>there's only one thing that's gonna set you apart and let you succeed in life; it's the magic ticket they call talent...

>there's only one thing that's gonna set you apart and let you succeed in life; it's the magic ticket they call talent, and if you don't have it you're left to rot in despair. Game over.Was he right?

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Only if you're a fucking loser.

>>514411294No, he's a loser. That's the point.

He's completely right. Talent is literally everything in life, and thankfully I've got some.>>514411350Coping failure.

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>>514411294>the most bitter black pill

>>514411294Nah, there are plenty of talentless hacks out there who have achieved success.


>>514411294No because he literally had the same power as mc and still fucked it up

>>514411294No. Plenty of people have made it, either by working hard or getting lucky through other means besides talent.

>>514411294Partially, I don't know

>>514411294We obeyed the rules, put up with bullies getting away with horrible shit, teachers that mocked us to our faces, and for what? The chance to slave away at a retail store while everyone else got what they wanted.If you're still in high school, don't make the same mistake I did. Anger, Hatred, and Unforgiveness should be your guiding principles. If someone hurts you, hurt them 3000 times worse. Kill. Steal. Destroy.Rebel against the cruel god who made a world designed to hurt you.

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>>514412630this, nowadays your success is determined by your political opinions rather than talent or skill

Absolutely>>514412630Deceiving people is also a talent, user.>>514412734>working hardThe talent to make it work rather than slave yourself to a dead end job is what you mean>luckYes, lucky enough to be born with one.

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>>514412630Luck is a talent.

>>514411294No, but you're free to believe this bullshit if it makes you feel better about yourself

>>514411294Nah it’s just cope.

>>514411294Upbringing, talent, health, wealth, opportunities. It's all a mixed bag.

The world isn't fair or kind. But it could be.It should be, everyone deserves happiness, to live their ideal life with no pain or suffering.

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>>514411294It's juxtaposed against you spending the entire game improving yourself, at the start you're a weak dumb anti-social faggot who couldn't get any. By the end you've eaten enough beef bowls to slap down any fucker and can catch god fish.

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Talent is one of the biggest copes of all time.

>>514412927People with any talent or success in life can't even comprehend what it means to be a unworthy human and how screwed life really is, no real point in trying to make them understand since they can't.

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>>514411294No. The real answer is having money

>>514411294Not true! There are plenty of people without any talent that were able to lead successful lives. I mean, I can't think of any examples, and in my own life I've only ever known either comfortable talented people or talentless sudo-hobos. But, I mean, SURELY its not true, right guys?Joking aside, it IS possible. The trick is to chance upon the realization that you have no talent as early in life as possible. Hard to do in a world that constantly bullshits you into thinking you're "special" and "matter," but it can happen. This realization is like winning the lottery for the talentless, and once you realize your limitations you can focus on working within those limitations. Every moment of your life before the realization is wasted, it was life lived as though you'd simply "make it" one day. You're not going to be a super genius writer or scientist, so forget about a 4 year degree. Pick a trade, master it, build a business. You will work harder than any "talented" person can imagine, you WILL suffer and wish for death, but if you run into a bit of luck you might be able to retire before your body is completely worn out.

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>>514413168I'd like to see you try and work your magic on >>514413241.

What does "talent" even mean? It seems like a massive cope for lazy people.

>>514412927>>514413241>Agreeing with a complete nutjob


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>>514411294Talent is just effort that wasn't seen

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>>514411294No, and any other binary determinant you can come up with are also false. Genetics, attractiveness, wealth, dilligence, social skills, support. Nothing is necessary, and nothing is worthless. Reductionism will always give you false answers.

>>514413521Exactly, even in this thread it shows, you can't make someone with talent understand it, it's like they live in their own world, one far above the clouds, where the unworthy can't even hope to see them.

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>>514411402he is still right. that's the point. MC has the power to bond easily with others and get infinite persona. He is 0. So MC is special and gets every girl he wants. Did Kanji get Naoto? Not if you want her. Does any of the male characters end up with one of the girls? Nope. They are yours to take. Protag Powers

Adachi was talented. He fucked up and then decided to go full incel.

