Which one is more interesting?

Which one is more interesting?

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GU. base world is better than clutchborne.

>>514416480They're about equal, but GU has a lot more (as in, number of) interesting things.

GU online is close to death though

GU’s original content is much more interesting than most of World/Iceborne’s original content, but the fucking grind is abhorrent and it’s less fun than World/Iceborne.

I miss 2nd/3rd gen. Hasn't felt the same since. I understand unitefags will scoff at me including 3rd gen but I think it's the last good gen despite what it lacked. 3rd gen felt just as magical as 1st and 2nd and I can't claim the same for anything after. 4th was a bore, generations has retarded pacing, and 5th gen is so fucked.

GU is anime tier bullshitIceborne is pure soulful ludo

>>514416898Wrong, playing right now

>>514417429First half feels like the devs remembered their roots and then the second half implodes and is just as bad as base game

>>514416480Here is some truth for you virginsMonhun I play > MonHun you playWeapon I use > Weapon you usePeople who use the same weapon as me > shit > people who use different weapon from me >>>>>> LongswordNone can refute this and you'll soon realise you are delusional if you disagree with this.

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>>514417739Yeah GenU is like that. Gen and GenU to me were so boring after 4U. They brought almost nothing, I like the fated 4 but Valstrax is so dumb lookin, cool fight, but easily the worst flagship by design. Also styles and arts grew old too fast. I have the same problem with 3U,brought nothing after playing Tri and P3rd. FU, 4U and IB are peak MH.

>>514418227Also Tri. Its incredible, Tri had like 12 big monsters and feels more varied than stupid recycled psp models from GenU

>>514416480GenU has MUCH more contents since it's basically a send off of the franchise from the 2nd to 4th generation games. They pack all that shit in there and more so you might get lost a bit.World/Iceborne is Capcom's attempt to revamp the series and go back to console. Easier to get into (especially with all the QOL changes) but if you've played the series since forever some aspect might be underwhelming.Core gameplay is still basically the same though so just get whatever you and your friends wants

>>514416898thats a lie. It has an literally immortal online community. I'm honestly suprised how active it is by now. Though for some reason there are a lot of chinks and for some reason it doesn't affect the connection in the slightest.

>>514418213This, but I use LS. :)))))

>>514416898Yeah right. All rank brackets: hr1-hr3, hr4-hr7, hr8-hr12, hr13-hr99, hr100-hr999 each have 3 full pages of hubs active right now on search. If anything GU online is even stronger now than its ever been and it's always been top notch.

>>514419019>get whatever you and your friends wantsare friends required :(

who 4U herefucking love that shit and MHW, but yes something is lost with MHW - I think it's partially not everyone speaking to me in caveman grunts desu

>>514419019I played every entry and Iceborne is easily the best out of all for me. I still think people are blinded by nostalgia saying older titles feel better

>>514419275Post pics then.

i loved base world but they shit the bed with iceborne, clutch claw and guiding lands are big gay

>>514419351Ehhh, not really but it is basically a multiplayer game. Even the first game was one of Capcom's attempt to utilize PS2's online system.

>>514419507Better than deviants and styled anyways

>>514419358You can set World to MH language if you want. It’s infinitely more tolerable hearing the characters speak in grunts and gibberish than the awful English and Japanese dubs.

>>514418428Take off those nostalgia goggles and smell the coffee of only 7 playable weapon types, smallest roster in the series, and vaseline filter.

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>>514419624Yeah, a shame that some weapons were cut. But it still feels more varied as a roster compared to GU.

>>514419623THANK YOU P A R D

>>514416480GU by far

>>514416480World. Iceborne and GU are both trash.

>>514416480IB had interesting ideas and tried to take a new direction with the series, but ultimately I have to say I didn't like a lot of their choices. I prefer GU.

>>514419874Pard is such a weird translation for 相棒.相棒 at least sounds somewhat endearing.Sure it also means partner and pard is like mutilated version of that. But the execution of dub also makes it worse.相棒 is almost always said by stretching, where the pard is said like she tries to be a cowboy.



