Lockhart has 7.5GB RAM 4TeraFLOPS

betechwise.com/microsofts-xbox-series-s-lockhart-to-feature-7-5-gb-of-available-ram-and-4-teraflops-of-gpu/Is Lockhart still a good idea? Cheap price is one thing, but will it do well against the discless PS5?

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I hate it because this means games will be gimped or rather I think it means games will be forced to be 4k on PS5/series x and 1080p on that garbage

>>514404485dog shit

whoever is cheapest always wins. it's a proven strategy. also from the leaks that were posted a week ago it seems this thing is more of a chromecast/pstv style device rather than a full blown console. it appeals to a different market.

>>514404485oh it'll FLOP for sure alright

>>514404943>whoever is cheapest always wins.Not really, gamecube was cheaper then ps2 and still failed

>>514404616It'll just be the same games and graphics but at 1080p. 1080p is a quarter the pixels of 4K so it doesn't need that much graphical power.

>>514404943The rumors were that it's digital only and smaller than a Gamecube as well.

>>514405189yeah so they'll basically gimp every game on the actual consoles by making them 4k shit visuals instead of 1440p good visuals

>>514405274You always knew that would happen on consoles. Resolution can be used for marketing on consoles. 1440p 144Hz is for the PC

>>514404485>*Unveils 3090ti*>Heh, nothin personnel, kid

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>>514405274when has this ever not been the case? the ps4 would be a way better console if they targeted 900p in all the games to have a consistent 30 fps or even 60 fps in some games yet they push for 1080p and most games suffer from terrible performance drops.

I just don't get it. What does it matter that the SeX is more powerful? It still needs to have games to use all that power. And Sony has the best exclusives and will get the same multiplats as the SeX. Besides look at how many great games the Switch has and it's got the power of a tablet.I think Microsoft strategy of "muh power & teraflops" is flawed.

>>514405613with ps4 they neither company released some super gimped 1/3 as powerful variant out of the gate

>>514404943>chromecast/pstvWhat leaks suggested this? The only thing we know it aims at 1080-1440p, has all the same components just lower clocks. Same games just lower resolution.

How do people honestly feel about Xbox right now? What about Phil's confidence and cockiness? He seems really sure that Xbox will win in July. Has he ever been so confident in the past?

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>>514405716The base ps4 was the gimped variant.

>>514404485What is the hurry? just save more money and buy X or PS5.

>>514405891no it wasn't, ps4 pro was released later and xbox one is weaker than ps4

>>514405468Damn that con man is ripped as fuck

>>514404485Only 8gb RAM and not even 16?

>>514405812Maybe not this confident but he was pretty damn confident before and showed nothing for it. I want to believe but MS fucked up so much in the past I'm scared for them more than ever. I don't believe they can show amazing new games, so realistically speaking only a cheap Lockhart can save them. And while a super cheap but "up to 4k" machine sound like a no brainer for the Fortnite/Fifa/GTAV crowd there is no guarantee people will like it. Even if the PS5 will be super expensive.

>>514405962nanomachines with Phys-X, RTX realtime raytracing, Tensor, and deep learning AI technologies, son

>>514405785last paragraph

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>>514405812What is MS up to right now? Fifteen acquired studios who haven't shown a damn thing yet?They better have a BLOWOUT ready

My potato laptop has 8gb ram

>>514404485That's the same as a 970.Not exactly "NEXT GEN"

>>514405950The base consoles in this gen were cheap and weak even when they came out. Other than a few devs practicing dark magic to achieve good graphics those all held back the games.

>>514406103OS takes the same amount of RAM but games at 1080p take way less VRAM than games at 4K.

>>514405716graphics cards makers have been doing that for 2 decades now. you're arguing about nothing.

>>514406361they were 400 and 500 dollars and I'm just saying this gen the base should be series x and ps5 not some hyper shit 4TF piece of shit

>>514406352are you dense?

>>514406103The article only talks about free RAM for games.For comparsion the SeX has 16GB RAM where 13.5 is free for games. So S should have 10GB. S doesn't aim for native 4K but 1440p according to the rumors.

>>514405812No exclusives means Xbox is doomed. Say what you want but at the end of the day exclusive games make the difference, especially with early adopters. Also even if by some miracle Microsoft made the next Halo and Gears only on xbox these franchises have been ruined this generation. Ultimately the issue with the Xbox brand is that it has no identity anymore, it doesn't provide any extra value compared to the competitors, it doesn't feel special to be part of the Xbox community like it did with the 360.

microsoft needs this to win this gen.if you have a $500 ps5, and a $500 xbox -- ps5 will winhere's how they win with lockhart -- it's $0.like a phone plan, you pay $25 a month for 2 years for the console + gamepass subscription.they already do this bestbuy.com/site/promo/xbox-all-access-packages with current gen machines. but if they get the word out you get get NEXT GEN for FREE, microsoft will win.microsoft cant beat sony at their own game, so they have to come up with their own cheeky tactics. sony doesnt have a response to this.

>>514404485cinematic 1080p30

I'd buy it over the Series X. I don't need a lot of power considering the extremely low amount of exclusives on Xbox at this point. I think Vigor is the only new release that's still exclusive other than Crossfire X which I'm almost certain will come out for Playstation at some point. It would basically be my device for Gamepass and Games with Gold. My only issue with it is the lack of a disc drive. I still use Xbox and X360 discs for my backwards compatible games, not to mention the handful of Xbone games I have on disc. I'd even consider buying all of those digitally but some of them like one of the Silent Hills on X360 only work with a disc, it isn't available on the digital store.

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Fuck MS if they do this.This would be worse than an Xbone X but with an SSD and now every single fucking game would also have to work on this crap instead of being allowed to take advantage of the power of next-gen consoles.

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>>514405812don't confuse confidence with cockiness. he's obviously very confident. if sony said the same thing nobody would take it as cockiness but confidence. he's not a cocky guy he praises sony more than anyone else i've seen in the whole industry that is aligned with a competing brand or product.

>>514406469What do you mean dumbfuck?If Microcucks release a "cheap" "next gen" console with 4TFlops of GPU power that means games have to function on that console, which means extremely downgraded games, the average is important in this context.4Tflops was decent 6 years ago.

>>514407114are you seriously comparing a gtx 970 to a next gen RDNA 2 console because of tflops? thanks for confirming you're a clinical retard. you clearly don't know a fucking thing about games development or hardware. stop posting.

>>514406214Yes I heard about this. Who is this guy though? Because everything he says would be a wet dream for Xbox. As for the last paragraph he talks about eventuality. I see it as Lockhart is now a classic console with lower resolution but strong xCloud integration. Meaning it's purpose is to ease people in the ecosystem then offer them a better streaming experience. For example you will play Fortnite or Fifa in 1(something)p on your 4K TV and you get a notification the game is available in xCloud in 4K60fps want to try it? Then if the infrastructure is that robust (and you are a casual anyway) you will like it better. After a hour so the trial ends and you feel the orginal experience is not that good. So you subscribe to xCloud and stream most or many of your games from then. Then as people accept this form of upgrade then new smaller/cheaper models will appear with just the streaming capability.

