ARE IN THE WORK! Will be shown around July&August.What will it be? New Final Fantasy? New Tomb Raider?twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1276501323098316800?s=19

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How likely is a new deus ex?

>>514411438Hopefully we will never see nuLara anymore.

>>5144118950% likely, just recently they said again that they have no plans on working on Deus EX this year. The failure that was Makind Divided was too great

>>514411438Did Shadow of the Tomb Raider flopped for Square Enix's standard? I recall 2 million copies sold. Personally, not impressed either

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>>514411438They probably all just started development within the past 3-4 months.

Xenogears retelling will be announced as a PS5 exclusive. Screenshot this, you will not be disappointed.

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>>514411438If it is tomb raider hopefully it's not a sequel to shadow, I want something fresh. If it's a new FF i hope they go balls to the wall crazy with it.

It's his game.

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>>514411438Totally not a porn game featuring that gay-ass mascot.

At least one of them are gonna be a Kingdom Hearts game on Switch

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>>514411438never gonna buy any of their games after they unveiled that stupid pride faggot mascot

>>514412428Even if they own the IP everyone knows Monolith is its daddy, and since they're still alive and kicking having a Xenogears HD/Remaster while we have a fully alive Monolith with their Xenoblade series would be awkward to say the least.Of course they could always strike a deal with Monolith but we don't know how tight is that collar Nintendo put on them.

>>514411438I'm stupidly holding my breath for a new LoK game

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>>514411438FFXVI is about due, XV came out nearly four years ago so an announcement should be coming soon. IIRC a few of SE’s biggest teams don’t have any projects currently announced to be in development and haven’t for a while, so we must be getting closer to finding out what they’re up to. Otherwise I don’t really have any clue. VIIR part 2 won’t be coming until 2022 at the absolute earliest, and it’s probably still a little early for a new large scale KH as well. Could always be a new Dragon Quest too, or even an original project like that one the XV team is working on right now, with the brown chick who does nature magic or whatever.

>>514411438Deus Ex or I don’t give a fuck. Finish Adam’s goddamn story.

>>514412428How many episodes?>>514412465All I want from FF XVI is for it to be complete. No more extended universe bullshit and finish the game rather than rebooting it ten fucking times during development and finishing none of them. There’s very obvious reasons no one liked XIII or XV, so I’m hoping SE aren’t braindead enough to make the same mistakes again after over a decade of the same few fuckups.

Xenosaga IVCaim's Game IV

>>514411438>nuLaraFake and gay.

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>>514411438>>514412330LARA IS CUTE! CUTE!

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>>514412759It's dead Jim.

>>514411438I'm boycotting soiraider until we get the REAL Lara croft back - the one who isn't a whingy self-piteous bitch.

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Ni3r and Drakengard 4: Girldick Jamboree

All I want is for Eidos to get to work on the next Deus Ex.>>514413072>Caim's Game IVThat would be cool too, though.

>>514412759If they brought it back, Kain would be an overweight transexual Nigerian Muslim and the game would consist on him screaming about how much he hater Trump for 45 solid hours.Be THANKFUL it's dead.


My sources are saying that it's Dragon Slayer II, Beta, and Apple Town Story Remake

I want Valkyrie Profile remake but we all know that's not happening Give me Nier release date and I'm good

>>514411438I had such a crush on her during Rise it actually caused a lot of relationship problems with my gf at the time who ended up leaving when she found love letters I wrote to Lara

Final Fantasy featuring Sasuke from the Naruto series, again

>SE is still making Tomb Raider games

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>>514413026>SQE not braindeadNot in this timeline pal, they went full retard for some years and there's no sign of it ending soon

>>514413864>NierIsn't there some mobile shit based on it in the works?

New Tomb raider BUT good pls...

>>514412643Gex... what did they DO to you?

>yfw 3 more games of nu lara and the bow meme

>>514415606Probably, but there’s a remaster of Nier Replicant in the works that they’ve announced and spoken about but they haven’t shown any gameplay or given a release date yes.

>>514411438>square enixI stopped caring after they rebooted and ruined FFXIV. They've proven themselves to be out of touch and dog shit developers that just plain did not know how to properly transition into the PS3/360 era. The only thing of worth from them anymore is tetsuya nomura and kingdom hearts and even it has seen better days. Stop hyping this terrible company, they no longer deserve your attention or any praise what so ever.