>>514411294No, there are tons of paths to "success". Assuming you mean a good paying job, there are tons of people in my office who were literally hired because they were friends with someone already working there and don't have any special skills.You can say that "having friends" is a talent, but at that point you're really reaching.>>514414492Honestly, if you have no worth at all, that doesn't mean everyone else is talented. If you're below EVERYONE, then you're two levels below the talented. I guess it'd go talented people, then average people, then you.Don't compare yourself to talented people if you're not even as good as normal people.

>Realize you have crazy cool abilities in an alternate world that you can use to explore a realm unexplored by humans beforehand >Use it just to slaughter random womenWhat a waste.

>>514411294Talent won't get you anywhere without the discipline and motivation to capitalize on it.

>>514414527>Anyone can use multiple personas in 1 and 2 with only their Arcana limiting them>Nu-Persona: "You're super duper special and you're the only one allowed in the Velvet Room/allowed to switch personas!"Self-inserts ruined Persona

>>514411294If Adachi is trying to say the reason he's fucked is because of a lack of talent, that's pretty obviously wrong. All of his problems are of his own making. Guy somehow made it out of the police academy and landed a job, that automatically makes him better than a good chuck of us. He feels like his life is over because he has to work in some small town but if he would do his work somewhat diligently he could have been out within 3 years. He literally got magic powers handed to him on a silver plate and instead of using it to improve his life he fucks around with some teenagers in a Scooby Doo mystery. Guy is a fucking moron.

Is this going to be another 600 reply thread?

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>>514411294I have an artistic talent and after a few years of Twitter I have only 1.6k followers and still can only make pocket change. I'd say he's wrong and a loser.

>>514414139It is this thread is retarded

ITT: talentless trash cope

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>>514412848oh thats right, your belief that brown people are inferior to you is the reason why you haven't left your mother's basement.

>>514411294I played P4 in highschool back in the day and thought he was retarded but 11 years later I agree with him.

Living is painful for you yet you do nothing with your life but make trouble for others

Yes and no. Everyone is born with an innate potential that is a combination of both their inherent traits and their circumstances. Most people never have the potential to be truly important in the world. But if you're not a psychopath you can still raise a family, get a decent job, be a good man in your community and live a fulfilling life. There need not be despair.

>>514413172>at the start you're a weak dumb anti-social faggot who couldn't get anyLOL the two hottest girls in the school tried to befriend him on his first day of class. Literally the first thing Chie does after the protag walks in is ask the teacher to assign him the seat next to hers. That doesn't happen to anyone but the top 1% Chads.

The problem is that "Talent" is a vague word.There's lots of different forms of talents. Planning, Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Educational...There's always something you can find you're good at, it just isnt always easy to find, or develop.But there's always a few things you can develop. A worse thing is when you lie to yourself, and dont have talent on something you want to do, like so many people who want to develop videogames , but are only idea guys. Or the guys who want to be pro league sports players, only to not realize that only the most STELLAR talents get chosen, and a little mediocre talent wont take you all the way. However, even having SOME talent in something mundane like plumbing can give you a life long career- there's more demand and availability.I got into IT in my 30's, then programming as I got older.I had some talent in art, but couldnt hit it- I didnt have the drive for it, the needed passion to be willing to starve myself and get little pay and suffer so maybe one day I could be a rockstar artist like Madureira in the comicbooks biz.However, I had some talent in IT, and now I make close to 100k. It's not what I -wanted-, but it's something quite nice, which Im thankful for. Very.

>>514412848P4 takes places in 00s and in Japan, not today in US of Africa.

>>514415167Maybe if you had an actual useful talent

He's wrong unless you want to be the best of the best

>>514411294It's pretty amusing, too. Because he managed to become a police detective in Japan. Both a coveted career, position, and political rank. He could have seriously gone places if he hadn't, you know, been a serial killer, desu.

>>514411294Not necessarily, tons of people arent really talented but have stable jobs in which they are adequate, raise kids well enough, have an alright loved one and in the end live a very comfortable life, not amazing but not awful either, and if that isnt succeeding in life i dont know what is. Now if you want to be SPECIAL, then yeah, you need talent, you wont become a world champion, make a scientific breakthrough, be the number 1 in something or any of these spectacular things just through "hard work" and perseverance. If you dream big then you need to have the potential of being big, because there are others that do have this potential that share your dream and both of you will work as hard as you can and guess what makes the differential in the end? The thing is, you can become paralyzed by most hurdles by this feeling that "you dont have talent" because thats just an excuse, those that dont make it because of the lack of talent went very far before realizing it, its all about balance, dont let any little thing stop you but if you can see your true limit has been reach then stop wasting your time.

