Overall how did you enjoy fighters pass 1? What are your hopes for this one? What do you think they should do the same and do differently?

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>>514401704Joker and Byleth were shit. So was Plant.

All I can say is Byleth was certainly one of the most anti-climactic choices to end it on.And I liked Three Houses a lot, but Byleth is pretty shitty as a character, just being some near-silent autist insert that is even worse than Robin/Corrin as the player insert.

banjo and byleth were the besthero and terry are okay but i'm tired of fucking meter gimmick charactersjoker is a legit waste

>>514401704should have swapped byleth and banjo's reveal order, ending the pass on a wet fart was just shameful. i also would have preferred if byleth was overhauled and had the three house leaders as well as three whole movesets tooif minmin is the standard for pass2 then its going to be really fucking underwhelming, either compromise picks for trophy characters that should have been in the fucking game to begin with or just generally limp first party choices.

I got suckered in when they announced B-K but really I only liked them and Terry, shoulda just bought them separately.Not gonna get Pass2 unless they announce some cool guys, MinMin is fine but when's Travis/Wonder Red.

Terry was the only good one, Banjo was just OK. Screw the others

You know say what you will about Fighter Pass 1 but at the very least it had at least 1 character everyone liked>That's something I guess

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>>514402041Banjo is a resource gimmick too.

>>514401704Love Hero and Banjo, Terry is okay, Joker is cool but annoying, Byleth is bland.

>>514401704I would have enjoyed it more if Ultimate had some fun shit to do beyond fighting it out, I miss board the platforms and break the targets, I spent hours on that shit even Race to the FinishNow I'm stuck with shitty controllers that cost 80 bucks to replace that drift and stick all the time ruining any attempt at a dashA floaty slow gameplay style that makes the matches feel like they go on forever A bad classic mode that auto scales with eery battleNo more Trophies A shitier version of the Subspace AND Smash4's weird board game mode I'd of rather'd Adventure mode again every time I play this game I feel like I'm working instead of having fun. Smash has become less about the game itself and more about whose in it and has been like that since Brawl

Plant > Hero > Banjo > Byleth > Terry > Joker

Jokers reveal was nice, but he’s most boring to play out of the 5. Hero was better than expected, banjo was decent, Terry is the most soulful and fun to play and byleth is byleth. I kinda hope they won’t do basic bitch choices with this pass though, it replaces surprise with expectancy.

Banjo>Joker>Terry>Hero>>Plant>>>BylethLoved all of it except Byleth but she turned out to be fun to play. Bought fighter pass 2 the day it went on sale. Absolutely stoked for Min Min

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>>514402819I liked all of themI also clicked with none of them

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>>514403459>Couldn't get Rex>Rex Mythra and pyra are one of the fighters this time That much is certain, After that it's shill picks again, you better pray Nintendo doesn't have another Fire Emblem game ready to launch next year

>>514403682Silly user, the shill pick this time is gonna be a Pokemon.

>>514401704The pass was excellent, with the only real weak addition being Byleth, who's still okay.

>>514403682>the guy who got made a 25 dollar dlc costume and has already lost relevancy to shulk again is certainFucking lol

>>514403616Welp at least you enjoyed them to some capacity. I don't kno if that really means anything tho. I hope that you click with the Min Min or whoever the next 5 fighters are.

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I only bought Terry. I bought the second pass because I won a $35 eshop card and literally nothing there interested me (I already have MK8DX and Ace Attorney, the other games that interested me I can just pirate on my pc).Let's see if it was a waste.

>>514401704It started off great with Joker, stayed steady with Hero and Banjo coming at once. Started to nosedive with Terry and hit rock bottom with Byleth. I'm expecting the same deal but without the high points. Just middling characters followed by a trash pick and a shillmon.

>>514401704Terry was pretty neat but I couldn't make myself care about any of the other characters. I still have my old N64 with Banjo Kazooie+Banjo Tooie and I never understood the massive push or the appeal of getting them into Smash

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>>514401704i loved hero and banjo, and it was pretty great overall, some of the most fun newcomers since brawl........ and byleth

>>514404446Was Terry that exiting for most people? He's probably the first time I've been completely confused by who the character is since I saw Marth and Roy in Melee. I knew almost all of the characters in his reveal video besides him.

