What is your favorite (INGAME) vidya foods/drinks?

What is your favorite (INGAME) vidya foods/drinks?

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Definitely not that chinkshit garbage

>>514409686The carrots in Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time on the PS1 always looked delicious to me for some reason, but I fucking hate carrots in real life.

>>514409869That meal is 90% carbs and protein. Get outta here.


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>>514409869Chinks have the best food. Only spicfood can rival it.

>Tons of games have burgers, ramen, and sushi>Not a single game with Tom Yum or Tom Ka GaiWhat the fuck? What is it with gay ass devs and their love of overrated jap shit?

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>>514410165you sound like the biggest faggot on earth


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>>514410286>not panang curryeh

>>514410286>why do nips and mutts make their games with nip and mutt foodIdk slope, maybe you should start making your own games?

>>514410902All thai food is good, doesn't really matter what it is. I hate eggs yet still like Pad Thai.

>>514409686Ramen daisuki shoujo Min Min is here!

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>>514411023The japs could at least feature their only decent dish, Takoyaki. Jap food is bland shit.

>>514410268>spic food.>good.Fucking Americans....

>>514411224Sounds like someone hasn't ever had a good Ceviche.

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>>514410286is that lobster soup

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>>514411429What is octopus like? I can't imagine it has good texture, it's probably rubbery making you gnaw it forever sucking in all the weird ocean aftertaste that's weirdly pungent. I just made myself sick.

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>>514411802That's a bowl of Goldfish

>>514410286>Why do Japanese devs love Japanese food?Gee I wonder... Although, aside from a few things like ramen and sushi, Nip food is pretty terrible.

>>514410458God I wish how to make stews and hotpots. I always fuck it up somehow. It should be easy but it always comes out tasting like crap with too much salt, too much oil or too little flavor.

>>514411857It's rubbery. I'm not a fan.

so fucking good

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>>514409686This one should be easy to make.

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>>514411970its supposed to be in the game and id eat the cereal. Wouldnt you bro?

>>514409686Just get your cookbook.

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>>514412083I've had Takoyaki once and it was absolutely disgusting. Maybe it's better if it's not from cheap stand.

>>514411970imagine sugary goldfish

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>>514412083I had Takoyaki a few times. Probably the most overated weeb food desu.

>>514411994Low and slow user, spend hours making it, season and taste throughout, make sure you only taste after a good minute to allow the seasonings to affect the flavor, and only season with salt at the very end

>>514412068Is squid any different? I've seen it grilled before and it looks almost tasty but It just makes me hungry for grilled fish.

>tfw all those meats you'll never get to sample

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>>514409686That Monster Hunter World food that cat granny make.

>>514411857octopus is fucking delicious. It is rubbery like the other user said, but you're not supposed to eat it alone.

>>514412272That's probably it, I just don't have the patience. Pots are more family-oriented anyway.

>>514412083It's good but so easy to get sick of. I prefer grilled/fried octopus instead

>>514412263Takoyaki is still pretty tasty and can satisfy your hunger a bit. I’d argue Pockey is the most overrated. Shit fucking blows

>>514409686Do people really only use this little sauce on their pasta?

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Pretty much anything in Monster Hunter. Especially Monster Hunter World.God their food looks good. I wish I was a hulking Monster Hunter that had a cute guide with me that fed me and gave me information on monsters before hunts.

>>514411979Nip food is fucking delicious

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TF2 makes me hungry for sandwiches

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>>514412668In the older games like Dos the cooking minigame was surprisingly fucking difficult. You had to pick ingredients, consider seasons and if you weren't perfect you'd lose health and stamina.

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>>514409686>not having the Skyrim/Fallout cookbook>Todd is really disappointed in you

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>>514412780Yeah, I know. I mostly only mentioned World because the food is HD, so it's easier to understand how delicious it'd be

>>514412683It's pretty wretched. Even sumo wrestlers eat like watery cabbage. I'll always remember Arino's trip to america where his people won't shut up about how much better the food is.

>>514412482forgot pic

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>>514411035Red, green or yellow, Holla Forums?

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>>514412864Japanese food is top tier man, i live here now partially because the food is so good

Authentic Scottish food coming through.

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>>514412824That honestly looks good.

>>514411653No it's Tom Ka Gai. It's a coconut chicken soup with lemongrass, chilis, galangal, and lime.

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>>514409686This thread inspired me to go find a solid ramen place. I will do so tomorrow


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Move aside, plebsyoutube.com/watch?v=KqAfXQCItMA


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>>514411857Its rubbery and doesn't taste bad

>>514409686Here is some vidya cooking:youtube.com/watch?v=DfTdyNp3gRU

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>>514411224Lmao eurocuck literallly is meme food gtfo

>>514412920I like red or yellow really. Not a fan of green.