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>>514419252you are shit fuck you you are worse than shit you are super shit you are weeb trash super shit shitter bad at videogames neckbeard weeb shit misogynist nazi shitter shit SHIT racist nigger shit immigrant shit super shitter fuck you virgin

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>>514419624>smell the coffee of only 7 playable weapon typesThat's one more than 4U.I'd accept fewer weapon types per game if they actually had something resembling decent balancing.

>>514420259you seem to be the one coping here worldbabby ;) seethe harder

Everytime a videogame gets popular its the same with you peopleFuckin Iceborne is a million times better but you cucks will always think the opposite cause you're not the only one enjoying these games anymore

hey guys lets play mh today guys lets have fun no matter which mh game we play

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>>514420360>actually wanting less content for something as irrelevant as "balancing"Holy fuck.

>>514420364>Most sold capcom game ever>surpassed the sales of p3rd, the best selling game in japan>never gonna go backHow am I copingAlso why you guys say IB is the easiest when P3rd and GenU are the easier titles

>>514420360More weapon types = more longevity, as far as I'm concerned. Ditto with roster / armor / weapons.

>>514419579deviants are goodstyles are good aside from evasionhaving played every MH, GU is by far the best one since I can play it like any classix MH by just not using arts with guild stylethe only issue I have with the game is that they fucked up the Lance

Going back from Iceborne movesets to the inane clusterfuck of styles + arts was incredibly disappointing.Aside from valor and aerial GU has nothing fun to provide

>>514420215*iaido counters your argument* nothing personnel, kid.

>>514420421IB sucks ass>put on mantle, claw, wallbang, claw, soften, claw, softenthis shit gets old.

>>514419691It certainly doesn'tTri gets old after 50 hours, and it's a fucking MH game

>>514420580I have played every MH and I grew fuckin tired of recycled ps2 and psp models. About time this game became what it is now

>>514420543You retards don't even know how shit you got it. It's the same with final fantasy 7 remake. Same with the new star wars movies. Literally every franchise get's butchered for retards like you who don't even play the games. Yeah it's popular but is it good? Not at all.

>>5144165744U>>514416574Based take on iceborne. I still don't care for GU though.

World. GU if you're looking for more content after getting tired with World.

>>514420579yeah because so many people used SA, lance, GL or HH in 4Uworthless weapons offer no longevity because barely anybody will play them

>>514420658Gu got old at 10

>>514420717This so fucking much. Just glad we got gu before the world turd

>>514420543I struggled a lot more with guild style GU than any other MH aside from 4U

>>514420580>since I can play it like any classix MH by just not using arts with guild styleunless you're playing DBalso deviants are clearly designed around arts and styles

>>514420717MH didn't get butchred you absolute retard, it's in the besr state its ever been, fuck yourself

>>514420776It didn't600 hours and still countingTri ended up on ebay one month later

>>514417137I agree. That said I still feel iceborne's end game grind is pretty bad too. Not because the concept isn't cool but because the rewards are heavily diminished by that point and largely uninteresting by comparison of pre-end game. I would've like for all the monsters to get gamma sets from their parts in the guiding lands.

>>514420717MH got butchered long ago.

>>514420761>Doesnt enjoy playing with Funlance, Doot hammer nor SexAxewew lad

>>514420830That's because you fuckin suck ass and should stop playing videogames

>>514420873whatever you say dearest zoomie

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For me it's 3U.

>>514416574Base World is boring as shit

>>514420980t. retard who can't read

>>514420986I play these games since 2008 and you probably started with 3U or 4U, get the fuck out

>>514420964not in 4U, those weapons are borderline unplayable in that game compared to the actually good weapons.

>>514420620>argumentWasn't even an argument but multiple ad hominem attacks aimed at you personally for you choice of weapon*ignores your counter and smacks your weeb trash shitter ass*Put you in your place LongShitterGet fucked

>>514421070who cares about that? they're still fun.