>>514402949you dont need to be usin wonderwing that much in a match, maybe like once or twice in a stock at most.

>>514404615Back in the 90s King Of Fighters was a very well known fighting game franchise up there with Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, and Tekken.

>>514401704Banjo was based, everything else was boring weebshit that I didn't buy, but I'm happy for nips that they finally got their DQ rep. And spics for getting hat ken.

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Banjo > Hero > Terry > Plant > Joker >>>>>>>> BylethPretty good first wave of dlc, only meh pick for me was Byleth who just was a boring pick with a series with so much potential like FE, didnt care much for their moveset either.Looking forward to what Fp2 brings, i think minmin is a good start, and i honestly wouldnt mind if the pass was more focused on first party, i think they got a bit shafted so far in terms on new additions.

>>514401704More character variety, first, second or third partyAlso some new modes, honestly don't really mind if you have to pay for some

>>514404615Idk, I'm a spic who barely played Fatal Fury but I did play a lot of Garou, KoF 98 (or '00 I forget) and Metal Slug at a local "maquinita" at least once a week.I knew who SNK was and I was excited. The 50 songs shit, cameos, Terry's moveset, all of it made me want to get him.Meanwhile>Fucking hate all things Persona, despite me only liking japanese games>Never cared about DQ, hate all medieval shit>Never cared about the GUHUH bear, grew up as a kid with B-K and Conker, Space Invaders, Paper Mario and SM64, even back then I hated Rare's games due to how slow and slippery they felt; literally only played the Mario games>Shitleth is as shit as Shitrrin back in 4. Shitty paid ad for a shitty franchise.

>>514403309Subspace Emissary > WoL >>>>>> Melee Adventure Mode

>>514404615Exciting? I wouldn't say so. He got a pretty mixed reactions. I just think them including more characters from prominent fighting games is pretty cool. personally I want Scorpion or Subzero next

>>514405158i dont care much for singleplayer in smash but i would absolutely pay for break targets (with a stage for every character like melee)

>>514401704What pose would minmin make?

>>514405396Probably this 1

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>>514405357Based and westernkino pilled.

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I didn't like it because of power creep and gimmicks. The characters they picked and their aesthetic choices were fine to great. I don't really find the overtuned aspects of them very fun. They are all tedious characters to play against in their own way, even if most of them are middling if you are willing to be patient and gay them out.

loved it. i love smash ultimate. i'm super excited to see who the rest of pass 2 will be.

>>514401704>tfw said I'd gladly accept a FP1 of 4/5 more anime swordies if it meant the fifth was Banjo>we got Banjo with three animeswords and a fightan repGood enough for me.

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Banjo sucks but the rest were okay, 4/5 isn't bad.

>>514401704I liked terry and that was about it

>>514405860i dont banjo, terry or byleth are too hard to deal withJoker obsly is top tier and he can be annoyinghero has some bs but can be easy to deal with if you are careful

>>514401823Plant doesn't count.

>>514404851Considering what it is, it forces the player to dance around the fact that he always has it on deck. I wouldn't mind if the weak hit wasn't so damn late. Why should I get full-forced by an attack that started a second ago? I am actually disappointed that banjo ended up a weirdo zoner instead of something closer to a no-gimmick brawler which the game desperately needs more of.

>>514401704I only liked Joker and Banjo. Hero and Terry, I'm completely indifferent. Byleth can fucking die.

>>514401704Not bad, but they went full retard by announcing and releasing Byleth last. They should have swapped her with Banjo and she would have had a much better reception. People lose their shit extra hard when the last character in the bunch is underwhelming.

>>514405226Forgot to mention all the online Joker fags and Banjo "Lemme press B and down B a bunch, then bait my online unreactable invincible flare blitz" Kazooie made me hate the characters even more.Like, before, it was a "meh" and now it's an actual seethe, cope, dilate, etc etc.

>>514405381Even if they did one prefer franchise would be niceI want a boss rush like Brawl. Add 8 to 10 bosses, and give it an extra hard mode like the Kirby games. For example, in the normal mode you fight Akuma, in the hard mode you fight Shin Akuma

>>514406025I don't care he's just as shit.

>>514401704I don't really play any of them that much, but I enjoy casually playing as Banjo and Terry. Also my friend mains Banjo, and I find him to be a really satisfying opponent. I hate the other 3 (especially Hero), but overall I feel it's worth it.Also I would hate to not have access to all the characters.

