Dark Souls

I'm gonna play pic related for the first time. Is there anything I should know before going into it?also: i'm a trophy whore

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>>514404121read item descriptions, don't level resistance. now leave this board before you spoil yourself

this is all you need to know

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>>514404232>don't level resistance. why

>>514404454cuz it doesn't do anything and you're wasting levels by investing in it. idk why it's even in the game

>>514404454Because it literally does nothing, now stop asking questions and go play, avoid spoilers and do NOT worry about min maxing on first playthrough.

>>514404121Choose magic class level up your intelligence to 40 ASAP.Don't go to the tomb of the giants until way later in the game.Farm souls from time to time.If you wanna be super bad ass play solo.Also use the DS wiki guides.Good luck.

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>>514404454I leveled resistance in my first playthrough and I had a terrible time.

>>514404121Its easy if you have played other souls titles. First-trying every boss tier easy.

>>514405029I was gonna do Pyromancer because that class name sounds badass>>514405375This will be the first Souls-style game I've ever played.

The first time I played Dark Souls the only thing I knew about it was that people said it was "difficult". I played the tutorial section somehow completely missing the weapon and shield drop you're supposed to pick up as I made it to the Asylum Demon boss fight. I spent 8 hours trying to kill it with the broken sword hilt, not realizing that I was making this way harder for myself than I needed it to be because I assumed "difficult" just meant this was the way I was supposed to play. When I finnally killed the boss I then spent hours trying to get through the graveyard with the skeletons and then a little bit down in New Oolaseal before I EVENTUALLY realized there was a cliff pass upward. By then all my weapons and armor were broken, including the morning star I found. I quit in frustration and didn't pick it up for months until I decided to try again and this time actually found the items I was supposed to find at the very start. I felt like a complete idiot.

At the beginning of the game, you're given a choice of gift. All of them can be obtained through normal gameplay, so you don't have to worry about permanently missing out on any of them. One of them, the Tiny Being's Ring, has a description saying that it gives health regeneration, but that's a mistranslation, it actually gives a small max health boost.

>>514404286This except your supposed to use them for Priscilla's feet

>>514405507>This will be the first Souls-style game I've ever played.ok then use a progression guide as level design is open af. Or just start with dark souls 3 first as its more linear.

>>514405507Pyro is a great starting class, make sure to level up dexterity for faster casting speed

WTF I can inflict my enemies with STDs? This game is whack

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I think imma be a jolly drunk black guy who bombs his enemies with STDs

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>>514405979dont. half the fun of ds1 is that there are so many places to go and you can explore them in any order (except some orders are harder than others)

>>514404121Don't level resistance, it's a waste of a stat. Level Endurance instead if you want higher defence, since then you can equip better armour AND have more stamina.Don't be afraid to explore, it's worth looking around, and the most obvious route isn't always the best one. At the same time, if you find yourself completely overwhelmed by an area to the point you can't even imagine beating the enemies, then don't force it - it's best to explore another area.Most importantly, if you find yourself starting to lose hope, don't give up. There's always other areas to explore, or you can practice and level up a little. Most importantly, have fun. Don't take it too seriously, and accept that you are probably going to die a lot. Overcoming a seemingly insurmountable challenge is part of the fun.Finally, when you get to the capra demon boss fight, run up the stairs to separate the dogs from the boss, kill them, then focus on the main enemy

There are walls that disappear if you attack them or roll into them. Look for suspicious dead ends or player messages pointing out illusory walls.

>>514404121The most important thing is that once you start playing, DO NOT use the internet as a guide unless you absolutely have to - on first playthrough, these games are so much more rewarding when you gradually discover and explore the world and overcome challenges with your own intelligence and ability instead of relying on guides and cheese tactics. Then if you enjoyed it, on your second playthrough start to look at guides, so you can experience every aspect of the game. First paythrough however should definitely be going in blind. It's much more satisfying and fascinating that way. But don't go to the catacombs first.