>>514404943Whoever has game wins and Xbox has none.

>>514406765Thats a good Idea, so theres no chance that Microsoft is gonna do it.

Why do people think games will be gimped by this? Believe it or not, it's possible to have a game running on different devices with different settings. If you don't believe me search for "PC game low and high setting" comparison videos.

>>514407114not him but2080 super is 2.5x more powerful than a 970 according to shitpowerup and this 4tf xbox seems to be 1/3 as powerful as the xbox series x so it seems like a reasonable comparison

>>514407293>Herpafucking derp my magic layout of transistors make it perform better than the terraflops it outputs>My RDNA sparkplug layout makes my car perform better than 400 horsepower even though it says 400 horsepower on it.Imagine being this fucking dumb guys, just imagine for a moment.This is the future of humankind.

>>514404485So pretty much everything except Sony exclusives next gen are going to be held back by 7GB of RAM and 4tflops?

>>514406725>No exclusives means Xbox is doomedSony showed literal jack shit at their pseudo E3Micrososft jus has to make Halo look good and the PS5 gets BTFO'd

>>514404616What will hold games back will be Xbox One with that shit CPU.

>>514404485Blunder of the fucking year. What were they thinking?>>514404943That was Xbox cuck cope over the reality of the situation. Sorry.

>>514407442games would run better on this than the 4k consoles in fact. its 3x less powerful aiming for a 4x lower resolution so it has overhead. fun fact: a gtx 1060 runs games better at 1080p than a 1080 ti does at 4k and identical settings.


>>514404485So what? Where's the Exclusives?

>>514405104That's because PS2 released earlier and people bought it as a DVD player

>>514405812He was only really confident that SeX is a better hardware than PS5. And that's factually true. It's not up to debate even.

>>514406352>>514407114>>514407482Digitalfoundry already made test based on the long leaked Lockhart specs (the only thing they didn't know the RAM, everyone expected 12 but it seems it will be just 10). The 4TF modern GPU was better than the equivalent current gens Xbox One X.

>>514406103Don't confuse DDR4 RAM on PC and VRAM.

>>514407679yeah so 970 tier, just maybe closer to 980

>>514406765They already tried to have an always online console before, but what you're sugesting is probably the best way to do it. But they still need to have an entry fee, just to not totally circunvent retailers. If they do something like this, thats a winning move.

>sony twats suddenly care about tflops after they spent 2 whole years pretending it didn't matter or that it mattered when ps5 was 13.3tflmao. sony shills always lose.

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>>514405104ps2 was the cheapest dvd player on the market back in the early 2000's. Still applies, just in a different way

>>514407061This console was misunderstood, and more of a victim of sega incompetence than anything.

>>514407782>m-muh powah>Uncle Phil is already downplaying July Cringe

>>514405812The Xbox brand basically fucked itself hard this generation>Everything that happened leading up to launch>Multiple big titles being fucking cancelled including Scalebound>Yet Crackdown 3 was the project that wasn't allowed to die because of "THE POWER OF DA CLOUD">Majority of the exclusives really lacked any "must own/play" recognition, ranging from 4/10 to 7/10>Even the new installments in their major franchises lacked any staying power, Halo 5 was divisive and the new Gears games are nothing special>Launch Xbone was weaker than PS4 despite being more expensive and then XboneX came out too late and was too expensive to make it's more powerful tech inciting compared to PS4 ProThe best thing they have to offer at this point is Game Pass but even that is better on PC since you don't need to own an Xbox for it

>>514407679you're arguing with people who don't know a single thing about graphics hardware, architecture or even how vram impacts performance. these are the same people who think SSD will make the ps5 gpu more powerful. think about that for a second.

>>514406765Phil already said All Access will continue with SeX. The only bad thing that it is an USA only deal. Someone mentioned before but they don't concentrate on smaller markets and this will always drag them down.

>>514407679We also have to take into account that it's AMD so that makes it worse.

>>514405812dont care about xbox really but microsoft is slaying it with windows and their games currently.

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>>514407956>The best thing they have to offer at this point is Game Pass but even that is better on PC since you don't need to own an Xbox for itlol no.

>>514404485We truly are in the worst timeline>no xbox 720

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>>514407960why do you think people think the SSD will make the GPU more powerful? what it will do is enable working with a larger dataset effectively

It will be a fucking mega hit if it Is around 200 bucks.A cheap shitbox which targets ALL games with non meme resolution and still probably acceptable framerate and presets. If series x will have exclusive content game whise, than it Is so so. If not, even a couple of years down the line, lockhart will. Blow the fuck out everything.

>>514407782>the most succesful console in the world every generation>always loseok

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>>514408114did the ps3 stop existing or is this your new fanfiction?

>>514407401I own about 60 Xbox One games and 15 PS4 games. Tell me more about "Xbox has no games"

>>514408089and as evident in the gt7 gameplay demo the gpu is still too weak to render light sources 10m from the viewport meaning you're still going to get asset shifting pop-in.

>>514407442People think Lockhart is something like a previous gen or min specs on a game box. Meanwhile it is the same but lower resolution.

>>514408340wrong as that scene already has the baked lighting on the walls, it's just shitty japanese programming

>>514405104>>514407894also all the good 3rd party games were released on ps2/xbox and not GC

>>514407934>power d-doesn't m-mattersays the guy who spammed 13.3tf ps5 threads for a year. i can smell you a mile away.

What's the point of Series X being "Da strangest consul" if Lockhart is just gonna gimp it anyway?Didn't the Xbox One X already prove that people don't really care if it its just a resolution bump? People want the full hardware to be taken advantage of. Even if Series X is stronger than PS5 it's not gonna matter if its exclusives are held back by a weaker version while PS5 isn't.

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>>514408461how did you know it's him?

>>514407484>car analogyAh yes I can play RDR2 perfectly on my 486 processor. It was the best of it's time!

>>514408114Sony lost more money with PS3 than Xbox did with their 360, therefore PS3 lost to Microsoft in that generationNow if you count "generation winners" as whoever sold the most consoles, well then I guess Microsoft could sell the Series X for $100 and "win the generation" huh? What do you think about that Mr. Animeposter ?

>>514407061Cheaper, not "Sell a horseless carriage in SegaNET so hard you bankrupt yourself in a mishmash of confusing price drops and refund offers"They dropped the price when the PS2 price was announced just to desperately try one-up it even though they were ALREADY cheaper, basically refunded your purchase if you bought a year of SegaNet and threw in a controller, but had no fucking games to play on it so nobody renewedThey sold the farm on garbage games like NFL 2k's online modeNowadays there's three fucking services MS can reasonably sell to people who buy a Series S, a huge amount of premium peripherals and custom controllers, a working online store, and the chance they upgrade to X or the inevitable X+ anyways.