>>514405802What would be the best hypothetical fighting game rep?>Heihachi with Tekken input commands somehow>Scorpion with his OG fatality as his final smash (without the blood of course because this is a Nintendo game)>Nightmare with a Siegfried SC4 alt

>>514401704it gave me Banjo and Erdrick plus a fun secondary on Piranha Plant so It literally perfect, Terry was a nice surprise, Joker was a wild pick but nice I guess, Bayleth was expected so i'm not mad over her/him

>>514406283I been thinking Fulgore would be the most fun fightan character they can add. Nightmare or someone from Arcsys would work too

>>514406283Oh god no more commands.They barely work online and compared to Ryu's commands in 4, Ultimate somehow made it a shitfest to pull them off.I consistently get a reversed Tatsu when I try to do a full run>true tatsu for whatever fucking reason, and with Terry trying to do geyser online turns into a bunch of missed cracks or burnings, sometimes a wolf comes out by mistake...

>>514406007There is a difference between thinking something is too good and thinking something is annoying or not well-designed. Terry having sword legs and auto-combos means that your best option is to not engage him. Also he has a silly comeback mechanic. Banjo has wonderwing which can be extremely punishing if he yolos at the correct time. This is compounded by the fact he does well by egg camping and poking. His damage output is too low to make him menacing but wonderwing forces the player to respect Banjo a lot more than otherwise. Byleth is YOLO and has several moves which kill extremely early or shieldbreak like crazy. Slow as balls but it's just silly to play against. Hero's gameplan is to run away and hope to lame you with RNG. These are all poorly thought out mechanics just like limit was for Cloud in 4, just like Bayo's combo system was in 4. Characters like Rosa (ultimate version) are examples of good interesting design. Characters like Little Mac are bad design.

>>514406197a lot of people find him annoying but i think a good banjo can actually be pretty fun to fight, they can keep you on your toes and force you to think carefully rather than mash

>>514406283For my money I'd take Shao Kahn or Goro. Nightmare or Yoshimitsu would also be based, and a KI rep would be nice since they were Nintendo's own first foray into fightan. Heihachi has always been a lame old boomer and should fuck off.

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Banjo and Terry were dream come true characters. Hero, while not my favorite makes sense. Joker was cool for the surprise factor and fun to play, but I'd prefer other legacy 3rd party characters. Byleth was incredibly disappointing.

>>514401704Yeah I definitely enjoyed it. Banjo and a DQ hero were two of my biggest wants and I think Joker, Terry and Plant are great. Byleth didn't really interest me but one stinker in the bunch is fine. Personally I'm already pretty content with the roster but I'd be happy to see Crash make it in. As for what they should do differently I think they should put more thought in to the order that they make/release characters. An Arms rep is a good neutral starting point but I think they should try and make them in such a way that the safer and more expected picks are first with the more exciting and surprising picks being saved for last. Also it'd be nice if we could get some new Echoes or alternate costumes in the mix as separate purchases alongside the Mii outfits.

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>>514406643Exactly. I feel the same way about competent Pac-Man opponents. Closing in on them feels so satisfying.

>>514406574fair, personally i only find joker and some hero players annoying maybe the ocassional super campy banjo

>>514406791oh man fighting pac mains is something man, you would think it would awful but it can actually be pretty intense and satisfying to finally smack him, but then again i think i also have more tolerance for zoners after playing so much of smash 4 and ultimate online

>>514406283Yoshimitsu would be a fun pick, especially since he reps both Tekken and Soul Calibur so they'd be killing two birds with one stone.

>>514406283>get to main nightmare in SC and Smash

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>>514404615It really depends on how old you are and how much you were into fighting games. KOF machines were a staple of any arcade from the late 90's to the mid 2000's and the home releases of games like CvS2 and Metal Slug further established the SNK characters and ingrained them into people's quintessential vidya memories. Terry, Kyo, Iori and the Metal Slug cast were pretty much the faces of the company at that time.Company fell off a fucking cliff after that though and the brand is still recovering to this day so I can't really get upset and smashfags not knowing who Terry is since most of them are literal children.

