>3 years since nintendo dangled this jpg in front of metroidfags to quell their shriekingGive it to me straight...

>3 years since nintendo dangled this jpg in front of metroidfags to quell their shriekingGive it to me straight, boys: is it dead?

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>>514406140no but it was handed over to Retro and restarted, a 2D game (hoepfully not a remake) will probably come out first

It's coming out in vr.

Nintendo knows if they cancel this game the internet is going to go apeshit. They know they absolutely CANNOT cancel this.

>>514407335western gamers would be seethingly mad for a long time and nintendo would alienate a lot of their more hardcore playerbase, but would it really hurt them that much? Even less so if they neber announce cancelation but rather just stop mentioning the game and pretend it never existed, people could well forget about it

>>514407658That's true>inb4 someone puts it on a Top 10 Nintendo FAILS! video

It's amazing how Nintendo tricked Switch owners into thinking that the Switch would have games. Shit is 99% Wii U ports while the games people were looking forward to like Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, have had nothing since the announcement trailers.

>>514406140Rather have a game that was developed well than some rushed garbage>>514408487You're fucking retarded

>>514406617Isnt even the same staff that works there anymore.

>>514408487Nintendo has done a good job conditioning their fanbase, see >>514408608If any other company did the same thing they would be dragged through the mud and ridiculed for stringing fans along with hollow promises, probably by the same faggots that pull the, "Rather have a game delayed and be good than a rushed game that is shit" card.

>>514406140Reminder Nintencels tried to claim they won E3 because of this jpeg.

A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.

>>514406140No, it just got re-constructed from the fucking ground up because the original concept was apparently lackluster. Basically what happened with Doom 2016 and MGR Revengeance.

>>514406140The amount of time, plus the trade off to Retro, PLUS the virus throwing a wrench into fucking everything...Yeah, it's dead.If it DOES come out, it'll come out deformed and clunky (in some way or another.)When a game or movie is traded between creation teams, and go through multiple delays, it hardly ever results in a good final product.

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We only need another 2D Metroid.

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Dev hell probably. I want it to get delayed till Nintendo's next console, the Switch is hot garbage and would not do Prime justice graphically

Hasn't been 3 years yet, try again

>>514411861No we need more 2D to 3D shifts. Start with Kirby, maybe do another 3D Donkey Kong.

>>514406140Development Hell. I heard retro got recent hires, possibly on deck for this game.

>>514411861no, we don't. Indies do 2D metroidvanias far better than sakamoto now

>>514406140Prime 4 may be dead but at least we got Dread.

>>514411685>plus the trade off to RetroWho was developing it before then? And when did they trade off?

>>514406140too big to fail

>>514406140>another fps metroidno thanks.

>>514406140>Bamco Singapore were the """"talented"""""" new team Tanabe picked outThis motherfucker will kill Prime for good now. If federation force didnt kill it, only maim it. But this one will. The whole reason Retro left the series after Echoes was because they couldnt stand the guy. You really think they will enjoy going back to him? Like trying to undo a divorce.

>in development for a year and 6 months>is it dead?


>>514413409are you retarded? DK is with tanabe leading too

>>514408487The only one that got tricked was you, you stupid cuck.

I hope to god not, if not for retro no one can make metroid. Sakamoto went senile after super, whoever else they try to make prime fucks up

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>>514414002Sakamoto got his shit together, tranny.

>>514414248he ran out of yokoi games to remake, the additions made to SR were just as much negative as they were positive. He has to make something from the ground up now (unless he's retarded enough to remake super) and anytime he's done that post super has been a disaster

>>514414376He's done with remakes, AM2Rtranny.

Pretty sure they are going to do a TP and a Botw situation: wait until the release of the new console to have it as console selling tittle

>>514414448AM2R shits on sakamoto's post super games

>>514407063ur mom is coming in vr you stupid motherfucker

>>514408608What guarantee is there that Retro, a company only experienced with 2D Donkey Kong games in the last decade, is even capable of developing a good Metroid Prime anymore? Who's to say development won't restart again because their prototype looks even worse than Bandai Namco's?

>>514414576I'm pretty sure they got greenlit in the first place because the prototype was better

>>514409589You give people too much credit. They gush all over Rockstar and Capcom to this day even though both studios dropped the ball with Agent and Deep Down respectively. The general public doesn't care, especially when Metroid is such a niche series.

>>514410138It's only delayed because of developer incompetence thoughThey made something so shit that the whole project had to be abandoned and started again

>>514414515Cope, tranny, no one plays or talks about your fan game.

>>514415317you were the one to bring it up lol

>>514415317>no one cares about your game which is why I mentioned it in the first placerent fucking free, stay mad sakamototard, AM2R shits on SR and it's made by 1 (one) Argentinian

if 5 we get a trailer this summer

>>514415151Nintendo announced it prematurely, had they been silent nobody would have known anything about the trainwreck.

If retro can't do it, metroid is dead. Period. 2D metroids are no longer exciting with indies making better ones than Nintendo. 2D metroid hasn't even registered in sales since 2002

Halfway through September we'll get another jpg

>>514415370>>514415570So if it does, why do people still talk about SR while AM2R has fell into irrelevancy?

>>514416172clearly that's not the case since you brought up AM2R and it's still getting updates. SR still talked about? I guess in small metroid echo chambers but I can say the same about AM2R

>>514415848I hope they cancel Prime, will get you fuckers out of the series, just so you can seethe more, since Dread will be the first Metroid game coming to the Switch, it will sell more than Prime 4. Prime 4 hype is dead, they had it but they threw it all away, Dread will kill Prime 4 hype even more.

