Bitsummit Gaiden Day 1 Stream*Spark' stream(Nekomata Okayu and Inugami Korone play games!)

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Okay, genuine question, why don't you guys just talk about vtubers in /jp/Isn't it infuriating attempting to discuss a subject you like but gets constantly 404'd? You can argue forever that anime belongs on 4changz but these threads will forever be deleted on Holla Forums, and the majority of these threads are shitposts and attempts to derail the threadAs far as I know, vtuber threads don't get deleted in /jp/, so why don't you discuss vtubers there

>>514404075>being this new

audio still messed up

>>514404075Fuck off election tourist, /jp/ sucks absolute dick.

>indie devs in charge of events

so what happened so far?

finally working

>Powered by AMD>crashes>audio glitchLMAO, should have gone Intel, fucking poorfags

>>514403593Are the permissions finally home??

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>>514408358No, and we are taking the dog to the pound after this event ends

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>tfw next gen games will unironically look like thisa for the most

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>>514408358>>514408481She is 35 irlShe is way past expired and way too old to be doing this virtual idol crap

>>514404075In every thread, huh?

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>>514403593What is this bros? Kiryu about to show her model in 6 hours.

>>514408682is she married?

>>514408682Please don't say such mean things, her years of work finally paid off.

>>514408862rumors say divorced with kids

>>514408682That just makes her better.

>>514403593>vtubers playing videogames on twitch being advertised on Holla Forumsjust fucking take this shit somewhere else you dumbass


>>514408845indie shit event

>>514409035It's a gaming event, it's Holla Forums

what is this autistic shit

Why Ryzen shills 3rd gen when 4000 series is comming this august almost for sure?

When are the indie devs going to talk about their vidya so I can tune in then? Are the vtubers playing the demos?


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>>514409440OkaKoro only have a segment

When are the games? Is the schedule JST?

Korone doesn't need a gaming PC without permission to stream games anyways

>>514408682Most anime girls (and vidya anime girls for that matter) are voiced by women at least in their late 20s, some of them are as old as their 40s or 50s.

Why is Korone the most popular Holo?


>>514404075Instead of asking this, here's a food for tought:holotards are the new bronies. That should answer your questions

>>514410313there are literal 60+ and 70+ grannies in the voice acting business too

Why did Korone and Okayu sell out? Seeing all this corporate branding next to them makes me want to throw up.

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>>514410571It pay the bills

>>514410467>holotards are the new broniesfor real? what even is this shit this is the first time I'm seeing it

>>514408682This person is also a

>>514410673Ignore the sperg

>>514410571Hololive is a brand you muppet, they were never non-corporate to begin with. Why do you think the Nintendo fiasco even happened? They don't go after indies, they go after big target companies.

>>514410571I'd sell out like a shameless whore given the opportunity and so should you. It's literally free money.

>>514410769I'm more inclined to believe the guys simping for women literally pretending to be anime girls are the spergs desu


>>514410673It got big a few months back with the Azur Lane collab, thats when the whole explosion began, prior to that it was all in the remote japanese side of youtube. It just Kizuna Ai but mass produced and actually playing games(badly)

Is Korone one of the top Vtubers right now? Who else should I be watching?

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>>514411404and he's BASED

>>514411220>It just Kizuna Ai but mass produced and actually playing games(badly)Aqua and Suisei are better at vidya than the vast majority of Holla Forums.

>>514411404kys brony


>>514409257Weebs that simp for a moving image of an anime girl

I wish girls were real.

>>514410908Hey that's fine my dude but most of us here would say he's the sperg as you should clearly see, he's doing his best at it.

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>>514411291I like her and Luna because they both sound like they gargle glue after brushing their teeth. I love it

>>514411404>>>/mlp/back to your containment board horsefucker

>>514410713this woman is a degenerate

>retards still replying to copypasta

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smart Okayu

>>514403593>Okayu doing all the problem-solvingToudai dog really can't manage this stuff on her own, can she?

This dog and cat are functionally retarded. This puzzle game is piss easy.

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>>514411989To be honest they're both pretty retarded. But it's almost endearing if I had the patience for this.