>>514411294Nah, More like Nepotism

damn, look at all these talentless people trying to justify their shit

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>>514416772well said user

>>514411294Sounds like your typical Holla Forums fighting game scrub

>>514411294Talent can be overcome through hard work.Trouble landing a job? Get more experience and apply againTrying to get a gf? Brushen up your appearance and put yourself out thereJust work hard and your efforts will bear fruits

>>514412630Kek this

>>514417808Having the drive to work hard is unironically a talent

maybe if you come from poor money but if your daddy's rich you can open whatever door you want using "connections" or some shit

>>514417915Don't blame your laziness on lack of talentYou just choose not to work hard

>>514411294Yeah but that doesn’t mean he had to push whores into TVs

>>514411294He literally had the same talent as the MC and still fucked up.>>514412927>>514413241So did this dumb fuck. The fact that they are wrong is the entire point of the plot.

>>514411294Don’t agree with his methods, but his rant was pretty much right. I think it was a point made that if Adachi didn’t have a fucked up personality he would have been the Joker arcana and been the resident of the velvet room instead of protag.

>>514417465I never got that. He was a Detective and a political rank, and the chance at a higher promotion in the highly difficult world of japanese politics. He had all he needed to slowly climb the ladder.I guess he wanted more?We cant all be rich and powerful. Part of growing up is finding balance with the world, and know your own limits- then find out if you are able to surpass yourself and break those limits, or simply understand them, and be at peace.Not everything can be overcome. Somethings can, but require greater effort. Born ugly? Makeup, and surgery can help in a pinch- but it's dangerous. Short? Surgery can help a TINY bit, and it's dangerous.Or you can simply be at peace.

>>514411294Did his inclusion predict incels?

>>514418195>He literally had the same talent as the MC and still fucked up.What would you do with the ability to go into a TV?Only reason the player does is first by accident and later to stop a serial killer from making another guy push people into it for shits and giggles.

>>514411294If you don't have connections then yea.Nepotism>talent

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>>514418482I’d farm the shit out of shadows and make mad dosh.

>>514418481You’re thinking of Mitsuo

>>514411294>I have no talent so I'm gonna kill everyonemakes sense

>>514414139>>514415323Genetics in physical terms, a manlet will never be the greatest volleyball player and a white guy will never be the fastest man. Reflexes, memory, spacial awareness, etc... those can be trained but some have better potential to reach the higher limits while others will be high but not quite as high.Its like fighting game tiers for characters, if you are good you can win a lot with anyone you pick, it only matters in the highest form of play, but it does matter, a character with the shittiest framedata will only get so far.

Talent doesn't exist. Just work hard and don't be asshole then anything is possible

>>514418594Wanting to kill everyone was from the big eyeball’s influence. He’s mostly just talking about why he did what he did.

>>514411294>tfw work in a profession that requires a suit + tie>always wear a black suit + red tie>also share his views>mfw slowly turning into AdachiNow I just need to shake hands with some cunt and get myself a persona.

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>just work harder lol

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>>514411294Define talent faggotAs far as im concerned its not beingca lazy cunt

>>514411294>most of your teammates afterwards note that they couldn’t refute what adachi saidYeah, he was right.

>>514418434Anon, you live at a time where people try to change their genders, something determined by their dna, we literally are in the age of denial.

>>514416165Canonically Chie is considered to be pretty average and she had a huge complex over everyone ignoring her for Yukiko.


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>>514418689>physical termsI can accept to an extent>reflexes, memory, spacial awarenessis extremely broad and seems like you are trying to narrow down a broad descriptor like "talent" into an even more broad description that comes with so many different aspects (which you admit can be trained) that are then bolstered by "better potential" (which is just as nebulous a concept as talent). It seems like something that somebody should've done a study on by now but it would be like trying to consistently measure the trajectory and velocity of each of 500 marbles that are dumped into a large tub all at once and then bounce about for a few seconds and smack into each other, based on what you said.