>>514421064I started with the first one on the psp. If it's true what you say than you just have shit taste. Can't do anything about it at all desu

If you guys think past MH games feel good to play after World/IB I think you have serious mental problems

>>514417415I liked portable 3rd and Tri. I hated 3U though because I love greatsword and there was something seriously wrong with the hitboxes on greatsword in that game. That said, can't hate FU. You can and should admit the hitboxes were trash, but the progression, overall mastery and selection of weapons was superb. Also it has a kino feel for some reason. I'll admit the graphics are dated but it's like a perfect kind of old graphics with good animations that feels just right.

>>514421078*counters with foresight slash* ez

>>514421212>play since the first>iceborne comes out, glorifies everything from the past games, a dream come true for OG fans>"animu shit game is better than IB"Retard

>>514421309iceborne is more anime than GU


>Go back to GU>Grind is unbearable>Gamebreaking art and styles making the thing ridiculously easy>Get bored after 30 hours and drop itAt least I had fun with friends on it when it came out.

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>>514416480Depends, are you a graphicwhore?

Worldchads, can we even stop winning?

>>514421309>sold less than half the og salesyou normies ruin everything kys

>>514421309>IB isn't animeshit

>>514421574It's Capcom, they can fuck up anything.

>>514416898And IB online is worthless aside 2 two quests.Whats your point?

>>514421651>expansion>still sold more than GU and P3RDcope

IB ruined World.

>>514421756cope harder not even world babbies gave a fuck about the xpac. That just shows how boring the game is.

>>514421251typical weeb tactics after getting owned>I dodged it>I countered it>Basically I have a shield when playfighting in kindergardenGrow up LongShitterme win you lose and you is stupid and fail at life take bath cus u smell

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>>514416480>no crabs in iceborne>crabs in generationit's easy anonboth are good for different reason, want tons of stuff to bonk with your hammer?pick GU; want a new take on MH?Pick iceborne

>>514422137gen has crabs the fuck you on about

>>514422075*helm splits your fat head open*

>>514420158>Someone saved my webmVery cool

>>514420717You are an idiot, reboots can be better video games than the originals. You are just a jaded boomer that cannot feel joy playing anymore

>>514422432can but it isn't you faggot

>>514422137>no crabs in iceborne>crabs in generationIt's almost if they reused the content they made in multiple games for Gen because they didn't have to make everything from scratch again due to the newest game being made on hardware that won't fuck your eyes and thumbs up.

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>>514420717But I have played since FU.

>>514422538doesn't matterno exuse to not have crabs

>>514421212>first one>pspI know you are full of shit now.

>>514420717This is the sad truth.

>>514422628There's a reason why they never made any more crabs other than daimyo and shogun

>>514422363am alredy win but u still try 2 defeat me u struggling but no use cus im already winu a loser at loife

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>>514422794they ran out of jap names

>>514422687>can't readfirst one ON psp. Kys brainlet

>>514422832*spirit comboes you to hell and back* I can't stop winning.

>>514421785This>Clutch claw>Obnoxious hyperactive monsters>Bloated health pools>Overall destroyed the comfy feel of World hunts>Weapons almost all play worse>Two fucking sieges

>>514422859Got 'em.I love it that you just HAVE TO reply.

>>514423001>pretending to be retardedk retard

>>514422973>hyperactive monsters>literally the least active monsters since genI see you haven't played 3 and 4.

>>514418213Long Swords are bad but Duals Blades are the worst. Talk about a no skill weapon. And they trip almost as often as Long Swords.

Wish World had more insect monsters, like Seltas Queen.But at the same time I don't want Seltas Queen back in world because I bet they will ruin the weapons with the objectively shit Boneweapon+very few monster parts designs they have in World.

>>514421785I don't think there's a more contrarian opinion out there.

>>514416480GU has far more content and is more challenging I'd say. Iceborne is a fine game and an easy way in for new players

>>514422857Or they're just too much of a pain to work with for a skeleton that in the end can only be used for one super specific kind of monsterHell, skeletons like Nerscylla's are so troublesome that they couldn't even fix the monster in time for Generations and had to put it in GU instead, where they repurposed its skeleton for Ahtal-Ka.They'll probably come back eventually but compared to getting all the other, more generally usable skeletons updated they're really really low priority.