Does the vtuber thread-resident barneyfag have a name yet?

pretty hilarious how these women you guys are simping for are probably ugly as shit IRL

>>514412407Has the word simping lost all meaning.

>>514412407The SBF are mostly ugly too, who cares?

>>514412492what the fuck is sbf

>>514412537super best friends you fucking faggot

>>514412472yes, just like faggot and cuck

>>514412606so you're trying to justify watching some gay weeb shit with some other equally retarded shit?

>>514412695no faggot you asked what sbf is,I answered you I'm not the other user retard

Ooh he's a biter!! this jani!

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>>514410467>>514408752>>514405135>>514404251>replying to copy-pasta unironically

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>>514412695Who's justifying what now? Streamers and let's players being ugly isn't really an issue, so why bring it up?


>>514412878>Streamers and let's players being ugly isn't really an issue,it is if they are women, unless you can come up with some kind of reason why you would watch a streamer play boring ass simple games that they are still somehow terrible at while speaking in a language you don't even understand.

>>514412993because it's fun

>>514412993Holy projection, Batman!

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>>514403593Who the fuck cares about these woman playing these shitty games?Are there gonna be any announcement or something?

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>>514412407Some holos are hot irl. Someone post the pic chart

>>514413087yeah, it's fun to you because you are a pathetic simp. They are selling you an anime waifu fantasy and you are buying it because you are just that delusional and lonely.

>I go into threads about things I don't like to tell people how much I don't like them

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This shit fucking sucks when are we gonna get official H doujins

>>514412993>it is if they are womenWhy.>a streamer play boring ass simple gamesI'd watch anyone play a boring ass simple game so long as they can be entertaining in doing so. SBF also being an example of this.>that they are still somehow terrible atTheir skill level varies, some of them are better than Holla Forums. Regardless it's still funny seeing them fuck up, not unlike DSP but less cringey.>while speaking in a language you don't even understand.Not everyone is an EOP.

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>>514403593>Ai-chan ad out of nowhereWait what.

>>514413618That cup ramen commercial is pretty old by now.

>>514412407>simpingYou know you can just watch the streams, right?Or are you some type of turbo virgin who cant watch women without opening your wallet?

>>514414067watch someone stream a boring game that they suck ass at in moonspeak, yeah I'm sure all the autists watching this shit outside of japan are doing it for that reason alone. they definitely aren't watching it to feed their fantasy of having a kawaii uguu nip girlfriend that plays video games.

>>514414274See >>514413475. Also>outside of japanYou clearly weren't in that nip lockdown thread a month or so back that got moved to /int/, there's more expats on Holla Forums than you realise.

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Why are there a hundred different cup ramen commercials airing on this broadcast?

>>514414274Personally watching them because it reminds me of back when the internet was controlled by faggot puritan tranny's wanting to delete anything they hate. They talk about some shit that would get you banned outright like the girl Matsuri was talking about her favorite loli's and they were mainly from hentai's.I just want the old internet back for fucks sake, one that wasn't owned and controlled by authoritarian faggots on the left. When is SoCal and NY going to get glassed please.

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>it's okay when Japan does itYou guys are pathetic.

Who the hell picked those games?>Let's make those Japanese streamers play a 100% English game that they can't possibly hope to understand>And then how about we show off LA CREATIVIDAD of indie devs by showcasing some generic puzzle game that's been done hundreds of times on mobile

>>514415297Why do I never listen...

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>>514415596aka supacha onegai *cough*

>>514403593>Crab battleWhat the hell is this?

>>514416025game inspired by ancient japanese real life events


>>514416126>2006 was 30 years ago

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Dawn of the final day-2:30 hours remain-

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>>514415654FBK close your eyes... don't look at Coco's stream...

>>514417057Coco 3d Debut will literally implode the superchat chart on youtube, i am expecting her to bank around $300.000 today

>>514411220It got big from doom 64


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Oyasumi~ please enjoy her show

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>>514417942what the fuck? how much money does this actually make?

>>514419231nips are way worse than americans with their money management when it comes to e-celebs


>>514419231Pewdiepie makes less money in donations, makes still more in sponsors

>>514419350I don't doubt it, but is that number for real?