>>514413001Haven't eaten out since the corona shit started. That's OK though, I'm a decent cook, but the min Min reveal made me want to try real ramen also.

>>514409686I love me some bigot sandwiches.

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>>514411857Octopus is good, but squid is a major fucking meme.

>>514411857Rubbery but tender enough, and delicious. Takoyaki is especially good.

Whatever those Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate guys eat.That looks so good.

GOAT coming through

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We never get to see it but it sure has Tygen obsessed.

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>>514409686I really wanna try brahmin steak

>>514413252Fondue. Never had it but it looks like a meme.

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>>514412213Could have sworn they made cinnamon sugar goldfish and chocolate goldfish at some point.

>>514411429Where's the crackers?


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>>514413437>CrackersYou mean tostadas?

>>514412979I honestly don't know why they don't have these in America. Drunk people and fatties would buy the shit out of that.

>this thread

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>>514413382How is it a meme ? it's just melted cheese mixed with white wine and you eat with bread

The 'shroom dishes in Paper Mario look really good. I love mushrooms but the good ones are too expensive.

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>>514409686The ramen catalog from TSAIt made me hungry everytime


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>>514413382It's really overrated. It's more of a spectacle that you treat your friends and family when you want to impress them.

>>514411994Like the other user said, it sounds like you're rushing it and not tasting throughout. Also I hope you're not throwing in the meat and vegetables at the same time

>>514412979>Anglos wonder why their food is mocked worldwide

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>>514410165>carbsNot worth eating that trash

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Literally just chunks of stuff but it has a certain primal charm to it.

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five guys

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>>514409686I think Ramen is overrated

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>>514411429Good ceviche is the only thing I miss about living in commiefornia, that and a really good pastrami sandwich place. Nobody near me now makes a pastrami sandwich like they did there.

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>>514413382It's definitely something you should save for a special occasion with friends/family/lover, but a quality fondue is definitely a wonderful thing.



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>>514413761Overpriced shit. Smashburger is better in every way. Not as massively overpriced as Five Goys but not as limited as InNOut

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>>514413762i tought that way before eating some really delicious ones in tokyo

>>514413553>>514413628Is it really just bread? The Purr-prietress throws in a lot of veggies and meat in the air.youtu.be/zuH7USXmCYQ?t=26

>>514411857you're a huge faggot my guy

>>514409686I always love the thing they eat in fantasy vidya/anime dinners. Either its soup or its stew (both sadly take quite a bit of time to make). It always looks fucking awsome and the bread looks very nice.

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>>514409686i've always been curious about the neo kobe pizza from SNATCHER, it sounds completely unrealistic but it would still probably be tasty as fuck

>>514413884Looks dry and gross as shit, you gay fuck

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>>514414040For you.

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>>514413762Based. Ramen is always way too fucking oily. I've gone to super expensive places and it always tastes like half the broth is just oil. Pho or literally any thai soup is better by a mile. Nothing in asian food beats Mee Krob though. I could eat Mee Krob every day for the rest of my life and never get sick of it.

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>>514413894Honestly, I'd go to Hokkaido for food.

>>514413884>smashburger better than 5 guysyou smoking crack user???? smash burger is awful the fires are not edible and you get way more meat and options at 5guys

FFXV was a piece of unfettered, unfinished garbage, but the food was nicely made. I will give it that. Considering the chef, Ignis, was the only tolerable character in the game, this doesn't come as a surprise.youtube.com/watch?v=T6HKyKdSqMU

It's not... Quite as appetizing as it seemed in-game.

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>>514413607>burnt american tortilla>avocado slices???>no fishgo back to california disgusting CHI

>>514413971you can use whatever you want but it's traditionnaly just bread

>>514409686How do you get meat to be fluffy in stew? Do you cook it longer?

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>>514414074Five guys burgers are dry as fuck what are you talking about. Not to mention that if you ask for any extra ingredient they either put too little or too much. Last time I went there I asked for just a regular burger with pickles, the patty was like two centimeters thick and they put like 50 pickle slices on it. The buns are also spongey as fuck to the point where it feels like chewing on a towel.

Fucking everything in BOTW.

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>>514414231i definitly need to visit hokkaido once

>>514414231Specifically for ramen I won't argue against Sapporo but overall Osaka is the better "food town"

>>514413790God I love this shitty snack.

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Borsch master race coming through faggots.

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>Healthy>Tasty>Cheap>Goes with everythingFucking magic.

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>>514409686FOR ME ITS WESTFALL STEW! For King Anduin!

