Steam Summer Sale 2020

Post carts, get recommendations, come and tell us how we're supposed to pirate, post hidden gems, STEAM SUMMER SALE THREAD

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Does code vein still has Denuvo?.




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Poorfag here, I would like to buy Ace Attorney Trilogy. Would any one of you kind Anons ask me to kindly fuck off?

Waiting for the next humble choice to drop to finish the cart. The feeling that whatever I buy will end up in the next bundle sucks

I'm tempted to get MHW but I also think we're getting closer to the next generation of the game.Should I wait?

is megaman 11 worth 20 bucks? what kind of replay value does it have?

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>>514411121Fuck off

>>514411073Race Driver GRID had a decent career mode.

>>514411152Nig we still haven't even gotten Alatreon update and they're planning on releasing more content after that.

>>514411152nothing new has been announced and mhw is still getting updates, we wont be seeing another mh game for another year at least

Don't forget to play the games you buy Holla ForumsDon't forget about the other times you said you would Holla ForumsDon't forget about 'the backlog' Holla ForumsDon't forget about that one game you got in 2012 that you still haven't played Holla ForumsDon't forget you're running out of time Holla Forums

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>>514411284>People on Holla Forums keep going on about huge backlogs>Meanwhile, I buy like 4 games a year and play each one to absolute completion Feels good desu, better to experience one thing fully than numerous things hardly at all.

I just need 8 bucks more for the discount. Any suggestions? More autism is perfectly fine too.

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Femanon here, what's a game I might enjoy?

>>514411152Hours and hours of content

>>514411190Thank you!>>514411340Terraria, Stardew Valley, Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater. I couldn't afford those last two for my friends but I have brought them.Duck Game isn't on a good sale right now but that's also a fun buy.

>>514410789Pssst hey you...yes you!Do you like Warhammer? Do you like numbers and stats? Do you like table top games? Ouplaying your opponents with your big high iq and non smooth brain? Then you will love blood bowl. Pick your favorite warhammer race and bash the fuck out the skulls of some elves. Interested? Well you are in luck since the game is on sale right now on steam, you can try it for just two bucks! case scenario you lose two dollars. Best case scenario you get into a new hobby that will keep you entertained for literally hundreds of hours.So you bought the game, but you really dont know what to do next, well you are in luck...again. Cuz Holla Forums has regular leagues ,where you can shitpost, kill some players and have some fun with your Holla did last year and not gonna lie its the most fun I had in years in this god forsaken place.

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>>514411270>>514411283Oh I thought the updates were done shortly after Icebourne release.If there's still more stuff then ok I'll take the plunge.

Thoughts on Arkham Knight and its DLCs ?

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>>514411369i got my steam backlog down to just 30 games, feels good to be almost at your point, I'm never gonna get a huge amount of games like that ever again.

>>514411340Risk of Rain 2

>>514411215thanks i'll take a look at this one

What's a super grindy game to waste hours on?

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>>514411578any mmo or game with mmo elements

I've never played RTS, is Total War: WARHAMMER II a good starting point?

>>514411578Monster Hunter

>>514411578Disgaea series

>>514411578Seconding this. Bonus points if it supports the steam controller decently.

>>514410789any GOOD indie games to recommend that costs less than 10$?


>>514410346Your loss


Thirdworld chinkypoo fag here.I finally saved up a lot of money, finally being able to build a PC and able to buy games instead of pirating shit. Is this a good list of games?>Yakuza 0>EDF 5>Divinity OS2>Total Warhammer 1/2 and some DLCs>No Man’s Sky>7 Days To Die>Red Dead Redemption 2>Total War Rome/Attila and shitIs this a good purchase?

>>514410789Bought titanfall 2 and shadow tactics, refunded kynseed and gonna spent the refunded money for katamari. I don't really have anything else that I really needed, so I think I'm good, but do you guys have any jrpg with fun story that is 5 bucks or less?

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>>514411731I'd swap No man's sky with astroneer if you're looking for a comfy planet exploration, astroneer is that without the mind numbing resource gathering since you got a vacuum and all of the environment is destroyable

>returned slay the spire and Dusk>picked up Tooth and Tail>have 30 dollars left after refundsCan't figure out what I want.

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>>514411340Master Chief Collection

>>514411661>>514411695Is the latest game good enough?

>>514411161it has plenty replay value thanks to the cool weapons.

Buy Blue Reflection. Its 60% off. Support Based KT for keeping the loli on their support server TO THIS

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Grabbing this, looks cozy as fuck

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>bought a bunch of games>not sure which to play first

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Looking for story oriented FPS that isn't too long, similar to Metro or Bioshock series. Only have Wolfenstein in my cart

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>>514412048Sent ;)

guys i want to ask before i buy, is Dragon Quest XI toaster friendly ?

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I bought this yesterday and holy shit it's great. How come I never see ti talked about on here?

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>>514412204what did you buy


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>>514411378Dragon's Dogma >>514411578Monster Hunter >>514411731Swap Total War Rome/Atilla for Total War Shogun. It's the best one to start with and you can all of the main game + all of the dlc for like $15.

>>514412045>returned slay the spirewhy? i bought but i still haven't played it

>>514412087Seems about alright if you just want to grind away

>>514412342Probably because its ancient title that has no sequel and has been discussed thoroughly already>?

>>514412342It did, like years ago when it was released

>>514412104so did they change resolution or not?

>>514411489Arkham Knight is ok, if you look past all the tank missions which is like 50% of the game.

>>514412342We did talk about it but that was years and years ago, damn you make me feel old.

>>514412356>Dragon's Dogma Already own it but thank you for suggesting it.

>>514411489Excellent.Make sure you've got a controller for most of it, but drop back to mouse+keyboard for the shooting sections in the Batmobile.

Buy Grim Dawn or pirate?

>>514412351MHW2hu Luna NightsBloodstainedCode VeinKatamari

>>514412342it has been talked about and memed here before. its an old game though so not that much to discuss that hasnt already been done

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>>514412342Because you are a newfag.

>>514412525it's ok, I don't know why you would pirate a 5 dollar game

>>514412525Buy it. It's not perfect but it's still one of the (if not THE) best ARPG out right now.

