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Previous Thread >>514362290>Post references and names in one post>Keep it vidya origin, no OCs>No shitposting, bumping requests or misusing Loomis and other artist names>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>When posting a delivery PLEASE don't forget to link to the anchor post.>Have funPost your art to the booru for anons to find later in case they miss a delivery or if it is NSFW:vidyart.booru.org/ (current)vidyart2.booru.org/ (backup)Also, to those uploading, if you know who the subjects of the picture are, please tag them!NSFW Deliveries (excluding loli/furry content) should also be posted in>>>/i/611748For NSFW Deliveries that go against the rules like loli/furry try these sites:catbox.moe/ or imgur.com/Want to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills? Visit the /ic/ sticky>>>/ic/1579290Drawing Books and drawing programs:mega.nz/#F!vp5hQCbQ!oCNGOUgaVeK1pHs3qasJDQ

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ReminderIf you have an image you know is being filtered, do this - edit the image in paint, and change just one pixel somewhere.bam, every time this changes the image hash and it gets seen again

Thank you drawanon for my bro request.

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Requesting Nakoruru in a red/white race queen costume while she smiles at the viewer with her arms behind her head (pic related)

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>>514412454I know this is a draw thread, but I never played any of the Nep games, and I'm bored as fuck. Looking to start with a newer release (preferably something with halfway decent visuals). I've got the following systems: >Ps3 Slim>Ps Vita OLED>Ps4 Pro>Gaming laptop (RTX 2080 Max-Q)Wat do?

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Requesting Shiroma after class changing to black or red mage.

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Requesting a thick Artoria Pendragon Alter showing off her Thick body like this in pic:files.catbox.moe/9fg89v.jpgplease

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>>514413009Play Neptunia VII or MKII

Requesting a cool redraw or fanart of this Mario from Nintendo Power Issue 185 (August 2004).

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Requesting the FFT archer being bullied by a Chemist due to the Chemist's ability to use guns rendering her damage and range obsolete. Or just the archer with a gun, preferably based on an in-game one rather than a realistic one.

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Requesting Spike (top left) from Ape Escape being pantsed by Specter (top right), revealing Spike's tighty-whities; bottom image is for pose reference.

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>>514413009most of the nep games are on steam and can run on a fucking potato.

Requesting armored Bandanna Waddle Dee

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Requesting Wolf/Sekiro from Sekiro rolling two dies/dice.

Requesting Werebat Rouge and Werebandicoot Tawna with a cheesy Banjo-Tooie boss description

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Here goes. Request red/blue jongleur girls lewdly making out with one another.Their breasts out and arching one of their legs up while clasping hands.Bonus: Lusty eyes and Thicc booty. Especially thicc booty.

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Requesting Mina from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow fighting common Castlevania enemies with shrine maiden tools.

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>>514412454What the he'll is she saying?Someone translate.

Requesting a parody of the iconic drifting scene from Akira with Crash Bandicoot riding Baby T or Coco riding Pura.>Scene: youtu.be/pRPvSOwY3sY

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>>514413004Thanks I guess.

Requesting one of the pegasus sisters but instead of a skirt their outfit ends in shorts. Or one lifting their leg so that the viewer can peek up their skirt and see spats

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Requesting the main characters of the SFC game Magical Land of Wozz at the beach. Leona (girl) wears a cute pink bikini, Shot (blonde dude) wears a blue speedo, and Chun (guy with the purple bowl cut) wears purple swim shorts.

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This is the first draw I make about Heart Aino (she is licking a Heart palette) and the one I made so far in several months, even though I haven't made ecchi draws before.What do you think?

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>>514413951No Rivierafag, I don't think I will.

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Requesting Monica from Little Witch Nobeta with an expanded dong.>>514401198The game's only 10 bucks, I'm at the Monica boss battle right now and I can say I'm satisfied with the purchase. It's a really solid and fun game, it'll take you at least 5 hours or so to beat it and the dev said it'll be at least twice as long as what is in currently.

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>>514413784Not yet finished but wip

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Requesting Captain Falcon ordering food>"I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda."Forgot to mention this but could be about ramen since he's more into noodles than burgers.

Requesting Van practicing his Oiroke no Jutsu

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Requesting catfag draw as a new villain for the next Final FantasyAdd tits if needed just go wild

Requesting Nobeta dressed in the witch set from Dark Souls, or meeting the Chosen Undead since she seems to be the Dark Souls of the loli genre.files.catbox.moe/yzj0qi.jpg

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>>514413779"This just in, Super Mario has OD'ed on Super Mushrooms! They don't stack, you idiot! Stick to plumbing!"

>>514414269Hey that's looking really good! Thanks for the update

>>514414362That's some serious 2003-core humor. And it was a tired joke by then too.

>>514414436Sure is, but all I did was type it out for you. Don't shoot me, shoot the artist.

>>514414269Furry, do not wanf

Requesting Parappa singing "Sweat" by Inner Circle: youtu.be/5M65q33b6hc in front of Lammy and Rammy with both of them reacting differently. Lammy happy and humming around, totally unaware of the double entendre. Rammy trying to hide her blushing and flipping the bird.