>>514407960Architecture doesn't really affect the performance.Difference between cmos potential and architecture is virtually non-existent, most of the time it has a negative effect.I know in Nvidias case only Maxwell had a extremely minor positive impact.

>>514407496Actually by potato PCs and their HDDs.

>>514405812Honestly without meming:The console is literally better than the PS5. No ammount of SSD shilling is going to change that.Also i witnessed everyXbone game beeing cheaper than PS4 game after few months.Not only that but the new XBox looks much better than the PS5 and is going to last longer

Is having the underpowered Lockhart a good idea when people are gonna shit on it being underpowered compared to either ps5? Probably not. They better hope people buy it because it's cheap otherwise they'll wish they made a series x discless

>>514408494Even funnier is that Microsoft confirmed no XSeX games would be 9th gen exclusive for two years, so everything until late 2022 will be on Xbone as well, so it's getting gimped even fucking harder

>>5144046164K on the PS5? You wish.

>>514408494The most impressive console title of the generation in terms of graphics and performance was Gears 5 on Xbox One X. It certainly wasnt held back by the base Xbone/S. Same with RDR2 on Xbox One X, arguably the best-looking console game of the generation

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Will one fan on top really keep it cool?

>>514406765>here's how they win with lockhart -- it's $0.>like a phone plan, you pay $25 a month for 2 years for the console + gamepass subscription.Nigger they are not going to give away an entire console for free. Are you nuts? I can see them making it super cheap though, like 200 bucks to capture the cheapo market again.

>>514406765I can see them doing this.This new Xbox will prob be extremely cheap to make, probably even cheaper than current Xboxes.And they're obviously going deep with gamepassWhy not extend it to the console itself?Speaking of -- let us sideload Windows! This is such an obvious thing.In the past Sony ripped Linux support from PS3 over security/piracy concerns, but if the focus is on GamePass, those worries are gine, especially if it comes with the console itself.Xboxs already support mouse and keyboard -- let me go all the way! Let Timmy convince his Mom they can write Word documents in their $0 upfront cost Xbox.

>>514408072>xbox720 never happened>those psfive mockups didSurely it is surreal.

>>514408924They probably threw in a thick heatsink to deal with heating problems, that might explain the thick rectangular "fridge" shape

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>>514408819>supporting previous gen during a crossgen period is badYou hypocrit moron. You would praise Sony if Horizon Zero Dawn 2 was to release on PS4 as well as PS5

>>514408461Keep seething over another Uncle Phil blunder.

>PC gaming>GTX/RTX x50 all the way up to x80ti>Adjustable settings>No games are getting "gimped">x80ti still provides the best visuals possible in gaming>Ray tracing, ultra settings etc>Suddenly having a weaker and stronger console is going to completely kill gaming despite PC using this model for decades with literally no issues at allThis is your brain on Sony.

>>514409154No the fuck I wouldn't, I'd be pretty fucking mad if all I had to play on a new console was shinier versions of games I played last gen

>>514408089PS5 SSD is essentially promoted as some extra ram because people think a system only have to copy data from the disk onto the memory to function and it doesn't need to do any computing.

>>514409148you can google the insides of the new console it looks like it has the mass of a 212 evo or so, though better heat spreading due to having that vapor chamber

>>514407934>>514409168You tell those Xbots

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>>514409225good thing you don't then. games like Medium are next gen exclusive.

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>>514408501>he doesn't know it was user

>>514409262I don't understand what you mean

>>514408909RDR2 and Gears looks and runs pretty damn good on the base Xbox One. Although the shadows tend to look terrible in forests in RDR.


>>514408924It's a better thermal design than any of the last gen systems. 130mm is a decent fan size , if the fan is high quality it has a lot of cooling power compared to the laptop fans of last gen, and the teardown was showing off how the motherboard was custom shaped into two pieces to allow enormous metal heatsinksThe original Xbox One was overkill on cooling and they've basically been trying to optimize and shrink that ever since.Not to mention how neither company wants to admit it but they're using underclocked desktop processors anyways, they on paper match a 3700x with reduced clock>>514409262Both consoles are doing this, just PS5 moreso. And there's less computing going on due to better API's and hardware decompression blocks reducing a lot of computing overhead.You're even getting some of the SSD api features in Windows 10 literally right now in updates bringing DirectStorage and DX12U, nigger

>>514408937Are you retarded? Mate, do the math. Gamepass ULTIMATE is $15. So console is $10/month.10*24=240. They make their money back.Take a look around. Majority don't want to pay upfront cost. They want the cheapest way to access a new product, despite long-term cost.And they need a 'nuts' move if they want to stand a chance against Sony. They need to be aggressive.

>>514408494Xbox One X proved if you release a more expensive console than your competitor half way into the gen you lost at the start then it might not sell as well.

>>514409643the average casefan is 120mm

>>514404485If Lockhart really is $200 as has been speculated, then MS might be able to have success in countries like Brazil where consoles are expensive as fuck, right?

Personally I think the Xbox design looks much better than the PS5 design.

>>514408598There is also and Xbox thing that is not promoted enough I guess: all your XBO peripherals (minus the Kinect) are compatible with SeX. I always had four controllers for my consoles for example for family/friends and achievement reasons. Now I don't have to buy extras. It brings down the price for me even more.

>>514409696xbox one x and ps4 pro sold like shit in general compared to the cheaper consoles because rarely anyone has 4ktv now and their biggest selling point is 4ktv support. with that being said though the xbox one x has found its niche with home theatre enthusiasts who own 4ktv since it supports dolby vision and atmos as standard and also supports 4k60 with VRR for those high end lg oled/samsung qled tv's which support that. rtings.con do all their game testing on an xbox one x for example.

i honestly see the appeal of this for more casual gamers. My sister for example, has xbox games pass and my old xbone I gave to her years ago because I never used it, she plays it all the time just for game pass, so there is a demographic out there that will use this type of machine that still plays on a 1080p tv for example.

>>514408878All the cinematic games will support it with silky smooth 30fps.

>>514409696Xbox One X was actually released by Microsoft to sortof redeem themselves and show that they are serious. I mained the PS4 and bought the OneX and I gotta say the console won me over very, very quickly. It is easily the best console on the market and if Series X is the follow-up with with a legit CPU, a SSD and 12 tf, then it's really a no-brainer for next gen

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>>514410281why when you can play all the games on your PC?