>>514419145The boys of Yasogami high are all fags that can't appreciate a good tomboy

>>514411294Nah just a whiney little bitch boy that didn't get a 100k a year job handed to him. But I guess that's why you idolize him so much lol.

>>514418892Nah, dont lie.For example,not everyone can program.It's why most colleges have a generic 'introduction to programming' with pseudoprogramming to teach you logic.Lots of people quit those classes or fail them, they cant wrap their heads around the concepts and fail. Seen people cry , while others just blew through doing ez pc, enjoying it. Talent....versus no Talent. It's an insane hurdle to overcome. Some people DO manage to overcome those barriers, through sheer effort. Their brain just happens to click after hours and hours and hours of sheer brutal effort, and they finally get it.Seen that too.

>>514411294no, he just wanted something to blame his unhappiness on

>>514419145That was self predicated. There were many parts in the game where boys swooned over her, Kou being one of them. She was just popular in a different way.

I used to think like that.I lacked talent growing up that everyone else seemed to haveI couldn't find a job I enjoyed working in and didn't have a drive to go through collegeEventually I reached a point where I was about to give up but instead I worked on my personalityEnded up meeting a guy who I'd hit it off withFast forward to today; we own a house, got kids and I'm at a point where I can be content with my lifeDon't give up

>>514419318This guy's problems are most certainly not in his appearance.

>>514411294>he didn't put all of his points into LCK at chargenlmaoing at your life

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>>514411294Yes, and they wrote themselves into a corner with him being brutally honest about the real world, not the fake game world, so they made him have a goofy super evil side to give the kids an excuse to beat him up and feel good about it. Adachi will never be wrong.

>>514411294tl;dr help i failed at life lole!

>>514419494Sounds like you won a magic ticket.

>>514419318Probably doesn't work out and autistic

>>514419381IQ tests exists

>>514419021Alright red pill me on this guy ive seen this meme before I need to know

>>514419461It's hard to know if a girl is 'just average' in anime, unless they really try hard to tell you.Same for attractive males- I'm not sure if Tenchi is attractive or just comely but normal - most of the time, you're told "He is attractive.", or they make it obvious with bishounen clothing and sparkleys.

>>514419669IQ tests usually hone in one one aspect though

>You could get any demongirl you want in alt world. >going for human womans

>>514419494Never met women that liked me in my 30 years of lifeNo magic powers either.Gonna end it this year most likely

>>514419619No one felt good about it. None of the main characters could prove him wring and felt bad for it, and Dojima still thinks fairly fond of him, regularly visiting him in jail.

>>514419709Its just a memable screencap from a tech youtuber doing a serious stream. Linustechtips if you're curious.

>>514415167>drawing smut for autistic furries on twatter>"""I have an artistic talent"""

Adachi is both right and wrong at the same time.He's right that you do need to be good or at least passable at something to succeed at life but that doesn't give him the right to take it out on other people just because he messed up and put himself in a situation he didn't like. That's the reason why the cast didn't really argue with him and called him out for acting like a child.>>514419461The real problem with P4 is that the majority of the characters with portraits are conventionally attractive for their age so it's hard to determine the distinction between pretty/attractive beyond word of mouth. Uggos are easy to spot though.

>>514419318That guys a king for trying after the first 50 rejectionsI 100% believe he tried with 500 girls

>>514419716Yeah that happens fairly often. Same thing in persona 5, where Mishima and Ryuji are supposed to be buttugly or at the very best average but to me they look pretty fine.Also the other problem happens that characters who are supposed to be beautiful dont stick out too much. Ann is supposed to be the Hot model but she doesn't look that much better than say makoto,haru, tae whatever

>>514419657>>514419859I realized that I wasn't taking care of myself. I would wear ragged clothes, not use make up because I felt I didn't have to, and would turn people down before getting to know themThe "magic ticket" came from me self reflecting and realizing I was the problem

>>514419912Ok yeah I know who he is ive just never put the face to the name

>>514418195>same talent as MCNot really. MC is a Mary Sue social butterfly. Adachi worked hard at the police academy to achieve top scores which left him with no time to make friends/connections. This led him to get sent to the middle of nowhere because society is built upon nepotism and a no-friends loser like Adachi doesn't have the connections to get anywhere. Adachi wasn't talented, if he was then he wouldn't need to allocate all of his time in order to get top scores and would be able to do it naturally instead.

