Do you ever drink while gaming?

Do you ever drink while gaming?

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>>514406451No. I get too sleepy if I do

alcohol tastes like garbage so no

alcohol tastes delicious so yes

alcohol tastes okay so maybe

absolutelyand drinking is my fetish

every weekend after I finish playing my "real" games and other daily tasks, I crack open some beers and some liquor and beer and play call of duty and shitpost, usually engaging in the most miserable threads possible until I run out of steam and go to bed.This week I'm having some Fat Tire beer I got for free from a client

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I DON'T KNOWWW~ what alcohol taste like

Alcohol is a literal poison, ingesting it is akin to slitting your wrists.

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>>514407034post some anime women drinking instead of harry potter stuff you gay, retarded, faggot.

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>>514406451Of course, can't be at the top of my game if I'm not hydrated.

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>>514407112Your waifu has a high chance of having AFR

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>>514406451I'm better at fighting games while drunk.

>>514406451Nah, but I do weed sometimes, can be kind of fun.

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yes kinda only in saturdays i got kinda drunk

>>514406451i was drunk during most of the 700 hours of ffxiv i played

>>514406451Friendly reminder that alcohol is sign of midwit iq, the smartest men in history openly disliked it>>514407380Weed is sign of low iq, sorry user

>>514407595>muh IQbrainlet

I started playing gmod Fallout RP cause of corona. On weekends i would get shitfaced and walk around messing with people. On the average, not really.

>>514407595the smartest people in the world never cared about iq at all

>>514407034>Harry potter fan is a genuine retardLike pottery, it rhymes.

>>514406451maybe just like 3 beers, more than that I start getting drunk and I can't handle alcool like before

>>514407034Having small amounts of alcohol is actually good for your circulation.

>>514408693alcohol IS poison retard, just because the doses humans usually have make you feel good doesn't change that fact

>>514407595>smartest men in history openly disliked itSuch as?

>>514406451Crummy water, yes

>down more than a few drinks slightly too fast>now ruined the rest of your night with constant nausea and sicknessNah I'll stick to weed - no matter how much of it you consume it literally never disappoints.

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>>514408994>>514408093>>514407754Stephen Hawker was one of the smartest scientists we ever had and he talked frequently about the importance of IQ. Well, more like he had a robot talk for him, but the point still stands.

>>514409174he also cheated on his wife and was a cunt

>>514406451Fuck yeah.>>514407034This just makes me want to drink even more.

>>514406451Yes but not so often, alcohol is expensive and it doesn't make me happy like it used to.

>>514409346How did he cheat on his wife if his body didn't function, retard

>>514409346His wheelchair had a onahole and could talk to him, why would he stay faithful with his wife when his new woman/wheelchair made her obsolete.

>ruining his boyish aesthetics by drinking heavily on a regular basisliterally why would you do this

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Almost every time I'm playing something not aloneI think I'm an alcoholic

>>514406451Usually gluten free water

>>514409172Drink hard liquor and finish with a chaser after each sip/shot.It's foolproof to keep yourself in the sweet spot, you won't get any nausea, it won't get you fat and you'll wake up the next morning feeling perfect.

>>514409437He fell in love with his nurse.>>514409595Try and go two weeks without drinking. If you can't, you're an alcoholic.

>>514409587Nobody will date me anyway

>>514406451Used to drink beer whenever I would get to an old apartment after my job. Nowadays i'm pretty poor.

>>514409774>Try and go two weeks without drinking.I do it all the time when I go on jobsIt's just hard not to when I'm sitting around and nothing is stopping me

>>514409927>Used to drink beer whenever I would get to an old apartment after my job. Nowadays i'm pretty poor.Oh and play Phantom Pain

>>514409729I get light headed pretty quick user I don't really weigh that much

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>>514409587alcohol lowers testosterone and increases estrogen, perfect for all your trannies out there

>>514409729>and you'll wake up the next morning feeling perfect.As someone who regularly drinks hard liquor, this is bullshitYou really really have to hydrate if you drink hard liquor, at least with beer it's 95% water

>>514409956Then try to not drink for the entire time you're home between jobs

>>514410194>and finish with a chaserThat's where the water part comes in.

