ITT: historic events you want to see in more video games

>a million modern war games>a million world war 2 games>a few vietnam war games>no korean war games>no russo-japan war games>no falklands war games>no october war gamesEverything is political and everything is offensive nowadays, might as well throw caution to the wind and do Jews vs Arabs in 1973.

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Just give me another "Cold war gone hot" game in any genre, m8. I'll buy anything.

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>>514414619Imagine the seethe from Holla Forumstards though

>>514414619Jews vs Arabs in 1973Who would fund it?The big studios and publishers wouldn't touch it with a 9 mile barge pole.Most smaller game investment comes from either China or Saudi Arabia - neither of which would fund it.

>>514414619Gunner: Heat PC might feature this if you are into tank games.

>>514414619Only cool countries portrayed in games.

>>514414619Should be Syria war games for sure. But bombing dudes without cool tech is boring.

I lot of these tiny fucking wars people like love aesthetically and obsess over the Falklands and Grenada and Panama and the Israeli / Arab wars can probably be easily replicated in like most modern MilSim games.The Issue is mainly that mod fags usually get halfway through making shit like that then give up

>>514414619Kurukshetra war

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>>514414619The Iran-Iraq war would be Kino asf

>>514418342>the closest to 40K warfare humanity has reached

>>514414619less mainstream theaters of war just don't sell. look at Tannenberg, set in the Eastern Front of WW1, people asked for it, a lot of people said "wow cool premise", yet nobody bought it and nobody is playing it and it's pretty much dead. if you want the Falklands War or Arab Israeli wars just play Arma

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>>514414619>no china-japan war

>>514418683>if you want the Falklands War or Arab Israeli wars just play Armathere are no mods for them

>>514414619If literally anyone else besides the Jews were the victors of the Yom Kippur war they would be lauded as badasses

>>514416347Supposedly the next COD game is going to be just that

I want tripwire to make a modern Afghanistan war game

>>514418931There are mods with the IDF and there's a lot of assets and mods that would fit the arab side.

>>514414619Israel doesn't exist in games, they don't want you to think about it

>>514419297This. Jews literally don't even want you thinking about the Zionist entity, you might start asking questions.

>>514419297CSGO is one of the most popular PC games and the IDF is featured in Dust II, the most iconic map in the game

>>514419297it's the opposite, lefties, sandniggers and stormfags would just bitch and moan and boycott any game that recognized Israel

>>514414619Yom Kippur War is actually pretty kino. It was the last great tank battle of history (the tank engagements in Desert Storm were too one-sided to be called a battle).You had crazy shit like 50 Israeli souped up Sherman Tanks facing off against 500 Syrian T-55/T-62's and still prevailing. The IDF tanks ran out of ammo by the end so were just ramming the Syrians. Shit is crazy.

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>>514419297>>5144193792 cheeseburgers have been deposited into your account

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>514419297Nice bait

>>514419297>>514419379It's just because they can't sell them in Africa/Muslim countries.There's a dev from Westwood who confirmed Israel was supposed to be playable in Red Alert 2 but the game would be banned in the rest of the Middle East so they changed it to Japan, which made them afraid it'd be banned in China so they again changed it to South Korea at the last minute.

>>514419271There's no good urban desert maps, really urban maps period in A3.

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>>514419672Was that Microsoft's reasoning for not including Judea in AOE1? The Palmyrans are such a fucking cop out, it was a city state at most.

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>hundred years war>napoleanic wars>american revolution (not assassins fucking creed)>fall of constantinople>british conquest of india>gulf war>73 eastings>gulf war>please oh God just give me some late 80s tank tech warfare>please im begging you



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>>514419672This. Same reason you can never play as Imperial Japanese in any mainstream game these days. Cuz China would chimp out.

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>>514419885Rising Storm 1

>>514418342>The Iraqis heavily used Mi-25 Hind to "hunt" the Iranian troops in the marshes, killing many soldiers. On 27 February, Iran finally captured Majnoon Island, but lost 49 of their own helicopters shot down by Iraqi jet fighters. Fighting took place in waters over 2 meters deep at times. Iraq in response to the attacks ran live electrical cables through the water, electrocuting numerous Iranian troops and then displaying their corpses on state television.[5]

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>>514419761>Palmyran empire>a city state at mostAh yes, the city state that defeated the Sassanids and held the entire Roman east.