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>>514414389but 50 pickles would be awesome

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>>514414668Bitch I eat pickles by the jar full every day but I don't want a fucking McPickle.

>>514414389five guys are among the most overrated.yeah sure they fill the entire bag with fries but thats because you paid fucking 10$ for themnot to mention their "cajun" fries taste like they dumped an entire fucking canister of seasoning on them

>>514414786You have awful taste man, just accept it

>>514414620Looks bretty good desu

>>514413669Fuck offfff. Our Full English brekkie is the envy of the world.

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>>514414769perhaps the tomatonator would be more your speed

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>>514414841yeah i'm the one with bad taste when im talking to guy who like one entire thing of these dumped on their fries

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>>514414389No way. Burgers are my favorite food and I order one every place I go and I've been all over the US and other countries. Five Guys are the greasiest and creamiest burgers around. You must've gotten them from a shit location, because I've gotten them from like 10 places and only 1 disappointed me.

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>>514414786There fries baffled me for how praised they are. Even the Taco Bell nacho fries are better. I'm convinced all the praise for Five Guys is just Jew Yorkers being Jew Yorkers, the same way they praise their shitty floppy cardboard pizza.

>>514414960Im actually not him, but yea, you're definitely the one with bad taste

>>514414786i will defend 5guys burgers to the death but you got a point those cajun fires aint good

>>514414936>no veggiehow'd you expect to consume that


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>all these farangs marking out to thai foodgod, this must be what a weeb sounds like to a Japanese peron.

>>514414936Congrats. You have one good meal, and one that america does better.

>>514415154>Implying Thai food isn't god tier

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>>514414936Would eat if you remove:>shitty black sausage>gross tomatos>nasty mushrooms>retarded ass beansAmerican breakfast is still GOAT.

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For me? It's the Costco hot dog.

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>>514414985No clue what you are on about. Five Guys is great if overpriced. Don't compare it too New York Pizza.

>>514414936Did you season with vinegar

>>514415063>ever eating a single veggie everfucking soi

>>514415330as long as you don't take my durians.

>>514415369That picture would be goat if you got rid of the gay ass sunny side eggs and replaced them with scrambled and hot sauce, also add some nice ole' sausage links or patties.

>>514415154I prefer they talking about our foods rather than our prostitutes tho.

>>514415369Pancakes, eggs, and bacon. It can't be beat.

>>514415423This really is way better than it should be.Thank god they have costco in japan, i get homesick for American food sometimes


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>>514415330>tfw getting mango sticky rice and thai iced tea for free as a kid because my dad knew the owner of the place

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>>514409686Smile burger all the way

>>514415369>Sweet pancakes with savoury bacon and eggsEh, seems kind of dumb, especially in that picture, I don't want my fried eggs to be lying in a pool of syrup.Also fuck you blood sausage is fantastic.

>>514415496i hope you catch scurvy from your all flesh diet

>>514415423Haven't tried it, but the 7 Eleven Big Bite is one of my faves.

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>>514415658I want to eat that Kirby!

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>>514415423>tfw they no longer sell the polish dogHot dog's still great, but, fuck, I still miss the polish dog.

>>514415665>He's never put syrup on his eggsYou're missing out buddy.

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>>514415524Scrambled is for retards. Anyone can make scrambled eggs. The most boring form of eggs ever.

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>>514412280I personally like squid a lot more. It's softer and melts easier. Octopus gets this very thick rubber texture and the suckers get like crunchy in a bad way.Every time I've gotten octopus it's been disappointing while squid is always pretty good

>>514415423>>514415687Hotdogs are absolutely disgusting.

Monster Hunter though.

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>>514412935>old logoI miss it

>>514415687They don't even compare. The costco dogs are better in every way and cheaper. Nice steamed buns and the dog has a texture about it I can't really explain, it feels much more "real" if that makes sense. I've tried replicating it buying their own brand of hot dogs but I just can't. Same goes for their pizza, it's immaculately good for how cheap it is. Chicken bakes are also god tier and half the reason I even have a membership, that and getting giant bags of ling ling potstickers and their spinach ravioli.

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>>514409686This is good but too inconvenient to eat as gamer food. Finger food like tendies and potato chips are superior especially if you're playing a multiplayer game.

>>514415836I've had that unfortunate spillage before, and its fucking bad, bacon is something that's okay with syrup sometimes but egg is always a no go, tastes awful.

>>514415892Imagine having an IQ this low

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>>514415885>"I like having a part of my meal that has the same texture as cum"

>>514415423costco pizza is the best hands down

>>514414936>half of the plate is covered in class 1 carcinogensno wonder the top 3 countries with the highest cancer rates are all british islands and colonies

>>514416029> chips with hotdogs

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>>514409686I don’t, I forget to eat.

