What's your life path?

What's your life path?

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>>514407261for me, it's the nochad


>>514407261The choice is obvious.

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For me it's not buying this piece of shit

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>>514407261Don't care. Still buying it.

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>>514407592Don't worry I'll buy two copies just to cover for you :^)

>>514407261Nomad sounds basedCorporate could be nice for a redemption story or to go full scumbagStreetkid is boring


>integrity>looting and raiding

Street kid looks pretty cool.But i`m going to play like this:>First runFuta Street Kid with side cut and huge tits>Second runMale ripped as fuck corpo

>>514407261So we can all agree that Street is the worst, most bland choice?


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>>514407261I really wanted to be a Med Tech or a member of a Trauma Team but of course those aren't available only the most broad and boring classes are a thing.

>>514407962This, Nomad sounds no different from Street Kid

>>514407261Nomad would be cool if they didn't pretend like it's honorable or whatever. I'm going full corpo dickhead

>>514407261CorporateFuck street rat and fuck roadnigger

I wonder if being a Corpo affects the dialogue and voice acting, the V we see in the trailers and gameplay footage doesn't act like a professional at all

Corpo for me

>>514407592literally first person witcher 3

>>514407592I am not saying this looks good. But were people really expecting anything better? Have you seen their previous games? Have you seen other Polish games? And fuck shit like Skyrim is no better either and that's a praised and lauded game for whatever the reason. They neither have the ability nor reason to aim higher. Visually and presentation wise it looks like the janky cyberpunk type game I was expecting. The real shame has nothing to do with how the combat looks or anything like that. It's more how every single segment of the game looks like they'll be railroaded hard into these completely railroaded segments. Be them dialogue trees that ultimately end in gang fights or sudden car chases out of nowhere where the other NPCs control the routes and events entirely in advance. Your webm doesn't exactly discredit the game though unlike the game's many other flaws.

>>514407261Nomad because I don't want to be a citizen of Sodom and Gomorrah right off the bat

mfw choosing corpo will end up in being betrayed and going bankrupt so you follow the same story >>514415080path>now all dialogs will be hate for rich origins or laughing at me for becoming poor

>>514407261LIterally 75% of players are going to be corpo

>>514407261Nomad is the obvious choice

>>514407261Always corporate. Imagine being a low life scum instead of living in luxury.

>>514415741>And fuck shit like Skyrim is no better eitherAlmost ten year old game still living rent free in your head.

>>514417947Skyrim is beyond garbage. But it's the truth that it's still insanely successful for whatever the reason. GTA while still haivng much better visuals, isn't that good looking either. Most of these open world type games have really shoddy visuals. They don't really need to do better. And as I said before. Have you seen their previous games? They clearly aren't able to do better.

Corpo I will claw my way back up and throw every single fucking friend and contact under the self driving busCool 10fuck jackiefuck fixersand most importantly fuck my wife

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>>514407261Corporate. The juxtaposition of wearing a fancy suit and tearing people apart with wristblades seems funny to me. The experience will probably be less because I'm a console peasant.

I cannot decide. I like the Corpo look, but I prefer the rags-to-riches vibe that might come from Street Kid.

>>514416952I wonder how many times we'll be attacked for our corporate background?

>>514407261Gypsy, negro or asian

>>514407261Corporate is going to be this games equivalent of stealth archers in Skyrim.

>>514407261Can't decide if I want to do street kid or nomad for my first playthroughBut I'll go corpo on my second run

>>514415741>But were people really expecting anything better?You fail to understand that all the hype around this game has been derived from pointlessly speculating for years that it would be a 1:1 to the tabletop with zero evidence to back it up. People (read: mainly Holla Forums) are upset that the fantasy they've concocted in their heads does not correlate to reality. Anybody that actually played a CDPR game knew exactly where it was going.

>>514416952They can laugh, for the little time that they have left on this earth before their brains will be splashed across the room.Besides having people doubt your abilities at first has more interesting outcomes when you prove them wrong

>>514415845This. I also want to experience my first playthrough as an outsider thrust into the world. Corpo second run, for genre-savvy sociopathy.

>>514407625He wasn't critiquing the game. You've gone from being a shill to a bot.

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>>514418562The concept of hacking people's guns and then ripping them apart while they try to shoot me is great to me.

Whichever one lets me fuck cybernetic ally enhanced bunny girls.