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>>514401823piranna plant wasnt fighter pass 1 retard

>>514406934Agreed 100%. I never minded zoners at all (other than Palu maybe). It's swordies that piss me off, if anything. Or "run down the clock bullshit" like Sonic.

>>514407020Didn't SNK go bankrupt like four different times on different years?

>>514405989Based boomer

>>514404615>I knew almost all of the characters in his reveal video besides him.How the fuck? You knew Geese Howard but didn't know Terry Bogard?

>>514407020I know Terry only because I was completely obsessed with MUGEN in high school and early college. I learned a lot about fightan by fucking around with that.

>>514407138the only that really get on my nerves are samus, young link and ness. its mostly just because people online choose to play them in really degenerate ways

>>514407263The three Links and both Samus (even more if it's an """optimal""" player) are fucking infuriating to fight.

>>514406776>Byleth getting this fanart as if they made a super fucking big accomplishmentYeah, I think you can go fuck yourself.

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>>514407263Yeah, them too. Ness is usually a complete piece of shit.

>>514407396Sakurai dick riding and/or a FEfag.

>>514401704I'm a big smash fan, and I haven't felt at all inclined to buy them. None of them seem fun or interesting, and from my experiences with the smash 4 dlc characters, I'm more worried about adding OP characters onto my roster and ruining balance than playing a boring looking who

>Joker - Suprise Pick, Decently fun to play as>Hero - Pick appealing to the east. Extremely fun to play at when he was launched, now he just feels like a slow swordie with a lot of cheese.>Banjo - Best character hype wise. Any hype that was had at his release is completely replaced by dread due to the fact that he is one of the most boring characters design wise in the entire damn game. >Terry - Very out of left field, has a fun design and so many songs. I dont really like him personally but I understand the appeal for this one 100%. Byleth - This one is conflicting. While I think Byleth deserves to be in smash probably more than any other of the fire emblem characters due to three houses success, there were already 7 other chars representing the series. They should have waited for smash 6 to add him imo.It was an alright pass overall. Planning to buy this second one since Min Min looks sicker than any of the FP1 chars to me from a gameplay perspective. All I personally want is geno since hes been my most wanted since smash 4. If any of my other wants got in it wouldnt hurt either. Ane most of all fix the online please.

>>514407490Eh in a game with 20 top/high tiers and another 20 mid tiers good for counter picks. They would have to really shit the bed to ruin the balancing of Ultimate.

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>>514407245He was in Tekken, didn't really know where he was from. Also knew the Samurai Showdown guys.

I like Joker, I think Hero is only okay but I know it makes sense for DQ to get a rep, Banjo is fun to play as even though I don’t like his game that much, Terry is cool, and Byleth is boring. I hope we get lots of unique and interesting picks like Min Min seems to be, and my personal hopes are King Boo, Crash, Eggman, Reimu or a Kirby rep. Even one of them would make me satisfied.

>>514406283>Heihachi is still a strong contender for rep>Sub-Zero is more marketable to the nintendo playerbase thanks to the N64 and SNES games and because you haven't beated Sub-Zero>Either Siegfried/Knightmare or Sophitia may be good choiced for SC reps given their popularity>Crash getting a new game and the success of the rabbids game make Crash and Rayman conteders for the season pass>and while its a copyright mess KH is getting a new game on the switch so Sora may get a mention as a spirit because Disney and SE are pretty bad to deal with

>>514407345i dont even mind botw link and toon link that much, or at least i havent run into a lot annoying players using them, its always the young links spamming arrows

>>514407690>Pit>worse than low tierThat's some bullshit

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>all these people who didn't know who Terry was before his revealJesus fuck, play KoFXIII you fucking heathens.

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Hero is one of the worst designed pieces of shit in smash history. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have a randomized menu with MP be part of a character's moveset in a fast-paced platform fighter ought to be dragged out into the street and shot.>but it's accurate to his original game!Bullshit, Ness and Lucas come from a series with identical gameplay. They chose a few spells and weapons that would work within Smash, and created fun gameplay styles with that. Speed-reading your opponent's "spell menu" and reacting accordingly is NOT engaging or fun gameplay.

Not sure if I want the second pass. I love Smash, but the online sucks, and I'm too far from friends to get much play out of it these days. But all the characters are interesting in their own way and fun to try out. The idea of having all the characters in such a massive game also seems like it'd feel pretty damn good. Still, that's $30. I guess the smart choice is to wait and see more characters.

