Is this the only game Holla Forums and gaming journalists can both unanimously agree is shit...

Is this the only game Holla Forums and gaming journalists can both unanimously agree is shit? Honestly it deserves the 2/10

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>>514414920 its bait fellas, move along

The Sandy and Patrick robot boss fights look way worse than their original designs.

>>514414991Cope>>514415523The game is universally agreed here to have never been good to begin with, it's just zoomer nostalgia. Us oldfags never gave a fuck about it.


>>514415792>>514414920(You)I actually had to restart my save file due to a glitch and I didn't care because of how fun it was.

>>514415792>The game is universally agreed here to have never been good to begin with, it's just zoomer nostalgia.This. I loved Spongebob as a kid. I was a kid when this game came out during Spongebob's prime. I thought this game sucked ass. Played it recently as and adult and it still sucks ass. If you thought the remake would be good you are genuinely autistic.

It's a 6/10 at best that's overhyped because of aesthetics and nostalgia.

>>514415952Aesthetics and Nostalgia are both valid review criteria, which means it's actually like an 8/10 because it gets a +1 for both categories.

>>514414920It really is unfinished and broken in some parts. I wished Heavy Iron was the ones in charged for the remake, Purple Lamp had no experience prior to making this game. To give them credit, it's nice visually, but that doesn't make up for how shit it is.

>>514416223i quite enjoy the remake. looks nice, controls great, and i appreciate the references to spongebob memes.

>>514416223Nice try, IGN.

>>514415792>zoomer nostalgiaNigger i'm 29 and I played the original when it was new at the age of 12.

>>514416397when game journos get filtered by a kids game, you know we live in a society

>>514415792>zoomer nostalgiaThat's not even a fucking thing

>>514414991Even if it is bait, I do have to say that the remake is worse than the original

Sometimes simple fun is all you need, and that's what I got out of playing this.

>>514416434Yeah sure. Shut up zoomer faggot

>>514416460As an ancient gamer, I wholeheartedly agree with your perceptive assessment

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>>514416397You can either defend your broken mess of a game, or you could actually patch up the blemishes in your shitty game. Your choice Purple Lamp Dev.

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>Spongebob>MUH PS2 NOSTAAAALGIAZoomer trash.

>>514416434Nice falseflagging zoomy

>>514416168>Aesthetics and Nostalgia are both valid review criteriaNo. No they are not. And you're technically implying that a 10/10 game must appeal to nostalgia, even if that wouldn't be possible


>>514416709/v/: where contrarians thrive and actual vidya discussion is punished.


>>514416620You can keep calling me that all you want. I'm happy to be a millennial than to be a post-2000 born faggot like you. You probably weren't even old enough to see Nickelodeon in it's prime you literal child.

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>>514415903>>514415951>>514415952>>514416565>>514416620>>514416625>>514416709>>514416790>>514416908BFBB is gonna be Holla Forums's new punching bag and I'm all here for it lmao, I always thought that game was trash as did many oldfags.>>514417197>>514416460>>514416365>>514416434Cope zoomer. Your samefagging won't make the truth any different.

>>514417197just ignore them, they don't appreciate true art like we do. while they seethe about a spongebob game, i'll be trying to 100% said spongebob game.

>>514417309>implying me and the other oldfag are the same person

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>>514416790>post-2000 zoomer seething this hardYou are beyond pathetic lmao. go play fartnite or make shitty ticktock videos like the rest of you zoom zooms do.

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>>514416810>implyingNo, it's just a +1 bonus

>>514416625>>514416223you know you guys can just report the bugs to help them patch out the game instead of wasting time complaining about it

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>>514414920its a collectathon with recognizable characters from the childhood of anyone that was born from 1990-2006zoomers dont play collectathons because they're boring and padded out with insignificant content. and any millenials that play it will probably remember why they stopped watching spongebob in the first place. A 2.......out of 5.

>>514417309You're not an oldfag you LARPing zoomer.

>>514417932Based user, so savage at this shitty remake. There's a reason none gave a fuck about it.>>514417980Cope zoomer.

>>514417932zoomers dont play collectathons because they're too retarded to enjoy good games. they'd rather just play Last of Us 2 or any other generic sony cinematic game with more cutscenes than game. games had charm back in the day.