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>>514416016>finger food>gamer foodYou like having a sticky kb/m or gamepad, m8?

>>514416218That looks good but it looks like they used a female eggplant from how seedy it looks. Female eggplant is pretty gross.

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>>514415658looks like those pancakes women make out of their mentrual discharge

>>514416175>crispsTEA O' BONG, GUVNAH?!

>>514416175what, you go by crisps or something?

>>514416082Weird that you'd know that but whatever.

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Egg drop soupmade from harpy eggs

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>>514411857rubbery fish

>>514416643I feel bad for bullying them.

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>>514416029Yes, disgusting. The only way to make them edible is to dump a shit ton of condiments on them.

>>514415910This. Their meal is lavish as fuckyoutube.com/watch?v=Ar13EmaBY_Y

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>>514416728>Tomato with Nutella

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>>514412652yes you dumbfuckif you use too much sauce, you won't be able to appreciate the taste of the pasta itself

>>514411429that looks good af

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I got nothing on the fridge...fuck this thread

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>>514416732Shut up already, you stupid gay fuck.

Attached: featured-Foreman-Grill-Hot-Dogs.jpg (650x464, 48.33K)

>>514413000sounds pretentious

>>514416961Get some fridge magnets then, retard.


Attached: Spicy-Meat-and-Seafood-Fry.jpg (1920x1080, 449.42K)

>>514416961You're supposed to put stuff in the fridge, not on it user...also get some of this stuff, it lasts forever and makes amazing tasting broth to just sip.Throw in some mushrooms and a bell peppers and you have a simple but delicious soup.

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>>514416961Same frenmaybe we'll get food tomorrow

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I live in japan with my japanese wife and want to make her some good american food. Anybody have any suggestions or recipes?

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>>514417118>PretentiousIt's on the same level of complexity as fucking chicken noodle soup breh.

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>>514417287my cock

>>514414936stop spreading this meme food. literally no one eats this shit. and if they do they are eating it with one or two other guys. you retards are the reason people see us as a country with bland fucking food

>>514417063Not him but he's right. Hot dogs are terrible. The only type of "hot dog" that is actually good are bratwursts which aren't even hot dogs. Hot dogs with cheddar on the inside are also viable but other than those two, hot dogs are sewage tier.

Attached: Pop star curry fish of the sea tailoring.jpg (700x570, 124.07K)

>>514417287BurgersChiliMy moms chili recipe is simple as fuck but still delicious. Chorizo, ground beef, Kidney Beans, two guajilo chilis, cook until it turns into a paste basically

>>514413382it depends. if its a shitty fondue with shitty cheese it is ""alright"". if its good cheese then its great.

>>514416961I have frozen waffles, klondike bars, 2 cartons of eggs, a ton of sausages, hotdogs, cheese, ham, tortilla chips, pretzels, peanuts, beans, tuna, and marshmallows.

Attached: 5edfgxdzsa.jpg (538x654, 91.97K)

>>514417287You might as well just go to a burger joint.

I can only guess that they taste like fizzy gatorades

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>>514414589onions and garlic are fucking great. purple onions are fucking awesome and sweet.

>>514417354Sorry, she wants something filling>>514417530Im gonna try that chili recipe, thanks.Still open to more suggestions

>>514417339I've had it, it's gross and you should be embarrassed talking about such a shit dish.

>>514417287Outside of the obvious like burgers, America really doesn't have a cuisine.

>>514417339>soup>puts a lime in itKill yourself. Soups should be salty and anyone who puts any sweet tasting ingredient in a soup deserve to die.

>>514415524>gay ass sunny side eggsSpotted the absolute faggot.

>OH GOD YES. I LOVE ME SOME VOMITwhy are new worlders even taking about food? only Spain, Italy and France should be allowed to talk about food.

>>514417164>When you have seafood leftovers and just throw it into a meat dishYESYEEESSSSSSYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THIS IS DELISH

>>514417951>Lime>SweetYour tongue is broken. Also Tom Kha isn't sweet, sour, salty, or spicy. Like most Thai food it's a mixture of all of them.

>>514417708Nuka Cola probably tastes like New CokeQuantum probably tastes like Coke EnergyQuartz probably taste like a Canada DryVictory probably tastes like Fanta

>>514417959Japan beats all those except italian

Costco pizza

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>>514418119looks good

I've heard roasted prosciutto tastes good. Is it true?

>>514410286You think that's suffering, my favorite soup is Pho Bo and I didn't even know that shit existed til I randomly walked into a highly rated restaurant that was still open and ordered it on a whim.

>>514418078>sourThis is also punishable by death. Thai and Korean soups taste like actual toilet water that had a fucking dozen frog corpses decomposing in it for a month.