>>514410354but why would I do that

>>514406451daily reminder that alcoholics are subhuman trash. fuck you and your addiction

>>514406451I did wen I was in my late teens and on my 21st birthday a little bit (wish I'd had more, I was playing Other M). Haven't had any since then though, which was a decade ago. I keep forgetting alcohol exists.

For me, it’s asahi beer. The patrician’s choice.

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>>514410469To see if you're an alcoholic

I know this is Holla Forums and all but.........

>>514410569yeah well fuck you

>>514410569did a drunk hurt you?

>>514410194When does bourbon/hard liqour start tasting good. Im 23 and it still tastes like shit. Im used to/love beer. But liqour is still nasty to me. Even the higher shelf shit

>>514407034fuck off churchie, your guerrilla posting fools no one


>>514409174I'd honestly rather be a blithering dumbass and be able to move around on my own than be a hyper intelligent brain boy stuck in a wheelchair and unable even speak on my own.

>>514410623does she have a toe ring on both legs or am i just looking at the images wrong?

>>514411140comparing it to the first picture either one of the images is flipped or the artist was just forgetful

>>514406620More or less every weekend.

>>514411140Looks to be both, but artists can be inconsistent on details like that, so who knows.

>>514407034Everything is a literal poison, depending on quantities ingested, even a fucking water.

>>514410975as soon as you finish associating it with being drunk and escaping the cruel realities of life

>>514407034Soda and mcdonalds is also poison but i bet you just won't stop stuffing your ass with that shit, fat tranny.

>>514406451Sometimes, to loosen my hands a bit.

>>514410623>>514406451Source for these images? Reverse Image search brings up nothing.

>>514406451Yes, actually improves my ability to play FPS games especially because I'm not worrying about shit

>>514407034Radiation is a literal poison, walking outside is akin to walking through a microwave

>>514413191Microwaces aren't ionizing, you dolt.

>>514407034This but unironically

Alcohol is for fags. Holla Forumseetotalers are the true master race.

>>514407034Based teetotaller user

>>514406451I drank one can of "Whiskey Cola" and played Warhammer Vermintide after that. It felt like i played the game under the Influence of a speed

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>>514406451Yep, me and my friend have been playing edf 5 co op for the last few weeks over a few beers.Good way to chill.

>>514413008Why are you so obsessed with transsexuals?


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>>514409774>Try and go two weeks without drinking. If you can't, you're an alcoholic.Actually it would be if you can go without drinking and without loss of function. If you can go two months without drinking but you find you're less happy, tired all the time, your job performance drops, etc., you're definitely an alcoholic.

>>514406889Know that feel

>freckles>short hair>cute feet>decently stackedGOD ITS ALL I WANT ITS NOT FUCKING FAIR.

>>514409774>>514414818Define "alcoholic".

>>514414907>>cute feetyeah but she has a toe ring which automatically makes her a skank

Who /alch/ here

>>514407112anime girls drinking alcohol is my aesthetic

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>>514415106I've never met a skank who wears toe rings. I've never met anyone who wears toe rings.Belly button piercings though, thats a fucking full blown skank

I'm trying to lose weight, so not anymore.

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>>514415106But user that's my wedding ring I put it on her toe and I had to kiss it when we got married!

>>514406451i drink in vrchat and crucible matches because i hate dealing with people

>>514406451No and nobody cares if you do. Only underage faggots think talking about drinking or sharing what you drink is cool

>>514415174Here. I wouldn't give up drinking for anything in the world.

>>514415365>NO YOU LITERALLY CANNOT TALK ABOUT ALCOHOL AT ALL OTHERWISE YOU'RE AN EDGY TEENLmao, did your father beat you when he was drunk because you were being a piece of shit or somethin'?

>>514415106>Not marrying a girls feetLoser

>>514415504>all of that projecting you're either a edgy teen or a pathetic addict trying to justify your addiction lol

>>514415743Make up whatever you want, bitch. Also, i could be a 11 year old AIDS-riddled crack addictAnd i'd still be miles higher than a tripfag.

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>>514414743What did he mean by this?

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>>514414925Addicted to alcohol.

>>514416968Define "addicted".