>>514417898I can't wait until they patch up all the glitches and exploits they use in the speedruns just to see SHiFT have another fucking fit.

>>514418076>Cope zoomer.Oh look, you proved me right, you LARPing zoomer. You probably swooped right in after moot stepped down.

>>514418110This. Zoomers hate anything that came out before 2015 and love all the new shity games that come out nowadays, they are all stanning the fuck out of shit like TLOU2 and the new nigger spiderman game on twitter while bashing actually good games that came out years ago.

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>>514418110Anyone born after 1996 is beyond saving and thats basically a fact. I tried to get my nephew to try some old games and he hated every single one od them because they werent the same as the generic snoy movie shit that he loves like tlou2

>>514418323>worst AC is 3No that would be 1.

>>514418459when my nephew is older i'm gonna get him into the games i grew up with. i'm not letting him grow up with trash. thankfully my sister is doing the same. shes showing him classic NES and SNES games.

>>514416484It isn't I wanted to play it as a kid and never did until three years ago. The original has really great gameplay and is fun to play. The remake has a nice look to it, even though I prefer the original, but has big problems with bugs and its controls. And also some dialogues from the original game are missing. SpongeBob misses 8, Mr. Krabs 2, Sandy 2, etc. Not much but still disappointing. Hope Purple Lamp will fix these issues soon.

>>514418635Your nephew is most likely already brainwashed by smartphones and sjws, face it all of todays youth is beyond saving we are the last good generation.

>>514418763he's 3, he can be saved.

>>514418323blessed pic. every video game is shit now no exceptions, people say japan still makes good games but no all they make is shit too, all cringe and weebshit. good games simply cant exist anymore.

>>514418459>Everyone born after 1981 is beyond savingFTFY

>>514418965good games are still made, but only people like us play them. Cuphead was fantastic, as is Little Nightmares. indie games are honestly the saving grace of video games if you can look past the endless asset flips and sjw fodder. hell, i really enjoyed Read Only Memories, despite its obvious LGBT shit.

>>514419084>calartsheadNo>indie games are the saving graceIt's literally all pixelshit and SJWshit

>>514414920the only people i've seen ever talk about it is the speedrun streamer they shilled

>>514419167Cuphead isnt calarts, its rtubber hose. if you actually watched classic cartoons you'd know this. also pixel shit is fun, if done well. and it's not just pixel shit. Broken Reality, for example.

>>514418459I can confirm that's not true, but can't say how I know this

>>514419167also i gotta menton Case of Distrust. really good mystery point and click game. minimalist style, but tells a really good story and the writing is top notch. the puzzles are a bit unclear at times, but overall its great.

>>514419167>>calartsheadAre you retarded or are you just saying buzzwords you don't know the true meaning behind? Cuphead is not even close to being calarts anything you dipshit.

>>514416460>filtered memeIt is factually shit design. Not 'muh skillz' shit.

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>>514419068Everyone born after 1956 is a zoomer cuck

>>514419540oh yeah cause winding up the shot before you get onto the button is so bad. i found the zoomer.

>>514419617It's a zoomer game for zoomers who have nostalgia. You dumb zoomer.

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>>514419760>SHIT>CUM>FUCK Good argument

>>514419760you know the devs are actively patching the game, right? it's not just a one and done. they actually want this game to be the best it can be. you know, like good devs? also good job calling me a zoomer for liking a game you only hate because it's the hip new thing.

>its another absolute braindead moron buys a multiplat on Switch episode.

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100%'d it just today. I'd rate it 6/10 as I had fun doing it. Would be 7 if they worked out the kinks

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>>514415792>us oldfagsPLEASE kill yourself your parents won’t miss you

>>5144200756/10 literally means its a shit game

>>514417898they posted the wrong image, here I fixed it for them

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>>514418110>>514418323Nice try zoomer.

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>>514416168You are one dumb nigger even tho you're trolling.

>>514420042Funfact: people who call other people zoomers are actually real zoomers themselves, who were still in diapers in the year 2005.Observe, he's gonna call me a zoomer, thus proving my point.

