What are your thoughts on actual celebrities being in video games?

What are your thoughts on actual celebrities being in video games?

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Has it ever been done well?

>>514403313Don't care for celebrities so in my eyes it's just a huge waste of budget

>>514403506The older GTA games had a ton of celebrities. Burt Reynolds, Samuel L Jackson, Ray Liotta, etc.


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>>514403313Its a waste of resources. In this case to attract brain damaged reddit and normalfags. It could have been a cheaper actor or an unknown one or just a mocap of an intern and the money they gave him could have gone into any other part of development to make the game better.

>>514403313I'm indifferent

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>>514403313i hate it specially in this piece of shit game, its very clear they blew all their budged on hiring keanu

>>514403313Waste of money that doesn't add anything 90% of the time, but is good marketing for the game.

Waste of money and time and also very jarring and immersion breaking.

>>514403313It's good for marketing. Besides that it's fine unless it's too obvious about it or the celeb itself is annoying.

>>514403313I could see it being used to cover flaws in game design. Try to make a bad game sell well on celebrity hype alone.

>>514403313maximum cringe. They could have spent the money on development instead of hiring some washed up 50 year old redditman

>>514403313so long as they don't make a point of going "HEY LOOK A REAL LIFE CELEBRITY ARE WE COOL YET????" then I don't really care. I like keanu but this whole thing is pretty cringe

I'm fine with it as long as it makes Holla Forums trannies seethe.

>Remember the reveal>Literally E3 keanu reeves on stage>Entirity of Holla Forums exploding with : HOLY SIT ITS FUCKING NEA>BASED BASED BASED>Few days past>Normies catch up to the news>Normie memes are now visible everywhere>Entirity of Holla Forums literally switchtes to hating him because contrariansYou are a bunch of sad looser

>>514403313As much as Cyberpunk having Keanu in it is meant to be some big selling point, I keep forgetting he's in it at all until I see a picture like this again.Relying on celebrities is pretty low brow, but it doesn't instantly negate the game. In the same way, I generally enjoy films which don't have instantly recognisable actors in them more than blockbuster hollywood hits, but having famous actors in it doesn't instantly make a film bad.I really enjoyed Death Stranding and the famous faces in that just felt more like a blockbuster film than a cheap sell out, but I can understand why people were annoyed by it. On the one hand, it might waste some of the game's budget, but if it becomes a selling point and encourages the game to sell more units and make up for these costs, then that isn't so bad at all. With a person like Keanu though, who is usually playing the invincible action man in his films, it would feel weird to put him into a game. His movies already feel like video games in terms of being action packed adventures. Translating that into an actual game seems weird.

>>514405021For years I thought this was an Armageddeon tie in

>>514403313I'm still waiting for someone to put prime Jencon in a game

>>514406343Do you expect me to not grow disdain for a joke that's taken well past its expiration date

>>51440331399% of the time it's just a negative to the objective value of the product. It's an unnecessary inclusion that makes it harder to suspend ones disbelief. The 1% exception is like a GTA SA, though Samuel Jackson and Charlie Murphy were just VA's the nature of the game could've made them straight up play as themselves and made it work.

>>514403313It should happen more often. In fact, celebrities' faces should become "public domain" like music does after a certain expiration date. Why can't I play as Marlon Brando or James Dean in my videogames? They're gone, and they look way cooler than 99% of main protagonists, and I want to play as them. Same goes for lots of dead/dying celebrities. We should also be pretty fucking close to technology that can string a series of images together to automate the 3D modeling process so scanning these long-dead movie actors isn't overly challenging to do.

>>514403313If we're talking about voice acting only, then yeah, I think it works since they're really fucking good at acting, both VA or actual acting, or supposed to be at any rate. Oblivion had Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean at least, and they made Uriel and Martin both stand out as more memorable. Of course, if you do mocap and sculpt them into the game, then no, then it's just baiting people into buying the game because it has their favorite celebrity in it.

is there an image of keanu kneeling on george floyd's neck?cuz keanu is breathtaking.

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once I see Playboi Carti in a vidya then I’ll start to like the idea

CDPR could do literally anything and I will still buy their game. If they put in celebrities, you know it's gonna be good

>>514403861Based vice city having the best soundtracksyoutu.be/DG9_pVQaJKY

>>514403313Can you play as Keanu or is he a NPC?

sometimes its a good thing

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>>514408678Literally who is the celebrity in that pic other than Hideo?Also, the whole reveal of Quiet's nakedness which was basically just "she's like The End lol" was a bit silly. Why the FUCK didn't we see The End running through the Russian jungle in nothing but a g-string and some boots, huh? Disappointing.

>>514403313Don’t mind them voice acting, but I wish they’d stop using their likeness in game


Great marketing strategy but ultimately that's money that should've been applied to actual developmentNothing wrong with a celeb voicing a character or whatever, but creating a character purely to use Keanu's likeness and voice is just pathetic

it's risky, since that one COD game probably can't get a remake since Kevin Spacey is in it

It's hyper cringe Also if neo has long hair in the new matrix I'm not watching it

>>514403313At least he fits the character. The Faller Order guy played the Joker in Arkham, so when he was suddenly not a psycho it was quite jarring.