>>514420280Turned people down? You were just too stupid to know you had a magic ticket.

Talent is 95% practice. I have a talent for many things but it took practice to make them worth a damn. Humans are adaptable, you can be good at pretty much anything if you practice enough.

>>514420474If you look hard enough I'm sure you'll find obvious opportunities that you're missing too

>>514419381>is extremely broadWell yeah, talent is nebulous because it encompasses all the ways genetics can bless or fuck with you, from physical to mental (which are just physical but focused on you brain), you can have talent for something and not for another thing, you can be a manlet but have really perfect eyesight, so sometimes you can be completely fucked on something you wanted to do by the genetic lottery, and for your question, people do studies constantly about specific skills and how they are related to our body and what makes some people better than other at things. There is no one talent, but having the perfect genetic attributes to do X thing would be talent for X.Now dont get me wrong, its not easy to tell if someone has talent (specially with how little we understand the brain) but we can measure some stuff with IQ tests, but that is still not an excuse to not work hard, unless you do it someone without talent can surpass someone with talent as hard work is training and training leads to improvement up to a certain point.Its the old nature vs nurture thing, both are important, but if both individuals have the same level of nurture then nature will determine who wins and who loses (think again about fighting games, at evo finals you dont want to be playing a low tier).

>>514420413The MCs sociability comes from having personas which influence people to open up to him more so than they would regularly. This is something Igor tells you. Without that mystical stuff, the mc would be on the same level as Adachi.

>>514420084He wouldn't complain if he done that

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>>514420594Pretty easy to say, huh?

>>514420524And you'll never achieve anything with that 95% of practice unless you have the 5% necessary to actually do anything with all that work - talent, connections, good circumstances, genetics, pure luck. Your own input is nice and all but at the end of the day it's like trying to win a race - you can practice driving all you want (hard work, practice, self-improvement) but if you don't have a car you can't even enter. Face it - your circumstances, in the end, are king.

>>514417808>Trouble landing a job>Get more experience

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>>514420889I've been where you areLook deeperThat job offer your sitting on?Give it a chanceThat girl staring you down but too shy to say anythingStrike up a conversation

Idiot you couldn’t even decide your parents or environment you were born in. Free will is an illusion . Everything’s predetermined and you’re a retard, basically

>>514421138>job offerHahaha

adachi was a murderer, all his bullshit bawwww life is unfair :( whining is just coming up with excuses for murdering two people.

>>514420795And the MC is special enough to have multiple personas. Supernatural or not he still has talent.

Another thread another win for Adachi

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>>514417808>get more experienceLiterally how?By volunteering in your field?Yikes dude, people never used to had to do that

>>514421229>That girl staring you down but too shy to say anythingThis has literally never happened to me in my 25 years of life. Not that there's anything wrong with that, since some people aren't meant to breed and bringing another ugly child into the world is evil, but a good amount of guys aren't graced with that sort of scenario.

Absolutely not. Talented people are fucking lazy unless they have somebody watching over them, kicking their ass until they get their shit together. More often than not they're total fucking manchildren.

>>514421304Not exactly. Adachi’s arcana is Jester, and his persona is also Izanagi. The game makes a point on how similar Adachi is to the mc. It tells you that Adachi could have easily been in the velvet room instead of mc.

This entire thread is one big fucking COPE for lazy retards. Figures.

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>>514421229>job offer>girl staring you downwhat the fuck kind of overderprivileged normie life have you lived up until this point

>>514417808This belief that women are an achievement is wrong and is what led us to simps and thots.

>>514421568>Not that there's anything wrong with thatJust get a github account and develop some pet projects.or suck dick if you are not a programmer

>>514421884I don't even have the talent to cope.