>>514409168The confusing thing is why 4 TFLOPS specifically. That is 25% of the XsX chip capability so unless Microsoft is planning another line of chips just for Lockhart, it makes no sense that Microsoft has that many defective XsX dies that don't make the 52 CU count that are truly that bad to the point that you can only salvage 25% of its full chip power from silicon defects. Something more reasonable would be something like 40 CUs which is roughly 3/4 or even 26 CUs at 1/2 count.But even lowering the clock speed on these defective dies, you would still be above 4 TFLOPS so this whole Lockhart thing just seems odd. Cut down RAM makes sense though.

How many kids who want a Sexbox for Christmas are going to end up with this thing?

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What incentive is there to even own an xbox anymore if you have a gaming pc? Honestly, at least PS4 / 5 will have some exclusives worth getting the console for. It's funny, a few years ago I would rant about how I hated exclusives and how I wanted everything to just release on PC so I could play it there, but after starting to game on my old PS4 I dusted off, I realized I really do just like sitting on my couch and playing games that way too, as long as it's not a FPS at least.

>>514409921Only a contrarian or sonyfanboi would say otherwise. The PS5 is the ugliest console by a landslide, AND is apparently really big

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>>514410382your math is ass as 4tf is 1/3 of 12tf

>>514410353Not that user but majority of people don't like playing on PC, including me.

>>514408909Why the hell are we getting a new console generation if everything revealed so far could've been made for the current gen?

>>514404485>split specs consoles shitFuck MS

Damn should I actually get the Lockhart ? Will it perform it's marks more steadily than the highs series x is trying to hit?

>>514410482That's nice, you make a good argument. Still buying a PS5 though.

>>514410353My PC is an i3 with a radeon 7700 or something, it gets shit on by my Xbox

>>514410536lmao why? you can use any controller and any display and if tweaking settings is too much for you, you just use the presets

>>514404485Probably FIFA/COD Multiplayer/Fortnite/other multiplayer shit machine.Most players are shit tasted in first place, so buying cheaper machine to play online games seems pretty much legit.

>>514406765Series x is also gonna be available on all access according to Phil-sama

>>514409225Protip: not a single game you saw on the PS5 presentation was built with next generation technologies because those didn't exist two years ago. Which is the bare minimum time a studio needs to build their game with it in mind. Other than a few flashy effects there was nothing in the presentations that are far from current gen. Microsoft releasing all their games on prevgen for a while is basically covering the learning time for studios.

>>5144044854 tittyflops RDNA 2 is as good as 6tf of the X1Xits also 1080p. so 4-6 tittyflops at 1080p will give you better visual fidelity than 9tf (ocd to 10) at 4k. that much is evident thanks to sonys garbage showcase where everything looked current gen

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>>514409758And? Last gen consoles had laptop fans, bigger fans move more air, not all fans are the same in pressure.It's thick as fuck, has an enormous heatsink.

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>>514409397Just curious which dumbass make this picture?

>>514410281I got that vibe too (even with the S redesign) but they skipped the next step and didn't release any new IPs so I remain skeptical.

>>514410547>Why the hell are we getting a new console generation if everything revealed so far could've been made for the current gen?Because with the current top console (XboneX) we still can't hit 4K60 and loading times have a lot of room for improvement

>>514407050Didn't MS already say the monolith isn't getting any exclusive games for the first year or so? That power advantage is already thrown out the window with that.

>>514410534Fuck me it's late at night and my head isn't working all correctly, but the point still stands. There's a huge gulf of acceptable CUs and clockspeed to bin from so the yields and chip usage doesn't make exact sense from Lockhart to XsX. I guess we'll find out when Lockhart gets officially announced in July.

>>514410973the heatsink looks about the size of 212 evo, 51mm thick and 120mm wide and tall just counting the fin assembly

>>514410762Ratchet and Clank was pretty clearly using the data storage.

>>514408494>>514408819Tell me a single PS5 game looks can't do it in this gen.


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>>514406996Shouldn't your back compat games carry over digitally?>>514407431All access has been a thing with the one S and X for years and Phil spencer said series x will use it

>>514411191Just because it's 33% power of XSX doesn't it will only have 33% of XSX's CU.

>>514410353When will you niggers realize that 90% of PCúcks have hardware that's on par with a 1060 or worse?It's not looking any better for normalfags.

>>514410628I don't like the feel or general vibe I get from gaming on a computer. I could game on a PC for maybe 3 hours tops. On my Xbox I could play for hours on end before I got bored. It comes down to personal preference and consoles just feel so much more enjoyable.

>>514410382Couldn't it be that lowering the specs that much allows them to use pretty much any defective die? Basically zero waste and they may got an even better deal from AMD.

>>514410254>>514410706>>514410858i recently got a 4ktv which i game on with my og base ps4 and honestly 1080p on it from the 6-7 meters i sit away from it looks perfectly fine and the biggest upgrade is actually HDR support. i think most people would still be blown away by this console because of HDR rather than better pixels. even microsoft knows pushing for 4k won't sell hence why they're marketing xbox series x as a 120fps capable machine and all this other stuff like back compat HDR support and whatnot. 4k is just a resolution that most people won't notice a difference. HDR and framerate are visually noticeable with higher framerate also providing a much more responsive feedback.

>>514411257Uncle Phil will thank you for keep paying money to Xbox division.

>>514411398what's the difference apart from playing at higher fps?

>>514408937google.com/amp/s/www.gamesradar.com/amp/xbox-series-x-launch-will-involve-xbox-all-access-payment-plan/They've done this for the one and one x for years and Phil spencer has said it will be available for series x

>>514404485>every xb game will need to be optimised to run on this turdlmao xbsx games are gonna look like garboge

as i said before. im set for next genx567016gb ddr3gtx980

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>>514404485If this is cheap around 200 and they have some very good exclusives that dont come to pc, I might pick this up. I dont care about graphics.

>>514411428everything looks fine if you sit far away from your tvwhy do you think snoys constantly call their exclusives "best looking game ever"?

Attached: 6ea7e648dbba6e4d1d80c195edca98a1.jpg (1924x1073, 1.43M)

>>514411158>they skipped the next step and didn't release any new IPs so I remain skepticalTLOU2 which just released took 7 years to makeGod of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and all the big AAA exclusives Sony got also took 5-6 years to makeSo why would Microsoft bother releasing or rushing exclusives on a generation that was lost a long time ago?This is why the july event has tremendous potential. Microsoft has been preparing for next gen for several years now, and all their software effort is concentrated on next gen

>>514411203The entire bottom is covered with a copper vapor chamber, too.

Attached: Screenshot_20200627-012542.png (1560x720, 624.63K)

>>514411206That games is basically doing what games do now except shorter loading times. When the characters go through rifts from one world from the other it plays it as a video on and loads in the background. The screen is just shorter because SSD. As for the actual gameplay sequences it has teleporting around, destructible things, some ray tracing reflections (not on actually destroyable things because that would tax the already shaky 30fps even more) and nothing much else.