>>514418115ah, so you don't know anything about Spanish, French, Italian or even Japanese food? good to know.

>tfw you will never get to try American Pizza

Attached: Pizza Hut TMNT Ninja Turtles Personal Cheese Bites Pizza Are Back Michelangelo Banner Flavors Toppings Recipe.png (1600x746, 1.91M)

>>514417959Spain makes shit food. I'll give it to France and Italy though.

>>514417173you're just fooling yourself if you think soup is anything more than flavored water

>>514418185It's safe.

>>514417959>French foodAbsolute meme.

>>514409686Isn't that basically ramen with less fluid and more meat?

>>514418250Pic related btw

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>>514418439>Isn't that basically ramenNo. That is ramen.

>>514418261I live in japan, and visited the 3 countries you mentioned. Good food, but japanese food is better overall

>>514417708Make some for vidya themed parties or lans, it's great.

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>>514418115the absolute state of weaboos

>>514418345>water in a pot>add shit to it>you're just fooling yourself if you think soup is anything more than flavored waterBiggest cranium in the thread.

>>514413669They're not anglos for a start you dumbfuck

>>514418620Most weaboos dont like japanese food tho

non of the food posted here really excites me

>>514418261Not him, but japanese food is pretty fucking based.t. european

>>514414383Pretty much, yes. Get a slow cooker.

>>514418292>Spain makes shit foodtell me about their shit food user. I want to know if you actually have an opinion


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>>514415885>crispy bottom>runny topno...just no

>>514418707Sorry that nobody has posted a picture of your mom's bull yet.

>>514418712tell me how i know you are german

>>514414620>westfall is a slum filled with starving hobos and tornadoes forever now

>>514417959I'll take my hearty german food over your faggy french shit any day.

>>514418270Pizza Hut is gross. Papa Johns was good until they changed shit. Dominos is overpriced and mediocre. Like other anons have said Costco pizza is the best and is like 1/2 the price.

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>>514418762Give me 3 good dishes. And I'll tell you what country they're actually from.

>>514414936Turkish breakfast wipes the floor with you guys and no I'm not a shitskin.

>>514418270>american pizzaNever seen one, could you post some?

>>514418874I can tell you you're wrong right away.

wonder if theres a cooking game out there where you can make vidya references but in food form

>>514418270as an american, pizza hut is literal trash even among other pizza chains. the crust is like styrofoam, the cheese is rubber, the sauce is tasteless

>>514418834Spread your shit taste somewhere else, amerifat.

>>514418270you aren't missing much. pizza hut is among the worst, flavorless pizza of the massive chain pizza restaurants, don't even quote me if u disagree. pizza hut does have good breaksticks though ill give you that. light parm on the top and seasoning, goddamn

>>514418982Post picsBtw do turks eat turkies?

>>514418930>Dominos is overpriced and mediocreDominos usually has pretty good deals. And there is almost always the 5.99 deal. But, yeah, the pizza is pretty mediocre.

>>514418712french here, japanese food is great but lack variety

>>514417959alright this maybe an unpopular opinion but I honestly think no food can beat a good burger

>>514419054yo you were basically typing out the same thing when I was too lol>>514419080glad we agree

>>514419141>this maybe an unpopular opinionWell, you're right on that front at least.

I made a hotdog but had no hotdog buns so used hamburger buns because of this threadI feel like a degenerateWish I had beef short ribs right now

>>514419054That's the point about Pizza Hut though. It's dirt cheap. You get what you pay for.

>>514418930There used to be a really good Pizza Hut where I lived before. Then I moved and now every Pizza Hut around here is trash. I never liked Papa John's, if it even cools a little bit, it becomes inedible. Dominos is currently the best as long as you don't buy their regular crust. Their pan pizza and thin crust are pretty good. But I'd recommend local over any of them.

>>514419109dominos pizza is sketchy because they have 7.99 carryout ALL THE TIME but only if you ask for it. yiou're basically getting ripped off unless you ask for the "coupon" which isnt even a coupon because coupons are supposed to be limited and this one is constant

>>514419109It's really overpriced whenever I order it. I order like a medium pizza with white sauce, jalapenos and sausage and it comes out to like 18 bucks. I could get like 3 subs from Jersey Mikes for the same price.

>>514418932ok cochinillospanish omelette salmorejodon't be fooled. the only reason spanish omelette is called like that is because americans already call "tortilla" to something else.

They changed their cheese on the pan pizza at Pizza Hut to cut costs fairly recently, now it's even more absolutely disgusting

>>514419128I can agree on that. But what Japan has mastered is pretty good. I'm not saying any of the other are bad. But I like seafood in general.Except for shirako. That was the blandest shit I've ever had.