>>514416296Simply put, you can tell who an AM2Rfag is the moment he brings up Sakamoto, that's all there is to it.


>>514415848>2D metroids are no longer exciting with indies making better ones than Nintendomaybe because we haven't had a real, new game since 2002 that isn't a remake with shit budget?

>>514416402haha imagine being this delusional. SR couldn't even sell more than hunters, let alone a mainline prime title. Prime 4 hype is dead? people are asking for prime trilogy/prime 4 news daily, hardly anyone gives a shit about a theoretical metroid 5 which a few retards have been claiming has been coming since 2003>I hope they cancel primetough luck pal

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>>514416402He says as he posts in a prime thread since 2d ones die instantly

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>>514416570the game in 2002 was worse than the remakes >shit budgeta 2D metroid isn't going to be high budget regardless, none of nintendo's 2D games are

>>514416776>the game in 2002 was worse than the remakesshit taste

>>514416937you sure do have shit taste if you think fusion is good, yes. It's a complete joke in terms of a metroidvania and even if you try to judge it by its own merits, it completely fails (most rehashed abilities despite the new suit premise, "horror" atmosphere with save points everywhere and the brightest game in the series, story focus on the second worst story in the series next to other meme which is just fusion but worse). ZM and SR have actual exploration, no forced story or handholding bullshit (only first chozo in ZM is mandatory), and have far better settings

>>514416570Don't tell him that, let him keep shitposting.>>514416627SR was a remake on a console on its way out like the GBA was when ZM (another remake) was released, I didn't even buy either because I'm waiting on Fusion's sequel. Fans want Metroid, when Metroid 5, a new game with a new map, world, enemies, story, is announced for the Switch in HD, that shit is going to be huge, that's where all the Metroid sales will go, MPT and MP4 will sell less because of their late releases, most people would have already had their Metroid fill by then.

>>514416762Someone brought up 2D Metroid so now I'm here.

>>514417206>Fans want Metroidcorrect, they want prime 4>most people would have already had their Metroid fill by then.everyone has had their 2D metroid fill with hollow knight, axiom verge, etc. Prime is unique

>>514417293yet you have to do it in a prime thread because your threads die, I bet that makes you upset

>>514417206if it comes out later it should sell more due to an increased install base, not less retard. That's why sun and moon sold more than X/Y

>>514417329>correct, they want prime 4Nope they want Metroid 2D or Prime>everyone has had their 2D metroid fill with hollow knight, axiom verge, etc. Prime is uniqueWrong, we had two remakes on consoles that were getting replaced, we want Metroid 5, when we get that, then we'll have our fill.>>514417478Don't bring up 2D Metroid then.

>>514417583That didn't really help Prime 2, Prime 3, or Hunters.

>>514410138They should delay more of their games then

>>514417742>Nope they want Metroid 2D or Primewrong, hardly anyone gives a shit about 2D metroid, If you haven't noticed, prime trilogy is constantly begged for and is the most requested port on switch while prime 4 speculation threads like the one you're posting in right now happen everyday, I have yet to see a metroid 5 thread more than once every two weeks max with more than 20 posts.

>>514417998>wrong, hardly anyone gives a shit about 2D metroidHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People lost their shit when Metroid 5 leaked, when that shit gets announced, it's over, people could wait on Prime Trilogy and 4. Also, Holla Forums is also known to be Prime centric due to them liking those boring 90s FPS games.

>>514406140I don't think it's dead but I don't think we will be seeing anything anytime soon.I think the plan was to show or tell something at E3, but it got cancelled and now Nintendo doesn't do Directs except it is on very specific things such as Smash announcements.Either way, Metroid has been kinda dead ever since Other M in my opinion. Samus Returns was a step in the right direction, but I think Nintendo genuinely doesn't care about the series because it just isn't profitable for them. As much as I like Nintendo, I must always remind myself that the people running the company are less Mario and more Wario. I'm absolutely sure the only things they will do with Metroid is rerelease the older games through emulation and put Samus on Smash because ZSS is fucking awesome on that game.

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>>514418675Metroid 5

>>514408487umm but fucking ninjala just came out bros?

>>514406617Why do you faggots want a 2d game so much? 1 good game out of 7 is not a good track record

>>514418979Kill yourself gamecube kiddie.

>>514418979Because it's fun, they're very enjoyable plus I want to see what new directions they go and what's next for Samus. What I wonder is, why do you turds want another Prime, shit felt finished in Prime 3. Only Prime I kind of liked was the first one.

>>514414479Metroid is not a system seller you braindead nigger it's never even cracked 3 million sales

>>514419326Prime fans think it is.

>>514419326I'm sure it could sell well if they marketed it like mario and zelda, not like 20 million but I've never seen an ad for a metroid game personally so yeah

>>514422467Not him but Nintendo went crazy on Prime 1 marketing and it couldn't even sell 3 million copies and the Prime games that came after sold far less than that.

>>514422739oh i didn't know that, oh well I guess it's a niche game still hoping there's some new ones

>>514406140nah, just severely delayed since they only hired a art director a few months agodont expect to see it before mid 2021

Why does Nintendo hate Metroid?

>>514424015Because it's not an anime UwU dumbass franchise like the rest of the stuff they shit out. Because of that, Japanese hate it since they have horrendous taste and nintendo doesn't want to make something solely for dirty gaijins

American Samus or Japanese Samus? Which is the best design?

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>>514406140Other M II in the works

>>514424423Japanese, mainly her 2D main series designs.