>>514411746yeah I know though I don't know how much the efficiency is increased by that, I imagine you can figure that from calculating the surface area the heatpipes cover on the fins vs the vaporchamber on the fins

>>514404485wait what the fuck only 4 teraflops? itsn't suposed to be 12?

>>514412073actually it's only a mega flop

>>514409397>muh magical ssdNigga, xbox Also has the ssd tech. In this level the speed of microseconds dont matter at all, and no one will design a game with such insane need of instant loading. Also, if it Is made somehow, prepare for fucking mother load of bottlenecks in cpu/gpu departement.

>>514411870Right, but the difference is small enough that it's feasibly hidden as gameplay instead of a loading screen, with much smaller pop ins. That's a gameplay benefit. GTAV wouldn't need a hardcoded speed limit and in theory could get rid of the trick they've done for years where cars will repeat and they hope you don't notice.If dark souls did a motion blur transition where the camera zooms back to your spawn point in a couple seconds instead of fading to black and slowly reloading the entire level, or if Doom Eternal had the entire game do a Half Life style thing where there's just small hitches loading the next stage instead of loading screens, it's a small change that effects the entire presentation into something much more slick and keeps you in gameplay.

4 Tflops RDNA2 so more powerful than the 6tfflops xbox one xPerfect for 1080p60fps and streamung

>>514412559it's about the same according to digital foundry

>>514411718I know the reasons but we had a similar thing with PS3 and Sony endured, releasing games even if most didn't stick. Even achieved fame by the end of the gen with TLOU1. Meanwhile Xbox seemed to just give up. Not competing anymore. Yes they have good services and now good HW but everything else is just lukewarm. People waited and waited for and EA or Xbox event where they just come out and say "yeah we made some amazing games in secret here you go" but it never happened. I gave up a long time on their shows but now I feel shit because hope returned for July but it could be very well the same shit.This "giving up mentality" really affected the core Xbox audience. Never had a console before, not even the Dreamcast or WiiU where the actual owners shit on the machine. Sure there were less successful consoles but fans always could say "at least I have these games I loved on the system and had my fill". Meanwhile you visit an Xbox focused forum and it is all bitching and moaning for people who has the system. MS killed Mixer and all his physical stores in this week and the core audience already envisions the death of the company. It so damn depressive.

>>514412627Non it's more powerful and doesnt have the dogshit jaquar cpu

>>514412763eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-teraflop-face-off-current-gen-vs-next-genbruh no

>>514412697>Meanwhile you visit an Xbox focused forum and it is all bitching and moaning for people who has the systemno it isn't. i browse retardera from time to time just to see what those people are complaining about and i occasionally browse the xbox thread and everyone is happy and talking about games. >MS killed Mixer and all his physical stores in this week and the core audience already envisions the death of the companythis couldn't be further from the truth unless you're a deluded sony fan. every xbox fan i know is incredibly hyped for next gen. i'm getting paired up with randomers in cod:warzone that can't stop talking about halo after that teaser they tweeted. nobody is depressed. in fact, the only depressed people i know in gaming right now are sony fans. even the most hardcore sony shills i know who have literally never owned anything but playstation their whole lives are depressed about tlou2 story and possible weaker ps5 specs.

>>514412697Can you please stop larping as a Xbox owner? Your post is embarassing

>>514404485honestly the foresight to make Series S genuinely surprised me. you expect so little from the industry at this stage that even some forward-thinking kind of shocks you.Sony has to be quaking in their boots, because even though I won't be buying a SeX or PS5, the chances of me buying more than one Series S as gifts is almost guaranteed.

>>514412854??? Lockart is RDNA2Your article is about RDNA1

>>514405812A shit ass leak earlier said Orange Box 2 would happen. Even if it's fake, the thought of announcing something equivilent in hype to Orange Box 2 would make me smug too.

>>514413018I meant Xbox sites like Trueachivements which is basically doing what MS should have and gathers everyone who is a little more interested in the brand than casually playing.I don't visit resetera but it is kind of shocking people there liking the machine. The Xbox only cesspits I frequent are definitely different.>every xbox fan i know is incredibly hyped for next genDamn, maybe I should go out more. I know a former(? maybe it is still a thing) Xbox Ambassador who regularly shits on the brand too so my perception might be twisted.

>>514413357RDNA2 seems to be a data locality improvement which yields in a large power efficiency improvement

Second week of july.... remember it

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>>514413504And also provide a 50% performance per watt improvement over RDNA 1

>see positive reaction to PS5 with digital version>QUICK MAKE A DIGITAL VERSION NOW>AND MAKE IT WHITE!!!!xbox...more like xcucks

>>514413587yeah that would be what power efficiency improvement is... more flops from lower TDP

>>514412854What were they trying to test here exactly?None of what they did made any fucking sense.

>>514413415>Valve making non-VR games againdoubt

>>514413652tested performance differences on different configurations looking at the tflops to performance ratios

>>514413108I had every Xbox so far.

>>514404616xbox has no games to be gimped.

>>514404485no it's a terrible idea to make a xbox series x retarded edition

>>514413612Xbone S had all digital version since 2017Lockhart has been a thing for literally years

>>514405812It's time for xbox to die, it should be discontinued.gamespot.com/forums/system-wars-314159282/ms-investors-want-ms-to-sell-xbox-division-because-29440443/?page=2

>>514413642Yeah so better than the OneX

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>>514413860do you also think nvidia/amd are retarded for making more than one gpu product?

>>514413909what. the digital version was released last year almost exactly (may)

>>514406373>VRAM>Xbox consoles don't have a unified memory poollmao

Wow NEARLY 8 gigs of RAM. Impressive.

>>514413964>6 years agoLmao

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>>514414008nope, 4TF RDNA2 doesn't beat 6TF xbox x GCN

>>514408072that was the xbox one which couldn't handle 1080p in most games.

>>514413964>It's time for xbox to die, it should be discontinued.

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>>514414121It does, you need an about 1,5 Tf gcn ship to beat a 1tf Rdna2

>>514414293that's the same ratio as 6 and 4...

>>514413964I genuinely can’t tell if these people are just shitposting are they are really this obsessed about Xbox.

>xbox one x has 12 GB ram

Reasons to buy a Playstation>decent to very good exclusive games, sometimes only timed exclusivesReasons to buy an Xbox>LOOK ITS GIVING A SLIGHTLY BETTER* PERFORMANCE (but not as good as PC)*not noticeable

>>514413714No they didn't.

>>514414494umm yes

>>514414041if their business was selling a standardized platform for studios to target games to it would be extremely stupid. having different skus with wildly different specs increases development costs and the likely scenario is to simply target the one that is most popular and half-ass port to the other. this is microsoft trying to pc ghetto its own console.