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>>514406456>Jubilant Catarina is a PoC>Every citizen of Catarina we meet in the games (Siegmeyer, Sieglinde, Siegward) are all whiteysWhat did they mean by THIS?

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>>514404121OP let us know what you think of the game?

>>514405591how the fuck did you miss those? you literally are forced to walk through a corridor on a message that says "GET YOUR SHIELD", then immediately through a corridor with a large, glowing flame which you can inspect to get a shield, and further along your first weaponHOW DID YOU MISS THESE THINGS YOU ARE LITERALLY RAILROADED INTO THEM

>>514404121You'll need to finish the game multiple times for all trophies.

>>514408179I don't know man. I don't know. I think I just didn't know how to pick things up at that point and didn't walk over the bodies to get the prompt. Which is weird cause I definitely remember picking up the estus flask. I guess I just didn't realize I could go back and that those white flames where items.

goddamn pyromancy is impossible to aim

>>514409085if it's just PvE then just lock on

>>514405507pyro damage isn't dependent on you stats. dex gives faster casting, so bump that up and carry light weapons that scale with dex to make to most of it.

These skeletons are raping me.and i like it

>>514410981You can carry on that way, although the game """"intends"""" for you to not go through the graveyard and into the catacombs first but up the stairs nearer the bonfire.However, ignore me, and you do you. Explore!

>>514404121I'm halfway through another run. Have fun, OP. One of the best games ever made.Make sure you have some kind of range attack. Even if it's a shitty crossbow.

>>514411098I'm trying to be stubborn and push through to learn their attack patterns and the controls better but they're owning my asshole. Only way I can get through is if I spam my fireball and even that is iffy.

>>514412216Yeah, honestly that's a bit of a decoy area to trick people who first enter the game.You CAN beat the skeletons in the graveyard, but it'll only become more and more impossibly hellish, and by the end of that area you won't even be able to progress before finishing other routes. My advice is go up the steps near to the Bonfire and go on from there. Imagine I'm some miserable Dark Souls NPC so that this advice doesn't feel like cheating.

>>514412946>but it'll only become more and more impossibly hellishHow does it become more impossibly hellish? You mean with each respawn, or as I progress further?I went to the stair area and now I'm owning everything I touch.

>>514413338Oh nice well done. Figured the respawning skeletons and the bonewheel bros might filter you as they have many others, but if not then nice one, go for it you're doing damn good.Let me know what you think of the boss when you reach it.

>>514413338Well eventually you'll get to a point where the skeletons will just keep respawning unless you holy weapons or can kill the necromancers so you'll have a hard time.

>>514413590No, I mean I backtracked to the starting area and went up the stairs where I'm "supposed to go".My stats were just too low for a beginner to reasonably deal with the skeletons.Now I'm in this fortress section killing a bunch of ghouls. I went down some stairs and there's this incredibly ominous-looking knight with his back facing me. I'm thinking I'll probably get my ass wrecked if I attempt to fight him but FUCK it, I'm going in.

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Playes through DS1 for the first time myself recently. Finished it yesterday. Can't post images, so here:m.imgur.com/2Bx8OH7Pretty good spoiler free beginner's guide.

>>514404121Go in blind faggotWhy is this so hard for people?

>>514404121Level up strenght and use a weapon that scales with strenght, the bigger the better of course

Don't rely on shield blocking if you can help itand the faster your learn how to parry the better.

This bridge demon is destroying me too. I jumped from the roof and tried to run through the opposite doorway like a pussy but it wouldn't let me progress. Guess I'm just gonna have to cheese it by continuously jumping from the roof

>>514416773Get your face right in his nuts.

>>514404121Starting gifts: The master key is fucking easy mode if you like to explore. Old Witches Ring is useful if you want to be a pyromancer. Every other starting gift is fucking negligible in terms of impact.

>beat boss>starved for health>no estus flask left>no bonfire in sight>bridge covered with tons of armored enemies>ofuck.jpg>start crossing bridge>immediately get roasted alive by a dragon and fucking die...seriously? that seems kind of unfair.