I accidentally drank homemade vodka when I was 4 (it was in a Sprite bottle, I didn't know) and haven't touched alcohol since

>>514406451I smoke if I'm ever late night gaming


>>514416923>>514410623>>514406451Lads her feet are making me feel funny

>>514417082If you can't stop drinking for a prolonged period of time without suffering adverse effects.

Post your beerfu.

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>>514417209Smoke what, user?

>>514409587This. Based.

Ha ha, yes, I too love fe- I mean beer!

>>514417686So if alcohol does any benefit to your life at all you're an addict?If stopping drinking with the friends on the weekends makes a person depressed, is he an alcoholic?

>>514417716Can't be arsed to post a picture, but for me, it's Miller Lite.

>>514417716I hate it so much, but there are no places that sell liquor near where I live.

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>>514417716beer tastes like shit unless you're drinking with someone else

>>514417716Gulden Draak is slightly overrated, but a million times better than the cat piss americans call beer.

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>>514409174If he was so smart why didn't he learn to walk?

>>514418868Beer only "tastes like shit" if you're underage and have a child's palate

>>514418868We get it, you've never drank a good beer in your life. Now fuck off.

>>514406451Imagine being so weak spirited that you have to drink alcohol.This post was brought to you by Pepsi Max, it's like pepsi but with less sugar.

Unpopular opinion: White claw is actually great. Keeps u hydrated.

>>514417716goes down smooth, don't mind the taste

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In college I enjoyed many weekend sipping Jack and playing Campaigns of the L4D series. Lately I drink beer with the RoR or MGS games. I'm fucking old.

>>514407034How do some of you enjoy drinking beer? It taste like watered down piss to me

>>514406451No, I don't like alcohol in general, maybe with some exceptions like lemon-flavoured vodka.

>>5144195371) Don't drink beer that's not belgian2) Be over 183) Don't drink so much high sugar soda crapIf you really want to start with a beer that goes down easily, drink some Red Kasteel.

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>>514409174>Stephen Hawker

Depends on the night but shifting more towards no alcohol while gaming. Usually want to do my best and be able to fully immerse myself into it.Unless it's a game that revolves around drinking, in which case it's time to get wasted

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>>514406451I'm drinking while gaming right now

>>514417914Yeah, if alcohol's the only thing between you and depression, you're probably an alcoholic.

>>514421159That's kind of a biased way to word it. What if the friends are the thing behind that person and depression?

>>514410623fuck off weeb


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At this point the better question is>Do you ever game while drinking?

>>514422785The answer is no

drinking and playing hentai games on a full tank is mega fun

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I just take some ambien to make me feel warm and fuzzy

>>514406451I try avoid drinking alone, even if I really want to. It's a bad habit. So when gaymin - water, Pepis, tea.

>>514406451not anymore

Taking a week off because I build a tolerance too fast and it's gotten to the point where I need to down 2/3 a bottle of whiskey to feel anything.Getting drunk also makes me want to play online, which inevitably leads to disappointment when I group with a bunch of shitty people. Not necessarily bad at the game, just not fun.I miss having a consistent friend group to play with every weekend, but they've ditched me far too many times to hop onto the new WoW update for me try anymore. And when they came back, it was almost always to the new FotM that I had to now purchase or get into.

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>>514406451Got shit hammered last night while I played PSO2 with my mates.

>>514406451not anymore but wishing i did most nights

Alcohol us for weak willed people im not that my nigga

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>>514417716You're supposed to say "post your beerfu and your favorite game to play while drinking it." Gotta keep it vidya related.Anyways, pic related is kept intentionally scarce, only selling in normal stores in Hokkaido, but every now and then some event brings the cases down south and I scoop them up.>gameLately a comfy turn-based RPG. I can use the downtime between turns to shitpost.

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I too played games that weren't VR, but this new sale has definitely made me interested in a lot of VR titles that were otherwise invisible to me.Anyone have sale recommendations?>>514424060too bad you're a nigger.....

>>514406451Sometimes I bring some piss in bottles with 6 % alcohol and drink it until I fill dizzy.I guess I need to drop this habit.

>>514421397Why is the alcohol necessary to interact with your friends?

>>514418052What up crew

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