Destroy All Humans! Remake DISASTER

What the fuck did they doooooooo

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they added even more soul

>>514403640This, pretty impressive.

i cant tell which one is which

>original games models look like realistic humans >remake turns them into cartoon leisure suit Larry character Its just bad.

>>514403898>>514402916Left is remaster>>514402952Left is remaster>>514403038Right is remaster

>>514404041>I want my ayy lmao game to be realisticVIGILO CONFIDO


>>514404041You misspelled based.

>>514404218nah i dig it

>>514402916Literally the only remake/remaster I've seen that only changed how it looked and improved some things, and yet journos keep shitting on it because it is literally the first game with a fresh coat if paint.Why? It's what people wanted. A remake that changed next to nothing.

>>514404225So you are saying cartoons look better than real people? Some kind of weird anime pedo?

>>514403038He does not look like that in the remake, not sure where you got that from.At least try the demo, the controls are a lot snappier and responsive than the original was.

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Alright since people are disagreeing with me I demand this thread be taken down.

>>514404331Makes sense since it's a very cartoonish game.


ayy lmao

>>514404625nah its good lol

>>514403640Yeah it's actually this. Characters look more cartoony and better fit the game.


>wacky humorous cartoony alien game>all the humans look like GTA NPCsnah the remake is better

>>514405706You forgot that in a fair number of ingame cutscenes in the original the NPCs' mouths didn't move, like when you disguise yourself as that one politician or whatever he was and choose from a bunch of speech options

>>514402916As long as pic related doesn't turn out ugly.

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>>514402916Pre ordered

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>>514402916>>514402952>>514403038Why'd you skip this one?

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>>514407645I started getting bullied so I stopped posting.

>>514408157The remaster looks objectively better.

>>514408405You are bullying me

>>514408512Kill yourself, just end this

>>514407645For a second I thought the guy on the left in the remastered pic was wearing giant sunglasses. I should really get some sleep.

>>514404041It fits the tone of the game and having a distinct artstyle ages the game far better than realism, you'd have to be a dumb teenager whos never actually played the game to be upset with this move


>>514409314Bullying mw

>>514404321Journos shit on the game because the devs had a Q&A on 8 chan

>>514407645Holy shit look at the chin on that chick

anyone else prefer 2 over 1?


Usually I push for stylization whenever possible, but I feel like making the humans cartoonier here misses the point of the original game trying to emulate a playable 1950s B-movie experience. Now the NPCs just make the whole thing look like a generic Dreamworks movie instead.The original devs could have made their npcs more stylized as well but obviously chose not to for intentional reasons. It's not like they weren't aware they were making a goofy alien game in the first place.

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>>514404176>I want my remake to be nothing like the originallol why even play a remake then?

>>514411473who wouldn't when at the end crypto sees the error of his ways and grows a human dick just to fuck a russian babe?

>>514402916First the BfBB remake and now Destroy All Humans? THQ deserves to go bankrupt again.

>>514404041>realistic = betterretards like this are also the ones pretending they care about quality of gameplay btw.

>>514402916left:literally no soul Right:soulthis game remake fucked up the character models so bad it's not funny this game was supposed to be a cheesy-b horror film with edgy humor that made fun of america for the Red scarenow it just looks like a bad dreamworks movie with the same edge thank god i have the original xbox versions still

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>>514412039what the fuck do you think you know about 50's b-movies you fucking faggot.get the fuck out of here with your dumbass reddit bullshit

>>514412276>made fun of america for the Red scareWhy would you make fun of America for a legitimate fear that turned out to be completely justified?

>>514402916I don't mind the models so much as the animations are so mocapped it's painful to watch. Also why did they have to just re use the old voice lines? I mean did they blow all the budget on making the game look more stylistic, yet left barely for animation and none for re-voicing?That said, "DISASTER", is unlikely. It'll be fun, and once I get my hands on it I'll write a proper review of it. At worse so far I'd say the THQ Nordic were so focused on Over the top, borderline Caricature design that the other parts of the game's charm suffers for it. No I am not going to complain about the random black cop, or if Silhouette doesn't look "sexy enough". Those are moot pointless things that don't add to a game being good.

>>514411473Most people do.

>>514412602hey it's not my game and the humor was supposed to make fun how extreme it was and i still found it to be dumb because it was just extremely paranoid thinking

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>>514412039>a generic Dreamworks movie instead.You know what, that Farmer model wouldn't be out of place in Barnyard.

>>514412491Relax, shill.

