an equal stake in the company, or something like that. It’s the sole reason they successfully spun off Pokémon as the biggest media franchise on the planet.I’m sure making a Final Fantasy Company would’ve actually resulted in better handling of the IP, if SE’s botched management of everything FF-related post-The Spirits Within is anything to go by.

>>514421663I have a gf, and I feel pretty good right now you're not a woman or trans man, you're a sad man who trolls 4chan

>>514417564Watermelon and chicken.

>>514421879You don't have a gf, you're a sad Holla Forumscel who can't handle differing opinions. Stay mad, snowflake.

I think I may need to take a break from vidya for a while.

>>514422059you sound normal mate

>>514422059>Larping as a trannyposterIs there even a way to go any lower than this? This is legitimately rock bottom to get (You)s out of people. I need a invent a word stronger than pitiful, desperate, and lonely. All combined into one to describe what you are.

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>>514422059Jokes on you, I dont care about trans people or blacks or whoever the fuck else at all, yet you're here screaming on our front porch. >>514422285Being retarded isnt trolling

>>514417653I wish i could buy any kind of inhabitable apartment in NYC for $100,000

>>514421849>>514421875This company is a fucking front, isn't it?Like some kind of yakuza thing? What the fuck does it even do?No "managing license" is not an every day work that needs an entire company for.

>>514422285>>514422352Max coping


BLM is just a political group and doesn't actually give a fuck about the genuine needs of black americans or blacks anywhere for that matter. If they did, they wouldn't be backing the Democratic party whose policies have created nightmarish conditions for blacks throughout history. The Dems like to try and control black people and even put them down for not being proper political slaves when they get out of line.If any organization or person wanted to legitimately help black people, they should do so by directly funding local community efforts in their respective areas. Tossing money to a headless organization with zero actual accountability is just a feel-good kind of empty act at best, and a thinly veiled bid for Joe Biden at worst.

>>514419758>trying to get literal equality deleted from the law because the government in California isn't allowed to discriminate for or against peopleSure, if you're an actual fucking racist. If they get their way, California becomes 1962 again. Good job you faggots.

>>514422285'Wretched'. That works well.

>>514422430How old are you? How is managing the -biggest and most successful media franchise on the planet- not an “every day work that needs an entire company”?As I said, they handle marketing both in Japan and internationally as well as management of the Pokémon center retail stores, the anime, the movies, the trading card game, localization of the games, etc.How is that not worth an entire company?

>>514417502In what? What are we in together? Why is there some imaginary problem sparked into existance because a crinimal fucking died? Why is the world so fucking stupid? America had a black president for fuck sake. Stop digging up ancient 'muh slave' history as an excuse to fucking pillage your fucking cities

>>514422652Wait, you are saying Pokemon is biggest IP on the planet? Larger than Disney?

>>514422352I never used the word trolling, because that's not what this is. This is akin to draining dumpster juice and smearing themselves with it, rubbing themselves against a mirror, to get the business owner to finally say>Homeless tourist, will you stop doing that, you're fucking disgusting and no one likes you>>514422441 That is what you are, you're not being funny for 'lawls trolls' you're just annoying to anyone who have ever had the displeasure of meeting you.

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>>514422676No one is talking about slavery ya tard.

>>514422752Correction: I'm annoying to weak right-wing bitches like yourself. Stop being a snowflake.

>>514417564>Ok but seriously where does this money actually go to?DNC

>>514419384It's literally right there on their own website you buffoon

>>514422715Dumb ass bitch. Pokemon is the most profitable single IP. Disney is an entire company. Why the fuck are you too stupid to know the difference?

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>>514422430They handle all the merchandise (which is a metric fuckton of shit), the card game, the anime, and I think they also do the phone games. Them managing the licence is why pokemon games get released yearly, they need the games to keep up with the anime, merch and card game. They unironically do more for the property than gamefreak does.>>514422715Its factually the highest grossing media franchise of all time (combining the sales of everything that uses the name). Disney beats it by a landslide if you count all the properties they own together though.

>>514422847What are they complaining about then?

>>514422847Umm... we are literally advocating for reparations lol.>>514422878Even if it went to the DNC, how is that bad? As long as we replace the old white farts and bring more diverse underprivilleged people, it's fine.

>>514422715>Disney>IP akin to Pokemondude what

>>514417502>the Pokémon company>Nintendo

@514422852This doesn't even deserve a (You) anymore. Believe it or not, ironically being a stupid fuck, still makes you a stupid fuck.