>>514407690>Mario that highwho topped with him? he's my favorite pick for casual game and some low-level tournaments but I don't see him beating a top Peach or Joker

>>514406283I think Sub-Zero would be a better rep than Scorpion just because of the sheer abundance of fire based characters already in the game compared to cryomancers. Subzero’s ice powers are inherently a lot more versatile than scorpions teleport+spear+burn and would make him pretty unique and interesting in smash

>>514407938lol funny trunks dude go thwack

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>>514407897I had literally never played King of Fighters nor had the chance in my 23 years of life. The only time I heard of it before the smash reveal was in that one X Files episode in the arcade with the lightning guy.

>>514407938i other hand think hes one of the most fun characters to play as, its really dumb character but thats exactly what makes him so fun

>>514408143KOF 98 is one of the best fightin games of all time. Give it a whirl you'll enjoy it

its a shame banjo didn't resonate with a lot of people, i think hes a pretty fun character to play as, granted i play more aggresive than i should with him

>>514407897Bro, I'm 22. I had know idea who Terry was nor did I know what the fuck Fatal Fury was until the Nintendo Europe leak happened.

>>514401704Banjo, Hero and Terry were great Joker was okay>Byleth

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>>514401704Fighter: Hero > Terry > Banjo > Joker > ByStage: Joker > Terry > Banjo > Hero > ByMusic: Terry > Banjo > Joker > By > HeroOverall Average by Ranks: Terry > Banjo = Joker > Hero > ByBasically it was just Byleth that sucked.

>>514408369Yeah. Most banjos on wifi just spam grenade and eggs and camp. One fuck up and you get hit by a wonderwing. It feels really frustrating to play agaisnt.

>>514408569they went really hard on banjo and kazooie's animations, easily one the best animated characters in the series

>>514407753That's why I said "optimal". A Link who "labbed" or whatever the fuck will always try to do fancy shit with the bomb.It having an always active hitbox just makes it a pain in the ass.Most of the aerials of the three Links always mess me up. >Trying to do an aerial follow up but oonga boonga dair that bounces and is active forever>Got my getup option read, ate a fair and died at 70%>With the small Links all of their projectiles seem to perfectly string into the aerials for EZ killsI know I'm bad at this game but shit like that makes me feel even worse.

>>514408547I'm 21 and I knew who Terry was before the leaks.

>>514401704I play Super Smash Bros for Nintendo characters not some third party garbageThe only thing I was happy about from the first fighter pass was Byleth As for the second fighter pass. It's going well. a Nintendo character and a female As long as they keep to having females and nintendo characters, i'll be amazing. And they'll see the success and consider making a third fighter passOne more thing, we need another Fire Emblem repCelicaEirikaEdelgardor Micaiah

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>>514408314I don't know, I've always been horrible at 2d fighters despite growing up with the snes street fighter and mortal kombat. Doesn't matter the game I'm just trash at them. Hard to have fun when you're just naturally shit at the genre.

>>514408716dont feel about it even in smash 4 link was pretty anoying and he wasn't that good in the game, the wifi links are just annoying to fight

>>514408786>we need another fire emblem rep>all coomerbait charactersBegone

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>>514408786nice bait, try a bit harder next time

>>514408786not a big fe fan but if we had another fe dlc i think they should go for tiki

>>514408786Banjo is basically a Nintendo character, he only has one game that wasn’t made for a Nintendo console and it’s a spin-off

>>514408986>its loli Tiki because big Tiki is already an assist trophy

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>>514401704Joker was a cool pullHero is funBanjo isn't really my tasteTerry is easily my favoriteByleth was a serious wet fart

>>514408715they have arguably the best in the game next to maybe Incineroar

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>>514401704I wanted a DQ character in Smash for the longest time so Hero was my favorite reveal, especially since the DQ protagonists never appear in crossovers and shit so I was excited as hell. Too bad his moveset ended up being really boring outside of the magic mechanic, which understandably gets hate but I like it. Terry ended up being my favorite fighter, he plays great and came with a cool stage and a gorillion songs. Banjo was fine. Joker was fine. Byleth was a disaster, please no more Fire Emblem player characters. The only fighter I want at this point is Phoenix Wright (any new Capcom character would be good though, there's too many good choices) so I'm just waiting to see if anything interesting comes from the second pass. Just fix online and I'll be happy.

