Dumping old Holla Forums comics.Sometimes it's good to go back and remember where you started

Dumping old Holla Forums comics.Sometimes it's good to go back and remember where you started.

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>>514410796>>514410845>>514410930>>514411028>>514411229Lmao wow I'm going to take getting called newfag as a compliment now, if this is how old Holla Forums was I'm fucking glad I didn't have to experience it.

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>>514410930One of my favorites

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>>514411396I actually wish they would reintroduce doubles so shitposting threads could easily be nuked

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>>514411838They were a double-edged sword.

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>>514412698have an updated version

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>>514413067so much of this board is exclusively 26 and 27 now

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>>514413413I genuinely miss Quentin's brand of shitposting.

>>514411712An absolute classic.

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>>514412945I miss legacy captcha

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>>514410796thank you for all your hard work

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>>514415409Thank you too, readers, for the occasional bumps that keep the thread alive.

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Thanks, man. Always in for some nostalgia.

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>>514411229Can't even say this anymore. It's straight up a shitty board, don't think I'll miss it.

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>>514410796Sucks that I came to Holla Forums after 3 Angled Blue disappeared, but if someone deserves to invoke anonymity and fall into blissful inactivity, it's him. Truly, a god among men.

>>514411673Who the fuck cares about you? Take your name and wrong tripcode to Facebook, you dumb fuck.

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>>514411626this one is classic

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>>514418092Shockingly accurate, even today. Some things never change I guess.

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>>514418296>>514418193>>514418092this kind of reminds me of the time Holla Forums was getting some furry threads and the mod was active and banning on sightthen this one faggot used spoilers to talk about furry while masking the thread as vidya related

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blessed thread

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>>514417083is this loss


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OP on phone here. Got banned by Google from solving any further captchas because of "too many queries" and now I can't post. I'll see if I can do something before the thread 404's.

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>>514419470Aaand we're back in business. All I had to do was install chrome and login into a gmail account and now it works. Thank you based botnet and gookmoot.

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god this is the stuffnow its all ugly wojaks

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>>514413273or 11

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I haven't seen idort in foreverfuck I'm old


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all of this is making me miss how not-as-bad this board used to be

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>>514416752i don't get the last one

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>>514412495i gotta know the context of this, please


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>>514413654>abandoning new vegas for fallout 4this comic aged like milk

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>>514423657slapping belts in everything is nomura's trademark

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>>514410845>No men of war

Anyone have a mega link to these?

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I'm reminded of the old /a/ SZS parody

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What's the image limit again?

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>>514424021>tfw this is literally happening right nowtime... it's like trying to hold water in your hands...

>>514416246Stream it faggot

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>>514424323me in dragon's dogma

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