Of course you had to make a new thread you FUCKI'll reiterate my question regarding games less than 8€ in this form, then: post cheap games (less than 10€ / $10) to grab.>Mount & Blade: Warband>Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance>Dragon's Dogma>Darkest Dungeon>Hollow Knight>Ori and the Blind Forest>Morrowind>Oblivion>Fallout 1, 2, 3, New Vegas and 4

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>>514412525Buy. Devs are actually based.


>>514412367Just wasn't for me.


>>514412204>tfw this was the issue I have>tfw I solved it by importing my games on howlongtobeat and hitting the random selection button

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>>514412596It's 16 american burgers with DLC

>>514412662Wait, you can do that? Does it have steam integration or something?


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>buy game>buy rare emote for coins>refund game>keep rare emote

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>>514412615Serious Sam 1-3

>buy hell let loose because some fag said it was red orchestra lite >every populated server is in Australia or someshit>no sub 100 ping servers that are populated That was a quick refund.

>>514412870What gamu?

>>514412715So then don't buy the DLC.Crucible is nice for levelling new characters and I hear both expansions are pretty good but I'm waiting on heavier discounts for those, personally.

I'm happy with this.

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What im looking for:>fast paced shooters like Doom, Dusk, Amid Evil, etc>RTS with good campaigns that arent age of empires 2/mythology, company of heroes or homeworld 1 and 2>stealth games. I already own the must haves like Blood money, chaos theory, thief, etclAmy recommendations?

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>>514412919literally one reason why people buy it is the

>>514412270Chernobylite since it's not actually finished

>>514412730yeah, it's on the front page. it kind of sucks though because you have to manually select each one (I just did tab + 2 to quick add each one)

>>514412902>this guy doesn't want to play with australiansyou missed out mate

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which ones are abandonware or pozzed, Holla Forums?also if you know any better games of the same genre, go ahead and post them

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>>514412870I can't help but think that Steam's gonna change how many points uncommon/rare items are, I'm surprised that it has been a flat rate

>>514411340Deep Rock Galactic or Vermintide 2

>>514412334I don't know since my FAGTECH 5000 has no problems running it, but I highly doubt it with how beautiful and detailed the textures are in this game.

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is ARK Survival Evolved still fucking alive? I used to play the shit out of it before they nerfed the flying crocodiles.

>>514412895>can't wait a couple hoursget some sleep, all-nighter dude

>>514413130lmfao the first thing I did in DQ11 was look at every womans feet

>>514413125>>514411340>or Vermintide 2do not buy this garbageDeep Rock is 9/10

>>514413289I feel you man

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spacebros, stellaris or endless space?

>>514411340borderlands 1, 2 and tps. dunno about the third one

>>514413130search for a couple of low vid online it seems quite adequate

>>514412895>the store haven't opened yet to me to buy prepaid cards where I livelmao just use your credit card or paypal like a normal person bro

>>514412943same, been almost 3 years though and only 30% off..

>>514411876Alright, I guess not then, have fun with the sales anons

How is this looking?

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>>514410789is it ok if I don't buy anything?

>>514413401stellaris by far

>>514413516Its all trash kys

>>514413516>look mom I posted it again

>>514413530No, you have to buy before you can post here. Didn't you learn anything?

looking for a casual shooter like cod battlefieldthinking about battlefield hardline 10 bucks or V 30 bucksboth seem to have their drawbacksor insurgency sandstorm?

What should I cut? Odds are I'm gonna slash gunvolt because while I've wanted to give it a shot, it's only a 50% discount for something I'm only mildly interested in.

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incredible how none has dropped keys since sale started

>>514413747why is that incredible?

>> if you want to go full potato

>>514413747Good, let's keep the beggars away

>>514413747they have though

>>514413745Most of those games are decent. Iconoclasts is pretty good

>>514413747this, fuck paypigs

>>514413704planetside 2

>>514413207Store's closed cause of the lockdown>>514413450Nah I'm not comfortable using credit cards onlinepls fàm it only 3$

>>514412986>titanfall 2>i dont play rts so i dont know>deus ex, dishonored, splinter cell blacklist is a nice one

>>514413834Ah yes, the true console experience.

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>>514413082blease rebsbond

>>514413082Would cut Fell Seal and Druidstone. Found both of them underwhelming for turn tactics.I'm between RimWorld and Space Haven too. Similar concepts, but Space Haven is too new and RimWorld is more stabilished.

Bought XCOM 2 collections, did I do good? Any mod recommendations?.

>assassin's creed odysseyhow is it ? never played an AC

>>514414065i literally cant stop laughing, is this what swicthfags have to deal with daily ? imagine playing a faggy handheld instead of glorious PC Hal 9000

>>514413739>are you a devno>why keep defendingbecause you're a retard.There are hundreds of torrent websites and thousands of shitty non-porn games, yet you advocate to pirate specifically porn.Why?>patreon moneywhat If they don't have kikestarter or patreon?What about other non-porn making devs who receive patreon money?I was always wondering why people keep telling others to pirate porn and never pay for it and now I see - you're just a bunch of retarded faggots.

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>>514414176no, as all the DLCs besides war of the chosen are complete utter trash

>enjoying Sea of Thieves>want more pirate shit>literally nothing good exists

How's Northgard?

Is elite dangerous any good? Do i need friends to enjoy it?

>>514414176You did good. Enjoy the coomer mods + get the Seto Kaiba voice mod

>>514414289Shen's Gift no good?

What are some games like dishonored or hitman? I want a game that gives you a sandbox environment, tools, and a problem to solve.

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>>514414303Unironically assassins creed 4

>>514414303AC4: Black Flag. Otherwise, you are correct.

>>514414469I'm wondering this too, I know it's grindy as fuck but it's existence is like a curse that wants to draw my soul into it.