>>514414420gddr5 vs gddr6

>>514406725well, if someone is not very interested in sony first-party games, and knowing that the other games will end up being temporary exclusives (pic related), I don't see the problem that someone choose to choose xbox

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>>514404485Its streaming device. Its mainly for xboxs game streaming service that no one wants or will use.

>>514405710MS does the power thing, because that's what appeals to xbox fanboys. That's what got them their foothold in the market with the og xbox, and what kept the psychological preference going for their base with 360, so they're trying to stop the bleeding that happened when the popular interpretation became PS4 was more powerful than xbone. They're trying to corral their fans for the next cycle.>>514408494Seriously, the ram alone creates all sorts of limiting factors. Framebuffer size is piddling compared to everything that needs to be stored in ram. Are they going to quarter all textures? Cut the size of whatever AI data they're storing? NPC numbers? Reduce geometry? Increase load times? Are they forcing a certain rendering pipeline on devs? Locking memory usage patterns? PC games are designed around the minimum req, not the max, otherwise you get 14fps slideshows at min rec or you literally have to start redesigning your game with things like different AI or different environments and so on. I vaguely recall some games doing that in the past, instead of the game just looking bad, but it kinda defeats the purpose of a console, where everyone gets the same game. Maybe that's the idea.

>>514414685Lockhart is a 1080p or 1440p gaming machine.

>>514414420gddr5 vs gddr6. lockhart has less CU so less bandwidth and smaller memory bus is needed. 7.5gb vram is enough for 1080p. the gddr6 of lockhart will make the same games perform better on it than on xbox one x with its gddr5 vram. look at gtx 1650 gddr5 version vs gddr6. almost 10 fps more average just from changing to gddr6 and everything else is identical.

>>514408231You mean games that also end up on PC? Yawn give me an actual reason to care about buying another xbone

if it's not $250 or less then DOA

>>514413683>July announcement>Windows has had a storied history of hardware compatibility and we here at Microsoft are working tirelessly to bring that to the Xbox Series X yada yada suit hype talk>We're proud to announce Xbox Series X is compatible with SteamVR and WMR headsets!>Of course, what's VR without games?>Alyx is part of the Orange Box 2, a CS:GO update with exclusive skins, console ports of DotA 2 and Artifact 2.0>Windows Store and SteamVR now support smart delivery>Xbox Series U is announced with a VR headset and Kinect 3.0 for tracking>Xbox Series S is announced with 1080p only>Xbox Family SUXI would fucking kill myself laughing

>>514414607the specs aren't "wildly different". the cpu and ssd are identical. gpu is weaker for targeting lower resolutions. vram is lower due to smaller frame buffer compared to series x. doesn't take a genius to realize it's a perfectly fine proposition.

>>514414610>>5144147248 gb for everything VRAM+GAME isnt enough

>>514414883Do you actually play those games? or is it a meme?

Attached: sea of thieves 2018 data.png (645x196, 19.82K)

>>514415003who would play sea of thieves

>>514414968we already know next gen nvidia cards will come with 8gb for even the lowest models. everyone including the experts at these companies are suddenly less educated than you if they're doing that and you're saying it's wrong. i'll believe them over you.

>>514404485Its Will greatDiscless console are the future, also means i can hide it easier from my debt collectors

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>>514415117People with friends unlike you

Attached: 2vm6sk[1].png (1002x854, 491.05K)

>>514415117what do you play?

>>514415003Who wants to play a game that's the same level as no man's sky?

>>514415117So you're meme'ing retard

Attached: steam.png (788x562, 226.93K)

>>514404616games are already gimped by notebooks with integrated GPUs. 3rd parties will always have to take those and 95% of PC users in account with slower SSDs or even HDDs. You will only see next gen games on PS5 which isnt held back by PC poorfags


>video game system>has no video gamesBut why? Why don't they just make a money burning machine?

>>514415345do you just not know what a meme is

>>5144152168 GB video cards in systems with 16-32 gb ram, console ram is for everything

>>514415534this is 7.5gb available ram and they've already said it's 10gb total ram with OS taking up 2.5gb hence the 7.5gb. you really think this console will have less ram than fucking xbox and ps4 in 2013? christ.

>>514415513look above you

>>514414559No they didn't, they underclocked a GPU expecting it to have 1:1 per mhz performance drop or gain which is fucking retarded.For this to have been even remotely valuable they would have had to magically increase Navi's 7nm manufacturing process into a 12nm one.It's not even remotely the same thing.

>>514415534the SSDs will free up RAM for effective use and PC you have tons of GPU data stored in system RAM that it keeps swapping between the GPU RAM

>>514409397I'd like to note that the highest hard drive usage recorded during game loading was from loading nuDOOM which topped out at ~2GB/s

>>514415216microsoft will unironically succeed in killing xbox this generation selling this garbage to stupid parents. my dick is diamonds

>>51441563510 still less than 12Games take up alot of ram these days, borderlands 3 uses like 5-6 GB vram in my 5600xt and 8-9 GB system ram for the exe (1080 fucking P!)

>>514415651i see oak

>>514415695they compared tflops to performance on identical compute unit configurations tflops is a purely theoretical number that scales with the clocks btw as that's one part of the equation that gives you the tflops figure

I went from PS2 to xbox 360 to PS4 last gen. I think I called it right each time? My inkling is telling me the series X maybe the right call this time. They have it on the hardware,design and specs.If they don't dissapoint on the launch games and price I'll go with them.Like what has the PS5 got over them? A cave woman that jumps on robo dinosaurs?If xbox can deliver some good shooters they will have it

>>514404485They are releasing seperate versions with different specs, at the same time? What is this gay shit? What happened to the 'release the main console, then release a slimmer console with the same specs a year or two later' ?

>>514415706developer.nvidia.com/blog/gpudirect-storage/PC has literally had the exact same technology for years.

>>514404485Considering that the PS5 isn't gonna do the same thing, MS a good idea to make multiple versions of the console in order to compete. People generally play arround 1080/1440p, and assuming the price of the PS5 is arround 500, then microsoft can market the series X arround that price and make a series S that would be much lower giving xbox overall a predictable win. Downside would be that people would move to PC since there are less exclusivity on the Xbox console since MS is pushing their games to PC too e.g. Halo, Forza. It could be the end of the xbox console maybe.

>>514415987PC games are designed for 5400RPM HDD so they preload tons of shit into RAM and also load shit into RAM that they will swap into GPU memory as needed

>>514415772no they don't. i have a gtx 1070 which has 8gb ram and not a single game i've played actually uses more than 4gb ram unless i tell it to like in cod mw2 remastered where you can cache textures which uses up to 7gb vram. 7.5gb for 1080p is more than enough especially considering the ssd tech microsoft are using which allows games to use storage as an extra pool of accessible vram. as i said before i'll believe these engineers before i believe you. you're too retarded to even realize consoles have highly optimized OS which only requires very small amounts of reserve unlike on windows with 50 background apps running at any time.