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>>514405264either bait or retarded

>>514409308I dont normally look at the animations but these are so cute omg.

>>514409149oh i guess i didnt mention it, while i like older tiki more (t. coomer) i think smol tiki would make more sense for smash (more good boys and girls friendly)

>>514401704Honestly was pretty cool. Was very hyped up for the final reveal, feeling like it could be literally anyone and I would be happy just to be surprised.And then it was Byleth.And then then it was ARMS shit they jerked around for 5 months.Really astounds me Nintendo honestly planned to only reveal Min Min during E3.

>>514403682Rex is already DLC.And nobody wants him.

>>514406283Heihachi was literally the most fun character in PSABR and I really wish they would just put him in Smash.Nightmare would also be insanely cool.

>>514407938The Randomized menu really is the worst part. If it was static with pages and like 8 less spells it would make him infinitely better.

Perception would be tremendously different if it had been Edelgard AND they had bothered to make the trailer fun.

>>514401704Overall pretty decent, outside of the obligatory FE shill shit. I don't like Joker but his stage is pretty fun. Terry is the only one I use, and even then only casually. Min Min seems pretty cool, but I'm on the fence on getting the second pass. I don't see the appeal of getting the pass if the online continues to be as shit as it is. Doesn't matter who they add if I can't play and enjoy the game.

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>>514410726>Really astounds me Nintendo honestly planned to only reveal Min Min during E3.There's not really any guarantee of this. They could have delayed the FP7 reveal for the next full Direct, or perhaps Min Min was planned to release in spring before the virus hit. Then again, it's also highly likely that Nintendo was prepared for Byleth to be the final fighter...

>>514412375Accurate enough.If there was like an young/old version in conjunction with this then it would be 100% accurate.

>>514401704Terry was a wonderful addition and my solo main now. I can’t wait for Chun-Li. I’ve seen good things and she’s not like the shotos.

>>514412375*muffled mariachi music in the distance*

>>514412852How do you deal with the annoying input commands? They do not work in smash worth shit.

>>514401704I liked all of them and tried to main all of them, and even if I could be really good with Banjo, Joker and Byleth I really don't feel like taking and turning them all into my mains. I hope this doesn't happen with Min Min.

>>514413330Practice. I’m not being glib or generally disrespectful. I’m being serious. Ryu and Ken never clicked with me because the uptilt shoryukens are very awkward. A little slip and a bit of excitement transforms the input chain into a single upsmash. Terry, on the other hand, has inputs that flow into one another naturally without much fuss. Once one masters the inputs themselves, it’s all about establishing creative chains for the occasion. It takes a while in practice mode, but after a good hour or two the inputs become second nature.

>>514401704Loved Joker and Byleth, liked Hero, didn't care much for Terry and Banjo but I can see why they were included

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Banjo > Terry > Hero >>> Joker >>> Plant >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mii Costumes >>> Byleth

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>>514412375Japan liked Banjo

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>>514409308Incin Top of his own in animations.

Honestly liked the fighter choices except Byleth.All I want know is my own never ever, Sora, I have a lot of fond memories of playing KH with my older sister and that’s what got me hooked on games.

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>>514401704terry>>>hero>banjo>jokerr>>>bylethterry is now one of my many "mains", love him so much

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Joker: IndifferentHero: IndifferentBanjo: FUCK YESTerry: Indifferent, but the content makes him basedBlythe: FUCK OFF

>>514401704Byleth was the only one I liked.So over all it was meh for me.

>>514402045>should have swapped byleth and banjo's reveal orderHaving Byleth as the reveal to cap off E3 would have been a total disaster

>>514416352>that first reactionholy fucking cringe

>>514401704>Joker: 3/5>Hero: 1/5>Banjo: 3/5>Terry: 5/5>Byleth: 4/5Joker was so middle of the road it was just ok. Hero is just as boring and generic as the series he comes from, and just completely un-fun to play. Banjo was a great pick, but not fun to play for me. Terry was the only fantastic pick in the entire pack, great selection and great gameplay. Byleth was good as a FE fan despite being predictable, and the gameplay is genuinely super fun for me.