>>514414520>Enjoy the coomer modscan you elaborate ? I've eyed xcom for a while

is it any goodnever played any of the other m&b games

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Would have bought Half Life 2 ep 1 too, but it wasn't on sale for some odd reason so it was £5...My Ps3 died and I can't play any of my old games so I'm just rebuying those I enjoyed on it and like to replay now and then, the only two I've not played on here are Deux Ex Mankind Divided (I enjoyed HR so thought it be worth buying) and Bioshock Infinite, but I bought the Bioshock collection mostly just for 1 and 2 which I loved.And I rebought Skyrim too, 3 copy of it now, Todd would be proud. Though I've never played SE.

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>>514414670episode 1 is the worst out of the 3 so you're not missing much, just read up on what happens

>>514414651Wait for it to mature and get decent mods. Right now it's a bit shallow.

wealthy niggas, buy me game

>>514414651wait until it's out of early access, play warband and its crazy collection of mods in the meantime first

I have Asscreed origins key for uplay, will trade if someone gifts me blood bowl 2 on steam, only 4 dollars rn.



>>514414520>Seito Kaiba modWill do, thanks.>>514414653Oh okay., well I was going after War of the Choosen anyway and seems like some mods uses assets from the other dlcs.

>>514414807I've played them all through before on PS3 I just wanted to do it again on PC now my PS3 is dead and there's no backwards compat on ps4/5. I know what happens in each though, I actually like EP1, the underground and hospital segments are great.

>>514414632Take a look in the workshop for soldier customization for females. You'll see lewd clothing options.

>>514414820Post your profile.

>>514414469>>514414624You don't need friends to enjoy it, but it can help make the experience better. I did only get bored of it after playing for 300 hours. I might jump back into the game again when the atmospheric landing update drops.

>>514414651Just get Warband. Runs way better, less bugs, and has tons of mods. All for a fraction of the price. Bannerlord still needs a lot of work because it's basically just a nicer looking version of the same game instead of actually improving and expanding it.

>>514414529Shen's gift is cool, don't listen to that guy. Anarchy's children bundle is pretty shit though

>>514411340Darksider genesis is surprisingly fun with buddies.

>>514415141It is not the same game at all

How are the borderlands games for activity still I really enjoyed 2 and got a lot out of replaying it numerous times, worth picking up or is online dead now?

>>514415251>Darksider genesiswait what the fuck that game came out?

>>514415112My concern is more with how much there is to do in the game and the updates. I know they added in carriers somewhat recently but it sounds like they are a massive grind to get, keep and arn't really worth it?

>>514412547Play Katamari user

Hows grim dawn?

>> really expect nothing

>>514410789might just get mgs5 and nothing else>>514411073tdu2 is pretty good, online is officially dead tho

i think i have my cart ready but i need to knowGunfire Reborn or Katana Zero?

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>>514415371bl2 has a couple of thousand online every day, but be aware that other people can use cheat engine edit your shit so host your own games to prevent that

>>514411121>poorfag>buy Ace AttorneyJust emulate the DS versions, numbnuts.

>>514415435about 5 bucks

>>514411378Reconsider Brigador.I bought it months ago because it looked good. It's not. It's the same boring shit over and over. The gameplay isn't deep enough to carry that kind of repetition.

>>514415565Worth the dlc though?

>>514414807>episode 1 is the worst out of the 3>3stop that

Any recommendations on something relaxing?No match-3 puzzles or clickers/idlers fuck that shit.

>>5144156153 meaning base game, ep1 and ep2?

>>514415601never played them

>>514415601good but expensive, never a good sale on them

Any VNs that can help alleviate loneliness?

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>>514415373For half a year already

>>514415590The weapons and mech/vehicle size differences arn't much of a big deal overall?

>>514415648glass masquerade is a good puzzle game that is relaxing. Also the outer wilds just dropped on steam, can range from relaxing to very tense.

>>514415461How corrupt you need to be to beg for games when you have so many in your account?

>>514411489The dlc kinda makes the game amazing, worth it

>>514415754[mongirldreams, romance Jora

>>514414574>>514414580>ACI don't want to spend 90% of my time in creeping "stealth" missions and not on ships.

>>514415461You have good games with no playtime how about you go play those first instead


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>>514414202Everyone level with you. They neither 2 level below you or 2 above. It fun to start war between the Spartans and anthain but other then that it just upgrade origin


I have a potato PC with no dedicated graphics card (it broke). I got the following games:- Papers, Please! (Works)- Rain World (Works)- The Curse of Monkey Island (Should work)- Zero Escape game 1 (Should work)Are there any other games with very low requirements that are good?I've already played the Ace Attorney trilogy which was awesome, and I'd get Baba Is You when it's got a bigger discount. I'd probably get Thimbleweed Park when it has a discount as well.

>>514415754Fureraba or Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai. No idea if either is on steam tho, but they are translated.

Killer instinct is free on xbox app.

>>514416034you could try your hand with psychonauts

>>514415773Not really. The vehicles/mechs all handle slightly differently, but it's never an interesting change. You might be able to go a bit faster or enable a boost or stealth or something, but you'll be doing the same stuff as the last level and the one before that.Same with weapons. You don't get any weapons that really change the way you play.I got 3-4 hours in before I started getting bored. There's no sense of progression, it's one separate level after another. You earn some point that you can spend on new stuff, that's it. And the new stuff just doesn't feel different.Like I said, the gameplay is too shallow for this kind of setup. You're not going to be thinking "yay, a new mech, I get to play through the fun gameplay in an entirely new way!" It's a series of skirmish battles that aren't much fun - and it never stops.Some people love it, so it's possible you'll like it. But I was sorely disappointed myself.

>>514416034shenzhen i/omaybe factorio?idk what your cpu is like but if i were you i'd save my money and go full emulation mode


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>>514414651It's pretty good yeah. I'd say it's better than warband already but then a bunch of fags on here would get pissy. So I won't say that.

Ignoring Hello Charlotte, how are these games?Particularly, is Epic Battle Fantasy as fun as it looks? And is Heartbeat similar to Digimon?

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>>514414754What the fuck is a P

Should I do it, Holla Forumsros?

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>>514416034FTL Enter the Gungeon/Binding of Isaac Rebirth/Wizard of LegendLisa: The Painful RPGSo I just bought Vermintide 2 expecting to bash some rats with my friends, little did I know the game is a whopping 90 gigs, my little shitbox can't store that much even after deleting all my games and apps. So that's really fuckin neat.