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>>514414269That tiger looks older than the one from the reference

Requesting Peach version of the bottom reaction face

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>>514414516I wasn't meaning to. I just wasn't sure whether to reply to you or the OP. And I wasn't the guy who asked anyway.

>>514414436I think that's a parody to some recent events.Don't quote me on this though.

Requesting Sukeban delinquent Min Min stealing user's instant ramen noodles.

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>>514414269>That lineartRick, is that your?

Requesting Nagato with a short blunt angled bob haircut but with her normal bangs.

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>>514415028Oh yeah some rapper died the other day, according to twitter's explore page when I ended up on that by accident. So it's probably referencing that.

Requesting Azazel and Cerberus getting drunk. Each one a different kind of drunk.>Aggressive drunk>Horny drunk>Euphoric drunk>Sad drunk

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Requesting Azazel showing what other kind of lewd things she learned in Hell.

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Requesting The Helltaker from Helltaker doing a strip tease show for the infernal ladies

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Requesting the new female lombax fixing a spaceship while wearing underwear.

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Requesting Menat unable to move because she forgot to stretch

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Requesting Flapper dancer Marina

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Requesting Lucy's outfit turned into a micro bikini.

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Requesting Terry Bogard dressed as character on the right, make Terry a trans woman (nice breasts, androgynous face, maybe visible bulge)

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Requesting Tataru from FF14 getting the WoL's(Shadowbringers version) measurements but with her hand down the his pants groping his junk with an intrigued yet smug look on her face.

Requesting these two fighting Min Min to prove once and for all who's the best

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Requesting Animal Crossing New Horizons, but it's Hotline Miami.A couple of suggestions1. The villager is actually tripping balls, and they see an idyllic community populated by funny talking animals in place of a bloody, gory run down city with animal masked killers.2. Hotline Miami style game play taking place in the Animal Crossing world. Either the villager or some of the other characters go on a killing spree.

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Requesting Tails creating a robot waifu for himself

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>>514415901Min Min doesn't look similar to those two at all.

Requesting Loba buttjob

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Requesting Marnie from Stardew Valley doing whatever. Don't have any special request, would just like to see some new art of her.

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Requesting Loli Kai fooling guys on tinder with a profile pic of her older self

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Requesting Onion Knight cosplaying Mega Man and Squall cosplaying Kyo Kusanagi

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Requesting you draw vidya girls but their hair is much larger and fluffier than normal.Pic only related as an example, not requesting this character specifically.

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Requesting color for this R63 Fifteen from the game Katana Zero.

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>>514415806Why don't you include some visual references?

Requesting Barbara and Ly asserting their dominance over Rayman's detachable dick, by force!

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>>514414269I thought he wanted a whole animated scene...

Requesting Hoppo and her little sister drinking milk

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Requesting "Are ya winning, daughter?" with Sojiro and Futaba.

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>>514416830>Bishop did this>It was good and well draw>But ue used totally different characters

Requesting Jane and Berecca getting their butts groped from behind as they both lick the same dripping and sticky popsicle.

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>>514415283Glad I wasn't imagining the whole thingAnyway the reference won't make sense in a few days, shame

Requesting Kathy Rain as a one percenter biker.

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Requesting duelo a muerte con cuchillos

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Requesting Adeleine and Ribbon as beatniks.

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>>514412502>>514233526Sorry it took so long, I hope you like it!

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>>514417308>duel to death with knivesDo you simply just believe that your request isn't interesting enough to stand out without a gimmick?

Requesting Lord Raptor picking a flower (that was actually on top of his grave) and giving it to Hsien-ko

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Requesting Q-Bee getting drunk on honey or flirting with Bee Man from The Simpsons.

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>>514417482Not OR but that's comfy as fuck. Thank you.

>>514417482Really cute scene and concept.Well done, drawfag.

Requesting Crash Bandicoot in the Helltaker style making crepes with Wumpa fruits.

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>>514417482Comfy as hell

Requesting Seymour Guado (Werewolf form)

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Requesting Makoto looking for the biggest nut

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>>514417210Oh fuck, he did. But he shoehorned his Futa fetish shit in. I guess this request is tainted, maybe I should drop it.

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>>514417482OP material right here

Requesting girls night out

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>>514417482This warms my heart

>>514418245You're right. Guess I won't be drawing this thread, see you all in the next one.

Requesting Meopatra wearing a tiny thong and spreading her ass so her anus is visible through the fabric.

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>>514418203Don't give upKeep going

Requesting Lucy dressed like Hatsune Miku. Maybe with a panty shot :3

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>>514418512>Requesting Lucy dressed like Hatsune Miku.I kind of want to dra->:3

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>>514418512Requesting Miku suing Lucy for copyright and trademark violations

Requesting Red Queen using a set of arms to drink a cocktail, another one to hold a cigarette and the last one to hold her chin either looking bored or smug.