>>514421884>just work harder bro XDDD

Of course he’s right. Anyone that says otherwise is coping or is one of the people Adachi is describing. The thing is talented people can’t comprehend that everything doesn’t come as easy to others as it does to them, it’s be like trying to comprehend your non-existence, you can’t because you’ve never experienced anything like it before. Now I’m not saying talented people don’t work hard, or course they do, but it doesn’t change the fact that they already possessed the aptitude to succeed before they even tried. And isn’t having the drive to work hard a talent in of itself?

>>514420795>anyone can be mozart, bill gates, caesar if they try enoughDo americans really?

>>514421884More like talentless people convincing themselves that they have talent in a pathetic attempt to self flagellate.

>>514421884Talent is having a brain that is rigged to enjoy and pursue a certain task. For everyone with "talent" there are still only a select few who are truly set apart, as they successfully actualized it. Most people are too lazy to do anything meaningful, which makes them the talentless, regardless of whatever abilities they have.

I know 90% of you are memeing, but I legitimately could not find anything wrong with Adachi's words, even if his actions were completely retarded.

>>514422271Everything he said is correct, the problem is he decided to take it out on others instead of just killing himself like he should have.


Everyone seems to note how people at the top all have talent, but are there actually people who became as great as they are solely on talent, or did people recognize them for their talents after they had already succeeded?

>>514422018Correct take.

>>514411294He was technically right, but his mistake was acting like a little bitch about it. Most people put up with the shit he puts up with and learn to take it in stride instead of going nuts

>>514421884seething talentfag. Don't have you have some money, fame, and sex to enjoy? ;)

>just work hard

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>>514422271That's explicitly what the investigation team admits when confronting him. Adachi is right in his rants, murdering people doesn't follow at all though, he just did it because he was bored and resentful.

talent is a word people use to describe skills they wish they had but are too fucking lazy to develop, and it's especially insulting to people that actually do put in the work

>>514422470>everyone should be a millionaire

>>514422180>just stop being lazy bro>work hard and you can be a successful genius tooDon’t you feel terrible for spouting that kind of bullshit?

>>514411294it's the magic ticket they call being white* fixed it for ya

My father's a millionaire and told me this >If you're developing a skill and you aren't good from the very start, you should stop.

>>514421712Two people can be identical and one of them could still be talented.

>>514422568Do you actually have any interests or passions that you have worked at?

>>514414527Adachi's arcana is the Inverted Fool

>>514417051>>514420084Adachi was wrong incels

>>514422470>8 out of 10 are millionaires through inheritance >9 out of 10 millionaires also say they are wealthy due to hard workSounds about right

>>514422613I agree. Adachi was very talented. If only he worked hard.

>>514421229>That job offer your sitting on?>Give it a chanceNo, i don't want to become PHP-monkey. Glad corona happened so i could politely dodge that shitjop offer.>That girl staring you down but too shy to say anything>Strike up a conversationIt's already too late and she wasn't even that cute.So what type of bullshit you gonna tell us now?

>>514422397In sports talent is seen early and it hard work to nurture it to full potential afterwardsIn more creative fields like writing, music, drawing it could take a while to get noticed.

>>514422689Graph just says 'inherited money' which is very vague. How many were millionaires from the start?

>>514421229>That girl staring you down but too shy to say anythinghahahahahahahaha good one

>>514411503>>514412812>>514412927>>514413974High school can't start back up soon enough. Summer 4chan is the fucking worst.

>>514422271His words were correct but his actions were wrong.

>>514422560If you're so smart, why aren't you rich?

>>514422837Why do highschoolers think this way? Is it because they are lazy and emotional teens or is it because they lack any sort of wisdom or experience?

>Game is about the strength of socializing and friendships even mechanically, themes about the enjoyment of small town life and accepting and finding happiness in the situation you're given, self development and hobbies literally power your character>Villain is the exact antithesis, always finding ways to complain and expecting the world to come to him>Muh talents!>Use a literal god given talent to kill people for fun, continue to ignore the idea of not being a little bitch and making some friends and having a meaningful hobby outside of work

>>514412812absolutely based and redpillled

>>514422837I was like you when I was young and I'll tell you right now that it isn't as scary as you think it is to admit the importance of talent and inherent, god-given abilities. I'm 29 now and I feel more free than ever without the cognitive dissonance from being an ardent effortfag. I focused on what I was good at, and even got a decent job.