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>>514412142The premise is simple and each session takes about 20 minutes. 45 minutes at most.You unlock guns and gun modifications by playing the game. It's a video game in every sense of the word.

>>514416435t. Nigger

>>514416440You literally can play Epic Battle Fantasy for free on Flash Websites.Also Hearbeat is nothing like any Digimon Games aside from being turn based.

I miss 2011 when the deals were huge and the sales were fun.

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>>514416553Shoot yourself in the head? Hopefully right now.

>>514416553Temtem is dead game and Town of Salem is free game.

>> better heckin' buy her cute and funny game

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>>514416740Why naut?>>514416764Don't hurt yourself on the edge, kiddo.

>>514416691>You literally can play Epic Battle Fantasy for free on Flash Websites.I thought you could only play number 3 and below, but alright. I guess I'll search for something else, though I've no idea what.>Also Hearbeat is nothing like any Digimon Games aside from being turn based.Bummer, I was hoping for something similar to the DS games.

>>514416774Town of Salem hasn't been free in like 2 years.

>>514416603>2020>cant fit 90 gb

>>514416603how can you not fit 90 gigs what

Any particularly long but interesting games out there?

>>514416913>>514416953IDK why you're asking me ask Lenovo. Better yet ask them why I can't disable palmcheck in the registry for this piece of shit.

>>514413353vermintide is fundamentally still a good game, even if it isn't as good as it could be

>>514415545Yes, I have played them all. It's for my gf who lost her progress and I want the safety of steam cloud

Gonna' get Deus Ex for a dollar and I'm looking forward to it. While money isn't particularly an issue, I'd rather purchase something I'll get some time out of than horde things, so I'm contemplating getting one of the following as well:>Brigador: Armored-Up Edition $8.99>Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Edition $11.99>Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition $14.99>Age of Empires III: Complete Collection $9.99>Baulder's Gate: Enhanced Edition $9.99>Yakuza Kiwami $9.99>Battlezone 98 Redux $4.99Have you played any of these in particular, user? What's your experience like? Would you say it's worth the asking price?

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Should i?

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>>514416804>early access I'll pass.

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>>514416435dying light is quite a fun game. even more so in co op

>>514417289You don't have any friends you fucking loser

>>514417289>Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition $14.99its great, 3 is getting a remaster too so maybe wait for that

>>514417074Pathfinder. 100+ hours easy, and your kingdom changes based on PC alignment, for replayablility.

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Hows Pathologic 2? Is it just streamer bait or legit rpg?

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>>514417292tooth and tail is trash. i was hyped to play it but it was super shallow and theres a mission that you cant even beat without rng. i would consider a different rts like total war shogun 2 or warhammer 2

>>514417303I actually bought it because my friends have been bugging me to buy it because it's apparently it's incredibly fun

r8 n hateIs ballisticNG Good? Does Grandia still hold up?Cant decide whether to buy just turok 1 or both, i never played the 2nd, but heard it wasnt as good

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>>514416279Already played but great suggestion. Can't wait for no.2.>>514416392Those two look really odd and different, I'll check them out>>514416603Ah yeah forgot about those that's a good setThanks for the help anons!

>>514417289Age of Empires 2 will literally give you hundreds of hours of fun

>>514417489opposite streamer bait, its very slow

>>514414241I shouldn't even have to explain this, but the satisfaction you get from porn is particularly fleeting and not something that can be shared among your peers in the same manner as other works of art or entertainment. Don't even sit there and act like a shitty porn game is anywhere equivalent to a shitty non-porn game. A mediocre looter shooter can be fun with friends online, but for that to work a purchase is almost always necessary. Trying to keep a game up to date via piracy is a pain in the ass. I could go on and on. There's a bunch of reasons why you'd feel compelled to pay money for an actual game, whereas downloading a 800mb compressed version for free instead of paying for the original 4GB of shoddy renders and writing is a fucking no-brainer.

>>514417404I very purposely purged an excess amount of friends from my list because they weren't people I genuinely considered friends. People who collect friends on any platform need to evaluate themselves, and that's coming from this particular faggot of all people. >>514417408>3 is getting a remaster too so maybe wait for thatOh shit, I think I just may then. I remember really enjoying the deck-building aspect of things for the campaign. Thanks for the heads up, pal.

What are some good splitscreen co op games? So far I got Portal series, Portal Knights, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Castle Crashers, thinking maybe beyond two souls as well?

>>514417547I have the original one on CD but was honestly curious if the newest version of it cleans up nicely enough to warrant getting a modern-day version of the game. I definitely don't have any doubt it'll be worthwhile, but it's good to hear if the multiplayer scene is still alive and kicking.

>>514417642Dynasty Warriors 7

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>>514417516>Is ballisticNG Good?literal 10/10

>>514413353How much does it take to run

>>514415774I actually got Glass Masquerade a while back in a bundle. 2 might be tempting.Huh. Apparently 1 was more free DLC.Outer Wilds though... I have this thing about games revolving around the idea of time travel. They drive me bonkers ever since Majora's Mask.>>514415971Is that the MMO or the singleplayer MMO?

Is it fun?

Attached: middle-earth-shadow-of-war-definitive-edition-cover[1].jpg (868x1252, 709.39K)

>>514417701They've been doing a fantastic job but there are MP issues here and there. They're working on fixing it though, and the new civs are really fun. The balance updates have been great too. Yeah, no better time to get back into it imo.

had to buy this when I saw it

Attached: official steam wojack.jpg (181x273, 8.07K)

>>5144178342500k and a 1060 3gb can run it at 1080/60 medium-high settings

>>514417516>Turok is on here>Only $5Oh shit, nigga. Thanks for sharing this detail.

>>514417840wow they really raped lotr

>>514417926I want that, from what game is it?

>>514417516>Is ballisticNG Good?Very good but also very hard. Still a lot of fun

>>514417834>>514417946oh unless you meant deep rock, in which case same specs easily max it out

>>514418029Ultimate Arena

>>514417463My biggest gripe with Pathfinder are, last I remember:>No multiplayer>Fixed, isometric angle that can't be rotated>No module creation tool like Neverwinter Nights

>Just got my Index payment a day before the sale started>Packed my cart full of VR gamesI've been saving up for this day. Can't wait for next week when it arrives.