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>>514418203No reason to abandon your idea

Requesting Lo-fi Cocoyoutu.be/FIF9a1_gJL4

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Requesting Shizune Hakamachi from Katawa Shoujo (the one with glasses, if you didn't already know) and Monika from DDLC wearing each other's uniforms and posing with each other

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Taking bodage requests.

>>514417482I think I got diabetes just by looking at this

Requesting more vidya butts in tiny thongs.No need to draw the whole body, butts are enough.

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Requesting Gloria wearing a Kenny dalglish candy jersey kit.

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>>514412454Dimitri (with or without eyepatch) sits in the Infirmary and waits for the medical treatment. Edelgard`s weapon is stuck in his head and blood flows down from the head across the face. He looks really annoyed

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Requesting sleepy Julianne.

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>>514417482>Kirby being a glutton as usualGod, I hate him so much

Requesting Shantae attacking a giant white shark

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Requesting Margaret lifting Alice ( Shadow Hearts ) skirt like in the reference.Optional a frontal view perspective.

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>>514419780What does this mean?Are you calling OP a... Well you know what?

Requesting Min Min giving a lucky client a special prize for being her 1000th costumer.Some suggestions: blowjob, buttjob or anal.

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>>514419638Dumb witch

Requesting Goth Umbrella

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>>514419780Mad he didn't draw any of your requests last prompt?

Requesting shark-hybrid abomination Nepty

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Requesting Isabelle driving the islands to bankruptcy.

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Requesting Coco and Crash spending lockdown together. Just happy that they have each other. Something adorable and SFW.

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Requesting Yukiko Amagi getting her fat ass spanked (as a reward, she likes it), because P4GPC.

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Give me a flat character and an outfit.

>>514420156She is.>>514420318I think he's giving an N because the prompt was missing the N in the word "bondage".

>>514420612Fuuka. Sweater and pantyhose.

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>>514420648Oh, that should have been obvious. Thanks.

>>514420807It was obvious enough for the drawfag to miss it.

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>>514420612Sana Futaba from Magia Record - dressed as a marine biologist (scuba gear + wetsuit)

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I didn't draw anything yesterday, and now today drawing is especially bad I'm embarassed to post it

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>>514420612Suika dressed like a more traditional oni, showing most of her skin.

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>>514421098Do it anyway.What's gonna happen? We revoke your drawing license?

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>>514420612Bunnygirl outfit

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>>514421098>>514421323You can do it, catfag, I'm counting on you!

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Requesting Jill going shopping at a Venezuelan supermarket.

Attached: Jill finds out there's a different kind of zombie.png (824x744, 880.73K)

>>514421323Great now I am picturing drawthread police.>"Drawthread Police, open up! You're stressed for crimes against requesters and catfagging without license."

Requesting Sunny looking embarrassed as she struggles to pull up a skirt past her thighs/butt.

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>>514412454So what's that?Parody or a dumb meme?

Requesting this with Vidya waifus

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>>514421814>N-no, stawp!>The jig is up, cat man. We're taking your tablet.>Pwease, I have to dwaw w-witches.>What a sick fuck. Not even one Bimbo Aigis image in sight. Take it away, boys.

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>>514421965The Elise and the Sakura

>>514420703Fuck my neck and back hurt at watching this. i fucking hate this horrible posture.

Requesting The Zealot Suit from Dead Space 2 as a cute waifu

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>>514422426If you hate weird neck shit, don't play Persona 3.

>>514412454Requesting Emma Emmerich sitting in front of a control computer, masturbating, either watching porn or watching Snake or Raiden sneaking around.

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Requesting this but with Ridley

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>>514422246Oi, mate! You got a loiscense for that cat image?

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>>514412454Requesting a Dante version of the "So anyway, I started blastin'!" scene from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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>>514422558Yes sir, here it is.

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>>514422685All seems to be in order. Carry on!

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Requesting Wario welcoming user to the Twilight Zone.This quote fits perfectly with one of the characters from the Mario games.>Picture of a man with an Achilles' heel, a mystery that landed in his life and then turned into a heavy weight, dragged across the years to ultimately take the form of an illusion. Now, that's the clinical answer that they put on the tag as they take him away. But if you choose to think that the explanation has to do with an airborne Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship on a fog-enshrouded night on a flight that never ends, then you're doing your business in an old stand in the Twilight Zone.>Twilight Zoneyoutu.be/If3SXJeZzMQ

Requesting Elora as a lewd nun.twitter.com/dulctdoll/status/1182073912806371328

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>>514423564Sir, no offense but you have been fooled.First, witches can't write.Second, witches have no rights.Third, that's the last year's design which means those haven't been updated.Fourth, catfags can't own witch waifus.

Requesting Crash and Coco visiting Aku Aku's grave. Probably a big-ass Wumpa tree or something.

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>>514424778>Fourth, catfags can't own witch waifus.

Attached: Crying Tank.png (524x876, 463.32K)

>>514424778>catfag is also that disgusting witch waifufagWhat a waste of human life.

>>514412502Previous thread delivery

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Requesting Tessa/Tabasa wearing normal, casual clothes for once but she can only think about how much she misses the poofiness of her usual outfit.

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