>>514423058>still repliesSo easy.Have you ever reconsidered your life choices?>>514423151Stop walking on them or gem flinch free, scrub.

>>514423085IB monsters are faster than 4's on average, just not as fast as frenzy/apex shit.

>>514423151Difference being LS is much much more widespread and popular than DBI would also argue that with how many Deco slots there are in World now, you should have gotten Flinch Free Lvl1 and not be tripped ever again by mostly anything.

>>514423345anoni was joking

>>514423427Even low rank barroth from p3rd is faster than anything on world/IB.Have you even see how fast diablos was in 3u?

>>514419691>But it still feels more varied as a roster compared to GU.It just means you are mentally challenged.

>>514423085Why is monster speed even praised as a good thing anyway? Weapons are almost always designed around high rank monster speeds, and G rank speed creep almost always fucks things up.

>>514417429World and I. are just as anime though.

>>514423626G-rank speed is fine. You just need to actually know the monster movements on some weapon instead of just swinging around.GS used to be all about that.

>>514423626>Weapons are almost always designed around high rank monster speeds, and G rank speed creep almost always fucks things up.That's the fun part. High rank is boring and safe, G rank is imbalanced and fun, and it's up to the player to figure out which weapons benefit the most from G rank speed increases. It also makes GS top tier and GS should always be top tier.

>>514423773And that's fine if you're using GS, but combo focused weapons don't really work if you only get 1 second long openings.

>>514423926Then don't play those weapons? That only excludes a small portion of the weapon roster. But nothing is stopping you from switching to a better weapon. The idea that all weapons have to be equally suitable for endgame hunts is laughable anyway.

>>514416480World.The old Mohuns are just too dated and janky to really transfer.

>>514423926Untrue. And if you find x weapon hard for y monster, then change weapon. That is the point of not having typical rpg classes.If you don't play at least 4 different weapons, are you even enjoying the game?

>>514416480This one

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>>514423401>>514423458I've got flinch free. I just hate dual blades because it's a brain dead weapon with the added bonus of trip potential. The LS counter at least requires some comprehension of the monster's moveset.

>>514423926MH was never supposed to have "combo focused" weapons in the first place. That's the weapon moveset design's problem, not the monsters'.

>>514421651>you normies ruin everything kys>dude fucking normiesMonhun is designed and marketed for japanese normies. >hunt monsters with your friends>a fuckton of social features in 3ds and nintendo consoles>the very reason mh was created is because PS2 got networking capabilities so capcom came up with RE ouubreak and OG Monster Hunter,both games heavily focused on online

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>>514424215>It's fine for half of the weapons to suck ass, just use something else lol

>>514424352It's okay if Japan does it tho


>>514424369>can't readsasuga shitter-kun.

>>514424454Alright, genius, tell me how a weapon like SA in 4U is meant to fight 140 Zinogre solo.

>>514424759By playing well. I don't know what you really mean. SA isn't "combo" weapon. Getting meter to use sword mode is easy, and dodging in axe mode is easier.

>>514424759Switch to GS.

>>514424862>SA isn't "combo" weapon.It's a low damage per hit, relatively high attack speed weapon with no burst damage options. It has to stick to monsters and keep attacking them continuously. That's the kind of playstyle that simply isn't viable in fights like that. Honestly they should just get rid of those kinds of weapons, anyway.

>>514425030but SA is good in iceborne

Generations is way better but my normie firends struggle with it where world is so friendly I can even get females to play it decently.

>>514425030>That's the kind of playstyle that simply isn't viable in fights like that.Then use something else. That's the entire point of having different weapons, to offer different playstyles. That doesn't mean that all of those playstyles have to be catered to equally.

>>514423345I thought Ahtal was Seltas skeleton

>>514425030>low damage per hitSince?

>>514424352>Monhun is designed and marketed for japanese normies.In that case why do sperms always complain about muh anime?