>>514415987not yet pcworld.com/article/3532811/microsoft-xbox-series-xs-directstorage-velocity-architecture-windows.html

>>514416084>PC games are designed for 5400RPM HDD so they preload tons of shit into RAM and also load shit into RAM that they will swap into GPU memory as needed

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>>514415858>xbox one was a travesty>microshit is tripping over itself just trying not to destroy windows>there are no video games

>>514410439there isn't; $1 gamepass


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>>514416106cant really believe anything you say after you thought an 8GB video card is the same as having 8GB shared memory on a console

>>514414693MS does have the new "BCPack" texture compression they haven't talked about in detail yet, maybe they're hoping they can magically compress stuff like how the power of the cloud brought in new heights of gaming interactivity! lmao>>514415717Fun fact : NuDoom uses the Oodle Kraken format that PS5 natively supports and got the wacky ass 9.5 gbps compression numbers with, the game would load faster and use less CPU doing it

>>514416174Yeah they don't have microsoft's implementation of it, too bad Nvidia implemented it in their drivers years ago.

>>514416186name 5 games where RAM usage changes depending on what storage medium you're using for the game

>Xbone one >Xbone S>Xbone X>Xbone series X>Xbone series Swhich one is the good one???

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>>514416249You know what else supports it? PC lmao.

No tifa posting? Really?

>>514416274you would have to change the motherboard retard

>>514416037>>514416231In order to do well against Sony, MS would have to not market the xbox as the clusterfuck like with the Xbox One

>>514416238except i didn't. all my posts are on the basis of 10gb total ram with 7.5gb available for games.can't really believe anything you say after you thought 7.5gb available vram is the same as 8gb total ram in this console.

>>514416290RAGEDOOMDOOM EternalWolfenstein The New OrderControlNatural Selection 2

>>514416505wrong literally just tested all of those

>>514416379[Citation Needed]

>>514416368Not in a dedicated hardware decompressor block like both consoles have now

>>514413964>People on that forum have been wanting Xbox to die for nearly 20 years nowRent free.

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>>514416590Hey its almost like CPUs and GPUs have have specialized instructions for exactly that for years, crazy huh?

>>514416274Literally what the fuck are you talking about, these kind of features are just hitting with DX12U and cut down for the consumer PC design

>>5144163877.5/8 same shit its DOA especially with no bluray drive, xbox one x shits on it but they will probably kill xb1x support to artificially bump that trash,microsoft is really done next gen, they wont have another

>>514415987That's for the GPU, not the CPU. Are PCgamers this retarded?

Is the UI going to be as pants on head as the xbone?

>>514416590You can literally download Oodle Kraken and run it yourself on x86 computer.

>>514416681according to sony it would've taken 9 of those zen cores to decompress the kraken data stream their custom decompressor handles

>>514416697Yeah because DX12U is late as fuck to the game. Nvidia released GPU RDMA back when DX10 was just coming out.


>>514416701we don't know if it will and that doesn't make a difference regardless because sony are doing the same thing with disk/diskless offerings for different prices. only difference with this is it'll be significantly cheaper than all the other consoles. lockhart completely destroys xbox one x in storage and cpu whilst providing similar graphics capability and newer modern features like directML, dx12U support. if there's any company who is cementing itself in gaming for the next few decades it's microsoft and i can't wait.

did the new consoles back then made pc fat this assblasted as well?

Attached: 1586266408339.jpg (1001x694, 99.78K)

>>514416782Sony is literally full of shit at all times. You can literally download Oodle Kraken and run it on your computer and get the same speeds.

>>514416780No shit, here I thought video games were made by the power of the cloud on iPad pros. Now do it with little to no CPU usage at 5gbps

>>514417114Not really. On consoles both CPU and GPU have the same unified memory (Both the CPU and GPU part access the same high-speed memory). Means loading stuff from SSD can be relevant for the CPU and/or GPU. Stuff already loaded into cache needs to be scrubbed.

>>514417203>thinking unified memory is a good thingImagine falling for marketing.

>>514417304Stay mad nigger

>>514416306You can't really buy the base Xbone nowadays but yeah it is kind iof fucking confusing for casuals.>mom I want the Xbox Series S>here you go an Xbox One S

>>514404616>gimpedIt means it’s low - medium settings compared to SeX’s ultra

>>514417114microsoft made a similar claim saying you'd need 5 extra cores for I/O and decompression on PC, makes sense since their decompression hardware can apparently output up to 6GB/s while PS5 was over 20GB/s

>>514417175Yeah, you can, literally go fucking download it and run it yourself. sony's ''''custom'''' decompressor is literally hardware thats available on all Zen 2 processors

>>514416782according to their website it runs just as well on jaguar which doesn't add up with what sony claim. if it was that demanding to decompress on zen why can it achieve its max potential on jaguar cores too then?

Attached: 1c64.png (616x411, 56.96K)

>>514417484Which makes no sense, because Oodle Kraken only supports up to two threads.

How did we went from discussing Lockart specs and price to Consoles vs PCs

>>514417023ps5 direct upgrade over ps4 pro, lockheart not over xb1x barely. it better be like 149.99

>>514406214That must be the ugliest text rendering I've ever seen.

>>514417585Because sony isn't using Jaguar, they're using a 100% fully custom quantum chip that nobody has ever seen before.

>>514417585PS4 doesn't decompress a 5GB/s input stream>>514417623well you can still decompress multiple packages in parallel but I think even more you can just figure out in theory how much worth of cores you'd need

Game retailers tell me they are expecting an initial production figure of 3 million at launch.It doesn't matter which one is better, these things are going to be more scarce than the fucking Wii so don't bet on getting one this year.

>>514417748>PS4 doesn't decompress a 5GB/s input streamnot talking about ps4 but jaguar cores themselves. it says it can achieve the same.

>>514417710It's not custom. It's a stock Ryzen below 3700X with a max clock of 3.6Ghz while idling at 3Ghz normally. The only "Custom" part is using AMD Smart Shift to prioritize load between the CPU and GPU but AMD uses that on their laptops anyway.

>>514417917I can't see where it says that I can see it says kraken decompression is 3-5x faster than zlib

>>514417585People forget that Oodle Kraken works on Series X as well. It's a common middleware used in a lot of games already released. Not super secret custom software.

>>514418225Lol retard Sony literally invented it and the fully custom CPU that runs it. They said so themselves.

>>514418357rad game tools developed it >>514418225the hardware blocks are probably fixed function so nope, or in software but why'd you do that?