>>514411294Reminder that this argument the antagonist makes never matters and only serves as an excuse for his misdeeds, he lost the right to a defense when he willingly went on a murder spree and whether he's right or not is ultimately irrelevant as its not connected to the major themes of the story.

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>>514422580It's definitely harder to become successful in US of KKK for non white but you can still do that.

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>>514422984I am


>>514411503i don't know how you can watch ping pong the animation and see that philosophy as correct

>>514411294He had talent, but he squandered it. He also used his ability to enter a spooky alternate universe to throw random retards to their death. He's right in the sense that if you have bad genetics you're pretty fucked, but people still manage to overcome that.

>>514422718On contrary he worked hard to overcome lack of talent and it gave him mediocre job in bumfuck nowhere as reward.


>>514423140Nobody's denying the existence of talent.Adachi's words weren't inherently wrong, it's how he interpets it and let's it control his fucking life.

>>514411294If you're a manlet, you agree with him.If you're a lanklet, you disagree with him.He was wrong to murder people, but everything he said was 100% correct.

>>514422724Become gay as you're clearly a fag.

>>514422641Incels are too afraid to admit their only skill is shitposting on anonymous Tibetan basket weaving enthusiast forums.

>>514422718>adachi got top scores in academy>meanwhile mc has three people come up to him the moment he starts school>also gets multiple persona which makes even more people gather around him

>>514422641I'm the top rated birdwatcher in my state

>>514423037Killing thots was his hobby though?

>>514422837High schoolers are the ones thinking Adachi is wrong because they think they can be anything in life. Add to that that school work has a completely twisted artificial effort/reward system compared to any other environment. Even in the game, it's Dojima, the only other main cast adult and one that saw Adachi every day, that is the most understanding of him. >>514423140>>514422607These are the relevant advice and I wished I had a father to push it through a thick teenager brain. I stopped even looking at fleeting passions and started doing something I was quite spontaneously good at. Even then I know there is a big chance factor and that I won't just make it by trying hard. Effortfaggotry is completely retarded and the cause of much evil. It's barely above the labor theory of value in both respects.

>>514414527>MC has the power to bond easily with others and get infinite persona. He is 0. So MC is special and gets every girl he wants.>Did Kanji get Naoto? Not if you want her.I can tell you've never really gotten that far to his Social Link to realize that Adachi was in the same position as Yu but he chose to be a retarded cunt by thinking that he's far better than the people in his backwater boondockPlay the fucking game

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>>514423142So he is still right.

>>514423503>only become friends because of the trauma of entering the fucking TV world and almost getting killed>end up spending the next several months of their lives fighting otherworldly monsters>this is somehow not effort


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>>514422793in my last relationship I got cheated onbut instead of wallowing in despair I improved myself and now I'm happily in a relationship that I fulfills my needs better

>>514411294there's no such thing as talent. You have to work for what you want.

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>>514423680No because even then as other anons have rightfully pointed out in thread he had talent as well and squandered it because he was a shitty person. He is ultimately an incredibly poor representation of his argument

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>>514412848It must be terrifying to believe this. To NEED to believe it to cope with the massive failure that is your life, but also know deep down that the reason you don't try and change your political leanings or at least fake it to succeed, is you know you'd still fail miserably.You know the real reason is you but you can't bear reality.

>>514423425I see you are not familiar with IT. Working as a PHP-monkey is a stigma. It's low-skilled and low-paid. Employers would rather accept people with zero expirence than people who worked as PHP programmers. Yeah, i know that PHP started becoming better with newer versions but it's reputation still bad

>>514423747>gets given the opportunity for them to bond and strengthen their friendship AFTER they became friends>still has multiple personas for people to gather around him and help him in tv world

>>514423883My friend was an ugly 48 year old 5'2 Indian guy and he was having trouble finding a woman who wanted to be with him. Do you think he just sat around and complained about it all day? Fuck no. He improved himself and now he's a tall handsome 20 year old white guy and he can get any girl he wants.

>Gets arrested on the basis of literally zero evidenceB R A V OJ A P A N

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>>514423992You're in a site infested by redditors who think being an unfunny politicuck and unironically being a party tribalist is a way to fit in

>>514411294No. He should have just made friends on the bus.

