Thank you to whichever one of you recommended this

thank you to whichever one of you recommended this

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massive tits kind of ruined it for me. if their tits ranged from simply moderate to big it would've been great. big asses made up for it though.

>>514402821shit taste

>>514402821why do you faggots come to 4chan?

That reminds me, I should finish this game.I quit on the start of the last day.

>>514401613You're welcome>>514403462ng+ is waiting for you as well

>>514401613no problem famalam

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>>514402821go back to your facebook anime vanilla page

The aunt is so fucking hot holy shit.

>>514403540>ng+I was hoping that would be a thing.

>>514401613If only they had a character with small to medium tits. Udders aren't hot, still came buckets to rio tho

>100 aff scene refuses to activate for 3rd day in a rowGetting a bit pissed off lads.

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>>514403775>mommies without a pair of big milkersit just wouldn't make sense user.

I fished up a lock picking video from the ocean. Is there anything else like that or was it the only special item?

>>514402821gayest post I've seen in this board

I hope there’s a full sequel to this game. Comfiest game I’ve played in a while and I want more Rio/Yui>>514404236There’s the gacha dude video if you collect and give him all 12 gacha figures

>>514401613Succumate release when?

>>514401613may i recommend ochiru hitozuma

>>514401613is it really that good?

>>514403895Think this happened to me. Try going to the bath

So it’s implied Rio lost her virginity to shota-kun but Yui is some experienced whore who knew what eating ass was?

Same, I played it for like 6 hours straight last weekend and had the best fap in a long time. All the girls are so good. I only wish the scene viewer wasn't so clunky.

>no uncle routeinto the trash it goes

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god I played all the games made by this circle. Their too fucking kino I need more shit like this user!!!!

>>514403895blond's final scene didn't trigger for me until the night before parents came to pick me up, I don't think there's anything you can do about it.

>>514402821those aren't even large


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>>514403895Aren't you supposed to get caught and trigger twosome/threesome endings?

>>514407412i don't even want to know what you consider huge

>>514401613Game was wonderful. I've heard they're patching in more stuff?

>>514403895Ye game is unintuitive in those situations. Some 100aff scenes only load if you pick sleeping with that girl at night

>comfy game about summer vacation in a small isolated japanese town>fish, catch bugs, go climbing>get to fuck all the big titty anime girls you want>cute minigames to help you unlock even more big titty anime girls to fuckThis really is the perfect porn game.

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any more games like this?

>>514402821why are you gay

>>514409959There's a DLC on the way.It will be released for the jap version around August and sometime later on it will be translated on steam.

>>514410790Any news on which girls will be added? I know it will be 5 in total.The threesome and foursome scenes could also use a major re-work.

I just got this game, what am I in forand is there a way to fuck up something that I should know aboutdont want to have to do multiple runs if I dont have to

>>514410184Yes, and cucking somebody is a great rush. IRL is even better.

What are the scenes like?


>>514401613does this game have actual H-scenes or it's all that shitty minigame?

I hope the DLC adds sprite sex for side girls like PE Teacher.

>>514401613I can't play it, man.The atmosphere is just so warm and carefree it keeps reminding me I will never be a happy kid again.

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>>514403021We have 7 different gay friendly boards

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He did his boy wrong by fucking that girl though.

>>514413580then stay on em lmao

>>514413697I'm already here

>>514411163I think theres a censored version with literally no sex so make sure you aren't playing that one

>>514403540>ng+does NG+ unlock any additional content or is it just a chance to get another girl

Candy store lady was the hottest. I want more of her.

>>514401613Gachaman here. I have some tips for you new players.- In the shop there are four colorful machines on top of each other. These are gacha toy machines. Collect all twelve for a video on how to infiltrate showers. Yes, it's absolutely pointless in this game, but it's a new learnable ability. - You can collect bugs from the forest and the tree by the stream behind your house- You can fish at the beach and the stream behind your house. - The tree climbing scientist needs samples from each rarity, not every single species.- Once the event is exposed you can buy items that skip certain challenges from the guy in the gym at night- The shop sells items which raise your libido/stamina you'll need these for entertainment- Use the turtle extract four times to unlock a special option before bed with the aunt each night- In order to unlock threesomes, you have to allow Yui/Rio to discover you with her sister...but both need to have their 60 events seen to prevent game over- In order to unlock foursomes you have to be caught by the aunt when you are in a threesomeQuestion: What the hell does the collection box in the forest do?

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>>514413939IIRC it unlocked a cheat mode or something along the lines if you went to it twenty times.

>>514413939>What the hell does the collection box in the forest do?After donating 20 times you unlock the red button in the recollection mode, and pressing it unlocks every scene.

>>514413939I went enough times that I unlocked something but I don't remember what. I think it allows you to have extra items when you start new game plus.

>>514413939>- Use the turtle extract four times to unlock a special option before bed with the aunt each nighti didnt know that thanks>Question: What the hell does the collection box in the forest do?donate every day for long enough to unlock the red button in the gallery that unlock every event


>>514413939>you have to allow Yui/Rio to discover you with her sister...but both need to have their 60 events seen to prevent game overI have both on 100 affection but I still got game over when I was caught by Yui doing Rio

I downloaded this game when it was only google translated, and didnt make it very far, cause it was just gibberish. It looked comfy tho, with nice mini games.