So what are the chances that this remake will sell well and ensure a remake of the 2nd game or even a full-fledged sequel? Being a cult classic, DAH never had mainstream appeal, so I'm not sure how well this remake will do sales-wise.

>>514412602Yes the McCarthy way of "Everyone around me is a Commie until proven otherwise" worked wonders didn't it?

>>514402916I remember playing this game as a kid at a Target kiosk for what felt like hours while my mom shopped. I miss her bros

>>514412602That's what they get for betraying the fatherland

What physics engine does the original game use and what is the remake using? Asking cause it's pretty damn important how it feels when lifting a car with your telekinesis and smashing people with it.

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>>514413089it's unreal 4 i belive

Why are faggot retard devs never able to stay faithful to the original? Is it californian "artists" feeling the need to put their own spin on the art? Subhumans.

>>514413156I only know Unreal Engine 4 for glossy candy-like graphics, I'm not familiar with the physics side of it.

>>514412916Oh sure, McCarthyism happened therefore there was no threat from Russia or China or anywhere at all.

>>514412861True, unlike the Battle for Bikini Bottom remake where it'll sell well to both modern kids and adults who enjoyed the game when they were younger, DOH was only a PS2 cult series loved only because of it's unique gameplay and set up hook. Not to mention it's charm and satire of both 50s and 60s culture. It'll reach to old fans, and might attract some new ones, but who can say.

>>514413243it's because they never can do anything competently specially being cartoonists eventhe only thing they can do is code or use a photo scan technique that makes the game ugly

>>514411373Control protagonist

>>514413089I played the demo, and it's kinda meh. You can't really slam a cow into the ground to kill it, or just drop something. You can only just blast them away into the horizon. You can't do cars in the demo so Jury's out on that one until Sunday.

>>514402916>>514402952Game takes place in the 50sRepresenting 50s white men as attractive goes against current propaganda

>>514413424You can drop things without pushing them away tho

>>514413243Easy there Pol Pot, I'm sure really it's just that with Pandemic long dead, the new devs just figured to go all out on Stylism, but never stopped.

>>514413393I am a newbie tier 3d modeler and I can do textures and stuff and it's not that hard. Their art direction is shit.

>>514404806>>514407408Based>>514412934Sorry bro

>>514413282No one was saying there wasn't a threat, but pointing at the neighbors and screaming commie was never an answer. It then becomes just a convenient excuse to oust someone you didn't like.

>>514406076We live on the woke era, she is gonna have a manface and you are gonna like it

>>514410317No wonder why they shat on the spongebob game

>>514406076she is gonna be uuuugly as shit and it's gonna be a ashame because no one thought you would ever have a bad person as a attractive woman just purely because of today's culture

>>514412916uhh yes? you're obviously fucking clueless, because treating russia like that is what halted its economy from growing, and a bad economy rots a country from the inside out. all you have to do is look at the chinks. western powers thought they were doing good by assisting to build their economy but it's come back to bite the entire world on the ass. russia would actually be a threat to europe if it wasn't for the likes of McCarthy, which is funny because russia today is a tryhard LARPing nuisance to europe thanks to putinlet.

>>514413650>No one was saying there wasn't a threatAlright, so back to >>514412602

>>514413493>What is Stylism?>What is a Caricature?>What is "Exaggerated?


>>514414164>ruining a remaster by coating the original in a completely different artstyle

>>514414164Things the original intentionally didn't attempt.

>>514407645those are some nice supple titties i have to say

>>514414690>remasterWhy do you fags keep getting this wrong? It's a R-E-M-A-K-E.

>>514414690Hey I didn't say it was good, just that that user is a paranoid loon.>>514413957Ok so you shouldn't buy this because you'll piss your pants the moment they make fun of you, got it.

>>514413268I think unreal4 litteraly has some parts of Nvidias Physix engine integrated but tweaked to work on all cards thats why games made with it usually perform better on Green team cards

>>514414821i need those goalposts for tomorrow's game, can you tell me where you moved them?

>>514414813fair point but at what point does an artstyle become so far removed from the original that it's no longer allowed? could this game be remade in any given artstyle without taking into account what the original was like? i don't think so>>514414821>Hey I didn't say it was good, just that that user is a paranoid loon.fair enough

>>514409710This, but unironically.Is is so hard to just stick to the original fuckin' artstyle?