>>514418094I thought that this game was supposed to be "tough but fair". This event was just unfair. You pretty much HAVE to take a OHKO on your first play, because when you come back, this event doesn't activate again. So it kills you to make you backtrack ALL the way from the bonfire, then when you get to pretty much the EXACT same spot, you open up a bonfire shortcut. That's pretty fucking stupid and trolly DESU

>>514404121Respect gravity and git gud.

>>514418197When the loses reach the millions then you will know real pain. Besides you don t realistically need levels in this game apart from minimum required to use your fav weapon so souls in the long run end up being useless anyway.

>>514418901>didn t see the side door that is open only at the start so you don t get dicked by asylum demonyou can also with the right offering kill the bastard from the first encounter btw. also getting hit by that guy is pretty hard since his windup animations are long AF.

>>514418197Don't worry, if you're sensible with certain characters you'll find a massive exploit at the hub halfway through the game.

>>514404121>>514406936>Bonfire aheadDon't trust the lies

>>514417879>Old Witches Ring is useful if you want to be a pyromancerwat

>>514404121game goes to shit after Anor Londo

>>514419754whats this?

>>514418901welcome to the "difficulty" of the souls seriesi've beat every game in the soulsborne series, and i can safely say that a majority of the difficulty comes from the devs throwing cheese in your facevery few engagements are fair, and are reliant on your mechanical skillsmost of the skill in dark souls is simply being aware of the cheese that can kill yougame's piss easy, and dead simple

>use a two-handed halberd>switch to fire>switch back and instantly attack, thinking I will be switching back to the double-handed stance>inexplicably wielding a two-meter double-handed weapon in one hand>wind up like fucking Babe Ruth in a slow-motion baseball montage>get put on ice by the skeleton in front of meo-kay.

>>514404121kill solaire when you 1st meet him for his armor and shieldtrust me he is useless and he will try to kill you

>>514418901>OHKOWhat is that?

>>514423174one hit KO.it's a pretty common term

>>514423174Getting roasted by the dragon right after you fight the Taurus Demon. You come to these ramparts with a bunch of armored ghouls, and when you approach the first one, it roasts you. When you return to the area, it's perched on the door on the other side, no threat.

This game becomes so fucking bad once you get the Lord VesselI can't believe I beat this game twiceI went back to play it and had a decent time up until I had to get the four Lord SoulsThe level design from this point onwards is just miserable. It feels like the devs knew they put all their energy into the first half, so they made simple ass maps for the second half, and added a bunch of cheesy, annoying obstacles to make the game "difficult"Fucking hell

I'm surprised no one posted this

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>>514404121Play PC PtD edition (not remastered). Get DSfix. Play with a controller.That's it, mainly. There are other nice texture mods for PC, but nothing essential.

>>514423761don't listen to this retard unless you want low fps and bugsget the remastered version and mod the lightning and textures that way it looks and runs better than ptd edition aka. the faggot edition

>>514404121Heres a no spoiler tip, if you need to farm humanity do not kill a boss you can farm enemies in the area for humanity, killing a boss stops you from gaining humanity in that area from kills for some reason, humanity increases your item discovery up to 11 anything beyond that does not increase discovery but still useful to have.

Also why has no one posted this yet? But don't fall the drake sword meme. It's OP when you get it, but becomes worse in the long run and you wont be able to gitgud with it.There's no shame in summoning for help, but I don't think online is alive anymore.

>>514424073How do I use humanity? I think I've picked some up already, but what do I do with it?Finally got to the bonfire above what I assume is the blacksmith but I think I'm about to take a break. How am I doing so far?

>>514424181>There's no shame in summoning for helppathetic

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>>514424289Congratulations, you've beaten the tutorial level. Humanity is primarily used to allow you to summon other players. The downside is that it also allows you to be invaded by hostile players.

I think summoning takes all challenge and fun out of boss fights.except maybe Ornstein & Smaug, having to kite them around is gay as fuck.

>>514404121Follow ghostrobos let's play to make yourself feel better

>>514424427>not being able to tank O&Syikes and cringe