Attached: steamsale.jpg (295x430, 37.33K)

>>514417516It's hard to recommend Max Payne if you're using windows 10. The game doesn't support it and you have to do a bunch of modding just to get it to work. It's a Payne in the ass.

>>514416884Epic Battle Fantasy series is free but 4 onward are paid. user might be thinking of the demos.Heartbeat has more of a Pokemon vibe with Earthbound/Dragon Quest style combat mechanics. There are mons you catch.If you want a mon game there's Disc Creatures which looks and plays very much like a complete overhaul Pokemon Red romhack.Only thing I can think of that plays similarly to the Digimon DS games are certain Pokemon Essentials fangames like Digimon: Your Digital Dream.

>>514415754I wouldn't call it a real VN by any stretch, but if you happen to be a StarCraft fan, the free one was fun and cute for a quick snack of a read.

>>514412895Someone pls, don't break me heart


>>514413082anyone else? space haven, fell seal and druidstone are out so I need a good turn-based strategy, preferably not plot-driven

>>514416360I went and gave it a shot, and you very much are right.Too bad it did look rather fun and good mech games feel hard to come by.So that just leaves Besige, CHODE and Vanquish with 18~ bucks to play with to hit the discount.

>>514417840played it 22 hours and got kinda bored of it, if you crave a game with some batman combat go for it. It has loads of content and the nemesis system is cool, imo story is the weak point it couldn't keep me interested

>>514417909>new civs are really fun>The balance updates have been great tooThis is precisely what I like to hear. Thanks for sharing, user!

>>514415754Dead Wishes can help you feel relieved that you're alone.

>>514417836the singleplayer oneit's max comfy

>>514417765>>514418047>>514418136Thanks, anons. ill replace max payne with ballistcNG

redpill me on buying RDR2

Last call, Asscreed Origins for Blood Bowl 2, otherwise I'm using the uplay key myself

>>514418479$25 for a PC port of a 14 year old game. SE just refuses to give decent sale prices to their shit...

>>514410789How does steam version of Titanfall 2 work? Does it still launches through origin or does it launch through steam? Are the dlcs on steam map packs or skin packs?

Attached: p84u1qqycfn31.jpg (4600x2875, 762.36K)

>>514418372Disgaea 5 is different but incredibly fun. Way over the top, amazing gameplay and animations and you can improve your characters to ridicolous power. And to defeat the last secret boss you need uber characters and equipments. Although a lot of the fun comes from grinding and seeing how your characters improve.

>>514416360>You don't get any weapons that really change the way you play.>There's no sense of progression.>And the new stuff just doesn't feel different.That's damn unfortunate. I, myself, don't mind repetition at all as a Mechwarrior / Battletech fag, but if it all feels samey, then that's no good. I appreciate you sparing me with this information. Maybe if it's cheaper some time.

What do I actually do with the points? I literally started with 30k. Where did they come from? Do I lose them if I don't spend them?

is there any way to glitch/exploit the ability to craft shit for games I don't have?I want that hitler emote and im not paying $7 for that shitty game

>>514413045I don’t give a fuck who you are, I’m not playing on a server with 550 ping. Every sub 100 ping server was barren. Zero players.

Is this... kino?

Attached: SummerSale.png (614x803, 205.61K)

what should i drop? id rather not spend 100+ bucks on this saleim also not too sure on the sniper elite III. the sniper elite games sound fun in theory but im wondering if they get old fast and if i should just get 4, or sniper contracts

Attached: cart2.png (937x762, 196.64K)

>>514418191>Epic Battle Fantasy series is free but 4 onward are paid. user might be thinking of the demos.Would you recommend the paid ones then? I remember really loving the older ones, but I can't remember exactly why.>Digimon: Your Digital Dream.This looks pretty fun, if a little janky. Thank you.

What else should I get

Attached: file.png (624x223, 35.8K)

>>514418670is it a strategy or do you grind shit mobs until you can single-handedly choke the bosses that slapped your shit earlier?

>>514414371One of the few RTS games I actually enjoyed. It seemed too simple to be worth it at full price tho.

>>514418751go read the "how points work" section in the point shop. it tells you everything

I want to get into the DOOM games, which versions are best? Right now I have >Ultimate DOOM >DOOM II>DOOM 3 BFG Edition >DOOM 2016 In my cart. Is the BFG Edition worth it if I’m buying I and II separately?

>>514418797>he missed shogun 2 giveawayNigga seriously? It was available for like a week.

>>514418858I literally looked for this and didn't find it, I am a retard. Thanks user.

>>514418797>sure packI was about to get surge 2 alone

>>514418884Doom 1 (ultimate), 2, and final doom are best played on a source port like GZdoom. Just get the WAD file (you can find them easily on google) and then put them in the GZdoom folder instead of buying on steeam, because steam is a shit dosbox emulation which looks aawful.

>>514418792i cant believe the only way to travel at any pace other than a light jog in thehunter is to buy a dlc atv. how is that shit something that isnt already an unlockable to begin with?

>>514418792Are you sure the ATV is the only dlc we need?

>>514411390Starjew Valley

never played a disgaea gameis the first one good

is planet zoo any good?

Welp, finally caved and got these 2. Did I do good?

Attached: Clipboard02.jpg (445x169, 44.24K)

>>514411578Diablo III

Do I or don't I?I liked Diablo 1 and 2, and I liked Path of Exiles but I hate reading pages upon pages of lore just to understand whats going on and I dont really like the idea of multiple playthroughs since im a busy person

Attached: yea or nea.png (306x207, 134.9K)

>>514418751Spend them on an avatar border, backgrounds and emotes you otherwise can't get from dead games or cards. You get them from how much you've spent since January. Nothing happens to them if you don't spend them.

What should I remove lads? Anything I should add?I want to hit $35 as decently as I can.