>>514419141I agree, I'm this guy >>514414980

>>514419141its an unpopular opinion and also a wrong opinion

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>>514419321>shirako>google it, it's litterally fish spermi dont think i would ever try that

>>514419089I dated a Bulgarian/Turkish girl for a year and we lived with her friend in Istanbul for a month. The breakfasts can really get this extravagant, you can get a lot of the stuff at small supermarkets or just go to a breakfast place. The egg dish is called menemen and the way she would cook it would be by cutting up a bunch of sivri biber peppers, then start cooking them up with sucuk which is a Turkish sausage, then cracking some eggs in the pan, adding cayenne, pul biber and isot biber, putting some tomatoes in and then covering it. We'd also often add paprikas. You'll burp that shit up all day but it's honestly the greatest breakfast I've ever had.

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>>514419128>japanese food is great but lack varietyYou know nothing about japanese food then

>>514419303WTF? I can order the same pizza but large for 7.99.

>>514419471You are completely right. I'm not afraid trying new stuff if I know other people can eat it.You're not missing out. It tastes like egg white.

>>514419321I'll admit Japan has pretty good sea food which makes sense being an island nation and all. But a lot of the rest of their food is very lacking. They have some of the worst fucking vegetables.

>>514418091Oh yeah, that's right, forgot coke made an energy drink. even saw it at the liquor store today.

>>514419202you could just spend the money on low tier supermarket ingredients and make your own pizza which would be 100x better and probably save you time and grief in the long run. there's no "point" in buying literal trash, i wouldn't eat pizza hut for free unless i was dying of starvation, and at that point food as bad as pizza hut would probably finish you off anyways

>>514419518I think what he means is a vast majority of their food revolves around onions sauce and that shit isn't even good.

>>514419702Thats completely untrue

>>514419684But I can't cook.

>>514419656>They have some of the worst fucking vegetables.I lived there and I actually agree on this too. Their vegetables are pretty boring. But I'm not a vegetable fan, so I just eat it for nourishment and not because I like it.

>>514419304That pig is in tons of countries. It's not that great. Not awful though.Yeah that omelette is a type of pastry my grandma would make sometimes. I hated it because it would have a film of grease if it even cooled a little bit.Salmorejo? Never tried that but I'm not a fan of cold soups. I'd still try it but it doesn't look very impressive. I mean, none of those foods do. At least France and Italy have better looking dishes...

>>514419518>NOOOOOOOO you cant talk badly about my japaneses masters


>>514419486sounds fucking great

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>>514419771I'm not a big fan of veggies either. But after staying in Japan for three weeks, I was craving vegetables (and fruit).

>>514419852Insecure much?

>>514413382It's one of the simplest dishes to make. Grate some Gruyere cheese and mix it with white wine, spices and starch.Don't even need the gear - just eat it straight from the stove and use normal forks.Gonna make some right now.

>>514411857there are a few reasons to eat shit like this but if you dont live near the ocean chances are the people eating this are pretentious

I'm a giant weeb and even I think Japanese food is overrated.

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>>514413382Eat like every 2 weeks. Its fucking awesome. Melty cheese+wine+bread is delish and it take like 2 mins to make.

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>>514420016I lived there for three years and I had the worst abstinence of real candy.I'm a swede and we have so much candy you wouldn't know it.

>>514420150That lamb looks dry as fuck ngl.

Asian food is better than the west prove me wrong

>>514419804what a terrible take>haha there is pig everywhereis the preparation what makes it great and taste amazing>tortilla is a pastryproven that you are full of bullshit if you don't know that spanish omelette is an egg dish>Salmorejo? Never tried that but I'm not a fan of cold soupsyou don't know what you are missing>I'd still try it but it doesn't look very impressive. I mean, none of those foods do. At least France and Italy have better looking dishes...lmao

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>>514409686>order spicy udon from my favorite restaurant ive been going to for 5 years>its shitWHY DOES TAKEOUT UDON SUCK SO BADDDDDDD I HATE MAKING IT AT HOME ITS SO TEDIOUS

>>514417851>America really doesn't have a cuisineCajun cuisine.

>>514420150Lamb looks fucked. Also I personally think lamb should never be put on a plate with anything else, it's good enough by itself, the same as steak. I never have anything else with my steak except maybe some spinach.

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>>514420150Looks good aside from the pointless sprig of dried rosemary.

>>514420150Lamb meat is disgustingly heavenly.

>>514415687>no honorable mention of the very berry sundae0/10

>>514420263Gets soggy. This is true of pretty much any type of asian soup. They're just not good for takeout.