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>>514422715Yes? Star Wars is second and it doesn’t even come close.Also, Disney is a company which owns many IPs, like Star Wars.

>>514423057Tell me about it. Like girl, this site was made by and for lefties originally, yet that retard thinks everyone here is Holla Forums. FOH.

>>514419569nothing wrong with supporting White Lives either

>>514423238Absolutely there is?? Read White Fragility and educate yourself.

>>514423213>r wordDo better. Be better.

>>514419384Get the fuck out of here. Black Lives Matter is an organization that is built on attacking the police. When a white man or cop kill a black man, it's a problem, but if a black man kill another black man it's fine. I'm black and even I can see the problem here. If black lives matter so much, why is it ok for black on black crime to exist? The answer, it doesn't.

>>514423379White hands typed this.

>>514422978Because the DNC doesn't give a fuck about the people you just described. If they did, why is Joe Biden, an OLD WHITE FART the nominee?

>>514423456Joe Biden will be the last white male president anyway. It's a necessary evil. ANYTHING but trump.

>>514423379Careful my brother, they will call you a traitor and shut you down for stepping out of line. Stay safe out there. Looking forward to your next photo of your games with your hand in the frame.

>>514423521I'll stick with Trump. Outside of COVID related fuckups and being a complete boor on social media, he's actually done a decent job in these 4 years. Do some research about what he's achieved in office. If we didn't have this pandemic, it'd be a much different picture going into the election.

>>514419569Except it's practically pointless.

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>>514421203Arrest yourself snowflake.

>>514417564>mfw people take any of these replies seriouslyxD

>>514423213>"joos did wtc" is a lefty memeOkay retard.

>>514423668Well thankfully trump lost the white vote so he will lose.>>514423790it's Holla Forums schizos.

>>514423668>Outside of COVID related fuckupsThat's ignoring a lot of really questionable shit. His twitter autism is bad for the generally stupid american public.


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>>514417502Pretty based if you ask me. 100k is just how much the CEO probably spends in 1 day for cocaine, literal nothing for them, and they'll still get social points for this.

>make millions>spend 100k so you won't get slandered on 90% of media>continue making millionsI hate it but you play you pay I guess.

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>>514422964Can you go be a nigger and or tranny somewhere else please?Thanks in advance.

>>514417564DNC. It's all just laundered by ActBlue

>>514417502kekThat's penny change.

>>514423862It was ironic (doesn't make it ok but it was different times). Holla Forums tourists thought it was unironic because they are low-IQ.

>the pokemon company>nintendoimagine "pretending" to be retarded

>>514417502Chinks are based for making the best Android emulator though.The only problem is that I can't swapping from mobile to PC controls. Some games are just not meant to be played this way holy shit.

Gotta catch them all, niggermon!

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>>514418870what a weird post. I mean it is poltical. They literally need to change laws n sheeit. How can BLM not be political? I mean what do you think BLM even is? a video game?

>>514417502TPC isn't Nintendo.

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>>514423945>answering a question makes me a tranny nigger/v/tards get more autistic with the buzzwords every single day. Go make another wojack thread retard.

>>514423379You can tell a white person wrote this, because most black people know that most black on black crime are just gangbangers, and we legit don't care that they kill each other. It's like a filtration process to your 30's. Then they mellow out. It would be like if a white guy in NY suddenly tried to fix the meth head in florida, or the opioid crisis in the midwest. It's outside of the realm of your control, and disingenuous to think any one person is going to fix that shit.

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>donating to a jewish schemelmao

>>514424182It's 31% Nintendo.

>>514417502I haven't bought a single pokemon related thing since 2016


>>514424535u 4got>inb4 lurk moar

>>514424535If you weren't a newfriend you would know.

>>514424273So black criminal lives don't matter? Or just when white people kill them? Retard. I can tell you're black.

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>>514424697Pretty much. If your dad beat your mother, no one would give a shit. If I beat your mother it would make the news. How fucking dumb are you?

>>514417502TPC needs to fucking die>donates cash that could be funneled towards game development to some shitty irrelevant cause in another country>tells everyone they've got something big which they spend a week on building hype only to announce that they're making a crappy MOBA with a pokemon skin together with Tencent.>tells GameFreak to make yearly pokemon games and to make sure they release them just in time for a new anime season, merch etc.>is basically the reason why Pokemon is completely awful.

>>514423929based Bezmenov-poster

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