>>514414765then play the original you stupid bitch. this is a remake, not a remaster, ship actually gets changed

>>514409710how is this proving literally anything the core point of contention is faithfulness

>>514415214i mean what he said was true butthis is a terrible style switch they didn't spend time refining the look at all or even consider cell-shading they look like terrible even conpared to most shitty dream work models like the woman with the fucking big ass forehead

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>>514415279>this is a remake, not a remaster, ship actually gets changed>remakes HAVE to make changesWhat kind of retarded notion is this.

>>514412047>I want the same game againYeah, why remake it then?

>>514415639Because it's not on a modern platform and no one uses crts anymore besides fucking boomers you faggotard

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>>514415750So they have to remake it again in 20 years when we switch connectors and consoles again? Just emulate it, retard.

why not make a new fucking game instead, it's just lazy shit by lazy publishers that only gets bought by people that never played the original anyway

>>514416031>why not make a new fucking game insteadRemakes are cheaper to make with greater profit potential.

>>514415840okay just let me emulate it than>oh wait it looks terrible still on a modern display

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>>514413970McCarthyism wasn't ever about being afraid of Russia, a country so wrapped up in Capitalism and making money it warped into a Oligarchy, it was about Witch Hunting. Do you think Witches are real too, idiot?

>>514404176If the original was like that, then yes, you fucking retard. If you want to make a remake, but insist on making a different game but with the same name, then fuck yourself up the ass. You aren't making a remake. You're making a turd and slapping a liked name on it to lazily try to disguise your turd. Except you didn't even work on the game, so you're just protecting shit for...Your ego, I guess? Yikes, you should really kill yourself.

>>514413539And you can slam things into ground to kill it.Pretty sure that guy is just a shitposter.

>>514404331This is you

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>>514416291>muh grafixsFucking zoomers.

>>514415095The original's artstyle is just "the 50s" and nothing beyond that. Perhaps the developers wanted to give some more character to the random people you'll be killing the whole game

>>514416412>is just "the 50s" and nothing beyond thatbut that's not really true it was definitely a little more nuanced than that alone

>>514410317How do they know if it really was the devs

>>514416475The art style of the first game is literally just generic 50s america with even 50s styled aliens

>>514416409aw yes the good old you cannot play good games because you were not in my age group and had the displays that worked around how poor video quality and low res everything waspiss off you cunt and you wonder why kids today play only shitty mobile games or fortnite

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>>514416508Because THQ apologized for it instead of playing it off as some rogue employee doing something he wasn't asked to do.

>>514416678You can play good games, I am just against pointless remakes. You do know that RLM actively go against remakes that are nothing but retelling of the original, right? Yet you keep posting them.

>>514412047That's why it's a remake and not a remaster. You can't complain that a remaster don't look faithful, but a remake is a different product based on the original. Every time we go through this, if a remake is like the original than it's pointless

>>514403640This, ti looks so good and OP is a fag

>>514416903but we don't have that in gamingthe closest thing to that is a remaster a generation later and i would perfer having those than nothing because backwards compatibillity doenst fucking exist for a majority of gaming and does not scale up with modern displays to make them look half way decent

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>>514410317based devs

>>514404041>cartoon leisure suit Larry characters>this is a bad thingImagine having such boring taste that you complain about a game being stylized instead of just a generic attempt at realism.

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>>514402916So this is one of like 2 games where the Remake/Remaster looks better than the original. The other being Resident Evil.

>>514413493Did you even play the original game? Every human is portrayed like an idiotic caricature, ESPECIALLY the farmers. The remake is just reflecting those characteristics in the visual design.

>>514419314not the guy you replying tobut i did and making them look like idiots removes any depth of of the original game now they look like exactly what they sound like which removes the funny-ness when you hear them say the dumb shit they doit's why the original game was so funnybecause they looked like the real avg 50s person and said the exact dumb shit a dumb 50's person would say

>>514419717All you deserve is a "no", user. Nothing more, nothing less.No.

>>514419717its a twist of expectations from pure looks alone so this redesign does a terrible job for the games comedy

>>514416031Releasing a remake is a good way of gauging interest for a new game.

>>514419717While I like the style change, my point wasn't that it's better.I just think his claim about it being propaganda to make white people ugly is retarded. The original game clearly wasn't trying to portray humans under any semblance of dignity.

>>514404331But people who like anime normally hate everything about western cartoons. Holla Forums and /a/ despise each other.

>>514403038> posts a 3D model pic vs artwork OP confirmed faggot

>>514402916>let us punish the guilty>let us reward the innocent

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>>514402916you faggots literally complain about everything. How the fuck do you function in real life?