>>514403506Brutal Legends so basically only in comedy

>>514403313Eh, I'm not against it as long as they do a good job in the acting department. People will bitch about being able to recognise them too easily but its not like that isn't also the case for 90% of other voice actors as well, at least in the case of stuff like death stranding it gives things a more 'big budget movie' kind of feel.Only problem there is usually that they cost more than normal voice actors, and that money could have been spent on other things potentially.

>>514403313it really really just depends on how its handled

If it's a talented actor and they actually put some effort into the role then it can be good.It's better than giving yet another role to Troy Baker or the other handful of american voice actors that are in almost every single game.

>>514403313Good for Voice acting Bad for actual characters as a whole so if the model and voice is the same actor it's badie until dawnstill doenst change i have games i enjoy that do it death stranding etc

>>514403313Better spend that money on something more useful for the game's development. It's like RWBY animators that spend money on voice acting celebrities rather than actual animation.

>>514406841Based and good taste. We need Kojimbo.

>>514408678>poor little white girl

>>514403506I liked Ripper, Brutal Legend, and Command and Conquer's use of them.

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>>514403313It’s lazy and takes depth away from the character imoEspecially when it’s actors like that guy from the walking dead that’s only really known for one role. You always expect them to behave or feel/think in a certain situationAt least for me it’s that way

>>514403506Riddick's game is better than half his film franchise.

It’s better than listening to the same 4 fucking people voice every god damn video game. Unless it’s some weeb shit. Then it’s VAs that couldn’t hack it as anime VAs.

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>>514403313It can be hit or miss depending on how they handle pure voice work instead of on camera acting

>>514403313Gimmick for normies.


>>514406375>who is usually playing the invincible action man in his filmsHave you even seen any of his films?

>>514403313>actual celebritiesHe's an actor your fucking mongrel. Videogames need actors to, you now, act the characters in the game, you fucking faggot.

>>514408441>youtube.com/watch?v=CXWsybwauiUgta3 msx fm wants a word

>>514403313If it's the actor I like, that's good. About the rest, I don't care.

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>>514407889haha breath taking

>>514403313It's freaky as fuck because you can rip famous people's models and make digital porn with it. Not that I mind, but still.

>>514403313It's yet another example of american society sucking the balls of celebrities because you people don't want to believe in God except you do want to. The thing is that it can be done right, but more often than not it's very clearly not because the developers thought it was the correct decision, but because it gives them money. I don't think Keanu Reeves fits on Cyberpunk 2077, to put an example. Basically this >>514404909>>514403879This proves yet again people on the internet don't know how to read.>>5144063434chan has always been like this.>>514407889Go fuck yourself.>>514408551NPC.

>>514419227Seems like it's only a matter of time before some celeb chimps out because of it and sues somebody. Ellen Page almost did, the mentally ill lesboI'm glad there's not a lot of Desu Stranding porn, celebs are too major to do it, could case a problem for the entire SFM scene

>>514419338wow>>514419338nice blog>>514419338you're gay>>514419338for responding like this>>514419338hope you kill yourself soon

>>514403506Vice City & San Andreas

>>514403313Seems to be a natural progression now that graphics are advanced enough that it's actually cheaper to just render real people with mocap, instead of creating artificial ones from scratch. That said, I think it's a waste of money to use big celebrities instead of unknown actors. They've never brought any extra value to me. Of course, it's hard to say what value they bring to marketing. While I don't care, others might. It's possible that I've played games I wouldn't have heard of otherwise, because other people, or the media, are big on anything with a celebrity face on it so they carry the name farther? I wouldn't know.The problem with all of the above however is that I want character creation in my games. I need to be able to express myself. Choose my gender, color, facial features. More than that, I'd want to be able to choose my personality, background, height, weight, all of it really. But that's beside the point. The point is, seeing as how I want a character creation anyway, then by the time they've actually done the character creation, there's no need for celeb faces as now they have the tech to create their own faces. And that's the conundrum. Celeb / real actor faces tend to be prevalent in games without a proper character creation, because you play a preset character, who also has a celeb face. And I really dislike that shit, so much so that I don't think I've bought one like that in half a decade, if not more. The last one was MGS5, and man was that a disappointment in every conceivable way.>>514405161This is just typical Holla Forums bs, people coming up with their own excuses and random conspiracy theories to hate on the game. Besides, knowing Keanu, he probably did it for way cheaper than any other celeb would have simply because he thought it sounded cool.

>>514419398>Ellen Page almost did,To be fair, she was working with David Cage on one of his shitty fetish games. Probably got scarred for life.

I loved Sean Bean in oblivion. Also Liam Neeson in fallout 3.


Guilty pleasure, but I liked Pedo Spacey in that meme of a cod game.

>>514415753that's because he uses his film franchises to fund the vidyaVin Diesel has always been a fucking nerd at his core. Remember that the idea for Riddick came from a DnD campaign of his.

>>514403313threads made by paid cdpr shills are so obviousbegone

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>>514403313Normie bait