>>514416204I just want a Gex 4

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>>514411438Chrono Trigger remake

Daikatana rebootNieR Gestalt remaster around the same time as Nier Replicant remaster

I'm thinking about asking Square for 100k$, if Taro could do it anyone can.

Man I want Duel Wielding, Gymanstics-bullet dodging, Hot Pants Lara Back....

Parasite Eve remake pretty please

Here's a question, papa Nier or brother Nier? Of course I'm more familiar with papa Nier since that's what I played but I'd prefer to experience the game as it was intended.

>>514417643Gestalt and Replicant are the exact same game except for the player character’s model and all instances of “sister” are changed to “daughter”.

>>514412330maybe if the games weren't so boring they would sell more.

>>514418089Same. Dad Nier was fun in a bizarre way but Brother Nier was how the game was intended to be. Having Dad Nier be an unlocksble skin or something would be neat.

New Gay Ass Sex probably

>>514411438Square enix sucks.Tomb raider, hitman, thief, commandos... all great games when Eidos was the publisher.Fuck Square Enix for ruining those franchises.

>>514411438Dragon Quest and Life is Strange.

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>>514413182>>514413359God the whining of bimbolara simps is unbearable, make your own thread. Oh wait, nobody cares for those.

>>514412273I haven't paid a single bit of attention to the Mankind Divided hate from others, my biggest gripe with the game BY FAR was how short it was. Considering HR was pretty short too, it blew me away how I barely even had accessed some of the cooler abilities and then it was like "Oh yeah that was the final 'battle'. End credits time."

>>514411438It's gonna be a remaster, hopefully Valkyrie Profile or FF Tactics

>>514411438probably new ip. tomb raider trilogy is done. next final fantasy is years out. deus ex will struggle for market against cyberpunk. presumably eidos has their own project since they've basically just been assisting crystal dynamics on avengers

as long as its not another Quiet Man

>>514411438Parasite Eve 1&2 remaster

>ctrl+f gex>3 resultsIt's about tail time

>>514411438its gonna be fucking nothing. just a bunch of shitty new indie games that square enix is going to be publishing.i doubt theres going to be anything from their major developers.

>>514418867Incels are too scared of real women irl.

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nuLara's design is much less of a problem than her actual games themselves.I want them to just drop me in the middle of a map and let me figure out where I need to go by leaving me to climb and explore again.


>re-reboot>old Lara is back>but she's into cryptids nowwell?

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>>514419587On your own? I'm afraid we can't allow you that. You can get lost and frustrated. Here is something for assistance in your travels, don't thank us ;)

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>>514419826sounds like the set-up for a porn game

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>>514411438I don't care at this point. Square butchered every unique IP it owned and made it into a cookie cutter "AAA experience". Soulless shit company. I'm so glad IO Interactive managed to escape from their grasp.>>514411973This, I don't want a 4th Katniss game.

I'm readyyoutu.be/l7o32Mau8QE

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>>514416002trilogies are only for lightning, babe

It’s obviously FF7R part 2

My most realistic guesses are, alternatively:>Lightning Trilogy remaster for new consoles>KH1.5+2.5 ported to the consoles it's not in yet (PC and Switch I think?)>FFVIIR to PC and next gen consoles, showcase>Something by Eidos>Some expansion on Dragon Quest Dai>Bravely Default 2 release date>Nier remake-remaster release dateWhat I want is:>Proper SaGa development announcement

Lara with bigger brappers pls

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>>514423154almost none of these are "new title" announcements but I would love that KH on PC

>>514423386I don't expect S-E to actually have many "new titles", honestly. Beyond stuff that'll take too much to produce, anyway. I would like them to try, tho.

I remember a time when something like this didn't translate to mean countless of new western made games. I hope we're talking about like 90% Japanese made games, but the reality is probably closer to about 30% Japanese games and the rest being western trash made under Square Enx. Also why did you link Nibel's tweet instead of the source? blog.livedoor.jp/majo2/archives/52117280.htmlThe source was right there and yet you linked the tweet instead.