>>514416095i feel bad for you

i suck at cooking but i want a good steak right now

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>>514420397>eating organskek

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>>514420258No, I specifically mean cochinillo.Tons of South American and Central American countries make it, and I've had a few times. I literally looked up the omelette and the recipe. My grandmother is South American and she calls it pastel de huevo. Just admit Spain is shit and should disappear from this planet.

>>514417851>Chili>American pizza (better than eurofag "pizza" which is just like two teaspoons of tomato sauce, two slices of cheese, and a single leaf of basil)>Chili dogs>All of the god tier cocktails like Mint Juleps>Cajun food>Key Lime Pie>Tater Tots, and by extension Tatchos>Jerky>Fajitas>Cornbread>Biscuits and Gravy>Chicken Fried Steak>Meatloaf>PopcornEat shit.

>>514420345The problem is it's so regional. Cajun food may be big in Louisiana or whatever, but it's not popular in a lot of other states such as Minnesota. That's why I say America doesn't really have a cuisine. A lot of the regions do, but there isn't one unifying cuisine for all of America.

>>514420548Not even, they seperate the noodles from the broth so the noodles are flavorless as fuck, I'd rather have a soggy udon than a tasteless one. Plus, 80% of the toppings/veggies were missing. It's a popular restaurant in my area and one of my favorite places to eat but their takeout seems to be run by lobotomites.

>>514409968When I was a kid I assumed golden carrots were real, I saw parsnips at the supermarket and figured that's what they were. I asked my mum to buy some but got so excited I bit one while it was in the trolley. Suffice to say I don't like parsnips.

>>514412083yay, fish flavored donuts

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>>514410286>I eat ching chong or ping pongHoly fuck kys yourself weeb

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>>514420661>Tons of South American and Central American countries make ithuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum I wonder why they do...>My grandmother is South American and she calls it pastel de huevo.who cares what she calls it? its tasty and filling as fuck.

>>514420397Love heart. Some of the beast meat.

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>>514420853>sherlock fageven worse

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>>514420661gee man I wonder why would latin americans would make food derived from spain?

Post the best food in your country Holla Forums

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>>514412979>Thought the Irn-Bru thing was a meme>Go to an ice cream stall in Edinburgh>3/6 rows of drinks in the fridge are Irn-Bru>Biggest tub of ice cream was Irn-Bru ice creamThat said deep fried mars bars are delicious and worth a try

>>514420896>huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum I wonder why they do...That's great it's from Spain. I never said it was good.>who cares what she calls it? its tasty and filling as fuck.You do obviously. It's not impressive. The only thing I liked was that cold soup. If you have any other dishes, I would like to know more.

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>>514411429But ceviche is peruvian, not mexican.

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>>514421058That's not the point. I literally said it's not special, but he acted like I though it was just any other pig. That's why I brought up South/Central America. Learn to fucking read.

>>514420397Chicken hearts are the only organ meat I've tried that I really like. All the groceries near me always sell them with the gizzards as well when I just want fucking hearts. Chicken hearts are so fucking tasty man. Gizzards are good too but I just want to be able to buy hearts only.

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>>514410286Because no one cares about your SEAmonkey cuisine.

grilled chicken sandwich

>>514421171A spic is a spic and a spade is a spade. Peruvian food is really good though, much better than Mexican in my experience.

>>514411979>Why do Japanese devs love Japanese food?This baffles me too, they should be like us civilized western nations and just hate their own culture and civilization.

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>>514421087Already posted this and you're my fucking nigger. I love that shit but I don't want to go through the trouble of making it.

>>514420606theres never a too late time to learn how to cook user

homemade wine

>>514421171This. Every time I see beaners or other fucks try to make "their own version" of ceviche I cringe. It's literally lemon juice, cilantro, red onions, and fish. If you put anything else on it, you're literally making a different dish.

>>514415423The Sams Club hot dog is pretty great too.

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>>514421383I tried making it once using an instant pot recipe and it turned out awful. I have a friend who has made it in an instant pot and it turned out great but I haven't been able to replicate it even with his recipe.

Daily reminder asian food is more complex than western food

>>514421569youre so special

Yet almost all of it tastes like shit or is bland outside of Thai and Sichuan food.

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>>514421558Did he use bouillon cubes or make it himself? Because that's the part of the process I hate going through (especially because with Pho they want you to constantly skim the protein that floats to the surface) but I'm afraid it's what I'll have to do to get it to taste right.


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>>514416961>Moved to a new apartment>Spent a good $600 bucks just getting the kitchen stocked/spices/canned goods/meat/etc. >Still order out or make basic shit like tendies because too fucking tired from getting the apartment in order to cook. I'll be glad when I get this fucking place finished and can cook decently again.