>>514411294>Adachifags still justify their self-pity of reaching goals out of their reachWhen you all will learn that settle down and live a quiet life is the only way

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>>514424085You mean apart from his fucking confession?Also since when did Japan have any ethical legal system?

>>514424048>after they become friendsIIRC they don't get the investigation group bond or any individual bonds until after they enter they enter the TV world.

>>514411294I think he was onto something but then they told him to shut up and started going on and on about friendship. That was the point I clocked out during when playing the original.I hear Golden lets you kill all of your friends and join Adachi so guess which ending I'm going for :^)

>>514423842Posting the words of a retard that pushed the federal reserve to completely fuck over the value of money.Curious how he doesn't mention the infinitely more numerous people that worked hard and persistently to their death without getting anything. Slaves are persistent.

>>514411294No, he was completely wrong. That's why he was so fucking based. We all felt this way, and eventually learned that we can be happy creating our own futures.

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>>514424201>Confession = GuiltOkay.

>>514411294No, this is one of the easiest times to live well in the history of the world, despite everything.

>>514423883good job man, I mean iti have a healthy network of both male and female friends at 27 but I can't get a relationship because I'm a turbomanlet and am on the spectrum. i firmly believe that it's better for people like me to accept that and find value in other things, rather than bitterly cling to idea that I've done something wrong, that there's something vile about me that I need to destroy. humanity has always had more mothers than fathers. as social atomization continues, more and more incelibates are going to appear, and they're just going to have to deal with the hand they've been given.

>>514423676>guy who got fucked over by nepotism and is now constantly put down by his colleagues doesn't socialize much in literal nowhere that he was forced to move tovs>highschooler with life ahead of him and already has no issues making friends prior to obtaining power to make friends more easilyWho would Adachi use his powers to get close to anyways? Everyone already treated him like shit and he had no experience socializing due to spending all his time studying.

>>514419494>We own a houseYou're a breeding sow, you don't own shit.

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>>514424260>an imaginary card that pops up in your head declares when friendship happens

>>514424275>I hear Golden lets you kill all of your friends and join Adachi so guess which ending I'm going for :^)You don't reallyYou get a Bad Ending where if you max out his social link, he'd call you and reveal everything to you and after that he'd threaten that he'd go after you if you drop the truth on everyone.Maxing out his S.Link would give you the item needed to summon Magatsu-Izanagi

>>514424065Honestly I'd try being a bit more boldWith my current partner I wasn't afraid to make my interest knownPut your arm around herGrab her handslap her buttDon't be scared. Women don't like scared guysThey like men who make their sexual interest known

>>514411294If only. Nepotism is the real villain. Not literal nepotism, but just knowing people will get you 100x further than competence. It's not right.

If you don't believe in talent then you also don't believe in IQ.

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>>514424650>he believes in IQlow-IQ spotted

>>514424602Adachi actually got fucked over by such 'nepotism' in P4 universe.

>>514424650Thing is, unless we're talking about being a brain surgeon or a complete coding whiz, you can make up for differences in IQ with effort and enough repetition to learn enough patterns in a given job to be effective. Does not apply to everyone obviously, but it does to most people who would be considered "average".Do you think yanderedev would still be laughed at for the else.if debacle if he admitted his mistakes, studied more, and reformed the way his game works? Obviously fucking not.

>>514411294Dismissing the achievement of others as talent is incredibly insulting to anyone who has achieved anything, no matter how big or small. No one has the inborn talent to be truly great at a skill, that requires time and dedication. Are some people smart enough to learn how to train efficiently? Yes, but the ability to gain such a mindset has little to do with intelligence or talent, but humility and wisdom.

>>514424462If there's really any silver-lining towards all this, it's that he acknowledged his mistakes later on and actually told Sho in P4 Arena that he's doing the same mistake as he did when he was rampaging in Inaba

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>>514419318Story seems like bullshit, besides, if you're ugly then acting like some kinda PUA guy is most likely a fool's errand, what you want to do is unironically work on your character and then get into a group of friends which has females in it. You will get laid with one of them if you can make them laugh. That's your only bet.

>>514424371That's pretty much how legal systems work when there aren't sufficient protections in place for the accused, yes.

>>514419494t. breeding sow