>>514417661Xbox series x is the direct upgrade over xbox one x hence the "x" in the name. If Lockhart exists it's a direct upgrade over xbox one s hence why its always being described as xbox series "s". The reality is the next gen consoles are going to be very expensive even compared to current gen and we have enough evidence from several sources suggesting that to be the case. Microsoft and sony wouldn't be releasing cheaper diskless consoles if their main disk consoles were affordable for the mass market. Theres no reason to have 2 different models if they're not needed. The cheaper consoles always sell the most like ps4 and xbox one s. That's why they need the cheaper console. This thing wont be more than $250 I bet which is reasonable especially compared to current pricing where ps4 is still $299.

>>514418045COPE. Every Sony console launch has had their consoles in the supercomputer range for performance. Your PC garbage can't even come close to Sony's custom designed, purpose built masterpieces

>>514418504Yeah only the PS5 has the top secret sonycore to run it

>>514418768the xbox decompression hardware is in their words designed for zlib and pcpack while ps5 decompression hardware is for kraken formated data, you can do any of these on the CPU but why would you if you have hardware decompression that offloads decompression entirely?

>>514405189Devs will have to work around the lower memory footprint as well.They have to create textures for the lower resolution now.

>>514418891You mean the hardware decoders that are literally part of every zen 2 CPU?

>>514419125no I don't, why can't your retarded ass know even the most basic things about these new consoles?

>>514415962It's called marketing. 6 to 12 year old who don't care about the resolution wants a console as a gift?Buy them the cheaper one. 13 to 18 year old that cares about the resolution?Get them the dearer one. Be a poorfag? Cheaper. Have an income? Dearer. Buying as a gift?Cheaper.Two options: 4K dearer or 1080p cheaper.

>>514419125what hardware decoders? from my understanding CPU hardware decoding is for specific formats such as hevc and vp9 among other video formats

>>514419607The one that doesn't exist because Rad Game Tools literally said they're just running plain C code on the ps4's cpu to get the performance.

>>514419889that's what I figured because why in the actual fuck would microsoft and sony otherwise bother making custom hardware decompressors if the CPUs already had sperate hardware for it

>>514407442This. It's just like a PC game running on ultra on one machine and medium/high on the cheaper one. This is why consoles are built like PCs now, it's easier to port and tweak for different versions of a system.

Why do absolute retards still believe Sony's pie-in-the-sky bullshit marketing claims?

Attached: Screenshot_20200627-050845_Chrome.jpg (1440x746, 301.96K)

>>514417071The same thing happens every generation. Even the 360 was equivalent to mid high PC's of the time but got blown out in a couple years as people upgraded, and poorfags could get used cards and new cards were better, all of a sudden the 360 always sucked but was now way cheaper. Smart hardware designs let it punch above weight but brute forcing always hit way higher on PC.People tried making "Console Killer" PC's at launch of the PS4 and Xbone. it worked if you're okay with a power hungry, hot piece of shit that plays at console settings to this day and stutters in new games. Even if you scored a cheap graphics card upgrade when Bitcoin farms sold shit off and overclocked your old CPU, you need an upgrade badly on everything else. Bet Valorant works though.There will be another generation of hardware like the Nvidia Ampere cards or Zen 3 / Zen 4 processors blowing the shit out of the already dated looking Zen 2 CPU's and people will convince themselves. Consoles aren't that bad, they're cheap for real 4k! My PC isn't overpriced, look how hard it's beating the consoles at high fps / raytracing! Also mods!Now watch as people try to understand compression technology ITT, they already went into making up fake quotes entirely and have yourself a blast, it's the new 8GB DDR5 RAM where they actually DID blow out PC's for a short period of time, and people pretended it didn't matter or was completely made up until they could upgrade for cheap. Then it legitimately didn't and it was consolefags turn to cope. Rinse repeat.Better processors, NVME drives and PCIE lanes will remove the benefit of the hardware decompression. Pay up.You'll be able to pay 800$ for a PC that trounces these systems in a year but new consoles will be cheaper! But consoles pay subscriptions! But I don't have to configure my system and worry about pricing! Does this sound familiar yet because it's gonna happen quicker than ever this gen, Zen 3 and Ampere are around the corner

>>514404485Microsoft is really shoting their food here, it's just common sense look:>most of people prefer the cheap version>they see PS5 do way better the same games for like $50-100 difference>nobody buys the SeX versionAnd that's how you kill a brand

Are all of Sony's next gen AAA's going to be 30fps? Holy shit, imagine playing games at sub 4k 30fps in 2027.

>>514421464Gran Turismo will be 60.Probably.An they are already checkerboarding RT features.

>>514420854That is the thing, the difference in price will be much more than that. A lot of people bought the SAD and that was only a little cheaper.

>>514404485A 2080 ti delivers 14 Tflops.So...4, you're sure?

>>514422067what the fuck is sad I hate these useless fucking piece of shit 2k20 tier acronyms

>>514422161It is the meme name of the Xbox One S All Digital. It seems they still didn't fire the guys who named the Xbox One.

>>514404485my PC has 16 GB of RAM and my GPU is capable of 7.2 teraflops, and it cost me the same amount that this generation of consoles undoubtedly willexplain to me why should i care about the xbox? microsoft is on the brink, they lost Mixer, they're shutting down retail locations (and masking them as an advertising source instead of a potential revenue stream to keep investors from panicking). Apple has a significant leg up in the PC space by switching to ARM, and Linux is crawling it's way up in market share. Xbox games are being cross promoted on PC, and the "best" thing they've had to offer since Windows 10 launched was another refresh of Internet Explorer.We saw it with the PS5 announcement, no one cares about the xbox, it's going to flop like the One did, and at best Microsoft is going to become a software only company in the next 5-10 years. This isn't even some retarded console war faggotry, it's literally just Microsoft being on the brink of collapse with no way to save themselves, this is going to be their Dreamcast moment

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>>514422526I literally didn't even know it existed until a week ago

>>514409026Which ones? Nothing i seen came even close

>>514404485still worse than my 4 year old computer.

>>514404943>it appeals to a different marketThat's absolutely retarded though considering they're already developing Game Pass ecosystem

>>514422709>they're shutting down retail locationsalmost everywhere is shutting down retail locations, dipshit

>a game having to work on worse hardware will make the game worse on better hardwarewhy do retards keep saying this? this has been the experience of almost every game ever made. pc has been playing next gen games for years with all sorts of quality options.

>>514423403lol no retard, PC games are just console games with higher sampling rates on the effects pretty much if games were made for high end PCs they could be completely different from what they are

>>514405812>How do people honestly feel about Xbox right now?Indifferent. The only thing I would want an SeX would be to run OG Xbox games in 4K, like JSRF, Fatal Frame, Ninja Gaiden, etc. They've shown fuck all new shit that I care about.

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>>514423882imagine buying rtx cards when the older gtx series is all you need and if you enable rtx they get even slower than the old ones

>>514404485So they already gave up with the false leaks? It's no longer equal to a 2080ti? Ok good. I guess this will turn into a price war and sony might fuck up this one too.