>>514416709i actually played this on the original xbox when i was a kid

>>514419167>game is based on 50's and 40's cartoons>cal artAre you retarded?

>>514420418it's Holla Forums. 95% of the people on here are retarded.

>>514420386what ever you say millennial

>>514414920game is fun fuck off.



I actually like dumb collectathons and platformers. Sorry Holla Forums.

>>514420331not the same person, retard. also good job calling us zoomers for disagreeing with your retarded opinion. fucking Holla Forums.

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>>514414920The game is fun, though.I'm sorry you can't see it the way I do, user, but that's just how I feel.

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>>514420935most of Holla Forums hates fun. they hate video games in general. sad, really.

>>514421184Sad, indeed, but, hey, at least there's guys like us around. Guys like you and me, user, we're cool.

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>>514421407You sound like a massive faggot

>>514421407wholesome posting on Holla Forums. it's rare, but i appreciate it. thanks man, i'm glad you're enjoying the remake.

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>>514419540why are you holding the button to wind up the throw, you don't need to do that, don't post your incompetence as bugs

>>514421921That's from the IGN review, user.

Op is fag.The game is fine. Collectathons aren’t anything special, but trying to push this weird wonky narrative that they’re bad now is stupid.It is no worse than psychonauts or Banjo and Kazooie. If you don’t like the aesthetic, that’s subjective, and if you don’t like the genre that’s fine. But don’t push your shitty opinions on other people. It’s the best spongebob game we have, and I’m glad thq was willing to try remaking a game that might not get any traction. Something that shouldn’t be discouraged in the gaming industry, because otherwise we’ll lose all the good gaming series to movieshit and sports games that sell well. Fuck you.

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>>514422026that's even worse

>>514422058here's hoping the movie game is next. that was the one i grew up with. playing battle for bikini bottom for the first time through this remake was a blast, though.

>>514416565zoomers on Holla Forums wont know that though>reviewers saying the invisible walls everywhere are forgivable because they're in the original>they were added by the remake>many scenery using section skips were by design in the original

>>514422058>The game is fineThe original is fine, the remake is a disappointment.

>>514422595Well, I’ve played the original, but not the remake. So explain to me what’s wrong with the remake. Saying it’s disappointing only works if I know what your expectations are. I don’t care that much about graphics, and I’m not that worried if it’s a little buggy.Did they take out features? Or did they just not add as much as you might want?I’m definitely willing to reconsider the remake because I haven’t played it yet. But from the footage I’ve seen so far it seems pretty faithful to the original.

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>>514423120it's faithful in every way, and they added shit that was cut from the original. i think the horde mode was one of those things.

The way zoomer is being thrown around in this thread I don’t know what it means anymore. Can we just go back to calling each other autistic?

>>514423678nah, zoomer is the new autistic apparently

>>514414920Why do zoomers pretending to be old fags always try so hard and fail so much with their bait? Baiting used to be an art form. Where anons would actually try to get people mad instead of just going "heh game bad". You Samefagging contrarian cucks aren't original and you do a dishonor to bait everywhere.

Not even touching it until they fix the shitloads of bugs it has preventing you from getting certain spatulas.

>>514423259If there's one fault I have with the remake, it is precisely the Hoarde Mode. There's literally no punishment for dying aside from having to restart the wave you're on, meaning both players have to do the entire 25+ wave gauntlet regardless of exhaustion or if you're even able to handle the challenge as a newer player. Also I can tell that it was rushed or something because I tried playing as Robo Plankton and his collision detection was wonky as fuck, often times teleported back to the ground upon jumping for no reason which resulted in constant death.Aside from that, this remake is solid.

>>514424025And also aside from the bugs preventing you from getting certain things, right I just remembered, I almost couldn't get 100% because of the Sock in Spongebob's Library.

>>514424113Same thing with the Annoy Squidward spatula. I haven't played this before so I didn't even know it was a thing, but apparently in this you have to do it first time you go in there else it glitches out. Sounds like the same issue is with that sock as well. Really shitty oversight.

>>514424290oh fuck i didnt even know about that spatula until today. i hope that gets fixed soon. i just entred squiddies house, fucked around, then left.