>>514411438Part 3 and with cute girls again

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>>514419826I love cryptidsSign me upJust pull a Secret Saturdays and go after the more obscure ones

>>514423589Well that seems to be what the tweet implies. But then again who knows that could entail all of that stuff.

>>514423740Like loveislands monster or the bridge bunny and shit?

>>514413182Left >ugly stickRight>curvy hottie

>>514413182>>514413359>>514423372You can call me a faggot but I find Reboot Lara way more hotter than the original.


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>>514411438Don't care about Square Enix anymore. Their games are shit. And I hate how many fanboys they got. Even Capcom has more haters. Square Enix screws up and damages their properties plenty, but not enough people hate on them like they deserve. What the fuck is wrong with gamers? Look at how many of them worship Kingdom Hearts and FF7 Remake and they say the latter is good because it's a Rip Off Episodic Bastardization. Those niggers are worse than Nintendo fans.

>>514423710How about part 3, but it’s about teenage mongols during the time of Gengis Khan?

Deus Ex

>>514423372I don't even want a new Tomb Raider with the way this franchise has gone since NuTR 3.Lara has no personality at all. She just likes the history, and pretends like killing hundreds of people isn't a part of the game.Wherein, the last trilogy, Lara fully understood what she was doing, and was more than willing to kill people, even making jokes about it. Very Charlie's Angels-esq character, and she was super cool.I don't what the fuck this is now.

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>>514411438Remake part two is pretty much confirmed to be one of themtwitter.com/Shibai_Haruka/status/1276761572073857025

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>>514423917You guys talk so much shit they'll never touch that(minus the PC release where they regretted it fast though, that was deserved though, though)

>>514411438nu Tomb Raider is uncharted but good. They need to chill with the cutscenes though.

>>514413026>no one liked XIII or XVThey still sell. That's all the executives at SE need to know that they're doing the correct thing that makes Stupid Customers happy.

Any chance of new Romancing Saga ports?

>>514423920Anon I've been listening to this for the past 15 minutes and I didn't hear what you said but anyway Square is the bestyoutu.be/46exHs1hh5k

>>514423154Knowing the disappointing nature of life, I am almost afraid you would be right except that they did say ‘new titles’

>>514423996Who is that giga cutie?

>>514423910same i don't find old school pornstar builds hot.


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>>514424063>2>3I assume Minstrel Song is next

>>514411895>>514412273if cyberpunk sells well (not if its 'good', if it SELLS well) then we will 100% get a new deus ex as fast as they can develop it.

>>514412330>>514411438 >>514413183>>514413359It took years for the latest reboot series to flop. Thank god. That's what they get for turning Lara into an ugly feminazi dyke whore

>>514424103>>514423996That's Tifas motion capture actress

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>>514424276Hopefully they do port it one day

>>514412759Wasn't there a leak saying bluepoint was remaking the series?

>>514424336She wasn't ugly, just boring.

>>514411895>How likely is a new deus ex?So it'll be another shit like HR and MD.FUCK NO

How did Trials of Mana fare in sales? I still haven't gotten around it because the Switch copy is a bit rare.

>>514411895Isn't the studio helping out with Avengers?

>>514412330they need to make her into actual tomb raider. dual guns and all

Can you imagine another Tomb Raider which is THIS TIME SHE BECOMES LARA CROFT FOR REEEEEAL and it still doesn't happen?Just bring back sexy Lara.

>>514424252My negro is hereMan Cross's music does something to me. Almost makes me feel "weird" but in a good way like that shit was made in a fantasy world or the heavens. Always just puts me in a mood.

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>>514424276>>514424063I'd say that the next one would be something they haven't touched before, as they didn't touch RS2 and 3 until now. So, no SaGa 1, 2, 3 or RoSaGa 1. Maybe Frontier? Hell, just a port of Unlimited would be so nice, with those high quality quasi Vanillaware sprites...

>>514412465Shadow did kind of tie a bow on thw whole nuLara origin thing so here's hoping...

While we're at it let's remaster this charm classicActually let's just build a time machine and go back to the 90s

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>>514425031>just a port of UnlimitedIs still not enoughThey need to implement a tutorial if they want to sell the game to people.

>>514423996>Remake part two is pretty much confirmed to be one of themThat would be a very pleasant surprise, but I wouldn't expect it because of COVID.Maybe a teaser?

>>514423996Built for BBC