Attached: file.png (622x683, 138.07K)

is ASS ASS'ins Creed Origins any good? i put 70 hours into Odyssey earlier as a mindless timesink

>>514419124idk about Outer Wilds but Titanfall 2 is really fucking good

>>514419012i dont even know if my pc can run those games but 17 dollars is too good for a game that came out half a year ago>>514418906what? where?

>>514419150just do it. i bought the game with all the dlcs because i couldn't find anything else to buy

>>514418823For story mode you'll only need to come back to previous levels to grind if you are having trouble. But it's not worth it during story mode. The post game is centered around grinding and improving your characters to the max and accessing all the new content only available after beating the game. Be warned that the game is vey anime-esque so consider that if it's not your thing but it's highly polished and you won't see another game with that animation quality. I'd recommend watching a video review and see if it interests you.

Attached: file.png (1920x1080, 2.65M)

>>514419150so just dont read the lore and focus on the gameplay, thats what I do. Look up a starter build before you play

Any MMO that isn't weeb shit and actually decent?

>>514415818>>514416131>>514418220>>514418252>>514418465Appreciate the suggestions.

Is blaster master any good?I hate top down shooters, but does the side scroller parts of the game make up for it?

Attached: blaster-master-zero-2-switch-hero[1].jpg (1920x1080, 2.61M)

>>514419224Hat in TimeGurumin

going for all a thirst for Platformers

Attached: 21b219f9d84be4a2bced180f61644e73.png (351x693, 127.47K)

>>514411340I've been playing edf5 with my buddies and it's been a blast.Other games I've personally enjoyed include Overcooked! 2, unrailed (doesn't have much meat), Left 4 Dead 2, Trine series, metal slug series, terraria, portal 2

>>514419361City of Heroes. The server that started out on here, Thunderspy, has been making additions and quality-of-life changes to the game. It's free and only a few gigs, so it's worth checking out. Probably one of the best MMOs out there, especially since it originally pre-dated WoW's cancer.

Attached: Chromaman.png (1914x1079, 1.79M)

>>514419150im most of the way through the game and while i like the game, i dont see why you wouldnt just play path of exile instead. i played this because i went in knowing i was going to read all the lore and get attached to the characters. if you have a friend who also likes arpgs and he's up for playing this, get it

>>514419070Pretty fun. But if you are only going to play one I'd recommend Disgaea 5. It's the most accesible in the series and with the most content. Remember that these are 100h+ games.

>>514419481Get the bayo + vanquish bundle.>wizard of legendIt's a neat idea but the game boiled down to stunlock to death for you and the enemies.

>>514419481Have you considered Abe's Oddworld? The old ports are a bit janky, and the revisionist image of New and Tasty is weird, but it's still a challenge through-and-through and good fun regardless, especially if you're new to the series.

>Buy Metro 2033>I've always wanted to try it>Realise I'm not into fps anymore>Refundwhat do with my 5 steam bucks now?

>>514419481>Baba is youis it a cosmic barber simulator?

>Uploading files from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. [More Info] 4chan Pass users can bypass this block. [Learn More]Thief 2, Postal 2 + DLC, Morrowind and E.Y.E.Recommend more please.

>>514419546path of exile is always online and you have to pay for storage and shit, fuck that

>>514419719If only.

>>514419772Thief 1, posta + DLC, Obliivion and [Deus Ex

>>514416906It's free on the website.

I got Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy and HOLY FUCK Crash 1 is kicking my ass. Was it always this difficult?

>>514419648sleeping dogs

>>514418909>>514418751>>514417926use them to feel user

>>514419481replace blasphemous with hollow knight, if you liked hollow knight get blasphemous

>>514418797Sniper Elite 3 felt a bit too short to me.

>>514418810Each game in the series has its own plot and bosses and areas. You can start with any title but some things will seem weird or nonsensical.Sadly any halfway decent Digimon fangame peters off of is killed one way or another. Like Digimon World Ace plays more like a typical rpg.

>>514412342I legitimately couldn't get that shit to run on my PC.

>>514419910But more than fine for 6 bux, just not worth AAA pricing. You have to like sneaky sneaky around big sandbox levels though or it's gonna get tiresome.

Attached: 1588325066712.png (700x700, 645.43K)

>>514419629will give it a look>>514419864already played Hollow knight don't worry

>>514419481I'm playing The Messenger and it has been very boring so far. A pretty uninsteresting platformer, I hope it improves in the twist.

Give me some good multiplayer games on sale

>>514419854It was more difficult since you could only save if you beat the bonus levels

>>514419523>Thunderspyoh shitThanks user

>>514419481Replace Yooka with Poi and Gocci of War.

>>514420103I'm almost considering switching to 2 just because that's the one I played as a kid.

Should I get Pathfinger Kingmaker DLC?

>>514420049same, like its o k a y so far. the bosses are unremarkable and the platforming is bland as hell

What we was the game that rekindled your love for vidya?

>>514420378Dark souls 3 and Yakuza 0.

>>514420378Trails in the Sky

>>514420378Dark Souls unironically

>>514420132is there a problem with yooka? I was told that it was as good as DK tropical freeze

>>514420112One of the traditionally support class types, Defenders, previously only had ranged abilities. They'll be getting melee ones in addition soon. There's also new costume pieces being made and added into the game and not just enabling NPC costume pieces either. You'll be trying it out during the best time, honestly. Hope it turns out well for you!>>514420378Neverwinter Nights, hands down.

Attached: Capture.png (708x482, 433.94K)

>>514420378Dark Souls. It was released during a time of creative bankruptcy in the industry, from both western and eastern developers. Also, it's obviously not on Steam, but breath of the wild is the most recent game to gave me that magic feeling

>>514419979>but some things will seem weird or nonsensical.You mean like I won't get past references to previous game characters/plot, or that everything is just plain silly?>Sadly any halfway decent Digimon fangame peters off of is killed one way or anotherBelieve me I know. Translations are coming for Lost Evolution and Decode (apparently), but it's been literally 7+ years now so I don't have much hope anymore.

>>514420378Do older games that i havent gotten around to till recently count?

put some shit from my wishlist along with DS2+hat in time(which ive already pirated and finished, not the dlcs though) and im wondering if anything here is even worth it

Attached: file.png (633x501, 87.59K)

>>514420378Sekirou, technically, not that I've enjoyed anything since.