>>514414203>>514414215Thanks>>514414243This game has some really weird glitches when things are loaded into RAM. I was caught by Yui...when having sex with Yui. I was sent home.

>>514414341>I was caught by Yui...when having sex with Yui.then who was phone?

For those that want a game like that play My Secret Summer Vacation

>>514414581What happened was I was having loud sex with the aunt and Yui was on the verge of catching us, later on I was with Yui, but her vigilance was still sky high. You can get weird sprites if you pass out while having sex and it loads into a new scene. Then explore the neighborhood.

>>514414590>My Secret Summer VacationIt was alright, but I wish that different characters had different sex scenes rather than all of them being exactly the same.

>>514414327I did it in Jap, if you try and match up the symbols on keywords, and sort of rely on game knowledge, it works out alright. I liked it a lot, but /ss/ is pretty cool, so I'm probably biased.

Shizuku is best

can someone shill me this game?I keep seeing it around but I don't know what is it about

The Aunt's 100 affection scene did some things to me. I didn't know I could shoot that much that far.

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>>514413939>Use the turtle extract four times to unlock a special option before bed with the aunt each nightYou mean in a row or in general? I've probably used at least a dozen and I haven't seen anything. Wouldn't you cum your pants if you use that many?

>>514414876stupid sexy dwitter thot is making my penis feel funny

>>514415165You're a shota who came to his uncle's house for summer vacation. You must now repay the favor by cucking him and fucking his daughters.

>>514415202Has to happen twice. The first time unlocks the aunt route, but twice unlocks the action before bed.

How can I get a bug of rarity 1? Never got one in my first playthrough so I couldn't fug that bitch. Now on my second and still no rare 1 bugs.

>>514416530Searching near the river gets you more common bugs i think

>>514413939>- Use the turtle extract four times to unlock a special option before bed with the aunt each nightjust tried, didnt get anything maybe you're confusing with the presleep toilet blowjob? thats unlocked simply by having high lust before bed and other girls give you a morning BJ is you go to sleep with high lust

>>514416629oh I didn't realize you could catch bugs there, I always went to the mountain

>>514417260Same but in reverse for me

>>514414874I wanted to understand the story

>>things that will improve the game>allow AP convertion to either Stamina or AP>a skill that allow you to take more than one nap or a skill that increase nap and bath stamina recovery.>anal sex skill the teacher is not enough>a girl that you can fuck at night in the town>math minigame no longer requires you to use the mouseuncle route

>>514417795you can press space for math minigame

>>514416007Oh that makes sense. Should have just said you have to cum your pants twice. That would have made more sense.

>>514413751Oh shit. Where can one get the patch ?

Poor uncle getting the ultimate NTR. having both his daughters and wife stolen from women, all the women in his life.

Is there any way to improve the stamina you get from sleep? It doesn't even get my to half.

I fail every single sex minigame, I don't get the game at all

>>514419108ejaculate with space bar before stamina goes to 0

>>514419009no, but you can buy +50% stam from candy store, which if you have upgraded stamina can scale up to 500 stamina per drink

>>514419108You just go for a moderate speed for a bit then middle click. Repeat until your lust is down.

>>514419175not him but it didnt end the minigame for me


>>514419253press on the avatar and choose end scene.

>>514419253Click your portrait and click end

>>514419253>>514419108then click on the shota to end the session. same as when you wanted to save/load stuff.

>>514419005*hit pipe*And for the aunt maybe he should fuck her correctly if he didnt want to get cuck, anyway you're still of his blood so it's ok it stays in the family

>>514419221and before your stamina reaches zero

>>514419342>anyway you're still of his bloodno he is not. if I recall correctly the father of MC is the brother of the aunt so you and aunt are blood related but uncle is not blood related.

>>514419327>>514419334so many hours played and i never noticed it, thanks

>>514419005This is the only time I'm okay with NTR. The Aunt was trying her best to be a good wife and he fell asleep on her.

>>514419485i must've speedread i tought your father was the uncle's brother not the aunt's

why are the side girls better than main girls and why didnt they get more content? PE teacher and candy store lady were so hot.

>>514401613>No impregnation end on any of the girlsWhat was the fucking point?

How was the game before this one?

how does one fuck in this game?he always refuses and only the big sis let me do anything, I have forwarded mom route a lot but he would still not do anything,also I stopped playing shit was too hot, and I just recently been fully comfortable not fapping daily or every 3 days.

>>514419562Don't blame yourself. I didn't know until I stumbled onto it by accident.


>>514420138There's a blue bar and a yellow bar for everyone. Yellow is affinity. Blue is linked to their homework minigame. Max out the blue bar by doing the minigames then max out the yellow bar by talking to the girls or giving them gifts.

>>514420547I was only focusing on the blue bar

>>514401613Just downloading this now, anything I should know?


>>514421752See >>514413751

>>514421853How do I work out if it's the censored version or not though?Thanks for the help.


>>514407163>get everything on NG>go into NG+ just to see the uncle scenes>there's no actual scene and it just skips ahead

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