>>514407261corpo melee gay guy

>>514418562an origin story is not the same as a build smooth brain

>>514407261Corporate of course. Fuck anarchists


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>>514407592HELLO BASED DEPARTMENT?!!?!?!

do life paths affect romance options?

>>514407592It reminds me of VTMB 1 or VTMB 2 combat

>>514407592Fist fights always were shit in witcher series. But they are about 0.1% of gameplay so nobody really cares

>>514407261They're all trash. I just wanna be a loner nobody not some hippie from a clan, a cringy gangster or formal wagie.Can't really identify with any of these.

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>>514420127it's a role playing game you fucking moron.

>>514418953It's an obvious falseflagger

If meta critic is 9+ user review i'll buy it. if it's a day 0 crack i'll pirate it. i'll play as corporate female if i do thisotherwise i'm not gonna bother with this sjw shit

>>514420127incredibly low iq post

>>514420205>>514420330I'm only taking about the backstory you sub-sahara niggers.

>>514407261High class corpo lady will be my first playthrough.

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>>514407261Seems like most people are going corpo.Can't blame them though, nomad is okay but street kid look retarded.

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>>514420391yes and the point of playing a role is to look at things from a different perspectiveWho the fuck would want to be a friendless loser in the game? Thats retarded.

Anyone is choosing female because of the awful male voice actor?

>>514420127nomads aren't hippies

>>514420930Is it really that bad?

>>514407261First run street kid because I feel that is standard canon path. Second run corpo for the corpo mommy.

>>514420982Maybe not that bad but he's definitely worse than the female VA.

>>514407261The white man's choice, the CORPORATE BVLL.

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>>514407261I'm going to be doing a pacifist / nonlethal run off the boat, with corpo background. As for the path itself? Well, can't say. We know now that you will start the tutorial area some 6 years before, in the background of your choosing, but all of them end up in NC with you as a sort of merc by the time the game starts. That means that at least in the corpo path the only way you could end up there, is if something or someone fucked you over bad. Until I know what it is, it's hard to say what would motivate my character.But to be fair they all seem interesting. And since the initial previews claimed that your background has a really big impact on how things play out in the game, the dialogue, the characters you know, even some quests you can get etc. then I'll probably get to play all of them in the end. All good games have several good playthroughs worth of content in them after all. And 3 is a very realistic number, compared to say DA:O's 6.Of course, previews and company shills always claim their origin system makes each playthrough feel completely different, while it in fact never has. All it does is give like 5 altered dialogue lines within 80 hours of game time. Which is so little the entire feature is little more than a stupid marketing trick and has no gameplay value. So I won't hold my breath for CP2077 either. That said, 3 paths is a LOT more reasonable, and a lot more realistic to actually incorporate into the game, than 6, or 10, or whatever the fuck it is in most other games. So this time it's actually possible they really do have a remotely measurable impact on the game.

>>514421123Both sound like shit to me.

>>514420805Fuck your perspective, you don't need a backstory to enjoy a RPG especially not a garbage one like these. I would play this game as a friendless loser and kill any degenerate I see. Problem is I get mixed into backstory events that I don't want.>>514420968Watch the nomad playthrough, you start as a faggot from some hippie clan.

>>514421493The absolute state of self-insertfags

>>514421578>What are video games

>>514421350>DA:OI did a run as every Origin eventually, City Elf slut who hates knife-ears was my favorite. Didn't hurt that the AI had no idea how to play Zeveran so replacing him with the PC was natural

>>514407261corpojust to re-earn position and climb upand to make the possible trashing of Adam Smasher all that much sweeter taking his position as araska's best assassinor him working under me, that'd be sweet too and which is likely not happening

>>514407592Looks great, will be preordering and buying day one while Holla Forums seethes and howls.

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>>514419869the rest of the gameplay was about as in depth as the fist fighting was


Do we have any corpo footage?

Probably Nomad because it is the most "out of towner" life path for the first run. When I am familiar with the setting I will do the others on a replay, Corpo first.

>>514423449youtube.com/watch?v=RF0cRaVVQco3:58 to 6:16

>>514407261I thought of rping as Niko or maybe a Slavic gangsterDoes nomad make the most sense for that?or I'm just gonna make a corpo chad that fucks bitches and kills poors

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>>514423757I dunno, man, it looks kinda cool.Might worth a pirate. I still have some hopes.