>>514420486Didn't care for how Yooka felt. Maybe Lair is better but I'm skeptical.

>Take up Yakuza 0 expecting half nothing>It's the best blast I've had in a while >mfw that michael jackson mission5 greens well invested

Attached: Louis-hotel-dusk-room-215-1037723_170_200.gif (170x200, 175.73K)

>>514420556Thanks .I never got to play this when I was younger. Now I can take advantage.It makes me hope that swgemu would get better support.

>>514411340Forget games and fuck each other


Attached: EA.png (354x168, 23.84K)

>>514420763no kidding, $5 for Yakuza 0 might be the best deal on Steam right now


Attached: 1517798045828.jpg (754x723, 173.41K)


>>514420378dark souls 3 and shovel knight. i was getting sick of all the assassins creed sequels, call of duty shit, bethesda trash(besides new vegas) and other triple A shit that was coming out in the 2010s

>>514420634Yes but the later is more due to references to popular culture.At least the PSP games got complete fan translations.

This past week I bought for around 100$ in total: Persona 4 GoldenTitanFall 2Sonic Generations Dragon Ball Fighters ZNier AutomataDead SpaceWallpaper EngineSenran Kagura Burst RenewalAtelier Totori DxSaya no Uta

>>514420763Yo I bought it on steam long ago, and I've been playing it, and yeah I definitely agree with's funny I also bought it for my ps4 pro so my brother can play it comfortably on the couch, andwatching him play 0 has been a blast lol.That MJ mission was something else

Any suggestions?Is there something I should change?

Attached: Screenshot_8.png (615x414, 75.96K)

Well boyos I already sold all my Steam cards and now I can afford one plus Mad Max or Just Obra Dinn itself.Help please.

Attached: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg (628x442, 50.73K)

>>514420218Curious about this, too. I know they're adding turn based and bought the game preemptively, but haven't tried it out yet.

>>514420763>>514420946>MJ>Yakuzaexplain please

>>514420936Why did you get a game at full price so close to pc release?

>>514420763>>514420846How are the Yakuza games with keyboard and mouse? It's pretty normal for third person action games to just feel better on controller, and I can't imagine there's anything requiring the precision of mouse aiming.

>>514421020There are few side quests that has a MJ inspired character, pretty hilarious dude and gives you best disco battle in game.

>>514420378>>514420874Then Disgaea, ive marathoned the entire series this past year, i havent enjoyed a game series this much in a long time

>>514419150it's 5 fucking bucks why are you asking?


Attached: MJ.jpg (1360x768, 227.61K)

>>514421020There's pretty much a mission where Not-MJ (it's obviously supposed to be Michael Jackson since this game takes place in the late 80s) and you participate in a side mission where you are helping him with his music video, and you are protecting him from the "zombies" while he walks through an dance.The other side mission is where you do a dance off with him, and he obliterates the shit out of you hahahah

>>514420957That is a bad price for superhot

>>514421073It's funny because when you load up the game, It literally tells you "best to play this on a gamepad"


Attached: 50538.jpg (1000x1500, 591.04K)

>>514421190>>514421175Holy shit this is amazing. Going to get it right now. Thanks anons

>>514421060I didn't get any of them at full price, they were all for sale.

>>514421293At least they know. I grabbed a Steam Controller back when they were on sale and going out of stock, I might try the series out on that and fall back on my Xbone controller if it doesn't work out.

this is my cart Holla Forums. What does everyone think?

Attached: checkout.png (1242x1048, 380.41K)

>add 25$ game to cart>add games totaling 5$ to cart>buy them for 25$ because of the discount>refund 25$ game>profit

Oh god, someone please stop me from dropping another hundred dollars on this sale

Attached: 87530cd932e8a0eb851734a767dfed827ee993da_hq[1].jpg (620x800, 78.99K)


>>514420378Noita x--------DDD fug

>>514421534drop you steam id so we can talk about your bad spending habit

>>514421534It helps if you got the itch bundle or one of the recent humble bundle bundles.

>>514421193Why? I thought it was a good price.>>514420957Halp

>>514421386Have fun user. One already said it, but it's probably the best deal on steam right now.

>>514421386Yeaaah, overall the yakuza series itself is a gold mine.Enjoy

I want to get BoS since I'll be getting a VR headset next week and 1946 doesn't support it.I just want to know if there's a dynamic campaign in the game since I recall there being none on release.

Attached: Capture.png (343x172, 129.44K)

>>514421794I just remember getting it cheaper, although it could have been regional pricing


Maybe this time I will get some opinions. How do you feel about:>Wh40k Mechanicus>Mordhau>Neptunia RPG>Tokyo Xanadu Ex+>Last Epoch>Digimon Cyber Sleuth>Elite Dangerous>Oxygen Not IncludedThanks for replies. I really want to buy SOMETHING this sale.

Attached: 1593166174234.jpg (1000x1378, 503.03K)

what am i missing bois

Attached: sendhelp.png (1868x1208, 587.57K)

>have a huge backlog (~80ish games, most of it is bargain bin indie trash)>still bought Zomboid, Oblivion, Ōkami and that bug game everyone that everyone says is like paper mario>still have an itch to buy jackbox 4-6Why am I like thisIs there any page that takes your library and randomly picks a game for you?

Anyone know a fun anime style game for under 10 dollars? I've already got everything I wanted, but it's 2 dollars below the target.

>>514422030>MordhauPretty fun, especially after you learn how to play it, but it can be infuriating and I personally hate the community>Elite DangerousThe presentation is amazing, the game sounds and look incredible. However it's extremely shallow and past about 40-50 hours you will be bored of it. Still, I'd say the first few hours of playing it could be enjoyable

>>514420378It's not like I'd completely lost hope for vidya, but Hollow Knight was the most recent game I played (earlier this year) that left me craving for more even after 100%'ing it. Or 112%'ing it, rather.It's less than ten bucks right now, too, and all the DLCs are included for free, so I very much suggest getting it.