>>514419419probably not that much, but yes, they get a fuckton of really big donations

>>514419568so is this shit japan's first exposure to livestreaming like has been going on with twitch in english speaking regions? jesus they are probably fucking mega simps that would even shame loyal donors to twitch titty streamers.

>>514419419You should see how much Gibara made during her 3D debut stream. And recently Tokino Sora had a concert that lasted for less than an hour and made about 9k during it.

>>5144200939k is a lot different than 300k dude

>>514420093Coco record was something like 80k bucks, and that wasn't a 3d debut

>>514421647yeah she really knows how to play her simps like a fiddle

>>514417057I actually dont know what she can possibly do that will be so amazing.She is not one to do anything lewd so her 3D debut has nothing for me.

>>514420394My point was that they tend to get a lot of cash thrown their way, even during some of the more smaller streams.

Pekora VR horror stream was pretty fun to watch and I need her to do more like that!Just wish she didnt had that stupid coat so I could get a nice view of her rabbit ass...

Attached: 1590386613742.jpg (1307x736, 196.5K)>get $500 when doing late night adult oriented zastudan and doesn't even thank the guy

>>514422297iirc she was some fairly famous cosplayer before signing up with the hololive shit, so no doubt she has an obsessive following willing to shovel money on her. she can keep them on the hook too. she knows the rabid idolfags and their hatred for any male interaction and avoids that shit to keep those deep paypig pockets open.whats funny is she shows her face on her personal channel and she is rough looking without makeup lmao

>>514410467Nope weebs been around as a seperate entity forever, meanwhile i saw faggot ass furries turn into bronies and those same bronies became final stage trannies. and we all know what happens to those.

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What is this beautiful creature?

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>>514422465>you were born too late to become a vtuberI wish I could make that much money in a single day.

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>>514423156lol you have a dick dude, you would never get a tiny fraction of that regardless

>>514404075Because /jp/ is a dumpster fire and full of narrative faggots.

>>514419419I dont know the exact amount they earn, but someone posted images about it in previous threads.And I know at least the most popular vtubers like Pekora and Coco are in the top 10 youtuber channels with the most superchat monthly.

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>>514423308Add another reason to the list then. I swear women have it the easiest when it comes to making money

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>>514414274Actually what you just described is mostly what the Japanese audience is like. Most of us overseas watchers just enjoy some funny moments and i myself like to use it to learn new Japanese words and i have a girlfriend and no yellow fever. havent spent a dime and wont do so either. also i believe majority of the people watch translated clips. Hololive Indonesia is also popular because they speak English.

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>>514423308There are numerous successful male vtubers.Kuzuha's a guy and his superchats make more than a ton of girls do.

the 300 thread that got bumped off was betteryou figs aren't even watching anymore

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>>514423156I tried to audition for hololive but got no response..

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>>514423156Just like there're weeaboos, they have their westaboos user. Go take your broken Japanese, grab a shitty Facerig live2d model, and fuck aroundYou're better off trying that or streaming on Trovo for Tencent CCCPbux than dealing with how oversaturated Twitch is

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>>514423418because the threads full with people fooled by anime aesthetics, who very likely dont even speak japanese isnt full of narrative faggots. Ah okay thanks i get it now.

>>514423601>top 10 youtuber channels with the most superchat monthly.yeah but that's for streaming on youtube correct? who the fuck streams on youtube aside from the japs?

Based mod mergin the threads

>>514422806and here we have weebs turning into holotards, hopefully they share bronies fate in the end

I LOVE AQUA>>514403593Anon you will get this thread deleted because stream posting is against the rules.

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>>514424357>who the fuck streams on youtubeLiterally everyone worth watching cuz they arent part of the cancer that is Twitch.

>>514404075Wait a second....

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>>514424520ok but who? the simple fact is that the vast majority of the english speaking world uses twitch for livestreaming

>>514410713God I love Akira.

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>>514415025Hey, it's Lulu!

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>>514423654> The first minute 40 would be hard to do that shit in the western world, looking at male english vtubers and they get close to shit all for views.

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Would you guys rather hold hands with Fubuki or see Matsuri naked but she has to peg you

>>514425152Do I get to fuck Festival after she's done pegging me?