>>514418683I would buy Verdun/Tannenburg if more people were playing it. Chicken and egg problem, and I know I am part of the problem, but I won't buy a ded game despite being its exact target customer. Maybe they should have made some offline content to appease people like me

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>>514419796>>british conquest of india>be from India>have to choose between british rule or india rule>choose british>banned from shitting on the streetfuck u

>>514419549I read about this shit as I'm into cold war-era battles and weapons. all but 2 of those jew tanks were destroyed and the last 2 were the ones doing the ramming. It's a modern day Thermopylae but never gets talked about much because of the political angst

>>514420179Gaul, Parthia, and the Seleucids all deserved that spot significantly more than Palmyra

30 years war FPS that's historically accurate

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>>514414619they only make video games that are expedient for some kind of political gain

>>514419297Not really, it's just>most video game dev's are lefty who hate israel>east asians are indifferent to modern cold war-era stuff as a whole so their devs don't cover it>such a game could get banned in portions of the world

just an AAA cold war gone hot FPS, please, for fucks sake IT HAS BEEN YEARS

>>514420262>gaulNever existed as a unified entity >ParthiaEssentially just a weaker Persia>Seleucid EmpireWould be fun, essentially nobody knows about them however. Except for me, I even bought a book about the Seleucid economy...

>>514420285360 no scop

Truth is just that some wars arent as popular

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>>514420471when the fuck has AOE ever cared about if something was a unified entity? Chinese, Slavs, and Goths in 2 are especially heinous offenders

Spanish Civil War


one of the things thats interesting to me about the yom kippur war is how while everyone dismisses arab armies as a complete joke (and still do even after the hezbollah 2006 kerfluffle which is kinda dumb) the egyptians actually did really well early on, especially considering the defenses at the suez were really tough, like the israelis straight up had pipes to pour petrol into the canal to set it on fire to deter an amphibious landing and egyptian engineers snuck across and poured concrete into the pipes before the attackits the kind of skill you dont see often in the middle east wars

>>514420743Covered in old wargames, albeit from the nazi/Russian perspective. They essentially used the war to train troops.

>>514421150Egyptians are a different people and have pride in their country. US aid helped too

>>514421406do it from the Spanish perspective, having your war be a testing ground by out siders

>>514416556>jidf agents would love it>jews would love it>traditional Christians would love driving a tank trough the mosque and burning down sandnigger villages > Russians would love it >Balkans would love >Chinese that despise uygur myslims would love it Most of Holla Forums would enjoy it.

Ok thenHow many of you played Syrian Warfare?

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>>514414619Yugoslavia. There were at least 3 different factions if you oversimpfy it. But depicting a European war that happened so recently and will show potential customers, Muslims or EU members as complete savages is too sensitive for big studios. All we got was This war of mine as an allegory to the siege of Sarajevo.Iran/Iraq or Ethiopia/Eritrea would be great settings too, but they're also recent and sensitive to "racism". Maybe they would be more comfortable with the Crimean war or 18th century wars?

>>514421916Thats exactly what it was

>>514421985Do trad Christians hate Muslims more than kikes? Weird

>>514416347I tried to get into red dragon but I literally could not wrap my head around how the combat worked

>>514422154It isn't as impossible as you think.All you need to do is to produce it in a country where average pay is low and you do not get canned for not following the script.Syrian Warfare glorifies Russians but its to lesser extent than to which they were demonized in last CoD.

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>>514422020I have.It's an okayish but really quite dated and somewhat clunky game that feels like it was written by the russian ministry of foreign affairs.

>>514422276Only American sectarians like kikes.Everyone else tolerates them at best.


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i want a game that lets me play as a mercenary in any african war after decolonizationi only know that graviteam tactics has a dlc that adds a campaign taking place during the angolan bush war

>>514423326I want to play a game based on general "Butt Naked"

>>514419672What would have been their special unit?

>>514420187 Separate the playerbase with two niche games abou two separate fronts of WWI was not a good idea.

>>514414619>>514416576 gee user why was a religious demographic at war with a racial onedo you care to rephrase your statement for accuracy perhaps

>>514416347I’d love a game like that, with the Alien Isolation type of 70s 80s tech aesthetic.Other than that I want to see some games about anti soviet insurgency in the Warsaw Pact (doesn’t have to be entirely historical, make it more violent and larger scale). You’d have to secure resources, raid railways and steal weaponry on your own accord across maybe a city and countryside.

>>514422020lol, that game was literal russian propaganda, but fun

>>514424343Jew is a race, Jew.

>>514414619>>514416576>>514419549Talonsoft's Battleground series had a game with this stuff. Pretty good series of Hex based Strategy games (their American Civil War and Napoleonic games were also fantastic)

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>>514416556I hate western subversive jews but i respect israel to a degree. Their military stuff is cool shit too.t. muzzy Holla Forumsak