Attached: abyss.jpg (1920x1080, 128.63K)

>>514410789is this game good?its 70cti need to buy any cheap game to activate my account from 1y inactivity but don't know which oneplease recommend me sub 1€ games

Attached: file.png (1086x621, 710.46K)

>>514411340Risk of Rain 2 is a blast with multiplayer.

>>514422062>Akiba's TripYou're a super cool guy, user.

>>514422214ive also seen people buy this, but i would rather get a coop type game

Attached: file.png (1066x612, 1.06M)

why is it that i could have access to a couple of new games a year as a kid and find so much joy in playing, but now i have choices out the ass and nothing seems worth playing

>>514422062How much is the total in real currency?>Spore>Mass effect 3 + Dlc>Watch dogs 2>Mirrors edge catalyst>Viscera cleanup>Homefront Revolutiondid you intentionally pick bad games?

>>514422320Risk of rain 1

>>514422232So I've heard, you too, user, you too

How's theHunter: Call of the Wild? is it fun? It seems boring without real friends.


>>514422385Ahh, the edge>SporeUnironically fun>ME3+DLCThe ending was bad. Everything else was pretty enjoyable>WD2It's fun tho>VisceraIt's fun tho>Catalyst>HomefrontIt's like the concept of exploration is beyond you

>>514422354Compared to how it used to be, you get absolute showered in games at a fraction of the cost of before. There is such a nothing as too much choice and it just leads to indecision. Steam sales, Humble Bundles, give aways and whatever else. It's so easy to accumulate a huge pile of games, so the trick is to be pretty brutal in sorting through them. Reduce and reduce untill you have to make a decision between 2 or 3 games, not 50.

>>514422354Literally just human nature. I use random number generators to eliminate that. Whatever the number is I have to commit to that game, it helps me alot.

>>514422385Roughly this much user

Attached: realcurrency.png (646x300, 23.72K)

>>514411340Raft if you want something more chill and casual

do I pull the trigger? not super keen on combat heavy CRPGs but Pathfinder gets a lot of praise here

Attached: image (1).jpg (1076x1945, 252.77K)

I am pulling the trigger

Attached: file.png (654x694, 131.09K)

>>514423052Kingmaker is a beast of a game, and I think some will absolutely hate it. We talking 150+ hours if not more.

>>514418126Look into Assetto Corsa on Fanatical and Eleven: Table Tennis if you've ever played table tennis.

>>514420763>>514420846>>514420946I was on the fence about getting Yakuza 0, but I guess I'll have to grab it too.

Attached: 1570120425044.gif (267x260, 1.91M)

>>514423196I think I've restarted this game 4 times now because I'm unhappy with my party. Still haven't picked it up again and I don't think I've ever made it past act 3.

>>514423346The game can be very choice paralysis inducing. Honestly, drop it my guy and move on.

considering dropping gensokyo night festival since it looks like its trapped in eternal early access

>>514422124seconding this.

>>514411161Play 20xx instead


>>514422658Standards=edge>Explorationif youre buying homefront or catalyst in hopes of good exploration, i have some bad news for you>>514422805I see, so thats approximately the price around 13 george foreman grills

>>514422805>When your country is such a poor, shady shithole you try to bolster confidence in your currency by giving it a name that implies authenticity

>>514422124>>514423494Just number them and use rng

>>514422124>>514423494Maybe this will help you: >>514412662

>>514419249On steam

Attached: totalwarshogun2-dd0f.jpg (480x270, 50.25K)

>>514423607I know right Brazil is a fucking shithole lmfao>>514423567>confusing standards with raging autismtypical.

>>514423426I hear good things about it but I also heard it's pretty short and the discount isn't that great anyway. Just keep it in your wishlist and get Luna Nights instead

>>514422419its over 1€ :(

>>514418906if you're going take dishonored 2, grab the bundle that contains prey, it's a pretty good game

>>514422129Muse Dash if you like rhythm games

Anyone played hakoniwa explorer?Never heard of it until now but monster girls are drawing me in

Attached: fXu5qv1[1].png (607x308, 85.38K)

>>514423901This. Very cheap for Prey.

Want to pick up DQ11 can I expect the extra content that was on switch to come to PC or should I just wait to emulate the switch version. Also is the extra content even worth.

>>514423891sonic generations

>>514423971ive seen people here buy it, is it worth it?

>>514410789Ended up buying TSA, DMC5, P4G, Titanfall 2 and dlc for an existing game I regularly play

This is fine right

Attached: Screenshot_8.png (616x652, 107.11K)

>>514423970WaitExtra content is worth and they done alot of QoL to the game

>>514423970I played dq11 on PC and had a fucking blast. You MUST get the orchestration mod though, the Switch has an orchestral OST while PC/PS4 gets this weird synthetic OST, I'd say that's the biggest difference between the two versions. Thankfully the orchestration mod solves that, it saved the game for me.

>>514424020If you like Sonic games it's very worth it

>>514420957Thanks for help anons

>>514424091everyone seems to have Hades in their cart, whats the appeal? looked kinda boring from the previews

>>514424175the last time i played a sonic game was 10y ago i like sonic, but i thought the whole gameplay is just pressing "move-right" button

>>514411378Wait for Besiege to get lower. I should've bought it back at $5. If you're into ARPG, you can't go wrong w Grim Dawn @ current price. Base game alone is worth it, they never do good prices on DLC, tho.

>Literally 30 cents off saving $8

Attached: Yeah.png (720x540, 457.89K)

>>514424335buy one way heroics

>>514424229Honestly it didn't convince me at first either, but then I played it and it just feels fucking great. Also the soundtrack is outstanding.

>>514420378When? I never lost it.Crash 3 and Spyro gripped my child brain back in the 90's.

>>514411683Qbik @ 49 cents. Good puzzle game, G-rated, level editor, amusing.

How are the divinity games?

>>514424335cant you just add a random game, then refund it after?

>>514412525Buy. Base game worth it @ current price but DLC way overpriced.

>>514424372I played it ages ago, friend.>>514424579Does that even work?

>>514411390sucking my cock

>>514411390Who knows? Post genres you like

>>514424109Wait till they port the switch version?

>>514422153Okay, thanks.Anybody else could say something about >>514422030 games?

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