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I'm starving. I'm going to the supermarket.

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>>514421801He made the broth himself, I did the same. With the instant pot he makes it in like 2 hours instead of the like 20 it usually takes but I must be missing something. I made sure to cook the bones and wash them thoroughly but the broth still came out super cloudy. It tasted alright but it was super greasy feeling.

>>514421369That looks fucking delicious.



people buy things that are expensive to feel above others and ofc cooking is wrapped in thatwhat mite b impressive a finding a way to stretch what we have/not have it so fucked

>>514415423>20 oz soda and refill>$1.50that really shouldn't be so cheap

>>514421087Perufag here. Polla a la Brasa literally shits on any other chicken dish in this entire planet.

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>>514421515>me and my family are in this photowew

>>514421094valencian paellarabo de toro (I think its bull's tail?)madrilenian stew

>>514422073Fuck, do you have a link to the recipe he uses? I'm curious to try myself, I live with 8 people which is the reason I've held off because I didn't want to spend 10+ hours on one of our 3 working burners. I ate this shit so fucking often before Corona for 8 bucks at a nearby restaurant that it's killing me not to have it. I'm legit considering buying an instant pot because I like it so much (also because I liked using my ex's a lot).

>>514422259That looks more like corned beef than roast beef. Goddamned I love Corned Beef, best beef dish on the planet.

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>>514422181if you think cooking is expensive you have been raised wrongly. the only ones that meme with expensive food are the japanese and the french. spanish, german and italian food is easy, tasty and simple.

>>514422379stfu idiot

>>514411857It’s fucking delicious dude, make sure it’s well beaten though

>>514422379>frenchPotato and cheese are cheap

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>>514422272>Paella originates from SpainYou should've led with that. Honestly one of my favorite dishes. This alone shit on most of France and Italy's cuisine.>OxtailI like this but I'm not a fan of boney meat.>Chickpeassee pic.

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>>514422341I can try to find it but basically it was just wash the bones extremely thoroughly, boil them for a bit then strain it to take out any further impurities, dry them off, bake them for a bit in your oven to brown them slightly, then put them in the instant pot with water, star anise, cinnamon sticks, Ginger, fish sauce, coriander seeds, garlic, sugar, and onions. Don't remember the measurments or time of cooking at this point but in an IP it doesn't really matter that much since that's just for the stock.

>>514411857>>514422584Also people saying it’s rubbery have only eaten poorly prepared octopus

>>514420768>doesn’t list barbecueCajun, Southern, and barbecue shit on basically every other country’s cuisine. I almost feel bad for the UK. They think they’re the best but their country’s just a bland, dreary little shithole.

>>514412083Anytime I see Takoyaki I get intense Persona Q PTSD

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>>514416175>living in a third world country

>>514409686Water and celery, everything else is sub-optimal

>>514422619chickpeas are great

For me it's Tabbouleh, the best salad on the planet.

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>>514417708I’ve always imagined most of them tasting like Mtn. Dew because they all look so fluorescent and artificial. The original Nuka Cola would obviously just be Coke though.

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>>514422815I dislike their texture. They always feel like undercooked beans. I like humus though.

>>514422591im sorry. lele, the intention is clean off but i meant it to a lesser degree, baka would have been betterall nations have gud cheap foods/stuff native to make gud food with

>>514422943Damn...I've only tasted the regular flavor...

>>514419978I really want to try cowboy beef stew someday

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>>514423030its already too late to apologize. you are already on my suicide note user of post 514422531

>>514419978Based and cowboypilled

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>>514421515>Amerimut "Food"

>>514423181i took offensei love my parents, my fren.

>>514422876>best salad on the planet>Caesar Salad exists

>my state didn't like locking down>now there's outbreaks almost fucking everywhere in my county>everything is closing>tested positive last saturday>already lost two grandparents to this shit>cousin intubated>now im stuck without fucking good food>reading this thread fills me with misery

>>514422682Damn, that's what I was afraid of. The more legit looking recipes all involved that process, but I guess I might as well make an attempt since I cook with all the other ingredients and got them at my house. Thanks user!


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>>514424001Pad Thai is some good shit, not what I would choose from Thailand but it's good.

>>514421087Don’t really have one but pic related is delicious

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>last meal was 9 hours agoThis thread is killing me.


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>>514410286>liked the cup ramens in japan>jap friend tells me tom yum cup noodles were so good it made him fat>try it >its the best cup noodles ive ever ateYou guys gotta try jt

Fine goddamn it, I'm going to try some asian food, fuck you. Which of these is the best?

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>>514425125For me its mapo tofu

>>514422152Those are empanadas.

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